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PetoKrausschestowitz: it's not a bad idea thoughJan 24 00:07
PetoKrausit's just complete dreamJan 24 00:07
PetoKraus"dream"Jan 24 00:07
PetoKrausI hope you like orange: 24 00:08
schestowitz"Jan 24 00:09
schestowitzWrong! Hackers in the '70s were the good guys. They modified and improved code as they saw fit for their use or their organization's use. The emergence of proprietary licenses has disabled this practice. Imagine someone who enjoys to work on cars in his/her garage being told they cannot paint their car or add any horsepower to their engine. GPL does for the software what recipe books do for cooks."Jan 24 00:09
schestowitzFrom 24 00:09
schestowitzThis might make Digg's front page as well.. and BN is citedJan 24 00:09
schestowitzPetoKraus: Organce sucks. Are you a (concerned) client?Jan 24 00:09
PetoKraus:DJan 24 00:10
schestowitz 24 00:13
schestowitzBlogs: 133 million – The number of blogs on the Internet (as tracked by Technorati).Jan 24 00:13
PetoKraus:) i wonder whether it counts mine inJan 24 00:15
PetoKrausanywayJan 24 00:15
PetoKrausgood nightJan 24 00:15
schestowitzThere are probably hundreds of millions, many are spam (fake blogs or splogs run by bots)Jan 24 00:16
schestowitzAnti=FOSS article in "However, with all of the promise, the emerging open mobile ecosystem faces a number of challenges, including security, interoperability and diverging next-generation technologies." 24 00:43
schestowitzWhoa! Likewise is from "BELLEVUE"? No wonder it flirts with Microsoft and Novelll.. maybe former Softies.. 24 00:46
schestowitzWOT???? 'Research Consortium and the Open Source Building Alliance (OSBA) at MIT." open source buildings?????Jan 24 01:12
schestowitzGreat photo of the National Mall: 24 01:15
schestowitzAnother example of Apple-only 'open-source' apps (provided you use proprietary platforms): 24 01:19
schestowitzWindows-only... 24 01:21
schestowitzMicrosoft Office-only  so-called 'open source'.. 24 01:23
MinceRgnJan 24 02:32
twitterhi, I'm backJan 24 02:54
twitterseen the botstorm? 24 02:54
*schestowitz looksJan 24 02:55
schestowitzHa!Jan 24 02:55
schestowitzThat's what happened yesterday!Jan 24 02:55
schestowitzI checked this to see and there was a DNS resolve laterncyJan 24 02:55
schestowitzI was going to point this out in IRCJan 24 02:55
schestowitzThey tossed out some rogue nodes, which resolved the issue.Jan 24 02:56
schestowitzGot to love Windows zombie ruining your whole day, having you change the schedule, not being able to work and so on.Jan 24 02:56
schestowitz*zombiesJan 24 02:56
twitterI like the fool, "if the world switches to linux, it will switch to OpenOffice too." unintentionally prophetic.Jan 24 02:56
schestowitzMicrosoft dumps Windows because it needs to peddle OfficeJan 24 02:59
schestowitzOffice is far more profitable than Wndows... it's one of the few products from Microsoft that actually makes money (other than servers).Jan 24 02:59
twitterI imagine they strategically "dump" office on large companies, government and education too, with site licensing.  This forces everyone else to buy it at retail.Jan 24 03:06
twitterDon't like this. 24 03:06
schestowitzThey grow up and buy it laterJan 24 03:07
schestowitzThey target kidsJan 24 03:07
schestowitzEarly experiences count.Jan 24 03:07
schestowitztwitter: let YouTube advertise... it's only fair gives how much RAM, CPU and b/w they gave us all over the yearsJan 24 03:08
schestowitz*givenJan 24 03:08
twitter The question is, who decides what's "illegal"Jan 24 03:09
twitterright now, it's the big publishers.  they get to decide what to pull at will.Jan 24 03:09
twitternow they get to spam as well as pull.Jan 24 03:09
schestowitzOh waitJan 24 03:12
schestowitzI thought it was about adsJan 24 03:12
twitterit is.Jan 24 03:12
twitterit let's CBS put CBS ads on top of YouTube videos they think they own.Jan 24 03:13
