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IRC: #boycottnovell @ FreeNode: March 6th, 2009 – Part 3

Posted in IRC Logs at 11:44 pm by Dr. Roy Schestowitz


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PetoKraus but they use some proprietary retarded version of cisco vpn Mar 06 18:22
Balrog ew. :( Mar 06 18:22
schestowitz trmanco: yes, similar stuff though Mar 06 18:22
Balrog will it work with mobile embedded devices (android, iphone, etc)? Mar 06 18:22
PetoKraus which does not work on amd64 Mar 06 18:22
Balrog if not, then it’s useless to me Mar 06 18:23
PetoKraus Balrog: i doubt it Mar 06 18:23
Balrog I’d complain big-time Mar 06 18:23
PetoKraus then, the desktops are running XP with this zenworks shite Mar 06 18:23
PetoKraus they are decent PC’s, pentium 4′s Mar 06 18:23
PetoKraus BUT slowed down insanely Mar 06 18:23
Balrog that’s not good. They’re running everything on the server Mar 06 18:23
Balrog xenapp works like X-forwarding, you could say Mar 06 18:24
PetoKraus they are supposed to be running most of the critical apps on the server Mar 06 18:24
Balrog only it’s more messy and terribly done Mar 06 18:24
PetoKraus but they aren’t Mar 06 18:24
PetoKraus i mean Mar 06 18:24
PetoKraus you have to load your profile every time, it takes like 5 minutes from login to get into working state Mar 06 18:25
PetoKraus all the apps which could be running on remote server, like printer daemon or so Mar 06 18:25
PetoKraus so it checks if you have enough credit to print Mar 06 18:25
Balrog windows is like that here with profiles. But if you keep the profile small, it will work right Mar 06 18:25
PetoKraus runs with a local client Mar 06 18:25
PetoKraus so it sends an app Mar 06 18:25
PetoKraus *sends a doc Mar 06 18:25
Balrog here they use printers with local linux-based client-boxes that process ID, payment, andall Mar 06 18:25
PetoKraus then it has to wait in the queue Mar 06 18:25
Balrog s/andall/and\ all Mar 06 18:26
PetoKraus and then it figures out you don’t have enough credit Mar 06 18:26
PetoKraus NO notification Mar 06 18:26
PetoKraus it just does not print Mar 06 18:26
Balrog credit here is handled at the linux box attached to the printer Mar 06 18:26
Balrog bbl Mar 06 18:26
PetoKraus then there’s this RETARDED system which the folks are using internally Mar 06 18:26
PetoKraus we’ve got moodle Mar 06 18:27
PetoKraus which is complete, perfect Mar 06 18:27
PetoKraus every department has it’s own page Mar 06 18:27
PetoKraus which is still okay Mar 06 18:27
PetoKraus there is websurf, which is registry admin thing, which is still okay Mar 06 18:27
schestowitz Satyam evaporates: http://www.pcworld.com/article/160819/s… Mar 06 18:28
PetoKraus but then, half of the departments dont use these facilities and have something else and more retarded Mar 06 18:28
PetoKraus which doesn’t link to the other systems Mar 06 18:29
PetoKraus therefore there’s dual/tripple enrolling for a course Mar 06 18:29
PetoKraus just because they are lazy to sync it Mar 06 18:29
PetoKraus and then there are these typical annoying things like Mar 06 18:29
schestowitz IDC is reporting on IDC figures using its media arm, IDG: http://www.pcworld.com/article/1608… Mar 06 18:30
PetoKraus using photo-quality inkjet printer for plotting 1st and 2nd year student’s graphs Mar 06 18:30
PetoKraus which could be done with equal, or even better, efficiency on a printer of 1/10th of the cost Mar 06 18:30
schestowitz That’s like Fox news reporting the news about Murdoch Mar 06 18:30
PetoKraus BUT, you have to use floppies to transfer data to the printer machine Mar 06 18:30
PetoKraus because they are not networked Mar 06 18:30
PetoKraus and the USB’s are expensive Mar 06 18:31
PetoKraus ie no money left because they bought that badass printer Mar 06 18:31
PetoKraus re. tar. ded. Mar 06 18:32
schestowitz GASP Mar 06 18:32
schestowitz Microsoft is almost beloe $15 now Mar 06 18:32
PetoKraus right, let’s start working Mar 06 18:33
_Hicham_ Roy : what is going on with Murdoch? Mar 06 18:35
schestowitz Google might soon be worth more than MSFT Mar 06 18:37
schestowitz _Hicham_: he admits catastrophic effect of global warming Mar 06 18:38
schestowitz Wall Street Beat: Nasdaq Closes in on New Recession Low < http://www.pcworld.com/article/160817/… > Dow @ less than half of all-time  high Mar 06 18:39
schestowitz Google Share of China Search Market Inches up in 2008 < http://www.pcworld.com/article/160818/g… > Mar 06 18:39
_Hicham_ the stock exchange is really going bad Mar 06 18:39
schestowitz No wonder MSFT is scared to death of Linux, which runs Google Mar 06 18:39
schestowitz _Hicham_: tax revolt looming Mar 06 18:40
_Hicham_ M$ is gonna buy their OS to Google Mar 06 18:40
schestowitz Sell? Mar 06 18:43
balzac buy from? Mar 06 18:44
MinceR it’s not really selling if you’re paying :> Mar 06 18:44
MinceR i think _Hicham_ means that m$ would pay google for google to use their sw Mar 06 18:44
MinceR i doubt m$ can afford that though Mar 06 18:44
schestowitz Improbable Mar 06 18:45
schestowitz it’s Gates’ ‘baby’; Mar 06 18:45
schestowitz Ugly baby, but still… a child Mar 06 18:45
schestowitz Badly designed from the get-go, copied in places from Real Systems Mar 06 18:45
MinceR that baby is so ugly it was kept on a leash Mar 06 18:45
balzac Someone needs to tell Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer “It’s okay to cry. It’s okay to let go of the past.” Mar 06 18:46
schestowitz Then added some anti-competitive Goo (not Google) like ActiveX and INTERN~1 Mar 06 18:46
MinceR i’d gladly let go of gates and ballmer Mar 06 18:46
schestowitz iexplor~1.exe Mar 06 18:46
MinceR let them out of this world, so to speak Mar 06 18:46
schestowitz House arrest? Mar 06 18:46
MinceR not exactly Mar 06 18:47
balzac Their era has come and gone. Mar 06 18:47
MinceR they haven’t paid for their sins though Mar 06 18:47
balzac They should join Second Life Mar 06 18:47
schestowitz “But this is going to end as all tragedies must, with tears. Steve Ballmer is getting taken for the biggest ride of his life, and one day he’s going to find himself dumped out of the limo by the side of the road wondering what happened.” http://blogs.zdnet.com/open-source/?p=2007 Mar 06 18:47
balzac hehe Mar 06 18:49
balzac Blankenhorn and I are on the same page – Microsoft tears. Mar 06 18:50
balzac Microsoft tears: Crisp, sweet, satisfying. Mar 06 18:50
trmanco yo guys know that secunia crap news that came out today about FF Mar 06 18:50
trmanco do* Mar 06 18:50
trmanco It would be nice to ask if the counted the ActiveX vulns on IE… cause it really doesn’t look like they did this, and IE without ActiveX is more that the crap it already is Mar 06 18:51
trmanco they* Mar 06 18:51
schestowitz IE bugs can’t be counted Mar 06 18:51
trmanco brb Mar 06 18:51
schestowitz Microsoft hides them Mar 06 18:51
trmanco schestowitz, yes Mar 06 18:51
trmanco thought about that too Mar 06 18:51
schestowitz http://boycottnovell.com/2007/… Mar 06 18:52
MinceR microsoft tears aren’t nearly as sweet as microsoft blood and microsoft screams of agony. Mar 06 18:55
MinceR they obviously didn’t count the RadioActiveX vulnerabilities on IE, iirc their number exceeds that of the listed IE bugs Mar 06 18:55
schestowitz They also count WIndows-only FF flaws Mar 06 18:56
schestowitz Many flaws in FF apply only to Windows Mar 06 18:56
schestowitz I.e. they are inherited from IE (and bad underlying design) Mar 06 18:56
schestowitz Affero Gnu Public License (AGPLv3) for LingPipe 4.0? < http://lingpipe-blog.com/2009/03/04/a… > Mar 06 18:57
balzac that sounds like some interesting software Mar 06 18:58
balzac though I’m more interested in LISP for that kind of program Mar 06 18:58
schestowitz http://sev.prnewswire.com/in… It has just occurred to me that Microsoft is now polluting Apache with Microsoft employees Mar 06 18:58
balzac Secunia “drew their bow after the theif had gone” Mar 06 18:59
