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schestowitz-TR2good news, I'm off work till SatOct 25 00:33
schestowitz-TR2holiday belatedly approvedOct 25 00:33
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techrights-sec[2]congratulationsOct 25 03:21
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techrights-sec[2]The video here: 25 04:54
techrights-sec[2]needs to be deleted because it is corrupt.  Neither the audio nor the videoOct 25 04:54
techrights-sec[2]are viable. Oct 25 04:54
-TechrightsBN/ | Richard Stallman on Self-Driving Cars and Microsoft’s Universal Back Door | TechrightsOct 25 04:54
schestowitz-TR2I tstedd in vlc and browsersOct 25 04:55
schestowitz-TR2works in 7 media  players and browsers hereOct 25 04:59
techrights-sec[2]It does not work in VLC here.  Can you please re-check it from your end?Oct 25 04:59
techrights-sec[2]The file seems quite corrupt even though it is only one minute.Oct 25 04:59
techrights-sec[2]I;ve tried re-downloading it.  Oct 25 04:59
techrights-sec[2]Try downloading it from TR  Oct 25 04:59
techrights-sec[2]No aspect of it works from here.  :/Oct 25 05:06
techrights-sec[2]oh wellOct 25 05:06
techrights-sec[2]checkingOct 25 05:06
schestowitz-TR2i even can stream it in vlc using the urlOct 25 05:06
schestowitz-TR2did any prior clips of thhis kind have the same issue?Oct 25 05:06
techrights-sec[2]This one seems to be wholly missingth evideo link: 25 05:07
-TechrightsBN/ | Richard Stallman on Libre Software | TechrightsOct 25 05:07
techrights-sec[2]this one seems completely ok: 25 05:07
techrights-sec[2].Oct 25 05:07
-TechrightsBN/ | Privacy-Respecting Book Loaning | TechrightsOct 25 05:07
schestowitz-TR2maybe the way I use ffmpeg is not just sub-optimal but badOct 25 05:08
schestowitz-TR2I think it slips it without re-encodingfOct 25 05:08
schestowitz-TR2the fast and distry wayOct 25 05:08
schestowitz-TR2but it never caused problems at my endOct 25 05:08
techrights-sec[2]probablyOct 25 05:08
techrights-sec[2]Well a spot check of the last three shows there may be something severly wrongOct 25 05:21
techrights-sec[2]with the work flow.  However, be that as it may, is there a URL for today'sOct 25 05:21
techrights-sec[2]talk in India by RMS?Oct 25 05:21
schestowitz-TR2just the introduction in textOct 25 05:21
schestowitz-TR2but no videoOct 25 05:21
techrights-sec[2]Too bad.  I would like to find out what his topic is and how he covered it.Oct 25 05:22
schestowitz-TR2the talk is about 7 hours from nowOct 25 05:22
schestowitz-TR2I reproduced the talk's abstract last nightOct 25 05:22
techrights-sec[2]yes.  I saw.  It seems that just 3 - 4 years ago institutions were muchOct 25 05:24
techrights-sec[2]better at streaming.Oct 25 05:24
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*Now talking on #boycottnovellOct 25 06:07
*Topic for #boycottnovell is: | Channel #boycottnovell for | Free Software Sentry – watching and reporting maneuvers of those who oppose software freedom :: please also join channels #techrights and #boycottnovell-socialOct 25 06:07
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techrights-sec[2]By the way, Chromium-based web browsers block access to 25 07:28
techrights-sec[2]with no means of allowing the self-signed certificate through.  Oct 25 07:28
techrights-sec[2]Given what Baker is doing to Mozilla it is a matter of time before FirefoxOct 25 07:28
techrights-sec[2]also fully blocks self-signed certificates.  From what I recall, Let's EncryptOct 25 07:28
techrights-sec[2]never got recognition as a Certificate Authority and are still using a dualOct 25 07:28
techrights-sec[2]CA as a temporary work-around which seems to have become kind of permanent.Oct 25 07:28
-TechrightsBN/ | Welcome to TechrightsOct 25 07:28
schestowitz-TR2got back to keyboardOct 25 07:32
schestowitz-TR2all server went offline (reboot maybe)Oct 25 07:32
schestowitz-TR2lots to fix and testOct 25 07:32
schestowitz-TR2brbOct 25 07:32
techrights-sec[2]checking servers, nothing triggered here so the outage must have been shortOct 25 07:39
techrights-sec[2]about 1h30m ago HV turned over, same for the guestsOct 25 07:39
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schestowitz-TR2oh, well doneOct 25 08:11
schestowitz-TR2the changes to cron persistent across startups/rebootsOct 25 08:11
schestowitz-TR2ipfs does not yet start automatically though, but that's OK Oct 25 08:11
schestowitz-TR2I think everything is back nowOct 25 08:11
schestowitz-TR2and the system updates apply following reboots, which were planned weeks agoOct 25 08:11
techrights-sec[2]excellentOct 25 08:12
techrights-sec[2]yes, that was a benefit and overdueOct 25 08:12
schestowitz-TR2sorry I was slow to respond, just slept, got back, many terminals were 'dead'Oct 25 08:17
schestowitz-TR2regarding https, TR is never advertised with that protocolOct 25 08:17
schestowitz-TR2some browsers try to be 'clever', even without extensionsOct 25 08:17
techrights-sec[2]Chromium is not just 'some', it is like 85+ % of the market.Oct 25 08:22
schestowitz-TR2iirc, finfish from gemma group *german) is still around under some other nameOct 25 08:24
schestowitz-TR2regarding, chrom* if given a http:// domain or addressOct 25 08:24
-TechrightsBN/#boycottnovell-Could not resolve host: domain; Unknown error ( status 0 @ http:// domain )Oct 25 08:24
schestowitz-TR2I hope it does not try to rewrite itOct 25 08:24
schestowitz-TR2I heard tor browser used to do thatOct 25 08:24
schestowitz-TR2maybe also librewolf by defaultOct 25 08:24
schestowitz-TR2*finfisherOct 25 08:24
techrights-sec[2]ackOct 25 08:47
schestowitz-TR2I will open email tonightOct 25 08:49
schestowitz-TR2latest thunderbird made it a lto faster to openOct 25 08:49
schestowitz-TR2like a big issued 6-7 years after the problem startedOct 25 08:49
schestowitz-TR2and that gives temptation to break workflow againOct 25 08:49
schestowitz-TR2by letting mail get in thereOct 25 08:49
