IRC: #boycottnovell @ FreeNode: March 2nd, 2009 – Part 1

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tessier So MS patented using a general purpose computer in a car with an internet connection. Gee. Mar 02 00:02
balzac hello Mar 02 00:11
balzac Microsoft’s megalomania is starting to turn into a liability, I think. Mar 02 00:12
balzac Frivolis patent claims, intimidation, coercion… Mar 02 00:12
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schestowitz Hey Mar 02 00:14
balzac Maybe a backlash is growing because after all these years of abuse, people have a chance to get back at MS. Mar 02 00:14
schestowitz Yes, it’s pretty bad. Mar 02 00:14
schestowitz I’m doing a post about their fight against Google as well. Mar 02 00:14
schestowitz Similarly ugly. Mar 02 00:14
schestowitz But Google does not represent freedom, thus no attack on freedom per se Mar 02 00:14
balzac It reminds me of how the Republicans are finally suffering as a political party after all these decades of abuse. Mar 02 00:15
balzac Google has a growing reputation problem. Mar 02 00:16
twitter 5 M$ posts, that will be fun. Mar 02 00:16
twitter I think you are right, balzac Mar 02 00:16
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balzac Their refusal to host any AGPL-licensed projects is a signal of a clear ideological rift from free software advocates. Mar 02 00:17
twitter it’s more than knifing everyone else in the industry though.  they have also failed in every way possible – technical and financial. Mar 02 00:17
balzac Android is Linux. Other than embedded Linux, Android is the largest deployment of Linux without GNU that has ever happened. Mar 02 00:17
balzac But it’s for users, and there’s all this speculation about netbooks with Android. Mar 02 00:18
twitter their idiot beliefs are like Hitler’s raging in his bunker, wrong, empty and worthless Mar 02 00:18
balzac Who wants a crippled, neutered, Linux without GNU? Mar 02 00:18
twitter no one Mar 02 00:18
balzac I can see why you don’t bother with GNU when it’s embedded linux because it has no user, and thus no utilities. Mar 02 00:19
twitter others will offer better Mar 02 00:19
twitter without GNU, what can you do? Mar 02 00:19
balzac But Android on netbooks? Get real. GNU is disruptive technology, not Linux. Mar 02 00:19
twitter no find, grep, tar, cp, mv, no gnu is no system Mar 02 00:19
twitter Google will get on board with freedom or others will replace them. Mar 02 00:21
balzac exactly Mar 02 00:21
balzac The founders of Google got very lucky and hit the jackpot, much like Bill Gates with his dos-licensing deal. After that, it was all down-hill for him. Mar 02 00:22
twitter the main problems remain the old ones, telcos and broadcasters and big publishers Mar 02 00:22
balzac Likewise, Google had the early-mover advantage as the top search engine, and it has been down hill since then. Mar 02 00:23
twitter If Google violates user freedom for them, it won’t go well for them. Mar 02 00:23
twitter I’m not sure they have to.  If they set up on open spectrum, there won’t be a reason to cripple Android. Mar 02 00:23
balzac Why are people still paying $100/month for phone service? Mar 02 00:24
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balzac twitter: that’s a valid point Mar 02 00:24
twitter Because government auctioned spectrum to a few slavish companies as a means of collecting lots of money. Mar 02 00:24
balzac these telecommunications companies are more gate-keepers than anything else. Mar 02 00:24
twitter government monopolies Mar 02 00:25
balzac They need to get torn the F up Mar 02 00:25
twitter Google has worked to liberate “white space” in the US, unused TV spectrum. Mar 02 00:25
twitter the process is moving slowly, but use should be about a year away now. Mar 02 00:25
twitter If they do nothing but enable people to get unrestricted wireless, they think they can gain about 20% in search ad revenue. Mar 02 00:26
balzac that’s a very important factor, that Google is pitted by its own DNA against these telecommunications companies that want to keep bandwidth to a minimum, because blocking content is more profitable than letting it through. Mar 02 00:26
twitter Google’s model is based on availability Mar 02 00:27
balzac for now Mar 02 00:27
twitter old publishers are dying now as advertisers realize that only old people bother with their inadequate content Mar 02 00:27
tessier balzac: Android involves no GNU software? Mar 02 00:28
balzac but Google also accomodates governments by censoring content, thereby getting into the business of denial of services, not services. Mar 02 00:28
balzac tessier: it lacks the GNU user space Mar 02 00:28
twitter Yes, censorship is disturbing. Mar 02 00:28
tessier Interesting. So what does it do/have? Mar 02 00:28
balzac There’s a guy who is putting debian onto the G1 Mar 02 00:28
twitter cool Mar 02 00:28
balzac well, I encountered some amount of negative feedback when I brought up that effort. Mar 02 00:29
balzac It’s not like there would be a concerted effort in putting debian onto the G1 if there were already a proper GNU/Linux on it. Mar 02 00:29
balzac But they left a vacuum of software capabilities and user freedom. Mar 02 00:30