schestowitz That’s disastrous to Apache. They’ll hopefully wake up before they get screwed or bound to Windows Mar 06 18:59
balzac Sounds like big trouble for Apache Mar 06 18:59
schestowitz Yeah.. Mar 06 18:59
balzac too bad they’re not protected by the GNU GPL Mar 06 18:59
schestowitz They took the money, they don’t care Mar 06 18:59
schestowitz I wrote so much about it Mar 06 18:59
schestowitz Others like Perens did as well. Mar 06 18:59
balzac Microsoft is probably showing them the green Mar 06 19:00
balzac Well, it’s sort of politically-incorrect to call a piece of software “Apache” anyway. Do any Apaches work there? Mar 06 19:00
schestowitz NY Bill Proposes Tax Credit for Open Source Developers  http://developers.slashdot.org/art… Mar 06 19:00
PetoKraus politically incorrect fuck my arse Mar 06 19:01
PetoKraus it’s the most annoying thing ever Mar 06 19:01
balzac If Microsoft drags Apache down the worm-hole, another server will take its place Mar 06 19:01
PetoKraus being overcorrect, overpolite, overzealous, overretarded Mar 06 19:01
balzac PetoKraus: ask a real Apache. Mar 06 19:01
PetoKraus i don’t care about real apaches Mar 06 19:01
*jose_X (n=jose@adsl-233-56-48.mia.bellsouth.net) has joined #boycottnovell Mar 06 19:02
balzac PetoKraus: it’s not much different from protecting your trademark, except that it’s your family name. Mar 06 19:02
balzac tribal name, i meant Mar 06 19:02
PetoKraus it is different quite a lot Mar 06 19:02
PetoKraus ask any lawyer Mar 06 19:02
*balzac is now known as PetoKraus_ Mar 06 19:02
schestowitz Another Microsoft-polluted body (noted before): http://www.prweb.com/relea… The Open Source Business Foundation (OSFB Mar 06 19:02
PetoKraus_ blah blah bla Mar 06 19:02
PetoKraus_ blah blah blah Mar 06 19:02
PetoKraus_ look how it sucks to be misrepresented by another entity who has nothing to do with you Mar 06 19:03
*PetoKraus_ is now known as balzac Mar 06 19:03
PetoKraus right Mar 06 19:03
balzac that’s all it is Mar 06 19:03
PetoKraus i’d say everyone in the IT world knows that APACHE has NOTHING to do with Apache tribe Mar 06 19:03
balzac protecting identity matters even to free culture advocates Mar 06 19:03
schestowitz A patchy server Mar 06 19:04
PetoKraus are you going to say that pidgin is violating the identity matters of pidgeons? Mar 06 19:04
balzac no Mar 06 19:04
schestowitz That’s why Iceweasel won’t have its name tarnished by Secunia :-) Mar 06 19:04
PetoKraus or gnome of gnomes? Mar 06 19:04
balzac apaches are not pidgeons Mar 06 19:04
balzac gnomes are imaginary Mar 06 19:04
PetoKraus are you SURE? Mar 06 19:04
schestowitz midgets are not Mar 06 19:04
jose_X we’re going to run out of names we can use, books we can write, things we can program.. cause everything interesting will be taken. Mar 06 19:05
PetoKraus no Mar 06 19:05
balzac apache is already taken – by that tribe Mar 06 19:05
PetoKraus it is not taken Mar 06 19:05
PetoKraus it’s like koh i noor Mar 06 19:05
PetoKraus it can’t be taken Mar 06 19:05
balzac well, you can legally name a car the Jeep Comanche, but it might be annoying to a few people living on reservations Mar 06 19:05
PetoKraus well Mar 06 19:05
PetoKraus sue me then Mar 06 19:06
jose_X or give them a cut of the action Mar 06 19:06
balzac All I’m saying is this – if you’re going to name your car or software after a tribe, one hopes they’re getting a piece of the action Mar 06 19:06
PetoKraus why? Mar 06 19:06
balzac jose_X: yeah, talk to the tribal elders. Mar 06 19:06
jose_X before the lawsuit… settle pre-emptively out of respect maybe Mar 06 19:06
schestowitz “ability to grow our Linux business,” — Wind River Reports Fourth Quarter and Fiscal Year 2009 Results  < http://www.businesswire.com/portal… > Mar 06 19:06
PetoKraus well i don’t think anyone in romania or wherever it was Mar 06 19:06
balzac because they’re leveraging the name Mar 06 19:06
PetoKraus asked before filming vinnetou Mar 06 19:07
trmanco hehehe -> http://identi.ca/notice/2643057 Mar 06 19:07
balzac it was different when apache was just a collective, but it’s getting more and more corporatized Mar 06 19:07
PetoKraus or even karl may writing it Mar 06 19:07
PetoKraus you are talking nonsense Mar 06 19:07
balzac What if I made software called “Jewish” or “Irish”. Mar 06 19:07
balzac it would be odd Mar 06 19:07
PetoKraus that’s ok by me Mar 06 19:07
jose_X :-) Mar 06 19:07
PetoKraus i mean Mar 06 19:07
PetoKraus it’s a bloody name Mar 06 19:07
PetoKraus it does not belong to anyone Mar 06 19:08
balzac but apache tribal identiy belongs to a smaller group Mar 06 19:08
PetoKraus it’s not like a trademark Mar 06 19:08
PetoKraus there’s no family of Apaches Mar 06 19:08
PetoKraus there is no family called John Jewish Mar 06 19:08
schestowitz Ta, trmanco Mar 06 19:08
jose_X we all need to find ways to share better Mar 06 19:08
trmanco Ta? Mar 06 19:08
schestowitz Thanks Mar 06 19:08
balzac PetoKraus: people can fight to defend identity. Ultimately it’s a question of respect. Mar 06 19:08
PetoKraus they can only sue you for libel anyway Mar 06 19:08
trmanco ah, ok Mar 06 19:08
balzac Fight for respect or you don’t get it. Mar 06 19:08
PetoKraus well sure Mar 06 19:08
balzac that’s life Mar 06 19:09
PetoKraus i’m not saying they should be quiet if they don’t agree Mar 06 19:09
PetoKraus that’s what courts are for Mar 06 19:09
PetoKraus i mean it’s pretty logical, isn’t it Mar 06 19:09
schestowitz There were some stories of celeb name jacking.. lots recently. Mar 06 19:09
PetoKraus someone does something you don’t like Mar 06 19:09
PetoKraus you sue him Mar 06 19:09
schestowitz The SCO shill Dan Lyons stole Steve Job’s name to hit his fans Mar 06 19:09
balzac I’m just saying, maybe now that Apache is rolling in M$ money, they should kick some of that down to the Apache reservations Mar 06 19:09
PetoKraus judge decides who is right Mar 06 19:09
PetoKraus right Mar 06 19:09
PetoKraus if i get famous Mar 06 19:09
schestowitz And other singers have all sorts of FB pages or twitter accounts they want removed Mar 06 19:10
PetoKraus should i pay that actor Peter Kraus Mar 06 19:10
PetoKraus for having his name? Mar 06 19:10
jose_X oiaohm? is that the name of the user that was here earlier? Mar 06 19:10
jose_X i forget Mar 06 19:10
balzac Maybe their software got popular because of the good name of Apaches Mar 06 19:10
PetoKraus haha Mar 06 19:10
PetoKraus that’s a good one Mar 06 19:10
balzac Maybe if they called the software “European Colonist” it wouldn’t have been so popular. Mar 06 19:10
jose_X lol Mar 06 19:10
balzac “white invader” Mar 06 19:11
balzac PetoKraus: my dad knows a woman whose last name is “White Man Killer” Mar 06 19:11
balzac but she goes by “Man Killer” for short Mar 06 19:11
jose_X or just Miller Mar 06 19:11
balzac Native Americans still exist and some of them are still quite pissed Mar 06 19:11
jose_X I prefer Miller Mar 06 19:12
PetoKraus you mean the beer? Mar 06 19:12
schestowitz The Community Manager, Part 2: What Does it Take to Manage a Community? < http://www.socialcomputingmagazi… > What’s this community manager nonsense that became a new meme? Mar 06 19:12
jose_X Miller is a legit name Mar 06 19:12
schestowitz It’s against instincts Mar 06 19:12
schestowitz Not anarchism either, but hey… what’s that Zonket crapola all about? Mar 06 19:12
jose_X i got back on to thank oiaohm?? for the earlier discussion and links Mar 06 19:13
schestowitz OpenSUSE is ‘run’ by some Novell lackey… if I were an opensuse volunteer that would drive me away. Mar 06 19:13
jose_X this tutorial page clarifies some of why xcb is being used instead of xlib http://xcb.freedesktop.org/tutorial/ Mar 06 19:13
schestowitz jose_X: he’s usually here in Austrlia’s evenings Mar 06 19:14
PetoKraus it’s good to be drying your clothes in your room Mar 06 19:14
PetoKraus it smells bloody nice Mar 06 19:14
schestowitz Bloody nice? Mar 06 19:14
balzac hehe Mar 06 19:14
schestowitz Like horrible fregrance. Mar 06 19:14
balzac Limey brit Mar 06 19:14
