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anivarschestowitz:  doneJan 14 18:54
schestowitzBrilliant!Jan 14 18:54
anivarBTW Let me dig on some more links for NovJan 14 18:54
schestowitzOK, excellentJan 14 18:54
schestowitzI've edited your picks in the mean timeJan 14 18:55
schestowitzThis gives a lot of ammunition for FOSS advocates to show corruption in Microsoft deal or even sue those who are responsible using antrust lawsJan 14 18:56
tessier_So much to do. Where to start?Jan 14 18:57
schestowitzMy cousin: "All of Europe is down today, as is the U.S. The U.K. and Ireland are off about 5% each. It's no surprise!"Jan 14 18:57
schestowitz"It is my feeling that Obama will modify some of Bush's programs to make them look new and innovative, but we will be seeing the same old stuff in Iraq, Afghanistan, Guantanamo, the economy, health care, the environment. And I predict the $800 billion dollar bailout will be an aspirin but hardly a cure."Jan 14 18:57
schestowitz"And corruption never dies...Timothy Geithner, the man Obama selected to be future Treasury secretary, "forgot" to pay his income tax of $30,000.00 dollars. It's like a prospective appointee as attorney-general "forgetting" he spent time in jail for theft."Jan 14 18:57
schestowitztessier: I've got time :-) I have almost 50 more in the pipeline. It grows faster than I can manage to postJan 14 18:58
schestowitzDoug picks out the smoking gunJan 14 18:58
schestowitzAnd other people send pointers tooJan 14 18:58
anivarschestowitz:  They (Microsoft's Project Shiksha) partnered with another state Called andhra Pradesh in 2004 14 19:02
schestowitziTunes Songs Don't Have DRM, But They Contain Your Email Address < >Jan 14 19:02
schestowitzanivar: good, I'll add itJan 14 19:02
anivarschestowitz:  This news clearly says about It was announced during Bills 2003 Dec VisitJan 14 19:03
anivar 14 19:03
*mib_lq7wtp has quit (" ajax IRC Client")Jan 14 19:03
anivar.Jan 14 19:04
anivarLaunched in India in December 2003 by Bill Gates, Chairman, Microsoft Corporation, 'Project Shiksha' has a target of reaching out to 80,000 teachers by this year-end, a period of five years.Jan 14 19:04
schestowitzThe Ethical (And Mathematical) Dilemma Of Madoff Investors Who Took Some Money Out < >Jan 14 19:04
anivarThe letter says about Bills Visit in Nov 2003Jan 14 19:04
tessier_schestowitz: Until a year ago I owed $20k in taxes from 3 years prior. I would have the same problem. It was a mistake on the IRS's part which I eventually got them to see but I'm sure political hay would still be made of it.Jan 14 19:05
tessier_Actually it was a mistake on a former employers part. "That's what they all say" the IRS says. It was hard to prove otherwise. Took a couple years.Jan 14 19:05
schestowitzCompensation for trouble?Jan 14 19:05
tessier_Got me a couple tax liens on my credit report and various other things which I didn't deserve.Jan 14 19:06
anivarschestowitz:  It covers 10 statesJan 14 19:06
tessier_Compensation for trouble? As if. My compensation was not being ruined by it.Jan 14 19:06
anivarAnother quote from above linkJan 14 19:06
anivarUnder the project, run in partnership with state governments, Microsoft India currently has MoUs with 10 states for 11 academies, offering a spectrum of education resources, including tools, programmes, and practices with an aim to promote the use of IT in education.Jan 14 19:06
anivarThis news is from 2008Jan 14 19:06
anivar Another stateJan 14 19:08
anivarLJ StoryJan 14 19:08
anivar 14 19:08
schestowitz"Wednesday, 16 January , 2008"??Jan 14 19:09
schestowitzIt should say 145Jan 14 19:09
schestowitz*14Jan 14 19:09
anivarDuring his trip, Gates downplayed the challenge Microsoft faces from GNU/Linux. But one thing seems clear: the Microsoft emphasis on education and localization is aimed at taking on fields where GNU/Linux campaigners have been working already, areas where they have accumulated appreciable interest.Jan 14 19:10
anivarHandoutsJan 14 19:10
anivarIn India, the Microsoft Corporation chairman outlined a long list of monetary handouts.Jan 14 19:10
anivar    *Jan 14 19:10
anivar      $20 million to develop India's Shiksha edtech training programme (which has an ambitious target of training more than 80,000 teachers and 3.5 million students over several years);Jan 14 19:10