schestowitz-TR2better done in bulkOct 25 08:49
schestowitz-TR2esp. when some mail is not pleasantOct 25 08:49
schestowitz-TR2e.g. copyright trollOct 25 08:49
schestowitz-TR2re mood-swinging etc, a mechanical mindset/thinking (like working in garden, following routine) can helpOct 25 08:54
schestowitz-TR2but that very much depends on the root causes, e.g. chamical or outside factorOct 25 08:54
schestowitz-TR2re covid-19, tonight or this afternoon we'll have more figures of mortalityOct 25 08:54
schestowitz-TR2i've looked forward to these for days already as they can help validate a hypothesisOct 25 08:54
schestowitz-TR2Prince Sunak thinks money can solve everything, like carpenters with their nails and glueOct 25 08:54
schestowitz-TR2I joked to rianne that all food would be just one penny because she found a large milk for that priceOct 25 08:54
schestowitz-TR2for a moment she though I was seriousOct 25 08:54
schestowitz-TR2Sunak is the one behind "eat out, help out" in summer 2020 (the spread of covid-19 was curbed)Oct 25 08:54
techrights-sec[2]Sunak's appointment is not beneficialOct 25 08:58
schestowitz-TR2my friend destroyed his heart with excessive or too hard exerciseOct 25 08:59
schestowitz-TR2he broke some rowing record and did not know it was ruining his main arteriesOct 25 08:59
schestowitz-TR2until this past FebruaryOct 25 08:59
schestowitz-TR2when he experienced shock like never before (from the news, not any bodily event)Oct 25 08:59
schestowitz-TR2so what he thought made him younger and would elongate his life did the oppositeOct 25 09:00
schestowitz-TR2same with my dad and his diving (he only realised when it was too late)Oct 25 09:00
schestowitz-TR2there is ample literature on how athletes don't like longOct 25 09:00
techrights-sec[2]TragicOct 25 09:00
schestowitz-TR2and that depends on their discpline esp. intensity they subject themselves to Oct 25 09:00
schestowitz-TR2my philosophhy is, exercise but as less as it is enjoyableOct 25 09:00
schestowitz-TR2*as longOct 25 09:00
schestowitz-TR2(not so private:)Oct 25 09:06
schestowitz-TR2I have the following routinesOct 25 09:06
schestowitz-TR2stair climbing, very fast, sets of 5 floorsOct 25 09:06
schestowitz-TR2pushups/situps/lunges etc. (floor)Oct 25 09:06
schestowitz-TR2computer room: shotput ball various things, inc. squats and fast-boxOct 25 09:06
schestowitz-TR2no equipment, but after hiatus in lockdowns (2020, 2021) each time I returned to the gymOct 25 09:06
schestowitz-TR2I could handle the machines OKOct 25 09:06
schestowitz-TR2so loss of body mass or muscle erosion (like, from illness) is the main riskOct 25 09:06
schestowitz-TR2I find walking and jogging routes around the stadium/academyOct 25 09:06
techrights-sec[2]planes are just nasty by every metricOct 25 09:06
schestowitz-TR2and a shop to make it worth the journeyOct 25 09:06
schestowitz-TR2i keep hearing of unhealth people or people whose relatives are not healthy Oct 25 09:06
schestowitz-TR2(rubenerd,'s ash, some people I know in person)Oct 25 09:06
schestowitz-TR2which can mandate dangerous mingling with covidiotsOct 25 09:06
schestowitz-TR2or boarding planes where isolation is infeasibleOct 25 09:06
schestowitz-TR2sans the "sanitation theatre"Oct 25 09:06
schestowitz-TR2"leg room" is never an issue until you board a plane, where they already (iirc) patentOct 25 09:13
schestowitz-TR2the stuffing of passengers in standing position to save spaceOct 25 09:13
schestowitz-TR2not even military planes do thisOct 25 09:13
schestowitz-TR2"excuse me, you two people in the middle and aisle, I have to go pee, do you mind waking up and walk to the  Oct 25 09:13
schestowitz-TR2aisle for me, once when I leave and then again when I get back? That would be greeeeeatttttt"Oct 25 09:13
schestowitz-TR2[holds breath for 5 mins and walks away from "scene of the crime"]Oct 25 09:13
schestowitz-TR2they call this "lifestyle", "seeing the world", and boast about "air miles"Oct 25 09:13
schestowitz-TR2like debt (not debit) cards that are made 95% of plastic but say "Gold" or "Platinum" on them Oct 25 09:13
schestowitz-TR2to stroke the egos of the likes of Zemlin, who barely knows how to restart a service let aloneOct 25 09:13
schestowitz-TR2deliver a presentation from his Mac PC without it getting jammedOct 25 09:13
schestowitz-TR2people who look down on those who don't participate in these 'rituals' aren't worthy of enagementOct 25 09:13
schestowitz-TR2let them find their other career-climbing losers to waste their lives with  Oct 25 09:13
schestowitz-TR2apropos, social control media is a driver of this toxic cultureOct 25 09:13
schestowitz-TR2and takes it out of the classroom and the mall, shoving it into the home 24/7Oct 25 09:13
schestowitz-TR2"the phone in the socket that never stops beeping"Oct 25 09:13
techrights-sec[2]yepOct 25 09:13
techrights-sec[2]one improvement has been the cessation of smoking on the flights;Oct 25 09:13
techrights-sec[2]the whole plane was otherwise filled with smoke such that the ceiling wasOct 25 09:13
techrights-sec[2]hardly visisbleOct 25 09:13
schestowitz-TR2smoke in plane is a safety hazardOct 25 09:19
schestowitz-TR2if someone cannot avoid a fag for 2-10 hours of flight, one is a junkieOct 25 09:19
schestowitz-TR2and junkies don't belong on planesOct 25 09:19
schestowitz-TR2we sat next to one for 5 hours, it was truly horrible and I wrote about itOct 25 09:19
schestowitz-TR2btw, pay in academic has sunk and the atmosphere at the job became very badOct 25 09:19
schestowitz-TR2at one postdoc position I worked 10 hours a week and was paid just enough for bills and barely foodOct 25 09:19
schestowitz-TR2so they're eliminating jobs that don't resemlbe wage slavery, by lowing the pay and also making the jobOct 25 09:19
schestowitz-TR2less pleasantOct 25 09:20
schestowitz-TR2they've taken disgnity out of teaching jobs; in hungary there was a 80,000-strong protest by teachersOct 25 09:20