schestowitz Or Microsoft Works. Mar 06 19:14
balzac jk Mar 06 19:14
*green999 has quit (“http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client”) Mar 06 19:14
schestowitz Sun loses Apache and Spring vote on latest Enterprise Java < http://www.theregister.co.uk/2009/03/… > Mar 06 19:15
PetoKraus :) i’m not a brit Mar 06 19:16
PetoKraus :D Mar 06 19:16
schestowitz Article from MS lacket.. Mar 06 19:16
schestowitz *key Mar 06 19:16
balzac where are you from? Mar 06 19:16
PetoKraus I’m from slovakia, currently in Glasgow Mar 06 19:16
balzac I’m American, but sometimes I say “bloody”. I’m not Jamaican but sometimes I say “bumba-clot”. Mar 06 19:16
balzac I’m going to make a software called slovak, just for you Mar 06 19:17
balzac jk Mar 06 19:17
schestowitz “Adam Jollans is Open Source Strategy Manager for IBM. ” http://www.publictechnology.net/modules… Why are companies writing ‘articles’ now? Mar 06 19:17
schestowitz Acquia Appoints New CEO as Management Team Grows < http://acquia.com/about-us/newsroom/pr… >. Good for Drupal. Mar 06 19:19
schestowitz “There are days when I fear open source is becoming nothing but a buzzword, like e-commerce was a decade ago.” http://blogs.zdnet.com/open-source/?p=3670 Yeah, that’s because of lackeys like these… and that’s why “open source” is a stupid term Mar 06 19:20
balzac If I were Dries, I might have taken the CEO title for myself Mar 06 19:20
schestowitz Thanks to ESR and ORLY>. Mar 06 19:20
schestowitz balzac: no, bad idea Mar 06 19:20
schestowitz Was the same in WordPress/Automattic Mar 06 19:20
schestowitz Better to take someone with business skill Mar 06 19:20
schestowitz Founder becomes CTO and relies on code guru0ism Mar 06 19:21
balzac man, you just need a guy who is ready to pound his fist on the board room table and yell Mar 06 19:21
balzac I can do that Mar 06 19:21
balzac My last girlfriend was an executive assistant for a corporate lawyer in New York Mar 06 19:21
balzac CEO ego and balls are more important than business degrees Mar 06 19:22
schestowitz Carlina knows… Mar 06 19:22
balzac But I have my own company (soon to be incorporated), of which I am the sole proprietor but eventually I’ll be CEO and fly in a jet. Mar 06 19:23
balzac Carly Fiorini? Mar 06 19:23
schestowitz carly fiorina Mar 06 19:23
schestowitz You beat me to it… I’m looking for something. Mar 06 19:24
balzac gonads is the gender-neutral term. Women have gonads (in the biological jargon) Mar 06 19:24
*paramahamsa has quit (“Leaving”) Mar 06 19:24
schestowitz http://www.groklaw.net/articlebasic.p… Mar 06 19:24
schestowitz “As Reuters bluntly puts it, “The company’s statement on Tuesday suggests it orchestrated at least some leaks.” And apparently Keyworth was often their man to do it. Just maybe not that one time. The story keeps changing.” Mar 06 19:25
schestowitz “For the four fiscal quarters ended July 31, 2006, HP revenue totaled $90.0 billion. “ Mar 06 19:25
schestowitz Employers slashed 651K jobs in February Mar 06 19:26
schestowitz New record? Mar 06 19:26
schestowitz MSFT dipped almost to $14.8 Mar 06 19:26
balzac There will be tears. Mar 06 19:27
balzac wailing and gnashing of teeth as well Mar 06 19:28
schestowitz Video: http://cosmos.bcst.yahoo.com/up/finan… Mar 06 19:28
schestowitz Sexy Namir sportster to rewrite fuel economy rulebook? < http://www.reghardware.co.uk/2009/… > A little insulting when sex is used to sell you a machine, no? Mar 06 19:29
balzac Depends on how sexy the car is Mar 06 19:30
balzac The new Bentley looks nice Mar 06 19:30
schestowitz They should buy one for each American Mar 06 19:31
schestowitz Issue some bailout money… print more money Mar 06 19:31
schestowitz That ought to solve the crisis… doing more of the same that got it fueled in the first place Mar 06 19:32
schestowitz And the chief editor of linux.com then moves into a trailer. The ‘Land of opportunities’, aye? Mar 06 19:32
balzac We could have had 300,000 Bentleys instead of war crimes in Iraq Mar 06 19:33
balzac 300,000,000 Mar 06 19:33
balzac wow, I didn’t realize that was him who moved into a trailer. Mar 06 19:33
schestowitz PetoKraus: I see that Beranger is unleashing anger at WP now: http://beranger.org/v3/wordpre… Mar 06 19:35
schestowitz If not diss Linux, then find another FOSS victim.. Mar 06 19:35
*mib_wcbj8z (i=c9ffa25e@gateway/web/ajax/mibbit.com/x-e1eb8755d75f1996) has joined #boycottnovell Mar 06 19:35
PetoKraus i don’t pay attention to these rants Mar 06 19:35
PetoKraus i only read the linux news Mar 06 19:35
schestowitz Yeah… well, I don’t read him anymore Mar 06 19:36
schestowitz Beranger Sucks! < http://www.junauza.com/2008/12/be… > Mar 06 19:36
schestowitz Jun Auza has been quiet for a while.. Mar 06 19:36
balzac Roy, sounded like he made a good argment about the auto-save and revisions records Mar 06 19:37
*mib_wcbj8z has quit (Client Quit) Mar 06 19:37
balzac wow, he’s going to become a proprietary software enthusiast after all those years with GNU/Linux? Mar 06 19:38
balzac weird Mar 06 19:38
balzac When a technology gets mature and reasonably bug-free, the bunch of emo kids cry that it’s obsolete, so it should be replaced with something new, rewritten from scratch, and that comes with more bugs than features in the first year. – Beranger Mar 06 19:39
balzac he doesn’t like “emo kids” Mar 06 19:40
balzac funny guy Mar 06 19:40
MinceR “Red Hat doesn’t believe in it, so why should I?” << lol fail Mar 06 19:41
schestowitz http://www.junauza.com/2009/03/important-… Mar 06 19:41
balzac funny guy Mar 06 19:43
schestowitz The trouble with OpenBTS < http://lwn.net/Articles/320163/ > Mar 06 19:43
balzac But why doesn’t he promote GNU software? Mar 06 19:43
balzac why go to windows? Mar 06 19:43
balzac If he wanted to be hardcore, he could buy an old clunky computer and run GNU/Hurd Mar 06 19:44
balzac He’s flapping the breeze, apparently Mar 06 19:44
balzac his criteria for software selection are not user freedoms Mar 06 19:44
*PetoKraus has quit (Remote closed the connection) Mar 06 19:45
*PetoKraus (n=pk@fsf/member/petokraus) has joined #boycottnovell Mar 06 19:46
schestowitz How Personal ‘Credibility Busters’ Hurt Your Career < http://blog.datamation.com/blo… > Mar 06 19:46
schestowitz Balrog: attention thing. He did the same with BSD. Mar 06 19:47
balzac Beranger seems like he may be an embittered refugee from a proprietary Unix Mar 06 19:47
schestowitz Just gets bored Mar 06 19:47
schestowitz It’s more than just UNIX Mar 06 19:47
schestowitz It’s politics too Mar 06 19:47
balzac sounds like he needs a hobby Mar 06 19:48
schestowitz He ought to realise that he does nothing to his political causes by using slopware from the Vole. Mar 06 19:48
schestowitz Good luck with Vista :-p Mar 06 19:48
schestowitz Balrog: he got a new cat Mar 06 19:48
schestowitz Sort of a hobby Mar 06 19:48
schestowitz I like his political rants Mar 06 19:48
schestowitz he also hate patents Mar 06 19:48
schestowitz But he’s going over the limit sometimes Mar 06 19:48
balzac He’s like “I didn’t like the food at your restaurant. I’m going outside to eat out of a dumster. That’ll teach you!” Mar 06 19:49
schestowitz ReactOS Targets Windows 2003, Vista < http://osnews.com/story/2… > OSNews still peddling MSware under Thom’s watch Mar 06 19:49
balzac well, it’s good he hates patents, and plenty of his criticisms are valid, but he could do more coding if he deosn’t like this or that distro. Mar 06 19:49
schestowitz He files bug reports Mar 06 19:50
balzac well that’s good, but it’s bad if he’ll be filing bug reports for Vista from now on Mar 06 19:50
schestowitz Linus sites don’t cite him anymore Mar 06 19:50
schestowitz He’s out Mar 06 19:50
schestowitz Balrog: hehe. For Vista? Mar 06 19:50
schestowitz Bug reports are called stats Mar 06 19:50
schestowitz If report_# > 10,000 then payAttention(); Mar 06 19:50
schestowitz “Send | Don’t Send” Mar 06 19:51