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balzac It’s just like so many other companies that want you to get all excited to be a developer for them, but then they give you toys instead of tools. Mar 02 00:30
balzac Oh well, Google has to deal with the telecommunications companies. Mar 02 00:31
balzac Google cannot afford to be too hostile to those who control the choke-points on the network. Mar 02 00:32
twitter unless they build an alternate network. Mar 02 00:32
balzac exactly what must happen Mar 02 00:32
twitter old broadcasters must see this Mar 02 00:33
balzac I was suggesting some days ago that if I had 1% of the GDP of any given country, I could make arrangements for free broadband for everyone and free telephony. Mar 02 00:33
balzac why the F am I paying $100/month for telephone? How can these scoundrels get away with charging people for text messages? Mar 02 00:34
balzac How can they get away with the hour of network latency for a message under 40 bytes? Mar 02 00:34
twitter they think they have a captive audience, and to a small extent they do Mar 02 00:35
balzac It should not be forgotten how these companies have tried to bottle us all up for so many years. Mar 02 00:35
twitter old people are brainwashed Mar 02 00:36
balzac The broadcast giants, the content conglomerates are to blame. Mar 02 00:36
twitter they don’t understand the restrictions placed on them Mar 02 00:36
balzac So much dark fiber is not brought online, just to deprive us of bandwidth Mar 02 00:36
twitter gotta go for a while Mar 02 00:36
balzac ok, ttyl Mar 02 00:37
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Balrog content conglomerates are to blame for a lot of things Mar 02 00:48
schestowitz Since the 20s at least Mar 02 00:50
schestowitz They recruited spinners Mar 02 00:50
Balrog yeah. Mar 02 00:52
Balrog so I got a Buffalo linux-based NAS today Mar 02 00:53
Balrog at circuit city with a 70% discount Mar 02 00:53
Balrog updating the firmware was terribly difficult Mar 02 00:53
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schestowitz 70%? Wow. Mar 02 01:07
balzac Mark Shuttleworth gives a video interview: http://video.golem.de/desktop-applikationen/187… Mar 02 01:15
balzac http://video.golem.de/desktop-applikat… Mar 02 01:15
balzac “We are our own worst enemy” is the title Mar 02 01:16
balzac He says “free software” rather than “open source” during the course of the interview. Mar 02 01:17
balzac He also says “Linux” rather than “GNU/Linux”. The first mention of Linux he has a brief hesitation. Mar 02 01:17
balzac It was a good interview. He is an effective speaker and he’s good at leadership. Mar 02 01:19
balzac I don’t agree with the point he’s trying to make. Mar 02 01:20
Balrog yeah, circuit city is closing within a week Mar 02 01:20
balzac It’s cheap and easy for leaders to say something like “we’re all to blame”. Mar 02 01:20
schestowitz Balrog: agreed. I posted this first part in one of the links digests last wek. Mar 02 01:22
schestowitz Balrog: good riddance. They never cared much about things like Linux. Small shops will hopefully benefit at the expense of these number-fudging monopolies. Mar 02 01:23
schestowitz Somehow I doubt it’ll change for the better. Wal-mart can sweep up some of these dead businesses and turn marketing in the US into — effectively — communism. Mar 02 01:23
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schestowitz WTF http://www.theage.com.au/news/digital-life/la… Mar 02 01:36
schestowitz Google Deletes Blogger Posts http://www.webpronews.com/topnews/2009… It doesn’t say it was an astroturfer Mar 02 01:42
schestowitz http://wiki.dennyhalim.com/ubuntu… Mar 02 01:46
schestowitz Why No More 9/11s? < http://www.slate.com/id/2208971/ > Mar 02 02:13
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schestowitz Those idiots are citing Microsoft shills studies: http://www.processor.com/editorial/…  (Burton got rewarded by Microsoft for this attack on ODF) Mar 02 02:16
schestowitz “As technology pundits frequently observe, the trouble with standards is there are so many to choose from, and the battle over office file formats proves the adage. The OpenDocument Format, or ODF, was the first entrant into the standards arena, initially proposed in 2002 and ratified by the OASIS consortium in 2005. ODF was developed outside of Microsoft’s influence and ignored in the company’s products. When some organization Mar 02 02:17
schestowitz s, most notably the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, proposed adopting ODF, Andrew Updegrove, a partner at Gesmer Updegrove and expert on the standards process, says Microsoft perceived a threat to its dominant position in productivity software and attempted to undermine it.Updegrove says Microsoft undertook an extensive lobbying campaign to reverse the Massachusetts decision while simultaneously developing its own competing XML-base Mar 02 02:17
schestowitz d document format, Office Open XML, or OOXML—subsequently introduced in Office 2007.” Mar 02 02:17
schestowitz Suntel selects IBM Lotus unified communications and collaboration software to help Employees work together < http://www.dailymirror.lk/DM_BLOG/Secti… > Mar 02 02:18
schestowitz Over 50% of the visitors to BN today were Linux users. Mar 02 02:23
schestowitz 50% use Firefox 3.0.6 Mar 02 02:23
