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IRC: #boycottnovell @ FreeNode: January 18th, 2009

Posted in IRC Logs at 3:52 am by Dr. Roy Schestowitz


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PeterKraus yeah, joinflood Jan 18 00:01
schestowitz Nothing was missed Jan 18 00:02
PeterKraus i know Jan 18 00:02
PeterKraus :) Jan 18 00:02
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MinceR http://news.slashdot.org/article.pl?sid=… Jan 18 00:31
MinceR so much about fucking obama Jan 18 00:31
MinceR change my ass Jan 18 00:31
schestowitz Change to Windows Jan 18 00:33
MinceR can we take the remaining shreds of your freedom away? Jan 18 00:39
MinceR Yes We Can! Jan 18 00:39
schestowitz It’s not cross-platform and _it was never intended to be_. Obama is becoming just a PR clown to Microsoft… maybe that’s the response to the “Get the Mac” ads… president saying “Get Silver Lie and Windows”. Remember Zunebama? Jan 18 00:39
MinceR yes Jan 18 00:40
MinceR perhaps he’ll be a PR clown to both microsofts Jan 18 00:40
schestowitz Free systems = no access to government anymore Jan 18 00:40
MinceR they can both pay him… until they run out of money Jan 18 00:40
schestowitz It’s also a repeated offense (I wrote about this yesterday in BN) Jan 18 00:40
MinceR apparently this is the new american dream Jan 18 00:40
schestowitz It’s not as though they didn’t know. There was a storm on the Web (Mac users too) when the Democrat convention was almost Windows-only. Jan 18 00:41
MinceR there’s a shocker Jan 18 00:41
schestowitz So expect more of the “Same” (or Shame) in the future. The Change(R) was from standards to XAML Jan 18 00:41
schestowitz Here’s the think. I supported Obama (or Nader really. Now he’s elected to serve the corporcracy, so based on _his deeds alone_, I don’t mind criticising. After all, he’d be president for 4 years regardless of what one writes Jan 18 00:43
MinceR well, i didn’t expect much better from him than from W Jan 18 00:46
MinceR or from McCain Jan 18 00:46
MinceR but this surprises me Jan 18 00:46
schestowitz McBush? Jan 18 00:46
MinceR yes Jan 18 00:46
schestowitz Very few people manage to live the AmericanDream(TM), but those who do (and everyone is tamed to work two jobs to get there) find out that they are deep in debt or corruption that can’t be compensated for. Jan 18 00:46
MinceR but at least there’s a lesser chance that he’ll come bomb Hungary Jan 18 00:46
MinceR (after getting some help from academics to find it on the map) Jan 18 00:46
schestowitz I’m tempted to do a GIMP Jan 18 00:46
MinceR i just hope that SweatyB and the gang won’t convince him to bomb countries that refuse to “standardize” on m$ crap Jan 18 00:47
schestowitz I’ll get around to it in a moment.. putting my mental image ‘in print’ so to speak. Jan 18 00:47
schestowitz First they can sack Jan 18 00:48
schestowitz Or bomb unless you hard over suspects Jan 18 00:48
schestowitz They did this in Afghanistan… boom, bang, kaboom until you hand over this list of people (Without any evidence supplied) Jan 18 00:48
schestowitz Many years ago they did the same thing in central America Jan 18 00:48
schestowitz Noreaga (spelling wrong) had hundreds of innocent people for the capturing by the US. Jan 18 00:49
schestowitz Worm Attack Continues http://www.pcworld.com/article/1579… Jan 18 00:52
schestowitz *LOL* http://henryjenkins.org/obama%20spock%202.jpg Jan 18 00:54
MinceR :) Jan 18 00:55
MinceR that’s a disgrace to vulcans Jan 18 00:56
MinceR gn Jan 18 00:56
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schestowitz MinceR: this one addresses that issue: http://boycottnovell.com/2009/01/17/… Jan 18 01:34
schestowitz Eric Lai is spinning Microsoft layoffs now, just like many other Microsoft defenders. Jan 18 01:35
schestowitz Microsoft Ordered to Delete Browser < http://www.nytimes.com/2009/01/17/technolog… > Jan 18 01:37
*schestowitz wonder what tessier thinks of river landing. Jan 18 02:42
tessier River landing? Jan 18 02:42
schestowitz NY Jan 18 02:43
tessier The plane that crashed in the Hudson river? Jan 18 02:43
schestowitz Crashed? Jan 18 02:43
tessier It seems like everything went as it should. Glad they all made it out. Jan 18 02:43
tessier Well, landed, crash landed, whatever you at tocali . Jan 18 02:43
tessier to call it Jan 18 02:43
schestowitz Will they float the plane? Jan 18 02:44
tessier Yes. In fact it is still floating. Jan 18 02:44
tessier It never went all the way to the bottom. Jan 18 02:44
tessier It floated down the river and has come to rest against a pier. Jan 18 02:44
schestowitz Cool. Jan 18 02:44
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dsmith_ was the plane running Windoze? Jan 18 04:47
dsmith_ selling the Internet Explorer browser…..ummmmm I dont remember them selling IE Jan 18 04:50
dsmith_ hehe Jan 18 04:50
dsmith_ bundling, or shall I say bumbling sure Jan 18 04:51
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PetoKraus yeah well, off to ɛdɪnbrə Jan 18 08:59
PetoKraus see you later Jan 18 08:59
schestowitz Bra? Jan 18 09:03
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PetoKraus that’s IPA Jan 18 09:08
schestowitz http://www.kroah.com/log/linux/email_sum… Jan 18 09:30
schestowitz http://www.prwatch.org/node/8142 Jan 18 09:32
schestowitz The Chinese government has pledged 45 billion yuan (nearly $6.6 billion) for media that target foreign audiences, “in an aggressive global drive to improve the country’s image internationally.” The Xinhua News Agency wants to use the funding to “expand its overseas bureaus from about 100 to 186,” nearly enough to have a bureau in every country. “ Jan 18 09:32
schestowitz http://www.linuxtoday.com/news_story.p… Jan 18 09:35
schestowitz Given Microsoft’s past history of bribes and payoffs the only question now is: Have they yet to secretly bribed an Indian Education official to go with the “free” version of Windows, and then buy enough copies of Office and other Microsoft applications, ensuring data lock-in, so that Microsoft ends up making MORE than they “lost” giving away their OS?” Jan 18 09:35
schestowitz What an arsehole spinner: “THANK GOD the One Laptop Per Child Foundation is in financial trouble (“Fund loss staggers group giving laptops to poor children,” Page A1, Jan. 9). Aside from the arrogant colonialism implicit in a bunch of MIT hotshots telling dirt-poor Third World people how to educate their children, the whole idea is just silly.” http://www.boston.com/bostonglobe/edi… Jan 18 09:37
schestowitz for_the_poor/ Jan 18 09:37
schestowitz http://www.boston.com/bostonglobe/editoria… Jan 18 09:37
PetoKraus the article is quite good thoung Jan 18 09:52
PetoKraus *gh Jan 18 09:52
PetoKraus it has a point Jan 18 09:52
PetoKraus right Jan 18 09:54
PetoKraus see you Jan 18 09:54
tessier http://www.crunchgear.com/2009/01/17/belki… Jan 18 10:02
tessier Could MS do something similar to inspire trolls and shills and anti-Linux rants? Jan 18 10:02
schestowitz ORLY distracts FOSS people again… http://www.jonobacon.org/2009/01/14/th… Jan 18 10:03
schestowitz tessier: MS does do that… sending people to shill. Jan 18 10:04
schestowitz They break EU laws. Jan 18 10:05
tessier Yes but this is doing it in a clever way. Jan 18 10:05
tessier And paying them directly for their efforts. Jan 18 10:05
tessier “When your best friend is Larry Ellison you know you are in trouble. ” – Cringley Jan 18 10:28
tessier Hah Jan 18 10:28
schestowitz He ought to have been arrested Jan 18 10:32
schestowitz Aviations regulations being just the tip of the iceberg Jan 18 10:33
