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IRC: #boycottnovell @ FreeNode: October 29th, 2008

Posted in IRC Logs at 5:09 am by Dr. Roy Schestowitz


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jose “As things are, if we make an “invention” (and don’t patent it), we open it up to the world to use (like BSD), but if MS creates one (and patents it), we can’t use theirs. In both cases, a person stood on shoulders of giants, but only one of these “inventors” allowed others to stand even higher ..and it was the nice inventors (FOSS) that ended up with the short end of the stick! That is bad way to reward innovation — a fundamental s Oct 29 00:01
jose crew-up of patent law.” Oct 29 00:01
schestowitz Not destroy the broken law and preserve sane laws? Oct 29 00:02
*schestowitz reads. Oct 29 00:02
schestowitz Do you know how much a patent costs to garden? Oct 29 00:03
jose i’m all for destroying broken PUKE laws.. but see what i wrote Oct 29 00:03
jose yes, i know that is not pretty Oct 29 00:03
schestowitz It’s a law created by the wealthy, for the wealthy. Oct 29 00:03
jose actually could you enlighten Oct 29 00:03
schestowitz We should post it in BN for some feedback maybe. Oct 29 00:03
jose what would costs be like Oct 29 00:04
jose research and write-up could be free in a sense Oct 29 00:04
jose and lawyers might participate Oct 29 00:04
jose actual filing fees and other costs? Oct 29 00:04
*schestowitz done reading Oct 29 00:05
jose maybe we could do a shared partnership where nonFOSS can pay Oct 29 00:05
schestowitz Patents are hugely expensive and time consuming. Oct 29 00:06
jose and the cosponsor (covering costs) would get a good percentage of such royalties Oct 29 00:06
jose for regular dev, yes Oct 29 00:06
schestowitz FFII works to eliminate swpats and related laws, whereas OIN does a Mixican shootout type-thing. Oct 29 00:06
jose actually, IBM patented something along the lines of using patents to protect small businesses or FOSS Oct 29 00:06
jose i agree with ffii Oct 29 00:07
jose that is why i wanted opinions Oct 29 00:07
jose to lay everything on the table Oct 29 00:07
schestowitz Don’t fire fire with fire. You’ll get BURNED. :-) Oct 29 00:07
jose i know that Oct 29 00:07
jose yet we fight copyright with copyleft Oct 29 00:07
schestowitz Don’t wrestle with a pig… you both get dirty, but only the pig enjoys it.. or the TROLL. Oct 29 00:07
jose i’ve heard that one before here.. :-) Oct 29 00:08
schestowitz Yes, not mine. Oct 29 00:08
schestowitz Tim O’Reilly used it last year (borrowed it from someone). Oct 29 00:08
schestowitz Is it patented? :-) Oct 29 00:08
jose i don’t want to attempt wasting times on patents Oct 29 00:09
schestowitz Nobody is willing. Oct 29 00:09
jose but if we were going to do it.. if it could work out practically.. then you’d want to win that game if possible Oct 29 00:09
jose i am not Oct 29 00:09
schestowitz FOSS is popular because programmers love code. Oct 29 00:09
jose but Oct 29 00:09
jose some people don’t mind Oct 29 00:09
schestowitz Filing stupid papers and hiring lawyers is a chore. Oct 29 00:09
jose they may want incentives though Oct 29 00:09
schestowitz Only Novell devs do such nonsense. Oct 29 00:10
jose the license would be set up so that anyone could step up and do the chore though Oct 29 00:11
jose and we would all benefit Oct 29 00:11
jose it’s like the gplv3 i think Oct 29 00:11
jose except to add more lubrication in our favor Oct 29 00:12
jose like foss, anyone can pick it up and run with it Oct 29 00:12
jose and like gpl, we’d all be guaranteed to benefit Oct 29 00:12
schestowitz Who would volunteer to just file for patents? Oct 29 00:13
schestowitz And this still isn’t protection from trolls. Oct 29 00:13
jose some people might volunteer. if we could play that game well.. to lead to MAD, then more would be willing to take time to lend a hand Oct 29 00:14
jose trolls would be unsafe if we get enough and if they ever want to use real software for anything in their lives Oct 29 00:14
jose personally, i would like to add that “interests” in a company filing for patents puts you at stake Oct 29 00:15
jose i wish the gpl had done that Oct 29 00:15
jose if the license is open ended enough, it would really accel MAD Oct 29 00:16
jose sure, we wouldn’t get IBM contributions Oct 29 00:16
jose i think this is dealing with puke, but maybe under the right circumstances, we might get a lot of support.. users contributing would benefit .. like with FOSS, most would benefit except a small fraction (shrink-wrapped/ patent mongers) Oct 29 00:18
schestowitz How about a peripheral ‘patent’ body? Oct 29 00:19
jose ? Oct 29 00:19
schestowitz Like online patent placements? Oct 29 00:19
schestowitz Make a farce of USPTO Oct 29 00:20
schestowitz Say it is an unlawful illegitimate institute. Oct 29 00:20
jose but what would be force Oct 29 00:20
jose well, “saying” would not be enough by itself Oct 29 00:20
schestowitz have you inventions RECOGNISED and DOCUMENTED elsewhere. That’s what it’s all about, no? Oct 29 00:20
jose if you don’t file, i think you lose out on monopoly rights Oct 29 00:21
schestowitz Patents are a certificate symbolising some recognition mfor achieving some mental, well… fart. Oct 29 00:21
jose officiall file Oct 29 00:21
schestowitz Like emoticons, cookies, and one-click shopping. Oct 29 00:21
jose copyrights: auto; patents: not.. leads to the unfairness for foss Oct 29 00:21
schestowitz Or PgUp/PgDn (key for paging) Oct 29 00:21
jose no, the danger is the legal enforcement of monopolies Oct 29 00:22
jose we can market that foss innovates, but that is different Oct 29 00:22
schestowitz If you can document ideas in some Wikis as you go along (not just in source code), then maybe you can assert something in the form of a /statement/ Oct 29 00:22
jose yes, maybe that would be a way forward, but the formality is what adds protection to fight Oct 29 00:23
schestowitz I think of something else. Oct 29 00:23
jose btw, i think the asserting is puke .. it’s all puke.. Oct 29 00:23
schestowitz Trolls aside, if you can accumulate lists of things an aggressor does but never patented, then you can slam them.. well, verbally to to speak, not with the assistance of US law. Oct 29 00:23
jose we may be able to get help from puke dealers if we give incentives Oct 29 00:24
jose like that for royalty payment cases,they get a cut Oct 29 00:24
schestowitz The only money in patents is bullying and litigation. Oct 29 00:24
schestowitz bad name for FOSS.. Oct 29 00:24
schestowitz Like defending the GPL, but much worse cause you don’t approach with violation of your own CODE. Oct 29 00:25
schestowitz Just IDEAS. Oct 29 00:25
schestowitz That said… Oct 29 00:25
jose copyright faces same issues except that it is free to acquire and is less broad in scope Oct 29 00:25
schestowitz You are on to something because.. Oct 29 00:25
schestowitz Some guy from FFII thought about creating his own patent troll to attack Microsoft Office. Oct 29 00:25
jose that would help neutralize Microsoft Oct 29 00:25
schestowitz You could set something up. Oct 29 00:25
jose that cases exists today Oct 29 00:25
jose the issue is will those with the patents play along Oct 29 00:26
schestowitz Then buy patents that Office violates and attack Microsoft with them… just to make a statement. Oct 29 00:26
schestowitz As he puts it, “go for removal of product from market” (Microsoft Office)_ Oct 29 00:26
jose right, i’m surprised this hasn’t happened to date Oct 29 00:26
schestowitz Yes, I know that exists. Oct 29 00:26
schestowitz But if it comes from a troll-like aggressor that’s targeting one of the biggest pro-swpats lobbyinst, then.. Oct 29 00:27
jose 10 patents a month focused on MSO would get the laws changed tout de suite Oct 29 00:27
schestowitz *lobbyist Oct 29 00:27
jose fighting is costly though Oct 29 00:27
schestowitz FFII might be able to get funding, but I’m not sure. Oct 29 00:27
schestowitz You need to just fish for the right patents but also hire lawyers. Oct 29 00:28
jose messy. Oct 29 00:28
schestowitz jose: you can just threaten them, no fight. Oct 29 00:28
jose puke is messy Oct 29 00:28
schestowitz LXER has a page too.. hold on. Oct 29 00:28
jose yeah Oct 29 00:28
schestowitz http://lxer.com/module/db/viewby.ph… Oct 29 00:28
jose so do we need anything further than what we have today? Oct 29 00:28
schestowitz Patents Microsoft may be infringing… Oct 29 00:29
schestowitz “Patent Region Patent NR Title Oct 29 00:29
schestowitz EP 0,689,133 Method of displaying multiple sets of information in the same area of a computer screen Oct 29 00:29
schestowitz EP 0,195,098 System for reproducing information in material objects at a point of sale location Oct 29 00:29
schestowitz US 6,167,394 Information management system with remote access and display features Oct 29 00:29
schestowitz EP 0,537,100 A method of implementing a preview window in an object oriented programming system” Oct 29 00:29
jose so, i’ll repeat: Oct 29 00:30
jose do we need anything further than what we have today? Oct 29 00:30
jose anyway, that license suggestion may not hurt if done right and it could certainly help put some patents in our corner Oct 29 00:30
schestowitz Yes Oct 29 00:31
jose it’s pukacious Oct 29 00:31
schestowitz We need to respond. Oct 29 00:31
schestowitz Microsoft is crumbling and it’ll probably go aggressive directly, or by proxy (IV et al) Oct 29 00:31
jose minimum, we should be able to pressure a scenario where all FOSS becomes immune to patents.. though defining the scope of “FOSS” might get tricky Oct 29 00:32
jose we have the arguments on our side, but we might still need fire Oct 29 00:32
schestowitz What is FOSS? Oct 29 00:33
jose to get laws to change as they should Oct 29 00:33
schestowitz A lot of OSS is semi-proprietary Oct 29 00:33
jose in this case that may not hurt Oct 29 00:33
schestowitz I’drather limit things to Free software (GPL). Oct 29 00:33
jose since the result would be non patent enforcement over anything Oct 29 00:33
schestowitz FOSS may not deserve special treatment, but Free software has the political element that’s more vengeful. Oct 29 00:34
jose i’d rather that gpl not be allowed on closed platforms like windows Oct 29 00:34
schestowitz I’ll do a post about it tomorrow. Oct 29 00:34
schestowitz Also on that E-mail. Oct 29 00:34
schestowitz Microsoft is trying to devour FOSS Oct 29 00:34
schestowitz Blackboard tries the same thing, but that’s another separate story. Oct 29 00:34
schestowitz Blackboard is funded (was funded) by Microsogft Oct 29 00:35
