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IRC: #boycottnovell @ FreeNode: December 6th, 2008 – Part 2

Posted in IRC Logs at 4:49 am by Dr. Roy Schestowitz


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schestowitz Now claims I am on drugs Dec 06 21:00
wispy roy, you aren’t even old! Dec 06 21:00
wispy you can’t be senile Dec 06 21:00
wispy i can’t imagine you being a druggie Dec 06 21:00
wispy you are too smart for that ;) Dec 06 21:00
schestowitz I think they said something about another illness. Either way, it’s funnt Dec 06 21:01
schestowitz It’s less funny when they strat passing this libel among each other Dec 06 21:01
schestowitz So the libel reaches public forums Dec 06 21:01
wispy awwww Dec 06 21:01
schestowitz There are older forms of libel (years old) about homosexuality (false) and change of sex (fake!!). It’s gross. Dec 06 21:01
twitter Just block them.  PJ’s got it right boot them.  I’ve never seen any of them do anything useful. Dec 06 21:02
wispy they look pathetic Dec 06 21:02
schestowitz There were also ones accusing me of child molestation and trying to pull fake URLs into ot Dec 06 21:02
schestowitz *it Dec 06 21:02
wispy i don’t believe them, Roy.  You tell it like is is Dec 06 21:02
wispy that’s mean! Dec 06 21:03
schestowitz But they’ve used up the books of libel by now Dec 06 21:03
schestowitz I haven’t been accused of murder yet. ;-p Dec 06 21:03
wispy haha! Dec 06 21:03
wispy Roy, you are too nice to be a murderer Dec 06 21:03
schestowitz I know! Dec 06 21:03
wispy i never saw you loose your cool Dec 06 21:03
schestowitz That’s what I’d say Dec 06 21:03
wispy :D Dec 06 21:04
twitter US Jobs worse than advertised.  http://www.nytimes.com/2008/12/06/bus… Dec 06 21:04
schestowitz Banter. haha… Dec 06 21:04
schestowitz Asvertised by WHOM? Dec 06 21:04
schestowitz The govt will lie, for sure Dec 06 21:04
twitter by US govmnt Dec 06 21:04
schestowitz They’ll downplay it so that people spend xmas shopping Dec 06 21:04
schestowitz “It’ll be fine next year’ Dec 06 21:04
schestowitz “The economy goes up and down” Dec 06 21:04
wispy true lol Dec 06 21:05
schestowitz “We have had this before” (citing 2910… PUH-lease!!!)_ Dec 06 21:05
schestowitz Oops. 1990s Dec 06 21:05
schestowitz I explained it to a buddy earlier Dec 06 21:05
wispy i hope things are better in 2910 Dec 06 21:05
wispy :) Dec 06 21:05
schestowitz When you go the the shop to ‘drive’ the economy.. Dec 06 21:05
*PetoKraus has quit (“Leaving”) Dec 06 21:05
schestowitz All you do is you pay China more Dec 06 21:05
schestowitz There are not many exports in the US and UK Dec 06 21:05
*PetoKraus (n=pk@cpc3-broo2-0-0-cust711.renf.cable.ntl.com) has joined #boycottnovell Dec 06 21:05
wispy i did some shopping on black friday; i went at night and it wasn’t bad at all Dec 06 21:05
schestowitz Yes, you pay some to the shopkeeper… but the producers take the big margins. Dec 06 21:06
wispy dan Dec 06 21:06
wispy darn* Dec 06 21:06
wispy yeah we owe china so much Dec 06 21:06
schestowitz So in essence, one increase the debt of the UK for instance (bank deficit) and helps other countries that actuallt produce (manual labour) Dec 06 21:06
schestowitz Even the management moves to China Dec 06 21:06
schestowitz The good and affordable electronics come from Asia Dec 06 21:07
wispy did you read “the world is flat”, Roy? Dec 06 21:07
schestowitz They’ll soon by companies like GM and blankpunct for pennies Dec 06 21:07
wispy it mentions this stuff Dec 06 21:07
schestowitz 2910 will change EVEYRHTING. Dec 06 21:07
wispy hahaha Dec 06 21:07
schestowitz The aliens will land and pay off the debt Dec 06 21:07
wispy i heard that a lot of auto operations are moving to india Dec 06 21:07
schestowitz They have a currency called Euralien Dec 06 21:08
twitter this graph is instructive http://graphics8.nytimes.com/images/2008… Dec 06 21:08
wispy i hope they aliens have some cool gadgets, too, haha Dec 06 21:08
schestowitz I didn’t read that book (?) Dec 06 21:08
wispy aliens FTW :) Dec 06 21:08
wispy oh you should check it out Dec 06 21:08
wispy it came out in 2005 Dec 06 21:08
schestowitz NYTImes. Not reliable, twitter Dec 06 21:09
schestowitz That’s the paper that scared people about TERRIBLE weapons of mass destruction Dec 06 21:09
schestowitz Part of the obedienct big lies Dec 06 21:09
wispy cool, i see more women in the workforce Dec 06 21:09
schestowitz I rekcon layoffs are much worse than reporte Dec 06 21:09
wispy ohhhh i see, Roy Dec 06 21:09
twitter I remember Dec 06 21:09
schestowitz By the truth is taboo, at least for Big Media Dec 06 21:09
wispy yup Dec 06 21:09
schestowitz I heard from people (not in the press) that army veterans are now recruited again Dec 06 21:10
twitter the long term trend is what gets me Dec 06 21:10
wispy leave those poor guys alone, they had enough in ira Dec 06 21:10
wispy iraw* Dec 06 21:10
wispy iraq* Dec 06 21:10
schestowitz Ira[n|W]*^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^HGanistan Dec 06 21:11
schestowitz [*]^+1stan Dec 06 21:11
