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#boycottnovell @ FreeNode: June 5th, 2008

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ZiggyFishgood morning every oneJun 04 23:36
tessier_Hi ZiggyFishJun 05 00:51
ZiggyFishheyJun 05 00:52
moparxheyJun 05 01:02
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schestowitzI'm back. <tessier_>, I'm not sure how COLA regulars would feel about it.Jun 05 04:00
tessierschestowitz: The advocates or the trolls?Jun 05 04:03
tessierAnd who cares either way? :)Jun 05 04:03
ZiggyFish_hpschestowitz: more on the Yahoo v Microsoft case ;)Jun 05 04:06
schestowitzThe advocates. COLA has Switzerland status.Jun 05 04:15
moparxhave a nice nap? :)Jun 05 04:23
schestowitzIt was more like a full night's sleepJun 05 04:28
moparx:pJun 05 04:29
moparxI'll be enjoying one myself very soon as it is almost 12am hereJun 05 04:30
schestowitzZiggyFish, Carl's bother called: 05 04:31
schestowitzbrother, not notherJun 05 04:31
schestowitznot botherJun 05 04:31
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spotthedoghiJun 05 04:51
spotthedoghiJun 05 04:51
spotthedoghiJun 05 04:52
spotthedoghiJun 05 04:52
spotthedoghiJun 05 04:52
spotthedoghiJun 05 04:52
spotthedoghiJun 05 04:52
spotthedoghiJun 05 04:52
spotthedoghiJun 05 04:52
spotthedoghiJun 05 04:52
spotthedoghiJun 05 04:52
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moparxok..Jun 05 04:52
schestowitzhiJun 05 04:54
schestowitzMSI is crippling (SUSE) Linux... 05 04:55
schestowitzI never realise this, but it's in the news nowJun 05 04:55
moparxmeh. of course the GNU/Linux version is screwed over hardware wise while the Windows variont gets the extra stuff.. which seems to be the growing trend with many of these mini notebooks.Jun 05 04:59
moparxvariant*Jun 05 04:59
schestowitzShould be the opposite, esp. given Microsoft's requirement of meeting and obeying some limits.Jun 05 05:05
schestowitzvnunet says that XP costs Acer $50. I wonder how much money Microsoft makes from SUSE and I doubt it's a fixed amount. Nobody knows for sure.Jun 05 05:06
moparx*nod*Jun 05 05:09
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schestowitzWelcome, santhoshJun 05 05:18
santhoshhi schestowitzJun 05 05:19
moparxI guess I'll head to bed. Talk to you again in a few hoursJun 05 05:19
moparxhi santhosh. welcome to #boycottnovell :)Jun 05 05:19
santhoshmoparx:  :)Jun 05 05:19
schestowitzI've just realised that Citrix are talking about us.Jun 05 05:21
schestowitzCitrix own Xen and are Microsoft partner.Jun 05 05:21
schestowitzpartners. I see hundreds of referrals from the Citrix domain.Jun 05 05:21
tessierus?Jun 05 05:40
tessierohJun 05 05:40
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tessier Intel faces $25.4M antitrust fineJun 05 05:54
tessierIntel laughs at a mere $25MJun 05 05:55
schestowitzHuh? That's nothing.Jun 05 05:56
schestowitzThey were convicted in other continents too and an embargo would be more appropriate given their bribery (lots of evidence), gain from destruction of competition, deception and destruction of evidence (that too is well documented). This fine proves that there's no justice. Nice guys finish last.Jun 05 05:57
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schestowitzWelcome, saulgoodeJun 05 06:35
saulgoodeHello. I was away for a while.Jun 05 07:03
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schestowitzI hope there will be a legal analysis of Mono soon. I know you're interested in this subject. From what I've heard, it's worse than Moonlight, which is already banned by Fedora.Jun 05 07:18
PetoKrausLegal analysis?Jun 05 07:19
PetoKrauslike, De Icaza getting sued for... making mono?Jun 05 07:19
PetoKrausor just analysis of possibilities of being sued by microsoft by using mono?Jun 05 07:19
PetoKrausabout the Office2008/2007 thingJun 05 07:21
PetoKraushttp://ooxmlisdefectivebydesign.blogspot.c...Jun 05 07:22
ZiggyFish_hpPetoKraus: that's an interesting articleJun 05 07:24
