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HOWTO: Not Sell Servers (Corrected)

Posted in GNU/Linux, OpenSUSE, Servers at 9:43 pm by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

[Mind correction (15/12/07): the entire E-mail message is now quoted to avoid unnecessary confusion.]

One’s own availability (uptime) is a good ticket to selling GNU/Linux servers. So, what is this recent announcement all about?

[opensuse-announce] Short down times of openSUSE services tomorrow


due to physical server relocations, we will have a short downtime (up to 30 minutes) tomorrow, the 12th December at 15:00 UTC.

The following services will be affected by this:



Adrian Schroeter
SUSE LINUX Products GmbH, GF: Markus Rex, HRB 16746 (AG Nürnberg)

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Also around the same time (just days ago):


I am having a little trouble in setting up Wireless on OpenSUSE ; which is very easy on both Kubuntu and Granular( PCLinuxOS) Linux. I had asked a question for that in OpenSUSE forums, but looks like I will have to wait longer to get an answer as the OpenSUSE forums are not responding right now.

This makes a bad impression.

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  1. Anonymous said,

    December 14, 2007 at 11:27 pm


    > So, what is this recent announcement all about?

    Maybe you should have cared to understand the very first sentence (which you intentionally didn’t quote to make this look bad of course)!?

    “due to physical server relocations”

    So what does a planned announced physical relocation say about the quality of sold server software? Get a life Boy, really.

  2. Herbert Kruitbosch said,

    December 15, 2007 at 7:56 am


    Yes, setting up wireless in opensuse is by the way quite simple.

  3. Roy Schestowitz said,

    December 15, 2007 at 8:16 am



    I swear this was not intentional. I’ve just looked at my inbox again and you’re right. I just copied and paste quickly, leaving out more than just the “hi”.

    I’ve just corrected this post..

  4. lalala said,

    December 15, 2007 at 10:02 am


    If you didn’t have a history of “shoddy journalism”, I might believe it wasn’t intentional. As to the suseforums error, it’s not like other sites don’t go down now and then.

  5. Roy Schestowitz said,

    December 15, 2007 at 10:10 am


    Shoddy journalism? Examples please. This is more of a blog, by the way, so I write here as quickly as I speak/think. This isn’t a place for journalistic pieces. I publish actual articles elsewhere.

  6. lalala said,

    December 15, 2007 at 11:29 am


    Notice the quotes I put around the words. That’s the best thing I could come up with, I considered using something like “a history of bad reporting” or “a history of making it look worse than it is”. “Shoddy journalism” fit, so I went with that.

    As for examples, start at the first page of this site and work forward.

  7. Heidegart Millnic said,

    December 15, 2007 at 12:44 pm


    Yeah; I think it doesn’t cast a good light on someone’s character if he tries a bit of ‘distro-bashing’ just because he disagrees with the policies of the sponsor. Thumbs down from me.

  8. Motokochan said,

    December 15, 2007 at 1:44 pm


    It is hard to keep services up when you are having to physically move the servers, so this isn’t really as bad as you are making it out to be.

    I suppose the worst thing this shows is that there aren’t any mirrors of those sites, and so these servers count as a single point of failure. Certainly Novell should have a bit of geographic redundancy set up, even if it is just two locations. It would prevent that kind of downtime during a move.

    All that shows is poor planning for the on their part, nothing more.

    As for the OpenSUSE Forums error, suseforums.net seems to be a third-party site hosted by 1&1Internet, not Novell.

  9. Roy Schestowitz said,

    December 15, 2007 at 9:54 pm


    Motokochan, I know that suseforums.net is not affiliated directly with Novell or OpenSUSE, but it is seen as the de facto destination for some people who seek help (other than USENET, the mailing lists, and maybe IRC).

    I agree with your point however. It’s the first part I wanted to draw attention to. I mean, one of these is the download point for OpenSUSE. Even with mirrors around, there ought to be redundancy at the central level that points at these mirrors.

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