balzac I share Berangers concern that the corporate GNU/Linux distros are not even trying to beat Microsoft Mar 06 19:51
schestowitz They will Mar 06 19:51
schestowitz Microsoft shoots itself in the foot Mar 06 19:51
balzac well, I’m impatient Mar 06 19:51
schestowitz Many enterprises use SalesForce and cr*p like Google. Mar 06 19:51
schestowitz They’ll not have the same requirements later on Mar 06 19:51
schestowitz Red Hat is still hawking the desktop Mar 06 19:51
balzac That’s why I’m not an activist anymore. I can’t stand collaborating with others. Mar 06 19:51
balzac Too many bone-heads. Mar 06 19:52
schestowitz Novell is said to have taken a step away so as to not anger the Beast Mar 06 19:52
schestowitz It ahrdly markets SLED Mar 06 19:52
schestowitz Also, Hovo Sapient sacked 20% oft he SUSE devs Mar 06 19:52
balzac yeah, and pocketed their salaries into his bonus Mar 06 19:52
balzac But that’s good news Mar 06 19:53
_Hicham_ SuSe devs are gonna be employed by redhat Mar 06 19:53
schestowitz Balrog: good for him. Mar 06 19:53
balzac I don’t want SuSe stuff Mar 06 19:53
_Hicham_ so, he is the looser at the end Mar 06 19:53
schestowitz _Hicham_: I heard so Mar 06 19:53
schestowitz All of them? Mar 06 19:53
balzac until they get the monkey (Novell) off their backs Mar 06 19:53
_Hicham_ SuSe devs are all good contributors Mar 06 19:53
schestowitz Red hat is speaking to them Mar 06 19:53
schestowitz It also employed some Mandriva hackers Mar 06 19:53
balzac Redhat should hire them Mar 06 19:54
Balrog schestovitz: you didn’t take care of that autocomplete thing yet :/ Mar 06 19:54
schestowitz _Hicham_: they also know the desktop well Mar 06 19:54
Balrog shestowitz *** Mar 06 19:54
schestowitz KDE, GNOME, etc. Mar 06 19:54
Balrog schestowitz *** Mar 06 19:54
schestowitz So they can help Fedora and desktop RHEL a lot Mar 06 19:54
Balrog keybd here sucks Mar 06 19:54
_Hicham_ Roy : for sure Mar 06 19:54
balzac but they should have to sing the free software song 20 times each, for working for Novell Mar 06 19:54
jose_X the earlier discussion today on graphics and other desktop issues indicates the desktop will be noticeably better over the upcoming 1 to 2 years Mar 06 19:54
schestowitz Balrog: ? Mar 06 19:54
balzac they should have quit novell rather than wait to be laid off Mar 06 19:54
Balrog 14:59 <@schestowitz> Balrog: good for him. Mar 06 19:54
schestowitz Oh, oops. Mar 06 19:54
schestowitz Sorry about that Mar 06 19:54
Balrog and more Mar 06 19:54
balzac Balrog: Roy just can’t stand my nick Mar 06 19:55
Balrog it’s ok; may confuse people reading logs though Mar 06 19:55
schestowitz Oops. Mar 06 19:55
schestowitz I didn’t even notice Mar 06 19:55
Balrog balr comes before balz Mar 06 19:55
schestowitz Similar nicks, 6 letters Mar 06 19:55
Balrog but case should matter Mar 06 19:55
schestowitz :-( Mar 06 19:55
schestowitz Case doesn’t matter in xchat Mar 06 19:55
schestowitz Let me check Mar 06 19:55
Balrog probably not. Mar 06 19:55
balzac it matters in irssi Mar 06 19:55
balzac irssi is the shet Mar 06 19:56
Balrog I use irssi over ssh Mar 06 19:56
schestowitz Just checked, no options for that Mar 06 19:56
balzac irssi inside of screen over ssh Mar 06 19:56
schestowitz balzac: rename yourself ;-) Mar 06 19:56
schestowitz Too similar to ballmer Mar 06 19:57
balzac But I’m registered with freenode! Mar 06 19:57
schestowitz I was joking Mar 06 19:57
_Hicham_ what are you using by the way? Mar 06 19:57
Balrog I’m registered too Mar 06 19:57
balzac so was i Mar 06 19:57
_Hicham_ which chat client? Mar 06 19:57
Balrog me? irssi on gentoo Mar 06 19:57
_Hicham_ and u roy? Mar 06 19:57
balzac irssi on Unoobtu for me Mar 06 19:58
schestowitz xchat here. Mar 06 19:58
_Hicham_ im using Pidgin Mar 06 19:58
balzac what about your distro? Mar 06 19:58
schestowitz balzac: you don’t like your distro Mar 06 19:58
_Hicham_ me? Mar 06 19:58
balzac I like it Mar 06 19:58
schestowitz Ah Mar 06 19:58
Balrog anyone using Windows around here?? I’m wondering Mar 06 19:58
_Hicham_ I am using Ubuntu Mar 06 19:58
schestowitz Din’t say ubunut Mar 06 19:59
Balrog I use gentoo Mar 06 19:59
balzac but it does have a certain noob-friendly reputation Mar 06 19:59
_Hicham_ who is using Windows? Mar 06 19:59
balzac Balrog compiles his own shet Mar 06 19:59
Balrog ;) Mar 06 19:59
balzac unoobtu Mar 06 19:59
Balrog except that nvidia driver :/ Mar 06 19:59
Balrog (which doesn’t even work with Xorg 1.5) Mar 06 19:59
balzac The new distro from Cuba is gentoo-based Mar 06 19:59
_Hicham_ I am installing debian lenny right now on my desktop machine Mar 06 19:59
Balrog Fedora 10 is great Mar 06 20:00
_Hicham_ it is an old machine Mar 06 20:00
balzac I like the idea of gentoo, but they had a bit of a melt-down recently Mar 06 20:00
_Hicham_ im downloading it also Mar 06 20:00
Balrog balzac: melt-down? Mar 06 20:00
_Hicham_ balzac : the idea of gentoo is too hard Mar 06 20:00
Balrog I use unstable in any case Mar 06 20:00
balzac I’m not skilled enough to deal with the time-penalty and difficulty-level of gentoo right now Mar 06 20:00
Balrog the way it is implemented is too complicated Mar 06 20:00
Balrog but what about the live CD? Mar 06 20:00
balzac binary gentoo is a cop-out Mar 06 20:00
_Hicham_ does Gentoo have a live CD? Mar 06 20:00
Balrog no, you install a binary and then you can replace it with compiled stuff Mar 06 20:01
_Hicham_ wow, Mar 06 20:01
_Hicham_ very complicated procedure Mar 06 20:01
schestowitz http://www.pcworld.com/review… “HP’s Linux-based Mini 1000 variant keeps the line’s great keyboard and well-balanced design, but its custom OS leaves you wanting more.” Mar 06 20:01
_Hicham_ why not have precompiled binaries? Mar 06 20:01
balzac that’s interesting Mar 06 20:01
Balrog replacing with self-compiled is simply ‘emerge -evt system’ twice, then ‘emerge -evt world’ twice (for compiler and library sanity) Mar 06 20:02
_Hicham_ HP is trying to imitate ASUS Mar 06 20:02
balzac _Hicham_: why not have someone chew your food before you eat it? Mar 06 20:02
Balrog I use the barebones disc anyway … *much* harder but more flexible Mar 06 20:02
schestowitz Sabayon? Mar 06 20:02
_Hicham_ Balzac : precompiled binaries are not that bad Mar 06 20:02
schestowitz Cuba uses Entropy (from Sabayon) BTW Mar 06 20:03
balzac _Hicham_: depends on whether or not you want or need to compile it. Mar 06 20:03
_Hicham_ Balzac : do u compile the whole distro? Mar 06 20:03
balzac not me, i’m using ubuntu Mar 06 20:03
Balrog Balrog you mean? Mar 06 20:04
Balrog Yes, I do Mar 06 20:04
Balrog except the nvidia driver Mar 06 20:04
Balrog (nvidia-71.86.08) Mar 06 20:04
Balrog that’s a blob Mar 06 20:04
balzac I’m not compiling anything except for that which I need and comes only as source Mar 06 20:04
Balrog but nv sucks Mar 06 20:04
Balrog or maybe more realistically, nv *really* sucks Mar 06 20:04
_Hicham_ wow Mar 06 20:05
_Hicham_ that is new to me Mar 06 20:05
_Hicham_ i always heard that nv makes good stuff Mar 06 20:05
Balrog the foss driver (with obfuscated code) Mar 06 20:05
Balrog not nvidia Mar 06 20:05
_Hicham_ compared to ati Mar 06 20:05
_Hicham_ ah, I see Mar 06 20:05
Balrog the driver is calle ‘xf86-video-nv’ Mar 06 20:05
_Hicham_ the binary seems to be good Mar 06 20:05
Balrog s/calle/called Mar 06 20:05
_Hicham_ not like ati Mar 06 20:05
_Hicham_ i am using the free one Mar 06 20:05
Balrog yeah, the blob works great, but the legacy one isn’t well updated Mar 06 20:05
_Hicham_ coz the binary one won’t provide 3D acceleration Mar 06 20:06
_Hicham_ we have to stick with Intel chipsets Mar 06 20:06
Balrog with the free one, (a) a quad-core system feels like one from the 90′s, and (b) stuff doesn’t render right (like web pages in firefox) Mar 06 20:06
balzac nvidia makes great hardware, but they don’t respect their customers Mar 06 20:06
Balrog _Hicham_: you’re using nvidia or ATI? Mar 06 20:06
Balrog the nvidia ‘free’ driver does not support any 3d Mar 06 20:07
_Hicham_ Balrog : I am using ATI Mar 06 20:07