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balzac nice statistics Mar 02 02:25
balzac FF is the most rapidly-eroding and critical of Microsoft’s pillars Mar 02 02:25
balzac wait Mar 02 02:26
balzac IE Mar 02 02:26
balzac That’s Microsoft’s “window” to the web. And with Firefox taking over there, that’s a huge blow to MS. Mar 02 02:26
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schestowitz http://scienceblogs.com/pharyngula/2009… Mar 02 02:29
schestowitz IE is only at around 10% in BN Mar 02 02:29
balzac http://www.google.com/url?sa=U&start=2&am… Mar 02 02:31
balzac bug porn Mar 02 02:31
schestowitz This must be colour-enhanced: http://www.flickr.com/photos/rlopez… Mar 02 02:31
balzac dang what an ugly URL that was Mar 02 02:31
balzac Those 10% IE users are Microsoft employees worrying about the viability of their employer. Mar 02 02:33
schestowitz I’d rather se bug pr0n than see creatures like Ballmer shaking someone’s ahnd. Mar 02 02:33
balzac Ballmer doesn’t care what you’d like. He’d shake hands with satan to make you watch bug-porn in .WMV Mar 02 02:33
schestowitz balzac: we had about 3000 people or much more coming to BN after searching for info on MS layoffs Mar 02 02:34
balzac nice Mar 02 02:34
schestowitz They didn’t like it Mar 02 02:34
schestowitz We’re #1 results for many MS layoff-related queries Mar 02 02:34
schestowitz Hmm… not anymore. Not since it actually happened anyway Mar 02 02:35
balzac Well, I hope MS crashes like an accounting scandal. Mar 02 02:37
balzac I want it to lose value so rapidly that people are bewildered. Mar 02 02:37
schestowitz I think we’ll make Digg’s front page tonight. It looks like it Mar 02 02:38
balzac The war drums are pounding Mar 02 02:38
schestowitz Stats are no longer comparable because of Coral but we’re growing, so I carry on. Mar 02 02:38
schestowitz balzac: I fear it’s the real war drums.. and it could be nuclear Mar 02 02:39
balzac “Looks like meat’s back on the menu, boys!” Mar 02 02:40
balzac \ Mar 02 02:40
balzac what r u talking about? Mar 02 02:40
schestowitz Looking at the Great Depression as a reference example, it seems like trouble is ahead Mar 02 02:40
balzac this is a different era Mar 02 02:41
schestowitz How so? Mar 02 02:41
balzac it’s a digital age Mar 02 02:41
schestowitz How much (many times) bigger has the world’s population grown since? Mar 02 02:41
balzac back in those days, catastrophes could be so much bigger because the world seemed so much bigger in the absence of electronic media. Mar 02 02:41
schestowitz balzac: it’s digital only to about 20% Mar 02 02:41
balzac more people, less violence Mar 02 02:41
schestowitz Actually, let me get some numbers Mar 02 02:42
schestowitz I’m curious Mar 02 02:42
balzac Now we’ve got a relatively benevolent leader in the oval office. Mar 02 02:42
schestowitz http://s482.photobucket.com/albums/rr184/cd… Mar 02 02:42
schestowitz Whao. As I imagined… Mar 02 02:43
schestowitz We DOUBLED in 40 years Mar 02 02:43
balzac that trend will have to reach a plateau very soon Mar 02 02:43
schestowitz Assuming all people are paired to make families, then for 3 kids per couple you get a growth of 150% per generation (about 25 years) Mar 02 02:44
balzac It’ll require free universal broadband and telephones so everyone can be informed on birth control and population problems. Mar 02 02:44
schestowitz So in a century you’d get growth by a factor of 1.5^4 Mar 02 02:44
balzac and free condoms Mar 02 02:44
schestowitz balzac: plateau how? Mar 02 02:44
schestowitz Hunger? Mar 02 02:44
schestowitz War? Mar 02 02:44
balzac education Mar 02 02:44
balzac socialization of critical resources Mar 02 02:44
schestowitz It’s against human instincts to adopt birth control Mar 02 02:44
schestowitz Against religion too Mar 02 02:44
schestowitz Religion encourages breeding Mar 02 02:45
balzac yeah, well people need to get online and get informed Mar 02 02:45
schestowitz It’s considered a blessing to spread the Mar 02 02:45
schestowitz People won’t stop until it’s stressful Mar 02 02:45
schestowitz Like in CHina Mar 02 02:45
schestowitz They’ll cut down trees and eat every edible bug Mar 02 02:45
balzac it’s stressful Mar 02 02:45
schestowitz It’s the same with pollution Mar 02 02:45
balzac yeah, well it has been that way up until now Mar 02 02:46
balzac but it can change Mar 02 02:46
schestowitz Only when people feel the pinch (like Katrina) will they consider controlling birth rates and such Mar 02 02:46
balzac there is a generation of morons. Mar 02 02:46
schestowitz Even then they depend on all human kind accpeting action at the same time Mar 02 02:46
schestowitz We share an atmosphere Mar 02 02:46
schestowitz Same with water, food, fish.. Mar 02 02:46
balzac All it takes is to thoroughly punish certain people, such as war-criminals like Bush and Cheney. Mar 02 02:47
schestowitz It seems like there were about 1 billlion people just a century ago Mar 02 02:47
balzac one war criminal can do so much damage Mar 02 02:47
schestowitz Now we ruin for lumber, animals go extinct, the earth produce even MORE pollution PER person… airplanes, multiple cars, etc. Mar 02 02:47
balzac it’s like we’re all trapped inside an elevator – one guy wants to dance wildly, throwing elbows and knees. Mar 02 02:48
balzac he needs a beat down Mar 02 02:48