schestowitz NOO-KI-LAR! Dec 06 21:11
wispy hehe Dec 06 21:11
wispy so Roy, you have any plans for winter break? Dec 06 21:12
wispy (end of the month) Dec 06 21:12
twitter Oh my.  I hope that’s not how the US intends to deal with Indian and Chinese competition. Dec 06 21:12
schestowitz Dumbya says it best Dec 06 21:12
wispy that would be catastrophic, twitter Dec 06 21:13
twitter Even a limited exchange between India and Pakistan would be death for billions of people. Dec 06 21:13
schestowitz wispy: winter break? I don’t work much, so it’s just quieter time Dec 06 21:13
wispy yikes Dec 06 21:13
wispy cool Roy Dec 06 21:13
schestowitz I’ll spend Christmas with family and friends. Dec 06 21:13
schestowitz twitter: how do you mean? Dec 06 21:13
twitter That’s a good thing to do. Dec 06 21:13
wispy awww, that’s sweet Dec 06 21:13
schestowitz Like weapons? Dec 06 21:13
schestowitz They try IP now. Dec 06 21:13
schestowitz The Microsoft+Obama duo could go and carry on what they do Dec 06 21:13
schestowitz I don’t know if you read about this in BN Dec 06 21:14
schestowitz The people protest there about it Dec 06 21:14
twitter Yes, I mean a weapons exchange. Dec 06 21:14
twitter That would be awful. Dec 06 21:14
schestowitz The monopolists from the US and UK (BT, govt) try to inject patents into India. Dec 06 21:14
schestowitz They chaange laws to give way Dec 06 21:14
schestowitz What is apatent? Dec 06 21:14
schestowitz It’s a monopoly Dec 06 21:14
schestowitz It’s a legal mechanism to say “yes, you can make it more cheaply, but hereby we don’t allow you to” Dec 06 21:14
wispy how restrictive! Dec 06 21:15
schestowitz I heeby announce that I own a method on making cereal with milk. Dec 06 21:15
twitter It’s more like supply control. Dec 06 21:15
schestowitz I shall bribe your PM and make it enforceable low Dec 06 21:15
schestowitz *law. Everyone must pay me for it. Dec 06 21:15
twitter Only you and you may make this to sell to us and others. Dec 06 21:15
schestowitz (provided I can corrupt the PM into it) Dec 06 21:15
wispy XD Roy Dec 06 21:15
schestowitz twitter: the US spends more on weaponary then THE WHOLE WORLD COMBINED. Dec 06 21:16
schestowitz *weaponry Dec 06 21:16
wispy O_O Dec 06 21:16
twitter Sure, but even a poor country like Pakistan can afford nukes. Dec 06 21:16
schestowitz I found it out some days ago in the speech Dec 06 21:16
wispy wow Dec 06 21:16
schestowitz _doug jokes about rhe US having nothing but arms and IP Dec 06 21:16
schestowitz Imaginary property and property of death Dec 06 21:16
wispy you forgot to add debt, Roy Dec 06 21:17
wispy :P Dec 06 21:17
schestowitz There are some countries out there that are happy to buy cheap weapons for some *ahem* land expansion (crusades) Dec 06 21:17
schestowitz And America used to provide the Iraqis weapons to kill people. Dec 06 21:17
schestowitz More money for America to make, less people to compete with… leaving countries devastated. Dec 06 21:18
wispy hmmm Dec 06 21:18
schestowitz Mainly in the middle east, central American and part of the far east Dec 06 21:18
wispy i hope that will be curtailed in the future Dec 06 21:19
schestowitz twitter: why ‘afford’ them..they can make them. Dec 06 21:19
schestowitz Let me find something I posted here hours ago Dec 06 21:19
schestowitz WMD Used by 2013 < http://technocrat.net/d/2008/12/5/55235 > Dec 06 21:19
schestowitz That’s why the US MUST disarm Dec 06 21:20
schestowitz There’s always this bulls* about American the “responsible” Dec 06 21:20
wispy scary Dec 06 21:20
schestowitz Or France the cultured countries. Dec 06 21:20
wispy i just looked at the link, Roy Dec 06 21:20
schestowitz But they can SELL them Dec 06 21:20
schestowitz That’s why they need to bury and dismantle these things Dec 06 21:21
schestowitz Poor countries will sell anything Dec 06 21:21
schestowitz It’s like a father and a gun Dec 06 21:21
wispy even kids for organ transplants.  That is what Afghanistan is doing Dec 06 21:21
schestowitz “I am a responsible adult, ” he says Dec 06 21:21
schestowitz One day the 4-year-old pulls it out of the holster/drawer Dec 06 21:21
wispy uh oh Dec 06 21:22
schestowitz In China there are organ traders too. Dec 06 21:22
wispy fulon gong? Dec 06 21:22
schestowitz I dunno Dec 06 21:22
wispy fulan* Dec 06 21:22
wispy they harvest organs from prisoners Dec 06 21:22
schestowitz “This is to formally inform and congratulate you on the result of the Dec 06 21:22
schestowitz online cyber lotto which was conducted from an exclusive list of Dec 06 21:22
schestowitz 1,000.000 email addresses of individual and corporate bodies selected Dec 06 21:22
schestowitz by an advanced automated random computer ballot system from the Dec 06 21:22
schestowitz internet. “ Dec 06 21:22
schestowitz Yeesh!! Dec 06 21:22
wispy i saw a protest about that in Boston last year Dec 06 21:22
schestowitz Good E-mail :-) Dec 06 21:23
wispy lmao Dec 06 21:23
schestowitz “To file in for the processing of your prize winnings, you are advised Dec 06 21:23
