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Links – Copyright Maximalists turn on Libraries, Other Horrors. Will Yang Return to Yahoo?

Posted in Site News at 12:00 am by Guest Editorial Team

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  • Microsoft Watch, not much going on.

    • Rats jump Microsoft’s sinking ship

      I’ve wondered aloud in several recent posts on various Microsoft defections, what gives? Why are folks jumping ship now (besides the oft-cited stock-vesting reasons)? One of my readers with good knowledge of Microsoft’s inner-workings had an interesting theory.

      Mary Jo Foley’s handlers tried to spin this but their theory of why Microsoft executives are leaving or being let go is not convincing. A popular North West euphemism is “Fired_employee is perusing other opportunities.”

    • Office 364 – M$ Charged with False Advertising

      The Advertising Standards Agency is investigating M$’s claims of 99.9% availability in advertising. … It’s only Office 365 if you round up” I think it’s actually closer to 363…

    • Pogson examines IDC PC myopia

      2Q 2011 saw shipments of 107 million smart phones and 13.5 million tablets. I would call that “compelling”, but IDC does not count them as “PCs”. Therefor, while consumers are clamoring for more, better and cheaper smart thingies, IDC sees a serious prolonged decline in “PC” markets.

      Pogson must be saying the right things and people are listening because trolls are all over his comments.

  • Security

    • Another Nugget from M$

      Days ahead of the patch folks all around the world have been able to take over almost any PC on a LAN running that other OS just by placing a malicious .dll on some networked storage device. The mind boggles. I can see SANs intended to share files among the group to be used to own the whole LAN.

    • Google sheds some light on Iran’s involvement with the Diginotar cert incident.

      It means that somebody in Iran had gone to great lengths to intercept supposedly secure Internet traffic, including Gmail messages. … [Iran] remains one of the few nations that would have a need to defraud Western companies in order to conduct such surveillance. Many governments, including countries with a poor reputation for defending freedom of expression or privacy, are able to generate any number of fake digital certificates on their own authority. The current dependence of secure Internet traffic on a few, potentially insecure commercial companies is a profound flaw.

      Richard Stallman notes, “I am sad to report that the Chrome browser that this was done with is nonfree software.

  • Defence/Police/Aggression

  • Finance

  • Anti-Trust

    • Yahoo co-founder urged to help oust chairman

      A major Yahoo Inc. shareholder is recruiting company co-founder Jerry Yang to join a crusade to oust Chairman Roy Bostock amid the upheaval triggered by the recent firing of CEO Carol Bartz.
      The shareholder, hedge fund manager Daniel Loeb, sought Yang’s help in a letter sent Wednesday.


      Microsoft Corporation has recently announced that it will be renewing its partnership with the Thurgood Marshall College Fund through an additional $8 million software grant. This recent grant brings the total donation amount given by the Microsoft Corporation to $29 million, and will provide software for TMCF’s 47-member network of Historically Black Colleges and Universities. …

      There may be a hardware component to this dumping/indoctrination, but the value is a tax avoidance fiction and the hardware will be a liability using the software that comes with it.

  • Censorship

    • Child Pornography Bill Makes Privacy Experts Skittish

      The bill requires all Internet service providers to save their customers’ IP addresses — or online identity numbers — for a year. The bill’s stated purpose is to help police find child pornographers, but critics say that’s just an excuse for another step toward Big Brother.

  • Privacy

    • Massachusetts track car location by automatically scanning license plates from police cars.

      Civil libertarians are raising the alarm over the state’s plans to create a Big Brother database that could map drivers’ whereabouts with police cruiser-mounted scanners that capture thousands of license plates per hour.

      I’m not sure why the system would have to be in police cars and could not be operated from other cameras like the red light cameras at every major intersection. People should be concerned about those too.

  • Civil Rights

  • Intellectual Monopolies

    • WIPO Broadcasting Treaty Returns From The Grave

      The current draft Treaty would grant exclusive, 50-year intellectual property rights to distributors of information that apply in parallel with copyright protections, even when transmitters have had no role in creating the content being transmitted.

      The treaty and article use the propaganda term Intellectual Property, and the treaty is more than an extension of copyright.

    • Copyrights

      • PJ Notes a lawsuit to prevent universities from making digital libraries, which objects even to digitization of orphaned works.

        Well, the more they try to assert their Most Holy rights, and the rights of people no one can find, the more certain I am that copyright law will end up reformed. It’s like Righthaven. Or patent trolls. When people get disgusted by excessive use of the law, they decide to do something about it. Maybe it’s time to go back to the prior copyright system, where you had to register your copyright to have one?

        Guardian source article intentionally not linked.

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    1. Needs Sunlight said,

      September 15, 2011 at 2:37 am


      $8 million of “software” is not the same as really giving actual money. It’s dumping plain and simple.

