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Software Patents Around the World

This page is divided into an index of other indexes and some countries whose experience with software patents we have no much information about.


  • Bilski Case (United States)
  • Software Patents in India
  • Software Patents in Europe
  • Software Patents in South Africa

  • Mexico

  • Software Patents Officially Banned in Mexico (IMPI), But Like in EPO They Get Granted Anyway
  • Patents Roundup: Software Patents and ACTA at STOA, Gates-backed Monsanto Wants to Own Mexico’s Food Supply
  • Patents Roundup: Threat of Software Patents in Mexico, Sweden; Microsoft Still Fights with (and for) Software Patents

  • Australia

  • Patents Roundup: Peer-To-Patent Australia, Microsoft and ACTA
  • Software Patents Are Killing ZFS
  • Patents Roundup: Microsoft, CSIRO, Patent Hawk, and “Corrupt, Malicious” EPO
  • Microsoft’s Software Patents Bill, Mozilla Brain-Picking, More Patents in Standards
  • Nokia Lets Its Inner Patent Monster Go Loose (see CSIRO part)
  • Australia Might be Next to Block Software Patents If Commission’s Advice is Followed
  • Australian Recommendation Against Software Patents is Still in the News
  • Australia Kills Software Patent, Shelston IP and Other Patent Lawyers Up in Arms
  • Australian Productivity Commission’s Research Calls for Ban on Software Patents, Davies Collison Cave Calls for Complaints Against This Finding
  • Patent Lobbying by Patent Law Firms Down Under
  • Australia is Banning Software Patents and Shelston IP is Complaining as Usual
  • The Australian Productivity Commission Shows the Correct Approach to Setting Patent Laws and Scope
  • Shelston IP Keeps Pressuring IP Australia to Allow Software Patents and Harm Software Development
  • In Australia the Productivity Commission Decides/Guides Patent Law
  • The Demise of East Texan Courts and the Ascent of PTAB, Alice and a SCOTUS-Compliant CAFC May Mean That US Software Patents Are Officially 'Dead'
  • Australia Says No to Software Patents
  • The Institute of Patent and Trade Mark Attorneys of Australia Wants Litigation, Hence It Wants Software Patents
  • Australian Law Firms Fight to Bring Software Patents Back to Australia

  • Malaysia

  • Another Global Effort to End Software Patents Once and For All

  • Israel

  • Patents Roundup: Nokia and Apple Cross Swords, British Patent System Becomes Form of Tax, Israel Besieged by Software Patents