schestowitz to contact our Certified and Accredited claims agent for category “A” Dec 06 21:23
schestowitz winners with the information below: “ Dec 06 21:23
schestowitz “Name: Marco van Vossen Dec 06 21:23
schestowitz Email: marcovanvossen07@aim.com Dec 06 21:23
schestowitz Phone: 0031 633 690 563 Dec 06 21:23
schestowitz Fax:   : 0031 847 553 129 “ Dec 06 21:23
PetoKraus oh man Dec 06 21:23
PetoKraus wireless trouble continues Dec 06 21:23
schestowitz I win every day Dec 06 21:23
schestowitz What a lucky guy I must be Dec 06 21:23
schestowitz But I never pick up the prize Dec 06 21:23
PetoKraus my friend tries to copy 650MB iso over the wifi Dec 06 21:23
schestowitz *LOL* Dec 06 21:24
schestowitz That’s a lot of pr0n Dec 06 21:24
PetoKraus and all the machines except of the two involved in the transfer are DDoS’d Dec 06 21:24
PetoKraus schestowitz: you wish Dec 06 21:24
PetoKraus it’s james bond Dec 06 21:24
wispy lol roy! Dec 06 21:24
schestowitz PetoKraus: sure, sure.. Dec 06 21:24
schestowitz Is that what he told you? Dec 06 21:24
wispy maybe it’s a Live CD? :) Dec 06 21:25
PetoKraus schestowitz: no, i’ve seen the transfer Dec 06 21:25
PetoKraus and it doesn’t matter Dec 06 21:25
PetoKraus how come i can stream porn off the web Dec 06 21:25
PetoKraus and not off my own server? Dec 06 21:25
schestowitz PetoKraus:  I was joking anyway Dec 06 21:26
wispy i dunno, i’m not a porn expert haha Dec 06 21:26
PetoKraus i wasn’t. Dec 06 21:26
PetoKraus i am deadly serious Dec 06 21:26
wispy so what’s up with logger_bot, Roy? Dec 06 21:27
wispy jk Dec 06 21:27
schestowitz I’ve not seen him in months Dec 06 21:28
schestowitz That server has been up and running relentlessly Dec 06 21:28
wispy awesome! Dec 06 21:28
wispy ubuntu is working well i guess Dec 06 21:29
wispy reminds me of a story i heard in my IT class weeks ago.  At the CS lab, there was a computer that ran for 12 years without anyone knowing about it Dec 06 21:29
wispy It was in a hole in the wall Dec 06 21:29
schestowitz Yes, I heard that one Dec 06 21:30
schestowitz Good power supply Dec 06 21:30
wispy they remodeled the lab and forgot to take out the computer Dec 06 21:30
wispy XD Dec 06 21:30
schestowitz Does it not reboot after some years? Dec 06 21:31
schestowitz Was it BSD? Dec 06 21:31
wispy i think it was unix, not sure about the variant Dec 06 21:32
wispy i don’t think it ever rebooted Dec 06 21:32
wispy if it did, i think it would have been discovered Dec 06 21:32
PetoKraus oh god Dec 06 21:32
wispy what’s up, PK? Dec 06 21:33
zoobab /win 2 Dec 06 21:34
schestowitz If you search Google for W-E now, page 1 has BN Dec 06 21:37
schestowitz W-E won’t be too happy. Shills unveiled Dec 06 21:38
PetoKraus wispy: i turned some images using mirage Dec 06 21:38
PetoKraus and they lost EXIF Dec 06 21:38
PetoKraus and i can’t do HDR outta them properly now Dec 06 21:38
schestowitz Other sites that link to us get listed too Dec 06 21:38
PetoKraus suckage™ Dec 06 21:38
wispy aww that sucks Dec 06 21:38
PetoKraus i mean, it’s 2008 Dec 06 21:39
PetoKraus why can’t it fucking preserve EXIF? Dec 06 21:39
schestowitz Digg is SO dead. Dec 06 21:39
schestowitz I read something earlier about bribes and manipulators dominating it now. Dec 06 21:39
schestowitz It was so different 2 years ago Dec 06 21:39
schestowitz I might stop with Digg altogether. Dec 06 21:39
schestowitz Whoa!! Dec 06 21:40
schestowitz They slid like nobody’s business. Dec 06 21:40
schestowitz In both Netcraft and Alexa… I’ve just noticed. Dec 06 21:40
wispy rip digg haha Dec 06 21:40
schestowitz Like half the position there once were.. Dec 06 21:40
schestowitz They used to be like 9th in ALexa a year ago Dec 06 21:40
schestowitz [or more] Dec 06 21:41
wispy yeah a lot of my friends on there don’t visit as often Dec 06 21:41
schestowitz Oops. 90th Dec 06 21:41
schestowitz Not it’s like 300th Dec 06 21:41
wispy the site went downhill when the election mania began Dec 06 21:41
schestowitz BN is 3400th in Netcraft! ;-) Dec 06 21:41
wispy i blocked all election and political news Dec 06 21:41
schestowitz wispy: I can imagine Dec 06 21:41
schestowitz I didn’t see it though Dec 06 21:41
wispy congrats roy! Dec 06 21:41
schestowitz I read some article easrlier Dec 06 21:41
schestowitz About all the manipulation that’s rampant now. Dec 06 21:41
schestowitz I see friends who used to contribute… Dec 06 21:42
schestowitz Their stories are not even noticed. Dec 06 21:42
schestowitz They used to make front page Dec 06 21:42
schestowitz They used to make front pages Dec 06 21:42
schestowitz This means that regular readers are hardly there anymore Dec 06 21:42
wispy awwww Dec 06 21:42
schestowitz 2006 was GREAT Dec 06 21:42
schestowitz 30 Diggs were enough for front page Dec 06 21:42
wispy i wasn’t on then :( Dec 06 21:42
schestowitz On some days I made 3-5 front  pages Dec 06 21:42
wispy i remember there was a story about the constitution that had 1000 diggs and was still in upcoming Dec 06 21:43
schestowitz The whole Linux/UNIX section was me.. almost… like 70% of it sometime.s Dec 06 21:43