schestowitz Part of the same toxic waste pretty much.. Oct 29 00:35
schestowitz The criminals still snub the EU regulators: http://www.theinquirer.net/gb/inquire… Oct 29 00:37
jose the monopoly provisions of patent laws are too strong. Oct 29 00:38
jose this is something that could get watered down, but in a way where foss is still not off the hook Oct 29 00:38
jose yet we couldn’t stop ms from putting out mso Oct 29 00:38
jose various watering down efforts could leave us weak Oct 29 00:39
schestowitz Public optnion matters. Oct 29 00:39
jose if people were “building and sharing with FOSS”, we would have much more leverage Oct 29 00:40
schestowitz To talk about activism for a moment, I mainly read and write stuff. Oct 29 00:40
schestowitz I don’t go out to the streets to protest physically. Oct 29 00:40
schestowitz But with awareness comes a wider response and it’s our better change… Oct 29 00:40
schestowitz Remember Chris’ “Sue me Fisrt” from last year? Oct 29 00:40
jose think so Oct 29 00:40
jose website got taken down right Oct 29 00:41
schestowitz If you show people how ugly a company has become using patent threats, they will naturally die off. Oct 29 00:41
schestowitz Microsoft is said to be gaming many sites to paint itself as a good company. it fools a lot of people. Gates and his bogus ‘Fundation’ too… joint by the press he owns. Oct 29 00:41
jose if people don’t use foss and if we don’t have weapons, i think we will have the rules changed so that we are vulnerable Oct 29 00:42
schestowitz If people understand who runs the company — “criminals”, depending on who you ask, including sources close to the company — then people will avoid Microsoft. Oct 29 00:42
jose many elements within the foss community want to form friendship bonds with ms Oct 29 00:42
jose we can’t even get our own house in order Oct 29 00:43
jose money has influence Oct 29 00:43
schestowitz “Sue me First” was actually about people signing up for Microsoft to sue them (for Linux violations). A way of saying Microsoft is BSing. Oct 29 00:43
jose yeah Oct 29 00:43
schestowitz The system is corrupt too. Oct 29 00:43
jose memory is refreshed Oct 29 00:43
schestowitz RMS is spending a lot of his time these days educating people about the umrella that permits abusive monopolisation and corruption. Oct 29 00:44
schestowitz The current economic collapse too is a result of corruption. Oct 29 00:44
schestowitz At the very top level.. imposed by those macro-economists who overlooked the system at a World Bank-level. Oct 29 00:44
schestowitz BN has had some successful impact in helping people realise and remember who Microsoft is. Oct 29 00:45
schestowitz That’s what makes Microsofters like Miguel de Icaza so uncomfortable about the site. Oct 29 00:45
jose byfield wrote a “neutral” article about BN Oct 29 00:45
schestowitz haha. Oct 29 00:46
schestowitz Did you see Sam’s article? It took me by surprise. Oct 29 00:46
jose and wrote another about rules of engagement but i didn’t read it Oct 29 00:46
jose which Oct 29 00:46
schestowitz Bruce just attacked the site. Pillock. Oct 29 00:46
schestowitz jose: yes, he told me he would wr Oct 29 00:46
schestowitz jose: yes, he told me he would write that second article too. Oct 29 00:46
schestowitz http://www.itwire.com/content/vie… Oct 29 00:47
schestowitz Miguel de Icaza called Sam a “Jihadist” IIRC, so he didn’t take that well. Oct 29 00:47
schestowitz When he saw the Linux.com he must have reacted also as defence for his own side. Oct 29 00:48
schestowitz Give it a year, give it two Oct 29 00:48
schestowitz When the trolls use Mono and other “Free” Posionware to attack GNU/Linux, then they’ll try to deny that people knew in advance. Oct 29 00:48
jose the prob with mono isn’t that i will use it. it’s that it could grow to encompass too much and of decent quality (in theory). overall, it would take away resources from the safer and more strategic foss Oct 29 00:51
schestowitz yes, it’s happening already. Oct 29 00:52
schestowitz Banshee, Moonlight, Tomboy… Oct 29 00:52
schestowitz They will sooner or later claim that all the ‘cutting-edge’ apps are using the ‘cutting-edge’ MSMONO Oct 29 00:53
jose schestowitz, just sent you another (short) email. Oct 29 01:00
jose the added reading info is not that short though.. (can skip article if want though it’s kind of interesting) Oct 29 01:00
jose no need to read now Oct 29 01:00
jose the comments Oct 29 01:01
jose roy, the comments may not be that clear, sorry, but ask away if you want Oct 29 01:05
schestowitz No, it’s clear. Oct 29 01:06
schestowitz I think that given this documented conversation and the notes, there’s a good post coming. Oct 29 01:06
schestowitz I’ll also discuss this with FFII if I get the chance. Oct 29 01:06
jose i sent you another link (2nd email), but i was looking over that and it isn’t clear at all.. so don’t worry Oct 29 01:08
jose it’s complicated to explain that project Oct 29 01:09
jose without tangible material Oct 29 01:09
schestowitz What Free software needs is not just code. Oct 29 01:10
schestowitz It needs protection for the existing stuff too. Oct 29 01:10
schestowitz KDE development is already stifled by patents (e.g. Apple stuff) Oct 29 01:10
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MinceR gn Oct 29 01:50
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jose schestowitz, let me add something.. Oct 29 01:55
schestowitz OK Oct 29 01:55
jose the incentive to those writing up the patents can exist Oct 29 01:55
jose because there is a business  model of selling propri licenses to third parties that pay Oct 29 01:56
jose where you own copyrights to say gpl code (so they’d have incentive to pay for special licenses). Oct 29 01:56
jose this is where the patent writers can pull in their royalties (even if tiny) Oct 29 01:56
jose plus, many would have as an incentive to tap into ms’ Oct 29 01:57
jose closed source monopoly Oct 29 01:57
jose pricing Oct 29 01:57
jose as long as there is closed source Oct 29 01:57
jose there would be potential for royalties Oct 29 01:57
jose cause otherwise, you are right, there might be less than zero motivation for almost anyone to do the bulk of writing up a patent Oct 29 01:57
jose i can even see law and engineering students contributing Oct 29 01:58
schestowitz What about trolls? Oct 29 01:58
jose what specifically?.. you mean our protection from them? Oct 29 01:58
jose well, a shell corp might be safe if they don’t use closed software for very much Oct 29 01:58
jose but we can go after those owning a stake in such companies Oct 29 01:59
jose we’d neutralize ms at least Oct 29 01:59
jose ie, if you own a stake in a company that attacks, you lose your protections for the software you use Oct 29 01:59
jose then trolls would be isolated Oct 29 02:00
jose rather than be leveraged as the loophole they represent today for getting around gpl3 or whatever Oct 29 02:00
jose if it is MAD for enough people laws can change Oct 29 02:00
jose will change Oct 29 02:00
jose but we want protection from what they might be changed to Oct 29 02:01
jose if possible Oct 29 02:01
jose i don’t like puke, but this might simply be an extra tool Oct 29 02:01
jose and puke sweepers might handle the dirty work for us Oct 29 02:01
jose we’d benefit and they would too Oct 29 02:01
jose trolls could always be a problem, but by themselves, laws would change i think Oct 29 02:02
jose anyway, the best part is that the license would set up the framework .. it would create a lot of food for those that want to play the patent game.. but with FOSS safe in proportion to more participating to gather up that food.. i mean puke Oct 29 02:03
jose i think Oct 29 02:03
schestowitz Will you market is as P.U.K.E.? Oct 29 02:07
jose MAD fro PUKE Oct 29 02:08
jose PUKEs Oct 29 02:08
schestowitz I still think that trolls can only be made toothless and clawless through systenmwide changes. Oct 29 02:08
jose this may help accel to that point while giving us strength along the way and creating something that can counter ms more effectively in the meantime Oct 29 02:08
jose you are right that this would have to be marketed Oct 29 02:09
schestowitz Who will sign up and based on what premise/promise? Oct 29 02:09
jose Well, today, you can’t come up with a patent unless you invent.. this would open up a framework allowing you to patent what you see in exchange for immunity and maybe even giving the project a perce cut of royalties taken against closed source Oct 29 02:10
jose of course, most patents are bogus Oct 29 02:10
jose ok, maybe we can add something about retaining rights to also use the patents Oct 29 02:11
jose it would be co-owned so that any party could use it Oct 29 02:11
jose otherwise, ms would leverage this and not sue itself, etc Oct 29 02:11
jose no that didn’t make sense Oct 29 02:11
jose there are details to be ironed out for sure Oct 29 02:12
schestowitz It sounds like OIn Oct 29 02:12
jose allowing offensive use would attract puke sweepers Oct 29 02:12
schestowitz That’s of no use. Oct 29 02:12
schestowitz Well, as phrased above anyway Oct 29 02:12
jose we’d have coverage for all foss Oct 29 02:12
jose instead of just linux or some limited set Oct 29 02:13
jose but what is “all foss”? Oct 29 02:13
jose details details Oct 29 02:13
jose if it was like oin, it would be different in that contributions would projects could be used by patents created by others because of co-ownership Oct 29 02:14
jose or rather, the inventor would get the patent Oct 29 02:14
jose but with an auto license that the ones writing it up would get access to royalty fees — that would be their incentive Oct 29 02:15
jose the inventors have to be the patent owners i think based on us patent law Oct 29 02:15
jose details Oct 29 02:15
jose this way Oct 29 02:15
jose prior art Oct 29 02:15
jose would not just be useful in court to refute attacking patents Oct 29 02:15
jose but could actually be seized ahead of time to create a patent for us Oct 29 02:15
schestowitz From trolls too? Oct 29 02:16
schestowitz Microsoft could use its proxies. Oct 29 02:16
schestowitz Although it becomes too transparent Oct 29 02:16
schestowitz If Microsoft attacked from IV, it would be too obvious. Oct 29 02:16
schestowitz So the proxy, much like some exposed lobbying arms, is rendered useless. Oct 29 02:16
schestowitz SCO comes to mind Oct 29 02:16
jose well, that is why i mentioned that the auto protection would extend to users that did not attack or own interests (define?) in attackers Oct 29 02:16
jose so all foss users would gain license unless you attacked (like existing clauses) Oct 29 02:17
