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Laid Off Novell Staff to Find Jobs in More Ethical Places

Posted in Novell at 4:32 pm by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

Goodbye flower

Summary: More Novell vice presidents such as Dave Cutler and Carlos Montero-Luque are confirmed to have left; they won’t be obligated to Microsoft anymore

AS we explained just over a month go, Novell layoffs are not human causalities. It is most likely that all those who lost their job at Novell will simply find another job elsewhere. That’s capitalism. Novell as a public company is dead, especially after a deal with Microsoft put the patents in Microsoft’s hands. The Microsoft deal obviously left it robbed and naked, just like Linspire. They just never learn, do they? Anyway, news about Novell is extremely scarce now, but it allows us to see who is going where.

Looking elsewhere at what happened to departing Novell staff (Attachmate installed a new leadership, more obedient to other causes), Ivancic gets assigned as follows:

THE Attachmate Group has unveiled a new executive leadership team across its global business units, including the appointment of Boris Ivancic as vice-president and general manager for Asia-Pacific.

More here: “The Attachmate Group today announced a new executive leadership team across its global business units, with the appointment of Boris Ivancic as vice president and general manager for Asia Pacific. In his expanded role, Ivancic will be responsible for driving customer success and developing market opportunities for Attachmate, NetIQ, Novell and SUSE across Australia, New Zealand, China, India, Japan and Singapore.”

One who participated in the sale of Managed Objects to the now-dead Novell is making his move (also noted here):

His accomplishments include achieving double digit year on year growth at both CA and Managed Objects, managing the successful acquisition of Platinum Technologies and Sterling Software on behalf of CA, and participating in the sale of Managed Objects to Novell Inc.

Carlos Montero-Luque, a Novell Vice President, makes his move as well:

Montero-Luque brings to Apperian an extensive background in engineering. He joins the company from Novell, where he held several positions, including Vice President, Business and Product Management for SUSE Linux; Chief Technical Officer for Security and Identity Management; and Vice President, Engineering, for the ZENworks product suite.

Someone who is labelled “the partner sales manager for the Quebec business unit of Novell Inc.” is mentioned here:

During his tenure, he grew the company sales from $8 million to $50 million. Before joining Averna, Mr. Zuchowski was the partner sales manager for the Quebec business unit of Novell Inc.

Steve Hale, whose departure from Novell we mentioned here before, gets mentioned here:

Most recently, he served as vice president, global channel sales, at Novell in the security, systems management and operating platform group. He’s also managed worldwide and regional channel programs at companies including Microsoft and F5 Networks.

Another Novell Vice President, Dave Cutler, finds a new home based on the report which says: “Cutler was most recently Appoints Veteran Customer Services Leader Dave Cutler to Vice President of Worldwide Customer Support Vice President, Global Technical Support, at Novell, Inc.” See the official press release about this appointment.

This collapse of Novell does not prevent some companies from quoting a vice president, Scott Lewis. This says that “[i]n early May, for example, a desire to consolidate Novell skill sets prompted Novacoast to buy another Novell solution provider, Data Technique Inc., which has developed an innovative cloud identity management service.

“In a statement announcing the merger, Novell Inc. vice president of partner marketing Scott Lewis, said: “Novacoast’s acquisition of Data Technique Inc. is a significant channel development for Novell customers. This merger combines the reach and service levels of two strong Novell Partners for our shared customers.”

Scott Lewis is apparently still at the company. At Novell’s PR blog it is only Amie that’s left (as noted before, it is just more PR for proprietary products), so maybe a lot of the PR staff got laid off). Despite activities like this demo at Novell’s campus, a lot of the staff that worked there was laid off. The account Novelldemo keeps uploading many more videos on Vibe and there are several more from Novell Polska. Maybe a spillover of whatever remained in the marketing pipeline? Either way, we are seeing the death of Novell in the news after almost 5 years of the “Boycott Novell” push.

It would be useful to have a list of who stays and who walks away or gets laid off. This would help determine what Attachmate, a Microsoft partner, is likely to do with SUSE and other assets (more on that in the next post). Attachmate is slicing the company known as “Novell” and shelving it under other management. Assets are being folded (or renamed/rebranded/reassigned) to be vanished from their former identities. Growth by layoffs? Surely not.

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