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Category:Comes v Microsoft Category:Antitrust Category:Microsoft Category:Netscape Category:Sabotage This index deals with Comes vs Microsoft court exhibits which offer a glance at the history of Microsoft abuse. For a concise summary of some of the exhibits, see "Petition text - overview".


  • Bill Gates: The "inetarnet" will destroy our power (Exhibit PLEX0_5704)
  • Netscape challenges Microsoft lead on the Internet (Exhibit PX07829)
  • Bill Gates: don't underestimate an OPEN Internet (Exhibit PLEX0_2273)
  • Microsoft on the dangers of a web-centric desktop (Exhibit PX02966)

  • IE Integration

  • Using IE5 to drive win32 adoption (Exhibit PX09121)
  • Sinofsky: write to Winsock (Exhibit PLEX0_2118)
  • Bill Gates on making IE and ISS work better together (Exhibit PX09645)
  • Bill Gates on Microsoft collaboration - Extend IE (Exhibit PX02991)
  • Win95 was Internet ready (Exhibit PLEX0_4524)
  • Microsoft: don't mention putting the browser in the OS (Exhibit PLEX0_2846)
  • Integrated Web capabilities (Exhibit PX03077)

  • Scheming

  • Microsoft: let's clone Netscape (Exhibit plex0_5071)
  • Mosiac: you guys are going to f*ck us eventually (Exhibit PX02132)
  • Microsoft: the Office club (Exhibit PLEX0_2844)
  • Brad Silverberg: winning the Internet platform battle (Exhibit PLEX0_2700)
  • Paul Maritz: problems of open APIs (Exhibit PLEX0_2278)

  • Attack on Netscape

  • How to get a grab of Netscape's revenues (Exhibit PLEX0_5825)
  • How to keep Netscape from sabotaging our protocol extensions (Exhibit plex0_5716)
  • Microsoft and the quasi-partner (Exhibit PLEX0_5705)
  • Yet more undocumented API calls (Exhibit PX02667)

  • Others

  • Netscape on the SDK (Exhibit PX02284_A)
  • Microsoft to Netscape: try our 800 number (Exhibit PX02400_A)