twitterA YouTube identifier is mentioned but big publishers have DMCA pull rights as it is.  I'm sure they will be happy for YouTube to tell on themselves and make the list longer themselves.Jan 24 03:14
schestowitzYes, true thatJan 24 03:14
schestowitzI'll read it laterJan 24 03:15
schestowitzThere's tons of great new for Linux this weekJan 24 03:15
twittercoolJan 24 03:16
twitterCalifornia has 9% unemployment 24 03:23
schestowitzWhat was it last year?Jan 24 03:27
twitter5, 6.  1 in 10 is bad news.Jan 24 03:29
twitterI don't even like it at 5.Jan 24 03:29
twitterone in 20 people looking for work is a lot.Jan 24 03:30
schestowitzCA has tent citiesJan 24 03:32
twitteryeah, you showed me the videos.Jan 24 03:32
twitterI wonder if 9% is a lie.Jan 24 03:32
schestowitzToo low?Jan 24 03:33
schestowitzLikely.Jan 24 03:33
schestowitzPres. George Walker said all was OK... spending over $1000 billion in Iraq was affordableJan 24 03:33
schestowitz[like the lives of hundreds o thousands of kids]Jan 24 03:33
twittermore than 1 million Iraqi dead, 4 thousand US and 4 trillion dollars.Jan 24 03:34
schestowitz4??Jan 24 03:35
schestowitzHow time fliedJan 24 03:35
schestowitz*liesJan 24 03:35
twitterI've read 3.7 trillion.Jan 24 03:36
twitterneed to check to be sure.Jan 24 03:37
twitter February 2008 (Joseph Stiglitz estimates attempt to conquer Iraq has cost at least 3 trillion dollars)Jan 24 03:40
twitter" February 2008 (Joseph Stiglitz estimates attempt to conquer Iraq has cost at least 3 trillion dollars)"Jan 24 03:40
twittersorry for the naming schemeJan 24 03:40
twitterit does not make clean link pastes, but the point is easy to see.Jan 24 03:41
twitter 24 03:41
twitterthis estimate is a year old and does not take into account health care for veterans.Jan 24 03:43
twittergotta go.  see you later.Jan 24 03:43
schestowitzTaJan 24 03:43
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schestowitzA reader says that "I'm noticing that the MS/Novell shills are increasing in both activity and intensity on all the forums I read.  I gather that they are really planning to undermine FOSDEM."Jan 24 11:01
schestowitzThey are everywhere... talking about "mixed source" and stuff...Jan 24 11:01
schestowitzIntel's #2 man is quitting: 24 11:40
*Casperin ( has joined #boycottnovellJan 24 11:44
schestowitzAnother Noveller? "Quoting as a factual site makes this article suspect and useless. They are a fringe conspiracy group that even FOSS supporters shun." 24 11:56
schestowitzThere's a whole bunch of them attacking whoever cites usJan 24 11:57
*oiaohm2 ( has joined #boycottnovellJan 24 12:22
oiaohm2Its going to be interesting with MS hate of standards to see what they try to do about QT lib being LGPL and cross platform.Jan 24 12:24
schestowitzHeyJan 24 12:29
schestowitzHow can they affect Qt?Jan 24 12:29
schestowitzTheir relationship with Nokia revolves around DRM.Jan 24 12:29
oiaohm2That is the point.  Are they going to do another java and release like window only extentions for Qt.Jan 24 12:31
schestowitzDRM?Jan 24 12:33
oiaohm2Nokia really does not have that much to deal with Microsoft.Jan 24 12:33
schestowitzHow close are Nokia and MS based on your knowledge? I have my information about it, but maybe you know more.Jan 24 12:33
schestowitz (Microsoft May Owe $8.5B for 'Vista Capable' Debacle)Jan 24 12:34
oiaohm2Basically nothing.   Nokia has completed for years with symbian (Ok the most common mobile phone os) against MS.  Basically they are only barely friendly with Microsoft.Jan 24 12:34
schestowitzI think you are wrongJan 24 12:34
schestowitzSearch BNJan 24 12:34
schestowitzHold on.Jan 24 12:34
schestowitzPlaces to start: 24 12:35
schestowitzThe word is spreading: Russia to Develop Linux-based Alternative to Windows? < >Jan 24 12:36
oiaohm2Nokia has been about compadiblity with MS products for the simple reason if they have it they can sell more devices.   Now something you are missing here Nokia does not want to have to pay anyone for OS usage either it effects how well they can complete in the market.Jan 24 12:38
