IRC: #boycottnovell @ FreeNode: November 16th, 2008 – Part 2

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schestowitz They try to portray their opposition as mentally ill. Nov 16 11:21
trmanco :| Nov 16 11:21
schestowitz I see the same BS coming from their Munchkins, also in USENET. Nov 16 11:21
schestowitz Phrases like “Linux loons” and “paranoia”.. very typical… you know you’re on the right topic when they do this. They have no better (effective like a truth) methods to combat the arguments, so they question a person’s mental state Nov 16 11:22
schestowitz This is done also in politics. Just watch how Gore and people like Lessig get smothered. Nov 16 11:22
trmanco Nov 16 11:22
trmanco a little childish for a “big” company like MS Nov 16 11:23
schestowitz Who posted these screenshots anyway? Someone who was at PDC or someone who grabbed it via btttorrent? Nov 16 11:23
trmanco he grabbed it from bit torrent Nov 16 11:24
schestowitz [can never be too childish.. http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=2lLRBiEBRAc ] Nov 16 11:24
trmanco the guy who posted the images is not a windows geek Nov 16 11:24
trmanco or fanboy Nov 16 11:24
schestowitz Ah, okay. Nov 16 11:25
trmanco that is why his review tell the truth Nov 16 11:25
trmanco tells Nov 16 11:25
schestowitz I’m stunned at how similar it is to Vista (or XP). They make no progress, which confirm their grip about the code not being maintainable. Nov 16 11:25
schestowitz They still chase better UI experiences like Mac OS X and KDE Nov 16 11:25
trmanco *still* Nov 16 11:25
trmanco :-P Nov 16 11:26
schestowitz I gave the wrong URL. Nov 16 11:26
schestowitz Wrong monkey dance (I did the “I’m feeling lucky” in Googlebar). THis one is the correct URL: http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=B1GPG2RUtGk Nov 16 11:26
trmanco “Some conclusions: Nov 16 11:27
trmanco Uma palavra: Vista. One word: Vista. Com algumas (poucas) novidades, mas Vista. With some (few) news, but Vista. Achei mais lento que o Vista nas mesmas condições, ao contrário do que se diz. I thought slower than the Vista under the same conditions, contrary to what they say.” Nov 16 11:27
trmanco here some words from the guy who made the review Nov 16 11:27
schestowitz Wrong URL again. This one is OK: http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=wvsboPUjrGc (the thumbnails are wrong) Nov 16 11:27
trmanco LOL Nov 16 11:28
trmanco the song was nice Nov 16 11:28
schestowitz Yes, it should be slower. Nov 16 11:28
schestowitz They still ponder (or decided) making a cut-down version of Vista 7… for low-end machines. Nov 16 11:29
trmanco wtf Nov 16 11:29
schestowitz I’d love to see one of these people who got the build from torrent putting it as-is on a netbook. Nov 16 11:29
schestowitz That will suddenly reveal a huge inconsistency wrt Microsoft’s claims. Nov 16 11:29
trmanco yes it would Nov 16 11:31
schestowitz Can’t sue Microsoft though. ;-) Nov 16 11:31
schestowitz Not in the US anyway. Nov 16 11:31
schestowitz The ASA would maybe nail them for deceptive marketing. Nov 16 11:31
trmanco the EU needs to sue S more Nov 16 11:32
trmanco MS* Nov 16 11:32
schestowitz Bear in mind that Microsoft was sued for vapourware, among other things. Nov 16 11:32
trmanco sued where? Europe? Nov 16 11:32
schestowitz From http://boycottnovell.com/2008/08/10/i… : Nov 16 11:32
schestowitz “Microsoft is well-versed in the use of vaporware tactics Nov 16 11:33
schestowitz to dampen interest in the products of its competitors. Nov 16 11:33
schestowitz Microsoft’s use of vaporware traces back to the very origins Nov 16 11:33
schestowitz of the company, when Bill Gates informed MITS the Nov 16 11:33
schestowitz manufacturer of the world’s first PC that he had a version Nov 16 11:33
schestowitz of BASIC ready to run on the first personal computer, when Nov 16 11:33
schestowitz he had yet to write a single line of code. “ Nov 16 11:33
schestowitz “See Consolidated Nov 16 11:33
schestowitz Statement of Facts, ¶ 5. Gates received a mock honor of Nov 16 11:33
schestowitz the “Golden Vaporware Award” for his preannouncement of the Nov 16 11:33
schestowitz first version of Windows to preempt entry by VisiOn, a GUI Nov 16 11:33
schestowitz announced in 1983 when by 1985 it still had not shipped. See Nov 16 11:33
schestowitz R. Prentice, supra n.3, at 1181 (attached). When Microsoft Nov 16 11:33
schestowitz entered into the Consent Decree with the DOJ in 1994, Judge Nov 16 11:33
schestowitz Sporkin refused to enter it based on the DOJ’s refusal to Nov 16 11:33
schestowitz address Microsoft’s rampant vaporware practices. See United Nov 16 11:33
schestowitz States v. Microsoft, 159 F.R.D. 318, 334-36 (D.D.C. 1995), Nov 16 11:33
schestowitz rev’d, 56 F.3d 1448 (D.C. Cir. 1995) (finding district court Nov 16 11:33
schestowitz to have exceeded permissible scope of review).” Nov 16 11:33
trmanco Nov 16 11:39
schestowitz “Fast spreading wildfires in southern California are now threatening to seriously disrupt the electricity supply to Los Angeles.” < http://technocrat.net/d/2008/11/15/54208 > Nov 16 11:39
schestowitz Politicians Still Trying To Outlaw Being A Jerk < http://techdirt.com/articles/20081113… > Nov 16 11:46
schestowitz Hehe. I just showed my 12-year-old sister the monkey dance of Steve Ballmer. Nov 16 12:07
schestowitz She asked who that crazy guy was. Nov 16 12:07
MinceR j0 Nov 16 12:20
macabe Same here, show it to my mom she was rolling. Nov 16 12:21
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ZiggyFish1 interesting story Nov 16 12:31
ZiggyFish1 US Elections, Global Economy Are Major Challenges For US IP Association <http://www.ip-watch.org/weblog/ind…> Nov 16 12:31
ZiggyFish1 I don’t think we’ve even begun to tap into the power of Peer to Patent in terms of creating immediate value for applicants.  The most important next step is for practitioners to start drafting patent applications with Peer to Patent review in mind. Nov 16 12:32
ZiggyFish1 We’ve submitted our own “experimental” applications that should show up on Peer to Patent by the new year.  A follow up seminar on the results will be presented in San Francisco US in February at the WRG patent strategy meeting. Nov 16 12:32
