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IRC: #boycottnovell @ FreeNode: Xmas 2008

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schestowitz OpenOffice.org Extensions That Make It Very Powerful: http://www.makeuseof.com/tag/9-mus… Dec 25 00:14
schestowitz Hi, moralist Dec 25 00:14
moralist hi Dec 25 00:22
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schestowitz http://digg.com/linux_unix/Linux_s_09_Out… “As soon as big countries (like China, Russia etc) move their government and educational institutions we’ll see a significant growth of Linux market share. China has plans to do this by 2010. Russia is already doing this in schools. Germany has a good adaption of Linux already and continues expanding it.” Dec 25 00:54
schestowitz Jeff Gould attacks RMS: “What’s corrupt about Stallman’s moral sloganeering is that he condemns the pursuit of self-interest by others in order to promote his own equally self-interested goal of replacing the free market by some kind of high-minded collectivism.” http://www.interopnews.com/analysis/fl… Dec 25 02:04
MinceR gn Dec 25 02:04
MinceR Jeff Goa’uld Dec 25 02:05
schestowitz That Microsoft shill makes me sick. Dec 25 02:05
schestowitz gn and merry xmas Dec 25 02:18
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Eruaran Merry Christmas Dec 25 05:01
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kentma Merry xmas Dec 25 05:46
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vida18 merry christmas ! Dec 25 09:36
schestowitz u2 Dec 25 09:41
vida18 thank you Dec 25 09:43
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schestowitz Poll: 23 percent say Cheney worst vice president ever < http://www.freerepublic.com/focus/f-ne… > Dec 25 10:05
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trmanco LOL Dec 25 10:16
trmanco and Linus does it again Dec 25 10:17
schestowitz Cursing? Dec 25 10:17
trmanco he released Linux 2.6.28 yesterday Dec 25 10:17
schestowitz Eek. Dec 25 10:17
schestowitz Nogrealase. Dec 25 10:17
schestowitz Where’s the changenog? Dec 25 10:17
trmanco right before Christmas :-P what a present Dec 25 10:17
trmanco let me look for it Dec 25 10:17
schestowitz No, never mind Dec 25 10:18
trmanco http://www.kernel.org/pub/linux/kernel/… Dec 25 10:18
schestowitz 6MB Dec 25 10:20
schestowitz canceled. Where’s the announcement? Dec 25 10:20
trmanco don’t know Dec 25 10:20
trmanco wait Dec 25 10:20
trmanco I find it Dec 25 10:20
schestowitz Ta Dec 25 10:20
schestowitz Phoronic probbaly has linkage Dec 25 10:20
schestowitz *ronix Dec 25 10:21
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trmanco found it http://marc.info/?l=linux-kernel&… Dec 25 10:22
trmanco LOL Dec 25 10:23
trmanco he has a big sense a humor Dec 25 10:23
schestowitz Thanks. Dec 25 10:26
trmanco what happened to this -> http://www.lockergnome.com/theoracle/2… Dec 25 10:28
trmanco it is not working Dec 25 10:28
schestowitz Maybe he deleted it?? Dec 25 10:34
schestowitz No cache:… Dec 25 10:35
schestowitz He deleted it. http://www.lockergnome.com/theoracle/ Dec 25 10:36
schestowitz LockerGnome is a Microsoft-ish site anyway. It’s run by a Microsoft MVP, so… Can’t curse the Don there.. Dec 25 10:37
trmanco :| Dec 25 10:37
trmanco schestowitz, you got a nice present from the trolls, sort of Dec 25 10:39
trmanco looks like you are doing a great job :-P Dec 25 10:39
schestowitz They are nervous. Dec 25 10:39
trmanco LOL Dec 25 10:41
trmanco getting fired? :-P Dec 25 10:41
schestowitz http://groups.google.com/group/co… Dec 25 10:41
schestowitz “Slit their fucking ignorant throats.   All of em. “ Dec 25 10:42
schestowitz That’s “ezekiel” (he had dozens of names, including “Vista King”). He went on like this for ages, calling to slip the “ignorant throats” of Linux users or something. It’s scary how radical some people this people are. Dec 25 10:42
schestowitz They went ballistic when Vista was released, saying it would “kill” Linux. Hehe. Vista almost killed Microsoft and opened the door to Linux (and XP). Dec 25 10:43
trmanco and others too Dec 25 10:43
schestowitz I’d rather not reply to this nutjob. His real name is Scott Douglas, he’s Canadian and I have more information that can easily pin him down. Same with Gary… they might get sued one day. Dec 25 10:46
trmanco :| Dec 25 10:48
trmanco “One nice thing about OpenSource is that the developers try to Dec 25 10:54
trmanco produce what users want, not what corporate marketeers want. Dec 25 10:54
trmanco MS have a thing or two to learn…” Dec 25 10:54
schestowitz India’s PC Market Flat Despite Growth in Notebooks < http://www.pcworld.com/article/156017/indias_pc_ma… > Dec 25 10:54
schestowitz /s/corporate marketeers/MAFIAA\/NSA/ Dec 25 10:55
schestowitz http://beranger.org/blogo23/Tab.png Dec 25 11:15
schestowitz http://beranger.org/blogo23/Brian.png http://beranger.org/blogo23/Nate.png Dec 25 11:15
schestowitz PetoKraus: nice comment in Beranger. I hope the site won’t vanish like Technocrat. Dec 25 11:21
trmanco LOL Dec 25 11:25
MinceR geekings Dec 25 12:41
schestowitz trmanco: I wrote about the Gates post going AWOL: http://boycottnovell.com/2008/12/25/l… Dec 25 12:49
trmanco LOL Dec 25 12:56
trmanco I like the last video Dec 25 12:56
schestowitz It’s annoying to watch. It shows the type of character he is behind closed doors: http://boycottnovell.com/2007/11/… Dec 25 13:01
trmanco the last part of that video is hilarious Dec 25 13:02
schestowitz Message to Maritz Dec 25 13:04
schestowitz He’s in VMware now. Dec 25 13:04
schestowitz They cut the best part out though. Dec 25 13:04
schestowitz He then proceeds to talking about how to kill Netscape Dec 25 13:04
schestowitz He’s speechless. Dec 25 13:04
schestowitz bbl Dec 25 13:05
trmanco ok Dec 25 13:06
Omar871 trmanco: Who talked about how how to kill netscape? Dec 25 13:53
trmanco Gates Dec 25 15:01
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kentma Merry xmas everybody Dec 25 15:19
trmanco Merry Christmas to you too Dec 25 15:20
schestowitz I had a good chat this afternoon about coverage in the press about the situaton Dec 25 16:08
schestowitz Some people think that the press exaggerates — not underplays — the severity of issues in order to scare people. Some people suppress it or are in convenient denial. Dec 25 16:08
schestowitz BTW, if anyone is sick and tired of the financial talk here (recession/depression), please say something and I’ll stop this. I assume people care about it, but I could be very wrong. :-S Dec 25 16:21