oiaohm2Nokia is no friend of Microsoft when it comes to having to pay Microsoft.Jan 24 12:39
schestowitzMicrosoft Postpones Iowa Data Center..Jan 24 12:39
schestowitzThey share some common goals. I don't trust the,/.Jan 24 12:40
schestowitz*themJan 24 12:40
oiaohm2Nokia also shares some common goals with Open Source.Jan 24 12:40
oiaohm2Yes 100 percent trust in Nokia to do the right thing would be wrong.   Trust that they will do what is good for there bottom line can be trusted.Jan 24 12:41
oiaohm2Nokia bottom line depends on selling phones.Jan 24 12:41
schestowitzNokia is still a large private tyrannyJan 24 12:42
schestowitzIts goal was expressed by Ari -- a thing I'll never forgetJan 24 12:42
schestowitzThey are willing to play ball with the MAFIAA using the work of volunteersJan 24 12:43
oiaohm2Nokia could have kept the most common mobile phone OS closed source.  They could have kept QT GPL.   Logic of open source wins out for there bottom line.Jan 24 12:45
oiaohm2By allowing others to build applications they improve the OS running on there product making the product more usable and more likely to sell at lower cost to them.Jan 24 12:46
oiaohm2Nokia actions follow what they think will bring them sales.Jan 24 12:46
oiaohm2Supporting MS DRM ideas at the time they though it would increase sales.Jan 24 12:46
oiaohm2Its the one thing about Nokia you can trust.   Profit is there goal from there actions.Jan 24 12:47
oiaohm2Nokia will not obey MS instruction blindly.   So sometimes they are MS friend sometimes they are Open Source friend sometimes they are netrual all depending on where they can see profit.Jan 24 12:50
schestowitzNokia is miserableJan 24 12:50
schestowitzSymbian is growing too slowlyJan 24 12:51
schestowitziPhone, Blackberry and Pre will give them a hard time, so they just bought Trolltech on thew cheapJan 24 12:51
oiaohm2Nokia has recently been submiting code into Linux kernel.Jan 24 12:51
schestowitzI wonder if they even knew at the time what to do with it.Jan 24 12:51
schestowitzWith Maemo it gives them FOSS credsJan 24 12:51
oiaohm2Something says they know that symbian is dieing.Jan 24 12:52
schestowitzYesJan 24 12:52
schestowitzMoving it open source is a PR thingJan 24 12:52
oiaohm2No matter what Nokia does not want to have to pay for software.Jan 24 12:52
oiaohm2Not exactly PRJan 24 12:52
schestowitzKeeping the thing selling for a while longer, maybe mixing some code laterJan 24 12:52
oiaohm2Its tail protection for Nokia.Jan 24 12:53
schestowitzTHey already hint at using Linux (Maemo + Qt likely) in smartphonesJan 24 12:53
oiaohm2Nokia is not really a software company.Jan 24 12:53
oiaohm2Hardware companies have always been more friendly to open source in general.Jan 24 12:54
oiaohm2Hardware is heavy competion.  If you have to pay for Like a OS that pushes you too expensive your devices will not sell.Jan 24 12:55
oiaohm2Nokia is more about selling hardware than charging for software.Jan 24 12:55
oiaohm2Good thing about selling hardware you don't have to worry about pirates.  Its fairly hard to pirate hardware.Jan 24 12:56
oiaohm2What apple is doing with the iphone if Nokia copies then we do have a problem.Jan 24 12:57
schestowitzFair pointJan 24 13:00
schestowitzIt's manufactured in China, right?Jan 24 13:00
oiaohm2Some of there lines yes.Jan 24 13:00
schestowitz[use the word "pirate" only in reference to sea crime... otherwise "counterfeiting"]Jan 24 13:00
schestowitzChina us killing Japan right now.Jan 24 13:01
schestowitzPrice-fixing societies are in perilJan 24 13:01
oiaohm2Still counterfeiting a phone is still simpler to trace than counteiting software that can be everywhere.Jan 24 13:02
schestowitzI think ushimitsudoki1 is in Japan.Jan 24 13:02
oiaohm2China is not the only thing killing japan.Jan 24 13:03
schestowitzI knowJan 24 13:03
schestowitzIt's levelingJan 24 13:04
oiaohm2Some japan compaines using cheeper labour in near by countries is also killing japan over time.Jan 24 13:04