schestowitz-TR2Orban hates scholars and academiaOct 25 09:20
schestowitz-TR2those "f*ckers" don't vote for him, so "f*ck them!"Oct 25 09:20
schestowitz-TR2that protest was this week, I posted a link in irc about it minutes agoOct 25 09:20
schestowitz-TR2it's not just us/gop issueOct 25 09:20
schestowitz-TR2when I was intervewed her for postdoc job (last time, cirica 2012) one person was my phd mentorOct 25 09:20
schestowitz-TR2and the other was some "business development" BS person. she knew NOTHING about scienceOct 25 09:20
schestowitz-TR2it was just some useless "business" (so-called) personOct 25 09:20
schestowitz-TR2like a university needs to juistify its existence now by making money!Oct 25 09:20
techrights-sec[2]back then everyone who smoked more or less chain smoked for the duration of theOct 25 09:21
techrights-sec[2]flightOct 25 09:21
techrights-sec[2]yes academic pay is below minimum wage at least in the US and there the minimumOct 25 09:21
techrights-sec[2]is not even remotely livableOct 25 09:21
techrights-sec[2]then there are the terrible work conditions and irrelevant make-work tasksOct 25 09:21
techrights-sec[2]thrown on top of the real tasksOct 25 09:21
techrights-sec[2]you're lukcy these days if the job is only 'less pleasant' most workplacesOct 25 09:21
techrights-sec[2]aim to have a downright unpleasant and nasty environment.Oct 25 09:21
techrights-sec[2]3Oct 25 09:21
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techrights-sec[2]yes you mentioned.  they ruin everything like a business now: Oct 25 09:22
techrights-sec[2]into the ground and ask for a bailoutOct 25 09:22
schestowitz-TR2that is an excellent analogy actuallyOct 25 09:28
schestowitz-TR2similar to ones I tell my parents about Oct 25 09:28
schestowitz-TR2I keep reminding them my sinblings accomplish nothingOct 25 09:28
schestowitz-TR2they waste their lives making a bunch of sociopaths richerOct 25 09:28
schestowitz-TR2regarding dotcom, put aside ".com" and say tech or tech-fascismOct 25 09:28
schestowitz-TR2aside from those milking off the taxpayers' teat, like Microsoft,Oct 25 09:28
schestowitz-TR2many companies perish atmOct 25 09:28
schestowitz-TR2they never had a viable plan, just "many users"Oct 25 09:28
schestowitz-TR2Netflix, Spotify (layoffs)Oct 25 09:28
schestowitz-TR2Twitter "overstaffed" (no shit! Running a pile ofm JS shit takes that many staff???)Oct 25 09:28
schestowitz-TR2thewy don't even do any real moderation or assess appeal; they overturn nothing, just like gulagOct 25 09:29
schestowitz-TR2and in youtube they strip sound or  remove stuff autonmously (real sorry! not out fault!!! bad,, bad HEY HI)Oct 25 09:29
schestowitz-TR2(many "tech" companies, even large ones, don't even have their own infra to look after, they're overchargedOct 25 09:29
schestowitz-TR2by bezos or gulag or -- for idiots -- a clusterfuck full of layoffs called "azure" -- whatever that is)Oct 25 09:29
techrights-sec[2]thus the "underpants gnomes" memeOct 25 09:30
techrights-sec[2]in youtube, people have gotten copyright strikes for playing their ownOct 25 09:30
techrights-sec[2]compositions as well as for playing classical pieces like Bach, Beethoven, etcOct 25 09:30
techrights-sec[2]Most "tech" companies don't produce anything and aim for a buyout / IPOOct 25 09:30
schestowitz-TR2how to run youtube channel in "modern" GoogleTube:Oct 25 09:45
schestowitz-TR21) don't have any music, just speechOct 25 09:45
schestowitz-TR22) never curse, no matter the contextOct 25 09:45
schestowitz-TR23) don't touch certain subjects; if you do, make 25% of the video all about "YouTube Guidelines" to waste viewersOct 25 09:45
schestowitz-TR2' time and pray your foes won't twist your words out of contextOct 25 09:45
schestowitz-TR24) don't expect money, even if your audience grows (reminder: spamnil 9 views in 9 days)Oct 25 09:45
schestowitz-TR25) don't buy any equipment like lighting ane expensive camera/microphone gear; those WILL NOT pay for themselvesOct 25 09:45
schestowitz-TR2had long chat about related staff (kitchen talk)Oct 25 09:45
schestowitz-TR2this afternoon we might go check the nearby gym Oct 25 09:45
schestowitz-TR2to see how crowded it is at off-peak timesOct 25 09:45
schestowitz-TR2for next year, assuming we resumeOct 25 09:45
schestowitz-TR2not the same gym as before Oct 25 09:45
schestowitz-TR2iirc, offpeak membership is about 22.5 a monthOct 25 09:45
schestowitz-TR2maybe less for a pairOct 25 09:45
schestowitz-TR2it's where the water polo team is training, two large poolsOct 25 09:45
techrights-sec[2]ackOct 25 09:47
techrights-sec[2]more Mastodon clients for the Fediverse are now javascript-only, thatOct 25 10:46
techrights-sec[2]sucks even more than beforeOct 25 10:46
techrights-sec[2]I think I'll just delete the last of the bookmarks over thatOct 25 10:46
techrights-sec[2]to the various instances.  So much for openness and inclusivity.    Oct 25 10:46
techrights-sec[2]They suck.Oct 25 10:46
schestowitz-TR2you understimate the "sucness"Oct 25 10:47
schestowitz-TR2the instance I moved tuxmachines toOct 25 10:47
schestowitz-TR2not only wants JSOct 25 10:47
schestowitz-TR2it also rejects many "modern" browsersOct 25 10:47
schestowitz-TR2or does not render correctlyOct 25 10:47
schestowitz-TR2but I spend no time thereOct 25 10:47
techrights-sec[2]I've been checking every other week from a few bookmarks, but no longer.Oct 25 10:49
techrights-sec[2]There were *very* few links posted there anyway though sometimes independentOct 25 10:49
techrights-sec[2]searching could follow clues given in the comments to find stuff.  Either wayOct 25 10:49
techrights-sec[2]though it was very, very low yield.  Oct 25 10:49
schestowitz-TR2everything feels low yield compared to a decade agoOct 25 10:51
schestowitz-TR2sometimes I check the 12 or so static pages I have in a list for weekendsOct 25 10:51