jose this is a little confusing now hold on Oct 29 02:17
jose ok, you see an invention Oct 29 02:17
jose that falls as contribution under this license Oct 29 02:18
jose you write up a patent which would be filed under the inventor(s) name Oct 29 02:18
jose you auto get access rights to royalties Oct 29 02:18
jose royalties to what? Oct 29 02:18
jose well, all “foss” users would be immune from royalties unless they violated as just stated (eg, ownership in troll) Oct 29 02:19
jose also, closed source software users would not get an auto license but would have to deal with the person that has those rights Oct 29 02:19
jose some amount of royalties would be reserved for the project/inventor Oct 29 02:19
jose the writer would get the rest Oct 29 02:20
jose the inventor would also be able to seek royalties in case the writer didn’t (eg, to neutralize ms) Oct 29 02:20
jose remember, foss users and devs are safe if they don’t attack or own trolls Oct 29 02:20
jose closed source and violators would be subject to having to license (probably for royalties) Oct 29 02:21
schestowitz I’ll need to think about it. Oct 29 02:21
jose this would be a direct and immediate way to combat Microsoft’s closed source supported monopolies Oct 29 02:21
schestowitz What about Apple? Oct 29 02:22
jose we might have a clause to deal with the agpl effect Oct 29 02:22
jose apple would need licenses sure Oct 29 02:22
jose and the patent writer or the inventors could come after apple Oct 29 02:22
jose if apple does the closed source thing.. which they do today Oct 29 02:22
jose anyway, so this would be a direct weapon against the powerful closed source monopolies Oct 29 02:23
jose foss safe Oct 29 02:23
jose and the royalties incentive would get many patent writers quickly to our side Oct 29 02:23
jose building strategic patents and patents useful to bring closed source monopolies down quicker Oct 29 02:24
jose and the foss devs would for the most part do nothing different than what they have been doing Oct 29 02:24
jose coding Oct 29 02:24
schestowitz It’s more important to kill the FUD Oct 29 02:24
schestowitz Microsoft won’t sue quite soon, but it’ll use extortion. Oct 29 02:24
jose and maybe helping out a bit with the patent.. since they know they might get some money Oct 29 02:24
schestowitz Pressure on vendors like Red Hat and fear in customers’ minds. Oct 29 02:25
jose this gives us a larger amount of defensive FUD Oct 29 02:25
schestowitz Yes Oct 29 02:25
jose red hat could say, yeah, but ms violates 2000 patents Oct 29 02:25
jose that where we have a license and they don’t Oct 29 02:25
jose the pressure would more quickly mount to use open source (defined?) Oct 29 02:26
jose not shared source, btw Oct 29 02:26
jose and this would help tackle the monopoly issue that the antitrust auth have been powerless against for so long Oct 29 02:26
jose ms cannot sustain their effectiveness if they go open source Oct 29 02:27
jose and if they will use monopoly money against us, we might as well get a cut Oct 29 02:27
jose :-) Oct 29 02:27
jose I’m getting simply MAD about this Oct 29 02:27
schestowitz Red Hat already has OIN Oct 29 02:27
jose Patents U Kan Enherit Oct 29 02:27
jose i know that’s bad Oct 29 02:27
schestowitz I’m just a little tired (2:30AM) Oct 29 02:28
jose awful actually Oct 29 02:28
jose i have to go too Oct 29 02:28
schestowitz We should continue this tomorrow. Oct 29 02:28
schestowitz gn Oct 29 02:28
jose maybe tomorrow it will make more sense Oct 29 02:28
jose gn Oct 29 02:28
jose rh has oin.. this would be a framework that could be used to grow oin faster and larger.. it could also end up giving foss projects royalties Oct 29 02:29
jose i know who’d thunk i’d be talking about royalties to foss projects when we are such enemies of patents Oct 29 02:30
jose using patent law against them.. by leveraging numbers, we could show how useless and unfair the system is Oct 29 02:30
jose remember, today, patents are built separately not in collaboration Oct 29 02:30
jose and the inventors frequently don’t participate, losing out on an opportunity for oin defense for example Oct 29 02:31
jose since in us law at least, the inventor must be the one to file Oct 29 02:31
jose it’s adding lubrication to the system Oct 29 02:31
jose leveraging foss for patents as we already do for copyrights Oct 29 02:32
jose foss community that is Oct 29 02:32
jose the bottom line is that if we are going to be attacked by patents, and if we can leverage our numbers to give ourselves more leverage, and if a byproduct could mean that attackers like microsoft/”interop” are more quickly neutralized, and if in the process foss projects and inventors might gain some money, and we’d get patent writers on our side, then maybe we should seize the op Oct 29 02:34
jose roy, if we find a way to *really* tilt the system to our side, then all of those with ideas working on ways to marginalize foss will lose their appetite and have to agree with us or at least go back to the drawing board Oct 29 02:38
jose greasing the wheels of patent collaboration can help take us from a weak number (eg) 8 position right to the top of the race Oct 29 02:39
jose AND we can give the writers protection themselves Oct 29 02:40
jose this would get a bunch more patent contributions for foss, eg, from ibm and others Oct 29 02:41
jose they would have incentives to participate on our defense as much as possible, else someone else scoop up the opportunity and charge them a fee later on. Oct 29 02:41
jose ie, patent writers that participated could get some protection for their own closed source products.. ah, nevermind, this would offer strong monopolies a way to get out of this Oct 29 02:42
jose details details details Oct 29 02:42
jose ??? Oct 29 02:42
jose note that we are not penalizing commercial foss as ms is doing (eg, red hat and others). we’d be charging for those that would keep around their closed source monopolies.. which would have given them monopoly pricing power Oct 29 02:46
jose this is pretty much how dual licensing is used sometimes: stay foss and you are fine, or go closed but pay a fee. Oct 29 02:47
jose imagine if foss devs, rather than merely producing prior art, could end up in a partnership to make royalties from closed source, while someone else does the dirty work (in exchange for some rights)… Oct 29 02:49
jose that is a fairer deal to our devs.. less like the patent equiv of public domain that exists today and instead be more like the gpl which has teeth Oct 29 02:50
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*jose (n=jose@adsl-233-170-93.mia.bellsouth.net) has joined #boycottnovell Oct 29 03:11
jose roy, the great idea went down in flames Oct 29 03:11
jose mad means you don’t attack Oct 29 03:11
jose if we did, then foss would have problems Oct 29 03:11
jose which means no pressure against closed source Oct 29 03:11
jose well, it would maybe if the company didn’t have patents Oct 29 03:12
jose without the royalty incentive (eg, from a big fish like ms), then patent writers would have few motivations i think Oct 29 03:12
jose whatever.. tomorrow i’m busy almost the entire day but maybe something else will come up.. the concept of collaborating on patents might still be useful. Oct 29 03:14
jose eg, if the costs aren’t too high, people might still want to contribute for free since this would give us a concrete weapon as a hedge (stronger than simply prior art) Oct 29 03:15
jose gn Oct 29 03:16
*jose has quit (“Leaving”) Oct 29 03:16
*libervisco has quit (“Remember, remember the fifth of november…”) Oct 29 03:18
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MinceR geekings Oct 29 08:43
*GoblinRFD (n=tim@78-86-75-104.zone2.bethere.co.uk) has joined #boycottnovell Oct 29 09:11
*GoblinRFD has quit (“Konversation terminated!”) Oct 29 09:53
*tessier makes a submission to /. Oct 29 10:09
schestowitz Which one? Oct 29 10:09
*PetoKraus (n=Peter@cpc4-broo2-0-0-cust1012.renf.cable.ntl.com) has joined #boycottnovell Oct 29 10:11
tessier Which one what? Oct 29 10:12
tessier Which /.? Oct 29 10:12
schestowitz Heh. No, what story? Oct 29 10:12
tessier Oh….the little known story of the downfall of Linspire Oct 29 10:12
schestowitz Are you still in touch with Robert? Oct 29 10:12
tessier Michael Robertson? Oct 29 10:12
tessier http://kevincarmony.blogspot.com/2008/1… Oct 29 10:12
schestowitz Oops. yes. Oct 29 10:13
schestowitz Hehe. Let me see. Oct 29 10:13
tessier No, I’ve never really been “in touch” with him. I never liked the guy. Real asshole. Oct 29 10:13
tessier Although I have his email and he and I are both on an mp3-alumni mailing list where all of us former employees still chat about stuff. Oct 29 10:13
tessier I had a couple potential opportunities to work for him again but I’ve always passed, even when I was hurting for work. Oct 29 10:14
schestowitz What a mess. Oct 29 10:14
tessier Wow, past 3am. I gotta be at work in almost 5 hours. Time to sleep. night! Oct 29 10:14
schestowitz GN Oct 29 10:14
schestowitz Iceland seeks aid from ECB, Fed; hikes interest rate to 18 pct < http://afp.google.com/article/… > Oct 29 11:03
schestowitz How predictable… “More Election Shenanigans – Check Your Registration NOW” < http://technocrat.net/d/2008/10/28/52849 > Oct 29 11:06
*libervisco (n=libervis@tuxhacker/libervisco) has joined #boycottnovell Oct 29 11:29
*libervisco has quit (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out)) Oct 29 11:58
schestowitz Funny cartoon : http://vistasucks.files.wordpress.com/20… Oct 29 11:59
MinceR :> Oct 29 12:04
schestowitz http://www.theregister.co.uk/20… “With just a week to go before the US presidential election, academics, politicians, and voters are voicing increased distrust of the electronic voting machines that will be used to cast ballots.” Oct 29 12:05
schestowitz Amazing!! “Stevens faces a maximum of 35 years in prison. But he’s a Senator. So nobody is actually expecting any jail time.” < http://www.theregister.co.uk/2008/10/28/t… >. This system is corrupted beyond belief. Oct 29 12:08
*PetoKraus has quit (“The purpose of IRC is to…IDLE…”) Oct 29 12:10
*PetoKraus (n=Peter@cpc4-broo2-0-0-cust1012.renf.cable.ntl.com) has joined #boycottnovell Oct 29 12:10
schestowitz http://www.linuxtoday.com/news_story.ph… “Bruce your ability to offend people and then disingenuously crying wolf does not amuse… “ Oct 29 12:11
schestowitz ‘This was a common trick by Rob Enderle [...] Back in the anti-trust trial/sco trial days; put out something that is nothing more than flame-bait and then cries of “poor me” or worse “those open-source meanies”.’ Oct 29 12:11