anivar    *Jan 14 19:10
anivar      $1 million to MIT's Media Lab Asia project;Jan 14 19:10
anivar    *Jan 14 19:10
anivar      a $25 million, five-year grant for a children's vaccine programme against Hepatitis B in the southern Andhra Pradesh state; andJan 14 19:10
anivar    *Jan 14 19:10
anivar      $100 million to battle AIDS in India.Jan 14 19:10
anivarfrom LJJan 14 19:10
anivar, 16 January , 2008, what is the issue. we are in 2009 manJan 14 19:11
schestowitzAddedJan 14 19:11
schestowitzYes, oopsJan 14 19:11
schestowitzI didn't pay attention to yearJan 14 19:12
anivarschestowitz:  BTW there is a mistake in SIFy report. Visit of Bill gates was on Nov 2002 Not 2003Jan 14 19:12
anivarLJ reports it CorrectlyJan 14 19:12
anivarI remember itJan 14 19:12
schestowitzCool.Jan 14 19:13
schestowitzI'll probably post this tomorrowJan 14 19:13
anivarRead the LJ eportJan 14 19:13
anivarIt clearly pointsJan 14 19:13
anivarThat Gates' approach is clearly linked to the growing GNU/Linux campaigns in India is more than clear. Rajesh Mahapatra, writing for the Associated Press, commented, "Hoping to stave off a rise in the popularity of free, open-source software, Microsoft Corp. chairman Bill Gates has announced a $400-million-US investment in India." He went on to say, "The three-year initiative--part philanthropy, part business boost--seeks to entrench products of thJan 14 19:13
anivare world's dominant software company in schools and among India's multitude of talented programmers."Jan 14 19:13
anivarDuring his trip, Gates sought to underplay India's increased support for GNU/Linux. He argued that Microsoft's Windows remains far ahead of its competition. But the Associated Press reports otherwise: "Indian software companies are increasingly opting for Linux. Users say they prefer the open-source system because its basic code is non-proprietary, can be freely modified and makes better sense for the developing world than Windows."Jan 14 19:13
anivarschestowitz:  The LJ story Quotes FSF India's works & Its response to Gates VisitJan 14 19:15
anivarThe same person mentioned in the report  Arun M  (secretry of FSF India )  iw now thrown out from special officer Post of ICFOSS (International Center to Promote FOSS)Jan 14 19:17
anivarin KeralaJan 14 19:17
schestowitzYes, I know.Jan 14 19:19
schestowitzI'm adding all this?Jan 14 19:19
schestowitzCan you mail me the text of the PDF?Jan 14 19:19
schestowitzThis will hopefully be comprehensive enough a page for reference with pointers to other relevant stuffJan 14 19:20
*schestowitz just got distracted by E-mail and stuffJan 14 19:20
schestowitzI wonder if I should quite tracking the news and just do Comes (Iowa) all the timeJan 14 19:20
schestowitz.Jan 14 19:20
schestowitzTop execs from Sling Media reportedly leaving < >Jan 14 19:21
anivarschestowitz:  MailedJan 14 19:21
schestowitzTaJan 14 19:21
schestowitzACKJan 14 19:21
anivarschestowitz:  take your time to compile it wellJan 14 19:25
schestowitzOKJan 14 19:25
anivarEdgi story is being Covered in Kerala MediaJan 14 19:25
schestowitzThanks a lotJan 14 19:25
schestowitzI saw thatJan 14 19:25
anivar2 daily's covered itJan 14 19:25
schestowitzPraveen (??) sent me thisJan 14 19:25
anivarOne in Local Language & one in EnglishJan 14 19:25
schestowitzI'll try to get it sorted out now and post tomorrowJan 14 19:25
anivarPraveen is an active guyJan 14 19:26
anivarokJan 14 19:26
schestowitzSomeone just mailed me dirt on BECTAsoft.Jan 14 19:26
anivarAnd One weekly  will do a Cover story next weekJan 14 19:26
schestowitzThe text is splendid, thank you.Jan 14 19:26
anivarok]Jan 14 19:26
anivari am leavingJan 14 19:26
schestowitzI'll add bld face where suitableJan 14 19:27
schestowitznp, cvya soonJan 14 19:27
schestowitz*ccyaJan 14 19:27
*anivar is sleepyJan 14 19:27
*anivar has quit ("Ex-Chat")Jan 14 19:27
PetoKrausso windows 7bJan 14 19:31
PetoKrausoh well oh well!Jan 14 19:32
PetoKrausit was so boring, that two of my colleagues leftJan 14 19:34
PetoKrausand i ended up doing the review aloneJan 14 19:34
schestowitzBoring? No entertaining bugs?Jan 14 19:34
PetoKrausthere were!Jan 14 19:34
schestowitzNo wow?Jan 14 19:34