schestowitz-TR210 minutes spent for maybe 3 linksOct 25 10:51
schestowitz-TR2rss feeds are full of shit but fast to navigateOct 25 10:51
schestowitz-TR2gulag noise is mostly stuff I already have direct feeds forOct 25 10:51
schestowitz-TR2and not there is a level of indirection/spying in URLsOct 25 10:51
schestowitz-TR2so I stopped refreshing thatOct 25 10:51
techrights-sec[2]The way things are going with the browsers as VMs we should not have the worldOct 25 10:54
techrights-sec[2]running Firefox or Chromium but simple Qemu or VirtualBoxOct 25 10:54
techrights-sec[2]Compare to a decade ago, journalism has been abandoned and even back then itOct 25 10:54
techrights-sec[2]was kind of thin compared to the turn of the century.  Oct 25 10:54
techrights-sec[2]RSS is 100s of times faster to navigate than regular web access but still Oct 25 10:54
techrights-sec[2]very very slow and time consuming to find anything worth quoting. Oct 25 10:54
schestowitz-TR2i have just been to the gym, checked the whole place upside down, in and outOct 25 10:54
schestowitz-TR2it's not badOct 25 10:54
schestowitz-TR2at one point he suggested I "download the apo" for more infoOct 25 10:54
schestowitz-TR2I didn't say anything to thatOct 25 10:54
techrights-sec[2]Which are the key resources you would want to use there?  If I understand Oct 25 10:55
techrights-sec[2]correctly you are big enough for waterpolo but that is probably too much Oct 25 10:55
techrights-sec[2]lung exhaust all around.  Oct 25 10:55
schestowitz-TR2I could probably do the goalkeeping as I did that since a little kid till 20 (in soccer though)Oct 25 10:57
schestowitz-TR2but I checked it not for the pools but for gym, showers etc.Oct 25 10:57
schestowitz-TR2you have reminded me I need to check for replies, if any, in mastodonOct 25 10:57
schestowitz-TR2that always felt like a choreOct 25 10:57
schestowitz-TR2just spent 5-10 mins checking commentsOct 25 11:03
schestowitz-TR2it was not time well spentOct 25 11:03
schestowitz-TR2and thought me not much newOct 25 11:03
schestowitz-TR2mostyl a lot of scrollingOct 25 11:03
schestowitz-TR2irc is a lot more effective than these GUIsOct 25 11:03
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schestowitz-TR2arbitrary thought: in the early 2000s I wrote articles differentlyOct 25 11:20
schestowitz-TR2those were articles based on other articlesOct 25 11:20
schestowitz-TR2because journalism existedOct 25 11:20
schestowitz-TR2in my text file I'd add my references with excerpts from themOct 25 11:20
schestowitz-TR2not it is difficultOct 25 11:20
schestowitz-TR2as even if there is coverage of some issue, usually there is only one source for itOct 25 11:20
schestowitz-TR2rianne told me this morning about sites she noticed were dying, inc. techrepublic (spam)Oct 25 11:20
schestowitz-TR2I gave her some more examples (she reads similar feeds to me)Oct 25 11:20
schestowitz-TR2she then mentioned what happened tio IPFire (licence infringment)Oct 25 11:20
schestowitz-TR2I said to her that a decade ago there would be article about it, but not anyoreOct 25 11:20
schestowitz-TR2journalism was harmed by "famred" social control media and now that it goes away many rush to otherOct 25 11:21
schestowitz-TR2things that ebb awayOct 25 11:21
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techrights-sec[2]ackOct 25 11:25
*psydroid2 (~psydroid@h635kpe3hju7k.irc) has joined #boycottnovellOct 25 11:58
techrights-sec[2]Like forecast in the mid-1990s, the centralized nature of web-based publishingOct 25 12:12
techrights-sec[2]ensures that whole decades worth of material vanishes at the pull of a plugOct 25 12:12
techrights-sec[2]or the stroke of a key.  Each site has one, and only one, copy.  When that isOct 25 12:12
techrights-sec[2]gone, it does not matter how many people were using it or how important orOct 25 12:12
techrights-sec[2]relevant the material was, it is gone.         Oct 25 12:12
techrights-sec[2]With paper copies, those were distributed and the recipient could decide (legally) whether to preserve their copiOct 25 12:12
techrights-sec[2]es and for how long.  Oct 25 12:12
techrights-sec[2]So, as web sites fade away, it becomes more and more important for individualOct 25 12:23
techrights-sec[2]posts to stand on their own, with quotes and other supporting data self-        Oct 25 12:23
techrights-sec[2]contained as possbile.Oct 25 12:23
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schestowitz-TR2sorry, fell asleep, got new data from ONSOct 25 12:53
schestowitz-TR2spoiler: it's a shockerOct 25 12:53
schestowitz-TR2grabbing alculatorOct 25 12:53
techrights-sec[2]npOct 25 12:53
techrights-sec[2]okOct 25 12:53
techrights-sec[2]ackOct 25 12:53
schestowitz-TR2ffsOct 25 13:31
schestowitz-TR2I think I see what the issue is with my site nowOct 25 13:31
schestowitz-TR2many CMS bits don't work at the back end or altogetherOct 25 13:31
schestowitz-TR2not just my blof Oct 25 13:31
schestowitz-TR2they probably "upgraded" PHP or somethingOct 25 13:31
schestowitz-TR2maybe not as severe as I thought -- they're looking into it atmOct 25 13:31
schestowitz-TR2i was right, it was php versionsOct 25 13:45
schestowitz-TR2seems to be settled nowOct 25 13:45
schestowitz-TR2they set my account to old compat modeOct 25 13:45
schestowitz-TR2php is messy businessOct 25 13:45
schestowitz-TR2if you won't keep up (same w/ pyton3 btw), code needs to be rewritten and stuffOct 25 13:45
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techrights-sec[2]ackOct 25 13:49
techrights-sec[2]Fortunately perl5 is quite stableOct 25 13:49
techrights-sec[2]PHP will change (break) between point releasesOct 25 13:49
schestowitz-TR2static pages help overcome some of these changesOct 25 13:52
schestowitz-TR2sometimes the cost of keeping a site offline become astronomicalOct 25 13:52
schestowitz-TR2as you need to rewrite a piece of software just to keep some ARCHIVES onlineOct 25 13:52