wispy the bury brigade was in full force Dec 06 21:43
wispy :’( Dec 06 21:43
schestowitz All the stories are submitted first now too Dec 06 21:43
schestowitz I can’t push the big news in fast enough. Dec 06 21:43
schestowitz Motang is fast Dec 06 21:43
wispy yeah he is Dec 06 21:45
wispy i’m friends with him now Dec 06 21:45
schestowitz only fanbi articles made it now. Dec 06 21:45
wispy apple fanboys Dec 06 21:45
schestowitz I joked about it to SJVN… if it’s not about Lunix FTW, Windows Fail!, then no FP Dec 06 21:45
wispy fanbi? you mean being a MS and apple fanboy?  XD Dec 06 21:45
wispy jk Dec 06 21:45
schestowitz It’s not NEWS that makes it in Dec 06 21:45
schestowitz It’s fan stuff Dec 06 21:46
schestowitz Keviin Rose compalined about it 2 months ago, openly. Dec 06 21:46
schestowitz He reliase that Digg is no news. Dec 06 21:46
wispy i never saw diggnation Dec 06 21:46
schestowitz It’s a nunber os mobs pushing their O/S agendas and competing in terms of FPs Dec 06 21:46
schestowitz He didn’t say it like this, but that’s how I put it. Dec 06 21:46
wispy i see Dec 06 21:46
schestowitz wispy: he said this in a conference, IIRC Dec 06 21:47
wispy oh ok Dec 06 21:47
schestowitz He  ridiculed his own site as a source Dec 06 21:47
schestowitz He wants to ‘fix’ it Dec 06 21:47
wispy first, you get rid of all the spammers Dec 06 21:47
schestowitz In early 2007 I found people who like me stopped reading Digg’s FP Dec 06 21:47
schestowitz It was not neww Dec 06 21:47
schestowitz It was random stuff and noise Dec 06 21:47
wispy yes it is Dec 06 21:47
schestowitz Something just some funny pictures Dec 06 21:47
wispy if i wanted that, i’d go to 4chan Dec 06 21:47
wispy 4chan is scary! Dec 06 21:47
schestowitz So in 2007 I cut down on participation a bit Dec 06 21:47
schestowitz In late 2007 it got worse.. Dec 06 21:48
wispy i joined in late 07 Dec 06 21:48
wispy it was the best then Dec 06 21:48
wispy for me i mean Dec 06 21:48
schestowitz In early 2008 I stepped into BN more… the Munchkins and stalkers in Digg were a handful anyway Dec 06 21:48
schestowitz twitter still has that kind in /. Dec 06 21:48
schestowitz 2006 was better Dec 06 21:48
wispy poor twitter Dec 06 21:48
schestowitz I was ranked 17th  in 2007 Dec 06 21:49
schestowitz Now I’m like 60th Dec 06 21:49
wispy you still are my favorite submitter :D Dec 06 21:49
schestowitz I wonder if I’m stil the site’s mosy prolific commenter. Dec 06 21:49
wispy there’s a ron paul hater who has 16000 comments Dec 06 21:49
schestowitz At some stage I did about 40 comments/day Dec 06 21:49
schestowitz That’s over 1000/month Dec 06 21:49
wispy i’ll show you his profile, brb Dec 06 21:49
schestowitz wispy: ah. so he beat me… probably later Dec 06 21:50
wispy http://digg.com/users/Herkimer56 Dec 06 21:50
schestowitz A lot of the site’s ‘big’ users have left Dec 06 21:50
wispy wait, he got banned! Dec 06 21:50
schestowitz (retired so to speak) Dec 06 21:50
schestowitz But I can’t get myself to stop. I have over 3000 friends there, IIRC Dec 06 21:51
wispy it’s the exact link, so i didn’t copy it wrong Dec 06 21:51
*kevin__ (n=kevin@adsl-71-132-205-189.dsl.pltn13.pacbell.net) has joined #boycottnovell Dec 06 21:51
schestowitz Hey, kapipi Dec 06 21:51
schestowitz Oops. kentma Dec 06 21:51
wispy i’m one of them roy :) Dec 06 21:51
schestowitz Oops. Dec 06 21:51
schestowitz kevin__: Dec 06 21:51
schestowitz I needed all 3 letters Dec 06 21:51
*kevin__ is now known as kevin832 Dec 06 21:51
schestowitz Too many KKKolissions Dec 06 21:52
wispy lol Dec 06 21:52
kevin832 hey guys, i was just reading the articles on your site that say Microsoft wants to promote interoperability Dec 06 21:52
schestowitz taxoperability we call it. :-) Dec 06 21:52
kevin832 why do they not add support for ext3 and the like on Windows? Dec 06 21:52
schestowitz I haven’t used that weasel word in a while. Dec 06 21:52
schestowitz Windows is a brick Dec 06 21:52
kevin832 or out of the box ogg support Dec 06 21:53
schestowitz It can’t even do WinFS Dec 06 21:53
schestowitz They tried. Dec 06 21:53
schestowitz They ‘garbaged’ Longhorn Dec 06 21:53
schestowitz It’s a mess Dec 06 21:53
schestowitz No modularity at all Dec 06 21:53
schestowitz Now they have a patent on modularity *sough prior art cough* Dec 06 21:53
schestowitz So they intended to do something about it. Dec 06 21:53
schestowitz But they didn’t get around to it, not even in Vista 7 Dec 06 21:53
schestowitz Ogg? Dec 06 21:53
kevin832 i remember reading about the “one click ordering being patented by a certain company too… man that’s crazy Dec 06 21:54
schestowitz No way. It’s too Free. They want proprietary WMV/A+Silverlight+DRM Dec 06 21:54
schestowitz Gotta go the WPF route… to make thing Windows-only Dec 06 21:54
schestowitz One-lick… that Jeff Bozo from Amazon. Dec 06 21:54
schestowitz *oops. Typo Dec 06 21:54
wispy so Roy, congrats again about winning Mr. Fitness.  How often do you work out? Dec 06 21:58