Balrog problem with Intel is that their tech is slower and less powerful than ATI or Nividia Mar 06 20:07
Balrog and they’re suing nvidia over rights to make chipsets :( Mar 06 20:07
_Hicham_ but their drivers are opensource Mar 06 20:08
balzac nvidia can’t stand freedom Mar 06 20:08
Balrog we’ll see how the noveau project goes Mar 06 20:08
Balrog nvidia for some reason doesn’t want to reveal the hardware APIs Mar 06 20:08
_Hicham_ I am talking about Intel’s Drivers Mar 06 20:08
Balrog yeah, Intel’s are, that’s true Mar 06 20:09
Balrog but underpowered chips Mar 06 20:09
_Hicham_ yeah, that is true also Mar 06 20:09
_Hicham_ I heard that the best chip on linux is NV with binary driver Mar 06 20:09
Balrog yes, modern NV is Mar 06 20:09
Balrog you’re right Mar 06 20:09
Balrog but legacy … you’ll wait 2-4 weeks for them to fix issues with the latest kernel Mar 06 20:10
Balrog and fixes for an updated xorg … may take long (months) Mar 06 20:10
Balrog but that’s legacy Mar 06 20:10
Balrog (GeForce 2 / 4 etc) Mar 06 20:10
schestowitz Intel should be avoided, where possible Mar 06 20:11
schestowitz This means waiting for ARM when it comes to sub-notebooks Mar 06 20:12
_Hicham_ why Roy? Mar 06 20:12
Balrog problem is, AMD’s chips are terrible compared to Intel Mar 06 20:12
Balrog and ARM is totally incompatible with x86 (instruction sets) Mar 06 20:12
_Hicham_ Balrog : how terrible? Mar 06 20:12
Balrog though I like it Mar 06 20:12
Balrog the recent top-end Phenom was rated slower than the top-end Nehalem Mar 06 20:13
Balrog and sse4 and all Mar 06 20:13
Balrog I hear that the latest Nehalem chips speed up many SSE instructions by four or more times Mar 06 20:14
Balrog (4x faster) Mar 06 20:14
Balrog but idk… Mar 06 20:15
schestowitz “More than 10% of the stocks in the S&amp;P 500 trade for less than $5. And with the market continuing to fall, more big-name firms could hit ‘penny stock’ status.” http://money.cnn.com/2009/03… Mar 06 20:15
schestowitz _Hicham_: you don’t know about Intel’s many crimes yet? Mar 06 20:15
_Hicham_ Roy : tell me plz Mar 06 20:16
schestowitz _Hicham_: http://www.google.com/search?q… Mar 06 20:17
schestowitz Google CEO hints Google/Linux netbooks may be coming < http://blogs.computerworld.com/googl… > Mar 06 20:18
schestowitz “I hereby predict that we’ll see the first netbooks with an official Google Linux desktop on them by the second half of this year. It will happen that quickly because Google won’t want to give Microsoft a chance to regroup with Windows 7 from its Vista disaster.” Mar 06 20:19
Balrog schestowitz: if not Intel, what do you recommend for x86-type processors??? Mar 06 20:20
schestowitz More on the same topic (Android on sub-notebooks): http://free.financialmail.co.za/09/… Mar 06 20:21
schestowitz Balrog: AMD not OK? Mar 06 20:22
Balrog slower and *vey* poor sse4 support Mar 06 20:22
Balrog s/vey/very Mar 06 20:22
schestowitz Linux-hostile twit: http://www.theregister.co.uk/2009/… Mar 06 20:25
schestowitz Balrog: there might be a price for not supporting crime Mar 06 20:25
Balrog don’t intel engineers use linux? Mar 06 20:25
schestowitz Doens’t matter Mar 06 20:27
schestowitz Some terrorists use Linux too Mar 06 20:27
schestowitz math: Windows 7 + netbook = failure – GNU/Linux as remaining winner! < http://community.zdnet.co.uk/blog/0,… > Mar 06 20:28
Balrog http://www.huffingtonpost.com/aaron-g… Mar 06 20:30
schestowitz “Windows XP is basically gone, so an OEM license is worth 20 USD for a manufacturer, no problem at all. Windows 7 for Netbooks is the same as all other Windows 7 variants – no lean, light, vlighted, 7lited or whatever. Just a Starter version like in Windows Vista which gives you the “power” to run maximum 3 applications at the same time.” Mar 06 20:30
schestowitz “Where again is the advantage? Oh yes, now Windows 7 Starter crippled edition costs a bit more than 20 USD for OEM, I would say around 99 USD after discounts, tax not included or did you think MS stops earning money?” Mar 06 20:30
schestowitz They can’t make money out of Windows in some form factors anymore Mar 06 20:30
schestowitz So now they start suing. Mar 06 20:31
schestowitz Patents, patents, software patents Mar 06 20:31
schestowitz Lots of good news to Linux today Mar 06 20:33
schestowitz Microsoft is meanwhile getting no publicity other than lawsuit stuff and sock going down to $14 region, despite buybacks Mar 06 20:33
schestowitz How to be Your Own Linux Tech Support < http://maketecheasier.com/be-your-o… > Mar 06 20:33
Balrog mostly negative publicity about the lawsuits Mar 06 20:34
schestowitz Big Lies/bogus stats: “Those cuts, which do not include farm workers, pushed the unemployment rate in the United States up to 8.1 per cent from 7.6 per cent in January.” http://www.theregister.co.uk/2009/… If you count the real unemployment rate, it’s about 14%. They changed definition. Mar 06 20:35
schestowitz The US government goes to great lengths to pretend nothing bad is happening.. maybe to prevent organisation of angry mobs. The Dow is meanwhile down to almost 6500 and people lose their houses. Mar 06 20:36
schestowitz It’s not healthy for them to encourage people to /still/ live in delusion. Mar 06 20:37
schestowitz Microsoft Office is going promiscuous: http://software.silicon.com/app… Mar 06 20:44
trmanco schestowitz, what is the reason for you to start MBlogging? Mar 06 20:44
trmanco what was* Mar 06 20:44
schestowitz trmanco: good question Mar 06 20:44
schestowitz Let me think.. Mar 06 20:44
schestowitz Oh, it started with E-mails I was exchnaging with Glyn Moody Mar 06 20:45
schestowitz That was last night Mar 06 20:45
kentma what is MBlogging? Mar 06 20:45
trmanco so she convinced you, ha, that is nice :-P Mar 06 20:46
schestowitz I’m almost done with Digg and Propeller Mar 06 20:46
trmanco kentma, micro blogging Mar 06 20:46
schestowitz She? Mar 06 20:46
kentma is that sort of small blogging then? Mar 06 20:46
trmanco oops, He Mar 06 20:46
schestowitz kentma: yes, one-liners Mar 06 20:46
kentma Glyn’s a boys name, isn’t it usually? Mar 06 20:46
kentma ah, okay. Mar 06 20:46
schestowitz He got a lot of attention recently Mar 06 20:46
schestowitz He looks at the same topics as me Mar 06 20:47
schestowitz So I keep track of his output and vice versa Mar 06 20:47
schestowitz Same with PJ, but she’s been quiet Mar 06 20:47
schestowitz doug sent me some material from her latest post… TomTom is becoming interesting. Mar 06 20:47
trmanco kentma, well, I didn’t think of that… he might be reading the logs, so all I have to do is apologize, I’m sorry! Mar 06 20:48
schestowitz But for Microsoft, the kiss-kiss time with SUSE/Linux is over Mar 06 20:48
schestowitz Whenever Microsoft says it plays nice with Linux, fuh-getaboutit Mar 06 20:48
*schestowitz posts from identi.ca from Konqy Mar 06 20:49
trmanco http://en.wikipedia.org/wik… ah, ok Mar 06 20:49
kentma MS have never had any intention of being nice, because “nice” doesn’t have any place in monopoly. Mar 06 20:49
schestowitz U.,K. Government expands supports for ODF < http://opendocument.xml.org/news/uk-go… >. When the UK does it, the US may only be a matter of time, along with its colonies… Iraq for example. ;-) Mar 06 20:50
trmanco oh, so he is the opendot writer Mar 06 20:50
trmanco schestowitz, is he on identi.ca? or only twitter? Mar 06 20:51
kentma Iraq is on the verge of total collapse, I think Mar 06 20:51
kentma That was such an amazingly bad idea. Mar 06 20:51
schestowitz opendoddotdot Mar 06 20:51
kentma It’s a shame that HMG is covering up cabinet minutes, but probably if they don’t, Tony B will be in court. Mar 06 20:51
schestowitz kentma: Iraq was on the verge of being modernised Mar 06 20:52
schestowitz That’s what I read anyway. The US took it back into a third world country status Mar 06 20:52
schestowitz For the mere price of 3 trillion dollars, borrowed mostly from China Mar 06 20:52
schestowitz trmanco: I try to push him off blogger (proprietary) and twitter (likewise) Mar 06 20:53
