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Apple on Software Patents

Apple used patents for deterrence and than litigation against Linux-powered products. Here is some of the early history.


  • Apple’s Latest Software Patent Headaches, Disregard for Standards
  • Nokia, Apple, Microsoft, and Other Software Patent Brats

  • 2009

  • Apple’s Third Offense Against Linux-powered Palm Gadgets
  • How Microsoft (and Apple) Wants to Own GNU/Linux, in the ‘Intellectual’ Sense
  • Patents Roundup: Nokia and Apple Cross Swords, British Patent System Becomes Form of Tax, Israel Besieged by Software Patents
  • Apple’s, Microsoft’s and the Gates Foundation’s Games with Intellectual Monopolies
  • Nokia Expands Patent Strike Against Apple
  • Familiar Villains: Apple and Blackboard Attack Linux/Free Software Again
  • Novell Collects Software Patents While Apple Attacks Linux with Patents

  • 2010

  • Novell is Still Fishing for Software Patents, Microsoft and Apple Do Patent Evils
  • Apple Does Not Support Standards; Neither Does Microsoft
  • Let’s Not Forget Apple’s Patent Threat to Linux
  • Patents Roundup: Several Defeats for Bad Types of Patents, Apple Risks Embargo, and Microsoft Lobbies Europe Intensely

  • 2013

  • All Your Rectangles Are Not Apple’s

  • 2015

  • Apple Makes Use of Alice v. CLS Bank (Alice/§101) to Invalidate Software Patents, But ITC Pretends Nothing Happened

  • Also see: Apple vs HTC