schestowitz balzac: it’s not just those two dunces. The Pentagon assisted and maybe assisted them Mar 02 02:48
balzac but you don’t want a melee inside an elevator, so it will take a good sharp blow to settle it Mar 02 02:48
schestowitz This is state violence, not the mischief of two persons. Mar 02 02:48
schestowitz Let me find a video Mar 02 02:49
schestowitz http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=urpHTbL5frw Mar 02 02:49
balzac roy, you can’t deal with every single person who was a part of it Mar 02 02:49
balzac you’ve got to go after the figure head. That’s why it’s more important to nail Bush than Cheney. Mar 02 02:50
balzac it’s more symbolic Mar 02 02:50
schestowitz You know, the other villains are still in power Mar 02 02:50
schestowitz You don’t get to elect or demote them Mar 02 02:50
schestowitz Aren’t people like Rahm Emannuel still in house? Mar 02 02:50
schestowitz Aren’t the same crokks who led to this Depression still managing the US economy? Mar 02 02:51
balzac yeah, but still, the worst villains are now citizens again Mar 02 02:51
balzac and they’re vulnerable to prosecution Mar 02 02:52
schestowitz Sam links to the plagiarised page: http://ostatic.com/blog/ostat… Mar 02 02:52
balzac Rahm Emannuel has some bad karma to clear up. Mar 02 02:52
schestowitz Carla put it in LinuxToday, which put it in more places. The original author contacted me so that I change the link Mar 02 02:52
schestowitz The civilians suffer in the shadow of state power Mar 02 02:53
schestowitz But countries and populations are separate things Mar 02 02:53
schestowitz State is power.. it deceives people for votes and pseudo-elections in _some_ cases, so the population has no effect Mar 02 02:54
schestowitz Public opinion differs widely from state policy Mar 02 02:54
schestowitz And that’s DESPITE the brainwash that’s imposed upon them to increase levels of consent and combat dissidence be peer Mar 02 02:54
schestowitz *by Mar 02 02:54
balzac the broadcast media is a big problem Mar 02 02:55
balzac the bandwidth of TV and radio needs to be consumed for the internet Mar 02 02:55
schestowitz Yuck. http://mobile.slashdot.org/article.p… Mar 02 02:56
schestowitz Why do they give room for PR from this MS bastard child that make blobs to analyse /real/ FOSS? Mar 02 02:56
schestowitz balzac: don’t expect the likes of Murdoch to permit this Mar 02 02:57
schestowitz IIRC, he was responsible for screwing UK broadband Mar 02 02:57
schestowitz This stifles Web video in the UK (pipes not fat enough) Mar 02 02:57
schestowitz So people are left to pay extra, suffer lag, stick with low res, or…. watch Murdoch’s propaganda 24/7. Mar 02 02:58
balzac Murdoch recently apologized after the NY Post cartoonist compared Obama to a crazed chimpanzee that was shot. Mar 02 03:00
balzac Murdoch apologized in order to keep his hand-picked editor in place. Mar 02 03:00
balzac something had to give Mar 02 03:01
balzac so he can be made to sing a different tune if he has his balls in a vise Mar 02 03:01
schestowitz Novell is finished: http://ostatic.com/blog/novells-… (Novell’s Earnings Down–Linux Business Disappoints) Mar 02 03:01
balzac broadband in England, Ireland and Australia has been supressed Mar 02 03:02
balzac and the US Mar 02 03:02
schestowitz Novell did it to itself though, nothing to do with BN. It went to Uncle Fester to be molested for candy Mar 02 03:02
balzac heheh Mar 02 03:02
schestowitz Some poor businesses chose SUSE Mar 02 03:03
balzac Sad for them. Mar 02 03:03
schestowitz Ah well… migration to Debian should be easy. Tell the CIO and CEO about that dude called Leeeeeny. Mar 02 03:03
schestowitz Poor benJIman spent his time helping kite SUSE Mar 02 03:04
balzac The Sprint CEO had to eat crow Mar 02 03:04
balzac http://phandroid.com/2009/02/20/sp… Mar 02 03:04
balzac I read that GNU/Linux is up %50 in financial services companies Mar 02 03:05
twitter was benJiman more than a mouthpiece? Mar 02 03:05
balzac and not just mixed-source, but gratis GNU/Linux Mar 02 03:05
schestowitz I don’t know. Mr. Weber is more to do with OpenSUSE though. Mar 02 03:05
schestowitz They ought to make a good distro out of OpenSUSE. Mar 02 03:06
balzac I don’t know much about them Mar 02 03:06
schestowitz Let Novell do with SUSE what it want to do with it… maybe branch from RHEL. Mar 02 03:06
balzac well, first the need to purge everything to do with mono Mar 02 03:06
schestowitz From OpenSUSE? Mar 02 03:06
schestowitz It’s hard Mar 02 03:06
schestowitz Sam tried Mar 02 03:06
schestowitz http://www.itwire.com/content/v… Mar 02 03:07
balzac OpenSUSE is probably defunct as a distro Mar 02 03:07
balzac They would have to change a lot to get the smell of Ballmer’s sweat off their distro. Mar 02 03:08
balzac They got tea-bagged Mar 02 03:08
schestowitz I never heard it used a verb Mar 02 03:09
twitter Here’s a teabag from the ostatic article, ” Novell’s best course of action is to become less reliant on Microsoft with its Linux business, and to steady its dependency on erratic striking of new deals. This isn’t a good economy for new deals.” Mar 02 03:09
twitter “tea bagging” is an odd form of homo-erotic FPS celebration of victory. Mar 02 03:10
schestowitz twitter: it won’t happen Mar 02 03:11
schestowitz Novell is too deep it in. Mar 02 03:11