trmanco I just started following him Mar 06 20:53
schestowitz I’m tired of some sites that seem like takeover targets, e.g. Digg Mar 06 20:53
schestowitz Digg is also seriously f*ed because it’s gamed pretty badly. Mar 06 20:54
schestowitz trmanco: in blogspot or twitter? Mar 06 20:54
schestowitz His twitter stream is good Mar 06 20:54
trmanco both would be good Mar 06 20:54
schestowitz He got me (emotionally) involved in other areas like open access Mar 06 20:54
trmanco well, you can always export you posts off blogger, so it’s no big deal Mar 06 20:54
schestowitz Yes, he told me Mar 06 20:55
trmanco your* Mar 06 20:55
schestowitz I suggested glynmoody.org Mar 06 20:55
schestowitz It’s hypocritical for him to blog under proprietary platform Mar 06 20:55
schestowitz http://techdirt.com/articles/200… “Square-Enix has sued four retailers for $600,000, not for creating a digital replica of a magic sword, but a real world costume replica of a sword from within the game Final Fantasy. “ Mar 06 21:02
schestowitz Mary Jo summarises the TomTom issue (as it appears at this stage) without provoking: “But it’s looking more and more like the open sourcers are right and TomTom is the canary in the Linux-patent coal mine.” http://blogs.zdnet.com/microsoft/?p=2241 (Chewing the FAT in the Microsoft vs. TomTom case) Mar 06 21:09
schestowitz Linux Foundation acting as though it’s a company selling packaged Linux: http://events.linuxfoundation.o… Mar 06 21:19
schestowitz Oops. I meant Linux(R) Mar 06 21:19
*_Hicham_ has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)) Mar 06 21:24
schestowitz Windows locked out of the world of non-x86: http://www.usatoday.com/tech/columnis… Mar 06 21:27
Balrog windows today is like mac os of 1998, only worse Mar 06 21:28
Balrog (the software, that is) Mar 06 21:28
schestowitz Good analogy Mar 06 21:28
Balrog technology-wise Mar 06 21:28
schestowitz But it has more market share Mar 06 21:28
schestowitz And more third-party things stuck to it Mar 06 21:29
schestowitz Including peripherals, not just s/w Mar 06 21:29
schestowitz So it’ll take longer to erode Mar 06 21:29
Balrog Mac OS 7.1 was 98% MC68K assembly code. When they moved to PPC, a lot of that code remained, emulated Mar 06 21:29
Balrog it used arcane memory management routines that caused all sorts of problems with more modern systems Mar 06 21:29
Balrog basically it collapsed under its own weight Mar 06 21:29
schestowitz I guess I’ve just  joined the microblogging world (more or less what we do in IRC for now): http://identi.ca/schestowitz Mar 06 21:30
Balrog Yes, Windows is worse … it wouldn’t be that easy for MS to do what Apple did Mar 06 21:30
schestowitz Balrog: they put some Apple clothin on another OS Mar 06 21:30
schestowitz Palm might do sometthing similar Mar 06 21:30
Balrog ditch their OS and replace it with something more modern Mar 06 21:31
schestowitz But it doesn’t seem like Pre will run any Cobalt apps Mar 06 21:31
schestowitz Apropos: this in the news.. http://www.pcworld.com/article/160834/palm_i… Mar 06 21:31
Balrog NEXTSTEP was Jobs’ work (in large part) to begin with Mar 06 21:31
Balrog it’s highly likely that he’d have done something similar had apple allowed him Mar 06 21:31
schestowitz Did you see the old Jobs-netstep vids in YouTUbe? Mar 06 21:31
schestowitz *nextstep Mar 06 21:32
Balrog about marketing? Mar 06 21:32
schestowitz Let me find it Mar 06 21:32
schestowitz http://www.youtube.com/watch?… Mar 06 21:32
Balrog I’ve tried NEXTSTEP 3.x and Openstep 4.x Mar 06 21:33
Balrog there was a 4.0 Beta (unreleased but you can find it if you look) that had a revamped GUI Mar 06 21:33
Balrog http://www.shawcomputing.net/resourc… Mar 06 21:34
Balrog schestowitz: look at it Mar 06 21:34
Balrog and yes, the beta is floating online in obscure places Mar 06 21:35
Balrog haven’t been able to get it to work yet though :( Mar 06 21:35
schestowitz Do Open Source Eyeballs Really Work? < http://www.computerworlduk.com/communi… > Mar 06 21:35
schestowitz Jobs patented the dock’s zooming Mar 06 21:35
schestowitz Didn’t that exist in one form or another in nextstep? Mar 06 21:36
Balrog not in 3.x or openstep 4.x Mar 06 21:36
schestowitz I mean, simple extensions to an existing basic idea don’t count, do they? Mar 06 21:36
schestowitz They just jeopardise awn and other such apps now. Mar 06 21:36
schestowitz Bilski though puts that on the grill Mar 06 21:36
Balrog xfce has a dock of sorts Mar 06 21:36
*zer0c00l has quit (“Leaving”) Mar 06 21:37
schestowitz .Yes, xfce is nice. I miss Enlightenment Mar 06 21:37
Balrog they have the 3d-dock patent I believe Mar 06 21:37
schestowitz I don’t think I need much of the power of KDE anymore, just the apps Mar 06 21:38
Balrog but that’s not the same as what’s in OS X today Mar 06 21:38
schestowitz Still, it’s an abstract idea Mar 06 21:38
schestowitz Like a room with depth Mar 06 21:38
schestowitz Prior art: aquarium and fingers Mar 06 21:38
Balrog we will see what happens… Mar 06 21:39
Balrog seems like no other major window managers are using docks though. Mar 06 21:40
schestowitz Do Open Source Eyeballs Really Work? < http://chris123nt.com/2009/03/03/… > Mar 06 21:42
schestowitz Balrog: not out of the box? Mar 06 21:42
schestowitz What about KDE4′s new menu/panel that a Portuguese artists makes? Mar 06 21:42
*schestowitz Can’t recall the name Mar 06 21:42
Balrog I didn’t see it Mar 06 21:42
schestowitz Let me find it Mar 06 21:43
trmanco Pinheiro Mar 06 21:43
trmanco can’t remember his first name Mar 06 21:43
schestowitz Oh Mar 06 21:43
schestowitz Raptor Mar 06 21:43
schestowitz http://raptor-menu.org/ Mar 06 21:43
schestowitz trmanco: yes Mar 06 21:43
Balrog is that distributed with KDE4? Mar 06 21:44
schestowitz “Ticketmaster Acquisition of Live Nation: An Antitrust Summary” More convergence = less choice :-( Mar 06 21:45
schestowitz Balrog: it ought to be Mar 06 21:45
schestowitz That was the plan anyway Mar 06 21:45
schestowitz Novell has its own menu Mar 06 21:45
Balrog hm, we’ll see Mar 06 21:45
schestowitz And then there’s also Lacelot Mar 06 21:45
Balrog I don’t see how such a patent (on zoom at least) would hold Mar 06 21:46
schestowitz http://lancelot.fomentgroup.org/main Mar 06 21:46
Balrog they can copyright parts of their implementation though Mar 06 21:46
schestowitz Vista7 cartoon: http://www.geekculture.com/joyofte… Mar 06 21:49
schestowitz “A decade and more ago, Microsoft executives argued in court that Internet Explorer couldn’t be removed without breaking Windows. Now matters are changed with Windows 7. Surprised?” http://www.microsoft-watch.com/content/wind… Mar 06 21:55
Balrog except that IE isn’t removed Mar 06 21:56
Balrog only the user-access to it is Mar 06 21:56
Balrog it’s still there, hidden out of view Mar 06 21:56
schestowitz Microsoft can hardly run its wares (e.g. Office) on subnotebooks,  so it tries pushing OEMs upwards: http://www.microsoft-watch.com/content/d… Mar 06 21:57
schestowitz Some sub-notebooks cost abour  AUD1000 already Mar 06 21:57
schestowitz What’s the point? Mar 06 21:57
schestowitz They totally miss the point of netbooks. Mar 06 21:57
trmanco og great Mar 06 21:57
trmanco a .NET crash at bwin Mar 06 21:57
MinceR well, before “netbooks”, subnotebooks were expensive Mar 06 21:57
trmanco the poker server went down Mar 06 21:57
MinceR now the expensive subnotebooks are coming back too :) Mar 06 21:58
trmanco I probobly just lost $1300 of play money :| Mar 06 21:58
MinceR poker? but i hardly even knew ‘er! Mar 06 21:58
trmanco lol Mar 06 21:58
schestowitz trmanco: virtual money? Mar 06 21:59
schestowitz Trade it for a sword Mar 06 22:00
trmanco yes Mar 06 22:00
trmanco but even the real money lads are complaining Mar 06 22:00
schestowitz Losedows Mar 06 22:00
trmanco no playable tables are online Mar 06 22:00
trmanco this sucks Mar 06 22:00
trmanco I’ll get you a screen Mar 06 22:00
MinceR you had it coming Mar 06 22:01
