IRC: #boycottnovell @ FreeNode: August 20th, 2008 – Part I

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trmanco http://feeds.feedburner.com/~… Aug 20 00:18
trmanco this something that would not please me if it happened Aug 20 00:18
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schestowitz Re: <trmanco>: it’s just a speculation. No substance to it beyond speculation. Red Hat won’t be acquired by Microsoft by proxy (Maritz). It would be suicide. Aug 20 06:04
schestowitz Nice scam described here < http://www.latimes.com/news/local/la… > about books in academia recommended due to bribes from publishers/authors. Aug 20 06:57
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schestowitz Microsoft SUSE gets a boost: http://www.boston.com/business/tec… Aug 20 07:51
santhosh HI schestowitz Aug 20 07:51
santhosh http://fci.wikia.com/wiki/Sa… Aug 20 07:52
schestowitz Thanks Aug 20 07:52
schestowitz It’s on Saturday, right? (the protest) Aug 20 07:52
santhosh 23rd Aug 20 07:53
schestowitz Has the letter from FSF India been posted yet? Aug 20 07:53
santhosh No. It is not posted AFAIK Aug 20 07:53
schestowitz avinar said it might be on Tuesday (yesterday). Aug 20 07:59
schestowitz anivar, I mean Aug 20 07:59
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santhosh schestowitz: I think he is still working on that Aug 20 08:32
schestowitz I gave some feedback on the letter, which hopefully will go public. Microsoft and its ilk are trying to break your good laws to recreate a digital imperialism, whereby American companies can kill Indian ones and FOSS. Aug 20 08:34
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schestowitz kentma: have a look at < http://www.eweek.com/c/a/Linux-and-Op… >. The collusion expands. How long before Novell is the next Citrix? Aug 20 09:18
kentma I see that Novell are still pushing the “IPR in linux” angle. Aug 20 09:20
kentma “peace of mind”  - yuk! Aug 20 09:20
schestowitz Yes, under the guise of ‘interop’. Microsoft calls it “patent royalties” now. Aug 20 09:20
kentma Clearly, Microsoft have accepted that Windows is dead, otherwise they wouldn’t be bothering with this.  To be honest, though, since the Desktop is similarly dead, and Microsoft have little traction in the mobility space, I wonder how much of a threat this really is? Aug 20 09:22
schestowitz It’s virtualisation that they try to ‘tax’ and control. Aug 20 09:23
schestowitz Virtual appliances too (rPath embraced SUSE). :-( The press coverage of this latest thing is highly disappointing. It’s like FAUX news. Aug 20 09:24
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schestowitz trmanco: the thing you pointed to earlier was a speculation. Aug 20 10:22
trmanco yes, but its not a good IMHO Aug 20 10:23
trmanco good one* Aug 20 10:23
schestowitz I wrote this earlier:  Re: <trmanco>: it’s just a speculation. No substance to it beyond speculation. Red Hat won’t be acquired by Microsoft by proxy (Maritz). It would be suicide. Aug 20 10:24
trmanco I wasn’t on the channel Aug 20 10:25
schestowitz Yes, I know. Aug 20 10:26
trmanco isn’t vmware in copyright infringement with the Linux Kernel? Aug 20 10:27
schestowitz Yes, they are. Aug 20 10:29
trmanco yes a just found some proof -> http://www.theregister.co.uk/2… Aug 20 10:30
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schestowitz Their excuse might be that many companies do this and that they play nice with Linux (despite being proprietary). Either way, for Red Hat to be devoured like this would not make sense. I know nothing about Sam Dean, but I wouldn’t take his speculation far. No-one paid attention to him based on my tour through RSS feeds this morning. Aug 20 10:32
trmanco ok Aug 20 10:35
