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Microsoft, Very Deep in Debt, Trying to Take Over Other Companies Without Paying to Buy Them

posted by Roy Schestowitz on Dec 11, 2023,
updated Dec 11, 2023

Misogynist: Who to buy next? Can't.

THE month-old post about Microsoft's debt should be revisited by those who aren't regular readers of this site. To avoid repetition, we suggest reading that first (lt;dr: Microsoft's debt has surged to 106 billion dollars despite mass layoffs).

So what is our hypothesis today? We wanted to cover this in video, but it seems simple enough to cover quickly in text only.

A couple of weeks ago we said that Microsoft would try to gain further control over the company where it had already put a number of moles (a company whose very name is a lie, "Open" "AI"). Well, since then the Board has increased the role of Microsoft (as so-called 'observer') and the CEO strengthened his loyalty to Microsoft. So did some of his high-level colleagues. So this is very much what we predicted would happen.

But "the money juggling is important," someone tells us, as "it means that Microsoft does not have the financial resources to buy any more. (Microsoft has not yet paid for OpenAI even though the sale is ostensibly complete). For that matter, Altman is still in Microsoft." Like Elop in Nokia/Microsoft.

Microsoft's financial manipulations go further than this. According to the latest news reports, both the US FTC and the UK's CMA are investigating this matter. The FTC is still working to intercept the Activision deal while Bill Gates' media (propaganda apparatus) attacks the regulator for doing so. We've chosen to omit links to these malicious personal attacks.

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