schestowitz-TR2and some sites would rather shut down (go offline) than do thisOct 25 13:52
schestowitz-TR2sometimes you want to tell folks, slow down a bit, stop "innovating", you'e breaking people's workflowsOct 25 13:52
schestowitz-TR2and data far too oftenOct 25 13:52
schestowitz-TR2society spends a lot of effort just chasing "latest version"Oct 25 13:52
schestowitz-TR2we covered this in techrights beforeOct 25 13:52
schestowitz-TR2in passing at leastOct 25 13:52
schestowitz-TR2I still use jpilot in 2022Oct 25 13:52
schestowitz-TR2no gym till the numbers improve a lotOct 25 14:01
schestowitz-TR2they use "war", "inflation" and "politics" to pretent COVID-19 queries aren't relevant anymore:Oct 25 14:01
schestowitz-TR2Office for National Statistics (ONS): Deaths This Autumn 21% Higher Than Same Period Prior to COVID-19 25 14:02
-TechrightsBN/ » Blog Archive » Office for National Statistics (ONS): Deaths This Autumn 21% Higher Than Same Period Prior to COVID-19Oct 25 14:02
schestowitz-TR2rianne says the trains now charge extra one pound to have a physical ticket for thew trainOct 25 14:29
schestowitz-TR2and no fee if you use "app"Oct 25 14:29
schestowitz-TR2f*cersOct 25 14:29
schestowitz-TR2they call it "green"Oct 25 14:29
schestowitz-TR2to carry around a high-powered deviceOct 25 14:30
schestowitz-TR2and conflict minerals used to asdsemble the darn thingOct 25 14:30
schestowitz-TR2ridiculousOct 25 14:30
techrights-sec[2]ackOct 25 14:30
techrights-sec[2]Not just high powered but very electricity-hungry.  Those need to be chargedOct 25 14:31
techrights-sec[2]several times per day, not per week, per day.Oct 25 14:31
schestowitz-TR2riaqnne is lividOct 25 14:32
schestowitz-TR2this wasn't like this just 2-3 months agoOct 25 14:32
schestowitz-TR2she wants to visit the aunt after cancer operationOct 25 14:32
techrights-sec[2]Well of course she's livid, they are lying to her.Oct 25 14:32
schestowitz-TR2this sounds like a better optionOct 25 14:34
schestowitz-TR2here, they charge 7.50 to post the ticket to youOct 25 14:34
schestowitz-TR2or you pay 1 pound to have it printed at the stationOct 25 14:34
schestowitz-TR2and she says they are greenwashing the "app" optionOct 25 14:34
schestowitz-TR2I guess they also profit from hoovring your data and selling itOct 25 14:34
schestowitz-TR2(those are private companies now)Oct 25 14:34
schestowitz-TR2England and Wales Increase in Deaths by Age Group: 62% in Children, 12% in Teens, Almost 20% in Adults, and 16% in Old People 25 14:46
-TechrightsBN/ » Blog Archive » England and Wales Increase in Deaths by Age Group: 62% in Children, 12% in Teens, Almost 20% in Adults, and 16% in Old PeopleOct 25 14:46
schestowitz-TR2!!Oct 25 14:46
techrights-sec[2]That would probably the primary reason for foisting an "app" on all the    Oct 25 14:52
techrights-sec[2]surveillance devices, to continually monitor and sell the observations.Oct 25 14:52
schestowitz-TR2kitchen talk about it atmOct 25 14:56
schestowitz-TR2she agrees with me trhat buying the ticket does not even tall them if she boards the trainOct 25 14:56
schestowitz-TR2app can help track her before, durig, and after travelOct 25 14:56
schestowitz-TR2then sell the dataOct 25 14:56
schestowitz-TR2and she tells me they already sell her data to (layoffs btw)Oct 25 14:56
schestowitz-TR2rianne found out about the diversionOct 25 14:56
schestowitz-TR2I'm not even sure if train companies are permitted to pass data like thisOct 25 14:56
schestowitz-TR2ok, rianne now says that the revolving gates don't work for physical tickets mas they used toOct 25 14:56
schestowitz-TR2with a barcode on the printed ticketOct 25 14:56
schestowitz-TR2instead you neede to go to a person to let you throughOct 25 14:56
schestowitz-TR2with the idiots scan their [cr]app shitOct 25 14:56
schestowitz-TR2to get through the revolving gatesOct 25 14:56
schestowitz-TR2I reckon they not only penalise financially old people whose pension barely suffice for food nowOct 25 14:56
schestowitz-TR2they also aim to compltely eliminate travel by people without [cr]appsOct 25 14:56
schestowitz-TR2I watched thjese trends over the yearsOct 25 14:56
schestowitz-TR210 years ago you could not use wifi anonymously unless in first class ('free' wifi, they can stillOct 25 14:56
schestowitz-TR2fingerprint you)Oct 25 14:56
schestowitz-TR2and to travel anonymously you needed to go to the counterOct 25 14:56
schestowitz-TR2it's even harder to purcahse soccer ticketa anonumousOct 25 14:56
schestowitz-TR2except froim scalpersOct 25 14:56
schestowitz-TR2or using fake data you give the cashiersOct 25 14:56
techrights-sec[2]ackOct 25 15:06
schestowitz-TR2lol!Oct 25 15:10
schestowitz-TR2so much progresOct 25 15:10
schestowitz-TR2we can set satellite in orbit (for MASSIVE budgets... far more than justified)Oct 25 15:10
schestowitz-TR2but cannot run trains on time like 200 or so years ago with coal/steam)Oct 25 15:10
schestowitz-TR2because "the system is down" Oct 25 15:10
schestowitz-TR2lol!Oct 25 15:10
schestowitz-TR2"come right up, horse, we're going to the pub"  Oct 25 15:10
schestowitz-TR2horse repair shop = vet Oct 25 15:10
schestowitz-TR2no blinkers to fix, just blindersOct 25 15:10
schestowitz-TR2i thought about doing mems of car vs horseOct 25 15:10
schestowitz-TR2along the lines of "rock vs hypePhone"Oct 25 15:10
schestowitz-TR2or ven palm PDAOct 25 15:10
schestowitz-TR2battery life, privacy, security etc.Oct 25 15:10
schestowitz-TR2kitchen talk ctd:m rianne said the iran-xxxxx site that we support is having technical issues againOct 25 15:16
schestowitz-TR2after moving from djangoCMS tro drupalOct 25 15:16
schestowitz-TR2we've lost count; the context was, I mentioned python and php 'upgrade' pathsOct 25 15:16
schestowitz-TR2and she just noticed in triage that this client (you know who) is having compatibility problemsOct 25 15:16
schestowitz-TR2the bills they need to pay just to keep the site going and preserve 30k or so articles' archive areOct 25 15:16