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pcole Diane was outed from vmware-is that a fake oust or is it real? Corporate gaming is hard to keep up with. Aug 20 11:07
schestowitz Good question. Well, the new portrayed that as a revengeful sack, followed by a fall of the stock. Did you see what we posted about VMaritz (Microsoft’s VMWare)? Aug 20 11:09
pcole I saw the original link you put up when it first broke out.  I mean people high up in corps seem to make more $ by quitting then staying Aug 20 11:10
schestowitz If Red Hat was ever acquired by a giant (maybe even Oracle, which it flirted with recently), then the biggest concern is IPR deals. What’s VMWare’s stance on it? I can’t be good, can it? Aug 20 11:11
pcole Anything closed sourced I suspect. Especially IPR since we (humans) as free thinkers can come up with ideas and algorithms that me be similar at the same time. So patenting that is against free thought. Aug 20 11:16
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pcole Isn’t Diane husband a coder at vmware? Aug 20 11:18
schestowitz I did not know this. It’s worth googling. Aug 20 11:19
schestowitz http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Diane_Greene Aug 20 11:20
schestowitz ‘On July 8, 2008, VMware co-founder, president and CEO Diane Greene was unexpectedly fired by the VMware Board of Directors and replaced by Paul Maritz, a retired 14-year Microsoft veteran who was heading EMC’s cloud computing business unit.[2] In the same news release VMware stated that 2008 revenue growth will be “modestly below the previous guidance of 50% growth over 2007.” As a result, market price of VMware dropped nearly 25% Aug 20 11:20
schestowitz .’ Aug 20 11:20
schestowitz Oh, I see now. I didn’t know they were married. “Diane Greene, Mendel Rosenblum, Scott Devine, Edward Wang and Edouard Bugnion founded VMware in 1998.[6] Greene had earned a Master’s Degree in Naval Architecture from MIT in 1978, and in 1988 she earned a second Master’s Degree in Computer Science from the University of California at Berkeley.[7] Rosenblum and Greene, who are married, first met while at Stanford.” Aug 20 11:21
schestowitz Several months ago, I think it was Mendel Rosenblum (if not someone from Xen) who did an interview from Om Malik, (gigaom) the man who astroturfed for Microsoft  and after being caught published some interviews with them. Aug 20 11:23
schestowitz I want to find a relationship — if any — b/w Rosenblum and Microsoft. Aug 20 11:23
schestowitz Here’s the interview: http://gigaom.com/2007/12/26/vmwa… Aug 20 11:24
schestowitz With Ozzie: http://gigaom.com/2008/03/10/the-gigaom-in… Aug 20 11:24
schestowitz http://www.pcworld.com/article/135774/coul… “Asked if he thinks the virtual appliance model is a threat to OS vendors, principally Microsoft, Rosenblum said, “If I were in their shoes … I think the answer is yes.”” Aug 20 11:26
*benJIman is dissapointed at lack of articles on microsoft buying more tokens. Aug 20 11:26
schestowitz I can’t find a compelling relationship at all “The good news is that even Microsoft is helping by the way it’s specifying the graphics level – you can read the state out of the chip. As for timing, that depends on graphics people. It’s an example of what we’d like to see – let the hardware architects figure out how to make it happen.” http://weblog.infoworld.com/virt… Aug 20 11:27
schestowitz benJIman: I know about it. I’m writing about it at the moment, but getting distracted. Aug 20 11:27
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PetoKraus :D Aug 20 11:54
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schestowitz http://www.virtualization.info/2007/0… ( Gartner believes Microsoft can take over VMware ), 2007 Aug 20 12:36
pcole Maritz is there already; what’s to take? Aug 20 12:41
