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Welcome to the Boycott Novell Web site. This a quick introduction to our philosophy and goals. For information about this Wiki, see Overview.

Boycott Novell -- as the name may obviously suggest -- was created in the dawn of the Novell/Microsoft deal with the intention of producing a source of information and platform for constructive action. After amicable attempts had been made to sway Novell away from the deal, it was made abundantly clear that this would not happen. Boycotts are tools by which restraint of trade is used to persuade a company (or sometimes an individual) to change conduct not based on ultimatums but based on the reality that business is being lost in absence of a requested reform.

Boycott Novell no longer addresses just the problem with Novell; rather, it addresses a whole series of deals that were signed afterwards in order to suppress adoption of Free/libre software. Few people realise the importance of such software and the serious crimes committed by those who suppress the freedom of software.

In order to bridge this informational gap, Boycott Novell accumulates news stories of relevance to the crowd most profoundly affected.

Some of the executives discussed in this Web site are already in jail or truly belong in jail owing to their deeds which range from bribery to tax fraud. We bring many of these issues to light using abundant evidence and hopefully convince -- based on evidence alone -- that there is a true problem to be tackled and thus boycotts become justified.

The mission of the Web site is never to breed resentment; rather, it presents information based on which readers can assess their choices of products and help reform the market based on their preferences. The site is an open dialogue in which people engage with one another through IRC, blog posts, Wiki, and other forms of correspondence. The more information gets accumulated, the better connected and more comprehensive the site can become as a resource.

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