schestowitz-TR2hard to justify even when they hire "geeks" from yerevan (they are not that good tbh)Oct 25 15:16
schestowitz-TR2the ones they hired from india were a lot worse, but probably cheaper, more harm than good imeOct 25 15:16
schestowitz-TR2we had to lock one out of the system because he kept making a mess; so his access would be request-basedOct 25 15:16
schestowitz-TR2no improvisig allowed; one troll in irc likes to mock people who strive to have stable systemsOct 25 15:16
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techrights-sec[2]ackOct 25 15:17
techrights-sec[2]would a static archive be more suitable?Oct 25 15:17
techrights-sec[2]wget could scrape the old pages.Oct 25 15:17
techrights-sec[2]:(Oct 25 15:17
schestowitz-TR2coffee break, need [topic]Oct 25 15:18
schestowitz-TR2then rss again (super-slow, even for a tuesday when editors are typically 'back' temporarily)Oct 25 15:18
schestowitz-TR2in light of covid-19 numbers we decided to further delay gym Oct 25 15:18
schestowitz-TR2until we know wth is going onOct 25 15:18
schestowitz-TR2seems like permanent health damageOct 25 15:18
techrights-sec[2] 25 15:28
-TechrightsBN/ | Republicans sue Google claiming spam filter blocks emailOct 25 15:28
techrights-sec[2] 25 15:29
techrights-sec[2]^ topic ?Oct 25 15:29
techrights-sec[2] 25 15:29
techrights-sec[2]gopoly-has-won.htmlOct 25 15:29
techrights-sec[2] 25 15:29
-TechrightsBN/#boycottnovell- ( status 404 @ )Oct 25 15:29
-TechrightsBN/#boycottnovell-Republican National Committee sues Google over email spam filters | ReutersOct 25 15:29
schestowitz-TR2thanks, i'll think of how to cover thisOct 25 15:35
schestowitz-TR2rianne meanwhile says, why can't they just make software that lasts many years and is maintained for a long time?Oct 25 15:35
schestowitz-TR2it's not a rhetorical questiobOct 25 15:35
schestowitz-TR2it is partly the outcome of software being managed by suits rather then geeks like openbsdOct 25 15:35
schestowitz-TR2e.g. in the case of linux, sheela microsoft and her wife jamesOct 25 15:36
schestowitz-TR2being NOT techical but merely exploiting technical people (to get rich)Oct 25 15:36
techrights-sec[2]Part of the reason they can't do that is because M$ has sold people software  Oct 25 15:41
techrights-sec[2]using the Appeal To Novelty (argumentum ad novitatem) that the drones in Oct 25 15:41
techrights-sec[2]purchasing and the suits in the C-suite evaluate software based on veryOct 25 15:41
techrights-sec[2]few other critera other than version number.  Recall in the NT vs Netware daysOct 25 15:41
techrights-sec[2]they jump the versions up to have a higher number than the competition.  ThenOct 25 15:41
techrights-sec[2]renamed it to "2000"Oct 25 15:41
techrights-sec[2]And part of that comes down to few to none of todays institutions having anOct 25 15:41
techrights-sec[2]actual IT department where they /support/ the mission critical teams in findingOct 25 15:41
techrights-sec[2]easier, more efficient tools and methods.  Instead they have all become Oct 25 15:41
techrights-sec[2]embedded M$ resellers working against the company using the company's own Oct 25 15:41
techrights-sec[2]money.  Oct 25 15:41
techrights-sec[2]"newer is not better; different is not better; only better is better;"Oct 25 15:41
techrights-sec[2]OpenBSD doesn't support any old versions beyond n-1 because they have positionedOct 25 15:41
techrights-sec[2]themselves as mostly a research and development team and that is the way toOct 25 15:41
techrights-sec[2]be able to drop old cruft.  Ensuring "backwards compatibility" too longOct 25 15:41
techrights-sec[2]ensures that some cruft never goes away.  That's why so many remote exploitsOct 25 15:41
techrights-sec[2]affect all known versions of M$ Windows.  Or as they put it, the exploits areOct 25 15:41
techrights-sec[2]known to affect the old but supported versions but no info about the "latestOct 25 15:41
techrights-sec[2]version".  Then they push for across the board upgrades to the latest version.Oct 25 15:41
techrights-sec[2]Then after a pause of a few days or a week, it is quitely mentioned that Oct 25 15:41
techrights-sec[2]the "latest version" is also equally vulnerable, but to buy the new version Oct 25 15:41
techrights-sec[2]anyway.Oct 25 15:41
techrights-sec[2]s/That's why/That's one of the many reasons why/Oct 25 15:41
schestowitz-TR2type z "BS job": keep changing things that workOct 25 15:48
schestowitz-TR2this way things changeOct 25 15:48
schestowitz-TR2and money changes hands Oct 25 15:48
schestowitz-TR2there are theories of so-called 'economists' about flow of moneyOct 25 15:48
schestowitz-TR2which I don't quite getOct 25 15:48
schestowitz-TR2first, money does not exist per seOct 25 15:48
schestowitz-TR2it's a token/barter -- a concept Oct 25 15:48
schestowitz-TR2passing a goat from one person to another person to another personOct 25 15:48
schestowitz-TR2yields no productive "gain"Oct 25 15:49
schestowitz-TR2so ideally you can buy a radio alarm clock (fm) that lasts you a lifetimeOct 25 15:49
schestowitz-TR2and build a home with good enough materialsOct 25 15:49
schestowitz-TR2(not going into specifics about all the things that go wrong with "modern" homes, built fast and cheaply to lookOct 25 15:49
schestowitz-TR2good on the surface)Oct 25 15:49
schestowitz-TR2cars diminish in value so fast that only a job and peer pressure can justify buying a "modern" oneOct 25 15:49
schestowitz-TR2meanwhile I drink a a whole teaspot of coffee that costs just 10p to prepare, inc. power and ingredientsOct 25 15:49
schestowitz-TR2*teapotOct 25 15:49
schestowitz-TR2a plastic cup with coffee (i heard) now costs about 4 poundsOct 25 15:49
schestowitz-TR2so you work for 30 minutes at minimum wage *(physically demanding) for some water with ground seeds in itOct 25 15:49