schestowitz I hardly believe that they’ll go much further, but they can influence remotely. Just watch what they did to Xen using their Partner of the Year Citrix. We used to speculate that Xen would be bought by Novell. Regulation is an issue. Microsoft couldn’t buy VMWare (a rival) and have it approved, but it could use someone to buy it and then influence… or turn VMWare into a shell. Aug 20 12:43
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PetoKraus vmware could opensource Aug 20 12:46
schestowitz How would that change things? For Red Hat, you mean? Aug 20 12:47
PetoKraus nah, i doubt MSFT would touch LGPL’ed code Aug 20 12:48
pcole Since Paul is there already (influence); what’s stopping it from being a shell already? Unless others there are roadblocks to the M$ games. Aug 20 12:48
PetoKraus i mean, you get a player, right? it’s for free, anyone can get a license Aug 20 12:49
PetoKraus and it works well Aug 20 12:49
PetoKraus in hypervisors, well, i don’t see in there :P Aug 20 12:49
schestowitz Maritz was shoves through EMC, another Microsoft Partner of the Year (2008). Only **months** after he had joined the company he became CEO, ousting the co-founder. Aug 20 12:50
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schestowitz PetoKraus: Microsoft can touch GPL by proxy. That’s what Novell and Citrix are for. Some journalists concurred on that… Aug 20 12:51
PetoKraus that’s true, but open source can be forked Aug 20 12:51
PetoKraus and copylefted opensource can’t be proprietized Aug 20 12:51
PetoKraus i mean, what would they do with vmware if vmware opensourced? plug in .NET? Aug 20 12:52
schestowitz They could use patents. GPLv2 has weaknesses. Aug 20 12:54
schestowitz Just watch how they managed to say “Novell gets X in SUSE”, but others cannot have it, unless they pay Microsoft. They push a dagger in the GPL using s/w patents and secrecy. Aug 20 12:55
PetoKraus but software patents are still irrelevant in europe, right? Aug 20 12:55
blackrabbit Microsoft must be desperate, what with the Silverfish Olympics push Aug 20 12:55
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PetoKraus i mean, i didn’t follow last weeks, but… Aug 20 12:56
blackrabbit I wonder how long they’ll show an old photo of Gates on MS dot com Aug 20 12:57
blackrabbit with a little silverfish button above his head Aug 20 12:57
blackrabbit hello schestowitz PetoKraus Aug 20 12:57
Tallken did anyone here follow a thread on openSuSE forums on July this year about AVG detecting a Windows virus in the kernel SCSI modules? Aug 20 12:57
schestowitz PetoKraus: they want to change things in Europe. India also. Aug 20 12:57
schestowitz A letter from the FSF will hopefully be out soon. They change the law, just like the MAFIAA does with help of corruptible politicians. Aug 20 12:58
pcole This is what caught my eye in the foxnews article concerning Novell get X in SUSE:  “Some customers have told us they want to be able to run Windows Server and Linux together seamlessly, but in many cases, they need help with the transition to SUSE Linux Enterprise Server from other Linux environments” Aug 20 12:58
pcole Its the “from other Linux environments” Aug 20 12:59
schestowitz blackrabbit: yes, I saw that image. Someone in USENET brought it up and Joe Wilcox wrote about it last year, Bad cop, good cop.. carrot and stick… they glorify a criminal and then use that as an icon. Aug 20 12:59
schestowitz Just been pointed to this one (it’s a ‘wowwer’): http://www.theregister.co.uk/2003/05/2… Aug 20 12:59
blackrabbit schestowitz, amazing what that company continues to get away with Aug 20 12:59
schestowitz Tallken: I haven’t seen it. Got a link? Aug 20 12:59
schestowitz pcole: I’ve just posted something about it. Aug 20 13:00