schestowitz IP. Tee hee. Nov 16 12:32
ZiggyFish1 it’s a step in the right direction Nov 16 12:33
schestowitz It’s funny how they equate knowledge to property Nov 16 12:33
schestowitz Which is why IP or IPR is considered propganda/ Nov 16 12:33
schestowitz http://schestowitz.com/Weblog/archives/2006… Nov 16 12:33
ZiggyFish1 just got their feed in my rss reader Nov 16 12:34
schestowitz http://schestowitz.com/Weblog/arch… Nov 16 12:34
ZiggyFish1 what is interesting is the idea of ‘Peer to Patent’ Nov 16 12:35
schestowitz Assuming people participate. Nov 16 12:36
ZiggyFish1 might look it up a bit more tomorrow morning. Nov 16 12:37
ZiggyFish1 http://www.peertopatent.org Nov 16 12:37
schestowitz It’s a huge challenge to pool all of human knowledge (6+ billion people) and deem what’s considered “novel” Nov 16 12:37
schestowitz Or… the easier option is to trash this idea of owning every tiny accumulation of knowledge, which happens in many places at the same time anyway. Nov 16 12:38
schestowitz There are many examples in history when people invested the same thing without knowing about others doing the same thing independently. Nov 16 12:38
ZiggyFish1 true Nov 16 12:40
ZiggyFish1 just looking at this patent “Methods and systems for tracking and auditing intellectual property in packages of open source software” Nov 16 12:41
schestowitz Hmmm… James Plamondon < http://www.thumtronics.com/Ron.pdf >. Same guy? Also from Aussie… Nov 16 12:42
schestowitz http://center.spoke.com/info/p… Nov 16 12:43
ZiggyFish1 the funny thing is you end up braking this patent to help prevent yourself from braking other patents Nov 16 12:43
schestowitz Winer entertains these jerks…  http://archive.scripting.com/2007/01/12 Nov 16 12:44
schestowitz Another Microsoft ‘evangelist’: “Michael Gartenberg and Steven Levy together, pull the truth out of Steve Jobs on why the iPhone doesn’t run software written by developers. But it’s not the truth that Jobs would have you believe.” Nov 16 12:44
schestowitz I guess I should not be surprised since Winer also ‘adopted’ Scoble, a Microsoft ‘evangelist’. Winer also attends the conferences of the abusive monopolist. Nov 16 12:44
schestowitz Yuck. MS ‘orgy’: http://weblogs.jupiterresearch.com/analysts/… Nov 16 12:46
schestowitz Oh, is *is* him in the music industry Nov 16 12:47
schestowitz http://scripting.wordpress.com/2007/01/09/… Nov 16 12:47
schestowitz James Plamondon Nov 16 12:47
schestowitz CEO, Thumtronics Nov 16 12:47
schestowitz The New Shape of Music(tm) Nov 16 12:47
schestowitz http://www.thummer.com Nov 16 12:47
ZiggyFish1 anyway I’m off for the night, c ya Nov 16 12:48
*ZiggyFish1 has quit (“Leaving.”) Nov 16 12:48
schestowitz http://www.linuxtoday.com/news_story.php3?… “…if there are actually companies that hastily undertook a migration to GNU/Linux and got themselves into trouble? For years, I’ve been reading cautionary tales, but you know, I’ve never read about actual disasters. … So, what are the names of these unfortunate companies that inspire such tales of caution and disaster? Do they exist outside the imaginat Nov 16 13:01
schestowitz ion of FUD merchants?” Nov 16 13:01
schestowitz Well, lookie here… the Microsofters just ‘find’ some anti-Google Apps study… http://blog.seattlepi.nwsource.com/micro… who paid for the study? Was there a handshake somewhere? What was the motive? Nov 16 13:59
schestowitz OMG: it’s a MIcrosoft COMPANY…  almost.. http://www.clickstreamtech.com/about.html Nov 16 14:00
schestowitz New York Times ‘special edition’ spoof perplexes readers < http://www.guardian.co.uk/media/200… > Nov 16 14:08
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seller_liar very cool! Nov 16 14:55
seller_liar http://www.fsdaily.com/Community/Boycott_Novell_P… Nov 16 14:55
seller_liar I was thinking …. Nov 16 14:56
seller_liar It’s very good if someone create a net implementation in java Nov 16 14:56
seller_liar like Jruby Nov 16 14:57
schestowitz Hey Nov 16 14:57
schestowitz I’m doing a post about it at the moment. There are more posts out there. Nov 16 14:57
seller_liar I was thinking in start a net implementtion in 9 months maybe…. Nov 16 15:06
seller_liar but I need good papers for starting Nov 16 15:06
seller_liar There are a ocaml  implementation in java Nov 16 15:06
schestowitz Yes Nov 16 15:13
schestowitz Rescuing code from Microsoft’s APIs is important. Nov 16 15:14
schestowitz That’s why Microsoft dodged to OOXML Nov 16 15:14
schestowitz Interpretors of .doc/.xls/other were TOO GOOD. It needed to move goalposts. Nov 16 15:14
seller_liar Because I will not to stop people using .net ,but we can java run .net Nov 16 15:22
seller_liar It’s good, It’ s not bad. Nov 16 15:23
seller_liar The reverse is the real problem (ikvm) Nov 16 15:23
schestowitz :-) http://boycottnovell.com/2008/11/… Nov 16 15:40
seller_liar Good! Nov 16 15:53
seller_liar These  people are more revolutionary than Brazilians Nov 16 15:53
schestowitz My dad just phoned me. Nov 16 15:53
schestowitz He doesn’t follow tech but he read about the Intel/Microsoft collusion in the paper Nov 16 15:53
seller_liar And what you think  the idea about .net implementation in java Nov 16 15:54
schestowitz People begin to realise what Intel/Microsoft is all about. Nov 16 15:54
seller_liar Intel is very Dangerous Nov 16 15:54
schestowitz YEs Nov 16 15:54
schestowitz They rename computers I think. Nov 16 15:54
seller_liar If vole day some day ,lets Start to boycott intel Nov 16 15:54
schestowitz Netbooks. Nov 16 15:54
schestowitz I tried to find out if it’s an Intel trademark Nov 16 15:54
seller_liar If vole die some day ,lets Start to boycott intel Nov 16 15:54
schestowitz I couldn’t find evidence. Can you help me check?Please? Nov 16 15:55
schestowitz seller_liar: I already talk about Intel at times. But it’s too much to focus on. Nov 16 15:55
seller_liar About wintel netbook attack? Nov 16 15:55
schestowitz Check if “Netbook” is a trademark. Nov 16 15:55
schestowitz I suspect it might be. Intel also uses the term “MID” Nov 16 15:55
schestowitz And the press foolishly echoes that. Nov 16 15:55
schestowitz it’s a departure from TabletPC, which was a miserable failure (Windows only) Nov 16 15:56