techrights-sec[2]New appliances apparently have input from engineers assigned the task of havingOct 25 15:49
techrights-sec[2]critical components fail just after the warranty expires.  e.g. plasticOct 25 15:49
techrights-sec[2]encased bearings, glued-in perishable batteries, decomposing belts, etcOct 25 15:49
techrights-sec[2]biab (wiring another computer)Oct 25 15:49
schestowitz-TR2a sceptic or cynic would scoff and say "conpricacy theorist"Oct 25 15:54
schestowitz-TR2without having read about the light bulb cartel or similarOct 25 15:54
schestowitz-TR2there are hardly proseuctions for bribery anymore (see Microsoft)Oct 25 15:54
schestowitz-TR2so cracking down on price-fixing cartels(petrol, food, electronics with patents)Oct 25 15:54
schestowitz-TR2not likely any time soonOct 25 15:54
schestowitz-TR2there are ways to shun them (direct action, personal) but it comes with some temporary inconveniencesOct 25 15:54
schestowitz-TR2and means you go through life having to constantly challenge and argue with "systems"Oct 25 15:54
schestowitz-TR2the aspiration is, make more people out there challenge the system to the point where it becomes Oct 25 15:54
schestowitz-TR2financially unjustifableOct 25 15:54
schestowitz-TR2gym this morning: "you can download the app"Oct 25 15:54
schestowitz-TR2all your need is a stack of weights and a shower; no apps, no thank you!Oct 25 15:54
schestowitz-TR2I tried m,any queries by which to find bits of the rms talkOct 25 16:00
schestowitz-TR2but was not successful (yet)Oct 25 16:00
schestowitz-TR2i look forward to publishing andy's pieceOct 25 16:00
schestowitz-TR2he covered aspects like life further complicated by "systems"Oct 25 16:00
techrights-sec[2]ackOct 25 16:01
techrights-sec[2]I too look forward to Andy's article.Oct 25 16:01
schestowitz-TR2flatpak has a new releasOct 25 16:06
schestowitz-TR2egithubOct 25 16:06
schestowitz-TR2the site says at the top (main headline/()Oct 25 16:06
schestowitz-TR2the future of APPS on LINUXOct 25 16:06
schestowitz-TR2then shows slack.. steam... microsoft atom (eol!!)Oct 25 16:06
schestowitz-TR2yeah, the futureOct 25 16:06
schestowitz-TR2drm and dead Microsoft stuffOct 25 16:06
schestowitz-TR2we became what we fought?Oct 25 16:06
techrights-sec[2]that's what they aim for -- drm and proprietaryOct 25 16:10
techrights-sec[2]infiltrated and subsumed; also the pipeline of new IT people has been cut offOct 25 16:10
techrights-sec[2]so there are no places anyone can learn technology even if they wanted toOct 25 16:10
techrights-sec[2]pgksrc is probably betterOct 25 16:10
techrights-sec[2]^pkgsrcOct 25 16:10
schestowitz-TR2they don't even announce the release anyywhere but shithubOct 25 16:10
schestowitz-TR2and I refuse to link to THATOct 25 16:10
schestowitz-TR2their web site is very out of datsOct 25 16:10
schestowitz-TR2latest press release 2018~Oct 25 16:10
schestowitz-TR21.0 rewleaseOct 25 16:10
techrights-sec[2] 25 16:15
-TechrightsBN/ | Chapter?5.?Using pkgsrcOct 25 16:15
schestowitz-TR2now I see more compression algos (zstd, shithub) inserted right into the kernel, linux.Oct 25 16:15
schestowitz-TR2there's no reason to put that inside a kernelOct 25 16:15
techrights-sec[2]nopeOct 25 16:17
techrights-sec[2]no reasonOct 25 16:17
schestowitz-TR2this is facebook using as a trijan horse to spread its stuff along with microsoft proprietary prisonOct 25 16:18
schestowitz-TR2same for rustOct 25 16:18
schestowitz-TR2while paying millions to Sheela Microsoft and the wife JamesOct 25 16:18
schestowitz-TR2to make sure they cannot say "no"Oct 25 16:18
techrights-sec[2]ackOct 25 16:18
schestowitz-TR2LT said FB was "a disease"Oct 25 16:19
schestowitz-TR2that was before Zuckerface and Sanbag paid his boss for some gem-styles sponsorehip mtier that comesOct 25 16:19
schestowitz-TR2with TWO board seatsOct 25 16:19
schestowitz-TR2gem-styled sponsorship tierOct 25 16:20
schestowitz-TR2LT/LF: "I heard you like to [some sexual act], how much for you to do that?"Oct 25 16:21
schestowitz-TR2ha! Oct 25 16:42
schestowitz-TR2new video an hour ago, validates what I wroteOct 25 16:42
techrights-sec[2]ackOct 25 16:42
schestowitz-TR2Many Young People Are Dying (a Lot More Than Before) 25 16:42
-TechrightsBN/ » Blog Archive » Many Young People Are Dying (a Lot More Than Before)Oct 25 16:42
schestowitz-TR2well worth it, I've jyst told rianneOct 25 16:51
schestowitz-TR2and he rightly points out the billBC and other media like BillPR won't fu*cking mention suchOct 25 16:51
schestowitz-TR2very simple factsOct 25 16:51
schestowitz-TR2and the academic community sees no need to properly study the causesOct 25 16:51
schestowitz-TR2to repat what I said today and prior days, until we know "wth is going on" I'm lowering the riskOct 25 16:51
schestowitz-TR2of shortening our livesOct 25 16:51
schestowitz-TR2meanwhile in Boston University they developed a far more potent virus based on COVID-19Oct 25 16:51
schestowitz-TR2let's hope that one does not escape the labOct 25 16:51
techrights-sec[2]checkingOct 25 16:52
techrights-sec[2]???Oct 25 16:52
techrights-sec[2]the text does not make much senseOct 25 16:52
techrights-sec[2]there isn't an academic community any more just "adjunct lecturers" in the USOct 25 16:52
techrights-sec[2]and similar, post-Bologne Treaty flunkies in EuropeOct 25 16:52
schestowitz-TR2if the text does not make sense to you, it is because he covers a number of topics in an order that makes senseOct 25 16:53
schestowitz-TR2those are like his written notesOct 25 16:53
schestowitz-TR2and URLsOct 25 16:53
techrights-sec[2]ackOct 25 17:02
techrights-sec[2]in both the US and Europe there aren't any stable academic jobs to speak ofOct 25 17:02
techrights-sec[2]and they spend much of their time playing administrivia with the bureacracy's Oct 25 17:02
techrights-sec[2]proprietary software locked into Windows instead of teaching or doing researchOct 25 17:02
techrights-sec[2]The Bologne Treaty toroedoed the system already in 1998 but the damage did notOct 25 17:02
