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TurboHercules vs IBM

TurboHercules, a company with roots close to Microsoft's, provoked IBM and filed an antitrust complaint along with other companies, some of which partly owned by Microsoft. This was in 2010, nearly a decade before IBM changed management, having bought Red Hat.

In order of appearance, this case was covered in:

  • Microsoft Proxy Attack on GNU/Linux Continues With TurboHercules
  • Eye on Security: Windows Malware, Emergency Patches, and BeyondTrust’s CEO from Microsoft"
  • IBM Uses Software Patents Aggressively
  • IBM’s Day of Shame
  • IBM Will Never be the Same After Taking Software Patents Out of Its Holster
  • Thumbs up to Ubuntu for Removing a Part of Microsoft; TurboHercules Likely a Psystar-Type Microsoft Shell
  • Why IBM Does Deserve Scrutiny (Updated)
  • TurboHercules’ Ties With Microsoft Explained
  • Florian Müller Seemingly Connected to CCIA
  • TurboHercules’ Secret Home in 701 Fifth Avenue, Suite 4200 Seattle, WA 98104
  • Patents Roundup: IBM, TurboHercules, Microsoft, New Zealand, Palm, and CompTIA
  • TurboHercules’ Attack on IBM Gains Support From Microsoft Investor/Booster and More
  • TurboHercules Confirmed to be Funded by Microsoft to Attack GNU/Linux/IBM
  • At Microsoft, “Choice” Means Adding Windows, Marginalising/Suing GNU/Linux

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