seller_liar a good link about trademarkd Nov 16 16:01
seller_liar http://www.wipo.int/edocs/mdocs/sme/en… Nov 16 16:01
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seller_liar Sorry ,I was trying to find but nothing Nov 16 16:07
schestowitz Ah, same here. Nov 16 16:07
schestowitz Is there a trademark lookup tool (USPTO)? I couldn’t find any. Nov 16 16:07
schestowitz Dell tried to gain ownership of “cloud computing” Nov 16 16:08
seller_liar http://www.uspto.gov/smallbusiness/tra… Nov 16 16:09
neighborlee wow.. Nov 16 16:12
neighborlee I guess someone heard me ;) Nov 16 16:12
schestowitz Who? Jo? Nov 16 16:12
neighborlee For example, Fedora 10 does not ship with Mono installed [1] Nov 16 16:12
neighborlee And yes, the establishment shall feel free to move this post to recurring discussions so people don’t look at it. < from vexorian post about: a quick question on software patents Nov 16 16:12
neighborlee here: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthre… Nov 16 16:13
schestowitz We got some more Mono-boosting yesterday. Nov 16 16:13
neighborlee oh ? ;) Nov 16 16:13
seller_liar who is the guards ? directhex? Nov 16 16:14
neighborlee oh btw Nov 16 16:14
neighborlee name isn’t Joanne schestowitz ,,its Joseph Nov 16 16:14
neighborlee :) Nov 16 16:14
neighborlee not that it matters,,,but… Nov 16 16:14
neighborlee In order to install F-Spot and Tomboy, considered the best choices in their class by the Desktop team, installed by default. < HEX comment in that thread Nov 16 16:15
neighborlee thats all the have to hang their hang on, is 3 apps, the latre that most I bet rarely even use, and for which is such a bright shining app that not even the boated vista OS comes with such a app :)) Nov 16 16:16
neighborlee wow,,but linux really needs it :) Nov 16 16:16
neighborlee even so..there are very adept alternative to tomboy that dont require mono. Nov 16 16:16
neighborlee zim for one I think Nov 16 16:16
neighborlee so those arguements are not very moot I think. Nov 16 16:17
neighborlee not/now Nov 16 16:17
seller_liar rthymbox is good Nov 16 16:18
neighborlee Moved to Recurring Discussions. < again..see ubuntu admin just can’t see fair open discussion about something this important, where everyone will SEE it actively..best to hide it apparantly ;)) Nov 16 16:18
neighborlee seller_liar, gthumb I think willl be good enough real soon if it isnt already Nov 16 16:19
*Tallken has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)) Nov 16 16:19
seller_liar yes , fedora live cd uses gthumb now Nov 16 16:19
neighborlee gthumb now exports to flickr I hear which is  great. Nov 16 16:19
neighborlee yup Nov 16 16:19
seller_liar In paldo GNU Linux ,i have tried to explain to moderators ,but always have guards Nov 16 16:20
neighborlee so now fedora and debian are the only safe ones,.only difference is I guess fedora dvd still has it which doens’t make alot of sense but there you..unless someone knows thats also changed Nov 16 16:20
schestowitz seller_liar: there is more than one ‘guard’ Nov 16 16:21
neighborlee I think often people are too young to have seen the threats that  M$ has imposed over theyears,,or they dont care being C# programmres and wanting mono to succeed as hex is Nov 16 16:21
schestowitz Some of them we have in BN Nov 16 16:21
neighborlee indeed LOL Nov 16 16:21
seller_liar http://forum.paldo.org/index.php?action=to… Nov 16 16:21
schestowitz Their ‘job’ is to ensure Mono stays and spreads. Nov 16 16:21
neighborlee and they dont mind spreading fud to do it..a trait picked up from big brother LOL ;) Nov 16 16:22
neighborlee and something they try to use against those trying to show the reality of mono etc…typical M$ tactics ;)) Nov 16 16:22
seller_liar A good idea can be make a java implementation of mono Nov 16 16:23
seller_liar like Jryby Nov 16 16:23
seller_liar Jruby Nov 16 16:23
neighborlee never heard of that one, illl google Nov 16 16:23
seller_liar There’s nothing to find Nov 16 16:23
neighborlee anyway I think alot of this is moot now basically isn’t it , now that java is open source ? ( im not a progarmmer guru ) Nov 16 16:23
seller_liar But , it’s very good port mono to java Nov 16 16:24
seller_liar Maybe someday we can convert banshee of hell to java using Jmono! Nov 16 16:24
seller_liar Port mono to java is a simple way to confuse novell Nov 16 16:25
schestowitz You need to reprogram devs too Nov 16 16:25
neighborlee Fedora ships Mono < from HEX again,,these people just never get over the lieing thing do they ;) Nov 16 16:25
neighborlee I can not believe their willigness to lie. Nov 16 16:25
schestowitz That issue is, the people Novell employes for it /LOVE/ Mono. Nov 16 16:25
schestowitz Some of them love Microsoft too Nov 16 16:25
neighborlee I wonder if anyone will catch that fedora does NOT ship mono..if not I shall chime in real soon ;) Nov 16 16:26
schestowitz You can’t convince them to move to Java even if you explain the dangers of Mono Nov 16 16:26
seller_liar Direct hex use the argument Fedora DVD  and not fedora live cd Nov 16 16:26
schestowitz .They trust Microsoft, which they believe will defends them.. well, as long as they develop for Windows and Novell Nov 16 16:26
neighborlee seller_liar, of course ;) Nov 16 16:26
neighborlee seller_liar, however I heard the livecd is  fedora’s preferred default install method.. Nov 16 16:27
seller_liar Because this a mono implementation in java can be very good to java community Nov 16 16:27
neighborlee AND the livecd is a much smaller download and takes  a much smaller hit against their servers Nov 16 16:27
seller_liar Yes ,but I do not like fedora Nov 16 16:27
seller_liar Is very geek Nov 16 16:27
neighborlee well its not my favorite either, but atm its one of the few distros that has their heads on straight. Nov 16 16:27
neighborlee debian has too it seems, but  d efault debian installer is a joke , as much must be done after install to get to a reasonable desktop and I refuse to bother. Nov 16 16:28
seller_liar For example if create a mono port to java ,the user can acess mono libraries to complemente java and then convert csharp code to bytecadoe Nov 16 16:28