PetoKrausbut they were running quite slowJan 14 19:34
PetoKraus:DJan 14 19:34
PetoKrausactually, the shell has nice featureJan 14 19:34
PetoKrausi'm gonna do a binding like that myselfJan 14 19:35
schestowitzTell Microsoft.. they'll say "it's just a beta"Jan 14 19:35
MinceRaccording to, it's already slower than the prebeta and eats more powerJan 14 19:36
MinceRabout on par with vista1Jan 14 19:36
trmanco...Jan 14 19:36
PetoKrausto cut it short, it wasn't actually THAT slowJan 14 19:36
PetoKrausi thought it'd barely run on that thingJan 14 19:36
PetoKrausit wasn't debian, but was on par with XPJan 14 19:37
trmancoas some wise people say, it is just vaporware, it is vista with more lipstick on it to cover up DRMJan 14 19:37
trmancoXP is oldJan 14 19:37
PetoKrausthough driver compatibility - pfft! wireless - no chance. Graphics - no chance. Audio - no chance. Lan - took three restarts to get static IP working.Jan 14 19:37
trmancoLOLJan 14 19:38
schestowitzWowJan 14 19:38
trmancodid you get any BSoD?Jan 14 19:38
schestowitzLike Linux..Jan 14 19:38
schestowitzIn 2998Jan 14 19:38
PetoKrausschestowitz: not reallyJan 14 19:38
schestowitz1998Jan 14 19:38
PetoKrausyeahJan 14 19:38
tessier_1998...those were the good ol' days....Jan 14 19:38
schestowitzWelcome to Mcirosoft WindowsJan 14 19:38
PetoKrausit was actually same as XPJan 14 19:38
PetoKrausthough at leastJan 14 19:38
trmancoHow do you wanna get old today?Jan 14 19:38
PetoKrausthe drivers from vendors on XP workedJan 14 19:38
schestowitzThey's why they run around projects like VLC.Jan 14 19:39
schestowitzgetting people to make up for their incompetence.Jan 14 19:39
trmancoschestowitz, they got there a little lateJan 14 19:39
schestowitzThey change APIs and all to actually be more robust/secureJan 14 19:39
trmancoVLC already ran way before that MS guy got in contact with themJan 14 19:39
PetoKrausUAC was the most terrible thing they did (remember, i'm comparing with XP)Jan 14 19:39
PetoKrausthey block you an applicationJan 14 19:39
trmancoit is still terribleJan 14 19:40
PetoKrausbut if you click on another appJan 14 19:40
PetoKrausthe UAC window doesn't lock the screenJan 14 19:40
trmancothe say UAc on 7 is less annoying, can you confirm?Jan 14 19:40
PetoKrausbut creates a icon on taskbarJan 14 19:40
PetoKrauswhich dims in and outJan 14 19:40
PetoKrausso you fucking wait for somethingJan 14 19:40
PetoKrausand it doesnt happen!Jan 14 19:40
PetoKrausbecause your UAC which was supposed to lock the screenJan 14 19:40
PetoKrausis dismissed down!Jan 14 19:41
trmanco|May I shutdown?|              *Allow*  *Disallow*Jan 14 19:42
PetoKrausalso, the user you create at install timeJan 14 19:42
PetoKrausis admin.Jan 14 19:42
PetoKrausFFSJan 14 19:42
trmancoit is always like thatJan 14 19:42
PetoKrauswhy?!Jan 14 19:42
PetoKrausdoes linux have it like that?Jan 14 19:42
PetoKrausno!Jan 14 19:42
trmancowell, they don't really thinkJan 14 19:42
trmancoIt is a "feature" on WindowsJan 14 19:43
trmancoask them, you will see what they sayJan 14 19:43
PetoKrausyeahJan 14 19:44
PetoKrausanywayJan 14 19:44
PetoKrausoff for couple of pintsJan 14 19:44
PetoKrausttyl lads!Jan 14 19:45
PetoKrausand wish me luck editing the two hours of footageJan 14 19:45
PetoKraus:/Jan 14 19:45
trmancogood luck, cyaJan 14 19:46
Omar87 14 19:52
trmancoso Windows can't play DRM media?Jan 14 20:00
trmancothey can't even get mp3 playback rightJan 14 20:01
schestowitzCya, PetoKraus Jan 14 20:03
schestowitztessier, Omar87 that'll get the DRM perpetrators talkingJan 14 20:03
schestowitzSo we're doing a post tomorrow which the Indian press might pick (again), so it would be invaluable to include more dirt, which someone has just sent me. As you may know, I wrote extensively about Microsoft's funny business in the financial area. There's more to it in India too.Jan 14 20:06
*curveball2000 ( has joined #boycottnovellJan 14 20:27
*Omar87 (n=omar@ has left #boycottnovellJan 14 21:00
*r0ver has quit (Remote closed the connection)Jan 14 21:03
schestowitzNew' education' scam noted: It's about lock-in, not educationJan 14 21:10