      Dr. Roy Schestowitz Reply:

      It’s worse than just dumping (for lock-in). This ‘donation’ costs nothing to make. It’s just a digital copy.

    DecorWhat Else is New

    1. Welcome to 2022: Intentional Lies Are 'Benefits' and 'Alternative Facts'

      A crooks-run EPO, together with the patent litigation cabal that we’ve dubbed ‘Team UPC’ (it has nothing to do with science or with innovation), is spreading tons of misinformation; the lies are designed to make the law-breaking seem OK, knowing that Benoît Battistelli and António Campinos are practically above the law, so perjury as well as gross violations of the EPC and constitutions won’t scare them (prosecution as deterrence just isn’t there, which is another inherent problem with the UPC)

    2. From Software Eating the World to the Pentagon Eating All the Software

      “Software is eating the world,” according to Marc Andreessen (co-founder of Netscape), but the Empire Strikes Back (not the movie, the actual empire) by hijacking all code by proxy, via Microsoft, just as it grabbed a lot of the world’s communications via Skype, bypassing the world's many national telecoms; coders need to fight back rather than participate in racist (imperial) shams such as GitHub

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    5. Peak Code — Part II: Lost Source

      "Debian and Mozilla played along. They were made “Yeoman Freeholders” in return for rewriting their charters to “work closely with the new Ministry in the interests of all stakeholders” – or some-such vacuous spout… because no one remembers… after that it started."

    6. Links 22/1/2022: Ubuntu MATE 21.10 for GPD Pocket 3, MINISFORUM Preloads GNU/Linux

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    7. Computer Users Should be Operators, But Instead They're Being Operated by Vendors and Governments

      Computers have been turned into hostile black boxes (unlike Blackbox) that distrust the person who purchased them; moreover, from a legislative point of view, encryption (i.e. computer security) is perceived and treated by governments like a threat instead of something imperative — a necessity for society’s empowerment (privacy is about control and people in positions of unjust power want total and complete control)

    8. Peak Code — Part I: Before the Wars

      Article/series by Dr. Andy Farnell: "in the period between 1960 and 2060 people had mistaken what they called "The Internet" for a communications system, when it had in fact been an Ideal and a Battleground all along - the site of the 100 years info-war."

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      In Gemini (or the Web as seen through Gemini clients such as Kristall) the user comes first; it's not sites/capsules that tell the user how pages are presented/rendered, as they decide only on structural/semantic aspects

    12. The Future of Techrights

      Futures are difficult to predict, but our general vision for the years ahead revolves around more community involvement and less (none or decreased) reliance on third parties, especially monopolistic corporations, mostly because they oppress the population via the network and via electronic devices

    13. [Meme] UPC for CJEU

      When you do illegal things and knowingly break the law to get started with a “legal” system you know it’ll end up in tears… or the CJEU

    14. Links 20/1/2022: 'Pluton' Pushback and Red Hat Satellite 6.10.2

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    15. The Web is a Corporate Misinformation/Disinformation Platform, Biased Against Communities, Facts, and Science

      Misinformation/disinformation in so-called 'news' sites is a pandemic which spreads; in the process, the founder of GNU/Linux gets defamed and GNU/Linux itself is described as the problem, not the solution to the actual problems

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    20. Links 19/1/2022: ArchLabs 2022.01.18 and KDE's 15-Minute Bug Initiative

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    21. When Twitter Protects Abusers and Abuse (and Twitter's Sponsors)

      Twitter is an out-of-control censorship machine and it should be treated accordingly even by those who merely "read" or "follow" Twitter accounts; Twitter is a filter, not a news/media platform or even means of communication

    22. IRC Proceedings: Tuesday, January 18, 2022

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    23. Links 19/1/2022: Wine 7.x Era Begins and Istio 1.12.2 is Out

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    24. Another Video IBM Does Not Want You to Watch

      It seems very much possible that IBM (or someone close to IBM) is trying to purge me from Twitter, so let’s examine what they may be trying to distract from. As we put it 2 years ago, "Watson" is a lot more offensive than those supposedly offensive words IBM is working to purge; think about those hundreds of Red Hat workers who are black and were never told about ethnic purges of blacks facilitated by IBM (their new boss).

    25. What IBM Does Not Want You to Watch

      Let's 'Streisand it'...

    26. Good News, Bad News (and Back to Normal)

      When many services are reliant on the integrity of a single, very tiny MicroSD card you're only moments away from 2 days of intensive labour (recovery, investigation, migration, and further coding); we've learned our lessons and took advantage of this incident to upgrade the operating system, double the storage space, even improve the code slightly (for compatibility with newer systems)

    27. Someone Is Very Desperate to Knock My Account Off Twitter

      Many reports against me — some successful — are putting my free speech (and factual statements) at risk

    28. Links 18/1/2022: Deepin 20.4 and Qubes OS 4.1.0 RC4

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