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BlackBerry was once a formidable company, but over time it resorts to patent litigation and shakedown, as detailed or chronicled below.


  • “EPO Lawlessness Again”

  • 2018

  • The Patent 'Industry' Wants Incitations and Feuds, Not Innovation and Collaboration (BlackBerry /Nokia lawsuit dropped)
  • BlackBerry/Facebook Patent Battles Will be Won by Patent Lawyers on Both Sides at the Expense of Technical Staff
  • The US Supreme Court's (SCOTUS) Decision to Void Abstract Patents May Mean That BlackBerry Has No Future, None Even as a Patent Troll
  • Microsoft — Like BlackBerry — is Nowadays a Patent Extortion Company, So Ignore the ‘Shared Innovation Initiative’ Nonsense
  • It Won't Be Long Before BlackBerry Becomes Just a Patent Extortion Operation, Formerly Recognised as a Real Company
  • BlackBerry is Now Suing Facebook Using Software Patents, Canadian Press is Talking Like a Patent Troll: “You Better Not Screw With Us”

  • 2017

  • Ericsson and Microsoft-Led Nokia Crush Companies That Make Phones With Linux, BlackBerry Becomes Litigation Firm
  • Qualcomm, BlackBerry and Nokia Are Being Reduced to Mere Patent Trolls Without Any Products, Only Patents
  • BlackBerry Cannot Sell Phones and Apple Looks Like the Next BlackBerry (a Pile of Patents)
  • Patent Trolls Roundup: BlackBerry, Dominion Harbor, IPNav, IP Bridge
  • Patents Are Turning BlackBerry and Nokia, Which Used Android, Into Anti-Android Fronts That Tax Android OEMs
  • BlackBerry’s Aggressive Patent Strategy Was a Miserable Failure
  • Apple is the Next BlackBerry
  • Mark Kokes, the Man Behind BlackBerry’s Patent Aggression, Leaves the Company
  • BlackBerry Has Turned Into a Patents and Licensing Company
  • Patent Trolls Update: Rodney Gilstrap Maintains His Support for Trolls, MPEG-LA Goes Hunting in China, and Blackberry Hits Nokia

  • 2016

  • BlackBerry Calls off Phone Business, Becomes Full-Time Patent Troll, Files Even More Patent Lawsuits in Texas
  • Apple’s Lawsuits Against Android Are Helping Patent Trolls, Canadian Android OEM BlackBerry Turns to Texas for Trolling
  • Patents Roundup: BlackBerry, Huawei, PTAB, GAO, Aggressive Universities With Patents, and Software Patents in Europe

  • 2015 and Earlier

  • Red Hat and BlackBerry: Companies That Use Linux But Also Hoard Software Patents and Use These Against Rivals in the Linux Space
  • On BlackBerry and Other Patent Trolls
  • BlackBerry — Like Microsoft Nokia — Could be the Next Patent Proxy Troll
  • RIM to Pay Microsoft for FAT FUD