schestowitz "That's not necessarily a bad thing: if the Qt saga shows anything, it is that the free software world thrives on competition. It was Qt's licence issues that led to the creation of GNOME, and GNOME's choice of licence that moved Qt progressively closer to the GNU GPL and now the GNU LGPL."Jan 14 21:13
schestowitzSo Glyn is not enthus'ed about itJan 14 21:14
schestowitzBrit porn filter censors 13 years of net history < >Jan 14 21:14
schestowitzBuggers. They block Alexa now?Jan 14 21:14
schestowitz"Four weeks after birthing a nationwide Wikipedia edit ban, Britain's child porn blacklist has led at least one ISP to muzzle the Internet Archive's Wayback Machine - an 85 billion page web history dating back to 1996."Jan 14 21:14
schestowitz"The IWF has now said that it has indeed blacklisted images housed by the Internet Archive. But its guidelines say that blacklisted URLs "are precise web pages" chosen so that "the risk of over blocking or collateral damage is minimised." "Jan 14 21:15
schestowitz156 commentsJan 14 21:15
schestowitz "Jan 14 21:19
schestowitzNovell's deal and insinuation have a direct effect on ALL Linux users, distros and developers.Jan 14 21:19
schestowitzYou can not trust someone who claims to be your partner and works with you on software and at the same time insinuate that all those partners are illegal and that it is because it paid the extortion demands."Jan 14 21:19
schestowitzAnother article on SCO: 14 21:28
*kapipi has quit (Remote closed the connection)Jan 14 21:30
*kapipi (n=tor@ has joined #boycottnovellJan 14 21:31
schestowitzReview of BetaVista7 (it's horrible): Diving Headfirst into Windows Beta 7 14 21:35
schestowitz"I take the Windows 7 Beta plunge and find the waters a bit choppy. [...] Daemon Tools? Won't even install."Jan 14 21:35
schestowitzLike PetoKraus wrote, it apparently functions/interacts with very few thingsJan 14 21:36
curveball2000schestowitz, dunno, fine so far here.Jan 14 21:43
curveball2000schestowitz, Ive not installed TONS of things, but so far , so good.Jan 14 21:44
curveball2000schestowitz, though a few times yes, Ive had to use 'compat mode' wizardJan 14 21:44
schestowitzI never used Vista, so I don't know..Jan 14 21:44
curveball2000schestowitz, would I rather be using linux fulltime for all my needs, a resounding yes, but atm thats impossible. ;)Jan 14 21:44
MinceRcombat mode!Jan 14 21:44
curveball2000lolJan 14 21:44
schestowitzI never use Windows in general, but when I was younger I did..Jan 14 21:44
curveball2000MinceR, there is that ;)Jan 14 21:45
schestowitzDo the Finish.Jan 14 21:45
schestowitz"Finish him [this app]"Jan 14 21:45
curveball2000schestowitz, honestly games hold me backJan 14 21:45
schestowitzI don't play games anymoreJan 14 21:46
schestowitzSome people would just purchase a WiiJan 14 21:46
curveball2000schestowitz, I have way too many friends ( one mainly ) for whom linux is not an least I dont think , i'd have to try a bit hard with wine maybe and see what unveils itself ;)Jan 14 21:46
schestowitzIf one needs to pay for games anyway..Jan 14 21:46
curveball2000schestowitz, wii is solid yupJan 14 21:46
curveball2000heheJan 14 21:46
MinceReven if you have windows-only games, you can dual-bootJan 14 21:46
curveball2000and I doJan 14 21:47
curveball2000I just sadly  rarely go into linuxJan 14 21:47
MinceR(in this case i mean "won't run with wine, cedega or crossover gaming" by "windows-only")Jan 14 21:47
schestowitzOh waitJan 14 21:47
schestowitzcurveball2000: neighborleeJan 14 21:47
MinceR(and not in a vm either)Jan 14 21:47
schestowitzOK, that makes sense nowJan 14 21:47
schestowitzI though he was /too/ similar Jan 14 21:47
schestowitz*thoughtJan 14 21:47
curveball2000schestowitz, gosh man your getting slowJan 14 21:47
curveball2000:)Jan 14 21:48
schestowitzWhen did this happenJan 14 21:48
schestowitzWhat happened to the neighbour and when did you carev his balls?Jan 14 21:48
schestowitz*carveJan 14 21:48
curveball2000ROFLJan 14 21:48
schestowitz*would be worse if the typo went like "crave"Jan 14 21:48
*curveball2000 is now known as neighborleeJan 14 21:48
neighborleedoubleROFLJan 14 21:48
neighborleeyou are major naughty mr schestowitz LOLJan 14 21:48
schestowitzNaaa..Jan 14 21:48
neighborleenot that I dont love it, on some, naughty level myself <ha-ha>Jan 14 21:49
schestowitzI was gonna say "what did you do to the real one?"Jan 14 21:49