schestowitzNot sues, threatened at the least.Jun 05 07:24
schestowitznot sued, I mean. Microsoft can deter customers.Jun 05 07:24
ZiggyFish_hpespecially, point 8) OOXML supports 64-bit at all?Jun 05 07:24
schestowitz"What 64 bits," said the shy CEO.Jun 05 07:25
schestowitzBill Gates, At the launch of MSX[: "We will never make a 32-bit operating system."Jun 05 07:25
ZiggyFish_hpschestowitz: apparently novel made a 30%(I think), increase in profit in their open source (that's without any payment to Microsoft) sectorJun 05 07:27
ZiggyFish_hp 05 07:28
ZiggyFish_hpCNet is reporting that while Novell still has a long way to go before they start making Red Hat nervous, they have at least gotten a seat at the grown-up table. Reporting 31% year-over-year growth in their Linux businessJun 05 07:28
schestowitzNovell is not growing. It's the story and illusion they give.Jun 05 07:29
schestowitzSure, Linux as _a whole_ is up, but Novell doesn't want you to see some certain divisions.Jun 05 07:29
ZiggyFish_hpohJun 05 07:29
schestowitzLinux accounts for a tiny portion of its revenue sources (under 10%, IIRC).Jun 05 07:30
schestowitzAnd Novell's cash cows are down.Jun 05 07:30
schestowitzHaha. "CNet is reporting..."Jun 05 07:30
schestowitzNo, that a CNET _blog_ of a former Novell employee.Jun 05 07:30
ZiggyFish_hpoh. I thought there was something else to that storyJun 05 07:31
ZiggyFish_hpi see nowJun 05 07:32
schestowitzI think we wrote 3 posts about it in BN.comJun 05 07:33
schestowitzThe last one showed the same analysis coming from separate sources.Jun 05 07:33
schestowitzYesterday we wrote about Novell, Hovsepian and Asay doing the magic touch for the media.Jun 05 07:33
schestowitzMicrosoft does this too by the way and its CFO had a nice self-flattering article in some big magazine a couple of days ago.Jun 05 07:34
saulgoodeschestowitz, did you request of Pamela Jones that SFLC perform a liability analysis of Mono?Jun 05 07:36
schestowitzYes, I have.Jun 05 07:47
schestowitzBut time is an issue.Jun 05 07:48
saulgoodeIt also would seem to be an issue that there is no "open source promise" published anywhere covering Mono/ECMA/ISO patents. :)Jun 05 07:51
schestowitz[sarcasm] Why would there be one? That would reduce FUD factor.Jun 05 07:53
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ZiggyFish_hplooks like another win for opensource: Liverpool City Council chooses Kaspersky Lab in network security overhaul < 05 09:02
ZiggyFish_hp"Liverpool City Council has implemented Kaspersky Open Space Security in a security review of its fast-growing, dispersed network."Jun 05 09:03
ZiggyFish_hpNow, more than a year after Kaspersky Open Space Security 6.0 was first implemented, the Council’s IT staff boasts an increase in threat detection, resulting in an overall decrease in the number of infections and security incidents across the Council's network.Jun 05 09:05
schestowitzIt says "open", but it's a cheap word to use.Jun 05 09:07
schestowitzAnyway, I'm taking off for a while (the gym).Jun 05 09:07
ZiggyFish_hpk see yaJun 05 09:08
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ZiggyFish_hpinteresting article, Flexible computer displays expected within a year < 05 11:53
ZiggyFish_hplooks like it will obsolete the Microsoft Surface :OJun 05 11:55
moparxThat's pretty cool. You have to love the rate at which technology advances.Jun 05 11:59
ZiggyFish_hpyeah, It's amasing what we can do these days with technologyJun 05 12:00
PetoKrausflexible display?Jun 05 12:02
PetoKrauslike Toshiba R500?Jun 05 12:02
ZiggyFish_hpPetoKraus: more flexible then thatJun 05 12:03
ZiggyFish_hpfrom the linkJun 05 12:03
ZiggyFish_hpWhile Vertegaal said that flexible displays are unlikely to be cheap enough to fit a aluminium can that is currently worth about five cents, he noted the possibility that the technology may open new, potentially overwhelming advertising avenues.Jun 05 12:03
