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Category:Microsoft Proxies Tuxera collaborates with Microsoft and sells access to patent-encumbered filesystems. In 2019 Microsoft changed the strategy somewhat.

Our posts about the company, in order of key events:


  • Boycott Tuxera File Systems

  • 2014

  • Tuxera GPL Violations Alleged

  • 2012

  • SUSE Fans Walk Away, Tuxera Linux Tax Still Abound
  • Openwashing Linux Tax: OpenSUSE and Tuxera

  • 2011

  • When Microsoft Enters Linux We See Linux FUD
  • Microsoft’s Partner Tuxera Tries to Add Patent Tax to Android Through Linux, Intel Plays Along With MeeGo

  • 2010

  • Microsoft Offers More Filesystem Patent Traps (While Suing Over Them Again), Red Hat’s Rob Tiller Speaks
  • Tuxera and Ulteo Repeat Novell’s Mistake
  • Red Hat’s CEO Dismisses Software Patents and Microsoft Uses Tuxera to Spread Them to Linux/Android
  • Novell Makes Its Relationship With MeeGo More Formal (and Filled With the Mono Patent Trap), Tuxera Spreads exFAT Patent Trap
  • Patents Roundup: Acacia, i4i, Tuxera, Monsanto, Apple, and Microsoft
  • Apathy Towards Microsoft is a Disease© (“Microsoft has a new license for exFAT, charging a flat $300,000 fee to manufacturers who want to use it in their products”)

  • 2009

  • Patents Roundup: Software Patents Seen as Harmful to Innovation, Tuxera Discussion Continues
  • Microsoft Insider/Partner Warns All That Microsoft “Destroys” Partners
  • Patents Roundup: Tuxera Came to Microsoft, TiVo Misbehaves, Updates on Facebook and Amazon
  • Microsoft Manipulates Patent Laws; DOJ, HP and Dell Help Microsoft
  • Another Warning Sign for Mono Proponents: NTFS and FAT

  • For better filesystems, consider HFS, FFS, or EXT