neighborleeyou asked for it,,now take it like a erahm,,man ;)Jan 14 21:49
schestowitzBut curving a ball soinded betterJan 14 21:49
neighborleelolJan 14 21:49
neighborleeindeed it did har ;)Jan 14 21:49
schestowitzI'm doing another BECTA postJan 14 21:49
schestowitzThose crooks are verywhereJan 14 21:49
neighborleewth is th atJan 14 21:49
schestowitzThe nice thing is, the more we document in BN, the more links I can find and presentJan 14 21:50
schestowitzYou could draw up a 'crony chart'Jan 14 21:50
neighborleewhat is bectaJan 14 21:50
MinceRlol craveJan 14 21:50
neighborleelolJan 14 21:50
*jose (n=jose@ has joined #boycottnovellJan 14 21:52
neighborleeschestowitz, why is jose getting into these LONG diatribes with alex, we already know mono and moonlight are encumbered,,he's wasting his timeJan 14 21:52
neighborleewhich is prob. what they want o_0Jan 14 21:53
josedfasfJan 14 21:53
jose 14 21:53
neighborleeo_0Jan 14 21:53
MinceRfgsfdsJan 14 21:53
joseaapl halted in after hours tradingJan 14 21:53
neighborleeloolJan 14 21:53
josejobs takes leave of absenceJan 14 21:53
MinceRyayJan 14 21:53
MinceRtime for apple to dieJan 14 21:53
josealex is indirectly helping me clarify and discover some detailsJan 14 21:54
*kapipi has quit (Remote closed the connection)Jan 14 21:54
neighborleeoh yes steve indeed..Jan 14 21:54
neighborleeI saw that yesterday,,he sure does look illJan 14 21:54
*kapipi (n=tor@ has joined #boycottnovellJan 14 21:54
neighborleejose, I hope your right ;)Jan 14 21:55
schestowitzneighborlee: read this:Jan 14 21:55
neighborleejose, you sure do your part ill give you that,,over and above the call of duty ;)Jan 14 21:55
schestowitz 14 21:55
schestowitzTell me wot you think! :-)Jan 14 21:55
schestowitzHey, joseJan 14 21:55
josehey... neighborlee: just trying to help bn and others outJan 14 21:56
schestowitzMinceR: what if not only Apple dies?Jan 14 21:56
josehey was to schestowitzJan 14 21:56
schestowitzYou know..Jan 14 21:56
jose"hey" was to schestowitzJan 14 21:56
MinceRschestowitz: you know i won't mind :>Jan 14 21:57
schestowitzjose: should I reply to Alex more?Jan 14 21:57
schestowitzHe's like some angry hecklerJan 14 21:57
joseideally i'd do a write upJan 14 21:57
josethat's from my povJan 14 21:57
neighborleeschestowitz, I love quote at top ;)Jan 14 21:57
schestowitzIt's draining efforts that can be used to do new posts.Jan 14 21:57
josenot sure what to recommend others doJan 14 21:57
schestowitzneighborlee: thanks.Jan 14 21:57
schestowitzTell me about typos tooJan 14 21:57
schestowitzOr lack of clarifyJan 14 21:57
schestowitzjose: if you want to do "guest post", then mail me.Jan 14 21:58
joseclarityJan 14 21:58
schestowitzYou are very credible in my eyesJan 14 21:58
josek thnxJan 14 21:58
josewell, i'll try to assume I won't exactly be believed by everyone readingJan 14 21:58
schestowitzYou can weave in some of the stuff from the commentsJan 14 21:58
schestowitzIt's a big page (like a soft cover handbooks), so I doubt many will keep trackJan 14 21:58
josei'll see.. let's not count the chickens before they're hatchedJan 14 21:58
schestowitzRed Hat's CEO stepped down a year ago also for 'health reasons' in familyJan 14 21:59
joseit has a lot of sections I will likely be looking at again perhaps to reuseJan 14 21:59
schestowitzOne year later Red Hat still does alright.Jan 14 21:59
josejobs is applJan 14 21:59
joseto a greater extent anywayJan 14 21:59
schestowitzCall me cynical, but I never trust what ANY company says in its financial 'results'Jan 14 21:59
schestowitzIt's a sector of crooksJan 14 21:59
schestowitzAccountants and all. Cheating is the norm there.Jan 14 22:00
schestowitzjose: yes, without Jobs, the mnotivation of his fans is goneJan 14 22:00
schestowitzUnlike Gates, a leave for him would mean no workJan 14 22:00
josewell i'm curious about the motivation of this stockholdersJan 14 22:00
MinceRwell, they could still mass-produce shiny crap with an apple logoJan 14 22:00
MinceR;)Jan 14 22:00
schestowitzGates is still working like a workaholic full time (100+ hours/week I bet)Jan 14 22:00
schestowitzGates just concentrated on things like bribery and corruption now, operating under the umbrella of money for 'good' causesJan 14 22:01