schestowitz OpenSUSE ain’t Mar 02 03:11
twitter it has been practiced a few times in meat space for American football teams, that kind of thing. Mar 02 03:11
schestowitz The developers are now being wooed by Red Hat Mar 02 03:11
schestowitz Shuttleworth tried to scoop them up 2 years ago Mar 02 03:12
twitter Novell is toast.  They drank M$ koolaid. Mar 02 03:12
schestowitz http://www.markshuttleworth.com… Mar 02 03:12
twitter Shuttleworth could buy the whole company soon, if it were not mired in M$ contracts. Mar 02 03:12
schestowitz No, he can’t Mar 02 03:12
twitter better to buy the developers as Novell goes down the M$ toilet. Mar 02 03:12
schestowitz He doesn’t have so much… maybe tens of millions Mar 02 03:13
schestowitz Novell is expensive… over a billiob Mar 02 03:13
twitter what makes you think Novell will be worth more than that soon? Mar 02 03:13
schestowitz And it’s lots of proprietary junk like NetWare and software patents (portfolio) Mar 02 03:13
twitter patents are fools gold Mar 02 03:13
schestowitz Not in the eyes on fools Mar 02 03:13
twitter Netware has a revenue, that’s worth something. Mar 02 03:14
schestowitz I.e. ‘investors’ Mar 02 03:14
schestowitz Dwindling revenue Mar 02 03:14
twitter dwindling is better than none Mar 02 03:14
schestowitz Xandros is probably dying too Mar 02 03:14
schestowitz It had some ARM PR because of some Freescale deal Mar 02 03:14
schestowitz But its ASUS gig is pretty much over Mar 02 03:15
twitter the company is worth at least the revenues less the cost to maintain the assets Mar 02 03:15
schestowitz ASUS got the MS-cenrtified sticker glued to its butt Mar 02 03:15
schestowitz Freudian typo there.. Mar 02 03:15
twitter you misspelled rammed up Mar 02 03:15
schestowitz Xandros can’t be happy right now, so I doubt it’s very ‘gay’ ATM Mar 02 03:16
twitter M$ based netbooks are going to tank like Vista computers did – retailers have been channel stuffed. Mar 02 03:16
schestowitz Just “stuffed” Mar 02 03:17
schestowitz Like a rooster Mar 02 03:17
twitter Everywhere I go, I see XP netbooks and wonder who would buy such crap. Mar 02 03:17
twitter $350, underpowered XP laptop. Mar 02 03:17
twitter what a bad joke. Mar 02 03:17
balzac ick Mar 02 03:17
schestowitz Xandros = Lnspire +Xandros Mar 02 03:18
schestowitz Two birds, one stone Mar 02 03:18
schestowitz Turbolinux seems already dead Mar 02 03:18
schestowitz it’s virtually non-existent, not even in Asian press Mar 02 03:18
twitter ASUS is not gay, they have been raped. Mar 02 03:18
balzac ESR really showed his mettle with the Lindows/Linspire/Freespire saga Mar 02 03:18
schestowitz I see their feed with occasional Japanese or Chinese stuff, but it’s rare Mar 02 03:18
schestowitz Also do Google Trend query on “turbolinux” Mar 02 03:18
schestowitz            > <twitter> ASUS is not gay, they have been raped. Mar 02 03:19
schestowitz So that makes Microsoft gay Mar 02 03:19
balzac well… let’s not bring sexual orientation into it Mar 02 03:19
twitter No, just vicious. Mar 02 03:19
schestowitz OK. Mar 02 03:19
twitter there’s no orientation to rape, it’s about humiliation. Mar 02 03:20
balzac Asus made some bad deals with MS Mar 02 03:20
twitter Any netbook maker that drank XP koolaid made a bad deal. Mar 02 03:21
balzac Ballmer’s bag has been making the rounds. Mar 02 03:21
balzac It’s harder for hardware companies to fend off the bag. Mar 02 03:21
twitter I don’t know why Mar 02 03:21
twitter What does M$ have to offer? Mar 02 03:21
balzac it’s not the carrot, it’s the stick Mar 02 03:21
schestowitz Kickbacks Mar 02 03:21
schestowitz Partnerships Mar 02 03:21
schestowitz Promises Mar 02 03:21
balzac threats Mar 02 03:21
schestowitz “You drop Linux, we make you Gold partner” Mar 02 03:21
twitter Nah, balzac is right, they threaten. Mar 02 03:22
schestowitz That too Mar 02 03:22
schestowitz They threatened Dell Mar 02 03:22
schestowitz They still do, AFAIK Mar 02 03:22
twitter you drop Linux or we break your hardware. Mar 02 03:22
schestowitz That’s why it’s called MafiaSoft Mar 02 03:22
schestowitz Or MugabeSoft Mar 02 03:22
schestowitz twitter: no, they use margins as bargain Mar 02 03:22
schestowitz “You add Linux, then forget about mass discounts on Vista” Mar 02 03:22
schestowitz Exotrtion Mar 02 03:23
twitter that would only work if people were buying Vista. Mar 02 03:23
schestowitz They used such blackmail for OOXML too Mar 02 03:23
twitter it is easier for them to threaten to do what they did to Intel graphics, for example. Mar 02 03:23
schestowitz twitter: people buy computers. Vista is saddled onto it Mar 02 03:23
schestowitz This means that cost of h/w depends on MS tax Mar 02 03:23
twitter people are not buying many computers. Mar 02 03:23
schestowitz I need to do the Comes Mar 02 03:23
schestowitz Some docs show the predatory OEM deals Mar 02 03:24
schestowitz Very long documents… the whole contract… highly confidential Mar 02 03:24
balzac MugabeSoft Mar 02 03:24
schestowitz People need to be shown (with snippets) what they do there. Mar 02 03:24
balzac hehe Mar 02 03:24
twitter those deals are predatory, but the threat of breaking hardware looms larger when sales are down. Mar 02 03:24
schestowitz Like forcing the OEMs to put IE on the desktop and not Netscape Mar 02 03:24