wispy i try to work out every other day, if i have the time Dec 06 21:58
schestowitz 4 a week now. Dec 06 21:58
schestowitz It used to be 6 or 7 Dec 06 21:58
schestowitz (when I was younger) Dec 06 21:59
wispy cool Dec 06 21:59
wispy so do you visit the gym?  i just jog outside Dec 06 21:59
schestowitz I come there to drink from the water cooler and speak to people. Dec 06 22:00
wispy ah so it is a social thing too :) Dec 06 22:01
wispy do you lift weights? Dec 06 22:01
schestowitz Yes, but I push and pull some things too… trying not to break a leg Dec 06 22:01
wispy aww i hope you don’t get a boo-boo Dec 06 22:02
wispy how much can you lift? Dec 06 22:02
kevin832 anyone else here use jamendo? it’s great Dec 06 22:03
wispy i have Dec 06 22:03
kevin832 hi-bitrate files and no lock-in Dec 06 22:03
wispy creative commons = win Dec 06 22:03
schestowitz wispy: lieft how? Dec 06 22:06
wispy like they do in the olympics Dec 06 22:07
wispy over the head Dec 06 22:07
schestowitz Over the head? That’s crazy. Dec 06 22:09
schestowitz Nobody does that except hardcore posers. Dec 06 22:09
wispy i dont know much about weights, sorry haha Dec 06 22:11
wispy so what can you do? Dec 06 22:11
schestowitz It’s not much about arms Dec 06 22:11
schestowitz They use the legs and backs a lot Dec 06 22:11
wispy you did mention that you bench press Dec 06 22:11
schestowitz Then they duck below the bar and use the legs again. Dec 06 22:11
wispy ah i see Dec 06 22:11
schestowitz benchpress I can do about 165KG+bar Dec 06 22:12
wispy wow!! Dec 06 22:12
wispy i weigh much less than that XD Dec 06 22:12
schestowitz That was 2 years ago. I haven’t checked since then, but I’m heavier now. Dec 06 22:12
wispy you can probably pick me up easily lol Dec 06 22:12
wispy oh ok roy Dec 06 22:13
*schestowitz emphasises wispy is female Dec 06 22:13
schestowitz (can’t get the wrong impressions here.. Dec 06 22:13
wispy lol sry Dec 06 22:13
trmanco finally Dec 06 22:20
trmanco schestowitz, emacs has that boxquote thing like knode has :D Dec 06 22:21
schestowitz You could share that bit of code. Dec 06 22:21
schestowitz It’s slow in Knode. It’s done inefficiently. Dec 06 22:21
trmanco it is superfast in emacs Dec 06 22:21
*schestowitz feels like everyone turns to uber-guru of emacs Dec 06 22:22
trmanco you just have to like keyboard shortcuts Dec 06 22:22
schestowitz I guess I’ll stick to stupid people’s Goooooey Dec 06 22:22
kevin832 nano is good for newbies like me Dec 06 22:22
wispy awww roy Dec 06 22:22
schestowitz Knode has keyboard accelerators too… need to memorise them. I hardly use the widgets Dec 06 22:22
schestowitz I use the GUI to point at items mostly.. like cursoring… but the ncurses UIs have that too… even slrn Dec 06 22:23
kevin832 i’m running irssi in a gnome-terminal right now instead of an x client Dec 06 22:24
schestowitz That’s portable Dec 06 22:25
schestowitz You could SSH to it from a phone Dec 06 22:25
schestowitz No x-forwarding Dec 06 22:25
schestowitz Universal and without fixed sizes. Linus still uses pine. Dec 06 22:26
schestowitz Oh, wait… what is “Alpine 1.10 (LFD 962 2008-03-14)”? Dec 06 22:27
trmanco alpine Dec 06 22:27
schestowitz Oh. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pine_(e-mail_client Dec 06 22:27
schestowitz Pine indeed Dec 06 22:27
schestowitz He mailed me from woody.linux-foundation.org Dec 06 22:28
*GoblinRFD (n=tim@78-86-75-104.zone2.bethere.co.uk) has joined #boycottnovell Dec 06 22:31
GoblinRFD Hi all.  Seen the news about Dell allegedly dropping Google in favour of Mslies? Dec 06 22:33
wispy nope i haven’t Dec 06 22:34
GoblinRFD http://openbytes.wordpress.com/ Dec 06 22:34
GoblinRFD yeah!!! My first advert! Dec 06 22:34
GoblinRFD just a little bit of news I picked up and covered on my little blog. Dec 06 22:35
wispy thanks goblin Dec 06 22:35
GoblinRFD ;) Dec 06 22:35
wispy this sucks Dec 06 22:35
wispy google > MS Dec 06 22:36
kevin832 they can use the OEM muscle to get people to use their products :( Dec 06 22:36
wispy well i hope netbooks will change that Dec 06 22:36
GoblinRFD mmm yeah but then, if MS needs to act like a parasite just to get into peoples homes, then it just highlights how desperate they are. Dec 06 22:36
wispy why pay more to have ms netbooks when a oem can sell linux netbooks? Dec 06 22:36
wispy if netbooks have bigger storage space, i bet you people will buy them in large droves Dec 06 22:37
GoblinRFD Dell were probably one of the first large firms to advertise Linux on their systems in the press over in here in the UK. Dec 06 22:37
kevin832 i read somewhere that due to contractual ogligations, companies were limiting the hardware in netbooks. that’s not right Dec 06 22:37
wispy cool goblin Dec 06 22:38
wispy i saw an advert for the inspiron mini 12 that had ubuntu Dec 06 22:38
wispy kevin, that’s too bad Dec 06 22:38
kevin832 i see them a lot on distrowatch Dec 06 22:38
wispy i want the best hardware, and no contract will get in my way Dec 06 22:38
kevin832 eeePC900 for around 300 bucks is tempting Dec 06 22:38