schestowitz Oh god… moles… “I get this from two articles that I read. The first one is Windows 7, Linux Battle for Netbook Supremacy from pcworld and the second is Windows 7 on Netbooks: Does Linux Stand a Chance? which appears to be the original article on CIO. ” http://it.toolbox.com/blogs/locut… Jan 18 10:35
schestowitz What he doesn’t tell you is that these articles are written and published by Microsoft moles in IDC-owned publications. It’s propaganda. Jan 18 10:36
tessier Who? What about aviation regulations? Jan 18 10:37
schestowitz He flew under a bridge… these people think the laws don’t apply to them. Jan 18 10:37
tessier I’m not sure that flying under a bridge is a violation of the FAR’s. Jan 18 10:38
schestowitz He said it is Jan 18 10:41
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tessier Helicopters routinely fly under it. Jan 18 10:44
schestowitz Amazing! Now IDG lets Microsoft EMPLOYEES write articles. Jan 18 10:45
schestowitz “Can Mozilla Prove Firefox Is the Most Secure Browser? — Jeff Jones, CIO.com” Jan 18 10:45
schestowitz Jeff Jones: Microsoft employee and liar Jan 18 10:45
schestowitz Some Fanboys Don’t Like Windows 7 Either < http://www.lockergnome.com/theoracle/2009/01/… > Jan 18 10:48
schestowitz tessier: helicopters don’t move at ultrasonic speeds. Jan 18 10:49
schestowitz Not that small planed do so, either. Jan 18 10:49
tessier Yeah. I’m pretty sure someone would have noticed and thoroughly complained about an ultrasonic shockwave being generated at very low altitude over San Francisco. Once they assessed the damage the injured were cared for, of course. :) Jan 18 10:50
schestowitz Eee phones coming, but it doesn’t say which platform… C.E.S. Interview: ASUSTek’s Jonney Shih on Computer Displays < http://bits.blogs.nytimes.com/2009/01… > Jan 18 10:51
schestowitz I’m gonna have to expose the IDC shills today….. I’m just tired of seeing all the Microsoft anti-Linux rhetoric coming from IDG. Jan 18 10:53
schestowitz http://www.happyassassin.net/2009/01/15/pu… “Yes, Ubuntu 9.04 may very well boot in 21.4 seconds, but my system – running x86-64 Cooker with no tweaks – boots, according to bootchart, in 16. (I’d post the chart but there seems to be a bug in bootchart in Cooker which prevents it shutting down once gdm is up, so the chart goes on until I manually kill bootchartd, so it doesn’t look very clean).” Jan 18 10:55
MinceR geekings Jan 18 10:55
schestowitz MinceR: here is the mental image I had (without the strings though because I gave up on them) ttp://boycottnovell.com/2009/01/17/politics-of-software/ Jan 18 10:56
MinceR :) Jan 18 10:56
schestowitz Oops http://boycottnovell.com/2009/01/… Jan 18 10:56
schestowitz Here is some more BS in response to Microsoft’s FUD/slog: http://superphysics.awardspace.com/2009/… Jan 18 10:58
schestowitz http://codingexperiments.com/suggested-tips-… “It is absolutely necessary to tone this side of the Linux community down. Users new to Linux feel like that they are in an alien world in which it is dangerous to navigate, and fearing getting flamed from angry Linux users is simply just going to drive them back towards Windows.” Jan 18 11:00
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Ziggy schestowitz: hey Jan 18 11:36
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seller_liar I was thinking…. Jan 18 12:29
seller_liar the big problem of capitalism is the lack of control Jan 18 12:31
schestowitz Hi Jan 18 12:33
schestowitz What type of control? Jan 18 12:33
seller_liar schestowitz: Lack of control of system production Jan 18 12:34
seller_liar schestowitz: for example Jan 18 12:34
seller_liar schestowitz: the property owner does not worry about ethics ,and then ,he tris to destroy Jan 18 12:35
seller_liar schestowitz: the society for more production Jan 18 12:35
seller_liar schestowitz:  technology is a good example Jan 18 12:35
seller_liar schestowitz: technology only serves  elite interests , Jan 18 12:36
seller_liar schestowitz: this excessive obssession for more and more production Jan 18 12:36
seller_liar schestowitz: produces more and more new technology ,but Jan 18 12:36
seller_liar this tecnology destroy all social system Jan 18 12:36
seller_liar schestowitz: The second big problem is … Jan 18 12:37
*Casperin_ is now known as Casperin Jan 18 12:37
seller_liar schestowitz: People targets governments , but the govt does not control production system Jan 18 12:37
seller_liar schestowitz: after neoliberalism era ,people must target companies Jan 18 12:37
Casperin if the capitalistic system was working properly, and people were rational, they would not buy products from these companies, so they would go out of production Jan 18 12:38
seller_liar Casperin: yes, it’s a way to boycott a company Jan 18 12:38
Casperin out of business* Jan 18 12:38
seller_liar Casperin: people must target companies Jan 18 12:38
seller_liar Casperin: companies are the new governement Jan 18 12:39
Casperin … but they don’t. And they aren’t rational. I agree with you.. Jan 18 12:39
seller_liar Casperin: Companies controls the production system Jan 18 12:39
seller_liar Casperin: then Jan 18 12:39
seller_liar Casperin: the govt is dependant of production system Jan 18 12:39
seller_liar Casperin: Then Jan 18 12:39
seller_liar Casperin: Companies controls the govt Jan 18 12:39
seller_liar Casperin: Companies can high prices of health ,education and all other things Jan 18 12:40
Casperin It depends on the type of capitalism I suppose Jan 18 12:40
seller_liar Casperin:After the neoliiberal era , is going ever worst Jan 18 12:40
seller_liar Casperin: All production system ,even health and education ,is controlled by companmies Jan 18 12:41
Casperin I am not a capitalist, but I think we have seen far worse things happen in for instance Soviet Russia Jan 18 12:41
seller_liar Casperin: I’ don t like socialism Jan 18 12:41
seller_liar Casperin: Capiltalis is not wrong by nature Jan 18 12:42
Casperin nothing is… it’s all part of nature.. it’s happening, isn’t it? ;) Jan 18 12:42
seller_liar Casperin: The real problem is , people targets governments , but Jan 18 12:42
seller_liar Casperin: the governments does not control the production system Jan 18 12:43
seller_liar Casperin: Companies controls health prices ,education prices and so on Jan 18 12:43
seller_liar Casperin: And remember ,companies always desire more and more profit Jan 18 12:44
Casperin people targets governments, because their only means for targeting a company is boycotting it.. and that can be a huge loss for very little (or no) gain Jan 18 12:44
seller_liar Casperin: And then , the taxes will always to be high Jan 18 12:44
seller_liar Casperin: No! Jan 18 12:44
seller_liar Casperin: If people boycott windows and all other m$ crap , m$ can be destroyed Jan 18 12:45
Casperin I meant on an individual level Jan 18 12:45
seller_liar Casperin: The big problem is  companies are very BIG  , and takes some time to destroy Jan 18 12:45
seller_liar Casperin: Ethics is not individualism Jan 18 12:46
schestowitz seller_liar: yes, that’s an issue (system production) Jan 18 12:46
seller_liar Casperin: There are other ways to convince people Jan 18 12:46
Casperin it can be… ever read Ayn Rand? ;) Jan 18 12:46
seller_liar Casperin: No, why? Jan 18 12:47
Casperin he just argues for a very self-interested for of ethics. Not too important for this.. just a side note to your comment Jan 18 12:47
Casperin she* Jan 18 12:47
schestowitz seller_liar: this is not capitalism, either Jan 18 12:48
schestowitz It’s something esle. Jan 18 12:48
seller_liar schestowitz: But is the actual system Jan 18 12:48
seller_liar schestowitz: and people thinks this “is ” capitalism Jan 18 12:49