schestowitz"Engraves onto it"Jan 14 22:01
schestowitzThey should try that on a sandwich.Jan 14 22:01
schestowitzA $1 hotdog turns to a $10 iDogJan 14 22:02
neighborleeschestowitz, it looks fine roy.Jan 14 22:02
schestowitzThanks.Jan 14 22:03
neighborleeschestowitz, and we wonder why they see linux as a cancer ;)Jan 14 22:03
neighborleenpJan 14 22:03
schestowitzyes, I have lots more to showJan 14 22:04
schestowitzI'll need to abbreviate a lot thoughJan 14 22:04
schestowitzCause Comes leads me to neglecting other CURRENT eventsJan 14 22:04
*twitter has quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))Jan 14 22:04
neighborleejose, sorry I spoke about you in 3rd as I dont see you chat here much I guess, trust me now Im clearly aware I can speak directly to you <eesh>Jan 14 22:06
*twitter ( has joined #boycottnovellJan 14 22:06
neighborleeschestowitz, free vs not free..its all about control and we're not talking about just companies and software sadly.Jan 14 22:06
schestowitzThis is colonialismJan 14 22:07
schestowitzNot just ins/wJan 14 22:07
schestowitzBut as people who are proficient in software in a world that's incresingly digital, it's possible to make a differenceJan 14 22:07
*r0ver (n=r0ver@ has joined #boycottnovellJan 14 22:08
joseneighborlee, I know. .. what happened with me was that i replied to you and immediately replied to royJan 14 22:08
joseit came out confusingJan 14 22:08
joseneighborlee, when you say that about alex, i had just dropped in.. haven't dropped in for weeks.Jan 14 22:09
neighborleejose, ah ok yes icJan 14 22:09
joseof course, i timed it perfectly on purpose.. PJan 14 22:09
neighborleelolJan 14 22:09
neighborleeschestowitz, they clearly should be concerned,,their days of a controlling mechanism are hugely numbered ;)Jan 14 22:11
schestowitzYes, margins goneJan 14 22:12
schestowitzWatch sub-notebooks..Jan 14 22:12
schestowitz$5 Windows..Jan 14 22:12
neighborleehehJan 14 22:12
schestowitzOffice given to students for bucks..Jan 14 22:12
schestowitzGoogle Docs is there...Jan 14 22:12
neighborleeno surpriseJan 14 22:12
schestowitzOOo on broadband...Jan 14 22:12
schestowitzThey shiver and executives jump shipJan 14 22:12
schestowitzThey know what's comingJan 14 22:12
schestowitzCorrupt exclusionary deals are all they have leftJan 14 22:12
neighborleeI was elated to see ODF as option in wordpad.though sure its not clear unless you choose 'other fomats' but still ;)Jan 14 22:13
schestowitzI can't wait to 'leak' the analyst dirty tricks tooJan 14 22:13
neighborlee:)Jan 14 22:13
*mib_61fy1v (i=55da41ba@gateway/web/ajax/ has joined #boycottnovellJan 14 22:13
neighborleehonesty its too bad they dont just sit back and innovate and leave software in the hands of those that create and share for the betterment of humanityJan 14 22:14
neighborleebut that would be too hard ;)Jan 14 22:14
*mib_61fy1v (i=55da41ba@gateway/web/ajax/ has left #boycottnovellJan 14 22:14
schestowitzFew companies do thisJan 14 22:14
schestowitzSoftware, like art, is to be commoditisedJan 14 22:14
neighborleeof courseJan 14 22:14
schestowitzWatch what Al Jazeera just did... CC for all the contentJan 14 22:14
schestowitzThey are ahead of the world in that sense.Jan 14 22:14
neighborleemissed that apparantlyJan 14 22:15
schestowitzSome idiots guard their film cellars, so nobody has interest in it.Jan 14 22:15
schestowitzThose who share thriveJan 14 22:15
neighborleeive been tuned into msnbc lately,,and the mess the burris thing has become etc...Jan 14 22:15
schestowitzNewspaper that block non-subs are dying tooJan 14 22:15
neighborleenewpapers in generalJan 14 22:15
neighborleecourse we saw that coming ;)Jan 14 22:16
schestowitz 14 22:25
schestowitzScarcity is created when production is costlyJan 14 22:25
schestowitzLike printing machinesJan 14 22:26
schestowitzOr setting up a concert with musicians playing instrumentsJan 14 22:26
schestowitzThe MAFIAA tried to maintain old methods of distribution with cost.Jan 14 22:26
schestowitzIf someone could build a business model around selling oxygen, s/he wouldJan 14 22:26
schestowitzHuman nature maybe... the way people are raisedJan 14 22:26
schestowitzMoney, money, money... kill whatever's in the wayJan 14 22:27