GoblinRFD Ive noticed that there are alot of small firms springing up offering really good value Linux machines aswell. Dec 06 22:39
schestowitz ‘Twas the same with H-P Dec 06 22:39
schestowitz Even Sun sold out. Microsoft is dumping  $$$ so that it can spy on more people Dec 06 22:39
wispy roy, you getting in the christmas mood? Dec 06 22:39
wispy ’twas.. XD Dec 06 22:39
schestowitz It also uses this to spread the disease (Silver Lie) Dec 06 22:39
kevin832 my favorite tactic by microsoft was “playsforsure” for obvious reasons Dec 06 22:40
schestowitz kevin832: yes, Microsoft limits hardware specs Dec 06 22:40
kevin832 the name is great Dec 06 22:40
wispy lol Dec 06 22:40
schestowitz They changed that later because it bit them (more people chose the better-specced Linux sub-notebooks) Dec 06 22:40
kapipi Many people I know cling to IE & MS live even though I have showed them the alternatives. Dec 06 22:40
schestowitz wispy: no, not Xmas slang Dec 06 22:41
wispy jk :D Dec 06 22:41
schestowitz For me it’s xmas every day, I guess. I do it all the time. Dec 06 22:41
kevin832 i confess to using IE on windows because i was/am too lazy, but after using the plugins in firefox i’ll switch next time i spend a lot of time in windows Dec 06 22:41
wispy you are such a jolly person roy Dec 06 22:41
schestowitz NotSoSure(C) Dec 06 22:41
kevin832 ff3 is great Dec 06 22:41
GoblinRFD Our decorations are up.  (Have been since the 1st) Dec 06 22:41
schestowitz NotAnyway(C) technology for enablement Dec 06 22:41
wispy cool goblin Dec 06 22:42
wispy you have a star on your tree? Dec 06 22:42
GoblinRFD er let me look Dec 06 22:42
schestowitz Just don’t put Dell laptops in the stockings Dec 06 22:42
schestowitz They’ll go on fire with those Sony batts Dec 06 22:42
wispy they are so small that they might fit ha Dec 06 22:42
GoblinRFD no, its an angel holding a wand with a star on it. Dec 06 22:42
kevin832 i saw a youtube video of one of those batteries exploding… it was nice Dec 06 22:43
wispy that’s cute Dec 06 22:43
wispy lol Dec 06 22:43
schestowitz kevin832:  it was also Vista Capable(R) Dec 06 22:43
wispy i saw a videos where they microwaved a furby Dec 06 22:43
wispy video* Dec 06 22:43
kevin832 they actually explode multiple times because of the multiple cells in the battery Dec 06 22:43
kentma hahah!  that’s terrible… Dec 06 22:44
wispy it’s like a fireworks extravaganza Dec 06 22:44
wispy http://www.youtube.com/watc… Dec 06 22:45
wispy oops wrong link Dec 06 22:55
GoblinRFD lol -  a little disappointing, I thought that sucker would blowup! Dec 06 22:55
wispy http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6asfv… Dec 06 22:55
GoblinRFD ah, thats better! Dec 06 22:56
kevin832 lol… there was another one where people filled a monitor with firecrackers and it literally and completely melted down Dec 06 22:56
wispy i hope they had a fire extinguisher nearby lol Dec 06 22:56
kevin832 http://www.youtube.com/watch?… Dec 06 22:57
trmanco        ,-O Dec 06 22:58
trmanco       O(_)) ubuntu Dec 06 22:58
trmanco -hrr- `-O Dec 06 22:58
wispy lmao kevin Dec 06 22:59
GoblinRFD Ubuntu.  Im happy with 8.10, although that more because its family friendly and the wife is able to use it. Dec 06 22:59
kevin832 they even show it from two angles Dec 06 22:59
GoblinRFD I think 9.04 will be something special…if they can stop it being infested with MS “supported” junk Dec 06 23:00
trmanco schestowitz, remember that one lined ascii art? Dec 06 23:00
trmanco where can I get some? Dec 06 23:00
wispy thats great kev Dec 06 23:00
wispy ubuntu is good, i started out with 7.10 Dec 06 23:00
wispy i was a college freshman at the time, and i had a new laptop with vista Dec 06 23:01
kevin832 7.10 was a great release Dec 06 23:01
wispy ah the memories :) Dec 06 23:01
kevin832 the first time I used compiz-fusion :) Dec 06 23:01
trmanco my first *buntu was 7.04 Dec 06 23:01
wispy compiz is great Dec 06 23:02
wispy feisty Dec 06 23:02
GoblinRFD I jumped on Ubuntu at 8.04, more out of reputation for being friendly to everyone.  I think now though, most of the mainstream distros are very similar in terms of user friendliness. Dec 06 23:02
GoblinRFD I have to keep in mind that if Im 100% Linux at home, the wife needs to be able to use it. Dec 06 23:02
kevin832 the wi-fi support was enhanced quite a bit in 8.10. that’s mainly why i upgraded Dec 06 23:03
GoblinRFD I was lucky that 8.04 was “out of the box” for me.  I dont think Ive had any major issues with it. Dec 06 23:04
wispy mandriva, mint, fedora, and pclinuxos are good for newbies Dec 06 23:04
wispy ubuntu’s install was cake Dec 06 23:04
wispy i never had wi-fi problems with ubuntu Dec 06 23:05
wispy it worked better than vista Dec 06 23:05
GoblinRFD Agreed wispy, although I think most distros now cater for the newer user. Dec 06 23:05
wispy out of the box is important, i agree goblin Dec 06 23:05
GoblinRFD I was very impressed with a small distro called NimbleX 08.  An excellent effort by a one man operation. Dec 06 23:06
kevin832 i used to use slax Dec 06 23:06