techrights-sec[2]fully kick in 2003 but instead an academic generation or two later as the Oct 25 17:02
techrights-sec[2]real people aged out.Oct 25 17:02
schestowitz-TR2in 2000 i started bsdOct 25 17:02
schestowitz-TR2in 2003 phdOct 25 17:02
schestowitz-TR2in 2005 i questioned my mentor (cs dept head) about postdoc jobsOct 25 17:02
schestowitz-TR2he said they're expected to work well beyond 9-5Oct 25 17:02
schestowitz-TR2that was 17 years agoOct 25 17:02
schestowitz-TR2i later discovered how low a pay and "administrivia" tooOct 25 17:02
schestowitz-TR2like swiping card and filling out time sheetsOct 25 17:02
schestowitz-TR2like I was 15 again working at Burger KingOct 25 17:02
schestowitz-TR2and even comparable salaries!Oct 25 17:02
schestowitz-TR2/s/bsd/bsc/Oct 25 17:02
schestowitz-TR2that necessarily means those who can do decent research won't be postdocsOct 25 17:02
schestowitz-TR2they need to eat Oct 25 17:02
schestowitz-TR2the sysadmins at uni were so awful that it's a miracle they even got the responsibilitiesOct 25 17:02
schestowitz-TR2like wiping a whole server without even telling tenantsOct 25 17:03
schestowitz-TR2without doing any backupsOct 25 17:03
schestowitz-TR2after getting crackedOct 25 17:03
schestowitz-TR2they are probably fake 'tech' people who just could not find employment anywhere sleseOct 25 17:03
schestowitz-TR2*elseOct 25 17:03
schestowitz-TR2(obv. they could not conduct research, either)Oct 25 17:03
techrights-sec[2]Unqualified flunkies are easier to keep on short leash because the managersOct 25 17:04
techrights-sec[2]can boss them around because the flunky knows he is both highly unqualified andOct 25 17:04
techrights-sec[2]can be replaced on a whimOct 25 17:04
schestowitz-TR2we have those in our company nowOct 25 17:06
schestowitz-TR2using "Ubuntu" in VirtualBox (Windows)Oct 25 17:06
schestowitz-TR2with degree in "Classics"Oct 25 17:06
schestowitz-TR2and no real ability to solve technical issuesOct 25 17:06
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*Techrights-sec is now known as ts2Oct 25 17:19
techrights-sec[2]ackOct 25 17:27
schestowitz-TR2 "A pause and reappraisal of global vaccination policies for COVID-19 is long overdueOct 25 17:28
schestowitz-TR2." 25 17:28
-TechrightsBN/#boycottnovell- ( status 403 @ )Oct 25 17:28
schestowitz-TR2ines_through_real_evidence-based_medicine_-_Part_1Oct 25 17:28
schestowitz-TR2rianne's mom got special exemption issued by the cardiologistOct 25 17:28
schestowitz-TR2because the heart conditions are known to be interacting badly with some vaccinesOct 25 17:28
schestowitz-TR2but more research is neededOct 25 17:28
schestowitz-TR2though I am guessing it would be obstructed when you sell a 20 ent dose for $130 or moreOct 25 17:28
schestowitz-TR2*centOct 25 17:28
schestowitz-TR2I know some people who reported heart events after 1st or 2nd doseOct 25 17:28
schestowitz-TR2it was then thay they refuses to take any moreOct 25 17:28
schestowitz-TR2*refusedOct 25 17:28
schestowitz-TR2no matter what they were told (assurances based onm hearsay and fear of sounding non-conformist)Oct 25 17:28
schestowitz-TR2buying a new heart is difficult because it's hard to replace moving parts that pump bloodOct 25 17:28
techrights-sec[2]ackOct 25 17:28
schestowitz-TR2same for spine, but there are remedies there and you can live with a bad spineOct 25 17:28
schestowitz-TR2(news VERY slow today; tuesdays are usually busy)Oct 25 17:36
techrights-sec[2] 25 17:55
techrights-sec[2]^ topic ?Oct 25 17:55
-TechrightsBN/#boycottnovell-Snyk to cut 14% of workforce in latest round of tech industry layoffs - SiliconANGLEOct 25 17:55
schestowitz-TR2hahaOct 25 17:55
schestowitz-TR2nice oneOct 25 17:55
schestowitz-TR2In the United States, Winter Deaths Increased 28% Between 2016 and This Year (But President Biden Insists Pandemic is Over) 25 17:57
-TechrightsBN/ » Blog Archive » In the United States, Winter Deaths Increased 28% Between 2016 and This Year (But President Biden Insists Pandemic is Over)Oct 25 17:57
techrights-sec[2]ackOct 25 18:02
techrights-sec[2]otr: do you have a specific paper by Lemley in mind?  He has written quiteOct 25 18:22
techrights-sec[2]otr: a few and the search engines do not show any of them to be obviously     Oct 25 18:22
techrights-sec[2]otr: connected to software or theOct 25 18:22
techrights-sec[2]otr: do you have a specific paper by Lemley in mind?  He has written quiteOct 25 18:22
techrights-sec[2]otr: a few and the search engines do not show any of them to be obviously     Oct 25 18:22
techrights-sec[2]otr: connected to software or the concept of innovation.Oct 25 18:22
techrights-sec[2] concept of innovation.Oct 25 18:22
schestowitz-TR2he wrote about how patent maximalism should avoided and patent quality preserved, iircOct 25 18:23
schestowitz-TR2the topic of patents fell off the media and I lost trackOct 25 18:25
schestowitz-TR2now the pharma companies don't even suffer any scrutiny of itOct 25 18:25
schestowitz-TR2systemic collapseOct 25 18:25
schestowitz-TR2the interests of the vast majority have no bearing on policiesOct 25 18:25
schestowitz-TR2I would rememeber no better than past TR psost that mention them by nameOct 25 18:38
schestowitz-TR2and have URLsOct 25 18:38
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techrights-sec[2]AOct 25 22:36
techrights-sec[2]"Study finds patent systems may discourage innovation"Oct 25 22:36
techrights-sec[2] 25 22:36
techrights-sec[2]?Oct 25 22:36
techrights-sec[2]Maybe this one:Oct 25 22:36
techrights-sec[2]"Patent Scope and Innovation in the Software Industry"Oct 25 22:36
-TechrightsBN/ | Study finds patent systems may discourage innovationOct 25 22:36
techrights-sec[2] 25 22:36
-TechrightsBN/ | "Patent Scope and Innovation in the Software Industry" by Julie E. Cohen and Mark A. LemleyOct 25 22:36

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