schestowitz blackrabbit: read it. Aug 20 13:00
Tallken schestowitz: http://forums.opensuse.org/pre-release-beta/3… ; as I said it’s old, from July. either the guy is very dumb or it’s a troll Aug 20 13:00
schestowitz I try to see how I can weave that in with current news. It needs greater attention (the SCO/Caldera thing). Aug 20 13:00
Tallken June actually Aug 20 13:00
blackrabbit schestowitz, thanks, I scoop up links at the end of the day and read them Aug 20 13:01
*schestowitz looks Aug 20 13:01
blackrabbit It should be interesting to see whether or not Adobe does anything to counter the coming Silverfish infestation Aug 20 13:02
schestowitz blackrabbit: are you like RMS scoping links for wget? :-) Aug 20 13:02
blackrabbit schestowitz, I collect them and read them later, no I don’t use wget Aug 20 13:03
schestowitz I don’t think the EC can be relied on when it comes to killing XAML. It’s too slow in its response. There will just be another IE6/Netscape-like riot. Aug 20 13:03
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schestowitz http://www.maxframe.com/DR… Aug 20 13:37
blackrabbit schestowitz, thanks for the pdfified news entries, eventually I’ll get around to downloading them all. Would you consider a yearly tarball of them? Aug 20 13:53
schestowitz I used to have something similar to this, but the host put an end to CPU-greedy queries. http://boycottnovell.com/site-… Aug 20 13:54
blackrabbit thanks Aug 20 13:56
blackrabbit ever consider torrenting them? Aug 20 13:58
blackrabbit what do you use to pdf them Aug 20 13:58
schestowitz It’s not good code. It doesn’t translate them properly. Aug 20 13:59
blackrabbit oh Aug 20 14:04
blackrabbit I need some program to throw images into a pdf quickly Aug 20 14:04
blackrabbit I’m scanning a lot of personal receipts and documents from my personal life Aug 20 14:05
blackrabbit I don’t want to load them all manually in order to pdfify them Aug 20 14:05
trmanco http://www.theregister.co.uk/2008/08/2… Aug 20 14:08
schestowitz I scanned all my photo albums a couple of years ago. JPEG though. Aug 20 14:08
schestowitz trmanco: let’s see if there’s new in formation there or just parroting of Microvell’s plan against Free software. Aug 20 14:08
trmanco I’ll go with your second option Aug 20 14:10
schestowitz “Novell doesn’t mind, though. In fact it thinks selling its soul to Steve Ballmer was a tremendous idea.” Aug 20 14:10
Tallken eheh Aug 20 14:10
trmanco I’ve been seeing this all over my feeds Aug 20 14:10
trmanco it annoys me Aug 20 14:12
schestowitz Blech. Aug 20 14:13
schestowitz I’ll do another post about it. Give me 20 minutes or so to dig some stuff up. Novell is just a gentler version of SCO in my mind. Aug 20 14:14
trmanco ok Aug 20 14:15
blackrabbit trmanco, how can they expand interoperability when directx still is not available for linux without wine or cedega? Aug 20 14:24
blackrabbit this sort of interoperability claims should be illegal Aug 20 14:25
blackrabbit schestowitz, JPEG, why not TIFF? Aug 20 14:28
*libervisco has quit (Remote closed the connection) Aug 20 14:28
schestowitz Would JPEG not be accessible in the far future? *cough cough* HDPhoto Aug 20 14:29
blackrabbit I prefer TIFF for photo prints Aug 20 14:31
blackrabbit JPEG, while the sizes are smaller and more convenient for storage, do reduce the quality of prints Aug 20 14:31
blackrabbit I assume you’re not intending to print these in the future? Aug 20 14:31
schestowitz blackrabbit: I don’t print. I’m paperless and the JPEGs are of very high quality (about a meg per scan) Aug 20 14:32
blackrabbit superb Aug 20 14:35
blackrabbit beats having a shelf full of TIFFs Aug 20 14:35
schestowitz I still have the originals (well, my parents have them), but quality degrades over the decades. Aug 20 14:36