neighborlee unlesss lenny has changed that by now Nov 16 16:28
seller_liar The only way to convince .net people to change is make java compile .net Nov 16 16:30
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seller_liar look Jruby for example Nov 16 16:31
seller_liar http://jruby.codehaus.org/ Nov 16 16:31
seller_liar http://ocamljava.x9c.fr/ Nov 16 16:31
seller_liar http://www.jython.org/Project/ Nov 16 16:32
seller_liar http://bistro.sourceforge.net/ Nov 16 16:32
seller_liar This is a real “gay programming” Nov 16 16:34
neighborlee I think another thing that is often missed with mono talks, is that M$ never intends ( last I heard ?) to release source  TO mono, thereby hardly making it a prized  race horse for anyone that takes linux seriously. Nov 16 16:34
neighborlee LOL gay programiming..is that some new language ;) Nov 16 16:35
seller_liar No , Java uses a lot of languages now , it’s a truly rainbow of languages Nov 16 16:35
neighborlee ahhhh :)) Nov 16 16:36
*seller_liar has quit (“http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client”) Nov 16 16:36
neighborlee And Mono is completely Free Software, whichever way you look at it < you see this is the spin that is constantly used by these types..when its clear we all know its not true..but since they do this for a living, they of course must defend even lies ;) Nov 16 16:37
*seller_liar (i=c944cdd8@gateway/web/ajax/mibbit.com/x-277dfc1d142fb217) has joined #boycottnovell Nov 16 16:37
seller_liar http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of… Nov 16 16:37
seller_liar The very strange thing is …there’s not a free implementation of  c#->java Nov 16 16:44
seller_liar why? Nov 16 16:44
seller_liar http://www.linkedin.com/companies/mainsoft Nov 16 16:45
neighborlee For example, if a patent license would not permit royalty-free redistribution of the Program by all those who receive copies directly or indirectly through you, then the only way you could satisfy both it and this License would be to refrain entirely from distribution of the Program.” < how again does the novel deal avoid this ??? Nov 16 16:47
neighborlee ive noted many times thats a deal breaker at least on principle , but that doesn’t get talked about alot. Nov 16 16:47
neighborlee howsever that only novel is covered and no one else is just as relevant. Nov 16 16:48
neighborlee I think we need to do alot more reminding,  that fedora is now ‘clean’ at least on the livecd front. Nov 16 16:48
neighborlee and debian… Nov 16 16:48
neighborlee which ubuntu is based on, but clearly not folowing in said footsteps ;) Nov 16 16:49
schestowitz neighborlee: see http://lxer.com/module/forums/t/28076  “/s/Free Open Source Software/Free-yet-microsoft-swpatents-encumbered/” Nov 16 16:54
neighborlee checking Nov 16 16:54
schestowitz Old Microsoft tricks – published just now… http://boycottnovell.com/2008/11/… Nov 16 16:57
schestowitz I alerted some journalists I know about it too. Nov 16 16:57
schestowitz seller_liar: what about Mainsoft? Nov 16 16:58
schestowitz They work with IBM too, IIRC> WebSphere and all… Nov 16 16:58
seller_liar Only Mainsoft has the interest in to port .net to java ? Nov 16 16:59
seller_liar Why only Mainsoft? Nov 16 16:59
neighborlee crap..I read on miguel log that moonlight no longer needs mono, is this true ? Nov 16 17:00
neighborlee not that it matters,,moonlight is  stilll silverlight which is from a known monopolist and hater of all things linux so I see no relevance on those fronts either…how soon some forget ;) Nov 16 17:01
neighborlee all M$ cares about is its bottom line $$$,,,linux cares about FOSS I wonder which principle has the most honor :) Nov 16 17:02
schestowitz neighborlee: it’s like saying that Moonlight does not require Microsoft codecs. Nov 16 17:03
schestowitz neighborlee: is this item from Miguel new? Nov 16 17:03
neighborlee dont recall how new it is, butits on his log site, whatever its called Nov 16 17:04
neighborlee seems its from may 08 Nov 16 17:04
neighborlee good going btw trying to get word out..champions of foss never have to goto sleep at night tossing and turning that we are crusading for closed standards ;) Nov 16 17:05
schestowitz Oh, old news that. It’s disinfo. Nov 16 17:06
neighborlee woah Nov 16 17:07
schestowitz You could compile Moonlight without Microsoft codecs, but it makes it impractical to use on the Web. Nov 16 17:07
schestowitz As far as I know (but I cannot be 100% sure), it’s like saying that Flash is okay because we have gnash. Nov 16 17:07
seller_liar the same thing for google chrome Nov 16 17:07
schestowitz Sure, some thing would not work, but it’s sort of… kind of… ‘works’. Same with Mono-less Moonless, AFAIK. Nov 16 17:08
schestowitz *Moonlight, not Moonless. *LOL* Nov 16 17:08
seller_liar and moon(b)light have some parts licensed in permissive licences Nov 16 17:08
neighborlee when will M$ learn, that foss wants nothing to do with their codec, we want foss alternatives like ogg, and we will all do well by it to inlcude ogg wherever we can on our websites etal..if we dont its never going to become a standard ;) Nov 16 17:08
neighborlee seller_liar, yup Nov 16 17:08
schestowitz Or Google’s ports of software to GNU/Linux… Nov 16 17:08
*mib_ge9oce (i=7aa4728d@gateway/web/ajax/mibbit.com/x-ca410942f523a022) has joined #boycottnovell Nov 16 17:08
schestowitz Picasa… they remove the bits that don’t work in Linux and then release it with stuff castrated. Nov 16 17:09
seller_liar chrome and moondark can imbue proprietary code without the user know Nov 16 17:09
schestowitz Same with Skype… can’t GNU/Linux have all the Windows features. It’s the same codebase, no? Nov 16 17:09
mib_ge9oce ? Nov 16 17:09
MinceR and google earth which insisted on an upgrade… which didn’t work at all. Nov 16 17:09
MinceR it didn’t even display the planet after the “upgrade” Nov 16 17:09
schestowitz :-) Nov 16 17:09
neighborlee schestowitz, just lke skype, mono wil never se e the light of day of the .net sources, which alone makes it hardly worthy of users of FOSS ;) Nov 16 17:10
seller_liar forgot google earth try to use marble Nov 16 17:10
MinceR then there are their webapps that completely ignore all web standards and target some browsers instead Nov 16 17:10