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schestowitz TuxMachines has a very smooth migration (didn’t notice any downtime). Susan will hopefully keep up the wonderful work she does. It feeds some many other news site, mine included (BN links are sometimes found there). Dec 25 16:25
trmanco is tuxmachines drupal? Dec 25 16:41
schestowitz Yes, it is. Dec 25 16:42
schestowitz I hope she’ll continue running it when time permits. I see promotion of FOSS also as an ethical obligation. :-) She does it all day and she loves it. Dec 25 16:42
trmanco are the posts manual or automated? Dec 25 16:43
schestowitz Manual of course. Dec 25 16:44
schestowitz Whose would be automated? It’s another case of Microsoft Munckin slander. Dec 25 16:45
schestowitz Like me /ALLEGEDLY/ changing sexes or something. They try to say that I run a bot Dec 25 16:45
trmanco no none of that Dec 25 16:45
schestowitz If only they could attack the message and not make fictional things up to attack a messenger with libel. Dec 25 16:46
schestowitz Anyway, here’s an iffy one about Mandriva: http://envoymoon.blogspot.com/2… Dec 25 16:46
trmanco I was just asking because I would like to build a drupal website to work as a aggregation service Dec 25 16:46
schestowitz There’s another one about OpenSUSE, but benJIman et al would slam me if I criticise it too much Dec 25 16:46
trmanco LOL Dec 25 16:46
schestowitz OpenSUSE is a Novell project, but they use ‘community’ defence to shield it from critics. Dec 25 16:47
schestowitz trmanco: she’s skilled at doing this manually and so am I. After doing this for years you find patterns of work that make it easy to spot good stories and important paras. Dec 25 16:47
trmanco this is great then Dec 25 16:49
trmanco a lot of dedication and effort put into helping the foss community Dec 25 16:50
schestowitz Not with code anymore. Dec 25 16:51
schestowitz I used to program a lot, but stopped around 2006 Dec 25 16:51
schestowitz I still program for personal needs, but nothing that’s of much use for me to put on schestowitz.com like I used to (or MATLAB Central or Mozilla) Dec 25 16:52
trmanco I’m starting Dec 25 16:52
trmanco The 10 Coolest Open Source Products Of 2008: http://www.crn.com/it-channel/212501022;jsess… Dec 25 16:52
trmanco I lot a novell stuff in there Dec 25 16:52
schestowitz Better to enhance existing apps Dec 25 16:52
trmanco I would like someday to be a packager Dec 25 16:52
trmanco maybe a MOTU for Ubuntu Dec 25 16:53
schestowitz Who wrote this? Dec 25 16:53
trmanco don’t know Dec 25 16:53
trmanco it just popped up in my feed reader like this Dec 25 16:53
schestowitz I used to be in touch with Brent Core who volunteered in Ubuntu. Dec 25 16:53
trmanco thats nice Dec 25 16:55
schestowitz No OpenMania in http://old.ubuntu-pt.org/planet/ Dec 25 16:56
trmanco New GNU licence delayed: http://www.itwire.com/content/… Dec 25 16:56
trmanco nop Dec 25 16:56
trmanco I don’t even follow that Dec 25 16:56
trmanco I am here tho >> http://planetuga.com/ Dec 25 16:56
schestowitz http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_rbeqbj-n1Z0/SVHhdSo-iiI/… Dec 25 16:56
trmanco it is hard to read Dec 25 16:57
trmanco :-P Dec 25 16:57
schestowitz Nice site design. Dec 25 16:57
schestowitz “Thursday, 29 March 2007″ Dec 25 16:57
trmanco where did you see that? Dec 25 16:58
trmanco weird Dec 25 16:58
trmanco how did that pop into my feed reader :| Dec 25 16:58
trmanco sorry for that, I should have checked the date :| Dec 25 16:59
schestowitz It has PR0 Dec 25 17:00
schestowitz It’s amazing how old content goes off the radar. Dec 25 17:01
trmanco :O Dec 25 17:01
trmanco do you still read Asay? Dec 25 17:01
schestowitz BN is indexed properly. Dec 25 17:01
schestowitz On the other hand, schestowitz.com used to have about 100,000 pages index, but now it’s only about 10,000. Google is making changes to distribute resources. Dec 25 17:01
schestowitz No, I don’t read Asay, but I communicate sometimes. Maybe I’ll get back to it, but he was just annoying me too much, so I decided to read it only when other sites link to posts Dec 25 17:02
trmanco it is always changing Dec 25 17:02
trmanco sometimes for a better google and other times for a bad google Dec 25 17:03
schestowitz What is\? Dec 25 17:03
schestowitz Oh, Google-wise.. ues Dec 25 17:03
schestowitz yes Dec 25 17:03
schestowitz The danger for some sites is dependence on it. Dec 25 17:03
trmanco Microsoft gearing up for layoffs? Let’s hope not: http://news.cnet.com/8301-13505… Dec 25 17:03
schestowitz Google went through the tech/Net bubble and surged to the top Dec 25 17:03
schestowitz I like Google only as a tool because it’s immensely powerful for research Dec 25 17:04
trmanco yes Dec 25 17:04
schestowitz trmanco: hope not???/ Dec 25 17:04
schestowitz Or its this th  ehadline? Dec 25 17:04
trmanco yes I was about to say something about that Dec 25 17:04
schestowitz I was going to post about it today, but it’s Christmas, you know? Dec 25 17:04
schestowitz You can’t tell 10,000 Sorfties that they’ll get sacked Dec 25 17:04
trmanco yes, that post is from today and it is from Asay btw Dec 25 17:05
schestowitz BN got like 1000+ visits this month from people who search Google for Microsoft layoffs (and variations thereof) Dec 25 17:05
trmanco LOL Dec 25 17:05
trmanco people are worried? Dec 25 17:05
trmanco maybe Dec 25 17:05
schestowitz Asay is sucking up Dec 25 17:05
schestowitz He has to cooperate with Microsoft Dec 25 17:06
schestowitz He talks to them every day, IIRC. He talked about this in that latest audicast Dec 25 17:06
schestowitz See, that’s just another reason for me to ignore that blog. He tries to artifically add balance to please the employer Dec 25 17:06
schestowitz The other thing to name this is “sellout” Dec 25 17:07
schestowitz When you write to please interests rather than being blunt and truthful Dec 25 17:07
schestowitz He wants Microsoft to go away, trust me. Dec 25 17:07
schestowitz He just can’t write “Microsoft implodes! Hurray!!” in CNET Dec 25 17:07
trmanco that would be bad for cnet Dec 25 17:07
schestowitz Yes Dec 25 17:08
schestowitz It’s sponsored by Paul Allen Dec 25 17:08
schestowitz Or was.. Dec 25 17:08
trmanco yes I understand what you are saying Dec 25 17:08
schestowitz Microsoft is the  main advertisers Dec 25 17:08
trmanco people can’t write freely Dec 25 17:08
schestowitz They even signed a Vista promotion deal just over a year ago Dec 25 17:08
schestowitz Matt mailed me when he moved to CNET Dec 25 17:08