twitter imagine next patch tuesday breaking all of a particular mother board Mar 02 03:25
schestowitz They extort them to turn them all into marionettes of BillG and SweatyB Mar 02 03:25
twitter Intel did not make the world’s best video hardware, but it should have been more than enough for Vista’s feeble effects. Mar 02 03:25
schestowitz SP1 of Vista broke H-P machines with AMD processors. Mar 02 03:26
schestowitz Or maybe it was an update which did this. I think it was either one. Mar 02 03:26
twitter That is the stick they carry now. Mar 02 03:26
schestowitz Intel are criminals Mar 02 03:26
schestowitz Don’t feed them. Mar 02 03:26
schestowitz Let them due in peace :-) Mar 02 03:26
twitter AMD are in the M$ dog house now because of their work releasing ATI graphic docs Mar 02 03:27
twitter just as Intel was in the M$ dog house for gcc and graphics work Mar 02 03:27
schestowitz They still make processors that are good enough for ANY Linux Mar 02 03:27
schestowitz GNU/:Linux can actually use over 3.2GB of RAM although it never requires it Mar 02 03:28
twitter AMD makes better processors than Intel and has since PIII Mar 02 03:28
*schestowitz uses an AMD PC. Mar 02 03:28
schestowitz I wouldn’t touch the Dell machines Mar 02 03:28
twitter M$ punished both AMD and Intel.  How long do you think they can really control OEMs? Mar 02 03:29
schestowitz They offer no AMD and SURPRISE SURPRISE…. Intel bribed them $1 billion per year to do that Mar 02 03:29
schestowitz Did anyone go to prison? Mar 02 03:29
schestowitz Did investtor get compensated? Mar 02 03:29
schestowitz No. Mar 02 03:29
schestowitz Fat sticking -executives- criminals let it slide Mar 02 03:29
schestowitz SEC and FTC eat doughnuts through their nostrils for fun… Mar 02 03:29
twitter I used a Dell for some work a couple of years ago.  It was surprisingly fast.  I have a smaller AMD based machine that’s better for myself. Mar 02 03:30
schestowitz FCC should be dismantled Mar 02 03:30
schestowitz FTC and SEC likewise Mar 02 03:30
schestowitz They are a disgrace Mar 02 03:30
twitter there will be changes when people figure out how fucked they are. Mar 02 03:30
schestowitz Same with the Commision Mar 02 03:30
twitter gotta go sleep now, nice chatting. Mar 02 03:30
schestowitz twitter: which people Mar 02 03:30
schestowitz The rich politicians? Mar 02 03:30
twitter We, the People. Mar 02 03:31
balzac later twitter Mar 02 03:31
schestowitz Or those who come out to the streets with signs (if not Molotov cocktails) Mar 02 03:31
twitter good night Mar 02 03:31
schestowitz What people…? Mar 02 03:31
schestowitz They keep em all divided Mar 02 03:31
twitter everyone! Mar 02 03:31
schestowitz They create internal friction Mar 02 03:31
schestowitz Which is easy in the US because of interraciality in society Mar 02 03:32
balzac Roy, I’ve been floating the idea that people can substitute “ethnicity” instead of “race”. Mar 02 03:32
balzac race is a strong word. I don’t think it applies to people as much as the word ethnicity. Mar 02 03:33
schestowitz If people yell at the government’s villians (those who cashed in by looting or ruining the country… like Cheneburton), then anger is deflected towards {China|Russians||Arabs} or to internal conflicts.. like {blacks|homeless|drugged people|immigrants} Mar 02 03:33
schestowitz balzac: true, I’ll remember that Mar 02 03:34
schestowitz “Meet the anti-ubuntu.” http://community.nesn.com/blogs/eric_ortiz/… Mar 02 03:35
balzac well, those old politics are left for racist demagogues like Lush Limpbaugh Mar 02 03:36
schestowitz I was expecting to see a photo of American politicians Mar 02 03:36
balzac we’re not going to see Obama try to blame some ethnic group for social ills Mar 02 03:36
balzac Even Clinton was not immune to pandering Mar 02 03:36
balzac with his “sister souljah” rebuke Mar 02 03:37
balzac as if she even needed to be mentioned by the president Mar 02 03:37
schestowitz Did he say that? Mar 02 03:38
schestowitz BTW, FSDaily is back in Biz Mar 02 03:39
balzac Obama’s pick of Rahm Emannuel may have been a smart decision, because it helps bridge to the israeli right wing, which can’t actually be ignored Mar 02 03:39
balzac cool, I really like FSDaily Mar 02 03:39
schestowitz Obama needs to please logic, not fanatics Mar 02 03:39
balzac Bill Clinton chided Sister Souljah about something which was not worthy of mention Mar 02 03:40
balzac Well, Roy, I know from experience, you can’t be too direct about getting goals accomplished Mar 02 03:40
schestowitz http://talkback.zdnet.com/5208-10535-0.html?forumID=1… Mar 02 03:41
balzac I don’t know how many times I’ve isolated myself through bad strategy Mar 02 03:41
schestowitz Goal of what? Being elected with PR? Mar 02 03:41
balzac ultimately, those social politics people like us would prefer to ignore cannot be ignored. Mar 02 03:41
balzac Those who are in a hurry to get from point a to point b without paying attention to the people who are obstructing path are going nowhere fast. Mar 02 03:44
balzac even if it’s people who aren’t fully aware of their surroundings, especially them Mar 02 03:45
balzac The bottom line is that politics as we know them are obsolete Mar 02 03:45
balzac The Republican party is more of a public mental health crisis than a political party Mar 02 03:46
