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UPC Fake News Watch (and Tough Reality): Same Familiar Talking Points and Talking Heads

Posted in Deception, Europe, Patents at 8:28 pm by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

Ramsay says what Ramsay wants to believe (but knows to be false)

Lawyer at Auto IP conference: German judges will take patentee-friendly tendencies to Unified Patent Court, standard-essential patent holders will have upper hand again: Florian Mueller: Justice or EPO tools?

Deadline for EU Commission consultation on SEP framework approaching--and progress report on implementation of IP Action Plan: Florian Mueller

European Court of Justice opens floodgates to preliminary patent injunctions in major victory for Munich I Regional Court's patent-specialized judges: Florian Mueller: Expanding patent scope

Mathieu Klos/“UPC member states must commit to maximum transparency of judgments”: UPC lobbying and EPO management's propaganda since recent years; Quotes as headlines in place of facts; The covert motivation of this self-serving puff piece

Konstanze Richter: Pichlmaier vindicated as CJEU overturns preliminary injunction practice: UPC does not exist, JUVE insists you think  it's lovely

Amy Sandys: Latest in-house patent market news and developments: Latest hogwash with 'Xiaomi is still optimistic for a functioning UPC.'

Gill Jennings & Every LLP: Unified Patent Court and Unitary Patent FAQs: Does it even exist? Can we ask that?

Monika Shailesh, S&A Law Offices: India: The Unitary Patent System: Nope, India is not in Europe; Litigation as a service; Breton; No, it is very clearly unlawful

Adamson Jones: Peter Banks: The UPC and Unitary Patent explained: Understatement

Adamson Jones: Peter Banks: The UPC and Unitary Patent explained: Based on lies; Fake news; No, it is still illegal

Marks & Clerk - Karen Fraser: Delaying European patent grant to enable applicants to obtain a unitary patent: Based on false assumptions touted for over a decade

Hoffmann Eitle: UPC Masterclass by Bausch's employer; Class on something that's a) illegal b) does not exist.

MARK SUMMERFIELD/Upcoming Online Conference on ‘Inventorship in Patent Law’: Zoom US With miss Pyjamas (EPO’s Heli Pihlajamaa)

Pinsent Masons/Nicole Jadeja/Every business needs a patent litigation strategy for the UPC, say experts: Self-serving sales people Lobbying/sales disguised as advice; Maximising revenue

Gordon Harris , Michael Carter , Anthony Dearden , Seiko Hidaka , Clémence Lapotre and Edith Penty Geraets/Gowling WLG/European Union: Lifecycle Of A Smart Idea | Are You Prepared For The New Unified Patent Court System In Europe? (Video): Already disproven; Maybe in another 50 years, if the EPO survives?

Alexandre Miura: IP Kat continues to participate in lobbying charades/fake news tactic

Alexandre Miura: And then some more, for good measure: PR tactics: make an ILLEGAL system a question of equality

Summary: We take stock of the most recent propaganda from Team UPC; notice how there’s not even one single case of objective journalism on the matter (we’ve searched and tracked this very closely), it’s just a bunch of law firms (patent litigation profiteers) and their operatives — in sites like JUVE — quoting them

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