schestowitz I used to comemnt a lot in his InfoWorld blog (also the personal at blogspot) Dec 25 17:08
schestowitz So he asked why I didn’t comment in CNET and I told him it’s a Vole-owned garbage dump (not in these words) Dec 25 17:09
schestowitz Two months ago I also trashed the CNET feed. It was FILLED with Microsoft adverticles. Dec 25 17:09
schestowitz And Apple ones too. Apple advertises there too. CNET is a whore of big companies. Dec 25 17:09
trmanco do do it for the money Dec 25 17:10
trmanco the do* Dec 25 17:10
trmanco they do* Dec 25 17:10
schestowitz Yes Dec 25 17:10
schestowitz Not for morality Dec 25 17:10
schestowitz Not for informing readers Dec 25 17:10
schestowitz They are paid by CNET, BUT Dec 25 17:11
schestowitz I recently watched a very good video Dec 25 17:11
schestowitz The gist of it is that reported perfume it to themselves that they say the truth Dec 25 17:11
schestowitz Like in Internet, like in TV or radio Dec 25 17:11
schestowitz They need to convince themselves that nobody pressured them to write in a certain way Dec 25 17:11
schestowitz The response to this is that since kindergarten we are taught never to say certain things. Dec 25 17:12
schestowitz Like a taboo Dec 25 17:12
schestowitz So if you submit something to a US journal you can’t claim Cuba to be suppressed by the US Dec 25 17:12
schestowitz It would be fine in any other country in the world (only the US has an embargo because it’s terrified of independence in Latin America) Dec 25 17:12
schestowitz So anyway, the story goes like this.. Dec 25 17:13
schestowitz When a reporte approaches a subject there is the almost subconscious knowledge and awareness of response from the paymaster. Dec 25 17:13
schestowitz There’s lot of this in the AMerican media which is biased by omission Dec 25 17:13
schestowitz As Lessig puts it, when there is money on the table, trust vanished Dec 25 17:13
schestowitz *nishes Dec 25 17:13
trmanco it is like and advertising scam/scheme Dec 25 17:14
schestowitz Yes Dec 25 17:14
schestowitz But it’s more subtle Dec 25 17:14
schestowitz They are not paid directly. Dec 25 17:14
schestowitz Take Mary Jo for exmaple Dec 25 17:14
schestowitz She writes about Microsoft, right? Dec 25 17:14
schestowitz In her disclosure she says nothing, BUT Dec 25 17:14
schestowitz In order for her career as a reporter to succeed she must have Microsoft that’s strong and wealthy Dec 25 17:14
schestowitz So that in its own right is a disclosure. Dec 25 17:15
schestowitz For me too, had Free software failed, then a lot of my effort would be wasted. Dec 25 17:15
schestowitz But Free Software is no company Dec 25 17:15
schestowitz Some call it a social ‘scam’… an attempt tthat motivates many– leaders of countries included — to go down this route Dec 25 17:15
schestowitz In a similar vein, when the SCO thing was over, Groklaw lost some of its charm Dec 25 17:16
schestowitz You might fairly point out that it was in PJ’s interest to have it carry on although she wanted them to sink Dec 25 17:17
schestowitz Good poem: http://it.toolbox.com/blogs/locutus/will-commerciali… Dec 25 17:17
schestowitz Good poem: http://it.toolbox.com/blogs/locutus/will-commercialis… Dec 25 17:17
schestowitz He was here in IRC yesterday. Dec 25 17:18
trmanco oh yeah Dec 25 17:20
trmanco I remember him Dec 25 17:20
schestowitz All these issues are connected Dec 25 17:20
schestowitz kentma used  to point out that separating them is wishful thinking Dec 25 17:21
trmanco http://ubuntuforums.org/showpost.php?p=6… Dec 25 17:29
trmanco OS X user moves to Ubuntu Dec 25 17:29
schestowitz Yes, I have examples of this Dec 25 17:30
schestowitz post it to cola Dec 25 17:31
trmanco I’ll be posting some more experinces on cola Dec 25 17:31
trmanco experiences* Dec 25 17:31
trmanco yes I will Dec 25 17:31
schestowitz “Thinking beyond the Vole..” so to speak Dec 25 17:31
schestowitz A thought… something occurred to me: why is debt referred to as credit? That’s like drugs being described as medicine. Dec 25 17:40
schestowitz “it’s not a loan, it’s credit”… he’s got “good credit” (=bad loan)…  “If thought can corrupt language, then language can also corrupt thought.” –George Orwell Dec 25 17:42
kentma I re-read 1984 recently.  It remains an amazing work, as relevant today as when it was written.  I wonder if the US will ever be able to have a president who couldn’t call on billions of dollars… Such posts should not be for sale.  It breeds corruption. Dec 25 17:50
kentma I hope that the EU doesn’t end up looking like the US in this respect. Dec 25 17:51
schestowitz Hasn’t it already? Dec 25 17:53
schestowitz At least the UK is not a one-party state (in elections too) like the US Dec 25 17:53
schestowitz Where Biden (pro-RIAA, pro-war) is seeded along with other pro-war staffing chief, than appointing a public figure that’s supposedly handsome and symbolic of a slogan like unity|hope|destiny Dec 25 17:54
schestowitz *then Dec 25 17:55
kentma sarkozy is the worst thing we have at th emoment. Dec 25 18:08
kentma There was an interesting feature on the local guelph radio station last night about GM crops, monsanto and the position of HMCG Dec 25 18:10
kentma Basically, the point was made that there’s been more or less zero real testing of GM crops, nobody really knows what the impact of them will be, but Monsanto have invested loads of cash and want to make some back. Dec 25 18:11
schestowitz Sarko is like Bush in a way. He has wide support for his ignorance that he imposes upon others. Dec 25 18:12
schestowitz Fun readings: http://www.redhatmagazine.com/2008/12/11/take-some-… Dec 25 18:17
kentma Hmm, I’ll take a look. Dec 25 18:18
kentma Sarko is a lot like bush, although I suspect that he’s a bit more intelligent. Dec 25 18:18
schestowitz Sarko’s ‘IP’ policies if what I’m most familiar with. http://torrentfreak.com/open-source-tor… Dec 25 18:19
schestowitz He tries to censor the loud opposition he gets as well (mostly from the Internet I’d imagine). You know, he banned voodoo dolls bearing his face… or maybe his ‘friends’ banned these. Dec 25 18:20
kentma He’s technically inept, like Blair, Bush and Brown.  We could do with some more technically able people in power, rather urgently, in fact. Dec 25 18:20
kentma I can’t really see how he could ban a doll… Dec 25 18:20
kentma How can you be a public figure and expect to control your image? Dec 25 18:21
schestowitz Lawyers are like that. Good at talking, just don’t ask them technical things. What’s Sarko’s professional bg? Dec 25 18:21
