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Computing Technology Industry Association

Computing Technology Industry Association (or CompTIA) represents the interests of companies that include Microsoft. Its role in the lobby for software patents and OOXML was the most recent demonstration of its inclinations.


  • Hugo Lueders (CompTIA): Association’s Members Are “Trade Secret”
  • The Latest OOXML/ODF FUD from the Philippines, Microsoft and Gates Go Batting in Europe
  • Microsoft Goes Lobbying Against OpenDocument Format in Malaysia
  • The Microsoft OOXML Spin Factory Reaches Full Production Mode
  • With Novell’s OOXML Support, Microsoft Lobbies and Deceives in the Philippines
  • The CompTIA Proxy Joins IP Front; Microsoft and Alcatel-Lucent Back in Court
  • ECMA’s van den Beld + Microsoft’s Lobbying Arm (CompTIA) = Total Sellout
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