*mib_ge9oce has quit (Client Quit) Nov 16 17:10
MinceR will marble work as a map? Nov 16 17:10
seller_liar and there are the AGPL problem with google sources Nov 16 17:11
seller_liar sorry I do not know Nov 16 17:11
MinceR looks like it will Nov 16 17:11
MinceR but it needs kde4 so it will have to wait until i upgrade Nov 16 17:11
seller_liar http://edu.kde.org/marble/ Nov 16 17:11
schestowitz Marble uses open mapping data Nov 16 17:14
schestowitz You can extend it Nov 16 17:14
seller_liar open street maps Nov 16 17:14
seller_liar I think I found the solution of problems in GNU / Linux and other free operating systems Nov 16 17:14
seller_liar I will post someday Nov 16 17:14
schestowitz The footage of planet Earth is not free. Nov 16 17:14
schestowitz People buy and sell the planet. Google too… Nov 16 17:14
seller_liar People must stop to use these programs Nov 16 17:15
trmanco seller_liar, is there some kind of marble for gnome? Nov 16 17:16
neighborlee I jsut can’t believe the gnome team must deal with the likes of waugh, and that they even give him any credence I find astonishing Nov 16 17:16
MinceR ubuntu has failed at packaging marble Nov 16 17:17
neighborlee im glad to see rms though sticking up for FOSS,,of course this was a year ago, I have n o idea what he is doing ‘today’ o_0] Nov 16 17:17
MinceR it needs libgps.so.15 but installs libgps.so.16 Nov 16 17:17
schestowitz neighborlee: he doesn’t stick to FOSS Nov 16 17:18
schestowitz He sticks to Free software Nov 16 17:18
MinceR it’s a pretty stupid conflict Nov 16 17:18
neighborlee sigh Nov 16 17:18
schestowitz I managed to convince him to sort of start a campaign. You’ll see. Nov 16 17:19
MinceR considering that free software and open source software are one and the same Nov 16 17:19
schestowitz I tend to agree with RMS Nov 16 17:19
schestowitz People are taught that Ubuntu is “Linux”, so they inherit the Linus mindset Nov 16 17:19
schestowitz Same with “Open source”. Nothing about the phlosophy. Mixing is all cool, too… Nov 16 17:20
schestowitz They already elbowed GNU and called it Linux Nov 16 17:20
schestowitz Then they kicked Free software, made OSI and made lots of money without explaining the roots Nov 16 17:20
trmanco http://wikimapia.org/ Nov 16 17:20
schestowitz MinceR: not anymore, they’re not the same Nov 16 17:21
schestowitz Lots of things that are labeled “open source” these days are not (Free software) Nov 16 17:21
MinceR lots of things that are labeled “open source” are not open source :> Nov 16 17:22
seller_liar even At& t is open source now Nov 16 17:22
seller_liar http://www.yoix.org/ Nov 16 17:22
*mib_yvluie (i=7aa76754@gateway/web/ajax/mibbit.com/x-6578eeefa753e3b6) has joined #boycottnovell Nov 16 17:22
mib_yvluie . Nov 16 17:22
*mib_yvluie (i=7aa76754@gateway/web/ajax/mibbit.com/x-6578eeefa753e3b6) has left #boycottnovell Nov 16 17:23
MinceR these people fighting among themselves would do well to listen to Bruce Perens sometime. Nov 16 17:23
seller_liar Did you Know Nov 16 17:23
schestowitz I’m not fighting Nov 16 17:23
schestowitz There are some who do. Nov 16 17:23
seller_liar The free opensource movements does not really know the true potential of community Nov 16 17:24
schestowitz The ritual of money-making is better known. Nov 16 17:25
schestowitz I shoed neighborlee a video I was sent yesterday. Nov 16 17:25
schestowitz Very funny (someone mailed me this): http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=FWWr… Nov 16 17:25
schestowitz bbl Nov 16 17:31
twitter Congratulations to  Anivar Aravind for standing up to Novell. Nov 16 17:34
twitter :) Nov 16 17:34
neighborlee oh ? Nov 16 17:40
neighborlee hmm I saw him in here yesterday and wondered what he was up to ;) Nov 16 17:40
neighborlee url ? Nov 16 17:40
*seller_liar has quit (“http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client”) Nov 16 17:40
twitter the above, http://playingwithsid.blogspot.com/2008/11/bo… Nov 16 17:44
neighborlee ah ic , thats what he meant about the charge sheet. Nov 16 17:48
neighborlee go him :) Nov 16 17:49
neighborlee LOL< they even closed the recurring thread!..wow are they ever running scared ;)) Nov 16 17:52
neighborlee http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t… Nov 16 17:52
*mib_jzztir (i=56c0608b@gateway/web/ajax/mibbit.com/x-92037c033fdf5d31) has joined #boycottnovell Nov 16 17:52
*mib_jzztir has quit (Client Quit) Nov 16 17:52
neighborlee http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=8816… < as soon as saulgoode reasoned that m r jefferson ” Would not Mr Jefferson’s words be applicable to both critics and supporters of Mono alike? In fact I should think using a dismissive term such as “FUD” and ridiculing the opinions of another as “parroting” are pretty indicative of NOT willing to engage in reasoned discussion.” , then smartboyat home ‘suggested Nov 16 18:01
neighborlee ‘ it be closed and well..it was..so much for reasoned discourse..I guess when the going gets rough ( or their perceptin of rough), some just get going LOL Nov 16 18:01
twitter Slashdot uncritically published the clickstream “study”  http://tech.slashdot.org/art… Nov 16 18:13
*PetoKraus has quit (“The purpose of IRC is to…IDLE…”) Nov 16 18:16
trmanco http://studenten.freepage.de/meph/mix/p… Nov 16 18:21
trmanco heavy javascript test Nov 16 18:21
trmanco more eyecandy on the way http://smspillaz.wordpress.com/2008/11/15/c… Nov 16 18:28
trmanco oficial freebsd forum: http://www.freebsd.org/news/news… Nov 16 18:38
*pk_ (n=pk@cpc3-broo2-0-0-cust711.renf.cable.ntl.com) has joined #boycottnovell Nov 16 18:54
neighborlee http://ubuntuforums.org/showthrea… < and another closed thread ;) Nov 16 19:48
neighborlee as if anyone thought ubuntu was the premiere fair foss linux advocate..know we all know better. Nov 16 19:49
schestowitz twitter: CWMike, eh? Microsoft man submitted it. Nov 16 20:21
trmanco http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/ForbiddenI… Nov 16 20:26
schestowitz Yes, I know. Nov 16 20:28
neighborlee yeah , that same groklaw article that I  noted and hex thouht was irrelevant ;)) Nov 16 20:30