seller_liar schestowitz: Monopolies , and homogenity is anti-capítalism Jan 18 12:49
schestowitz Well, they are sold so Jan 18 12:49
schestowitz People are also taught that theyh can influence politics by tossing a ballot once in 4 years Jan 18 12:49
seller_liar schestowitz: Governments is the small part of system Jan 18 12:50
seller_liar schestowitz: Little or nothig will change if people live the same way of life Jan 18 12:50
schestowitz Of course they don’t actually control who is up ‘for sale’, who gets advertised the most and how people are manipulated by PR campaigns (campaign managers and all) Jan 18 12:50
schestowitz So in most countries democracy is a fallacy, an illusion. And that’s just conventional thinking. Jan 18 12:50
schestowitz As for capitalism, that’s more complex. Jan 18 12:51
seller_liar schestowitz: No roy , democracy is beautiful Jan 18 12:51
schestowitz But wait… you can’t treat companies and government as though they are separate. Jan 18 12:51
seller_liar schestowitz: the big problem is people only targets governments Jan 18 12:51
schestowitz Well, take Dick Cheney for example.. from corporations to government Jan 18 12:51
schestowitz Deborah Majoras… from FTC to P&G Jan 18 12:52
seller_liar schestowitz: But , it’s not normal Jan 18 12:52
schestowitz The government is itself just like a small companies… with partners and all. Jan 18 12:52
seller_liar schestowitz: This is a deprecated state of democracy Jan 18 12:52
schestowitz I talk mostly about the US here.. Jan 18 12:52
schestowitz The UK is not quite as bad yet Jan 18 12:52
seller_liar schestowitz: A true democracy uses people and society interests Jan 18 12:52
schestowitz Elite people Jan 18 12:53
seller_liar schestowitz: not companies interests Jan 18 12:53
schestowitz Not people. Jan 18 12:53
schestowitz There are exceptions Jan 18 12:53
seller_liar schestowitz: but this not fault of democracy Jan 18 12:53
schestowitz Which democracy? Jan 18 12:53
seller_liar schestowitz: This is fault of people Jan 18 12:53
schestowitz You speak as though democracy failed… Jan 18 12:53
schestowitz But there was never *a* democracy Jan 18 12:53
seller_liar schestowitz: No Jan 18 12:54
schestowitz It’s a euphemism. Jan 18 12:54
schestowitz It’s like “Americanism” Jan 18 12:54
seller_liar schestowitz: The actual state of democracy is destroyed and deprecated Jan 18 12:54
schestowitz Until it collapses and reformed Jan 18 12:54
seller_liar schestowitz: because people does not worry about companies Jan 18 12:54
schestowitz it happened after the Great Depression I think. Jan 18 12:55
seller_liar schestowitz: And then ., companies have free pass to destroy everything Jan 18 12:55
seller_liar schestowitz: because people does do nothing about Jan 18 12:55
seller_liar schestowitz: people only attacks the government over and over again Jan 18 12:56
schestowitz That’s the danger Jan 18 12:56
schestowitz Realised over 100 years ago Jan 18 12:56
seller_liar schestowitz: people must attack companies ,because the companies controls the governm,ente Jan 18 12:56
schestowitz Companies are given carte blanche to trash rights. Jan 18 12:56
schestowitz But there was no mechanism other than antitrust to prevent this Jan 18 12:56
seller_liar schestowitz: because people does not do nothing Jan 18 12:57
schestowitz Another form of rights erosion comes from government with choruses like “War on terrorism” Jan 18 12:57
seller_liar schestowitz: people only thinks in ipod, itunes,  sex and drugs Jan 18 12:57
seller_liar schestowitz: For me it’s is only blood for oil Jan 18 12:57
schestowitz They actually have the population terrified enough by chanting this that most people don’t mind losing everything. Jan 18 12:57
seller_liar schestowitz: again company interests Jan 18 12:57
schestowitz Yes. Jan 18 12:58
schestowitz But that’s politics anyway Jan 18 12:58
schestowitz Nothing new here. Jan 18 12:58
seller_liar schestowitz: people must attack companies ,because companies controls the sproduction and all system Jan 18 12:58
seller_liar schestowitz: Obama is only a marionete Jan 18 12:59
seller_liar seller_liar:but , the is … Jan 18 12:59
schestowitz I know :-) Jan 18 12:59
seller_liar schestowitz: but the actual problem is Jan 18 13:00
schestowitz I’d put strings in the picture if I found something Jan 18 13:00
schestowitz Go to Google Images and search for “strings” Jan 18 13:00
seller_liar schestowitz: the capitalism  does not have limits Jan 18 13:00
seller_liar schestowitz: Destroy all the society for better production Jan 18 13:00
seller_liar seller_liar: Companies always to be the only one in the universe Jan 18 13:01
seller_liar schestowitz: Companies always toi be the only one in the universe Jan 18 13:01
seller_liar schestowitz: Like  intel Jan 18 13:01
seller_liar schestowitz: “We have conquered processors” Jan 18 13:01
seller_liar schestowitz: “I need more” Jan 18 13:01
schestowitz The issue is different Jan 18 13:01
schestowitz It assumes the world has infinite capacity Jan 18 13:01
seller_liar schestowitz: “We are conquering vgas” Jan 18 13:01
seller_liar schestowitz: No , that’s not the point Jan 18 13:02
schestowitz This means that endless pursuit for goals (shareholder) ruins the planet and leads to wars Jan 18 13:02
seller_liar schestowitz: The point is the eternal desire to conquer everything Jan 18 13:02
schestowitz Wars can be: 1) for control of resource (e.g. Iraq); or 2) attacks from those who are exploited for their resources Jan 18 13:02
seller_liar schestowitz: Companies does not stop the growing of production system Jan 18 13:02
schestowitz Yes, but that’s a natural desire to homo sapients. Jan 18 13:03
seller_liar schestowitz: More or less Jan 18 13:03
schestowitz The question is, can you impose limits internationally? Jan 18 13:03
seller_liar schestowitz: Homo sapiens likes power ,But Jan 18 13:03
schestowitz Hubris is a sin and greed like this should be too. Jan 18 13:04
seller_liar schestowitz: when the power Grows too much , the power destroys the humasn Jan 18 13:04
seller_liar schestowitz: Ethics destroy power Jan 18 13:04
schestowitz /Any/ power can destory Jan 18 13:04
seller_liar schestowitz: This is the only way Jan 18 13:04
schestowitz In many cases, it leads to genocide too Jan 18 13:04
schestowitz There are examples from central and south America too Jan 18 13:04
seller_liar schestowitz: But this not only genocides Jan 18 13:04
schestowitz Invasions for control of governments (and resources) Jan 18 13:05
seller_liar schestowitz: For example , technology is power Jan 18 13:05
schestowitz Yes. Jan 18 13:05
seller_liar schestowitz: technology destroy people , enslaves them in addiction (ipod) Jan 18 13:06
seller_liar schestowitz: Technology creates needs Jan 18 13:06
seller_liar schestowitz: the only way to save the society is stop ” the eternal  desire to conquer everything Jan 18 13:08
schestowitz So what do you suggest? Jan 18 13:08
schestowitz The FSF already exists. Jan 18 13:08
seller_liar schestowitz: We dont  need to search for more and more technology Jan 18 13:08
seller_liar schestowitz: The actual technology is good Jan 18 13:10
seller_liar schestowitz: And a little people uses actual tecnology Jan 18 13:10
seller_liar schestowitz: 30% of world does not use technologies Jan 18 13:10
seller_liar schestowitz: The actual tecnology only serves big corporations Jan 18 13:10
seller_liar schestowitz: There’s no need to more new tecnology ,because it will destroy even more the society Jan 18 13:10
seller_liar schestowitz: 2 Jan 18 13:10
seller_liar schestowitz: People must stop to attack only the govt and attacks companies Jan 18 13:11