kentma Good question, I suspect that he’s another lawyer Dec 25 18:21
schestowitz They are good at sneaking out of questions too. Debating techniques and all.. Dec 25 18:21
kentma Lots of good training for it. Dec 25 18:21
schestowitz My older boss was skilled at it, claiming credit for ideas too.. Dec 25 18:21
kentma Scientists, in the end, have to deliver, lawyers only have to talk. Dec 25 18:22
schestowitz http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sarko Dec 25 18:22
kentma Ah, claiming credit is a common trait of the weak-minded. Dec 25 18:22
schestowitz Layers are the mouths of scientists Dec 25 18:22
schestowitz Just look at patent lawyers Dec 25 18:22
schestowitz Leeches to the victims, hounds to the hirers Dec 25 18:22
schestowitz kapipi: other PhD students of his claimed the same thing Dec 25 18:23
schestowitz He must convince himself that he wrote all the papers and came up with all the ideas. I don’t know about other professors. Dec 25 18:23
kentma I dont’ agree with all of that, rather, I’d say that lawyers are the mouths of investors, not scientists. Dec 25 18:23
kentma Ah, that’s how he remains a prof, I’m sure… Dec 25 18:23
schestowitz “Nicolas Sarkozy is the son of an aristocratic [5] Hungarian immigrant father, Pál Sárközy de Nagy-Bócsa[6] (Hungarian: Nagybócsai Sárközy Pál; some sources spell it Nagy-Bócsay Sárközy Pál; Hungarian pronunciation (help·info) [nɒɟ͡ʝboːt͡ʃɒi ʃaːrkøzi paːl]), and a mother of French Catholic and Thessalonikan Sephardi Jewish[7] descent, Andrée Mallah” Dec 25 18:24
schestowitz “Sarkozy’s political career began at 22 when he became a city councillor in Neuilly-sur-Seine. A member of the Neo-Gaullist party RPR, he went on to be elected mayor of that town, after the death of the incumbent mayor Achille Peretti.” Dec 25 18:25
schestowitz Oh, found it. Dec 25 18:25
schestowitz Law school!! Dec 25 18:25
schestowitz Sarkozy was enrolled in the Lycée Chaptal, a state-funded (public) middle and high school in Paris’s 8th arrondissement, where he failed his sixième. His family then sent him to the Cours Saint-Louis de Monceau, a private Catholic school in the 17th arrondissement, where he was reportedly a mediocre pupil,[14] but where he nonetheless obtained his baccalauréat in 1973.” Dec 25 18:26
schestowitz “He enrolled at the Université Paris X Nanterre, where he graduated with a Master in Private law, and later with a DEA degree in Business law.” Dec 25 18:26
schestowitz You know who else is a lawyer? Matt Asay, a self-proclaimed advocate of FOSS who spends a lot of time talking about Macs and business, but none about code, design and comparisons that descend below UI level. This reminds me of Scoble. Dec 25 18:27
kentma Yeah, I was just reading the same bit, he is another lawyer. Dec 25 18:27
schestowitz http://scobleizer.com/2006/03/04/bette… Dec 25 18:28
schestowitz http://schestowitz.com/Weblog/archives/2006/03… “Scoble only understands computers as a user, rarely realising the underlying issues in depth. He is no developer and no great writer either, yet his reputation and momentum, as well as being outspoken and critical of Microsoft while being paid by them is what makes him somewhat exceptional. His reputation is overrated.” Dec 25 18:28
kentma I wonder if the time is right for some professional institutions to start putting up their own candidates for parliamentary seats?  the way things are going, we’re going to have lawyers running everything.  So much for magna carta… Dec 25 18:28
kentma Yeah, I’ve seen some of his writings.  As you say, the misunderstanding of technology doesn’t add much. Dec 25 18:29
kentma Unfortunately, I think that the IET might be too far gone to be recoverable as a useful technical entity. Dec 25 18:30
schestowitz Run by lawyers… you know who works in MAFIAA, right? Dec 25 18:30
kentma ? Dec 25 18:30
schestowitz No wonder people like Sarko and Brown push for their wishlist, e.g. 3-strike.. Dec 25 18:30
schestowitz It’s lawyers for lawyers, with lawyers. Dec 25 18:31
kentma Indeed, they think that they can legislate for technical issues, they don’t understand that technology sets the agenda, and law must try to keep up. Dec 25 18:31
schestowitz Did anyone ask the artists (singers) how they feel? Not the 70-year-old rock star and Nancy Sinatras, but the YOUNG artists that want to break through. Dec 25 18:32
kentma You can make as many laws as you like, but you’ll not defeat relativity, for example. Dec 25 18:32
schestowitz Gates too was a lawyer, you know? Dec 25 18:32
kentma Absolutely, but youtube and the internet are the nemesis of the traditional perveyours of popular light entertainment. Dec 25 18:32
kentma Yes, I was aware, at least his dad was, anyway. Dec 25 18:33
schestowitz His dad had friends in high places… he also employed Abramoff with his govt. connections for many years. Dec 25 18:33
kentma Sadly, science is taking an increasing rear seat in these issues.  It’s seen as a business tool, rather that something critical to the development and future of mankind. Dec 25 18:34
kentma Than Dec 25 18:34
schestowitz That’s IPR Dec 25 18:34
schestowitz Why develop? Dec 25 18:34
schestowitz Let’s just sit down and discuss litigation, transactions of err… knowledge and so on and so forth. Dec 25 18:34
*neighborlee has quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)) Dec 25 18:34
kentma The IPR laws are the modern equivalent of the catholic church’s approach to astronomy Dec 25 18:35
schestowitz This is new: http://media.ffii.org/ActaEpDebate081217/ Dec 25 18:35
schestowitz zoobab uploaded it Dec 25 18:35
schestowitz <zoobab> we need to split them Dec 25 18:35
schestowitz <zoobab> per speaker Dec 25 18:35
schestowitz <zoobab> and even split per “evil sentences” Dec 25 18:35
schestowitz <zoobab> the problem is that each time they talk about “counteirfeiting” and “piracy”, it applies to patent infringements Dec 25 18:36
schestowitz <zoobab> keep this in mind Dec 25 18:36
schestowitz Programmers are “pirates” and they DON’T EVEN KNOW IT Dec 25 18:36
schestowitz New from the news: Dec 25 18:36
kentma Quite… Dec 25 18:36
schestowitz Date: December 25th: http://news.techwhack.com/9554-cygnus-systems “Indiana based Cygnus Systems has filed a lawsuit against the three giants Microsoft, Apple and Google claiming that they are infringing on a patent owned by them. The patent is related to file preview technology which gives the user a view of a file before it is opened.” Dec 25 18:37
kentma Oh god, here we go again… Dec 25 18:37