schestowitzFrom the no-shit-sherlock dept.: ( Army using video games to tempt recruits)Jan 14 22:28
schestowitzIt's a shame when those very same video games train kids who shoot their mom to deathJan 14 22:28
schestowitzThese games are supposed to recruit kids to become  killer machines  against IraqisJan 14 22:29
schestowitzCES was a slumJan 14 22:29
schestowitzNo new announcement of much substanceJan 14 22:29
schestowitz CES and the recession: What was the impact? 14 22:29
schestowitzjose: i found a comment of yours in mod queueJan 14 22:44
schestowitzIt's approved nowJan 14 22:44
josethnx, i was going to ask but was re-replying differently.Jan 14 22:44
schestowitzI closed comments on items from 2006-08Jan 14 22:45
schestowitzThere was too much spam clogging things upJan 14 22:45
schestowitzI spent many hours just reading about pills and penis enhancementJan 14 22:45
PetoKrausdid it work?Jan 14 22:45
schestowitzSometimes there was fetish sex.Jan 14 22:46
PetoKrausohJan 14 22:46
josewow.. that's interesting you closed it.. it helps preservation.. but dec of 2008 seems too recent.. no?Jan 14 22:46
PetoKrausyou should have sent an inviteJan 14 22:46
schestowitzPetoKraus: no, I didn't click on the URLs in the SPAM.Jan 14 22:46
schestowitz:-)Jan 14 22:46
PetoKraus:)Jan 14 22:46
PetoKrausSPAM SPAM SPAMJan 14 22:46
PetoKrausglorious spamJan 14 22:46
schestowitzBut it's annoying to go through nasty things like "horse sex" and "girls sh*t"..Jan 14 22:46
PetoKrausdid you see them both? so did I. Which one is worse?Jan 14 22:47
schestowitzApparently what's what people search for,Jan 14 22:47
*tessier_ wonders what the deal with Steve Jobs isJan 14 22:47
tessier_And what will happen some day when billg passes on?Jan 14 22:47
schestowitzCause spammer use that as anchor textJan 14 22:47
schestowitzOne person does not make a corrupt corporationJan 14 22:48
tessier_You can't normally have a peaceful transition of power if the original power is built around a cult of personality, history has shown us.Jan 14 22:48
schestowitzBut he raises and recruit like-minded thugs like SteveBJan 14 22:48
tessier_Although Vietnam was an exception to that it seems.Jan 14 22:48
tessier_But perhaps that is because they were in a war and had a very solid control over the people when the leader passed.Jan 14 22:48
schestowitzSteveB has less of a squeaky voice than BillG and he tosses furniture, not bobbing on itJan 14 22:48
schestowitztessier: in Vietnam (IIRC) they fakes some leader's presence.Jan 14 22:49
schestowitzThere was some image in El Reg (IIRC) where you can see they GIMPed him inJan 14 22:49
schestowitzThe shadow doesn't matchJan 14 22:50
schestowitzMaybe it was Korea thoughJan 14 22:50
schestowitzVar Guy has some sort of marketing fetish.. 14 22:50
schestowitzNew master of the world: 14 22:51
schestowitzmy ex-g/f went from studying maths to studying Chinese.Jan 14 22:51
schestowitzThis might be handy based on how things turn outJan 14 22:51
schestowitzSchool's links to porn site end < >Jan 14 22:52
schestowitzMr Uptime now available for Firefox 3 < Jan 14 22:52
schestowitz 14 22:52
schestowitz*LOL* Mr. Uptime....... sounds like some V1agra substitute.Jan 14 22:52
zoobabhiJan 14 22:56
zoobabcan someone play those videos with mplayer?Jan 14 22:57
zoobab 14 22:57
zoobabI have strange IP adresses here:Jan 14 22:57
zoobabhttp:// 14 22:57
tessier_schestowitz: I'm thinking that was probably Korea and Kim Jung Il.Jan 14 22:57
tessier_Ho Chi Minh has been dead since 1969 or so.Jan 14 22:57
tessier_Although nobody knows for sure the exact date he really died.Jan 14 22:57
PetoKrausspam spam spam spammity spaaamJan 14 22:58
tessier_Mr. Uptime. Isn't that the smiling Bob guy from those commercials we used to see on TV a year or two ago?Jan 14 22:58
schestowitztessier: probably. Military photo that was..Jan 14 22:58
schestowitzwget 811271515_ClosingPlenary_harbour_en.wmvJan 14 23:00
schestowitz--2009-01-14 23:00:24-- 14 23:00
schestowitzConnecting to connected.Jan 14 23:00
schestowitzHTTP request sent, awaiting response... 200 OKJan 14 23:00
schestowitzLength: 99 [video/x-ms-wvx]Jan 14 23:00
schestowitzSaving to: `0811271515_ClosingPlenary_harbour_en.wmv'Jan 14 23:00
schestowitz100%[===================== ==================>] 99          --.-K/s   in 0sJan 14 23:00