schestowitzTrouble is, communism rises in Japan too now...Jan 24 13:04
oiaohm2Its the annoying things have a bad habit of going full circle if left enough time.Jan 24 13:05
schestowitzSooner or later, China disengages from Japanese feudalism and does its own...Jan 24 13:05
schestowitzIntel is a good exampleJan 24 13:05
schestowitzIntellectual monopoly (IP) is artificial barrierJan 24 13:05
schestowitzIntel chairman Craig Barrett retiresJan 24 13:06
schestowitz 24 13:06
oiaohm2History tells as that in time artifical barriers will break.Jan 24 13:06
schestowitzYesJan 24 13:06
oiaohm2We have just seen in 2008 MS actifical barrier getting cracks.Jan 24 13:07
schestowitzIt already ruins hollywoodJan 24 13:08
schestowitzThere are laws that are just designed to protect centers of power, laws that are bought  by them.Jan 24 13:09
schestowitzI have some news coming in BNJan 24 13:09
schestowitzThe maximalists (IP advocates) are afraid of us protesters.Jan 24 13:09
schestowitzIt was in the news.Jan 24 13:09
schestowitzWe call the emperor "naked"Jan 24 13:10
oiaohm2Have you notices something else about 2009.Jan 24 13:10
schestowitzMany things.Jan 24 13:10
oiaohm2Reporters are starting to become reporters again.Jan 24 13:10
schestowitzWIndows is already free (gratis) Jan 24 13:10
oiaohm2Ratting each other out for taking bribes.Jan 24 13:10
schestowitzYou can buy $300 'laptops' with Windows that costs just $5Jan 24 13:10
schestowitzLinux killed MS' margins. next stage is MS starvation.Jan 24 13:10
schestowitzThis leads to economic pressures, layoffs, etcJan 24 13:11
oiaohm2The idea that Linux had to get 100 percent market share to kill MS has always been wrong.Jan 24 13:11
schestowitzThen programmes like EDGI can't last for much longer and people won't select MS blindly based on omnipotence and long-term support perceptinos.Jan 24 13:11
oiaohm2All Linux has to do is force MS margins to the point that is not statainable.Jan 24 13:11
schestowitzThat too, re:reportingJan 24 13:11
schestowitzSarko stands in the wayJan 24 13:12
schestowitzThey try to sort of 'bail out' the old pressJan 24 13:12
schestowitzRestore propaganda systemsJan 24 13:12
oiaohm2That needs money.Jan 24 13:12
schestowitzIn the UK, laws are passed to gag people and prevent spilling the beans on corruptionJan 24 13:12
schestowitzWell, they spend billions over half a centurty agoJan 24 13:13
schestowitzYes, it needs money,, but the business community will happily supply it...Jan 24 13:13
oiaohm2No propaganda system runs without money.Jan 24 13:13
schestowitzAfter the War (second), there was a period of years where social democracy prevailedJan 24 13:13
oiaohm2Linux forcing MS proft lines down reduces the money they have for propaganda.Jan 24 13:13
schestowitzThe business community said it needed "to capture the mind of man" and then they started a massive PR campaign for "capitalism" (wage slavery and such)Jan 24 13:14
schestowitzoiaohm2: yes, that too. They cut outside markeingJan 24 13:14
schestowitzAs trmanco attested yesterday, Microsoft trolling in USENET almost vanished last weekJan 24 13:14
schestowitzIt's as though people were laid off or something.Jan 24 13:14
oiaohm2Trolling no long that effective.Jan 24 13:15
oiaohm2People have got wiser and stopping falling for it as often.Jan 24 13:15
oiaohm2MS got a rude shock from the study by game companies.   That the 5 percent of the game market that is Linux could in effect double the windows sales of the game.Jan 24 13:16
schestowitzSeen "effective evangelism"?Jan 24 13:16
schestowitzIt's all there... the Microsoft Crime BibleJan 24 13:16
oiaohm2Its a simple factor of trust.Jan 24 13:16
oiaohm2Most Linux people were trusted to give people truthful answers were MS trolls were not.Jan 24 13:17
oiaohm2PR without trust is useless.Jan 24 13:17
schestowitzIt's an oxymoronJan 24 13:18
schestowitzPR and trustJan 24 13:18