schestowitz December 25th, not April 1st Dec 25 18:37
schestowitz Bradley M. Kuhn: “However, that wasn’t the first thing that came to mind. Instead, I thought immediately of Microsoft’s presence at OSCON this year and the launch of their campaign to pretend they haven’t spent the last ten years trying destroy all of Free Software and Open Source.” Dec 25 18:40
schestowitz “Never forget why they are making the offer. Microsoft is unique among proprietary software companies: they are the only ones who have actively tried to kill Open Source and Free Software. It’s not often someone wants to be your friend after trying to kill you for ten years, but such change is cause for suspicion.” Dec 25 18:40
schestowitz http://seeknuance.com/2008/12/16/i-wont… Dec 25 19:09
trmanco http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7iVIE1… Dec 25 19:47
schestowitz I’ll oggify it, thanks! Dec 25 19:48
trmanco well Dec 25 19:50
trmanco XP has a use Dec 25 19:50
schestowitz Maybe not, it’s boring Dec 25 19:50
schestowitz I watched just the first few secs Dec 25 19:50
trmanco it just one image with a fancy song Dec 25 19:50
trmanco btw, the image is nice too Dec 25 19:50
*kentma has quit (lindbohm.freenode.net irc.freenode.net) Dec 25 19:51
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trmanco wow Dec 25 19:51
trmanco headshot ! Dec 25 19:51
*schestowitz does damage control Dec 25 19:52
*schestowitz listens to samba today Dec 25 19:52
schestowitz we lost loggerbot too Dec 25 19:52
schestowitz Its logs says it lost eveyone. Dec 25 19:53
schestowitz Dec 25 19:36:01 <trmanco>http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7iVIE1a… Dec 25 19:53
schestowitz Dec 25 19:39:30 *[H]omer_ has quit (brown.freenode.net irc.freenode.net) Dec 25 19:53
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schestowitz Dec 25 19:39:30 *schestowitz has quit (brown.freenode.net irc.freenode.net) Dec 25 19:53
schestowitz Dec 25 19:39:30 *MinceR has quit (brown.freenode.net irc.freenode.net) Dec 25 19:53
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schestowitz Dec 25 19:39:30 *tessier_ has quit (brown.freenode.net irc.freenode.net) Dec 25 19:53
schestowitz Dec 25 19:39:30 *trmanco has quit (brown.freenode.net irc.freenode.net) Dec 25 19:53
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schestowitz Dec 25 19:40:13 *kapipi (n=tor@ has joined #boycottnovell Dec 25 19:53
schestowitz Dec 25 19:41:18 *ChanServ (ChanServ@services.) has joined #boycottnovell Dec 25 19:53
schestowitz Dec 25 19:41:18 *irc.freenode.net gives channel operator status to ChanServ Dec 25 19:53
trmanco hey Dec 25 19:53
trmanco what Dec 25 19:53
*kapipi (n=tor@ has joined #boycottnovell Dec 25 19:53
*kentma (n=user@GLPHON22-1168101524.sdsl.bell.ca) has joined #boycottnovell Dec 25 19:53
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schestowitz back. Dec 25 19:53
trmanco :) Dec 25 19:54
schestowitz It’s interesting to check, via scp/ssh how the other node responds. Dec 25 19:54
trmanco Linux rules them all -> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0-22EpQOm8c Dec 25 19:54
schestowitz logger_bot is at my office. Dec 25 19:54
trmanco and I thought I had survived this earthquake Dec 25 19:54
trmanco :| Dec 25 19:54
schestowitz That’s a bad one, I saw it before. Dec 25 19:55
schestowitz You did, but it’s the other nodes that lost everyone. Dec 25 19:55
schestowitz It’s a global thing. Dec 25 19:56
schestowitz Dec 25 19:39:30 *[H]omer_ has quit (brown.freenode.net irc.freenode.net) Dec 25 19:56
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trmanco I don’t understand much about this kind of stuff Dec 25 19:56
trmanco hey slated Dec 25 19:56
trmanco 1 sec Dec 25 19:56
schestowitz Some people’s server that they are assigned to crashes or reboots Dec 25 19:57
*kapipi has quit (lindbohm.freenode.net irc.freenode.net) Dec 25 19:57
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schestowitz If you are not on this server, than all is well. Dec 25 19:57
schestowitz It crashed again. Dec 25 19:57
trmanco weird Dec 25 19:57
-tomaw-[Global Notice] Hi all, one of our hubs just disappeared taking services with it. We’re looking in to the cause now. Dec 25 19:57
schestowitz Had it not been Christmas there would be a global.. Dec 25 19:57
schestowitz Hehe. beat me to it. Dec 25 19:58
schestowitz By 2 seconds. Dec 25 19:58
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-tomaw-[Global Notice] Hi all. The connectivity problems seem to be resolved and services are back online. Sorry for the disturbance and thank you for using freenode. Dec 25 20:09
*Received a CTCP VERSION from freenode-connect Dec 25 20:15
*Received a CTCP VERSION from freenode-connect Dec 25 20:43
schestowitz This dude doesn’t know that Barron’s is Microsoft’s (already-sorta-busted) fan press: http://seekingalpha.com/article/111747-barron-s-thin… Dec 25 21:09
schestowitz Microsoft binary mess in Office: http://www.nytimes.com/2008/12/25/techno… Dec 25 21:11
schestowitz Microsoft professionals are such rookies that even girls below 10 can become one: http://gizmodo.com/5116747/9-year-old-girl-bec… Are they taking pride in the entry level? Dec 25 21:13
MinceR lol Dec 25 21:15
schestowitz it devalues the whole thing Dec 25 21:15
*Omar87 (n=omar@ has joined #boycottnovell Dec 25 21:15
schestowitz “Mom, dad, look! I passed my MS exam, just like that 3rd grade student” Dec 25 21:15
*Omar871 has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)) Dec 25 21:16
schestowitz MS NTFS can’t do SSD properly… fragmentation… http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/28357662/ Dec 25 21:16
MinceR hm, fragmentation shouldn’t be such a great problem on ssd, should it? Dec 25 21:17
schestowitz SSD works better in Linux than in any other O/S, bar legacy stuff. Dec 25 21:19
schestowitz Dana gets trolled by the Munckins for a Microsoft-Nixon comparison: http://blogs.zdnet.com/open-source/?p=3224 Dec 25 21:19
schestowitz I can’t make posts about these observations. Dec 25 21:19
schestowitz About that girl… people would easily name this racism|sexism|hatred of kids. It’s one of those targets whom you can’t criticise, ain’t it? Dec 25 21:20
schestowitz The Vista boosters from InfoWeek (the crime/collusions memos show this) sing for the thief:  Global CIO: Remembering Bill Gates: A Faraway Look At The Larger-Than-Life Legend < http://www.informationweek.com/news/management/inte… >. Yes, legend… Madoff too was a legend. Dec 25 21:23
MinceR i guess hitler was a legend, too Dec 25 21:24