MinceR after all, it’s .net Mar 06 22:01
schestowitz WTF? Why is Asay peddling Enderle?? Mar 06 22:02
trmanco I’ve been waiting for this Mar 06 22:02
trmanco now is my moment :-P Mar 06 22:02
schestowitz This is annoying. Does he not know it’s a SCOcrosoft shill? Mar 06 22:02
schestowitz He’s peddling the anti-FOSS tune. Mar 06 22:03
MinceR iirc he’s a crApple shill, so there’s nothing surprising about that Mar 06 22:03
MinceR and now that the crisis is crushing m$ and crApple, the pressure increases Mar 06 22:04
MinceR they both FUD and sue left and right Mar 06 22:04
schestowitz Schools still go for kickbacks and perks: http://www.vnunet.com/computing/new… Mar 06 22:04
schestowitz He still invades FOSS news feeds Mar 06 22:05
schestowitz The comments gave it to him good! Mar 06 22:05
schestowitz BN exposed the Enderle-Microsoft connection several times (with court documents as proof) Mar 06 22:05
trmanco .NET fail -> http://i44.tinypic.com/hs47ps.jpg Mar 06 22:07
MinceR they should change CASH GAMES to CRASH GAMES then Mar 06 22:08
trmanco I wonder how they paid money people are feeling Mar 06 22:10
schestowitz trmanco: post to identi.ca maybe Mar 06 22:10
trmanco schestowitz, done! Mar 06 22:12
Balrog Asay…????? Mar 06 22:13
trmanco http://identi.ca/notice/2646102 Mar 06 22:14
MinceR Balrog: matt asay, crApple cultist masquerading as a proponent of FLOSS Mar 06 22:14
Balrog as much as I read apple blogs, I haven’t heard of him and don’t think he’s respected highly Mar 06 22:14
schestowitz Balrog: yes, “hybrid” fan Mar 06 22:15
schestowitz They sell out Mar 06 22:15
trmanco w3m -dump_head http://poker.bwin.com Mar 06 22:15
trmanco Received cookie: ASP.NET_SessionId=ermymty3a4dzii550ww34j55 Mar 06 22:15
trmanco Received cookie: userSettings=language=1&timezone=25&CID=620 Mar 06 22:15
trmanco Received cookie: ParentAppId=currentE=1466&parentE=38 Mar 06 22:15
trmanco HTTP/1.1 200 OK Mar 06 22:15
trmanco Cache-Control: no-cache Mar 06 22:15
trmanco Pragma: no-cache Mar 06 22:15
trmanco Content-Length: 70565 Mar 06 22:15
schestowitz And the open source is polluted by lots of junk Mar 06 22:15
trmanco Content-Type: text/html; charset=utf-8 Mar 06 22:15
trmanco Expires: -1 Mar 06 22:15
trmanco X-Powered-By: ASP.NET Mar 06 22:15
trmanco X-AspNet-Version: 2.0.50727 Mar 06 22:16
schestowitz All kinds of ‘open source’ as PR scam Mar 06 22:16
trmanco Date: Fri, 06 Mar 2009 22:22:44 GMT Mar 06 22:16
trmanco Connection: close Mar 06 22:16
trmanco Vary: Accept-Encoding, User-Agent Mar 06 22:16
schestowitz trmanco: try blin Mar 06 22:17
MinceR or blose Mar 06 22:17
trmanco blin,crash? Mar 06 22:18
*zer0c00l (n=zer0c00l@ has joined #boycottnovell Mar 06 22:20
schestowitz blinux Mar 06 22:21
trmanco mi.cash Mar 06 22:21
schestowitz added: @trmanco: http://identi.ca/notice/2646102 trmanco finds out why Windows is a gamble. Mar 06 22:22
trmanco LOOOL Mar 06 22:23
schestowitz Let me experiment with the exclamation point thingie Mar 06 22:23
trmanco haha Mar 06 22:23
trmanco I like the brief Mar 06 22:23
trmanco looks like a good headline Mar 06 22:23
*trmanco refreshes Gwibber Mar 06 22:24
*trmanco Twitter gave me a 404 Error, oh well Mar 06 22:24
schestowitz Wheelock College senior speaks of philosophy of ‘ubuntu’ at Falmouth Library < http://www.wickedlocal.com/falmouth/news/x… > Mar 06 22:24
schestowitz trmanco: try to convert twitters to identi.ca Mar 06 22:24
schestowitz Problem is exporting readership and data Mar 06 22:25
trmanco schestowitz, when you want to forward a tweet just RT@person [copy paste] :-P Mar 06 22:25
trmanco like email Mar 06 22:25
schestowitz Though they can announce moving to readers Mar 06 22:25
schestowitz The content stays where it was Mar 06 22:25
trmanco schestowitz, I do, I already converted a couple of people Mar 06 22:25
schestowitz Cool!! Mar 06 22:25
trmanco schestowitz, maybe that is planned for the future, I don’t know, I haven’t had time to look at it Mar 06 22:26
schestowitz I haven’t used Konqueror much since KDE 1.3. But it’s pretty decent Mar 06 22:27
schestowitz *KDE 3.1 Mar 06 22:27
trmanco schestowitz, http://identi.ca/notice/1848539 Mar 06 22:27
trmanco he is one of them, the only one that I have proof though Mar 06 22:28
schestowitz Tightening purse strings will turn many businesses on to Open Source Software < http://www.printweek.com/premedia/news/887… > Mar 06 22:29
schestowitz I didn’t know RMS was there. Mar 06 22:30
trmanco I don’t know if it is really him, or if it is a fake Mar 06 22:30
*zer0c00l has quit (“Leaving”) Mar 06 22:30
trmanco I really hope it’s him Mar 06 22:30
schestowitz Not active anyway. Bad photo. Mar 06 22:31
schestowitz There are fake Linuses and RMSes in Digg Mar 06 22:31
schestowitz I had 4 imposters in Digg Mar 06 22:31
trmanco yeah, he is inactive Mar 06 22:31
schestowitz But abusive ones (possibly Gary) Mar 06 22:31
trmanco maybe we should ping him on the emacs or some gNU list Mar 06 22:31
trmanco http://identi.ca/search/people… Mar 06 22:32
schestowitz Zimbra lies about its numbers: Zimbra tops Google’s Gmail with 40 million paid mailboxes < http://news.cnet.com/8301-13505_… > Mar 06 22:33
schestowitz That’s not a real number. They just sparingly throw boxes at businesses. Mar 06 22:34
schestowitz it’s also not open source Mar 06 22:34
trmanco 40 mil paid Mar 06 22:34
schestowitz Just some Zombra licence of something. Mar 06 22:34
trmanco lool, sure Mar 06 22:34
schestowitz Yeah… like I can sell you 1 million hotdogs for $100. Mar 06 22:35
schestowitz You won’t use all 1 million Mar 06 22:35
schestowitz Same with hosting Mar 06 22:35
schestowitz They promose 1000000000000000000GB of transfer Mar 06 22:35
trmanco yeah Mar 06 22:35
schestowitz Well, if only you could actually use that Mar 06 22:35
trmanco no better yet is the magic word “unlimited” Mar 06 22:35
schestowitz Of course, when you reach 100GB they can suspend your account for “too much CPU” Mar 06 22:36
schestowitz Same with my host Mar 06 22:36
trmanco unlimited space, unlimited bandwidth Mar 06 22:36
trmanco my host is fine Mar 06 22:36
schestowitz http://www.deviceguru.com/nightm… Mar 06 22:37
schestowitz See comment Mar 06 22:37
schestowitz trmanco: wait until your host goes under a lot of traffic and then doesn’t live up to promises Mar 06 22:37
trmanco schestowitz, I know him personally Mar 06 22:38
schestowitz Shoot first, ask questions later. They also treat getting many visitors as though it’s some sort of abuse Mar 06 22:38
trmanco for about 5 years, and he sponsors me Mar 06 22:38
schestowitz trmanco: Rick? Mar 06 22:38
schestowitz Oh, the host Mar 06 22:38
trmanco no, my host Mar 06 22:38
schestowitz Yeah Mar 06 22:38
schestowitz I’m in good terms with my main host Mar 06 22:38
schestowitz For all sites except BN Mar 06 22:39
trmanco only if they datacenter shuts him down, but that won’t happen Mar 06 22:39
trmanco the* Mar 06 22:39
schestowitz It’s easy to move these days Mar 06 22:39
trmanco yeah Mar 06 22:39
schestowitz Done that in July 2007 when they upgraded the server Mar 06 22:39
trmanco nice comment btw Mar 06 22:39
schestowitz Took me many hours, but it worked all right Mar 06 22:39
trmanco time to buy a VPS? :-P Mar 06 22:40
trmanco and put all your website in it, email everything Mar 06 22:40
trmanco websites* Mar 06 22:40
schestowitz No, that wouldn’t work well. Mar 06 22:43
trmanco why? Mar 06 22:43
trmanco confusing? Mar 06 22:43
schestowitz “Richard Stallman (rms) is now listening to your notices on Identi.ca.” Mar 06 22:43
schestowitz I doubt it’s him. Too fast Mar 06 22:43
trmanco schestowitz, see your options Mar 06 22:44
schestowitz http://identi.ca/rms “Richard Stallman (rms) is now listening to your notices on Identi.ca.” Mar 06 22:44
trmanco there is an option to automatically sub who subs you :-P Mar 06 22:44
trmanco good for bots :-P Mar 06 22:44
schestowitz “Richard Stallman (rms) is now listening to your notices on Identi.ca.” Mar 06 22:44
schestowitz Oops Mar 06 22:44