ZiggyFish_hpabove that paragraphJun 05 12:04
ZiggyFish_hpThe technology one day may give rise to aluminium cans with browsers displaying RSS feeds and movie trailers.Jun 05 12:04
ZiggyFish_hpit will be like a peice of paper.Jun 05 12:04
moparxan advertisers wet dream... hahaJun 05 12:04
ZiggyFish_hplolJun 05 12:04
ZiggyFish_hpanyway time to go. see ya all in 8 hours (time to go to sleep)Jun 05 12:07
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schestowitz(back now) Surface is already somewhat of a failure (replying to Ziggy's statement). Bach wanted to throw it away and only Gates' fantasies (show-off) kept it alive. This was discovered last week. Surface was an imitation of 2 or 3 separate researchers (plus lots of marketing). It hardly makes an appearance now, let alone sells.Jun 05 12:38
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lahirupin ms terminal server service we cant share admin console (session 0)Jun 05 13:09
lahirupin citrix can we share the remote desktop without creating different sessionsJun 05 13:09
lahirupI mean i want 2 persons to work on session 0 (console) can it b doneJun 05 13:09
schestowitzCitrix?Jun 05 13:09
lahirupyepJun 05 13:10
lahirupcitrixJun 05 13:10
schestowitzWhy here?Jun 05 13:10
lahirupokJun 05 13:10
lahirupcan u tell me kindly where should i go?Jun 05 13:10
lahirupgreat help : )Jun 05 13:10
schestowitzI am not sure who support Citrix on IRCJun 05 13:11
schestowitzsupportJun 05 13:11
schestowitzI'm sure someone on the Web supports it.Jun 05 13:11
lahirupwhen i googled it said this channel would help meJun 05 13:12
lahirupbadluckJun 05 13:13
schestowitzReally? I can't see why. I'm sorry to disappoint you though.Jun 05 13:13
*lahirup has quit ()Jun 05 13:14
moparxI don't recall ever seeing any sort of article that would lead one to believe this was a Citrix support channel. I do hope he finds his answer thoughJun 05 13:15
schestowitzThe only thing I can think of are the referrals that came from Citrix yesterday.Jun 05 13:17
schestowitzI imagine that hundreds of them came because something I wrote about Xen (now of Citrix), but why the IRC channel? And why support? I dunno.Jun 05 13:18
jbhI must have some weird files on my system or somethingJun 05 13:25
jbhalways having to kill trackerJun 05 13:25
jbhpegs my cpu constantlyJun 05 13:26
schestowitzWhen it indexes?Jun 05 13:26
jbhit seems to get caught in some sort of loop or somethingJun 05 13:26
jbhbecause once it starts pegging my cpu, it doesn't ever stopJun 05 13:26
schestowitzGNU IceCat used to do this to me if I tried putting too many extensions on it and strace is probably the best way to debug that stuff, if not run it from the CLI to see standard output.Jun 05 13:27
jbhI rarely use desktop search, so I should probably just uninstall itJun 05 13:28
jbhyea, I keep meaning to do that but never get around to itJun 05 13:28
schestowitzJust don't move to Beagle.Jun 05 13:29
jbhhaha, no wayJun 05 13:29
schestowitzThe only thing I ever search for is posts and E-mails. I can do it with MySQL, Thunderbird and KNode.Jun 05 13:29
jbhyea, searching email is about the only thing I have to search forJun 05 13:30
jbhotherwise I just use find ;)Jun 05 13:30
schestowitzMicrosoft's henchman is busy again ( ). A mate said something funny w while earlier about the secret services needing to get Icahn down to his knees (his words). "He is a nut case with money."Jun 05 13:31
schestowitzIMHO, desktop search is a cure for procrastination. Some people leave their hard-drive messy, by choice. Seen it before. They can't find a thing! Jun 05 13:33
jbhyeaJun 05 13:36
moparx*nod*Jun 05 13:37
*Eruaran ( has joined #boycottnovellJun 05 13:37
moparxI couldn't stand having things throws all over the placeJun 05 13:37
schestowitzI have up to about 10 directory levels in places. About a quarter of a million files in total, some compressed.Jun 05 13:37
moparxhi Eruaran. welcome to #boycottnovell :)Jun 05 13:38