schestowitz The Preston shill moves on from attacking Linux to attacking Google Apps: http://blogs.computerworld.com/google_… Preston Gralla, like Ed Bott, writes stuff for a living to support the Vole. Dec 25 21:26
schestowitz This is a very funny headline: Microsoft Puts The Royal Navy Under Water < http://www.strategypage.com/htmw/hti… > Sunk already?? Dec 25 21:28
schestowitz Earlier on today I heard this giant lie about Microsoft creating jobs. It’s akin to that lie about OLPC ‘selling point’ being kids who write and modify code… anyway, Microsoft did not create job. It /destroyed/ jobs and companies to limit competition (=less jobs) and deliver bad technology under fewer jobs in a single umbrella. Dec 25 21:32
trmanco is this true >> http://episteme.arstechnica.com/eve/… Dec 25 21:35
schestowitz Microsoft is bribing some gaming sites, but I don’t recall which one..  http://www.1up.com/do/newsStory… Dec 25 21:36
schestowitz trmanco: I wouldn’t try it. Dec 25 21:37
trmanco I won’t Dec 25 21:37
trmanco I’m just asking Dec 25 21:37
trmanco I really don’t want a 64-bit os yet Dec 25 21:37
schestowitz Microsoft finds new homes: http://economictimes.indiatimes.com/Interview/M… Dec 25 21:38
schestowitz Prepare for Gates to lie some more about Americans being ‘too stupid’ to programmers and thus the need to bring the jobs to people who are paid $500/month Dec 25 21:39
schestowitz As the recent research on Abramoff shows, Billy and his daddy used some political corruption to buy that Visa legislation. Absolutely appalling. He should be sent to exile for treason. Dec 25 21:39
schestowitz trmanco: it seems like an update that doesn’t get pushed from the packagers at Canonicals… or at least not tested. I always think twice about changing kernels. Dec 25 21:40
schestowitz What’s in 2.6.28 that you desperately/urgently need anyway? Dec 25 21:41
trmanco I’m not changing kernels Dec 25 21:42
trmanco I’m sticking with Ubuntu’s updates here Dec 25 21:42
trmanco at home Dec 25 21:42
schestowitz About Gates, here’s how to look at it: he steals jobs, destroys companies by breaking laws (then paying some fines), then repels his own countrymen for being too expensive (he just calls them stupid instead) and now he just moves to China. Why again are people like Trump and Gates looked up to? Oh, that’s right. They bought media companies that thrive in greed. Dec 25 21:44
schestowitz trmanco: go for it if there’s something to be gained. Dec 25 21:44
trmanco at school Dec 25 21:45
trmanco maybe Dec 25 21:45
trmanco on FC9 Dec 25 21:45
schestowitz Mission-critical? Dec 25 21:45
trmanco Linus says he can compile his kernel in 15 second IIRC Dec 25 21:45
schestowitz Does he still use a Mac h/w? Dec 25 21:45
trmanco don’t know Dec 25 21:46
schestowitz He’s feeding the Bad Apple. Dec 25 21:46
trmanco what do you mean? Dec 25 21:46
schestowitz He pays Apple for his Fedora computer Dec 25 21:47
schestowitz Microsoft Plans To Cut Jobs By 10 Percent < http://www.newsoxy.com/microsoft/… > Dec 25 21:47
trmanco really? Dec 25 21:47
trmanco weird Dec 25 21:48
schestowitz Not really. Wait… Dec 25 21:49
schestowitz http://news.cnet.com/8301-135… :-) Dec 25 21:50
schestowitz http://www.macobserver.com/article/20… Dec 25 21:50
schestowitz http://www.zdnet.com.au/news/soa/Torval… “Linux creator Linus Torvalds said this afternoon that he’s now running an Apple Macintosh as his main desktop, mainly for work reasons, although partly simply because he’s a self-described “technology whore”. “ Dec 25 21:51
schestowitz “” Dec 25 21:52
schestowitz “As to the why … Part of it is simply that I wanted to try something else, and I felt like there were enough people testing the x86 side that it certainly didn’t need me. Part of it is that I personally believe there are two main architectures out there: Power and x86-64 are what _I_ think are the two most relevant ones, and I decided that I had to at least check the other side of it out seriously if I really believed that,” said Dec 25 21:52
schestowitz Torvalds.” Dec 25 21:52
trmanco ahha Dec 25 21:52
trmanco utter crap Dec 25 21:52
schestowitz “However the kernel guru stopped any potential accusations of favouritism in their tracks, saying: “And don’t read anything really deep into that – Linux supports 20+ architectures, and the fact that I personally think that two of them are more likely to be the most relevant really doesn’t mean all that much. It’s just a personal quirk of mine.”” Dec 25 21:52
MinceR uh, isn’t crApple x86? Dec 25 21:52
trmanco yes Dec 25 21:52
trmanco only Dec 25 21:52
trmanco I think Dec 25 21:53
schestowitz Oner pserson who defenced from OS X to Linux said the same. Mac’s fs is terrible Dec 25 21:53
schestowitz Apple put some experimental ZFS in Leopard. Dec 25 21:53
schestowitz Just a CLI-level toy Dec 25 21:53
trmanco ZFS is high level Dec 25 21:53
schestowitz MinceR: in 2005 these were probably rarer Dec 25 21:53
schestowitz When was the switchover? 2004? Dec 25 21:53
trmanco 16 EB of FS size Dec 25 21:54
schestowitz http://www.spectrum.ieee.org/dec08/7106 “A quick start this year by one of these high-profile interconnection coordinators for priority energy projects suggests they might. In just six months, Mario Monti, best known for challenging Microsoft as Europe’s competition czar in the 1990s, negotiated a new transmission line between Spain and France that had been stalled for 15 years.” Dec 25 21:55
schestowitz I need to pull those old links about Microsoft’s connection to European communist activists sometimes. It shatters the whole “FOSS is communism” FUD Dec 25 21:55
schestowitz Microsoft MVPs constantly flood the news with Microsoft boosting: http://www.dabcc.com/article… Why is this in Google News? It’s like a Microsoft employee aggregating pro-Microsoft article. Dec 25 21:58
schestowitz Some Online Ads Thrive in a Miserable Economy < http://bits.blogs.nytimes.com/2008/12/24/o… >. Good for F/OSS/SaaS. OOo moves in this direction too Dec 25 22:14
schestowitz Second Zero Day Flaw Nails Microsoft In Two Weeks < http://www.informationweek.com/blog/m… >. And they allegedly knew about it _since April_. Dec 25 22:16
schestowitz Weisel Cuts Microsoft Q2 Numbers; Sees Slowing Server and Office Sales < http://blogs.barrons.com/techtraderdail… > Dec 25 22:19
trmanco Windows users get GEDIT -> http://blogs.gnome.org/pbor/2008/1… Dec 25 22:21
schestowitz People like Jose_X are against it, but it seems quite harmless. Dec 25 22:23