*pk_ is now known as PetoKraus Nov 16 20:30
schestowitz neighborlee: it’s not Groklaw, it’s the SFLC. Nov 16 20:31
neighborlee yeah I know,,I meant the referring url http://www.groklaw.net/article.php… Nov 16 20:31
neighborlee sorry wasn’t clear Nov 16 20:31
*seller (i=c9447142@gateway/web/ajax/mibbit.com/x-71a01fc03a8400b0) has joined #boycottnovell Nov 16 21:42
*seller has quit (Client Quit) Nov 16 21:47
*kapipi (n=chatzill@ has joined #boycottnovell Nov 16 21:50
trmanco http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,452348,… Nov 16 21:53
trmanco “Another major international financial institution has had its computer system attacked by unknown cyber-hackers, FOX News has learned.” Nov 16 21:53
schestowitz Just one? :-) Nov 16 21:55
trmanco they use Windows btw http://uptime.netcraft.com/… Nov 16 21:56
trmanco 1 datacentre :-P Nov 16 21:57
schestowitz No surprising. That also says something about professionals they employ (minset) Disclosures being as they are (and based on a study from 2008), there’s lots more that say nothing about it in public. The Whitehouse and World Banked got cracked recently as well. The Pentagon is moving to GNU/Linux now. Nov 16 21:57
trmanco I hope they have learned a lesson :-P Nov 16 21:57
schestowitz 1 datacentre, eh? One day the search results in Live will go wonky. You’ll ask why and they’ll tell you that the datacentre became a zombie army of some gang in China. Nov 16 21:58
trmanco LOL Nov 16 21:59
schestowitz Mainframes running Windows got hijacked. Supercomputers… well, Windows just never runs on them, so.. Nov 16 22:00
trmanco actually Nov 16 22:01
trmanco I think it runs on 1 Nov 16 22:01
schestowitz Attack Unleashed for New Microsoft Mainframe Bug: “Hackers have released code that could be used to take control of a server  running Microsoft’s Host Integration Server 2006, used to connect mainframe  applications to Windows PCs.” http://www.pcworld.com/articl… Nov 16 22:01
trmanco of those top 500 Nov 16 22:01
schestowitz 1 or 2 (percent?)… yes. Some try and go back to GNU/Linux. Microsoft can use incentives too. Nov 16 22:02
trmanco 5 computers Nov 16 22:02
trmanco eh! 1% Nov 16 22:02
trmanco http://www.top500.org/stats/list/31/osfam Nov 16 22:03
trmanco LOL, they already patched 20 holes in 16 days Nov 16 22:04
trmanco is this a record for them? Nov 16 22:04
schestowitz It’s an experiment for them Nov 16 22:10
schestowitz This was Gates’ idea. Nov 16 22:10
schestowitz He ran away from Microsoft realising that Windows was dying. Now he sees patent-trolling as a better busine$. Nov 16 22:10
trmanco ok, so this is spooky Nov 16 22:14
trmanco from 8 banks of portugal Nov 16 22:14
trmanco all of them use NT+IIS Nov 16 22:14
trmanco only 1 has Linux+Apache+NT+IIS Nov 16 22:15
trmanco http://www.microsoft.com/portugal/seguran… Nov 16 22:16
trmanco this last one is the most popular here Nov 16 22:17
schestowitz Bank fraud is up sharply. Nov 16 22:18
schestowitz Banks tend to think that expensive = better. Same in the UK. Nov 16 22:19
schestowitz The Bank of India got OWNED last year… it ran Windows. Nov 16 22:19
schestowitz And there are other Windows-run banks that got HIJACKED. Nov 16 22:19
trmanco is there any safe bank in the UK? Nov 16 22:20
trmanco this is the only one that maybe runs linux: http://uptime.netcraft.com/up/gr… Nov 16 22:25
trmanco but it hasn’t been updated in a while Nov 16 22:26
schestowitz A bigger is issue is zombie PCs Nov 16 22:28
trmanco time to go, cya Nov 16 22:33
*trmanco has quit (“I just hit the close button :)”) Nov 16 22:33
*dsmith_ (n=dsmith@c-76-114-142-224.hsd1.md.comcast.net) has joined #boycottnovell Nov 16 22:48
twitter No business that has Windoze on the desktop is safe.  The servers can all run OpenBSD, the bad guys will get in through the PHB’s Outlook/Exchange idiocy. Nov 16 22:51
MinceR lolbsd Nov 16 22:53
twitter I’m not familiar with that one. Nov 16 22:55
dsmith_ biz’s will run what costs money Nov 16 22:55
dsmith_ :P Nov 16 22:55
twitter oh, it’s costing them allright. Nov 16 22:55
schestowitz Yes Nov 16 22:55
schestowitz I saw something about this earlier Nov 16 22:55
schestowitz Let me find it. Nov 16 22:55
schestowitz Recent: Nov 16 22:56
schestowitz What Comes After “Embrace, Extend”? Nov 16 22:56
schestowitz ,—-[ Quote ] Nov 16 22:56
schestowitz | This is how it will go. Purely in order to “improve” the performance of Nov 16 22:56
schestowitz | Apache and Hadoop on the Windows platform, Microsoft will helpfully offer Nov 16 22:56
schestowitz | some really cool hacks….which will of course only work on the Windows Nov 16 22:56
schestowitz | platform. Nov 16 22:56
schestowitz | Nov 16 22:56
schestowitz | This will effectively fork the Apache/Hadoop/whatever code – all for the good Nov 16 22:56
schestowitz | of their communities. Of course, there may be some “patented” technologies in Nov 16 22:56
schestowitz | there, but Microsoft will promise never, ever to sue anyone using Nov 16 22:56
schestowitz | this “optimised” open source – cross its heart and hope to die. Look for Nov 16 22:56
schestowitz | Microsoft to get involved with other leading open source projects in the same Nov 16 22:56
schestowitz | way. Nov 16 22:56
schestowitz `—- Nov 16 22:56
schestowitz http://www.computerworlduk.com/community/b… Nov 16 22:56
schestowitz Microsoft and Apache Nov 16 22:56
schestowitz ,—-[ Quote ] Nov 16 22:56
schestowitz | It all sounds good. But Apache is no threat to Microsoft, their projects run Nov 16 22:56
schestowitz | on Microsoft systems and their license doesn’t prevent “embrace and enhance”. Nov 16 22:56
schestowitz | Linux, GNU, OpenOffice, those are more of a threat. This is, obviously, a Nov 16 22:56
schestowitz | strategic move by Microsoft. I’m trying to convince myself that we Nov 16 22:56
schestowitz | didn’t “get owned”. Nov 16 22:56
schestowitz `—- Nov 16 22:56
schestowitz http://technocrat.net/d/2008/7/25/46596 Nov 16 22:56
schestowitz Bruce Perens: Microsoft and Apache – What’s the Angle? Nov 16 22:56
schestowitz ,—-[ Quote ] Nov 16 22:56
schestowitz | But Microsoft can still influence how things go from here on. If they have to Nov 16 22:56
schestowitz | live with open source, the Apache project is Microsoft’s preferred direction. Nov 16 22:56