wispy i heard it’s nice Dec 06 23:06
GoblinRFD and who can not fail to mention………UBUNTU – SATANIC EDITION!! Dec 06 23:06
wispy slax is based on slackware, right? Dec 06 23:06
kevin832 yes Dec 06 23:06
wispy cool Dec 06 23:06
wispy satanic edition, lol Dec 06 23:07
kevin832 “copy2ram” is a great feature to have on a live cd Dec 06 23:07
wispy i’m not religious, so i use the kde version :P Dec 06 23:07
wispy of debian Dec 06 23:07
kevin832 makes the system run faster than it would if it were on the hard drive Dec 06 23:07
schestowitz schestowitz: yes, I remember that ASCII thing. Dec 06 23:08
wispy yeah it’s cool how it runs on teh RAM Dec 06 23:08
GoblinRFD Has anyone tried a USB stick installation yet? Dec 06 23:08
schestowitz http://digg.com/design/An_interest… Dec 06 23:08
wispy nope i havent Dec 06 23:08
schestowitz http://digg.com/design/Complete_… Dec 06 23:08
kevin832 i have been considering it on this 16 gb sdhc card Dec 06 23:08
wispy Dec 06 23:09
GoblinRFD I keep meaning to give it a go. Dec 06 23:09
wispy snowman Dec 06 23:09
schestowitz GoblinRFD: tried GolbinX? Dec 06 23:09
wispy fedora runs from a usb stick i thinl Dec 06 23:09
wispy think* Dec 06 23:09
kevin832 ubuntu 8.10 has that “create startup disk” feature Dec 06 23:10
wispy Dec 06 23:10
wispy a gold star for roy’s blog! Dec 06 23:10
wispy :) Dec 06 23:10
schestowitz http://www.goblinx.com.br/en/ < GoblinX Project > Dec 06 23:14
schestowitz New site BTW Dec 06 23:14
schestowitz About 3-4 weeks old.. Dec 06 23:14
wispy thanks for the link, Roy Dec 06 23:15
schestowitz GoblinRFD +NibleX =~ GoblixX = perfect fit Dec 06 23:16
schestowitz *Nimble, Goblin Dec 06 23:16
wispy hehe Dec 06 23:17
GoblinRFD lol. Dec 06 23:18
schestowitz Did you know about its existence? it’s brazilian. Dec 06 23:19
GoblinRFD I saw that the a while back. Dec 06 23:19
GoblinRFD Of course its no connection to me. Dec 06 23:20
twitter “I have to keep in mind that if Im 100% Linux at home, the wife needs to be able to use it.”  Mepis – comes with flash, installs fast, works OK. Dec 06 23:20
trmanco schestowitz, thanks Dec 06 23:20
wispy mepis is cool, too Dec 06 23:20
twitter Works OK for my wife and 7 year old girl. Dec 06 23:21
wispy schestowitz: i hope brazil will continue to embrace open source Dec 06 23:21
schestowitz Warren is back to Debian, right? Dec 06 23:21
GoblinRFD Ill take a look. Dec 06 23:21
schestowitz Ubuntu wasn’t good enough for him… Dec 06 23:21
schestowitz :-) Dec 06 23:21
schestowitz wispy: they already do Dec 06 23:21
schestowitz Maybe they embrace it the MOST in the world. Dec 06 23:21
wispy i know :D Dec 06 23:21
wispy open source is the best bet for them Dec 06 23:21
twitter I’m not sure.  I think I read that.  Mepis used to be good with locals. Dec 06 23:21
schestowitz You won’t hear about it in Murdoch|Faux Dec 06 23:21
wispy lol Dec 06 23:22
twitter bbl, the wife calls, “help with dinner and kids, right now!” Dec 06 23:22
wispy see ya twitter Dec 06 23:22
schestowitz twitter: they love their Debian derivatives. Dec 06 23:22
schestowitz Not pure Debian Dec 06 23:22
wispy i love debian, but i don’t mind it’s babies Dec 06 23:22
wispy its* Dec 06 23:22
GoblinRFD I know that instruction well twitter! Dec 06 23:23
schestowitz twitter: tell her to sudo shutdown :-) Dec 06 23:23
kevin832 anybody ever wonder why a distro that is popular like Ubuntu isn’t mentioned on TV, the radio, etc… and i’m not talking about commercials Dec 06 23:23
kevin832 ? Dec 06 23:23
wispy lol roy Dec 06 23:23
schestowitz Then wget wine Dec 06 23:23
schestowitz curl wine is better Dec 06 23:23
schestowitz Ubutnu? No KICKBACKS. Dec 06 23:24
schestowitz Where’e the money for the broadcaster? Dec 06 23:24
schestowitz Any favours Dec 06 23:24
schestowitz ? Dec 06 23:24
wispy yeah it’s weird, kev Dec 06 23:24
schestowitz Free (libre) means no kickbacks. It’s not corrupt enough. Dec 06 23:24
wispy so true Dec 06 23:25
GoblinRFD @Kevin, the BBC is currently running a project with Canonical. Dec 06 23:25
wispy GoblinRFD: oh i didn’t know, thx Dec 06 23:25
schestowitz They cover the Wii with a smaller userbase. Dec 06 23:25
wispy my mom likes the wii haha Dec 06 23:26
schestowitz wird stuff. Dec 06 23:26
schestowitz wiird Dec 06 23:26
kevin832 even on the news you will sometimes see stories about “pcs” and macs Dec 06 23:26
schestowitz Yes Dec 06 23:26
schestowitz Microsoft must love it when computer=Windows Dec 06 23:27
wispy grrr Dec 06 23:27
schestowitz and Macs are some elitist thing that runs with toys Dec 06 23:27
wispy it can also mean os/2, bsd, etc. Dec 06 23:27
kevin832 i’m sure not many mac users know that it runs on BSD, or even what BSD is Dec 06 23:27
wispy computer i mean Dec 06 23:27
wispy i bet they never heard of Darwin Dec 06 23:27
schestowitz The scientist? Dec 06 23:28
MinceR it’s not really bsd Dec 06 23:28
MinceR it’s a horribly monstrosity bsd was hacked into Dec 06 23:28
schestowitz It’s proprietarised BSD Dec 06 23:28
MinceR s/bly/ble/ Dec 06 23:28
wispy no bsd darwin Dec 06 23:28