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schestowitzYou may not know this, but sys-con is spamming RSS feeds. Here's the sort of shot at ODF that I have seen literally 100+ times (so far) in my feeds: "...Microsoft-hostile ODF...". It almost always comes from Maureen O'Gara. I want to show you what she does. She's trashing the feeds along with sys-con. *sigh*Jun 05 14:08
moparxI'd like to know how she can possibly think that an open format is hostile to anyone.Jun 05 14:26
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fumanchu234HelloJun 05 15:36
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schestowitzI've just gotten an answer about the Google News thing.Jun 05 15:42
moparxoh?Jun 05 15:54
schestowitzI'll write about it later. Google ought to be careful about poisoning.Jun 05 15:54
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EruaranhiJun 05 16:47
schestowitzHi there.Jun 05 16:48
schestowitzAt the moment I'm just looking at some OOXML stuff.Jun 05 16:48
Eruarannew ?Jun 05 16:49
schestowitzSort of, yes.Jun 05 16:49
schestowitzPatrick D is still doing some conspicuous stuff.Jun 05 16:49
Eruaranconspicuous ?Jun 05 16:50
schestowitzSee this for example: http://www.openmalaysiablog.c...Jun 05 16:52
*Eruaran nodsJun 05 16:55
schestowitzIt's a two-part post (so far). ""If this unethical behaviour by Microsoft was not sufficiently despicable, they did the unthinkable by involving politics in what should have been a technical evaluation of the standard by writing to the head of the Malaysian standards organization and getting its business partners to engage in a negative letter writing campaign to indicate lack of support of ODF in the Malaysian market. <b>Every single negatiJun 05 16:56
schestowitzve letter on ODF received by the Malaysian standards organization was written either by Microsoft, or a Microsoft business partner or a Microsoft affiliated organization (Initiative for Software Choice and IASA)"Jun 05 16:56
EruaranNo new low from Microsoft surprises me anymore.Jun 05 16:58
schestowitzNa. It gets worse. "I have lost my sleep and peace of mind for last two months over these distasteful activities by Microsoft." -- Professor Deepak PhatakJun 05 16:59
Eruaran:(Jun 05 17:01
schestowitzSome of us might be biased though. Microsoft insists it plays fair. I mean, look: "37 letters with exactly the same words. Some of the senders didn't even care to remove the 'Type company name here' text. Simular letters has been circulating in Denmark as an e-mail from the Danish MD Jørgen Bardenfleth to customers and business partners. I call it fraud, cheating and disgusting. If I wasn't anti-Microsoft before, I am now. Disgusting !" --LJun 05 17:03
schestowitzeif LodahlJun 05 17:03
EruaranHad a client this week have a bitter experience with his notebook that was a direct result of M$ monopolization tacticsJun 05 17:06
schestowitzWhich of them (tactics)?Jun 05 17:08
EruaranOffice formatsJun 05 17:08
EruaranHe was using an older version of MS OfficeJun 05 17:08
schestowitzBetter giddy up. Up on the treadmill.Jun 05 17:09
EruaranSomeone sent him an email attatchment that was .docx (which I think is quite rude)Jun 05 17:09
EruaranOf course he couldn't read itJun 05 17:09
EruaranBut he was informed by a dialogue (dunno more than that) of some sort that he could get a reader / plugin so he could read itJun 05 17:10
schestowitzI can't recall the source,but someone said that Microsoft's 'genius' came down to one thing: versions.Jun 05 17:10
Eruaran(from microsoft)Jun 05 17:10
EruaranSo he goes to get this reader pluginJun 05 17:10
schestowitzOh, here's one: "Oh, my God. I always get mad at my computer if MS Word swallows the page numbers of a document which I printed a couple of times with page numbers. If I complain to anybody they say "Well, upgrade from version 5.11 to 6.0".(from FOCUS Magazine... interview with Gates)Jun 05 17:11