schestowitz http://www.linuxtoday.com/news_st… Oct 29 12:11
schestowitz ‘ Ah brucy [...] He must be torqued off about the backlash from his boycott-novell article on Linux.com. Here’s news for you bruce: It’s not just FOSS.’ Oct 29 12:12
schestowitz “The fact is the FOSS community is a community plagued by fears; fears about Microsoft, sellout Linux vendors, patent trolls, SCO, Apple, you name it. And when people get afraid, they get irrational, and everyone starts looking suspicious.” Oct 29 12:12
*libervisco (n=libervis@tuxhacker/libervisco) has joined #boycottnovell Oct 29 12:14
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twitter :) see there? you did not have to write anything about BB at all. Oct 29 14:30
twitter The last quote gets it backward.  It would be irrational to not be suspicious of unrepentant, convicted felons like M$.  They are powerful, so it takes real bravery to call them out. Oct 29 14:32
*trmanco (n=trmanco@bl8-237-133.dsl.telepac.pt) has joined #boycottnovell Oct 29 14:36
*mib_nmor4y (i=cbad29be@gateway/web/ajax/mibbit.com/x-4b15ee0b881407fc) has joined #boycottnovell Oct 29 15:13
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*_Doug (n=_Doug) has joined #boycottnovell Oct 29 15:17
_Doug How to track a teenager hacker :) Oct 29 15:18
_Doug 01. Go on social networks Oct 29 15:18
_Doug 02. Go on Youtube Oct 29 15:18
_Doug 03. Go to the hacker website Oct 29 15:18
_Doug http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi… Oct 29 15:18
_Doug :) Oct 29 15:18
schestowitz Hey Oct 29 15:21
_Doug hey dude are u a hak0r :) Oct 29 15:22
_Doug shoosh .. don’t tell anyone on Facebook :] Oct 29 15:22
_Doug what’s missing from this ‘report’ is the computing ecosystem all these hacks run on … Oct 29 15:23
schestowitz “Ecosystem” is a bad word… like “blogosphere” it should be loathed. Oct 29 15:24
schestowitz Ecosystem is what I call shillcosystem. It’s a grouping of vested interests. Oct 29 15:25
_Doug hacksystem ? Oct 29 15:25
_Doug hackosystem ?? Oct 29 15:25
_Doug “Bosses must stop leaving data security to the “IT boys” and other staff and take responsibility themselves” Oct 29 15:26
_Doug http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk_po… Oct 29 15:26
_Doug It’s the bosses that are the source of the problem .. Oct 29 15:26
_Doug if they let the ‘IT boys’ do their job, then their wouldn’t be all these data losses Oct 29 15:27
schestowitz Oh, I see… Oct 29 15:27
_Doug like leaving MI5 secret laptops on the train Oct 29 15:27
schestowitz So you’re referring to non-technical people who have a hardon for Exchcnge? Oct 29 15:27
_Doug who in their right mind walks around with confidential datas on a laptop, on a USN key, or posts it through the Rayal MAil ???? !!!!!! Oct 29 15:28
schestowitz Or people who choose technology based on brochures and “someone to point a finger at” when things go awry? Oct 29 15:28
schestowitz A hacker. :-) Oct 29 15:28
schestowitz *cracker, sorry Oct 29 15:28
_Doug quote: ‘Windows 2000 has X zillion of lines’ Oct 29 15:29
schestowitz From the video? Oct 29 15:29
_Doug I have to sit there while some brain dead CIO reads me out loud from PC world .. Oct 29 15:29
schestowitz Well, it’s the Beeb Oct 29 15:29
schestowitz From the media channel that says transistors are tiny computers Oct 29 15:29
_Doug no, thast quote is from real life .. Oct 29 15:29
schestowitz IDG? Oct 29 15:30
schestowitz PCWorld? Oct 29 15:30
schestowitz They are IDG (IDC), you know? Oct 29 15:30
schestowitz Wintel press, funded partly by Microsoft through studies and all… Oct 29 15:30
_Doug It was how they described the power of W2K, in terms of number of lines .. Oct 29 15:30
_Doug It was how they described the power of W2K to the pointy haired ones, in terms of number of lines Oct 29 15:31
schestowitz http://boycottnovell.com/2008/09/06/… Oct 29 15:31
_Doug that’s how they vost programmers, in terms of number of lines they can bang out per hour .. Oct 29 15:32
_Doug ‘they cost’ Oct 29 15:32
schestowitz Yes. Oct 29 15:32
schestowitz So if someone removes many bugs, the measurable progress is low. Oct 29 15:33
schestowitz http://www.thisisby.us/index.php/con… Oct 29 15:34
benJIman _Doug: Noone sensible does. Oct 29 15:34
benJIman Good programmers often have a negative line count per hour. Oct 29 15:34
_Doug it’s just a metric they come up with thet the PHB would understand .. lines of code .. good grief .. Oct 29 15:35
_Doug .. LINES OF CODE .. Oct 29 15:35
_Doug ‘How to track a teenaged hacker’ .. they call this hacking .. more like scribbling graffiti on a wall .. Oct 29 15:37
twitter W2K source code, “we are morons” http://www.kuro5hin.org/story/2… Oct 29 15:37
twitter show that to the boss. Oct 29 15:37
_Doug and no mention of the root cause of the ‘hacking’ phishing virus infestation .. Oct 29 15:37
_Doug this is all so 1993 .. :) Oct 29 15:38
_Doug http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0107048/ Oct 29 15:38
_Doug Clippy is having the worst day of his life … over and over again .. Oct 29 15:39
twitter Poor choice of software by ill informed decisions is the only thing you should blame the user for in security problems. Oct 29 15:39
_Doug and who chooses the software .. not the IT ‘boys’ to be sure .. Oct 29 15:39
twitter For example, users should not have to worry about lost data on portable devices if the device is encrypted. Oct 29 15:39
_Doug some fucking idiot who believes the ability to read makes him qualified to make IT related decisions .. Oct 29 15:40
twitter Sure, M$ based decisions come from the top, like the London stock exchange fiasco. Oct 29 15:40
schestowitz :-) Oct 29 15:40
schestowitz The ‘IT boys’ chose Vistaserver for stock markets? Oct 29 15:40
schestowitz That’s begging for a black screen of you-know-what Oct 29 15:41
twitter Begging for a Black Tuesday. Oct 29 15:41
twitter ahhh! Oct 29 15:41
_Doug I don’t think so .. the management consultants choos it, most probably .. Oct 29 15:41
schestowitz Furse? Oct 29 15:42
twitter The person who chose M$ for the LSE was not an IT person nor qualified to make the decision. Oct 29 15:42
twitter The proof is in the performance. Oct 29 15:42
schestowitz Furse should not resign, she should be sacked : http://www.theregister.co.uk/2008/09… Oct 29 15:43
schestowitz London Stock Exchange in denial over system outage : http://www.computerworlduk.com/management/it-bu… Oct 29 15:43
twitter Just the same, we should not blame the user for nasty breaches of security.  Decision makers and M$ are to blame for the most part. Oct 29 15:43
schestowitz The LSE has crashes many times since then… but not in the technical sense. Oct 29 15:43
schestowitz FTSE is back up today… above 4000 Oct 29 15:43
schestowitz About those Windows Live Messenger outages… : http://blogs.zdnet.com/microsoft/?p=1585 Oct 29 15:44
_Doug who was it that one said the Internet was to important to be left to the propellerheads ? Oct 29 15:45
_Doug “To be sure, the CIO (not on the board) is ex-Accenture man David Lester” Oct 29 15:46
schestowitz Who said “Let’s face it, the average computer user has the brain of a Spider Monkey”? Oct 29 15:46
_Doug well that explains it .. Oct 29 15:46
_Doug if you want to kill an IT project hire on EDS and Accenture to run it .. Oct 29 15:46
twitter I’ll be happy if we don’t suffer a depression over a few companies that deserve to fail.  I just don’t see how it can be avoided with the current concentration of wealth and all the factories being in China. Oct 29 15:46
_Doug have EDS and Accenture bid to run Chimas IT infrastructure, :) Oct 29 15:47
schestowitz Moto headcount… ? “Sanjay Jha, co-CEO at Motorola, is planning another round of layoffs in the mobile division as the group struggles to reduce the range of supported platforms from the existing 15 to something a little more manageable.” http://www.theregister.co.uk/2008/… Oct 29 15:47
schestowitz At least they are joining Android. Oct 29 15:47
schestowitz Convergence at last. They can bring their stack parts to OHA. Oct 29 15:48
schestowitz There was an article in El Reg about the NHS failure the other day. Oct 29 15:48
schestowitz Their wasting of like 12 billion pounds could save some banks, no? Oct 29 15:48
schestowitz Privacy bomb: http://www.theregister.co.uk/2008/1… Oct 29 15:49
_Doug luckly most perscription medicines has no effect .. Oct 29 15:50
_Doug :) Oct 29 15:50
schestowitz Links dump for old news.. http://www.internetling.com/2008/10/28/50-resour… … any use for just that, unless it’s all news? Oct 29 15:53
schestowitz HOWTOs too…. who actually looks for very specific HOWTOs among the news, just because they are newly-published? Oct 29 15:53
twitter Here’s an ongoing troll fest.  http://slashdot.org/comments.pl?sid=1010345  Dedazo and Macthorpe are the same person.  It’s funny to watch him try to outbid himself as the biggest troll. Oct 29 15:55
schestowitz BN is going to surpass 100 GB of traffic tomorrow… for October. Oct 29 15:55
twitter :) Oct 29 15:55
schestowitz Why do they bother. Oct 29 15:56
schestowitz Shills4shils Oct 29 15:56
schestowitz Defend the other dunces uv’ the emporer. Oct 29 15:56
_Doug “If you change tabs To spaces, you will be killed doing so fucks the build process!” Oct 29 15:56
schestowitz *emperor Oct 29 15:56
_Doug “ACHTUNG!!! this is a special hack for IBM antivirus software” Oct 29 15:57
twitter They are the same person, obviously.  I wonder if AlexGr is the same person too.  Maybe BB.  Who knows? Oct 29 15:57
_Doug ‘CallProc32W is insane. It’s a variadic function that uses the pascal calling convention. (It probably makes more sense when you’re stoned.)’ Oct 29 15:58
MinceR windows? Oct 29 15:59
schestowitz Microsoft Response to Zsulik’s Comments  : http://slashdot.org/comme… Oct 29 15:59
schestowitz What is he like, a spokesman for Redmond now? Oct 29 15:59
schestowitz *LOL* http://slashdot.org/comments.pl?sid=2… “By Peter galli” Oct 29 15:59
schestowitz Galli is now a Microsoft employee Oct 29 15:59
schestowitz He used to do their dirty jobs in the press (Ziff/Gates) Oct 29 16:00
schestowitz Controversy Swirls Around Changes in GPLv3 [...] By Peter Galli Oct 29 16:00
schestowitz It would be nice to see a nice list of eWeek articles from (now) Microsoft employee Peyte Galli Oct 29 16:01
schestowitz He threw a lot of FUD. Oct 29 16:01
schestowitz http://www.eweek.com/c/a/Linux-and-Open-Sou… “But ACT (the Association for Competitive Technology), which has previously been accused of being an association founded and cultivated solely to protect Microsofts interests in Washington, views the issue differently.” Oct 29 16:03
