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IRC: #boycottnovell @ FreeNode: July 1st, 2008

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schestowitz1 down, 3 to go. Linspire seems to have been enveloped by Xandros and I've found sufficient confirmation of the facts.Jul 01 10:39
PetoKrauswhat are the remaining three?Jul 01 10:46
schestowitzTurbolinux (almost negligible, except for Asia), Xandros (not much news from them) and Novell, which is by far the baddest [sic] problem because it's orders of magnitude bigger. Novell too is deflating though.Jul 01 10:50
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schestowitz"More than that is GPLv3, which only grandfathered in the deal with Novell. As time goes on and GPLv3 figures more largely in the typical Linux distro, the other corps who signed on with MS will be stuck in a hard place." From http://linux.slashdo...Jul 01 11:27
schestowitzAlso of interest (from Slashdot): "Never liked them much. Xandros is on the way out too. Only thing it has at the moment is that it's shipped on the Eee PC by default (apart from XP). But Given that people then stick their own flavour of Linux on an Eee (Like Ubuntu). Once the UMPC version of Ubuntu is release,d it might take over Xandros's place on the Eee PC's"Jul 01 11:29
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RogerBaconheeeyyyJul 01 21:53
RogerBaconschestowitzJul 01 21:53
RogerBaconyou're around ?Jul 01 21:54
schestowitzYes, but was about to leave.Jul 01 21:54
schestowitzI got my new PC today, so I need to spend time on that nuisance. :-SJul 01 21:54
RogerBaconthen leaveJul 01 21:54
RogerBacongood byeJul 01 21:55
RogerBacon;)Jul 01 21:55
schestowitzNo, no... I was going to bed within a few moments anyway.Jul 01 21:55
RogerBaconm..kJul 01 21:59
schestowitzI swear it's not deliberate. I'm preparing the final batch of links as we speak here.Jul 01 21:59
PetoKraus:DJul 01 22:00
PetoKrausalright, gn guys, after today's Status Quo concert i am partially deafJul 01 22:01
schestowitzHey, PetoKraus. I have some good news coming in a moment.Jul 01 22:01
PetoKrausgood news can wait till tommorowJul 01 22:01
PetoKrausit's only the bad ones which you need to know fast ;)Jul 01 22:01
schestowitzNo bad news today. Just lots of good news.Jul 01 22:02
schestowitzRogerBacon,, good news about MSFT. 52-year low., I believe...Jul 01 22:02
schestowitz*52-week.Jul 01 22:02
RogerBaconi concider this like a bad news ...Jul 01 22:03
RogerBacon;)Jul 01 22:03
schestowitz...and a 52-year low for Gates (isn't he 52?). Open source investment at all-time  high (announced today?)Jul 01 22:03
schestowitzRogerBacon, don't you want FOSS to replace Microsoft's wares?Jul 01 22:04
RogerBaconsure, i dont know anything else than microsoft product :DJul 01 22:04
RogerBaconjust kiddingJul 01 22:04
schestowitzHere is the thing. The girt of it anyway: many schools appear to be seriously looking at or already purchasing Linux facilities. XP expires and investors must be unhappy; Gates' departure and the failed Yahoo! bid is another issue./Jul 01 22:05
schestowitzRogerBacon, most people don't. I'm no *NIX guru, but it's a matter of intuition.Jul 01 22:05
RogerBaconand people just hate vistaJul 01 22:06
RogerBaconthat's nothing good for themJul 01 22:06
schestowitzMicrosoft need to reinvent Windows or replace it. That's why Novell is something to worry about.Jul 01 22:07
RogerBaconokay, need to leave, byeJul 01 22:09
RogerBaconunfortunetly that's true ... microsoft it's in a bad postition right nowJul 01 22:09
schestowitzI'll see you later, RogerBacon Jul 01 22:09
schestowitzI can't say I feel bad for them.Jul 01 22:09
*schestowitz be back in about 7 hours.Jul 01 22:12
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