seller_liar schestowitz: you for example ,you are doing a good work in BN Jan 18 13:11
schestowitz Thanks. Jan 18 13:11
schestowitz Patents too are an issue Jan 18 13:11
seller_liar schestowitz: But we need , Boycott intel , Boycott Mcdonalds, BoycottNike Jan 18 13:11
schestowitz Created for companies by lobbies Jan 18 13:11
schestowitz seller_liar: who would do that? Jan 18 13:12
seller_liar schestowitz: I don know ,but is very important to do this Jan 18 13:12
seller_liar schestowitz: If no one do this , the society is condemned to doom Jan 18 13:12
seller_liar schestowitz: Look , only 1% of people thinks about ethics Jan 18 13:13
seller_liar schestowitz: This is very sad Jan 18 13:13
seller_liar schestowitz:people must use 10% of free time to think about ethics Jan 18 13:13
seller_liar schestowitz: people only thinks in more and more money withou practical value Jan 18 13:14
schestowitz They are taught this Jan 18 13:14
seller_liar schestowitz: sex, drugs , and technology Jan 18 13:14
schestowitz Also, confinement of work(ing conditions) don’t permit this Jan 18 13:14
schestowitz People are spoon-fed ideas rather than given facilities to learn for themselves. Jan 18 13:15
seller_liar schestowitz: Someone needs to break the circle , like BN does Jan 18 13:15
schestowitz cycle? Jan 18 13:15
schestowitz Or circle (works too) Jan 18 13:15
seller_liar schestowitz: yes ,sorry ,cycle Jan 18 13:15
schestowitz We need more people Jan 18 13:15
schestowitz I already have some people who help here in IRC, in the wiki, etc. Jan 18 13:16
seller_liar schestowitz: I was thinking in make a site ,like boycottplanet Jan 18 13:16
schestowitz You could  write articles too, I’d proofread. Jan 18 13:16
seller_liar schestowitz: But I have little time and exp Jan 18 13:16
schestowitz That’s like giving up, no? Jan 18 13:16
seller_liar schestowitz: What? Jan 18 13:17
seller_liar schestowitz: ah ,yes,sometimes is very hard to maintain sites Jan 18 13:17
seller_liar schestowitz: 3 Jan 18 13:18
seller_liar schestowitz: People must live a new era Jan 18 13:18
seller_liar schestowitz: The era of arts ,not of the power Jan 18 13:18
-christel-[Global Notice] Hi all, As some of you may have noticed, we lost our ipv6 servers for a extended period of time in the last day. I am terribly sorry about this, it would appear that we’ve unmasked yet another peculiar hyperion bug. They’re back up now and we shouldn’t experience any further problems. Thank you for using freenode and have a great day. Jan 18 13:18
schestowitz Culture maybe, not arts Jan 18 13:19
schestowitz Or “society”, I don’t know. These views are expressed outside technology too. Jan 18 13:19
seller_liar schestowitz: People only wants more power , more better system ,more efficcient Jan 18 13:19
schestowitz Society means no “power” though, so it’s an uphill battle. Jan 18 13:19
seller_liar schestowitz: people must stop the will of power Jan 18 13:20
schestowitz The system is built to repel this Jan 18 13:20
schestowitz here’s how it goes Jan 18 13:20
seller_liar schestowitz: People must live the life Jan 18 13:20
schestowitz Since a very young age people are taught they would be rewarded for obedience. Jan 18 13:20
schestowitz Those who deviate are punished via peers Jan 18 13:20
schestowitz On television, it is possible to educate people such that they harass peer who do not ‘conform’ so to speak Jan 18 13:21
schestowitz seller_liar: not quite Jan 18 13:21
schestowitz The thing is, people think they /do/ live life Jan 18 13:21
schestowitz Because they are taught that life is taking a place to other exotic places like Hawaii and dining in restaurants (wage slavery) Jan 18 13:22
seller_liar schestowitz: this is luxury , influenced by companies Jan 18 13:22
seller_liar schestowitz: people must live the a simple life Jan 18 13:22
seller_liar schestowitz: natural food , good water, good health Jan 18 13:23
seller_liar schestowitz: but people only thinks in a better car , better house and erverthing in universe Jan 18 13:23
seller_liar schestowitz: 4 problem , Jan 18 13:24
seller_liar schestowitz: companies tries to create needs , forcing people to use the tecnology Jan 18 13:25
seller_liar schestowitz: Like m$ does , using “open” formats Jan 18 13:25
schestowitz I don’t even feel comfortable nining at restaurant, TBH Jan 18 13:25
schestowitz But people have ways to beautify these acts Jan 18 13:25
schestowitz “We’re giving them a job” Jan 18 13:25
schestowitz “They are happy to do it” Jan 18 13:26
seller_liar schestowitz: Did you know ? Jan 18 13:26
schestowitz “Without making Nike shoes, there people in Vietnam would hunger”.. etc etc Jan 18 13:26
seller_liar schestowitz: I was VERY happy to m$ layoffs Jan 18 13:26
seller_liar schestowitz: This lessron serves to people find another ethical jobs Jan 18 13:26
seller_liar schestowitz: Because , all is unethical ,will die Jan 18 13:27
schestowitz Yes, same here. Jan 18 13:27
schestowitz However… Jan 18 13:27
schestowitz My guess is that fewer people will work in IT… Jan 18 13:27
seller_liar schestowitz: M$ in time ,has build a sand castle using uniethical tatics,and people do nothing Jan 18 13:27
schestowitz This means they might end up gardening or something Jan 18 13:27
seller_liar schestowitz: But must learn the importance of ethics Jan 18 13:28
schestowitz Noneheless: fewer people can /still/ impose DRM Jan 18 13:28
seller_liar schestowitz: All the actual system has build in a sand castle Jan 18 13:28
schestowitz The point being, you don’t truly resolves the issue, just the number of people involve it making it happen (workforce) Jan 18 13:28
schestowitz seller_liar: I’m copying the text by hand of MS dirty tactics ATM Jan 18 13:28
schestowitz Regarding .NET/Mono Jan 18 13:28
schestowitz I’ll post it soon. Jan 18 13:28
seller_liar schestowitz: But all the people which have lose the job ,will learn the importance of ethics now Jan 18 13:29
seller_liar schestowitz: If people don lose the job , they will never learn the importance of ethics Jan 18 13:29
seller_liar schestowitz: Like , the fish history Jan 18 13:30
schestowitz I know. Jan 18 13:30
seller_liar schestowitz: This is very sad, but people learn fast when suffer Jan 18 13:30
schestowitz No more AmericanDream(R) Jan 18 13:30
schestowitz No more maxing up 5 credit cards, either Jan 18 13:30
schestowitz But other countries suffer too… cascading effect Jan 18 13:31
seller_liar schestowitz: Sometimes people must suffer to learn ethics Jan 18 13:31
seller_liar schestowitz: Or die Jan 18 13:31
schestowitz And the grip tightens on those who can be abused. Jan 18 13:31
schestowitz I speak to people.. Jan 18 13:31
schestowitz Many lost half their wealth of more Jan 18 13:31
schestowitz So they must teach themselves about unimportance of money. Jan 18 13:31
seller_liar schestowitz:Yes, this is consequence of power Jan 18 13:32
seller_liar schestowitz: If people have a lot of power ,they lot the knowledge and ethics Jan 18 13:33
seller_liar lost Jan 18 13:33
seller_liar schestowitz: “Oh , I don need to save money ! ” I have a lot money Jan 18 13:33
seller_liar schestowitz: But with the actual crisis , the people will learn about ethics and knowlegde[ Jan 18 13:33
schestowitz Yes Jan 18 13:34
seller_liar schestowitz: Power destroys the human nature and ethics too Jan 18 13:34
schestowitz But how long before the minds align wrt developing world? Jan 18 13:34
*Casperin has quit (Remote closed the connection) Jan 18 13:34
schestowitz *me Just editing “<b>Sent</b>: Saturday, October 26, 2001 11:17 PM” Jan 18 13:35
schestowitz Look at Microsofters staying up all night to squash competition for $$$$ Jan 18 13:35
