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Misogynists Versus Techrights

posted by Roy Schestowitz on Dec 11, 2023

I don't always attack women; When I do, I say I'm a woman myself

JUST over 5 days ago I wrote about this topic despite it being scheduled for coverage every Monday, i.e. strictly once a week. It's better to maintain the normal publication pace, so today's part will be relatively short.

To those who read between the lines it will come as no surprise that aspiring Microsoft militants have been trying to take this site offline. Unfortunately for them, in an act of desperation they started doing all sorts of illegal things while hiding behind Tor and VPNs. Eventually we deciphered what they had been doing, hence the importance of this series. The same people also attack Richard Stallman, Eben Moglen, and many others (including Wikileaks' leadership).

We now have clear evidence of what they planned as a "blueprint" against us. They spoke about it among one another and we took screenshots, so that evidence isn't going away.

Horrible misogynists won't take us down. They will be fully exposed and held accountable, at the very least in the public arena. Someone who destroyed the lives of at least 3 women ("Lobsta") won't destroy my wife's too. And this is why she wrote about it.

To put it in perspective, the "blueprint" used against us piggybacks some strategy used against an entirely different (and not technical) site. The core of the strategy was to portray us as intolerant, then blackmail the webhost over it. Lying to the webhost too (we'll cover this next year).

Ryan looked into this other site (which I never even accessed!) and said there seems to be a pattern of misogynists trying to take it offline. "So this Greer fellow has a habit of suing everyone that talks about him," Ryan said. "And some people at random including Taylor Swift and Ariana Grande for not fucking him. But this is the person Lobsta is rooting for in the attack on Kiwi Farms."

"I don't even want to blog about Greer because he's already suing Joshua Moon just for the Farms having a post about him as a LOLCOW. You're not in the US so if he sues you for talking about him you're not exposed really to the American legal system. You don't even have to do anything to piss this guy off or prompt him, he files SLAPP lawsuits as revenge against people for saying he ADMITS he's an incel who things it ought to be against the law for women to not consent to him raping them. It's "defamation" to post about Greer what he said about himself as a direct quote, on the Web, usually as a complaint about hookers saying there's not enough money in the world to fuck him apparently."

Language warning? Too late.

In any event, we're talking about some kind of online "underworld" with irrational people, dare we say utter lunatics. As a reminder, months ago it seemed like "Lobster" (Lozza) was having a mental breakdown and admitted doing sex change after alleged marital misconduct/abuse/fraud (Lozza claimed that he - a man at the time - had gotten two kids with two women, not even his wife) and one wonders if s/he escapes and commits more fraud, then changes identity to dodge liabilities. It's not about gender or sex, it's about a person trying to hide a terrible past with endless guilt (and apparently abandoned kids). Impregnating (or "knocking up") women can perpetually scar them for life. This person deserves a warning label.

We need not even explain why this sort of behaviour creates a harmful stigma. You cannot just delete a past self by shouting "deadnaming" at people who bring up the topic. Many real people were harmed; censoring the victims is one more immoral act. According to Phoronix Forums, Lozza has even more of a history harassing people and my cohost at TechBytes was certainly harassed to the point of banning Lozza from IRC. Notice the pattern. It spans well over a decade already. Twitter deemed Lozza too extreme - leading to a permanent ban. But Lozza keeps harassing people. Maybe time to change the surname too?

Human rights are for humans, based on common consensus among cultures of humans (not that many uphold and respect those rights). Being trans is no exception to this. Trans is still human and trans folks have human rights. That should be sufficient. Being trans does not entitle you to silence, gag, censor, blackmail, intimidate people whom you do not agree with on something. You do not magically get some additional rights by transitioning. This is not monarchy. That would go against how many behave though.

To quote Lozza: "Right before the separation, she wanted to see my bank account to make sure I was saving up for "our place" when in reality I was putting it into money orders for my own apartment."

As Ryan explains, this was a very harmful revelation. It showed yet more abuse of women.

"So Brandon Lobsta was lying to this poor woman that he was helping her save for a new place," Ryan remarked. "Stole the money from the marital estate. Pressured her to sign no fault divorce papers."

This one person has plenty to hide - a past of abuse. No wonder terms like "deadnaming" are misused this much.

"Looks like Lobster did delete those posts. About stealing from the marital estate and defrauding the divorce court and "thanks to no fault divorce I didn't have to beat my ex-wife" or something," Ryan said. "Now Lobster wants to make it seem like he's going to sue you in Canada or something. What does Lobster think he's going to do anyway? I'm not under the jurisdiction of a Canadian court. I don't think that you are. Lobster said he did something regarding an Ontario tribunal?"

We'll cover this in the future. This is just another example of harassment by Lozza.

As Ryan put it: "It looks like maybe Lobsta is really upset and wants to see if he can seek some sort of cheap revenge against you."

Like time-wasting, threats, and lies to many parties. Lozza is a thug. And using "autism" (or disability) as a waiver, thinking that it can perpetually be weaponised to justify or excuse serious misbehaviour.

Don't forget the role of people who 'manage' and commandeer such crazies, inciting them not only in Social Control Media but also other online methods (and offline). We wrote about some of them. They're like the "imams" of the tech world.

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