EruaranAnd this piece of software duly informs him that he needs to upgrade his XP to SP3Jun 05 17:11
schestowitzYou mean downgrade, right?Jun 05 17:11
schestowitzSP3 still leads to issues.Jun 05 17:11
EruaranyesJun 05 17:11
EruaranSo... he gets SP3Jun 05 17:11
EruaranInstalls it... and then his notebook wont bootJun 05 17:12
schestowitzRegistry corruption, data corruption (some apps specifically), AMD endless reboot for HP boxesJun 05 17:12
schestowitzOh, and drivers going titsupJun 05 17:12
EruaranHis notebook is a ToshibaJun 05 17:12
schestowitzSame with updates sometimes. They b0rk systems too, regularly, esp. with Vista.Jun 05 17:12
EruaranIt was screwed, so we backed up his data and re-installed for himJun 05 17:13
schestowitzVista users that are not rookie are now afraid of monthly updates, praying that it'll boot afterwards.Jun 05 17:13
EruaranAll this started with an email attatchmentJun 05 17:13
PetoKrauswellJun 05 17:13
PetoKrausi don't think soJun 05 17:13
EruaranHe asked me why simply an email attatchment turned into a nightmare for himJun 05 17:13
PetoKrausactually they don't update at allJun 05 17:13
EruaranAnd I explained to him about Microsoft's monopolizationJun 05 17:14
EruaranAnd how it results in needless complexity, bad applications, and failuresJun 05 17:14
schestowitzPetoK, Vista you mean?Jun 05 17:15
PetoKrausno, windows usersJun 05 17:16
PetoKrausgeneric windows usersJun 05 17:16
EruaranHe thanked me in the end for explaining to him the broader pictureJun 05 17:16
schestowitzThat might explain why 40% of the Windows PCs are zombies (source: USA Today)Jun 05 17:17
PetoKrausi meanJun 05 17:18
PetoKrausi came home after year in britainJun 05 17:18
schestowitzMicrosoft earned industry-wide resentment for deciding to do all the programming (exterminating the likes of Netscape) and expecting a low-paid workforce to clean up for its programming mistakes.Jun 05 17:18
PetoKraushad set up actualisation software on automatical updatesJun 05 17:18
PetoKrausthough, still, there are like 6 updates pendingJun 05 17:18
PetoKrausi mean, how come?Jun 05 17:19
PetoKrausi told the OS to install everything without asking...Jun 05 17:19
PetoKraus(XP)Jun 05 17:19
schestowitzI don't use Windows, but I think some updates are forced. Thunderbird, for example (in Linux) sort of forces it too (except restarting the application).Jun 05 17:19
EruaranI use Kubuntu at homeJun 05 17:20
PetoKrausit was set up last year for my momJun 05 17:21
PetoKrausshe doesn't go for porn sites, obviouslyJun 05 17:21
PetoKrausshe doesn't download illegal software and search forJun 05 17:21
PetoKrauscracks etc...Jun 05 17:22
EruaranWe use a ClarkConnect GNU/Linux server at work with two Windows workstations (our group is unfortunately standardized on Sage Line50 software, which was designed by Satan). Our demo system which customers see is currently running Ubuntu.Jun 05 17:22
PetoKrausyet i suspect she has some sort of spyware...Jun 05 17:22
schestowitzSee the following recent essay from [H]omer: 05 17:23
PetoKrausi like what Trent Reznor doesJun 05 17:24
PetoKrausboth from artistic point of view, and from social.Jun 05 17:24
PetoKrausGreat marketing model - he basically refined what Radiohead did with their albumJun 05 17:25
PetoKrausthough pushed it into... bigger extent. First album - 4 parts - 1st part released completely for free, without DRM, full quality, all 4 parts released over the internet for prices up from 5$Jun 05 17:25
PetoKrausthen, one album completely for free, and IIRC, it was under some CC license...Jun 05 17:26
PetoKrausand he still gains shitloads of money... 2500 copies of 300$ signed vinyl edition of the first album were sold in minutes... basically pure profit for the artistJun 05 17:26
schestowitzBif Media^TM now forbids passing aroundd free CDsJun 05 17:26
PetoKrausbif media?Jun 05 17:27
schestowitzMig mediaJun 05 17:27
schestowitzDrat. Big Media.Jun 05 17:27