schestowitz | Apache doesn’t use the dreaded GPL and its enforced sharing of source-code. Nov 16 22:56
schestowitz | Instead, the Apache license is practically a no-strings gift, with a weak Nov 16 22:56
schestowitz | provision against patent lawsuits as its most relevant term. Microsoft can Nov 16 22:56
schestowitz | take Apache software and embrace and enhance, providing their own versions of Nov 16 22:56
schestowitz | the project’s software with engineered incompatibility and no available Nov 16 22:56
schestowitz | source, just as they forced incompatibility into the Web by installing IE Nov 16 22:56
schestowitz | with every Windows upgrade. Nov 16 22:56
schestowitz | Nov 16 22:56
schestowitz | IE is derived from Mosaic, the original Web browser, open source with a Nov 16 22:56
schestowitz | license similar to Apache’s. So, this isn’t a new strategy Nov 16 22:56
schestowitz OOPS!! Nov 16 22:56
MinceR lol Nov 16 22:56
schestowitz Surprise: CTOs Want To Pay For Open Source : http://www.informationweek.com… Nov 16 22:56
MinceR more promises from m$ Nov 16 22:56
schestowitz “The single thing that struck me the most was the note that CTOs have a perception — valid or not, it scarcely matters — that it’s difficult and  potentially legally thorny for them to contribute code back. They’d rather just contribute money, whether in the form of licensing proprietary bits or  just paying for expanded features (“Hey, can you write an Outlook connector  for this?”), perhaps as an adjunct to their existing suppo Nov 16 22:57
schestowitz rt contracts.” Nov 16 22:57
schestowitz They need to produce and show bills to Bill’s Nov 16 22:57
schestowitz Legality of Fedora in production environment < http://www.redhat.com/archives/f… > Nov 16 22:57
schestowitz “Recently the appropriate laws in my country (Russia) have been significantly toughened. Now the police can check for illegal software  usage by their own initiative (without request from the owner). The tax inspection demands that software should be registered at  accounts departments” Nov 16 22:58
schestowitz What about selling free software : http://www.freesoftwaremagazine.com/bl… Nov 16 22:58
schestowitz “Gervase Markham, the Mozilla Foundation’s licensing officer, in an article in the Times Online, talks about being questioned by a northern UK Trading License Officer about giving away software. The trading officer was concerned by a group that was burning the free Mozilla Browser on CDs and selling it.” Nov 16 22:59
dsmith_ I was this |.| close from deploying ubuntu in the office, but our CFO stepped in as him coming from a large corporation of 12K employees, he changed the mind of the owner and told him that you don’t just NOT use MS in biz Nov 16 23:02
dsmith_ so anything and everything is OS is blackballed Nov 16 23:02
dsmith_ he also brought up liability reason….ya know the “so-called” IP BS Nov 16 23:02
MinceR show them the BSD-licensed stuff in m$ products then Nov 16 23:02
dsmith_ dont wont understand that Nov 16 23:03
MinceR :( Nov 16 23:03
dsmith_ yea Nov 16 23:03
twitter sorry, you CFO is a tool. Nov 16 23:03
dsmith_ hzhaahaha Nov 16 23:03
dsmith_ oh I know that.. Nov 16 23:04
dsmith_ wait till I give my presentation on my laptop Nov 16 23:05
dsmith_ :P Nov 16 23:05
schestowitz Liability? Nov 16 23:05
dsmith_ he read the article in fortune magazine Nov 16 23:05
schestowitz dsmith_: was it related to GPL liabilities or something like Microsoft’s insult? Nov 16 23:05
dsmith_ m Nov 16 23:05
schestowitz Really? That Microsoft placement? Nov 16 23:05
dsmith_ MS Nov 16 23:05
schestowitz Bast*rds. Nov 16 23:05
dsmith_ yea, so-called IP article Nov 16 23:05
schestowitz I bet Microsoft points people at it too. Nov 16 23:05
schestowitz Articles were written how it was composed to dramatize. Nov 16 23:06
dsmith_ on another subject, but related: I asked by someone if they overwrite thier windows drive with Linux, would MS get mad at them Nov 16 23:06
dsmith_ I *was* asked Nov 16 23:07
schestowitz By whom? A senior? Nov 16 23:13
schestowitz What is this, “Microsoft karma”? Like the hardware is tracking what you do and emits a dancing monkey with a baseball bat if you install Free software? Nov 16 23:14
dsmith_ no a customer.. I was showing linux to Nov 16 23:15
dsmith_ lol Nov 16 23:15
dsmith_ thats a good line though Nov 16 23:15
schestowitz Biggest BS I’ve read since “Apple should buy AMD/Adobe”: http://www.palluxo.com/2008/11/16/m… ( Microsoft Said No, But Apple May Move to Buy Yahoo ) Nov 16 23:17
schestowitz Heck, IBM should buy Google and Georgia should buy Russia, too. Nov 16 23:17
schestowitz The news about Microsoft is totally empty from the word “Vista”. It’s like everyone ran away from that ‘party’. It’s a dirty word now. Amazing. Nov 16 23:18
schestowitz The only stories that mention Vista are about the Intel/Microsoft crimes (unsealed court docs) Nov 16 23:18
schestowitz twitter: Microsoft Documents Vista SP1 Failures < http://rcpmag.com/blogs/weblog…. > (For failurelog?) Nov 16 23:19
MinceR we wouldn’t have this micro$oft/crApple mess if people who don’t know anything about IT wouldn’t be allowed to make IT-related decisions Nov 16 23:20
twitter could be…. Nov 16 23:20
schestowitz http://www.theglobeandmail.com/servlet/sto… “Microsoft gave media and developers a first look at Windows 7 last month at its Professional Developers Conference in Los Angeles, and first impressions are mostly positive.” Nov 16 23:25
schestowitz See what they did there? Nov 16 23:25
schestowitz Bribe some bloggers, then link to them saying that they like it. Nov 16 23:25
schestowitz Newspapers then say that it’s received positively. Manufactured praise. Nov 16 23:26
schestowitz Backed also by the likes of people’s whose career is one thing: Windows < http://www.computerworld.com/action/artic… > Nov 16 23:26
schestowitz The media is BROKEN. Nov 16 23:26
schestowitz It’s corruptible. Easily. That’s how it’s run these days. Nov 16 23:27
twitter shame. Nov 16 23:27
twitter but that’s why no one trusts them anymore Nov 16 23:27
