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Microsoft and counterfeiting

Microsoft lies about the effects of counterfeiting, which it falsely/erroneously calls "piracy". We've covered the subject in many posts including:


  • Microsoft is Breaking Laws, Uses the ‘Pirate’ Word in Same Way That ‘Terrorism’ is Used to Pass Crazy Laws
  • Ukraine, Russia, China and Several More Countries Under Attack From Microsoft Pirates

  • 2010

  • Microsoft Gets Sued in China, Microsoft Sues People Who Share Microsoft Software in Auction Site
  • The Australian Insults the Australians’ Intelligence, on Microsoft’s Behalf
  • Microsoft is Attacking Shops That Spread Microsoft Software
  • Man Bites Dog and Microsoft Fights ‘Piracy’
  • Microsoft Accused of Cracking Down for Added Profit in the East
  • Microsoft Propaganda in Africa Curses the Whole Population
  • IDG/IDC Produces Propaganda for Microsoft as ‘Analyst’, Then Publishes That as ‘Journalist’
  • Computer and Allied Products Dealers Association of Nigeria (CAPDAN) Slams Microsoft for Abuse
  • Microsoft Makes You a Criminal
  • Microsoft Wins Patent Case, Spreads ‘Piracy’ Propaganda in Portugal and Possibly Helps Create ‘Intellectual Property’ Court
  • Microsoft Uses Vapourware and ‘Piracy’ (Empty Slurs) to Block Competition
  • Bill Gates Was Right About ‘Piracy’ Being a Microsoft Friend and GNU/Linux Foe
  • Microsoft’s Anti-Counterfeiting Chief Quits, Sales in the Gulf Dive 50%
  • Convicted Monopoly Abuser Sends Partners to Prison

  • 2009

  • Microsoft Starts Raiding India, Not Just the Middle East
  • Microsoft’s Crocodile Tears
  • Microsoft Promotes, Punishes So-called ‘Pirates’; Promotes Slavery and Public Looting

  • 2008

  • Microsoft ‘Advocates’ Free Software by Suing the World
  • FUD Warning: Mirosoft Casts “GNU/Linux” as “Piracy”
  • Bill Gates is Still Fighting Against Free/Libre Software, Quietly