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Statehood Slipping Away Through Citizens’ Fingers

Posted in Action at 8:33 am by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

Summary: Why the paramilitaries need to be chased out of the state, for they only reduce national security and increase human toll

Paramilitaries are typically the tools of tyrants, but now even the United States has them, and they’re out of control [1]. They do illegal things [2] and the government has no power or even the will to stop them. Those who expose the paramilitaries [3-7] say that the leaders should be tried for murder [8] of thousands [9].

Recent developments in Iran [10] teach us that the paramilitaries have lied to us [11]. The paramilitaries are torturing innocent people in pursuit of the threat that makes paramilitaries seem necessary and the paramilitaries won’t let the public know the truth [12,13,14]. It is rather telling. The paramilitaries just want to recruit some spies [15], so they detain innocent people (with strong opinions) and make a farce of the legal system [16]. The paramilitaries’ power is derived from our fears and the phantom enemies which they create by provocation (assassinating many people without trial). Those paramilitaries have ties with Wall Street and they would rather we focued on phantom enemies rather than on those who steal trillions of dollars from us (robbing us blind).

The Western states are being taken over by paramilitaries. We need to take the state back from them. In the next post we’ll show the latest NSA scandals (aside for playing a role in thousands of assassinations without trial).

Related/contextual items from the news:

  1. Drones Turned the CIA Into a Paramilitary Force, and There’s (Probably) No Turning Back

    For a long time, the Central Intelligence Agency was in the otherwise quiet business of doing what still lingers in popular consciousness as the stuff of, well, the CIA: Intelligence gathering. Data collection, sifting, and analysis. You know, wonky spy shit.

  2. UN panel questions drones legality

    “When armed drones kill unarmed, innocent civilians, there is a clear breach of international law,” Ambassador Masood Khan said while explaining Pakistan’s position on the draft approved by the General Assembly Third Committee which deals with social, humanitarian and cultural questions.

  3. Imran Khan’s party ‘outs’ CIA chief in Pakistan
  4. Party claims it identified top CIA spy in Pakistan
  5. Imran Khan party name CIA operative

    The Pakistan political party led by former cricketer Imran Khan has named a man it claims is the CIA’s top operative in the country and called for him and the head of the agency to face trial over a recent missile strike.

    The CIA would not confirm the Islamabad station chief’s name and declined to comment on the move by the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf party.

  6. Imran Khan’s party reveals top CIA officer in Pakistan
  7. Drone row: Imran’s party ‘outs’ CIA chief in Pak
  8. Pak politicians say CIA station chief should be tried for murder
  9. Imran Khan Leads Mass Pakistan Protest Against Drone Strikes That Kill ‘Thousands’
  10. RT interview about the recent Iran nuclear deal

    Here’s a recent inter­view I did about the recent Iran nuc­lear deal, adding some con­text and his­tory and try­ing to cut through some of today’s media myths

  11. Homeland: US-Iran Deal Shows CIA Thriller out of Touch

    It’s been hailed as a breakthrough agreement that could thaw Iran’s relationship with the West. Days of intensive discussions in Geneva resulted in concessions from Iran to reverse its nuclear programme in return for a reduction in economic sanctions imposed by the world’s powers. It’s a remarkable deal that a year ago no-one would have seen coming, least of all the writers of Homeland.

  12. ACLU files lawsuit against CIA over torture, black sites (Iranian press)

    The ACLU filed the suit on Tuesday under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) demanding the Central Intelligence Agency release two reports about its post-9/11 “program of rendition, secret detention, and torture of detainees”

    “This illegal program was devised and authorized by officials at the highest levels of government, and five years after it officially ended, the American public still doesn’t have the full story about some of the most devastating rights violations committed in its name,” the ACLU said in a statement.

  13. Activists sue to pry loose government’s secret study about CIA interrogation

    This week, the American Civil Liberties Union filed the second Freedom of Information Act lawsuit intended to pry loose the Senate Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence study, as well as the CIA’s response. Judging from history, the dispute will take a long time to resolve. So far, moreover, courts often have assented when the president’s emissaries demand secrecy in the name of national security.

  14. CIA Sued for Reports on Torture & Rendition
  15. At Guantanamo Bay, CIA turned terrorists into spies

    When prisoners began streaming into the prison on the U.S. naval base at Guantanamo Bay in January 2002, the CIA recognized it as an unprecedented opportunity to identify sources. That year, 632 detainees arrived at the island. The following year 117 arrived.

  16. ‘Idiots’ cleared of threatening to blow up Manchester-bound plane

    But he later told the court that, as the severity of the diversion became apparent, he tried to reverse this decision by telling air traffic control the men were “laughing and joking”.

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