twitter The driver installation failures are interesting but M$ left themselves enough room to blame users and makers.  We don’t know if all of the drivers were “certified” for Vista or not, so M$ can blame the user.  Even when the user is right, M$ can point their finger at the OEM. Nov 16 23:30
schestowitz But the issue is different. Microsoft is corrupting the blogosphere too now, e.g. with laptops. Nov 16 23:30
twitter They can only corrupt a few sellouts.  People can tell the difference. Nov 16 23:30
schestowitz This was foreseen as some years ago BillG decided to use bloggers as his Slog vector. Nov 16 23:30
twitter 25 years ago he learned how by corrupting Byte magazine. Nov 16 23:31
schestowitz He didn’t say it like that (Slog), but it’s clear now that Microsoft rewards bloggers for sucking up. This is a fact. Lots of prooof. Nov 16 23:31
twitter I agree, but he can’t bribe everyone. Nov 16 23:31
twitter bbl Nov 16 23:31
schestowitz Sorry for taking out this frustration in IRC, but it’s virtually impossible to even read ‘news’ feeds nowadays. You have to profile them based on evidence (people *and* publications). You create mental filters as you go along based on things like conflicting interests, former employers, laptop bribes, etc. You can’t trust anything you read. It’s gut feelings… Nov 16 23:35
schestowitz Microsoft-Motorola potential conflict: “More than a year after the surprise resignation of Microsoft Corp.’s chief executive of greater China, on Thursday the software giant named former Motorola Inc. executive Simon Leung to oversee a key market that is fraught with both great commercial promise and potential political hazard.” Nov 16 23:36
schestowitz http://www.marketwatch.com/news/stor… Nov 16 23:36
schestowitz Since Moto chooses Linux (LiMo than Android), this is worth watching. Motorola also left the door open for Windows Mobile, so this appointment is curious for its role. Nov 16 23:37
schestowitz WSJ is feeding scum: http://online.wsj.com/article/SB1… Nov 16 23:40
schestowitz dsmith_: to show you how close Fotune and Microsoft are (same owners): Former Time Exec Joins Microsoft < http://www.mediapost.com/publicat… > Nov 16 23:45
dsmith_ btw, I d/l/d and installed win7, and activated it Nov 16 23:46
dsmith_ it is basically Vista SP2 Nov 16 23:46
schestowitz Of course. Nov 16 23:47
dsmith_ no innovation Nov 16 23:47
schestowitz They hardly did any coding. Nov 16 23:47
dsmith_ thats what I said Nov 16 23:47
schestowitz They only began work when they realise that Vista was tanking. Nov 16 23:47
schestowitz Instead of SP2 they started renaming and changing the UI Nov 16 23:47
schestowitz Cllchin regretted making SP1 and 2 of XP… saying they should have rebranded these. Vista 7 is Vista + some more code… same ad foundation though. Nov 16 23:48
schestowitz They promise to make it more modular in Longhorn days, but failed to deliver.. Allchin and Poole quit.. Valentine too… all the Windows chiefs are out. Nov 16 23:48
dsmith_ i just do not see MS being the sole big player as they once were Nov 16 23:49
dsmith_ I was in a Apple store the other day Nov 16 23:49
dsmith_ it was packed Nov 16 23:49
dsmith_ it always is.. Nov 16 23:49
dsmith_ best buy/ and the other stores that have Vista on laptops, not a sole.. Nov 16 23:49
schestowitz Microsoft has sunk very low.. to hiring the media < http://www.reuters.com/article/mar… > or paying it for wishful thinking. Nov 16 23:49
schestowitz Best Buy… they they not lay off a lot recently? Nov 16 23:50
schestowitz Or closed shops? I could remember wrongly. Nov 16 23:50
dsmith_ circuit city is done with Nov 16 23:50
dsmith_ best buy is still around Nov 16 23:51
dsmith_ I rarely go in there Nov 16 23:51
schestowitz ZDNET.microsoft.com on Microsoft buying the man who shilled for them: http://news.zdnet.co.uk/software/0,100… Nov 16 23:51
dsmith_ when I do I cary a couple linux cd’s and boot from them on laptops Nov 16 23:51
schestowitz CompUSA is also in the corner. Nov 16 23:52
*ZiggyFish (n=brendan@CPE-60-231-153-91.static.qld.bigpond.net.au) has joined #boycottnovell Nov 16 23:52
schestowitz Economics of everything change. People drive less (public transportation replaces that), they spend less on software and keep the old PCs. Nov 16 23:53
schestowitz If shops don’t adapt to it (they try sub-notebooks now), they get no business. The Apple shops and Eee stores get their lunch… Nov 16 23:53
schestowitz US Justice is so bizarre sometimes.. http://www.canada.com/calgaryherald/news/s… ( Judge hears $2-billion lawsuit against Wal-Mart, Microsoft over brain control ) Nov 16 23:54
dsmith_ compusa is gone Nov 16 23:54
dsmith_ hmmm Nov 16 23:56
dsmith_ brain-machine interface is real Nov 16 23:56
dsmith_ BMI Nov 16 23:56
MinceR Body Mass Index? Nov 16 23:56
dsmith_ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brain-co… Nov 16 23:58
schestowitz dsmith_: been real for a while. Monkeys can move limps with thoughts. Nov 16 23:58
schestowitz *limbs Nov 16 23:58
MinceR lol Nov 16 23:58
schestowitz Apple introduces DRM-enabled brain interfaces… can’t move it between devices (brains) Nov 16 23:59
schestowitz With AI you can make robot autonomous… no need for human brain to ‘control’ them. Nov 16 23:59
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  25. European Patent Office (EPO) Reduced to 'Justice Over the Telephone' and Decree by E-mail

    The EPO is trashing the EPC and everything that the Office was supposed to stand for, as it wrongly assumes demand for monopolies (typically from foreign corporations) comes before the rule of law and Europe's public interest

  26. Making Free Software Work for Users

    The latest reply to a non-developer concerned about software freedom; guest post by figosdev

  27. IRC Proceedings: Wednesday, November 25, 2020

    IRC logs for Wednesday, November 25, 2020

  28. Links 26/11/2020: AV Linux 2020.11.23 and Blender 2.91 Release

    Links for the day

  29. Links 25/11/2020: GamerOS and Biden Transition in Motion

    Links for the day

  30. An Orwellian December

    With December around the corner and states tightening the screws on the population (or employers on employees) at least we can look forward to spring

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