schestowitz 11:17 PM Jan 18 13:35
seller_liar schestowitz: I don know ,but we need to learn ethics for people and ignore the power Jan 18 13:35
seller_liar schestowitz: Big companies are a disease of world Jan 18 13:36
seller_liar schestowitz: The only interest is power and more power Jan 18 13:36
seller_liar schestowitz: Remember opensource focuses in power Jan 18 13:37
seller_liar schestowitz: free software focuses in ethics Jan 18 13:37
seller_liar schestowitz: We don t need more power Jan 18 13:38
schestowitz I know. Jan 18 13:38
seller_liar schestowitz: All these power in our world is destroying us Jan 18 13:38
schestowitz Open source is a marketing routine Jan 18 13:38
schestowitz Free software was born to decentralise control. Jan 18 13:38
schestowitz Watch OLPC… Jan 18 13:38
schestowitz Intel couldn’t let developing countries be educated. Jan 18 13:39
seller_liar schestowitz: And puts ethics in central point Jan 18 13:39
schestowitz Unless they buy Intel ($$$) Jan 18 13:39
seller_liar schestowitz: People must stop to buy intel Jan 18 13:39
seller_liar schestowitz: Americans likes intel Jan 18 13:39
seller_liar schestowitz: We must force americans to stop to buy intel Jan 18 13:40
seller_liar schestowitz: How ? Jan 18 13:40
seller_liar schestowitz: I don t know Jan 18 13:40
seller_liar schestowitz: But we can not kill americans Jan 18 13:40
seller_liar schestowitz: But we must “force ” them to stop Jan 18 13:41
seller_liar schestowitz: reverse m$ tactic Jan 18 13:41
seller_liar schestowitz: For example, we can put more taxes on american products Jan 18 13:42
seller_liar schestowitz: We can create a boycottIntel to inform people Jan 18 13:42
seller_liar schestowitz: We can create more optimized software for amd products Jan 18 13:42
seller_liar schestowitz: We can explain for people about the bad effects of homogeneous soiciety Jan 18 13:43
schestowitz Americans like Intel? Jan 18 13:43
schestowitz Maybe that’s because they are told what to think. Jan 18 13:43
schestowitz There is a famous joke that goes like… Jan 18 13:43
seller_liar schestowitz: Sorry , I don know, but is a example Jan 18 13:44
schestowitz “Do the Arabs not like American because America has McDonalds?” Jan 18 13:44
schestowitz Of course not. Jan 18 13:44
schestowitz It’s because the US is looting other countries and people are not dumb enough not to see it. Jan 18 13:44
seller_liar schestowitz: Yes Jan 18 13:44
schestowitz But it’s easier to accuse them of jealousy, of rabid hatred, religious reasons and so on and so forth Jan 18 13:45
schestowitz Don’t support AMD, either. Jan 18 13:45
schestowitz Like you can’t replace MS with Appler. Jan 18 13:45
seller_liar schestowitz: If cannot stop a company  ,we  can  force it using inderect ways Jan 18 13:45
schestowitz *Apple Jan 18 13:45
schestowitz Novell suffers a lot because of BN Jan 18 13:46
seller_liar schestowitz: I know ,but buy amd for controlling the system Jan 18 13:46
schestowitz Go to Google for example Jan 18 13:46
schestowitz Search for “Novell moonlight” for example Jan 18 13:46
seller_liar schestowitz: AMD is not a good thing, but is the only one capable to control intel Jan 18 13:46
seller_liar schestowitz: And mcdonalds salary is very low Jan 18 13:47
schestowitz What is WMT? Jan 18 13:47
schestowitz Windows Media T*****? Jan 18 13:47
seller_liar schestowitz: What? Jan 18 13:48
schestowitz McDonalds would benefit from trade agreements and globalisation Jan 18 13:48
schestowitz Now with the Depression, they can lower the wages some more.. like Nike in Asia Jan 18 13:48
seller_liar schestowitz: And mcdonalds can exploit even more the developing ocuntries Jan 18 13:48
schestowitz seller_liar: I do some antitrust stuff on Mono Jan 18 13:48
schestowitz I need to get the acronyms right. Jan 18 13:48
seller_liar schestowitz: Mcdonals and nike send the bill for developing countries Jan 18 13:49
seller_liar schestowitz: I don like japanese people too Jan 18 13:51
seller_liar schestowitz: They are very selfish ,and reproduces a lot Jan 18 13:51
seller_liar schestowitz: Japanese people are only luck people Jan 18 13:52
seller_liar schestowitz: Like black people have strong skin Jan 18 13:52
seller_liar schestowitz: Japanese people have a bbit more of intelligence Jan 18 13:52
schestowitz Japanese don’t reproduce much anymore Jan 18 13:53
seller_liar schestowitz: But I don like , japanese people uses the powe for self interests Jan 18 13:53
schestowitz Many single people Jan 18 13:53
schestowitz I could find you a video about it… Jan 18 13:53
seller_liar schestowitz: Now, but japanese people lives a lot Jan 18 13:53
seller_liar schestowitz: And owns a lot of technology Jan 18 13:53
seller_liar schestowitz: uses patents too Jan 18 13:53
schestowitz Japan exploited China.. along with western countries that got tossed Jan 18 13:53
seller_liar schestowitz: And I don like of extreme tecnology Jan 18 13:53
schestowitz Yes, they live long Jan 18 13:53
schestowitz They have software patents Jan 18 13:54
schestowitz It’s a monopoly tool Jan 18 13:54
schestowitz You mean, extreme technolisation that reduces humanity? Jan 18 13:54
schestowitz As in, more stress, no human touch? Jan 18 13:54
seller_liar schestowitz: No, extreme tech for more and more power Jan 18 13:54
schestowitz Yes Jan 18 13:55
seller_liar schestowitz: Extreme tech for more profit Jan 18 13:55
schestowitz That drove Unabomber nuts Jan 18 13:55
schestowitz That’s why he killed people in positions of power Jan 18 13:55
seller_liar schestowitz: Extreme tech for more slavery Jan 18 13:55
schestowitz People clicking buttons for a living. Jan 18 13:55
schestowitz Rather.. as a way of live, not a living (as in wage) Jan 18 13:55
seller_liar schestowitz: Japanese life is a very artificial life Jan 18 13:56
seller_liar schestowitz: 12 hours per day of studies Jan 18 13:56
seller_liar schestowitz: More of 50 hours of work Jan 18 13:56
seller_liar schestowitz: Excessive consumism and technology Jan 18 13:56
seller_liar schestowitz: Altough , studies is a good thing,but the studies does not learn ethics Jan 18 13:57
seller_liar schestowitz: the study only learns science Jan 18 13:57
seller_liar schestowitz: More school training does not mean more ethics Jan 18 13:58
seller_liar schestowitz: More school training sometimes means more power and slavery Jan 18 13:58
schestowitz Study of  work issues? Jan 18 13:59
schestowitz Got source on this? Jan 18 13:59
schestowitz The US is also an overworked culture, motivated by money and power. Jan 18 13:59
seller_liar schestowitz: no Jan 18 13:59
schestowitz But that’s what they are credited and recognised for Jan 18 14:00
seller_liar schestowitz: But EU like UK have a school training about of 8hours Jan 18 14:00
seller_liar schestowitz: Japanese people lives 12 hours per day in a school Jan 18 14:00
seller_liar schestowitz: I think the good and recommended is only 8 hours Jan 18 14:00
seller_liar schestowitz: And all the time does not learn ethics Jan 18 14:01
seller_liar schestowitz: Moral is more important than power Jan 18 14:02
seller_liar schestowitz: Japanese people is credited because of power ,not the moral Jan 18 14:02
seller_liar schestowitz: “Oh japan have a lot of power!” Jan 18 14:05
schestowitz Try to say this to those with power Jan 18 14:05
seller_liar schestowitz: But japan is not of example the good ethics Jan 18 14:05
schestowitz The aim is to pass(propagate) this power downstream to future gens. Jan 18 14:05
schestowitz Japan lacks ethics based on its history Jan 18 14:06
seller_liar schestowitz: Like roman era Jan 18 14:06
schestowitz But so are many other countries. Jan 18 14:06