blackrabbit I’m moving everything audio to FLAC Aug 20 14:37
blackrabbit ogg is nice, but FLAC gets the job done Aug 20 14:37
blackrabbit yes, quality does sharply decline Aug 20 14:38
blackrabbit especially with VHS Aug 20 14:38
blackrabbit I have some tapes dating back to the emergence of the format and they are all showing major signs of loss Aug 20 14:38
schestowitz How old is blackrabbit ? Aug 20 14:39
blackrabbit I’ve never thought about that one, would make a good question for the author, but I think he’s dead Aug 20 14:42
blackrabbit I believe the representation of said rabbit in literature is without age Aug 20 14:42
schestowitz You probably know the history of computing well. I’ll post something in a minute. Tell me if you spot a mistake (now or later). Aug 20 14:42
schestowitz It’s up now: http://boycottnovell.com/2008/08/… Aug 20 14:53
blackrabbit thanks, i’ll get to all of the links at the end of the day Aug 20 14:55
blackrabbit my office firewalls http and gives you a day off without pay should you violate policy Aug 20 14:56
*schestowitz understands Aug 20 14:56
blackrabbit tor works well to get around their firewall, but it also ends up in a day without pay Aug 20 14:57
schestowitz http://blog.seattlepi.nwsource.com/micro… “Microsoft adds $100m to Novell deal [...] The additional investment “is really motivated by the strong customer demand that we’ve seen over the past 18 months,” said Susan Hauser, Microsoft’s general manager of strategic partnerships and licensing.” Wow! Microsoft sez so! It must be true. Aug 20 14:58
blackrabbit lol “strategic partnerships and licensing” Aug 20 15:07
blackrabbit why does that conjure up images of a well groomed nazi in my mind Aug 20 15:07
schestowitz Code words. BTW, BN.com got a lot of traffic in recent days, so I’m hoping people search for answers. If you want a copy of the site, I can mail you the mysql DB (just need to manually remove password and such…) Aug 20 15:08
blackrabbit thanks for the kind offer, i’ll just stick with links for right now, I have a lot on my plate Aug 20 15:09
blackrabbit have you considered a forum on your site? Aug 20 15:09
schestowitz I haven’t no. As for links, has the Web Archive made copies yet? Just in case, you know… Aug 20 15:10
blackrabbit I haven’t checked Aug 20 15:11
blackrabbit I wouldn’t trust the archive Aug 20 15:11
schestowitz Wait, I’ll have a look, Aug 20 15:11
blackrabbit it seems a lot of stuff gets pulled by corporations with cash Aug 20 15:12
blackrabbit or so i’ve heard Aug 20 15:12
schestowitz I don’t know how deep it goes, but it has dozens of snapshots: http://web.archive.org/web/*/bo… Aug 20 15:12
*libervisco (n=daniel@tuxhacker/libervisco) has joined #boycottnovell Aug 20 15:14
schestowitz I’m a little surprised that traffic in the site rose despite the fact that it’s summer. 12 months in a row it has gone up for… Aug 20 15:14
blackrabbit good news Aug 20 15:15
blackrabbit hopefully the trend continues Aug 20 15:15
schestowitz This one went missing (Microsoft financial fraud is possible), but I found it and made a copy locally. More in http://boycottnovell.com/2008/08/1… Aug 20 15:16
blackrabbit thanks Aug 20 15:16
schestowitz An hour ago I posted this one about  a similar incident a professor told me about. I contacted the author, but he didn’t give a convincing answer (just a workaround): http://boycottnovell.com/200… Aug 20 15:17
blackrabbit is the other guy still supporting your site or has he taken a time out? Aug 20 15:17
blackrabbit the other person pictured on bn Aug 20 15:17
schestowitz I think it’s a time out. Shane.. well, I don’t want to go into private lives… but he probably spends more time with the family now. He’s still around. Aug 20 15:17
