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Irrational Hatred? No, Not Really. Microsoft Ranked First in ‘Most-Hated’ Software Vendor Survey

Posted in Microsoft at 5:11 pm by Dr. Roy Schestowitz


Summary: Statistical survey shows that based on public opinion Microsoft is the worst bar none

“Microsoft Ranks No. 1 in ‘Most-Hated’ Software Vendor Survey” says the headline from the ‘Microsoft press’. Bear this in mind for the many future occasions where Microsoft apologists are seen labelling Microsoft critics “haters” or "irrational haters". To dislike Microsoft is to almost be statistically normal. Microsoft did a lot to deserve this, so it is not irrational to feel this way. The scope of the reason was covered here before. Maybe Microsoft will carry on blaming this on “communication problems” or “misunderstandings”.

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  1. Michael said,

    December 1, 2011 at 5:49 pm


    First: It is not from the “Microsoft Press”. http://shop.oreilly.com/category/microsoft-press.do

    As far as I can tell they have nothing to do with the story.

    Also, funny how you left out this quote:

    On the other side of the coin, topping the “love” list is Apple, which has a 68 percent favorable rating. While many pointed out the expensive cost of Apple products, survey participants felt the company makes up for it with quality.

    Frankly I find that surprising: when you are large and successful there will always be people, such as yourself, who feel (to use your own word) “envy” and will experience that as hate.

    Also keep in mind the opposite of love is not hate – it is apathy. And that is how most people feel toward desktop Linux. And Google is not even on the list. Odd.

  2. walterbyrd said,

    December 1, 2011 at 6:48 pm


    I cannot help but think that Apple users are delusional.

    From the article: “Yes, Microsoft is just out there for the money,” wrote User-324fmu. “Suing Android manufacturers, and making them pay to use the free operating system.””

    Explain to me how, in this respect, the most loved company is any different from the most hated company?

    And, btw, this type of behavior is nothing new for the most loved software company; Apple has been IP trolling for decades. Apple practically invented the practice. Remember the “look and feel” lawsuits? MS may have been able to stand up to Apple; but I think Apple sued smaller companies (GEM?) out of business.

    Also, Apple is, every bit, as proprietary as MS, maybe even more so.

    Michael Reply:


    I cannot help but think that Apple users are delusional.

    Whenever someone makes a statement about users of Apple products or Microsoft products or open source products they are showing their bias. Each group is huge and the people who use each groups’ products are diverse. Sure, there may be trends – but you are presenting yourself as biased.

    As far as companies working to make money: sure. Apple wants to make money. Microsoft wants to make money. Google wants to make money. RedHat wants to make money.


    And why blame Apple for *reacting* to the attacks from the likes of Samsung? Would you prefer for them to just sit back and do nothing as Samsung does things such as what is shown here:

    If not, what would you expect them to do in the face of such outrageous behavior?

  3. NotZed said,

    December 1, 2011 at 11:05 pm


    Ahh well, I don’t appologise for hating microsoft. They
    (and intel) fucked us over and set computers back a good decade in the process.

    Apple on the other hand i couldn’t really give a shit about – they were a mere footnote to history until they knocked out a solid-state music player.

    Michael Reply:

    I love how your cult gloms on to MS being so hated in the survey as though it means something while you ignore Apple as the most loved. Such bias! It is just amazing.

    As far as Apple being a mere footnote, well, assuming you ignore their massive influence in the desktop industry, such as pretty much bring what we consider the modern desktop to the world (and being a large innovative source behind it), sure. In other words: as long as you ignore facts you are exactly correct. :)

    twitter Reply:

    The survey, by a company called Amplicate and published in a wintel rag called “Redmond Chanel Partner”, probably can’t tell astroturf from actual users. They studdied Facebook and Twitter. It’s easy to believe the 70% hate rating because of how crappy their products have been. Despite massive payments and PR, the entire technical press dumped on Vista, for example, and that was after playing along with the hype wave and recommending the pig first. Windows 7 is Vista with a coat of paint and has not done much better but people hardly bother writing about it anymore. The 63% hate ratio for Mozilla is astonishing. Who could hate a free browser that works as well as Firefox? Only a Microsoft astroturfer. Apple’s high positive rating is easily explained in terms of customer loyalty and more astroturfing. GNU/Linux and Google are not mentioned because Wintel people don’t talk about real competition. Cheers.

    Michael Reply:

    LOL! Yeah, the anti-MS stuff is real and the pro-Apple stuff is not.

    No bias on your part.

    You are really very, very funny!

    As far as Firefox: it has become bloated and slow and clunky compared to Chrome or Safari. It does have some great features for advanced users, but for the general user it is pretty much past its prime.

    The reality is Apple has amazingly loyal customers because they make amazingly good products (by and large). They are one of the most innovative and detail oriented tech companies around – and it has brought them success. Roy speaks of his “envy” of them… and it is clear many of the people who follow his BS feel the same way.

    Needs Sunlight Reply:

    You’re being generous. M$ has set computing back by at least two decades by now. They’ve been a great barrier to innovation and advancement.

  4. walterbyrd said,

    December 2, 2011 at 1:22 pm


    Whenever someone makes a statement about users of Apple products or Microsoft products or open source products they are showing their bias. Each group is huge and the people who use each groups’ products are diverse. Sure, there may be trends – but you are presenting yourself as biased.
    As far as companies working to make money: sure. Apple wants to make money. Microsoft wants to make money. Google wants to make money. RedHat wants to make money.

    And why blame Apple for *reacting* to the attacks from the likes of Samsung? Would you prefer for them to just sit back and do nothing as Samsung does things such as what is shown here:

    You have it backwards. Samsung reacted to Apple's attacks.

    Michael Reply:

    What did Apple do before Samsung engaged in such absurd behavior?

    As far as I have seen, Apple *reacted* that merely by trying to stop Samsung from doing what is shown at those links. If you have other information I would love to see it.

    What Roy wants, apparently, is for Apple to just sit back and not react to such attacks against them. Android is based on Linux, and Linux is open source, so Apple should just accept it or be deemed evil by the likes of him.


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