twitter Nasty little trolls don’t like being exposed. Oct 29 16:03
twitter ha ha Oct 29 16:03
schestowitz Nice one, Pete. Quoting a Microsoft shill arm/pressure group…  <  http://boycottnovell.com/2008/06/08/ass… >. If you have time, it’s worth studying these ‘moles’ http://boycottnovell.com/2008/09… http://boycottnovell.com/2007/12/04/… Oct 29 16:04
_Doug “UBERSOFT. We Patent, So You Can’t” Oct 29 16:16
_Doug http://www.groklaw.net/article… Oct 29 16:16
schestowitz UK’s £12.7 billion NHS scheme in trouble : http://www.theinquirer.net/gb/inqui… Oct 29 16:16
schestowitz This is the third one in recent days… http://www.ubersoft.net/comic/hd/… http://www.ubersoft.net/comic/hd/200… Oct 29 16:18
schestowitz “Currently the only thing saving the project is the high cost of cancelling contracts with IT suppliers. In other words, the government has wasted so much dosh already, it might as well try to plug in the lemon.” Oct 29 16:19
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*_Doug (n=_Doug@ip-217-204-51-230.easynet.co.uk) has joined #boycottnovell Oct 29 16:36
_Doug only a geek would understand this ‘void initRand();’ as a random link .. Oct 29 16:19
_Doug http://www.ubersoft.net/void-initrand Oct 29 16:19
_Doug only it isn’t :o Oct 29 16:19
_Doug “the only thing saving the project” .. the Titanic defense .. if we keep going fast enough, we won’t hit an iceberg Oct 29 16:20
*trmanco (n=trmanco@bl8-237-133.dsl.telepac.pt) has joined #boycottnovell Oct 29 16:36
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_Doug Android flaw due to use of Open Source components say security researchers .. Oct 29 16:56
_Doug “The vulnerability is due to the fact Google did not use the most up-to-date versions of all these packages,” Oct 29 16:56
_Doug http://www.vnunet.com/vnunet/news/22291… Oct 29 16:56
_Doug “Because Android relies on some 80 different open-source components, keeping track of security disclosures and bug fixes could prove difficult, potentially leaving the platform open to future attacks” Oct 29 16:56
twitter 12.7 billion pounds?  does it really cost that much to sftp dicom files? Oct 29 16:57
schestowitz It’s more than that. Oct 29 16:57
twitter Because M$ depends on hundreds of different secret source components, keeping track of anything has proved difficult. Oct 29 16:58
twitter “In other words, this particular security vulnerability that affects the G1 phone was known and fixed in the relevant software package, but Google used an older, still vulnerable version.” ick, if true. Oct 29 17:00
twitter I’m having a hard time getting through the clueless parts. Oct 29 17:00
MinceR i wonder how distros manage to keep track of security disclosures and bug fixes then Oct 29 17:00
MinceR oh wait, they do it better than microsoft ever has. Oct 29 17:00
_Doug ’12.7 billion’ ? wha ? Oct 29 17:01
schestowitz Boycott Novell…Big in  Japan… http://sourceforge.jp/magazine/0… Oct 29 17:01
twitter It’s funny how M$ uses the poor security record to tar other companies. Oct 29 17:01
twitter cool, but I have no idea what they are saying. Oct 29 17:02
twitter Doug, see Roy’s NHS link.  http://www.theinquirer.net/gb/inquirer/ne… Oct 29 17:03
schestowitz The number has been out for like a year. Oct 29 17:03
schestowitz twitter: I have no idea even what /I/ am said to be saying. I don’t really speak Japanese. Oct 29 17:04
schestowitz I installed Skype this morning. it’s embarrassing. Oct 29 17:05
MinceR seems to be signed by Byfield though Oct 29 17:05
twitter http://babelfish.yahoo.com/transla… Oct 29 17:06
twitter Sorry to hear about skype problems. Oct 29 17:06
MinceR looks like a translation of an article someone has already linked here. Oct 29 17:07
twitter Gnome netmeeting became Ekigia (sp).  KDE’s chat has web cam stuff but not for all protocols. Oct 29 17:07
_Doug “Quite, like whether you do not know the fatigue of, Schestowitz “ Oct 29 17:07
_Doug :) Oct 29 17:07
schestowitz twitter: no, there’s no problem. But I’ve avoided Skype cause it’s proprietary. This time I have no choice cause the phone system is dysfunctional. Oct 29 17:08
schestowitz twitter: I checked Ekiga the other day. The Windows client (for peers) is still in Beta, so… Oct 29 17:08
MinceR skype isn’t merely proprietary Oct 29 17:08
MinceR it’s a black box Oct 29 17:09
schestowitz _Doug: is that the translation? Oct 29 17:09
MinceR i’d go as far as to call it spyware Oct 29 17:09
schestowitz Yes, I know. Oct 29 17:09
schestowitz Surveillance on phones is the same though… it’s a black box too. Oct 29 17:09
_Doug translation, yes Oct 29 17:09
schestowitz Top-priority projects list from the FSF includes a Skype substitute. Oct 29 17:10
twitter The translation is just as verbose as BB native, but it makes a little more sense that way. Oct 29 17:10
schestowitz Govts. /LOVE/ Skype Oct 29 17:10
schestowitz They must be getting back doors to it. Oct 29 17:10
schestowitz There\s evidence abound. Oct 29 17:10
twitter Boycott Novell has expressed “great crack is borne” Oct 29 17:10
schestowitz And in China the Govt. stalks the textual chats, based on word triggers. Oct 29 17:10
twitter China has that cute little cartoon cop to make sure people don’t use dirty words like freedom. Oct 29 17:11
schestowitz Haha. Oct 29 17:12
schestowitz Yes, I know that one. Oct 29 17:12
schestowitz http://images.google.com/images?um=1&am… Oct 29 17:13
schestowitz Novell boosted with its OOo fork.. http://www.informationweek.com/blog/main/… Oct 29 17:15
twitter a little too real for me http://newsimg.bbc.co.uk/media/i… Oct 29 17:19
schestowitz Articles like this < http://www.convergedigest.com/standards… > absolutely FLOOOOODED the news. Why is it so newsworthy? We didn’t hear when the other companies joined. Did /. push this agenda too? ‘Open’ Microsoft? Oct 29 17:21
_Doug Other members of the AMQP Working Group include Cisco, Credit Suisse, Deutsche Boerse Systems, Envoy Technologies Inc., The Goldman Sachs Group, iMatix, IONA Technologies, J.P. Morgan, Novell, Rabbit Technologies Ltd., Red Hat Inc., TWIST Process Innovations Ltd., WSO2 and 29West Inc .. Oct 29 17:22
schestowitz Has RMS ever traveled to China? I know he was afraid of Russia, Oct 29 17:22
_Doug Look who isn’t there .. about two only software companies .. Oct 29 17:22
twitter EWeek Articles by Peter Golly Golly 4/24 of this year.  http://www.eweek.com/cp/bio/Peter-Galli/ Oct 29 17:22
schestowitz _Doug: yes, not a word about it. Then Microsoft joins and the news is FLOODED by praises for the Vole. Oct 29 17:22
_Doug IONA .. used to be big in online commerce solutions .. Oct 29 17:23
_Doug sorry, three software companies, MS, Novell and Red Hat .. Oct 29 17:24
schestowitz twitter: lots of Microsoft stuff. Hardly ever critical at all. Oct 29 17:24
twitter Yeah, but they end on 4/24.  Missed the word end above, my bad. Oct 29 17:25
schestowitz MS agenda-pushing: portuno_diamo:   http://www.microsoft-watch.com/content/corpor… Oct 29 17:26
schestowitz Someone warned me about that  ” portuno_diamo” character the other day Oct 29 17:26
schestowitz http://www.eweek.com/c/a/Mobile-and-Wireless/I…    … Just like OLPC… shoot first, then pretend to have apologised. Intel’s gangster-like behaviour is still being concealed being logos and images. Oct 29 17:31
_Doug notice how being rebuffed by Yahoo was another good stratigic decision on behalf of MS .. they’re right even when they’re wrong :) Oct 29 17:32
_Doug “Matters would be different had Microsoft bought Yahoo during late first quarter .. Instead, Microsoft is flush with cash Oct 29 17:33
_Doug Oct 29 17:33
_Doug but they had to borrow to finance the3 Yahoo takeover .. and the bid still isn’t over .. Oct 29 17:34
_Doug “perhaps ironically, the economy will do for Microsoft what it couldn’t competitively: Eliminate troublesome Web 2.0 platform companies” Oct 29 17:34
twitter portuno_diamo is that guy for real?  Is Joe Wilcox for real?  Clueless. Oct 29 17:34
twitter M$, ignoring the internet since 1995. Oct 29 17:35
twitter That’s a competitive advantage. Oct 29 17:35
_Doug explain what magic sauce MS lives on that it is immune to the economic downturn .. Oct 29 17:35
twitter WORD.DOC, ha ha Oct 29 17:35
_Doug “The economic blight will kill many trees in the forest. Microsoft will replace them.” Oct 29 17:35
twitter Google and ODF sail along. Oct 29 17:35
twitter Windows market share must be falling by now. Oct 29 17:36
twitter I visited LSU’s Student Union yesterday.  Every other laptop was a Mac. Oct 29 17:36
twitter Zero Vista seen. Oct 29 17:37
schestowitz twitter: it does (market share falls) Oct 29 17:37
_Doug Microsoft slugs aged care centres .. Oct 29 17:38
_Doug http://www.australianit.news.com.au/s… Oct 29 17:38
twitter Wilcox sez, ” Microsoft couldn’t be bringing its cloud services to market at a better time. For many cash-strapped businesses, hosted versions of Exchange, SharePoint and other Microsoft server software will be hugely appealing, particularly when reducing staff and management costs. “ Oct 29 17:39
*moparx (n=moparx@pdpc/supporter/base/moparx) has joined #boycottnovell Oct 29 17:39
twitter What a moron.  There are plenty of email providers, including google. Oct 29 17:39
schestowitz Yes Oct 29 17:39
schestowitz The site is biased though. Oct 29 17:39
_Doug why will ‘the cloud’ be more sucessfull than Google Apps ? Oct 29 17:40
twitter It’s also a huge FU to MSCEs Oct 29 17:40
schestowitz Because the Slog sez so Oct 29 17:40
twitter fail Oct 29 17:40
_Doug “tried, true and supported commercial software matters more when times are tough” Oct 29 17:40
schestowitz *LOL* Oct 29 17:40
schestowitz And rain is good… well, for the garden Oct 29 17:40
twitter then he suggests moving to new untried commercial software Oct 29 17:41
schestowitz Clouds are dangerous Oct 29 17:41
_Doug “Microsoft Releases Emergency Critical Patch” http://www.crn.com/security/211600229 Oct 29 17:41
_Doug :) Oct 29 17:41
schestowitz Remember DRM/MSN shop for music? Oct 29 17:41
twitter half his success companies are web 1.0 survivors. Oct 29 17:41
schestowitz Shut down Oct 29 17:41
schestowitz Music dead Oct 29 17:41
schestowitz The Register had something… wait Oct 29 17:41
schestowitz “When you hit the quota…it’s possible we will block access to your site,” Microsoft’s Manuvir Das told PDC after a session, Lap Around Windows Azure. Das did try to reassure potential developers blocking was not guaranteed, but noted: “We have the capability to do that and may have to do that.” < http://www.theregister.co.uk/2008/1… > Oct 29 17:42