schestowitzThey also threatened to retaliate against Prince (The Artist) if he gives a CD of his for free with the Sunday paper.Jun 05 17:28
EruaranI'm eventually going to get my site up and put some recordings on itJun 05 17:28
PetoKrausschestowitz: why would you do that... i meanJun 05 17:28
PetoKrausthat's completely againist common senseJun 05 17:28
schestowitzIt's perfectly legal, but it drives Big Media nuts when people can get their dose of oxygen (music) elsewhere for cheaper/free.Jun 05 17:28
Eruaranthe music will be drm free and available in oggJun 05 17:28
PetoKrausogg :/Jun 05 17:28
PetoKrausi like the idea, i just don't like the sound quality...Jun 05 17:29
EruaranI'm not going to demand payment for it, just have a donations button and ask nicely for people to donate if they like my musicJun 05 17:29
Eruarannot only oggJun 05 17:29
PetoKraus:) you knowJun 05 17:29
schestowitzLearn from MySQL. No revenue, yet worth 1 billion.Jun 05 17:29
Eruaranbut making sure ogg is thereJun 05 17:29
schestowitzOr hardly much revenue/profit.Jun 05 17:30
PetoKrausNIN released mp3, wav, flac, and that apple i-pod compatible stuffJun 05 17:30
PetoKraus:)Jun 05 17:30
schestowitzPeople appreciate more than just  money and are willing to  pay for that.Jun 05 17:30
PetoKrausi wanted to sayJun 05 17:31
EruaranI'd rather have people genuinely want to give me something cause they like what I do and want to support itJun 05 17:31
schestowitzThat's why Red Hat gets customers, _despite CentOS and Oracle.Jun 05 17:31
EruaranI've never been comfortable with the who monetization, arm twisting thingJun 05 17:31
PetoKrausi WOULD, gladly, pay to the author almost any price he wants for his musicJun 05 17:31
PetoKrausthough, when I know it's mostly profit for recording company... scrap that, better go for live gig.Jun 05 17:32
schestowitz[sarcasm] no middleman?Jun 05 17:32
schestowitzYes, you beat me to it.Jun 05 17:32
PetoKrausmiddleman can be a good thingJun 05 17:32
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*Now talking on #boycottnovellJun 05 17:33
*Topic for #boycottnovell is: Exploring the reality behind exclusionary deals with Microsoft and their subtle (yet severe) implications (publicly logged)Jun 05 17:33
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*ChanServ gives channel operator status to schestowitzJun 05 17:33
Eruaranwb schestowitzJun 05 17:35
PetoKrausroy btw..., i like how youJun 05 17:35
schestowitzWrong keysJun 05 17:35
PetoKrausreffer to yourself on BN as "we"Jun 05 17:35
PetoKraus/quit?Jun 05 17:35
PetoKrauscommon typo...Jun 05 17:35
schestowitzI hit CTRL+W. Can someone paste what I missed?Jun 05 17:35
PetoKrausEruaran> I'd rather cheerful givers than people who were forced to get out their credit card or paypalJun 05 17:35
PetoKraus<PetoKraus> but not if it steals 90% of the "value" of the artJun 05 17:35
schestowitzI was just about the say (before the typo) that the drum beat/video clip type needs the investment of the moguls.Jun 05 17:36
schestowitzNo bands though.Jun 05 17:36
schestowitzLinus distributions are on a similar boatJun 05 17:37
EruaranI'd rather a thousand people who happily give me a dollar in support and feel good about it, than 100 people who had to pay a set price firstJun 05 17:37
schestowitzLinux I mean.Jun 05 17:37
PetoKrausit's also...Jun 05 17:37
schestowitzAnd that's partially where Novell goes wrong, with its $50/year fee and horrid new EULA.Jun 05 17:37
EruaranyesJun 05 17:38
PetoKrausin slovakia, paying 10$ for a CD is quite a lotJun 05 17:38
EruaranI think I'll have a forum as well, where people can talk to me directlyJun 05 17:38
PetoKrausit's still 10 hours of labourJun 05 17:38
schestowitzThe price of CDs was going to be elevated a year ago.Jun 05 17:38
PetoKrausbut in britain... 10$ is like... 2 beers? payment of less than an hour?Jun 05 17:38
schestowitzMicrosoft tried this too with Vista.Jun 05 17:38
EruaranMaybe have some promotional material people can buy if they want, like posters and thingsJun 05 17:39