schestowitz The US nuked Japan for example. Jan 18 14:06
seller_liar schestowitz: Yes , but japan can be a example of good ethics , but it’s not Jan 18 14:06
seller_liar schestowitz: japan is “just a hacker “ Jan 18 14:07
schestowitz Just a hacker like Michael Meeks? ;-) Jan 18 14:08
seller_liar schestowitz: yes Jan 18 14:08
seller_liar schestowitz: Japan only works , there’s no space for ethics Jan 18 14:09
ushimitsudoki seller_liar: you are japanese? Jan 18 14:09
seller_liar seller_liar: No , why? Jan 18 14:09
seller_liar ushimitsudoki: no why? Jan 18 14:09
ushimitsudoki seller_liar: just wondering what your basis for this opinion was. Jan 18 14:10
seller_liar ushimitsudoki: Japan  just do the work Jan 18 14:11
seller_liar ushimitsudoki: Japan is not a master representation of ethics Jan 18 14:11
seller_liar ushimitsudoki: Of course, US ,Brazil  is not Jan 18 14:11
seller_liar ushimitsudoki: The differncial in japan is …….luck Jan 18 14:13
seller_liar ushimitsudoki: But japanese people used the luck to grow in economics Jan 18 14:13
schestowitz ushimitsudoki: I’m basing a new post on your finding Jan 18 14:13
schestowitz One about .NET.. Jan 18 14:13
ushimitsudoki cool i will read it when i get back! Jan 18 14:14
*seller_liar has quit (“http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client”) Jan 18 14:18
*seller_liar (i=c944c433@gateway/web/ajax/mibbit.com/x-b83c05412b94e3ee) has joined #boycottnovell Jan 18 14:41
schestowitz New wiki theme: http://boycottnovell.com/wiki/index.php?t… Jan 18 14:41
schestowitz There are 7 options now (7 themes) Jan 18 14:41
*tomka (n=tudor@tomka.hu) has joined #boycottnovell Jan 18 14:43
tomka good morning/afternoon everyone Jan 18 14:43
seller_liar ushimitsudoki: Sorry for talk about japanese people Jan 18 14:43
ushimitsudoki seller_liar: *shrug* everyone is entitled to their opinions Jan 18 14:44
tomka i am here to gather information about “why organisations switch back to microsoft from OS sometimes?” Jan 18 14:44
tomka can you help me? Jan 18 14:45
schestowitz Hey, tomka Jan 18 14:45
schestowitz Care to give a specific example? Jan 18 14:46
schestowitz I’m working on some evidence/cause soon… Microsoft’s illegal tactics Jan 18 14:46
tomka i know about a hungarian tv station, which “switched” from linux to ms Jan 18 14:46
tomka in reality, they had an old linux server for e-mails Jan 18 14:47
schestowitz They could be bribed to do it, in one way or another Jan 18 14:47
tomka they wanted something new, shiny Jan 18 14:47
schestowitz There is no way to know without a look inside Jan 18 14:47
schestowitz All I can do is exposed what I have access to Jan 18 14:47
tomka so they bought five (5) ms servers with exchange, sharepoint, etc, and used the old linux as a frewall to protect the windowses from the Evil Internets Jan 18 14:47
schestowitz All else remains a “speculation” or “conpiracy theory”. With antitrust material I have concrete evidence. Jan 18 14:47
schestowitz Microsoft marketing? Jan 18 14:48
tomka yes, this info is from a MS case study Jan 18 14:48
schestowitz Well, at this moment I talk to someone about a smoking gun from Microsoft Jan 18 14:48
schestowitz They lies to people about Linux… Jan 18 14:48
schestowitz MS Case study… Jan 18 14:48
tomka :) Jan 18 14:48
schestowitz So here is how it goes Jan 18 14:48
schestowitz “here’s one million” Jan 18 14:48
schestowitz “Dump Linux” Jan 18 14:48
tomka yeah, the “funds” i read about on your page Jan 18 14:49
schestowitz Then they tout this case study and suggest everyone does that same Jan 18 14:49
schestowitz I’ll published another part of IDC|Gartner corruption tomorrow Jan 18 14:49
schestowitz It shows what could be criminal behaviour from Microsoft. Jan 18 14:49
tomka sounds interesting Jan 18 14:51
schestowitz SCO too Jan 18 15:00
schestowitz Maybe Groklaw will be interested. Jan 18 15:00
*PetoKraus has quit (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out)) Jan 18 15:28
*kevin__ has quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)) Jan 18 15:30
schestowitz Microsoft should exit the Zune business < http://news.cnet.com/8301-13505_… >. Microsoft goes on the defense with statements now….. this one Asay deserves karma for, for a change. Jan 18 15:41
schestowitz Why Microsoft left Windows 7 unpatched on Patch Tuesday < http://arstechnica.com/journals/microsoft.ars/20… > Jan 18 15:43
schestowitz http://i.gizmodo.com/5132193/help-micro… Help Microsoft Design a Better BSOD for Windows 7 Jan 18 15:44
schestowitz Slice through “Microsoft” news this week: for “Vista”: 2 out of 700; for “ows 7″: about 20 out of 700; Microsoft is ditching the Vista brand Jan 18 15:45
schestowitz Headlines about “XBox” don’t mention the “N” word (Nintendo)… just a slog against another loser, Sony. Jan 18 15:47
schestowitz Microsoft Hides Sales Figures to Community Games Devs < http://news.teamxbox.com/xbox/18544/Micros… > Jan 18 15:47
schestowitz EDGI: From FOSS, govt moves on to Microsoft < http://www.expressindia.com/latest-news/f… > Jan 18 15:48
schestowitz Citizens should sue or something. Cronies sell their rights to Microsoft. Jan 18 15:49
*seller_liar has quit (“http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client”) Jan 18 16:18
schestowitz http://boycottnovell.com/2009/01/18/a… Jan 18 16:36
schestowitz http://www.pcworld.com/article/157912/micr… http://www.computerworld.com/action/article.do?… I made the same observation last year. Jan 18 16:39
schestowitz Federated Media announces layoffs, shift away from display ads< http://news.cnet.com/8301-17… >. Good riddance, less brainwash Jan 18 16:39
*seller_liar (i=c944c433@gateway/web/ajax/mibbit.com/x-c09df663946958d7) has joined #boycottnovell Jan 18 16:42
*PetoKraus (n=pk@cpc3-broo2-0-0-cust711.renf.cable.ntl.com) has joined #boycottnovell Jan 18 16:43
seller_liar I was thinking….. Jan 18 16:43
*PetoKraus has quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)) Jan 18 16:43
*PetoKraus (n=pk@cpc3-broo2-0-0-cust711.renf.cable.ntl.com) has joined #boycottnovell Jan 18 16:43
seller_liar media and press sees fusions as a good thing/ Jan 18 16:43
schestowitz seller_liar: news… Jan 18 16:44
schestowitz MS’ investments in Comcast are moving. Jan 18 16:44
schestowitz This is related to Globo in Brazil. Jan 18 16:44
schestowitz http://www.iht.com/articles/ap/2009/01/17/… Jan 18 16:44
seller_liar it’s a good thing Jan 18 16:45
seller_liar m$ losing power Jan 18 16:45
seller_liar Comcast is a company in US which traffic -shape .Or not? Jan 18 16:47
schestowitz http://www.thespoof.com/news/spo… http://www.paidcontent.org/entry/419-google-lay… Jan 18 16:47
schestowitz http://online.wsj.com/article/SB1231978867… http://www.thestreet.com/story/10457992/1/microsoft-mu… Jan 18 16:47
schestowitz http://blogs.barrons.com/techtraderdaily/2009/0… http://www.eweek.com/c/a/Windows/Microsoft-Mul… Jan 18 16:47
seller_liar 5000 only? Jan 18 16:47
schestowitz http://blog.wired.com/games/2009/… Jan 18 16:48
seller_liar I was thinking in 7500 or 10000 Jan 18 16:48
schestowitz Optimistic analysts think so. Jan 18 16:48
schestowitz They could make it gradual and also lay off temps (not renew contracts) Jan 18 16:48
seller_liar schestowitz: damage control probably Jan 18 16:48
schestowitz When this is announced next week, we must amplify it Jan 18 16:48
seller_liar schestowitz: only 5000 but in fact can be 6000 or 8000 Jan 18 16:49
schestowitz It’s not often that you can show to the public that ‘omnipotent MS’ is a Big Lie Jan 18 16:49
schestowitz Explain this to your friends/family too… Jan 18 16:49
seller_liar schestowitz: probably 5000 can be 8 % of all workforce Jan 18 16:49