PetoKraus haha beranger :D Oct 29 17:42
schestowitz What did he do *this* time? Oct 29 17:43
PetoKraus it happened to me once; we didn’t mention a guy for about a half a year Oct 29 17:43
PetoKraus and it turned out he read the logs of the channel Oct 29 17:43
PetoKraus but was afraid to come in Oct 29 17:43
PetoKraus and the day he was mentioned, he actually came in to defend himself Oct 29 17:43
schestowitz Who’s that? Oct 29 17:44
PetoKraus poor old sod, reading trough heaps of rubbish Oct 29 17:44
schestowitz Novell employees sometimes come here. Oct 29 17:44
PetoKraus Beranger reminded me of this Oct 29 17:44
PetoKraus Beranger: come in, don’t worry, you may as well say something useful! Oct 29 17:44
_Doug benJIman .. wassup ? Oct 29 17:44
PetoKraus (http://beranger.org/index.php?page=dia…) Oct 29 17:44
schestowitz *LOL* Oct 29 17:45
PetoKraus touche, i say Oct 29 17:46
_Doug ot: see ‘Joe the Plumber’ work his brain .. Oct 29 17:52
_Doug http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=vFC9jv9jfoA Oct 29 17:52
_Doug and ‘Joe the Plumber’ isn’t really a plumber :) Oct 29 17:52
PetoKraus it’s a fake. Oct 29 17:53
PetoKraus obviously Oct 29 17:53
PetoKraus from the first glimpse. Oct 29 17:54
PetoKraus i just don’t know whether McCain or Obama hired him Oct 29 17:54
_Doug I suspected that as well .. Joes is just too primed .. it’s just he has no real come-back to Obama .. Oct 29 17:54
PetoKraus i ain’t suspecting. I am sure. the moment you see high school girl students posting pro-obama posts on facebook Oct 29 17:55
PetoKraus you pretty much don’t believe anything is real. Oct 29 17:55
_Doug “Joe the Plumber is now Joe the foreign policy advisor?” Oct 29 17:57
_Doug http://features.csmonitor.com/politics/2008/… Oct 29 17:57
_Doug IS this a spoof ? Oct 29 17:57
schestowitz Still a few days left for dirty tricks. Oct 29 17:57
schestowitz The McCain video I posted made it into FSDaily’s front page, Oct 29 17:58
schestowitz Here’s something I don’t get. Microsoft unveiled Web-based Office years ago (almost 2)… and it failed to attract user by its own admission.. they they remake old news… http://www.pcworld.com/articl… Oct 29 18:00
schestowitz Sun too did this with OpenSolaris… ‘announcing’ it a zillion times saying “This is IT! This is THE release.” After some powwow in the press, which thought it was really news, there was nothing. Oct 29 18:01
schestowitz And same with Vista 7. Oct 29 18:01
schestowitz Microsoft showed some ‘leaked’ (fake ‘leaks’.. like viral blogs) of Vista 7 before. Oct 29 18:01
schestowitz It’s a Vista with some selective screen captures of new buttons, wallpapers and slapstick. Oct 29 18:02
schestowitz Vista 7 *IS* Mojave. It’s Vista under another name. Oct 29 18:02
_Doug ‘THE Labor Party has removed all speeches from the lead-up to the last election from its website amid claims of plagiarism in politics .. “We are just trying to keep the website as up to date as possible,” Mr Bitar said. ‘ Oct 29 18:06
_Doug http://www.australianit.news.com.au/story/0… Oct 29 18:06
schestowitz Linux-based smartphone now just $179.99 : http://www.pcworld.com/article/152… (take that, Apple) Oct 29 18:08
schestowitz But Google’s Android is faux-source Oct 29 18:08
schestowitz You can’t build the s/w for other phones. Same with Chrome, AKAIK. Oct 29 18:08
schestowitz *AFAIK Oct 29 18:08
schestowitz Apple and Microsoft hand in glove: http://www.pcworld.com/article/15… ( iTunes 8 to Vista: Give Me a B, an S, an OD ) Oct 29 18:10
schestowitz Fujitsu Cuts Financial Outlook on Tough Market, Strong Yen < http://www.pcworld.com/article/15297… > Oct 29 18:11
_Doug keeping the campaign clean: tying Obama to middel-eastern terrorists .. Oct 29 18:11
_Doug http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=9LxOMX57kOc Oct 29 18:11
schestowitz The US needs someone more respected. As someone said to me, this year’s candidates are both iffy. Palin and McCain are much worse. Oct 29 18:14
_Doug McCain called Obama too intellectual ? Oct 29 18:17
schestowitz It’s weird that David M Williams  covers a story like this: http://www.itwire.com/content/view/21410/1054/ He’s very pro-Linux. Weird… Oct 29 18:18
_Doug “MYOB .. is being re-engineered using leading edge Microsoft technologies” Oct 29 18:22
_Doug wha ? Oct 29 18:22
_Doug “MYOB makes the move to SQL Server, .NET “ Oct 29 18:23
_Doug is this the same leading edge technologies that powers the NHS and the LSE ? Oct 29 18:24
schestowitz iSoft outsources NHS work to India: http://politics.guardian.co.uk/e… Oct 29 18:25
schestowitz “But despite having placed its offices close to Manchester’s three main higher education institutions, iSoft’s chief executive, Patrick Cryne, admitted yesterday that much of the software manufacturing work will be done at its new facility in Chennai (Madras), India. “ Oct 29 18:25
schestowitz NHS Scotland pools budget for Microsoft savings < http://www.theregister.co.uk/200… > Oct 29 18:26
_Doug I wonder what they gave MYOB to ‘invest’ in SQL.NET Oct 29 18:26
schestowitz http://radar.oreilly.com/20… “We can not afford to take the risk of a Vice-President (especially for a candidate as old as McCain) who is scornful of science, denies human involvement in creating climate change, and is completely unprepared to tackle this most urgent of problems.” Oct 29 18:28
_Doug MYOB, only on Mac or longVista 7 Oct 29 18:28
*libervisco (n=libervis@tuxhacker/libervisco) has joined #boycottnovell Oct 29 18:34
schestowitz LongVista. I like that. They tried to dodge the LH name around 2005 when it collapsed and got direputed. Oct 29 18:37
trmanco http://www.nytimes.com/2008/10/29/technology/b… Oct 29 18:53
schestowitz Brilliant post from Adam Williams about Ubuntu: http://www.happyassassin.net/2008/… Oct 29 18:53
schestowitz trmanco: I don’t bother mentioning Vista 7. That, too, will go the way of the dodo Oct 29 18:54
trmanco for sure it will Oct 29 18:54
schestowitz If it appears some time in 2010 (maybe), then it’ll soon turn out to be just another Vista, despite the ads. Oct 29 18:54
schestowitz Same Vista DRM prison. Oct 29 18:54
schestowitz Same underlying codebase that’s a mess.. too much for Microsoft’s engineers to manage. Oct 29 18:55
schestowitz They promised to make it modular. Did they do it? No, not this time. So it’s still goo. Oct 29 18:55
MinceR i wouldn’t call them engineers Oct 29 18:55
schestowitz They said it would boot fast… well, they soon forgot all about that promise and ran away to hide under a  rock. Oct 29 18:55
schestowitz MS-Certified Sandwich engineers (MCSE)? Oct 29 18:56
schestowitz ;-) Oct 29 18:56
schestowitz Either way, all their code slingers seem to be leaving. Oct 29 18:56
schestowitz hb-1 without any familiarity with the code take over and probably break a lot of stuff. Oct 29 18:56
schestowitz iTunes 8 to Vista: Give Me a B, an S, an OD < http://www.pcworld.com/article/152967/i… > Oct 29 18:57
schestowitz http://mdzlog.wordpress.com/… “There are currently over 46000 open Ubuntu bug reports in Launchpad.” Oct 29 19:03
MinceR Minesweeper Consultants and Solitaire Experts Oct 29 19:03
schestowitz Interesting. http://www.linuxjournal.com/content/re… “I’m sure Asus has their reasons for not allowing a download of the restore ISO. Perhaps they are under some legal obligation to keep it off the digital shelves.” Oct 29 19:09
schestowitz “As it stands now, I can’t put Xandros back onto my EeePC. Thankfully, there are alternatives.” Oct 29 19:10
MinceR who misses xandros anyway? :> Oct 29 19:10
schestowitz Do the Dellbuntu laptops come with a recovery CD? Oct 29 19:10
schestowitz The point I’m looking at in Shawn’s article is to do with codec licences and all… and Xandros. Oct 29 19:11
schestowitz KDE gets the attention of researchers: New KTorrent version plugs security vulnerabilities ( http://www.heise-online.co.uk/open/Ne… ) Oct 29 19:13
trmanco http://www.informationweek.com/news/windows/o… Oct 29 19:22
schestowitz Google Attacks The Messenger Over Android Vulnerability < http://techdirt.com/articles/20081027/19… > Oct 29 19:24
*pombat42 (n=pombat42@ool-182dda9f.dyn.optonline.net) has left #boycottnovell (“Leaving”) Oct 29 19:26
schestowitz They can optimise the installation/build, trmanco. It’s also possible to slim down Vista and to show something moving on 500 MB of RAM. Oct 29 19:27
trmanco slim down vista Oct 29 19:28
trmanco better slim down XP then Oct 29 19:28
trmanco even more Oct 29 19:28
trmanco BRB Oct 29 19:28
schestowitz Vista ran on netbooks too, if you tired /hard/. Oct 29 19:29
schestowitz Trying hard for demo purposes isn’t enough. http://www.sportingnews.com/blog/the_sporting_b… Oct 29 19:29
MinceR does novell receive payment for suse on the MSI Wind and the HP 2133 Mini-Note PC? Oct 29 19:30
schestowitz I don’t know. Oct 29 19:31
schestowitz Microsoft probably gets paid though. They take a portion from Novell. Oct 29 19:31
trmanco http://news.netcraft.com/archives/2008/10/29… Oct 29 19:55
schestowitz “Apache once again shows the largest growth, gaining 463 thousand sites this month.” Oct 29 19:56
schestowitz “What’s a Lynus?” http://gizmodo.com/5070019/walmart… Oct 29 19:59
schestowitz IBM is feeding the Yankee Group. Bad IBM.  http://elibrary.line56.com/detail/RES/12249… Oct 29 20:00
schestowitz And later Microsoft pays these shills as well and they produce something against Linux. Same with the Linux Foundation and IDC (Al Gillen and other sellouts) Oct 29 20:01
*[H]omer has quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)) Oct 29 20:01
schestowitz We ought to mention FOSS projects more. Just got this mail from a reader: “I can’t remember which article I was going to comment on.  It was more than afew hours ago and I got interrupted.  But my comment was to make a reminder to *always* name at least one real technology in each article, per MS imitation.” Oct 29 20:03
schestowitz “Look at it this way: if they can keep you complaining about their product, at least your preoccupied with theirs and not the real ones. Might keep a mapping table handy.  If product X gets mentioned by MSFTers, respond with Red Hat and Ubuntu.  if Y, then Apache and Lighttpd.  If Z then thunderbird with lightning.  If W then OOo, etc.” Oct 29 20:04
schestowitz “sponsored by IBM” http://elibrary.line56.com/detail/RES… Yankee Lie(C). Next, please. $20,000 per ‘study’? Oct 29 20:04
*[H]omer (n=[H]omer@moscow.perfect-privacy.com) has joined #boycottnovell Oct 29 20:08
*ChanServ gives channel operator status to [H]omer Oct 29 20:08