schestowitzNow it's discounts everywhere because people reject the O/S.Jun 05 17:39
schestowitzIn its SEC filing, Microsoft recently warned about such miserable act which lead to decline in margins.Jun 05 17:39
EruaranIts their own faultJun 05 17:40
schestowitzIn a way this relates to ways of sponsoring Free software developers. There needs to be a pool of media for reuse too. Watch what the Blender Foundation did with Big Buck Bunny..Jun 05 17:40
PetoKraus?Jun 05 17:41
schestowitzQuestion mark to whom?Jun 05 17:41
PetoKrausbig buck bunnyJun 05 17:41
EruaranI like what they did with Big Buck BunnyJun 05 17:41
EruaranIts a short animated filmJun 05 17:42
PetoKraushmm, i think i heard about that...Jun 05 17:42
schestowitzAll the models and sounds are there for reuse.Jun 05 17:42
EruaranyesJun 05 17:42
schestowitzPOVRay had lots of sharable pollygon meshes too.Jun 05 17:43
schestowitzplogonJun 05 17:43
moparxthey did an excellent job on thatJun 05 17:43
EruaranThere's another element to me making my music freeJun 05 17:43
schestowitz(polygon) Damn, I should proofread.Jun 05 17:43
EruaranBeing able to hear what other people do with it becuase they are freely able toJun 05 17:43
PetoKrausdarn it, phoronix test suite 1.0 was releasedJun 05 17:44
schestowitzGPL for music?Jun 05 17:44
PetoKrausthat means, i've got work to do.... :/Jun 05 17:44
schestowitzIs anyone using it?Jun 05 17:44
EruaranyeahsurewhynotJun 05 17:44
schestowitzI'm a (online) friend of Michael.Jun 05 17:44
PetoKrauswell: 05 17:44
schestowitzSome corporations use the benchmark tools... and reviewers.Jun 05 17:44
PetoKrausi tend to talk to him as wellJun 05 17:44
EruaranI think I'd only put finished songs onlineJun 05 17:45
schestowitzWhen I was 20 I did some karaoke thingie and tossed it online too.Jun 05 17:45
EruaranBut if someone asked me if they could use a specific track out of the mix I'd be like, "yeah"Jun 05 17:45
EruaranI don't think in terms of, "they're stealing my music", I think in terms of, "I'm interested in hearing what this person does with this track"Jun 05 17:46
schestowitzThe notion of versioning and forking songs would be odd.Jun 05 17:46
PetoKrausehmJun 05 17:46
PetoKrausremix.nin.comJun 05 17:46
schestowitzOh yeah.Jun 05 17:46
PetoKrausi know i am repeating myself... but since he is the only one who does it...Jun 05 17:47
schestowitzRead it in the news at the time, but never listened.Jun 05 17:47
EruaranHe's already doing what alot of us have been thinking aboutJun 05 17:47
EruaranI'm not thinking of forking songs :PJun 05 17:48
EruaranI'm simply thinking of free creativityJun 05 17:49
EruaranA competitive environment in music is an anathema to me... I like collaborationJun 05 17:49
schestowitzWhat about mixes?Jun 05 17:51
schestowitzOr what many disk jockeys already do, controversially enough.Jun 05 17:51
schestowitzdiscJun 05 17:51
PetoKrauswell, good discoteque (sp?) is hard to pull offJun 05 17:52
tessier_Wow, povray...haven't heard anyone else talk about that in ages.Jun 05 17:57
Eruaranto lighten the moodJun 05 17:57
schestowitzYes, I tried it back in 2003.Jun 05 17:57
EruaranHere's a recent quote from Aaron SeigoJun 05 17:58
tessier_I remember way back in 1990 or so I downloaded a copy of povray from a BBS and rendered really cool looking spheres and squares and reflections and stuff in EGA on my 286.Jun 05 17:58
tessier_Took an hour to render a whole screen.Jun 05 17:58
PetoKrausgood thingJun 05 17:59
PetoKrausi need to read trough itJun 05 18:00
PetoKrausbut i've got good pro-ODF news from my countryJun 05 18:00
EruaranExplaining how a nice API does things for you, "we have little wood elves that run through he forest writing... code"Jun 05 18:01
PetoKrausit seems that the government proposed a... law or regulation, which...Jun 05 18:01
PetoKrausyeah, our government is obliged to acknowledge only documents received in ODF, PDF, RTF or HTMLJun 05 18:02
