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How to Use This Web Site

There are three principal ways of exploring the contents of this site if you wish to research specific topics. In order of precedence:

  1. Cross references. The items posted in this site contain a large number of hyperlinks to previous items, not just external articles. This means that you are able to go backwards in time and connect the dots. This method has the deficiency of having no linkage that goes forward in time.

  2. Search. There are two options here; the first if to use the site's built-in search facility, which can be found in the sidebar (right hand side). The results produced in this way are reverse-chronologically sorted, limited, and take no account of content and semantics for sorting.he second method, which usually proves more useful, is to use peripheral search engines and restrict results to this Web site alone, e.g. by using the site: operator (e.g. site: keyword1 keyword2 ...). This works in more than just a single (and well-known) search engine.

  3. Tags. All items in this site are categorised using tags, which can be found at the lower part of the sidebar. The results that are listed for each tag suffer from the problem mentioned in (2), namely that only recent items are shown, without any sorting or prioritisation mechanism.

If you look for particular details on a topic, do not be shy to post a comment under an arbitrary recent post. The comments are watched regularly and we are very responsive.

Last edited in 2007

Update (October 2007): a feature has just been added which facilitates forward (in time) cross-referencing. However, it is limited in the sense that links which predate October 2007 are not shown.

Update (October 2011): it might be best to use our advanced search facility or the live archives.

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