*pombat42 (n=pombat42@ool-182dda9f.dyn.optonline.net) has joined #boycottnovell Oct 29 20:13
schestowitz http://www.guardian.co.uk/technology/… ” His warning follows an admission yesterday by Jacqui Smith that the technical work on creating a giant centralised database of all email, text, phone and web traffic will go ahead, despite the fact that ministers have decided to delay the legislation needed to set it up and instead put the proposal out to consultation.” Oct 29 20:32
schestowitz http://www.heise-online.co.uk/news/Schne… “Schneier: Enjoy surveillance while it is still visible. Measures such as ID cards are a temporary measure before biometric technology becomes ubiquitous; That was the warning from security guru Bruce Schneier this week who claims that surveillance technology will get more sophisticated and, more importantly, smaller and harder to dete Oct 29 20:34
schestowitz ct” Oct 29 20:34
*_Doug has quit () Oct 29 20:40
trmanco http://www.engadget.com/2008/10/28/… Oct 29 21:04
schestowitz Leave Vista 7 alone. Seen that H-P thing yet? :-) Oct 29 21:04
trmanco nop Oct 29 21:04
schestowitz http://news.cnet.com/8301-17938… http://blogs.zdnet.com/BTL/?p=10613 Oct 29 21:04
schestowitz http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/blogs/… Oct 29 21:04
*trmanco looks Oct 29 21:05
schestowitz They tried to deny the BusinessWeek article from last month about H-P dodging Vista and Microsoft to build a custom GNU/Linux… they were right. Oct 29 21:05
schestowitz Big news Oct 29 21:05
schestowitz No SIGNS of SUSE (H-P used to stock SLED)! Oct 29 21:05
schestowitz benJIman will be thrilled that H-P canned SUSE. Oct 29 21:06
schestowitz http://talkback.zdnet.com/5208-1053… “The real news here is that HP DROPPED SUSE FOR UBUNTU!!! :D Oct 29 21:06
trmanco haha Oct 29 21:08
trmanco now going back to the one I mentioned Oct 29 21:10
trmanco “We’ve always known Microsoft intends Windows 7 to run on netbooks, and we got a small taste during the PDC keynote: Windows SVP Steve Sinofsky held up his “personal” laptop running Windows 7, an unnamed 1GHz netbook with 1GB of RAM that looked a lot like an Eee PC, and said that it still had about half its memory free after boot. (We’re guessing it was running a VIA Nano, given the announcement this morning and since most Atoms run a Oct 29 21:10
trmanco t 1.6GHz.)” Oct 29 21:10
trmanco hmmm Oct 29 21:10
trmanco half is good Oct 29 21:10
trmanco I wonder how bloated and cluttered It will become after installing all those proprietary drivers Oct 29 21:11
trmanco 512MB a, Linux can do a lot better, Windows has a lot to catch Oct 29 21:12
trmanco “At the other end of the scale, Windows 7 supports machines with up to 256 CPUs.” Oct 29 21:12
trmanco I wonder how many cpu’s Linux supports ? Oct 29 21:12
schestowitz It’s all vapourware. Oct 29 21:12
schestowitz It’s a demo. Wait until the hocus pocus show ends Oct 29 21:12
*trmanco is waiting Oct 29 21:13
schestowitz They do this to freeze the market… give home to naive companies. Oct 29 21:13
schestowitz PC makers move closer to a post-Windows world < http://bigtech.blogs.fortune.cnn.com/2008/… >. Savour another victory. Oct 29 21:26
*_Doug (n=_Doug@ip-217-204-51-230.easynet.co.uk) has joined #boycottnovell Oct 29 21:28
_Doug when Cray ruled the world .. Oct 29 21:31
_Doug http://www.theregister.co.uk/… Oct 29 21:31
twitter Heh, even the Wintel press is getting tired of waiting http://slashdot.org/~twitter/journal/215739 Oct 29 21:31
trmanco hmm Oct 29 21:31
trmanco U just came up with something Oct 29 21:31
trmanco I* Oct 29 21:31
schestowitz Ta for the link! Oct 29 21:32
twitter Windows 7 is Vista with a new coat of paint, Azure is Hailstone 2.0, ouch. Oct 29 21:32
schestowitz Yes Oct 29 21:32
schestowitz Joel Spolsky said so too. Oct 29 21:32
schestowitz Hailstone I mean… Oct 29 21:32
trmanco http://blog.somekool.net/files/kde…  | http://media.arstechnica.com/images/wind… == Looks like we have twins Oct 29 21:32
schestowitz He said that several months ago though. Oct 29 21:32
trmanco I’ mostly referring to the start menu Oct 29 21:33
schestowitz Vista 7 Fisher Price Edition. :-0 Oct 29 21:33
trmanco lol Oct 29 21:33
twitter meanwhile compiz fusion runs on first generation eeepc. Oct 29 21:34
schestowitz “Just as slow as Vista. In fact, Windows 7′s performance is virtually identical to that of Vista SP1 on the same hardware. If you were unhappy with Vista’s CPU-hogging, memory-sucking ways, Windows 7 will provide little relief.” Oct 29 21:34
schestowitz See, trmanco, I told you. Oct 29 21:34
schestowitz Yes, KDE4 runs on Netbooks with eye candy too. Oct 29 21:34
trmanco Aaggr Oct 29 21:35
schestowitz We have a winner. Vista 7 is another loser, so the winners are Apple and GNU Oct 29 21:35
trmanco Microsoft sure does innovate Oct 29 21:35
schestowitz Marketing innovations Oct 29 21:35
schestowitz How to ‘leak’ screenshots Oct 29 21:35
schestowitz How to ‘demo’ for performance and rename products. Oct 29 21:36
trmanco better KDE screenshot -> http://www.ngohq.com/attachments/general-softwa… Oct 29 21:36
schestowitz As I said earlier, Vista 7 is the Real Slim Sha… eerrr… the Real Mojave. Oct 29 21:36
trmanco lol Oct 29 21:36
trmanco ooo Mojaveeeéé Oct 29 21:36
trmanco crap Oct 29 21:38
trmanco I don’t remember what was the name of one of M$ services that ripped off Canonical’s logo Oct 29 21:38
trmanco Alumni Oct 29 21:39
trmanco http://msanet.org/ Oct 29 21:40
trmanco haha Oct 29 21:40
twitter Interesting, coming from this source http://www.alleyinsider.com/2008/10/mi… Oct 29 21:41
schestowitz I remember that. Oct 29 21:41
schestowitz But it’s a generic logo Oct 29 21:41
schestowitz No-one stole anything. Oct 29 21:41
MinceR looks a lot like the edubuntu logo Oct 29 21:41
*pombat42 has quit (Remote closed the connection) Oct 29 21:41
schestowitz twitter: the big news is about H-P Oct 29 21:41
twitter oh? Oct 29 21:41
twitter Oh!  “non-Windows PC in stores.” Oct 29 21:43
twitter nice Oct 29 21:43
schestowitz twitter: Your slalkers bark again. http://boycottnovell.com/2008/10/29/mso… Oct 29 21:44
twitter woof woof.  Nothing of value was added. Oct 29 21:52
twitter ” None of this should suggest that Microsoft is in some death spiral.”  No, not at all.  Just 8 years without a successful main product launch and declining revenue. Oct 29 21:54
twitter It’s like they read my Death Watch journal. Oct 29 21:54
schestowitz “I’d be glad to help tilt lotus into into the death spiral. I could do it Friday afternoon but not Saturday. I could do it pretty much any time the following week.” –Brad Silverberg, Microsoft Oct 29 21:55
twitter Here’s a couple of older HP articles announcing their intentions and reasoning.   http://linux.slashdot.org/article.pl?… http://slashdot.org/firehose.pl… Oct 29 21:57
twitter Gotta love the Vista Failure Log. Oct 29 21:57
twitter :) Oct 29 21:57
*trmanco has quit (“I just hit the close button :)”) Oct 29 22:04
schestowitz Quickie: http://boycottnovell.com/2008/10/29/h… Oct 29 22:05
schestowitz This is old… HP CEO: Vista Never Had Its Moment in 2007 < http://advice.cio.com/laurianne_… > Oct 29 22:06
twitter Yeah, I told you it was old. Oct 29 22:09
twitter But they planned on doing something and now it’s here.  What other HP news was there? Oct 29 22:10
twitter ahhh, Ubuntu Oct 29 22:10
twitter that’s nice. Oct 29 22:10
twitter I broke my Konqueror.  :’(  need to start article submission again. Oct 29 22:12
twitter but all of the links are right here. Oct 29 22:12
schestowitz http://www.pcpro.co.uk/news/2334… ZOMG. With /open source/ tool? What does that have to do with the flaw? Oct 29 22:13
twitter You have to be careful with oyster knives.  They look dull but will go right through your thumb muscle if you slip. Oct 29 22:14
schestowitz Swiss Army knives too. I was unfortunate to find out. Oct 29 22:16
schestowitz No BlackBerry Open Source OS Confirmed by RIM < http://www.product-reviews.net/2008/10/29/… > Oct 29 22:17
schestowitz Eating Microsoft’s lunch: http://www.insidehighered.com/news/200… “Meanwhile, although enterprise, license-based learning management platforms continue to dominate the higher education landscape (56.8 percent use Blackboard, down from 66.3 percent last year), the potential for increasing open source adoption remains. “ Oct 29 22:18
*_Doug is now known as clonebot Oct 29 22:24
clonebot :) Oct 29 22:24
clonebot gtg .. Oct 29 22:24
*clonebot has quit () Oct 29 22:24
schestowitz Microsoft warns of financial crisis email scams < http://news.zdnet.com/2424-9595_22-244756.html > Oct 29 22:40
schestowitz Those scams arrive from Microsoft Windows botnets. Oct 29 22:41
twitter HP news is off to the races http://slashdot.org/firehose.p… Oct 29 22:44
twitter Botnets, M$’s unique contribution to distributed computing. Oct 29 22:45
twitter Here’s something funny.  http://uk.youtube.com/watch… Oct 29 22:50
twitter I think I’ll make it the theme song of the M$ Death Watch. Oct 29 22:50
*pombat42 (n=pombat42@ool-182dda9f.dyn.optonline.net) has joined #boycottnovell Oct 29 22:50
schestowitz *LOL* Oct 29 22:51
schestowitz Troling: Will the Motorola gamble hurt open source < http://blogs.zdnet.com/open-source/?p=3039 > Oct 29 22:56
schestowitz Trolling with a provocative headline Oct 29 22:57
*pombat42 has quit (“Leaving”) Oct 29 23:01
*libervisco has quit (“Remember, remember the fifth of november…”) Oct 29 23:16
schestowitz Mandelson’s dept mulls UK internet power grab < http://www.theregister.co.u… >; DHS cybersecurity boss fights back against critics < http://www.theregister.co.uk/… > Oct 29 23:18
*libervisco (n=libervis@tuxhacker/libervisco) has joined #boycottnovell Oct 29 23:18
schestowitz Nice oh him…: “I can make. Roy is a good guy, he’s actually taking out the meat and lay it on the table.” <  http://standardsandfreedom.net/in… > Oct 29 23:33
MinceR gn Oct 29 23:34
schestowitz Cheap Apple… Psystar planning Mac OS X notebook < http://blogs.zdnet.com/Apple/?p=2460 > Oct 29 23:41
schestowitz Fedora for OLPC being sold… Fedora 10 on SD Card for the OLPC Laptop < http://on-disk.com/product_info.ph… > Oct 29 23:42
schestowitz Teenage cyber-criminals run riot <  http://notnews.today.com/2008/10/28/teenag… <> Oct 29 23:45
schestowitz http://www.cnn.com/2008/WORLD/asiapcf/10/28…  “With all eyes on turbulent global financial markets, Britain’s Prince Charles has issued a stark warning about climate change.” Oct 29 23:57
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  18. Links 4/12/2021: IPFire 2.27 Core Update 162 and Genode OS Framework 21.11