trmanco S3 Linux Driver Outperforms Its Windows Twin In Nexuiz : http://tech.slashdot.org/article… Mar 06 22:44
schestowitz “Subscriptions 242″ Mar 06 22:45
schestowitz Smells like the SEO scammers from Digg Mar 06 22:45
schestowitz “Hi, my name is Juliet, I feel bored, be my friend” Mar 06 22:45
schestowitz “Submission: cute puppies! HOT girls. CLICKZ here” Mar 06 22:46
schestowitz but I don’t know….. Mar 06 22:46
trmanco lol Mar 06 22:47
schestowitz *LOL* glyn says: “careful, it’s addictive….” Mar 06 22:49
schestowitz He hardly blogs anymore Mar 06 22:49
trmanco micro blog ou big blog? Mar 06 22:49
schestowitz mciro Mar 06 22:49
schestowitz he got 500 subs now, so he can’t quit Mar 06 22:50
trmanco :) Mar 06 22:50
*MinceR invents nanoblogging and picoblogging Mar 06 22:50
MinceR nanoblogging: posts can be up to 1 word, max. 32 characters. Mar 06 22:50
MinceR picoblogging: posts are exactly 1 character long. Mar 06 22:51
schestowitz ! Mar 06 22:51
trmanco ill invent pico blogging :-P Mar 06 22:51
trmanco 1 letter max Mar 06 22:51
schestowitz :-) Mar 06 22:51
schestowitz   ERROR: length exceed Mar 06 22:51
trmanco ok maybe 3 Mar 06 22:52
schestowitz 8–) Mar 06 22:52
schestowitz   ERROR: length exceeded Mar 06 22:52
trmanco at least you can say “Hi!” Mar 06 22:52
trmanco without quotes!!! Mar 06 22:52
schestowitz ♥² Mar 06 22:58
schestowitz Mar 06 22:58
schestowitz http://www.linuxworld.com.au/in… (Mozilla slates overdue Firefox 3.1 beta for March 10) Mar 06 22:59
balzac FF 3.1 is going to change things Mar 06 23:04
balzac I can’t wait for the combo of the HTML 5 <video> tag and svg, ajax, dhtml to replace Flash Mar 06 23:04
schestowitz Yes, it can be fancied up a lot when the toolkits for ogg turn up Mar 06 23:05
balzac Then it’s a matter of having an IDE that can build content for that Mar 06 23:05
schestowitz In BN, about 70% use Firefox Mar 06 23:05
schestowitz So I could just about throw the Flash away (not even as an option) Mar 06 23:05
balzac I’m just about to quit using the Flash player for anything Mar 06 23:06
schestowitz With the video tag I display text for browsers that can’t interpret it… suggesting an upgrade. Mar 06 23:06
balzac cool Mar 06 23:06
schestowitz But it’s not fair for browsers like Konqueror, which nonetheless have the ogg link Mar 06 23:06
balzac I despise the proprietary video codecs Mar 06 23:06
schestowitz So Linux OR Firefox users (on any platform) would have this working.. maybe Opera will join soon,. Mar 06 23:07
balzac At first I was happy when Flash flv put the smack-down on quicktime, WMV, and real player Mar 06 23:07
balzac Now FF3.1 will put the smack-down on Flash Mar 06 23:07
balzac screw Opera Mar 06 23:07
schestowitz They might go libre Mar 06 23:07
balzac until then… Mar 06 23:07
balzac They should go GPLv3 if they do Mar 06 23:08
schestowitz Mint dev on KDE4: “It’s new, it looks fantastic and it’s our first ever KDE4 release.” http://www.linuxmint.com/blog/?p=655 Mar 06 23:11
schestowitz I’m trying out some more of Konqueror today Mar 06 23:11
schestowitz http://www.tectonic.co.za/?p=4285 “The FLOSS.pro service is based on the freely-available Laconica software which was originally developed because of Twitter instabilities and because many users wanted to use a free and open platform to do microblogging.” Mar 06 23:12
schestowitz “Now it looks likely that Firefox 3.1 will be released Firefox 3.5 to reflect the significance of the changes that have been made to the browser.”  http://www.tectonic.co.za/?p=4304 Mar 06 23:13
PetoKraus right guys Mar 06 23:19
PetoKraus 800 words of this bloody report done Mar 06 23:19
PetoKraus i’m gonna have a sleep now. See you tomorrow Mar 06 23:19
schestowitz Have a nice weekend. Mar 06 23:20
schestowitz Re: OLPC, “But after being set up, knocked up, and stood up, the project seems to have refocused on its original mission, a mission that has education, not corporate interests, at the center.” http://www.opensource.org/node/398 So the publicity stunt is over for Microsoft? Mar 06 23:22
schestowitz Unisys loses another man. http://anthonygold.blogspot.com/2009/0… Serves them right for GIF Mar 06 23:42
schestowitz Madrid has a conference on Free software coming: Divulgando tecnologías entorno al FLOSS (Free/Libre/OpenSource Software) http://www.whyfloss.com/es/confe… Mar 06 23:43
amarsh04 serves Unisys right for “we have the way out” Mar 06 23:45
amarsh04 pro-windows site hosted on bsd Mar 06 23:45
amarsh04 before that Unisys did some good symetric multi-processor Unix work Mar 06 23:46
schestowitz “Twitter, with its one-way transmission of 140-character messages, may be useful for outreach, but it won’t give us transparency. So, Congressmembers: Thanks for Twittering, but please don’t forget about transparency.” http://www.freedom-to-tinker.com/blog/fel… Mar 06 23:47
amarsh04 Debian stripped out legal but non Debian Free Standards Group compliant firmware from test kernels without providing said firmware as a non-free package /-: Mar 06 23:48
schestowitz There’s other ugly stuff now Mar 06 23:48
amarsh04 glxgears went from 189 fps to 18.9 fps Mar 06 23:48
amarsh04 on my radeon 9200SE Mar 06 23:48
schestowitz The lobbyshills of Microsoft use the Microsoft-sponsored Czech  presidency to ram through software patents in the EU Mar 06 23:48
schestowitz http://www.euractiv.com/en/innovation/… Mar 06 23:49
schestowitz amarsh04: do you game of use CAD? Mar 06 23:49
amarsh04 I hope that fsfe are working hard on that Mar 06 23:49
schestowitz Attempt to redefine “computer”: How many computers does the world need? <http://blogs.ft.com/techblog/2009/03/ho… > Mar 06 23:50
amarsh04 no, schestowitz, just wanted a better graphics card with free drivers than the cirrus logic cl5446 (laguna) Mar 06 23:50
schestowitz yeah, let’s have just 20 ‘PCs’ and contact them using… errr… telepathy :-) Mar 06 23:50
amarsh04 computer = takes input, does processing with some kind of internal storage, and produces output Mar 06 23:51
schestowitz Like humans with food Mar 06 23:53
schestowitz Or neural networks Mar 06 23:53
schestowitz ‘Computers’ are many things. But good headlines will say that the world needs only 20 ‘computers’. It’s eye catching. Mar 06 23:54
amarsh04 a human can be a “computer” – if you accept the original definition of the term computer being someone who carries out computations Mar 06 23:54
*kentma1 (n=user@ellandroad.demon.co.uk) has joined #boycottnovell Mar 06 23:55
schestowitz Hmm… not great.. Review: The Hauppauge HD-PVR < http://www.raiden.net/?cat… > Mar 06 23:55
amarsh04 meaning digitally restricted? Mar 06 23:55
amarsh04 step-daugher acquired a radeon-9600 equipped 2nd hand pc and it ran extremetuxracer well… this machine is too slow for 3d games Mar 06 23:57
*MinceR invents femtoblogging — posts are exactly 1 bit long Mar 06 23:57
schestowitz Bad history of “Linux”: “Linux is a free and open source operating system developed by Linus Torvalds, arguably, the father of Linux, which he started to develop as a student at the University of Helsinki, Finland, around 1991. There he developed what is known as the Linux kernel, the core of the Linux operating system.” http://themysticbird.com/2009/… Mar 06 23:57
MinceR and attoblogging: posts have no content, the fact and time of posting is the data Mar 06 23:57
MinceR and zeptoblogging is when not even the timestamp is recorded Mar 06 23:57
schestowitz (needs correction) Mar 06 23:58
Balrog what a waste of time. Mar 06 23:58
MinceR and finally, yoctoblogging is when nothing is recorded, everyone just increments a single counter on the yoctoblogging site at will Mar 06 23:58
schestowitz MinceR: empty db slugs Mar 06 23:58
amarsh04 most histories of linux include linus’ post from a minix newsgroup and have to include enough explanation of GNU software, minix, unix, posix to show that linux wasn’t a derivative of unix or minix Mar 06 23:59
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