schestowitz That said, would would use it and why? Windows has other free text editors that re decent. Maybe it’s better to spend the time improving Gedit for free platforms (that’s how the argument goes anyway). Dec 25 22:24
trmanco yes Dec 25 22:24
trmanco windows has notepad++ Dec 25 22:25
trmanco great tool for windows Dec 25 22:25
trmanco … or emacs Dec 25 22:25
schestowitz emacs.net? Dec 25 22:28
trmanco no Dec 25 22:28
trmanco I have a windows version of emacs at school Dec 25 22:29
trmanco but I can’t remember how it is compiled Dec 25 22:29
MinceR the first emacs i’ve used was the windows one :> Dec 25 22:29
schestowitz I was sort of joking. http://blogs.zdnet.com/microso… Dec 25 22:30
schestowitz “Developers are puzzling over recent clues blogged by a few Microsoft employees regarding a new “Emacs.Net” tool the company is building.” Dec 25 22:30
trmanco the windows version is slow due to the crappy windows memory management Dec 25 22:30
schestowitz “Microsoft builds…” like Microsoft spits in Stallman’s face. Dec 25 22:30
trmanco the hard drive doesn’t stop grinding on windows with emacs Dec 25 22:30
schestowitz Or as GNOME people would put it, “some more Windows toys” Dec 25 22:30
trmanco well better have emacs for windows to program then that crappy notepad sh*t Dec 25 22:31
MinceR the hard drive doesn’t stop grinding on windows without emacs either :> Dec 25 22:31
trmanco LOL Dec 25 22:32
MinceR Eight Megabytes And Constantly Swapping Dec 25 22:32
trmanco well, yeah you are right Dec 25 22:32
trmanco that is an oldie Dec 25 22:32
trmanco back in time 8 megs of ram was almost a super computer Dec 25 22:32
schestowitz Scientist calls for robot ethics guidelines < http://www.news.com.au/technology/story/0,… > Dec 25 22:36
schestowitz I get a funny feeling when I read this. Like those people who speak to their dogs or something. Dec 25 22:36
schestowitz “The human touch [...] Rise of the machines” Ze Terminazor! Dec 25 22:37
trmanco I hate robot programming Dec 25 22:38
trmanco it is not my style Dec 25 22:38
tessier Robot programming? Dec 25 22:42
tessier emacs is lightweight compared to modern applications Dec 25 22:42
schestowitz Robots will hate human programming too. Dec 25 22:42
tessier A lot of the people who criticized emacs now use Eclipse. Dec 25 22:42
trmanco emacs on my machine fills up 18 megs of ram Dec 25 22:43
trmanco with 1 file being edited with about 300 lines of code Dec 25 22:43
schestowitz What happens if you test in on a 32MB of RAM machine? Dec 25 22:45
schestowitz Maybe it eats up what’s available for speed and convenience. How does it scale? Dec 25 22:45
tessier trmanco: 18M vss or rss? Dec 25 22:48
trmanco tessier, what do you mean? Dec 25 22:48
trmanco schestowitz, it will grab ram for its own speed I guess Dec 25 22:49
tessier How do you know it takes 18M of RAM? Dec 25 22:49
tessier There are several different ways of measuring how much RAM an app takes. Dec 25 22:49
schestowitz Here’s a thing. Dec 25 22:49
tessier I have vim running right now and it is using 119M vss and 3M rss. Dec 25 22:50
trmanco tessier, htop, top and the gnome system panel Dec 25 22:50
trmanco oh wait Dec 25 22:50
tessier vss is virtual size. That includes all of the libraries and everything it has mapped in. Dec 25 22:50
tessier 3M is the resident size. I think that is how much RAM it is actually using. Dec 25 22:50
trmanco well, rss then Dec 25 22:50
trmanco yes that is it Dec 25 22:50
trmanco but I’ll check Dec 25 22:50
schestowitz It has taken a while for OIN to return details to me. They offered an interview, I informed the editor and sent the questions that are reasonable. Now I’m under pressure from the editor to give what was promised. Now he sayd: “I just received word from my medium with Keith today that although the interview was promised, he has been unable to and will be unable to complete the questions.  I wholeheartedly apologize for this inconven Dec 25 22:50
schestowitz ience and am extremely disappointed that this did not work out.” Dec 25 22:50
schestowitz IOW, the questions were too good for him to address. Dec 25 22:51
schestowitz I raised the problems with OIN. Dec 25 22:51
tessier Too good? What sort of questions? Dec 25 22:51
MinceR lol eclipse Dec 25 22:51
schestowitz He could defend it, so we watch these cowards chicken out. Dec 25 22:51
MinceR Enterprise Trainwreck Dec 25 22:51
schestowitz OIN has made no friends with me then. Dec 25 22:51
schestowitz tessier: I’ll probably do a post about it tomorrow. Dec 25 22:52
schestowitz Those IBM fronts are a waste of time. Dec 25 22:52
schestowitz A major Atlantic cod population heads for extinction < http://sciencenotes.wordpress.com/2008/11/27/a-m… > Dec 25 22:53
trmanco emacs: virt 33 MB RES 22 MB SHR 9 MB Dec 25 22:57
tessier Not bad for an editor with a whole programming language and development environment embedded into it. Dec 25 22:59
trmanco :-P Dec 25 22:59
MinceR well, emacs isn’t a bad operating system, all it needs is a good editor Dec 25 23:00
MinceR and viper is close Dec 25 23:00
tessier I am still an emacs novice and barely know any emacs lisp but I really like the design Dec 25 23:00
tessier It isn’t an operating system and emacs is a good editor. Dec 25 23:01
tessier Emacs has no hardware drivers in it Dec 25 23:01
schestowitz :-) Dec 25 23:01
schestowitz Famous joke. Dec 25 23:01
MinceR then it isn’t a good operating system after all :> Dec 25 23:01
tessier Tired joke. Dec 25 23:01
schestowitz GNU emacs never grew hurd legs Dec 25 23:01
trmanco well I like it Dec 25 23:02
trmanco it is advanced Dec 25 23:02
schestowitz I tried it only for a few days back in 2002 Dec 25 23:03
schestowitz In Enlightenment Dec 25 23:03
MinceR i prefer [g]vim Dec 25 23:03
trmanco fast but bloated with customization options Dec 25 23:03
schestowitz I preferred nedit at the time. (GTK/C programming) Dec 25 23:03
trmanco gvim is cool too Dec 25 23:03
trmanco never tried nedit Dec 25 23:03
tessier gvim has just as many options except they aren’t exposed because the editor isn’t implemented in a language which you have access to from the editor itself like emacs. Dec 25 23:04
tessier That is the biggest innovation of emacs. Dec 25 23:04
MinceR i didn’t like the lack of font antialiasing in emacs; also the weak color theme support, lisp-centricism and slow syntax highlighting (it was rather prone to getting lagged) Dec 25 23:04
MinceR gvim has a scripting language Dec 25 23:05
MinceR and it’s a lot more usable than lisp :> Dec 25 23:05
