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Bill Gates Deposition


  • Saving or Preserving Earlier History of Microsoft Crimes (of the 1990s)

  • Video (Deposition Footage)

  • Part 1: Hallmark of Sociopaths: Bill Gates Trying to Grill the Person Who Grills Him for His Crimes
  • Part 2: Bill Gates Deposition: When ‘Little Bill’ Started Rocking Back and Forth, Having Been Presented With Some ‘Smoking Guns’
  • Part 3: Bill Gates Deposition: More of Gates on the Hot Seat, Facing Intense Questioning Over His Crimes
  • Part 4: Bill Gates Deposition: Rich Man (Since Birth) With Arrest Record But as Arrogant as Napoleon, According to the Judge in His Case
  • Part 5: Bill Gates Deposition: Rocking Like a Pigeon While Lying to Interrogators
  • Part 6: Bill Gates Deposition: Lies Upon Lies Upon More Lies (Nervous Breakdown Somehow Avoided)
  • Part 7: Bill Gates Deposition: Rocking in His Chair for a Whole Minute, Telling Lies
  • Part 8: Bill Gates Deposition: Gates Keeps Referring to His Attacks on Competitors (Linux Included) as “Jihad” and Still Lies About Illegal Contracts
  • Part 9: Bill Gates Deposition: Reminding Ourselves of Microsoft’s Overt Monopoly Abuse and Antitrust Violations When Politicians and Media Distract From Both
  • Part 10: Bill Gates Deposition: The Monopoly Abuse and the Lies Gates Would Rather You Never Saw
  • Part 11: Bill Gates Deposition: A Highly Privileged Thug in ‘Charity’ Clothing
  • Part 12: Bill Gates Deposition: The Closing Part, Albeit Not the End

  • Full Transcripts

  • Transcripts of Mr. Boies and Mr. Houck Examining Bill Gates’ Lies
  • Transcripts of Bill Gates’ Lies: Part II
  • Transcripts of Bill Gates’ Lies: Part III
  • Transcripts of Bill Gates’ Lies: Part IV (Last)

  • Selected Transcripts

  • Translation of Bill Gates Deposition With Reference to Today’s Strategy, or Microsoft’s Abusive Tactics Against the Competition (Including Linux)
  • Bill Gates Deposition Transcripts