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  19. Links 4/12/2021: Gedit Plans and More

    Links for the day

  20. Links 4/12/2021: Turnip Becomes Vulkan 1.1 Conformant

    Links for the day

  21. IRC Proceedings: Friday, December 03, 2021

    IRC logs for Friday, December 03, 2021

  22. Links 4/12/2021: EndeavourOS Atlantis, Krita 5.0.0 Beta 5, Istio 1.11.5, and Wine 6.23; International Day Against DRM (IDAD) on December 10th

    Links for the day

  23. Another Gemini Milestone: 1,500 Active Capsules

    This page from Balázs Botond plots a graph, based on these statistics that now (as of minutes ago) say: “We successfully connected recently to 1500 of them.” Less than a fortnight ago more than 1,800 capsules overall were registered by Lupa, almost quadrupling in a single year

  24. [Meme] António Campinos and Socialist Posturing

    Staff of the EPO isn’t as gullible as António Campinos needs it to be

  25. António Campinos as EPO President is Considered Worse Than Benoît Battistelli (in Some Regards) After 3.5 Years in Europe's Second-Largest Institution

    The EPO's demise at the hands of people who don't understand patents and don't care what the EPO exists for is a real crisis which European media is unwilling to even speak about; today we share some internal publications and comment on them

  26. Media Coverage for Sale

    Today we're highlighting a couple of new examples (there are many other examples which can be found any day of the year) demonstrating that the World Wide Web is like a corporate spamfarm in "news" clothing

  27. Links 3/12/2021: GNU Poke 1.4 and KDDockWidgets 1.5.0

    Links for the day

  28. IRC Proceedings: Thursday, December 02, 2021

    IRC logs for Thursday, December 02, 2021

  29. Links 3/12/2021: Nitrux 1.7.1 and Xen 4.16 Released

    Links for the day

  30. Links 2/12/2021: OpenSUSE Leap 15.4 Alpha, Qt Creator 6

    Links for the day

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