schestowitz They think Microsoft is rich, Gates is charitable and Windows is used by many because it’s the best option Jan 18 16:49
schestowitz Microsoft uses talking heads to perpetuate these myths Jan 18 16:50
schestowitz Right now it used its talking heads to do damage control and underplay the layoffs Jan 18 16:50
schestowitz It will try the same thing next week. Jan 18 16:50
schestowitz Excuses and the likes, diversion and distraction. You’ll see…. Jan 18 16:50
seller_liar schestowitz: Try to scan the next possible layoffs Jan 18 16:50
schestowitz Will do. Jan 18 16:51
seller_liar schestowitz: But it’s not so easy because m$ will send bit by bit Jan 18 16:51
seller_liar schestowitz: like 200 per month Jan 18 16:51
schestowitz Google Expected To See Slight Rise In 4Q Net Despite Economy <  http://online.wsj.com/article/BT-CO… > Jan 18 16:51
schestowitz Yes, but there are subsidiaries too Jan 18 16:52
schestowitz It’s complicated Jan 18 16:52
schestowitz http://www.informationweek.com/blog/ma… Jan 18 16:53
seller_liar schestowitz: COLA will be more free now Jan 18 16:53
schestowitz Hehe. yeah.. Jan 18 16:53
schestowitz Hopefully… Jan 18 16:53
schestowitz It’s already quieter Jan 18 16:53
seller_liar schestowitz: I don t like google, it’s a web sand castle Jan 18 16:53
schestowitz I’m going to do a good post on Mono Jan 18 16:54
seller_liar schestowitz: about what? Jan 18 16:54
seller_liar schestowitz: patents? api? Jan 18 16:54
schestowitz Google I don’t stand for or defend…. like IBM… just predatory giants knocking one another Jan 18 16:54
schestowitz It’s like being occupied by a nation that takes away your freedom Jan 18 16:54
schestowitz You’d rather be occupied by the US, not China… Jan 18 16:55
schestowitz Microsoft is China… it suppresses freedom very aggressively. Jan 18 16:55
schestowitz seller_liar: antitrust Jan 18 16:55
seller_liar schestowitz: I’m bit worried because google and ibm can absorb all m$ market Jan 18 16:56
seller_liar schestowitz: And the things will be worst Jan 18 16:56
schestowitz Are we supposed to be impressed by IBM? http://www.crn.com/it-channel/212900625 Jan 18 16:56
schestowitz seller_liar: I know. Jan 18 16:56
schestowitz Lotus is still proprietary. Jan 18 16:56
schestowitz I mailed them about it, but they’re like Microsoft. Jan 18 16:57
schestowitz “if you really want to /view/ source code, we can arrange that…” Jan 18 16:57
seller_liar schestowitz: Sun contributes a lot more than IBM despite your size Jan 18 16:57
schestowitz Yes. Jan 18 16:58
schestowitz Apple is the worst, bar MS Jan 18 16:58
seller_liar schestowitz: The most worst thins in actual system is the total dependency of high Jan 18 16:58
seller_liar productivity Jan 18 16:58
schestowitz People are now becoming more scared of WIndows: http://www.computerworld.com/action/article.do?comman… Jan 18 16:58
schestowitz seller_liar: I don’t follow. Can you rephrase pls? Jan 18 16:59
seller_liar A big problem in actual economical system is the complete dependency of big markets Jan 18 16:59
seller_liar seller_liar: lack of money distribution Jan 18 17:00
seller_liar schestowitz: lack of moneyu distribution Jan 18 17:00
twitter Hi all. Jan 18 17:00
schestowitz Apple suffered a lot from Jobs’ departure: http://www.marketwatch.com/news/story/apple-… Jan 18 17:01
schestowitz wb, twitter Jan 18 17:01
schestowitz seller_liar: yes, agreed. Jan 18 17:01
twitter It’s funny.  Bloomberg had a story about Apple shares falling the day before they fell. Jan 18 17:01
schestowitz After Weeks Of Gloomy Rumors, Microsoft To Report Earnings < http://online.wsj.com/article/BT-CO-200… > Jan 18 17:02
schestowitz twitter: maybe they fell two days in a row? Jan 18 17:02
twitter no.  The Bloomberg story ran the day Apple made it’s announcement.  The share price fell the next morning …. after all the doom and gloom stories. Jan 18 17:03
schestowitz tessier: http://www.tajikistannews.net/story/452441 (China censors websites in vulgarity crackdown) Jan 18 17:04
twitter can you actually get to that wsj article.  They’ve had the same teaser for days with different Google news headlines. Jan 18 17:04
twitter *? Jan 18 17:04
schestowitz Room for inside-trading at Apple Jan 18 17:04
schestowitz The FraudStreet is so manipulation-enabled; but it hadn’t crashes until recently. Jan 18 17:04
schestowitz twitter: I can’t, but BugMeNot might help Jan 18 17:05
twitter Google news’ tech section has also started picking up comments from Wintel articles – total astroturf and worse than Slashdot comments.  The place is spammed out. Jan 18 17:05
seller_liar schestowitz: RIAA vs mp3 guy will be live ! Jan 18 17:05
schestowitz Yeah, Dell is ‘very serious’ about ditching Microsoft.. very …. “Dell has acquired Allin’s Microsoft IT consulting business” http://www.zdnetasia.com/news/busine… Jan 18 17:06
twitter They said they were? Jan 18 17:06
schestowitz Google News is spammed Jan 18 17:06
twitter spammed badly. Jan 18 17:06
schestowitz I have some filters in Thunderbird to clean it up, deleting items from publications I hare Jan 18 17:06
schestowitz Sys-Con is a massive Google News spammer Jan 18 17:06
twitter I hope Google can fix themselves. Jan 18 17:07
schestowitz The accurate term if keyword stuffing I think. 2/3 of the page are just company names to stuff up the engine Jan 18 17:07
schestowitz Don’t worry, Google have 10,000 MSFTers to recruit from now… :-S Jan 18 17:08
twitter Have job cuts been announced? Jan 18 17:08
schestowitz Next week Jan 18 17:08
schestowitz I reckon MS gave WSJ a hint Jan 18 17:08
schestowitz This way it’s excpected Jan 18 17:08
schestowitz So when they announce poorer than expected results they’ll offer the ‘medicine’ Jan 18 17:09
twitter They gave everyone a hint and spammed it out so badly it will be hard to find the real story later. Jan 18 17:09
twitter They understand that a flood of lies is effective. Jan 18 17:10
schestowitz http://www.schaeffersresearch.com/commenta… “Today’s Early Edge includes restructuring news from Autodesk, Inc. (ADSK), rumored job cuts at Microsoft Corporation (MSFT), valuation concerns for Force Protection, Inc. (FRPT), and a cautiously bullish note for Delta Air Lines, Inc. (DAL). Read on to learn more about today Jan 18 17:10
schestowitz ‘s stocks on the move. Jan 18 17:10
schestowitz Jan 18 17:10
schestowitz Have they flooded Google with enough “Win7″ and “Linux killer” headline yet? Jan 18 17:11
schestowitz *lines Jan 18 17:11
twitter That’s another big spam. Jan 18 17:11
twitter They said things like that about Vista, didn’t they? Jan 18 17:12
schestowitz Yes, many times Jan 18 17:12
schestowitz They also spread this in forums Jan 18 17:12
schestowitz “Last nail on Linux’ coffin” was a popular phrase at the time (re: Vista) Jan 18 17:12
twitter Ed Bott promised Win 7 for July.  Freezing the market as best as they can. Jan 18 17:12
schestowitz 2010 is likely Jan 18 17:13
schestowitz It’s too buggy Jan 18 17:13
twitter Sure, but they keep bullshitting people in order to keep people from leaving. Jan 18 17:13
twitter If what I’ve seen is typical, people who go to Vista are as good as gone to them.  It’s still that buggy. Jan 18 17:15
schestowitz Write this in your book: TGdaily is MS propaganda site Jan 18 17:15
schestowitz Based on who writes there and what they publish Jan 18 17:15
twitter Vista 7 is not really going to be better. Jan 18 17:15
schestowitz Too much pro-MS stuff and Linux/Apple-hostile stuff Jan 18 17:15
schestowitz Intel, Cisco and Microsoft look to improve global education < http://www.tgdaily.com/content/v… > Jan 18 17:15
schestowitz EDGI Jan 18 17:15