blackrabbit regarding ipv6, I have that article flagged for today’s reading Aug 20 15:17
schestowitz Another one… which was gone… let me find it. Aug 20 15:18
blackrabbit hope he continues sometime in the future Aug 20 15:18
blackrabbit did you ever find out what the lxer guy is up to? Aug 20 15:18
blackrabbit if you recall one of our previous discussions about him Aug 20 15:18
blackrabbit the guy who was investigating ms connections in gov and politics Aug 20 15:19
blackrabbit and media, etc. Aug 20 15:19
blackrabbit who did a book or something? Aug 20 15:19
schestowitz A friend couldn’t find this first article about Microsoft and Linux (ZDNet connection): http://boycottnovell.com/200… Aug 20 15:19
schestowitz But I’m trying to track down another example about back doors and Microsoft giving code to governments… it vanished. Aug 20 15:19
schestowitz Na… I give up. I can’t find the b*stard. Aug 20 15:21
schestowitz blackrabbit: Tom Adelstein wrote a post in Linux Journal for the first time in months. It happened days ago. Aug 20 15:22
blackrabbit very good, thanks, I hope he continues his investigations Aug 20 15:23
blackrabbit perhaps you could inquire about this if you’re interested, he had a grand start Aug 20 15:23
schestowitz He won’t. He hardly writes and he seems to be depressed. Aug 20 15:23
blackrabbit :( Aug 20 15:23
blackrabbit you think something weighed on him? Aug 20 15:24
schestowitz No, not quite. A career change though. Aug 20 15:24
blackrabbit oh Aug 20 15:25
schestowitz BTW, what’s needed is a digestible thing like an index, a mind map, a query tool. Many posts are not reachable and nobody goes through 200 pages of court documents, not to actually end up making use of the info. BN.com has over 3500 posts but I struggle to find old posts. Aug 20 15:25
schestowitz Don’t worry about me though. I have just about enough to carry on investigating for a year or two. I think PJ goes on thanks to donations. Aug 20 15:26
PetoKraus well mind map Aug 20 15:26
PetoKraus all those things like tags, categories…. fulltext search… should create something like mind map Aug 20 15:27
schestowitz Yes, I have an old mind map. Aug 20 15:27
schestowitz Wait, I’ll find it. Aug 20 15:27
PetoKraus but i guess everyone knows the feeling, when he knows what is he looking for, but can’t remember a single thing of these :D Aug 20 15:27
schestowitz It’s old though: http://boycottnovell.com/… Aug 20 15:27
schestowitz Another parrot:  http://blogs.zdnet.com/BTL/?p=9738 “Despite hackles, the partnership between Novell and Microsoft has been a success with customers. Microsoft has given Novell more enterprise traction and the software giant gets to co-opt open source slightly.” People who speak to customers say that it’s BS. They don’t need that deal. It’s just an MS/Novell lie. Aug 20 15:33
blackrabbit lol Aug 20 15:51
blackrabbit is zdnet a ms mouthpiece? Aug 20 15:51
schestowitz So they say. Here’s a breakdown: Aug 20 15:52
schestowitz On Microsoft’s side they have: Ed Bought (sic), George Who [sic], Mary Jo Foley… all are very, very pro-Microsoft and most make a living that way. Then they have some other anti(ish)-Linux, pro-SCO trolls like Murphy and Dana who runs the ‘open source’ blog uses just Windows. That’s it. Oh! And they had Carrol, a Microsoft employee too… Adrian trolls Linux regularly with the  “Linux 1%” chorus and other myths. Aug 20 15:54
*PetoKraus has quit (Read error: 113 (No route to host)) Aug 20 15:55
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    To reduce or alleviate suspicions and a potential of mistrust the FSF needs to become more transparent and liberate information (such as the real reason Bradley Kuhn left, as noted in the previous part)