PetoKrausno DOC / OOXML whatsoeverJun 05 18:02
Eruaranthats goodJun 05 18:02
PetoKrauspreffered display/publishing format is PDF 1.3Jun 05 18:02
schestowitzGood news.Jun 05 18:02
PetoKrausDOC is forbidden for publishing of documents, but allowed for intra-governmential communicationJun 05 18:02
schestowitzLink in English maybe? Maybe we can beat other sites to it in 05 18:03
PetoKrausi CAN try and translate itJun 05 18:03
schestowitzI'm slow to respond because I'm writing a Patrick D rebuttal at the moment.Jun 05 18:03
PetoKrausor you can tell me how to use google translatorJun 05 18:03
schestowitzI just use Googlebar (open source) to do it with one click, so I'm not sure.Jun 05 18:04
schestowitzTry 05 18:04
schestowitzI'm not sure if it does your native language.Jun 05 18:04
Eruarani tried to get the google translator to do some arabic for meJun 05 18:04
PetoKrauswellJun 05 18:04
Eruaranit was bad... but amusingJun 05 18:04
PetoKrausWe are not yet able to translate from Slovak into English.Jun 05 18:05
PetoKrausFANNIES!Jun 05 18:05
PetoKrausalright, got some work to doJun 05 18:06
EruaranI have to be going as wellJun 05 18:06
schestowitzTranslating?Jun 05 18:07
schestowitz:-)Jun 05 18:07
PetoKrauswell, definitely for me ;)Jun 05 18:07
schestowitzNot to worry. I can make use of the information that you posted here.Jun 05 18:08
PetoKrausthere is more to itJun 05 18:09
PetoKrausthere is also some stuff about not using rar, but tarJun 05 18:09
schestowitzThat's good.Jun 05 18:12
schestowitzAny information you can post here I will pass on.Jun 05 18:12
PetoKrausgimme half an hourJun 05 18:13
schestowitzThank you.Jun 05 18:14
PetoKraushmmJun 05 18:25
PetoKrausmy english is bad when it comes to translation xDJun 05 18:26
schestowitzDon't worry about it.Jun 05 18:26
schestowitzI posted the gist of it seconds ago.Jun 05 18:26
schestowitzThis ought to suffice.Jun 05 18:26
*moparx_ ( has joined #boycottnovellJun 05 18:27
schestowitzIt's the FUD from Patrick that was another big issue, so I addressed it. Now I just want to post some Linux links (plenty of good news today, including big migrations)Jun 05 18:27
*moparx has quit (Nick collision from services.)Jun 05 18:28
*moparx_ has quit (Client Quit)Jun 05 18:29
*moparx (n=moparx@pdpc/supporter/base/moparx) has joined #boycottnovellJun 05 18:30
schestowitzwbJun 05 18:30
moparxthanksJun 05 18:32 runs Linux. runs windows. runs windows. runs Linux. (where they take the campaign donations) runs Linux.Jun 05 18:44
tessier_I think that pretty much says it all.Jun 05 18:44
schestowitzYes, I knew this. It's very revealing. Some people take local production all the way.Jun 05 18:46
PetoKrausuhmJun 05 18:47
PetoKrausno word wrapJun 05 18:47
PetoKrausbut scrap itJun 05 18:47
PetoKraus 05 18:47
schestowitzThanks!Jun 05 18:47
PetoKrausif you need to clarify anything... just tell meJun 05 18:47
PetoKrausslovak sentence construction is something like germanJun 05 18:47
PetoKrausit's totally f**kedJun 05 18:48
schestowitzAttribution? (your name)Jun 05 18:48
PetoKrausPeter KrausJun 05 18:49
PetoKrauswrite some genericJun 05 18:49
PetoKraus"my english is lame, IANAtranslator disclaimer"Jun 05 18:49
schestowitzThanks.Jun 05 18:58
schestowitzHaha. IANATJun 05 18:58
PetoKrausg2gJun 05 19:06
PetoKrausttylJun 05 19:06
schestowitzThanksJun 05 19:09
schestowitzJust posted your translation, so hopefully thousands will see it.Jun 05 19:10
*PetoKraus has quit (No route to host)Jun 05 19:25
*moparx has quit (Remote closed the connection)Jun 05 19:38
*moparx (n=moparx@pdpc/supporter/base/moparx) has joined #boycottnovellJun 05 20:15
*linux_ ( has joined #boycottnovellJun 05 21:41
*linux_ is now known as Guest15503Jun 05 21:41
*Guest15503 has quit (Remote closed the connection)Jun 05 21:44
*fumanchu2175 ( has joined #boycottnovellJun 05 23:43
*fumanchu2175 ( has left #boycottnovellJun 05 23:44

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