balzac they just have nothing but a collection of neurosis and personality disorders Mar 02 03:46
schestowitz It’s similar Mar 02 03:46
schestowitz Same party, different faction Mar 02 03:46
schestowitz You always vote for an elite party (unless you vote for Nader or something) Mar 02 03:47
schestowitz The question is, /which/ elite party Mar 02 03:47
balzac power is not the problem, it’s fools in power which create problems Mar 02 03:47
schestowitz What do you mean by power? Mar 02 03:48
schestowitz President Mar 02 03:48
schestowitz VP? Mar 02 03:48
schestowitz Or the hundreds in the Pentagin? Mar 02 03:48
*stuffcorpse has quit (“leaving”) Mar 02 03:48
schestowitz Or the hundreds of companies that fund the parties and expect favours to be returned? Mar 02 03:48
balzac generally speaking, just because some group is in power, doesn’t mean they’re totally corrupt Mar 02 03:49
schestowitz If those in power are fools, then too bad… you can’t take their power away Mar 02 03:49
schestowitz You can’t impeach GM Mar 02 03:49
schestowitz You can’t impeach Murdoch Mar 02 03:49
balzac I’m pretty happy about the new CIA Director Mar 02 03:49
balzac Leon Panetta Mar 02 03:49
balzac I didn’t expect to have a president whom I actually think has good intentions, nor did I expect to have a CIA director who was benevolent Mar 02 03:51
balzac two years ago, that is Mar 02 03:51
schestowitz I’m sure they think they serve the public Mar 02 03:51
schestowitz Like corrupt reporters Mar 02 03:51
schestowitz That’s the beauty of indoctronation and selection. Mar 02 03:52
schestowitz *rinat Mar 02 03:52
balzac intentions matter, even if a person is quite delusional Mar 02 03:53
balzac at least in Buddhism Mar 02 03:53
schestowitz Intentions are subjective Mar 02 03:53
balzac yep Mar 02 03:53
balzac They have a phrase called the “deluding passions” in Buddhism Mar 02 03:55
balzac people can get pretty deranged by anger and other negative emotions Mar 02 03:55
balzac Of course you can’t just side-step negativity, it can’t be avoided and it’s appropriate to respond negatively in many circumstancess Mar 02 03:55
balzac but if people have a combination of habitual negative emotions as well as delusional subjectivity, they’re dangerous like a zombie Mar 02 03:56
balzac like Rush Limbaugh Mar 02 03:56
schestowitz It’s 4am here, catch you tomorrow Mar 02 03:57
balzac ok, ttyl Mar 02 03:58
*dsmith_ (n=dsmith@c-76-114-142-224.hsd1.md.comcast.net) has joined #boycottnovell Mar 02 04:28
*dsmith_ has quit (Operation timed out) Mar 02 04:31
*Carl_Rover2k12 (n=me@ool-45732d0f.dyn.optonline.net) has joined #boycottnovell Mar 02 05:56
*amarsh04 is catching up on the channel but wondered if schestowitz has included Harald Welte’s comments about Tom-Tom: http://laforge.gnumonks.org/weblog/2009/02… Mar 02 07:22
amarsh04 SP3 of XP would break HP machines with AMD processors unless one applied the correct fix first Mar 02 08:10
Carl_Rover2k12 amarsh04: that sucks, and when you mean fix do you mean latest AMD firmware? Mar 02 08:11
amarsh04 no, it was a small software patch Carl_Rover2k12 Mar 02 08:14
amarsh04 by break I mean “unable to reboot XP successfully” Mar 02 08:14
Carl_Rover2k12 amarsh04: I wonder why its only a conflict with HP machines tho Mar 02 08:14
Carl_Rover2k12 amarsh04: and which AMD chipsets? Mar 02 08:15
amarsh04 they put some configs in that applied to intel processors only as well as the amd processor specific configs. XP SP3 looked for the intel specific config to apply the intel specific updates Mar 02 08:16
amarsh04 not amd chipsets, any AMD machine running the HP-supplied XP installation Mar 02 08:16
*amarsh04 has quit (Remote closed the connection) Mar 02 08:24
*oiaohm (n=oiaohm@unaffiliated/oiaohm) has joined #boycottnovell Mar 02 08:26
*Casperin (n=Casperin@x1-6-00-1e-2a-29-69-de.k112.webspeed.dk) has joined #boycottnovell Mar 02 08:28
*amarsh04 (n=amarsh04@ppp121-45-88-136.lns10.adl6.internode.on.net) has joined #boycottnovell Mar 02 08:32
*Carl_Rover2k12 has quit () Mar 02 08:42
*oiaohm_ (n=oiaohm@ has joined #boycottnovell Mar 02 09:06
*oiaohm has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)) Mar 02 09:25
schestowitz “…Alternately it’s to distract what MSFTers are doing to infiltrate and destroy FOSS projects and open standards.  For example, I see Jesper Lund Stocholm and others now grinding away at some of the ODF lists…” Mar 02 09:38
schestowitz TOP 10 Freenode Channels Offering Real-Time Help on Open Source Technologies! < http://tnerd.com/2009/03/01/top-10-freenod… > Mar 02 09:44
*mib_bz5h47 (i=d9153f0a@gateway/web/ajax/mibbit.com/x-16e2a3b35672d38e) has joined #boycottnovell Mar 02 09:51
schestowitz Buy Microsoft, Go to Jail? < http://www.informit.com/articles/article.as… > Mar 02 09:55
*mib_bz5h47 has quit (Client Quit) Mar 02 09:56
oiaohm_ In theory possiable. Mar 02 10:05
oiaohm_ You cannot call using Windows using the most secure OS on offer. Mar 02 10:05
MinceR j0 Mar 02 10:08
MinceR if it’s about FLOSS technologies, why the hueg mIRC logo? Mar 02 10:13
MinceR mirc isn’t only crap, it’s also costly and proprietary Mar 02 10:13
schestowitz Yes, I saw that. Mar 02 10:24
oiaohm_ http://www.electronicsweekly.com/Articles/…  Now this is warped.  project celbrating 6000 downloads a month. Mar 02 10:25
