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This page mostly covers what Microsoft does in Twitter, not what Twitter is doing.

  • Microsoft Twitter Bots, FTC Blowback, and Paid-for Vista 7 Glorification
  • Are Microsoft Employees (Technical Evangelists) Using Spammers in Twitter?
  • More Microsoft AstroTurfing (aka ‘Technical Evangelism’) in Twitter
  • User “Microsoft Incentives” Wants to be Your Friend, Too
  • Microsoft’s Twitter AstroTurf Continues
  • Who is Pumping MSFT and Pimping Microsoft in Twitter?
  • Does Microsoft Still Create Twitter Accounts for Guerilla Marketing?
  • Microsoft’s AstroTurfing, Twitter, Waggener Edstrom, and Jonathan Zuck
  • Microsoft Offers Gentle Bribes to People Who Mention Vista 7 in Twitter
  • Microsoft Was “Twitter’s First-ever Association with a Marketer”
  • GE, Microsoft, Comcast and (Microsoft AstroTurf at) Twitter: Pact of Lies
  • Microsoft Announces More SPAM and Bribery Tactics
  • Microsoft Hires Federated Media for Twitter AstroTurfing
  • Twitter CEO Goes to Microsoft
  • Microsoft Has Your Facebook and Twitter Data, Tightens Relationship With Those Companies