schestowitz Vista 7 is going to be better than Vista. Jan 18 17:15
schestowitz But that’s not saying much. Jan 18 17:16
twitter it is Vista Jan 18 17:16
schestowitz +lipstick+hype (marketing) Jan 18 17:17
twitter Vista has improved but it’s still a mess of monthly and service patches, DRM, security flaws and all that. Jan 18 17:17
schestowitz They are trying to rally and prepare 3rd-party devs/ISVs Jan 18 17:17
twitter If you do what M$ tells you, it bricks itself. Jan 18 17:18
schestowitz This reminds me of the EDGI docs: http://www.vnunet.com/vnunet/news/2233779… Jan 18 17:19
schestowitz Look at this fluff… http://www.prnewswire.com/cgi-bin/stories.pl?… Jan 18 17:20
twitter The uptick if viruses and system failures is typical for a new Windows launch.  They want to destroy XP so that people will be forced to buy new computers.  It’s amazing they try to pull the same stunt in a recession. Jan 18 17:20
schestowitz Microsoft.. familiy… they play the same mental game with minority groups… part for the PR assault. Jan 18 17:20
*seller_liar has quit (“http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client”) Jan 18 17:20
twitter M$ may “win” Yahoo, but they can only do to it what they did to Hotmail. Jan 18 17:21
schestowitz Copying from Google again: Microsoft launches a policy blog  < http://www.prweekus.com/Microsoft-launches-… > Jan 18 17:23
twitter POS with windows?  There have been so many embarrassments there, how can they dare recommend more of the same? Jan 18 17:23
schestowitz Many UK ATMs runs Windows Jan 18 17:23
schestowitz The other day in the Metro, it was reported that an ATM had been giving people twice what they requested Jan 18 17:23
schestowitz It lasted for 6 hours Jan 18 17:24
schestowitz Microsoft tried telling people that it’s s*ware isn’t so bad.. http://www.zdnetasia.com/news/security/… “Microsoft: Phishing losses greatly over-estimated” Jan 18 17:27
schestowitz Next they blame the users for being “stupid”, not the programmer Jan 18 17:27
schestowitz Microsoft’s New Advertising Campaign: “It’s Everybody’s Business” http://www.designtaxi.com/news.jsp?id=… Jan 18 17:29
schestowitz It has occured to me that it would be good to start referring to Windows XP as “Windows 2001″ Jan 18 17:30
schestowitz This will raise awareness of how old and rusty Microsoft’s ‘best OS’ really is and encourage trying — say — Mandriva 2009 Jan 18 17:31
schestowitz Microsoft Spiraling < http://thedenveregotist.com/article/34… > Jan 18 17:31
twitter W2K+1 = XP Jan 18 17:40
twitter The “I’m minding Everyone’s Business” has Unlimited Potential. Jan 18 17:40
schestowitz It’s 2009 now, so calling Windows XP Win2001 would be useful Jan 18 17:40
twitter Yes. Jan 18 17:41
schestowitz Like saying, “you’re so yesterday” Jan 18 17:41
schestowitz I have Mandriva 2008.1 on this box (Spring) Jan 18 17:41
twitter 2001, a retro future oddity Jan 18 17:41
schestowitz Win7: “you’re so beta”; Vista: “even Seinfeld couldn’t take it anymore” Jan 18 17:42
schestowitz What the Eff… Is Wrong With Microsoft? < http://loot-ninja.com/2009/01/15/wha… > Jan 18 17:43
schestowitz VMware hiring ex-Microsoft execs; Marathon helps Citrix and now Microsoft with HA and FT < http://weblog.infoworld.com/virtualiza… > Jan 18 17:43
schestowitz It’s wrong. _EMC_ hies ex-Softies, VMware got tossed inside out (if that’s possible). Tucci is slimy suit. Jan 18 17:44
twitter Phishing, it’s all the media’s fault they say, ” stories of easy money may be encouraging a phishing “gold rush” effect”  Don’t tell the truth, it will only make things worse.  How pathetic. Jan 18 17:45
schestowitz Yes, I know. Jan 18 17:48
schestowitz Anyway, I’m off to the gym now. bbl Jan 18 17:48
twitter later Jan 18 17:48
trmanco http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a9fqlI9B6QU Jan 18 18:10
*tomka (n=tudor@tomka.hu) has left #boycottnovell Jan 18 18:19
twitter going to watch Jan 18 18:33
twitter M$ Death Watch updated with M$’s 1998 GNU/Linux awareness and 2002 Linux Panic Attack.  http://slashdot.org/~twitter/jour… Jan 18 18:34
twitter it’s lunch time, bbl Jan 18 18:34
twitter This stuff is hard to look at, http://cc.aljazeera.net/ Jan 18 18:50
twitter One interview summed it all up for me.  A woman without water and electricity pointed to her broken windows, wrecked walls and shrapnel. Jan 18 18:52
twitter Asked, “Do you blame Hamas for this?”  she answered, “No, it’s been the same since I was a little girl.  We are punished whoever is in power.” Jan 18 18:53
schestowitz The Wiki is coming along nicely. It’ll evolve and look good at the end. I’ll also link to Groklaw, Register, etc over time. Jan 18 19:46
schestowitz Circuit City clears shelves ahead of closure http://www.itwire.com/content/v… Jan 18 20:07
schestowitz Circuit City, I Won’t Miss You < http://www.pcworld.com/article/157925/cir… > Jan 18 20:08
*mib_0s09y6 (i=44e62112@gateway/web/ajax/mibbit.com/x-0bd7aa8a3cc786de) has joined #boycottnovell Jan 18 20:21
*mib_0s09y6 has quit (Client Quit) Jan 18 20:23
schestowitz http://www.stallman.org/archives/2008-nov-fe… “Many UK ISPs have censored part or all of the Internet Archive. The idea that the public should be “protected” from certain ideas is more dangerous than anything they try to “protect” us from.” Jan 18 20:32
schestowitz The third runway is the final betrayal < http://www.guardian.co.uk/commentisfree/2009/… > Jan 18 20:36
schestowitz SFLC: http://www.softwarefreedom.org/bl… (LGPL’ing of Qt Will Encourage More Software Freedom) Jan 18 20:57
tessier Final betrayel? Jan 18 23:18
tessier betrayal Jan 18 23:18
schestowitz Where? Jan 18 23:18
tessier <schestowitz> The third runway is the final betrayal < http://www.guardian.co.uk/commentisfree/20… > Jan 18 23:18
schestowitz Oh, *that* Jan 18 23:18
tessier What do you mean? Jan 18 23:19
schestowitz Global warming ignored by the Clown regime Jan 18 23:19
schestowitz There is also Internet censorship in Germany now. Jan 18 23:19
tessier Another runway will cause global warming? Jan 18 23:19
schestowitz That’s what they say….. Jan 18 23:19
schestowitz Erosion of rights either way, re: Germany Jan 18 23:20
tessier INdeed Jan 18 23:20
schestowitz Thanks for this pointer BTW: http://boycottnovell.com/2009/01/18/as… Jan 18 23:20
schestowitz I’m doing many posts now Jan 18 23:20
tessier You’re welcome Jan 18 23:21
*tessier downloads Fedora 10 and hopes to finally reinstall his desktop today Jan 18 23:21
tessier Making and verifying backups now. Jan 18 23:21
schestowitz F10 got decent reviews Jan 18 23:22
schestowitz F9 was a mess based on what I read at the time Jan 18 23:22
schestowitz MS sued: http://boycottnovell.com/2009/01/18/mi… Jan 18 23:22
twitter I still don’t follow the logic behind lgpl of QT.  QT and the OS are free now, how is moving to the lgpl and encouraging proprietary stuff on top of it supposed to make QT “community developed”? Jan 18 23:53
MinceR it means Qt remains just as useful even without Nokia Jan 18 23:54
MinceR commercial developers can improve Qt knowing that they get to keep using it even if Nokia goes under Jan 18 23:55
schestowitz But.. but… Nokia is in Finland (up north) Jan 18 23:57
MinceR lol Jan 18 23:57
schestowitz twitter: you’ll love this video. Jan 18 23:57
MinceR making Qt LGPL was IMO a necessary step for it to compete with GTK Jan 18 23:57
schestowitz I stilll proofread it though: http://boycottnovell.com/2009/01/… Jan 18 23:58
*r0ver (n=r0ver@ has joined #boycottnovell Jan 18 23:58
MinceR restricting who can use a GUI toolkit means your GUI environment will by necessity be non-uniform, which is bad in a usability sense Jan 18 23:59
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