MinceR also, it’s windows-only Mar 02 10:30
oiaohm_ It works in wine Mar 02 10:35
*Casperin has quit (“Leaving”) Mar 02 10:51
*Casperin (n=Casperin@x1-6-00-1e-2a-29-69-de.k112.webspeed.dk) has joined #boycottnovell Mar 02 11:16
*_doug (n=configna@unaffiliated/confignak) has joined #boycottnovell Mar 02 11:31
*Casperin has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)) Mar 02 11:59
*Casperin (n=Casperin@x1-6-00-1e-2a-29-69-de.k112.webspeed.dk) has joined #boycottnovell Mar 02 12:09
*_doug has quit () Mar 02 12:13
*zer0c00l (n=zer0c00l@ has joined #boycottnovell Mar 02 12:19
zer0c00l schestowitz: good day Mar 02 12:19
schestowitz Hi. Mar 02 12:19
*Casperin has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)) Mar 02 12:28
zer0c00l the firewall appliance manufacturer (sonicwall) has removed the block on BN :-) Mar 02 12:29
*dsmith_ (n=dsmith@c-76-114-142-224.hsd1.md.comcast.net) has joined #boycottnovell Mar 02 12:29
*dsmith_ has quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)) Mar 02 12:31
schestowitz zer0c00l: cool. Mar 02 12:37
zer0c00l yeah Mar 02 12:37
*Casperin (n=Casperin@x1-6-00-1e-2a-29-69-de.k112.webspeed.dk) has joined #boycottnovell Mar 02 12:48
*Casperin has quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)) Mar 02 12:49
schestowitz Melting flash-mem giant Spansion files for Chapter 11 < http://www.theregister.co.uk/2009/03/0… > Mar 02 12:56
*oiaohm_ has quit (Remote closed the connection) Mar 02 13:15
Balrog hello everyone Mar 02 13:26
*Casperin (n=Casperin@x1-6-00-1e-2a-29-69-de.k112.webspeed.dk) has joined #boycottnovell Mar 02 13:33
*mib_nrc682 (i=8258be83@gateway/web/ajax/mibbit.com/x-d223eae0ccc25562) has joined #boycottnovell Mar 02 13:46
*mib_nrc682 has quit (Client Quit) Mar 02 13:47
schestowitz http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F-QA2rk… Mar 02 13:47
schestowitz From to Novell to Google to……. nowhere?   http://mybroadband.co.za/news/In… (Google SA country manager Stafford Masie has resigned) Mar 02 14:08
*dsmith_ (n=dsmith@c-76-114-142-224.hsd1.md.comcast.net) has joined #boycottnovell Mar 02 14:27
*dsmith_ has quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)) Mar 02 14:27
*mib_rl476g (i=18764cc5@gateway/web/ajax/mibbit.com/x-d7c27be607585edb) has joined #boycottnovell Mar 02 15:19
mib_rl476g The part about apple laying off 400 is incorrect. Boycottnovell is referencing an article from 1990 Mar 02 15:20
*mib_rl476g has quit (Client Quit) Mar 02 15:21
schestowitz Aw crap. He’s right. Someone linked to it yesterday and I didn’t watch the date Mar 02 15:23
Balrog that’s what critics like Mar 02 15:29
schestowitz it’s possible that Apple will lay off some people soon anyway Mar 02 15:30
schestowitz I corrected it: http://boycottnovell.com/2009/03/01/la… Mar 02 15:30
Balrog we’ll see. Mar 02 15:30
twitter M$FT dips below $16 today for a 52 week low of  15.90 Mar 02 15:30
Balrog I see that Mar 02 15:30
Balrog heh not surprised Mar 02 15:30
Balrog bbl Mar 02 15:30
twitter later Mar 02 15:31
schestowitz Apple’s 174 job cuts are blow to Elk Grove < http://www.sacbee.com/103/sto… > “Published: Friday, May. 2, 2008 – 12:00 am” Apple’s results last month were a major disappointment Mar 02 15:31
schestowitz Dow falls below 7,000 < http://money.cnn.com/2009/03/02/markets/s… > Mar 02 15:31
twitter ouch Mar 02 15:32
schestowitz Dow Jones:6,913.75 Mar 02 15:32
schestowitz It was 13,000 not so long ago Mar 02 15:32
twitter duly noted in the M$ Death Watch, http://slashdot.org/~twitter/journal/213707 Mar 02 15:33
twitter all the big dumb businesses the M$ depends on are tits up and government is looking to free software.  M$ is over. Mar 02 15:35
schestowitz Debian is brilliant (Lenny) Mar 02 15:35
twitter do you think? Mar 02 15:35
twitter I enjoy it. Mar 02 15:36
schestowitz MEPIS too (8.0) which is based on it received spectacular reviews. Mar 02 15:36
twitter Hmmm, have not tried Mepis 8.0 Mar 02 15:36
schestowitz I’m gonna do more to promote SimplyMEPIS and Debian. They can never sell out. Mar 02 15:36
schestowitz Novell is screwing with RadeonHD. Mar 02 15:36
schestowitz I’ll write about is shortly. Mar 02 15:36
twitter Warren has said some nasty things about the GPL.  Debian is solid. Mar 02 15:37
schestowitz Mono — yes; free desktop graphics — no. Says Novell…. Mar 02 15:37
twitter Nothing new there and they are going down the M$ toilet too. Mar 02 15:37
schestowitz I think they go /with/ Microsoft to the toilet Mar 02 15:38
twitter Nah, bit IT is M$’s toilet.  They locked everyone else out and stank the place up.  Now they swirl round the bowl with all the other little turds.  It’s like a two year child’s nightmare.  They thought they were too big to fit down the drain but the market collapsed and they found out what they were really made of. Mar 02 15:41
twitter How many times can you half a company’s value before you realize that it is worthless? Mar 02 15:43
schestowitz Am I remembering correctly that standard error is standard deviation divided by squared root of sample size minus 1? Mar 02 15:48
MinceR i thought standard error was the output that normally goes to the terminal even if output is redirected :> Mar 02 15:50
schestowitz http://finance.yahoo.com/q?s=msft Market Cap:142.25B Mar 02 15:50
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