schestowitz Darwin is something no-one cares about Dec 06 23:28
MinceR well, the macfags do Dec 06 23:28
wispy they only like shiny stuff Dec 06 23:29
MinceR but nobody cares about them :) Dec 06 23:29
wispy haha Dec 06 23:29
schestowitz Darwin is 6 letters.. too much. Dec 06 23:29
wispy XD Dec 06 23:29
schestowitz ipod… mac…appl. Dec 06 23:29
wispy that’s harsh, Roy! Dec 06 23:29
MinceR :) Dec 06 23:29
wispy lol Dec 06 23:29
MinceR one can’t be too harsh about that Dec 06 23:29
schestowitz SECOND mouse button! WTF!?!?! Dec 06 23:29
wispy yea Dec 06 23:29
kevin832 i like my 5 mouse buttons much better Dec 06 23:30
wispy i know you can press ctrl and the mouse button to get right click Dec 06 23:30
wispy 5?! Dec 06 23:30
MinceR i like my 6 Dec 06 23:30
kevin832 :) Dec 06 23:30
MinceR (if i include the sensitivity+/- buttons) Dec 06 23:30
wispy 6!!!! Dec 06 23:30
schestowitz Mine has 3 Dec 06 23:30
schestowitz Telepathy does the rest. :-) Dec 06 23:31
schestowitz iCookieCutter: coming to Leopard soon. Dec 06 23:31
wispy now that’s less overwhelming lol Dec 06 23:31
wispy that’s funny roy Dec 06 23:31
schestowitz I can’t find this image… Dec 06 23:33
schestowitz One with a baby that represent Ubuntu and asks for a wiper. Dec 06 23:33
schestowitz I found this along the way though. http://blog.onetbsd.de/wp-conten… Dec 06 23:33
wispy cute Dec 06 23:33
schestowitz Also this one showed up: http://www.funnyordie.com/videos/64ad5… Dec 06 23:34
schestowitz Don’t know why.. Dec 06 23:35
kevin832 did you see that south park with paris hilton? Dec 06 23:35
schestowitz zoobab: did MS sue using swpats? Ever? Dec 06 23:37
wispy using babies in ads = using pathos Dec 06 23:37
wispy i don’t think that unix ad is true for all of us Dec 06 23:37
schestowitz kentma: I haven’t, no Dec 06 23:37
schestowitz Oops. That was to kevin832 Dec 06 23:37
wispy i mean, what an over-generalization Dec 06 23:39
wispy haha i saw that one before Dec 06 23:39
wispy i still don’t like her Dec 06 23:39
wispy nope i haven’t Dec 06 23:39
wispy i don’t have too much time for tv anymore Dec 06 23:39
schestowitz It encourages dumbing down of people. Dec 06 23:40
kevin832 agreed Dec 06 23:40
schestowitz People mimic this behaviour and attitude. Dec 06 23:40
wispy she has neither brains nor beauty Dec 06 23:40
schestowitz It’s shown as glorifies, as if to say “do this and you’ll be loved.” That won’t help develop the country; unless one is Hustler in the Playboy Mansion or something. Dec 06 23:41
schestowitz wispy: well, she is pretty though. Dec 06 23:41
wispy hmmm plastic surgery?? Dec 06 23:41
schestowitz Which is worse to society? McBush or Hilton? Dec 06 23:42
wispy yea you do have a point XD Dec 06 23:42
kevin832 lol there was that whole controversy when she got out of jail in about 24 hours Dec 06 23:42
wispy i remember that Dec 06 23:43
schestowitz Speeding? Dec 06 23:45
schestowitz Gates too was arrested, but having grown among tyrants he was _even then_ above the law. Dec 06 23:46
wispy sad Dec 06 23:46
kevin832 wow i never knew he was arrested Dec 06 23:46
wispy remember the mugshot of him Dec 06 23:46
wispy it’s for that Dec 06 23:46
kevin832 what for? Dec 06 23:46
wispy speeding Dec 06 23:47
kevin832 i thought one just got a ticket when speeding… unless they are WAY over the limit Dec 06 23:49
wispy hey roy, i g2g now.  see ya soon! Dec 06 23:49
wispy bye kev Dec 06 23:49
kevin832 cya Dec 06 23:49
schestowitz vya Dec 06 23:52
schestowitz *cya Dec 06 23:53
wispy bye bye xx Dec 06 23:53
*wispy has quit (“http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client”) Dec 06 23:53
schestowitz Gates was speeding excessively, IIRC Dec 06 23:53
kevin832 ahh Dec 06 23:53
schestowitz It’s in the public domain (the records of the incident) Dec 06 23:53
schestowitz Very typical. Very… Dec 06 23:53
Eruaran hello all Dec 06 23:54
schestowitz Everything with vanity and exaggeration… like the business practices. Dec 06 23:54
kevin832 hi Dec 06 23:54
schestowitz hey , Eruaran Dec 06 23:54
schestowitz Should we give up this Fort 25 censorship thing? Dec 06 23:54
schestowitz It’s probably better not to draw any attention to the archers of the Fort anyway. They get little attention as it stands. Dec 06 23:55
Eruaran I think you have to register, but its not user friendly enough to actually tell you that you need to register. Dec 06 23:56
Eruaran I thought I might sign up just so I can comment… But not until I’ve read the “services agreement”… the link is dead. Dec 06 23:57
Eruaran Click on the services agreement link and… page not found… Dec 06 23:57
schestowitz I guess they won’t even mend it. Dec 06 23:58
schestowitz Garbage can site to serve as a placeholder and proof of Web presence as MS ‘open source’ Dec 06 23:58
Eruaran If they can’t even get a couple of things like this to work properly… Dec 06 23:59
schestowitz There’s mcirosoft.com/opensource, IIRC Dec 06 23:59
schestowitz They are very marginal in the FOSS blogosphere. Dec 06 23:59
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