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Microsoft influence in Europe

Apart from Microsoft pressure groups like Business Software Alliance, Association for Competitive Technology, and Computing Technology Industry Association, Microsoft enjoys supportive figures in the political arena (e.g. Nicolas Sarkozy) and supportive presence in the EU Commission. Charlie McCreevy usually stand out, but there is a lot more including mobbyists like Florian Müller and presidencies, e.g.:

Czech Republic

  • What is Going on in the Czech Republic?
  • Microsoft-Sponsored Czech Presidency Fights Google?

  • Norway

  • Norway Changes OOXML Vote, Receives New Microsoft Search Base (Updatedx2)

  • Turkey

  • Microsoft in Turkey

  • France

  • How Microsoft ‘Bought’ Nicolas Sarkozy, France, and Parts of Europe
  • French President Knows Better Than TCs What’s Good for His People (Updated)
  • Another Cautionary Note: Nicolas Sarkozy
  • Microsoft’s Influence Over the French Government Amid Linux/Apple Copyright Violation Tax
  • France is Ambivalent on Microsoft’s Monopoly Abuse

  • Italy

  • Microsoft and FOSS in Italy] (as a single page)
  • Nichi Vendola Helps Microsoft Take Over Italy (Updated) (ES)
  • Amidst Its Moves to Software Freedom Italy Falls Under Microsoft Siege
  • Activists Battle Microsoft Fascism in Italy
  • Voters on OOXML Up for ‘Hire’ in Italy (Updated)
  • Survey in Italy: Usage in 50% of Companies, GNU/Linux at 63%
  • Microsoft Unleashes the Gartner Group to Sabotage Migration to GNU/Linux in Europe
  • South Tyrol (Italy) Might Make Free Software Mandatory (ES)

  • Finland

    See dedicated page on Finland.


  • Time to End Microsoft’s Digital Occupation of Spain (summary of posts, more on Spain)

  • Portugal

    See dedicated page on Portugal.


    See dedicated page on Hungary.

    UK and Ireland

  • Microsoft is Having an Affair with the UK and Ireland
  • Microsoft Influence on Ireland and the United Kingdom
  • Microsoft Betrays American Workers and Rewards Irish Workers for Tax Haven
  • Microsoft’s Dublin DC Could be Indicative of the Notorious Tax Evasion Conspiracy
  • NHS

  • Mccreevy

  • Charlie McCreevy (complete list)
  • Intellectual Monopolist to Keep Eye On: Commissioner Mccreevy
  • Charles McCreevy is Still Advancing Software Patents in Europe
  • Charlie Mccreevy to Hollywood: I Hereby Give You Europe

  • Switzerland

  • Lawsuit Over Alleged Microsoft Corruption in Switzerland Escalates to Federal Court