schestowitz2009-01-14 23:00:25 (5.86 MB/s) - `0811271515_ClosingPlenary_harbour_en.wmv' saved [99/99]Jan 14 23:00
zoobab99 bytesJan 14 23:00
schestowitzCan anyone help?Jan 14 23:01
zoobabcat 0811271515_ClosingPlenary_harbour_en.wmvJan 14 23:01
zoobab[Reference]Jan 14 23:01
zoobabRef1= 14 23:01
MinceRgnJan 14 23:03
zoobabyou have to replace their http:// by ::s://Jan 14 23:05
zoobabmms://Jan 14 23:05
zoobabmplayer -v mms:// 100_InnovationCreativityPart1_en.wmvJan 14 23:05
joseschestowitz, the var guy wants linux co's to address that particular market.. perhaps they need partnerships with hw vendors to be competitive. ..not knowing more, i too think linux co should go into that marketJan 14 23:07
*r0ver (n=r0ver@ has left #boycottnovellJan 14 23:21
schestowitz ( YouTube Mutes (Some) Copyrighted Music )Jan 14 23:23
schestowitzUnabomber Writings To Be Sold Online < >Jan 14 23:25
schestowitzMemorabilia of a nutcase with an interesting theory on society.Jan 14 23:25
schestowitzVulnerability in Apple's Safari 14 23:27
schestowitzMicrosoft closes three holes in Windows 14 23:27
schestowitz "Mono isn't getting anywhere (fortunately)"Jan 14 23:32
schestowitzAdopt a (Gnome) hacker for $10 < >Jan 14 23:34
schestowitzZDNet is 'publishing' adverts again... How to keep your data secure < >Jan 14 23:39
joseroy, i'm going to take a break for a while.. not sure if i'll stay on here.. and thnx for the offer. i would *like* to write something upJan 14 23:43
schestowitzThat's be greatJan 14 23:46
schestowitz*'dJan 14 23:46
schestowitz"The discussion also mentions Microsoft's "Unlimited Potential" program as yet another means to ensure early indoctrination of students into Mircosoft." 14 23:48
schestowitzMany sites cover the EDGI stuff nowJan 14 23:48
schestowitzI have more coming for a while...Jan 14 23:48
schestowitzAlmost 500 comments about this in Slashdot: 14 23:48
schestowitzWe did about 35k pageviews today, all in all. The /. effect if over, but some people subscribedJan 14 23:49
*neighborlee has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))Jan 14 23:51
schestowitz"It's popular to hate on Microsoft because of their past behavior. But there's nothing 'unethical' or 'monopolistic' about it. It's normal business competition. You can bet Oracle does it, IBM does it, and just about every other software/services vendor does it." -- Anthony Papillion, OpenEMR HQ, IncJan 14 23:51
schestowitzNo, it's a monopolyJan 14 23:51
schestowitzSo doing this as a monopoly is violation of the law.Jan 14 23:52
schestowitzNOVELLER~1 on "What happens with KDE with Qt license shift?" < >Jan 14 23:54
tessier_ 14 23:55
joselater everyoneJan 14 23:55
*jose has quit ("Leaving")Jan 14 23:55
tessier_Novell voted most likely to go out of business or be acquired in 2009Jan 14 23:55
tessier_ 14 23:55
tessier_Although I would hesitate to say that Novell and Sun are "from the open source industry"Jan 14 23:56
tessier_And this again highlights the problem with the phrase "open source"Jan 14 23:56
schestowitzyes, I agreeJan 14 23:56
schestowitzNovell wants the OSS status for 'goodwill' valueJan 14 23:56
schestowitzWHich it does not deserveJan 14 23:56
schestowitzIt would be better if Novell never 'joined'Jan 14 23:56
schestowitzS.u.S.E. would have expandedJan 14 23:57
schestowitzMaybe like Red Hat with a desktop focusJan 14 23:57
schestowitzIt has Mandriva as rivalJan 14 23:57
schestowitzEU: Browsers barometer < >Jan 14 23:57
tessier_One ray of hope came Monday, when Dean Baker, co-director of the Center for Economic and Policy Research posted his economic to-do list for US President-Elect barack Obama. Number six on his list? "Funding for the Development of Open Software."Jan 14 23:57
schestowitzSun... haha... open sourceJan 14 23:57
schestowitzLooks where they make money and howJan 14 23:57
schestowitzKind of like IBMJan 14 23:57
tessier_pro-Sun folks will always point out how Sun gave us the NFS spec and OpenOffice and Java (*cough*) etc.Jan 14 23:58
schestowitzLotus... proprietary.. servers... h/w... Jan 14 23:58
schestowitzOOo is an important giftJan 14 23:58
schestowitzIt's not fair to discount it..Jan 14 23:58

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