  8. Links 18/1/2021: GNU Radio 3.9, Wikipedia at 20

    Links for the day

  9. InteLeaks – Part XIX: Intel's Web 'Experts' Seen as Microsoft Champions Dealing With the Platform Microsoft is Looking to Destroy

    Things aren't rosy at Intel because the hires aren't suitable for the job of documenting and/or presenting GNU/Linux-centric products (whose target audience is Free software developers)

  10. Adding Images as Characters to the Daily Bulletins of Techrights

    Our daily bulletins now have inside them coarse graphics, depicted using characters alone, and the tool used to generate them announced a new release earlier today; we showcase some of its features (in a new video)

  11. Links 18/1/2021: Weekly Summaries and Linux 5.11 RC4

    Links for the day

  12. IRC Proceedings: Sunday, January 17, 2021

    IRC logs for Sunday, January 17, 2021

  13. The Oligarchs' Parties Will Never Choose the Side of Software Freedom Because Free Software Cannot Bribe Officials

    The tough reality is that next week's (or this coming week's, depending on what Sunday counts as) inauguration ceremony is partly symbolic as all the same and important issues remain largely untouched, for corporations control almost everything of significance

  14. COVID-19 Has Actually Helped Software Freedom Due to Financial and 'Spare Time' Factors

    Developers and users are increasingly exploring what the Free software world has to offer; this is actually measurable and it contradicts claims to the contrary

  15. Future Plans and Using Videos to Complement Text

    Remarks on recent and impending site changes; We are not replacing text with video, we're just trying to enhance the presentation a bit, especially where visuals help make a point or where browsing through Web sites (or leaks) is more suitable than static, linear presentation

  16. InteLeaks – Part XVIII: Intel Does Not Know How to Properly Do Research and It Seems Apparent Unscientific Methods Are Used to Justify Poor Documentation

    There appears to be a severe crisis at Intel; they cannot recruit scientists (or those whom they recruited are walking away) and as a result the company produces bad products with poor documentation (or highly defective chipsets that top-notch marketing cannot compensate for); in this video we walk through some examples of how studies are being conducted (as already noted in Part XVII)

  17. Suppressed Facts of the Free Software Movement and Its Community of Volunteers – Part III: The Free Software Foundation (FSF) Seems More Like a Victim of Destabilisation Campaigns

    The Free Software Foundation (FSF), which turns 36 later this year, is looking to raise money that helps support the GNU Project, soon 38 years old and likely the most important Free software project to exist (ever)

  18. Links 17/1/2021: EasyOS on Raspberry Pi and GNU libsigsegv 2.13

    Links for the day

  19. InteLeaks – Part XVII: The High Cost of Microsoft Windows Users in GNU/Linux Development Teams

    A look inside Intel explains what holds back the technical team, which bemoans the lesser technical people getting in the way and not even using the product that they are writing about

  20. IRC Proceedings: Saturday, January 16, 2021

    IRC logs for Saturday, January 16, 2021

  21. Suppressed Facts of the Free Software Movement and Its Community of Volunteers – Part II: Why Bradley Kuhn Left the Free Software Foundation (FSF)

    The founder of the FSF is still at the FSF (albeit not publicly) and the person who lobbied to oust him has basically been 'banished' by the founder

  22. Links 16/1/2021: LibreOffice 7.1 Release Candidate, Zeroshell 3.9.5, FreeBSD Report, and GhostBSD 21.01.15

    Links for the day

  23. Free Speech on the Web Not Respected by Companies That Used to Support Software Freedom

    Mozilla does not have to make its Web browser about politics; it can just make an excellent piece of software that is neutral about the Web pages that it renders, based on the user's personal preferences

  24. Suppressed Facts of the Free Software Movement and Its Community of Volunteers – Part I: We Are Under Attack by Corporations and Their Salaried Facilitators

    The corporate takeover (taking over the Commons, produced by volunteers who are motivated by altruism) is a subject we must speak about and somehow tackle; this series will highlight uncomfortable or difficult truths

  25. InteLeaks – Part XVI: Intel Cannot Do Command Line, Even When It's Vastly Simpler and More Suitable for Development

    The Developer eXperience (DX) team at Intel seems to be full of Microsoft drones instead of developers and/or mildly technical people; this has not only harmed the quality of documentation but also upset staff, alienating people who actually understand what developers need (more than buzzwords like "DX")

  26. IRC Proceedings: Friday, January 15, 2021

    IRC logs for Friday, January 15, 2021

  27. Links 15/1/2021: KaOS 2021.01, Whisker Menu 2.5.2, Istio 1.8.2

    Links for the day

  28. InteLeaks – Part XV: Intel is Blind to Blind and Colour-Blind People

    Intel does not seem to grasp very basic concepts associated with accessibility; nevertheless, Intel shamelessly tries painting itself as "woke" and a "justice warrior" (policing speech while overlooking much-needed practical work)

  29. Links 15/1/2021: GStreamer 1.18.3 and Proton 5.13-5

    Links for the day

  30. IRC Proceedings: Thursday, January 14, 2021

    IRC logs for Thursday, January 14, 2021

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