tessier Yes but gvim isn’t implemented in that language. Dec 25 23:05
MinceR (it also has interfaces to various languages) Dec 25 23:05
tessier That only suggests you don’t know lisp. Dec 25 23:05
MinceR lisp isn’t human-readable Dec 25 23:05
trmanco ()(()))() Dec 25 23:05
tessier You imply that I’m not human. Dec 25 23:05
MinceR they came close, but stopped developing the language before inventing a syntax for it :> Dec 25 23:06
trmanco I don’t know lisp yet Dec 25 23:06
trmanco can’t say nothing about it Dec 25 23:06
trmanco how different is lisp from elisp? Dec 25 23:10
tessier trmanco: Not very Dec 25 23:10
tessier Not at all, depending on the implementation Dec 25 23:10
tessier The concepts and syntax are the same. Dec 25 23:10
tessier Lisp does have a syntax. The best syntax IMO. The only syntax which is parseable by itself. No other language can do that. Dec 25 23:11
trmanco cool Dec 25 23:11
tessier A lisp program is itself an abstract syntax tree. Dec 25 23:11
MinceR too bad i’m not lisp Dec 25 23:11
MinceR therefore parsing it is pain to me Dec 25 23:11
trmanco I’ll try lisp or elisp one day Dec 25 23:12
MinceR especially with the default coding style, which recommends piling up the closing parens at the end of a line in a big bunch Dec 25 23:12
tessier This is what makes Lisp so different. No other language can do macros like lisp can. They all have to run through a layer of indirection to parse and ultimately generate the abstract syntax tree. Dec 25 23:12
tessier MinceR: You don’t really need them anyway. Especially if it is indented correctly. The beginning parens are much more important. Dec 25 23:13
MinceR except if i add one too many or too few parens Dec 25 23:13
tessier You won’t. Dec 25 23:13
MinceR then everything blows up and i need a utility to help me find where it’s wrong Dec 25 23:13
MinceR i’ve already done so, while hacking a theme for Sawfish. Dec 25 23:13
MinceR (the wm that runs lisp-based themes — it’s incredibly slow) Dec 25 23:13
tessier You need a utility to program anyway. You were just commenting on how you don’t like the emacs highlighting and various other things. If you didn’t need them it wouldn’t matte.r Dec 25 23:14
MinceR i’d like syntax highlighting to be a handy tool i can do without, not an absolute necessity without which code is unreadable and unmanageable Dec 25 23:14
MinceR i’ve actually thought of learning mlisp but the damn thing isn’t documented anywhere Dec 25 23:15
tessier I also like that lisp is the second oldest programming language still in use today (second only to FORTRAN) and that it had, decades ago, all of the stuff that new languages are raving about having. Dec 25 23:15
tessier It shows how little we have really learned about software after the 1960′s. Dec 25 23:16
MinceR that’s nice Dec 25 23:16
tessier Although hardware has advanced a lot which has allowed us to use things which were discovered although not implemented back then. Dec 25 23:16
tessier trmanco: I would suggest picking up The Little Schemer. Dec 25 23:16
tessier trmanco: It was very interesting. Quite theoretical though. PLT-Scheme and How To Design Programs is supposed to be very good also and might suite you better if The Little Schemer isn’t your style. Dec 25 23:17
MinceR but there’s a reason why all the other languages aren’t written in the form of an abstract syntax tree :> Dec 25 23:17
tessier Although I haven’t worked through it. Dec 25 23:17
trmanco tessier, what is that? a book? Dec 25 23:17
tessier trmanco: yes Dec 25 23:17
trmanco thanks Dec 25 23:17
trmanco I’ll right that down somewhere for future reference Dec 25 23:18
trmanco anyway  look what I’ve found “Ulp! Vista fatal crash please help.” Dec 25 23:18
trmanco “First I bought a Vista Home Premium computer. Dec 25 23:18
trmanco After 18 months or so it crashes on a regular basis Dec 25 23:18
trmanco with fairly similar results.” Dec 25 23:18
schestowitz Is that from a URL? Dec 25 23:20
trmanco a newsgroup Dec 25 23:21
trmanco I subscribed today on 2 windows genereal newsgroups just for fun Dec 25 23:21
trmanco general* Dec 25 23:21
trmanco here -> http://groups.google.com/group/microsoft.public… Dec 25 23:22
*kapipi_ (n=tor@0x3e42d97a.adsl.cybercity.dk) has joined #boycottnovell Dec 25 23:36
schestowitz If only I could figure out how to put a spellchecker in Kate/Kedit… Dec 25 23:37
trmanco I know in gedit Dec 25 23:38
trmanco it probably is similar Dec 25 23:38
schestowitz It’s s programing editor. Dec 25 23:38
schestowitz So I have autoc-omplete for work/variables. Dec 25 23:38
trmanco oops, my bad Dec 25 23:39
schestowitz Hm….. http://wiki.kde.org/tiki-index.php?page… Dec 25 23:39
trmanco I thought gedit as in gnome edit was similar to kedit as in kde edit Dec 25 23:40
schestowitz https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/k… Dec 25 23:40
schestowitz Well, the function is similar Dec 25 23:41
trmanco ispell Dec 25 23:41
trmanco I use that in emacs :-P Dec 25 23:41
trmanco and gedit Dec 25 23:41
trmanco well, everywhere it is a shared library Dec 25 23:42
schestowitz Yes, but I have no plugin to link them Dec 25 23:43
schestowitz Even Firefox uses ispell Dec 25 23:43
schestowitz Kate wasn’t created to be a text editor, but I do HTML in it Dec 25 23:43
schestowitz well, I should say “words editor”, as opposed to tokens Dec 25 23:44
trmanco :-p Dec 25 23:45
schestowitz Oh damn Dec 25 23:50
schestowitz I already have that, but it’s the wrong thing,. Dec 25 23:50
schestowitz I wanted “as you type” spellchecker like in KNode Dec 25 23:50
trmanco the ispell thingy ? Dec 25 23:50
trmanco does that have some checkboxes for configuration? Dec 25 23:51
schestowitz Not that I could ever find any. I tried last year Dec 25 23:51
schestowitz No happiness. Dec 25 23:51
trmanco or maybe some variable isn’t set correctly Dec 25 23:51
trmanco spell-on-the-fly 1 Dec 25 23:52
trmanco :-P Dec 25 23:52
schestowitz I find some useful stuff along the way though, like “capitalise” Dec 25 23:53
schestowitz The existing toys still don’t offer inline spellchecker Dec 25 23:53
schestowitz No answer (Oct. 2008): http://forum.kde.org/enable-inline-spe… Dec 25 23:54
schestowitz So I’m not alone and no such thing exists yet on the face of it. http://www.google.com/search?sourceid=mozclie… http://www.google.com/search?sourceid=mozcli… Dec 25 23:55
trmanco it will be implemented some day :-P Dec 25 23:56
schestowitz I just paste it in Firefox anyway, so it was never a big deal. Dec 25 23:58
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