oiaohm2Not really.  Cisco systems have been good at it.Jan 24 13:18
schestowitzPR is new-age term for propaganda or corporate deception.. the original term ceased to be used after Goebbels.Jan 24 13:19
oiaohm2MS has trust before Vista.Jan 24 13:19
oiaohm2has/hadJan 24 13:19
schestowitzCisco and PR?Jan 24 13:19
oiaohm2Ok miss placed trust.Jan 24 13:19
schestowitzThat's shelteringJan 24 13:19
schestowitzVery often there is the shadow that is government to be used as a scapegoat for people to shout at.Jan 24 13:19
oiaohm2Public releations.  I am using the old term.Jan 24 13:20
schestowitzUnderneath the system which degrades right and wages and suppresses organisation of laboour there is another problem altogether.Jan 24 13:20
oiaohm2Cisco PR has always been truthful.   Just they might skip over some key facts.Jan 24 13:20
schestowitzYesJan 24 13:20
schestowitzBut that's where people must fill in the gapJan 24 13:20
oiaohm2So the PR is trusted.Jan 24 13:20
oiaohm2MS made the big bad mistake of doing untrustable PR ie not truthful.Jan 24 13:21
schestowitzIBM and Intel do the same and Intel blew it when it bribes against AMD, strongarmed China and attacked OLPCJan 24 13:21
schestowitzI look most profoundly at Novell, but many other companies could be treated similarly. Novell's problem is that it antagonises FOSS principles now.Jan 24 13:22
oiaohm2Every company does some things wrong.Jan 24 13:23
schestowitzIn other words, it's like the unwanted friend entering your group just to disrupt and make you ensitive to those who want to break you apart. IOW, Novell = turncoat.Jan 24 13:23
schestowitzNovell's PR expels these perceptions, so as to keep people dumb and trusting.Jan 24 13:23
oiaohm2Novell PR is double sided.Jan 24 13:24
schestowitzBut the Real Novell needs to be exposed for what it is and what it does. It wants to make money by merely exploiting FOSS and tossing out completely all that it calls "religion"Jan 24 13:24
oiaohm2Novell presents PR to MS that is friendly.Jan 24 13:24
schestowitzLike open source to free software.Jan 24 13:24
oiaohm2So that they can get market share.Jan 24 13:24
schestowitzPrecisely.Jan 24 13:24
oiaohm2Novell is no real friend to Microsoft either.Jan 24 13:24
oiaohm2If the day every comes that Novell can get the market share without Microsoft Novell will back stab MS so fast its not funny.Jan 24 13:25
schestowitzIt's too dependentJan 24 13:25
schestowitz.NET and all..Jan 24 13:25
oiaohm2And that would be just history repeating.Jan 24 13:25
schestowitzMicrosoft is not stupidJan 24 13:25
trmancoschestowitz, you have dns I see, try OpenDNS -> 24 13:25
schestowitzWe're not as stupid as MS needs us to be, but neither is Microsoft (stupid as we hope)Jan 24 13:26
schestowitztrmanco: that problem is resolved now.Jan 24 13:26
oiaohm2Other companies have though they had Novell were they wanted them too.Jan 24 13:26
trmancookJan 24 13:26
trmancojust in case you DNS gets laggy, make the switchJan 24 13:26
schestowitzWindows in hospitals... a bad combination 24 13:27
trmancoyour*Jan 24 13:27
schestowitztrmanco: thanks, I willJan 24 13:27
oiaohm2The effective of the MS Novell deal has also cut into MS bottom line.Jan 24 13:27
schestowitz"The Conficker- aka Downadup-worm is attacking Window based platforms at a terrific rate. The worm uses a security breach in the Windows Server Service and although MS issued a patch - MS08-067 - the worm still manages to bypass the patched systems."Jan 24 13:27
schestowitzWindows literally causes deathJan 24 13:27
schestowitzWhere is the press when it comes to covering itJan 24 13:27
schestowitzI get E-mails saying that they should be prosecuted if damages can be estimated and a bill serves.Jan 24 13:27
schestowitz*vedJan 24 13:27
oiaohm2Virus strikes are normally not that well covered.Jan 24 13:28
schestowitzoiaohm2: not reallyJan 24 13:28
schestowitzMS-Novell deal = Microsoft makes money from LinuxJan 24 13:28
benJImanBecause that would never happen if they were using GNU/Linux O_oJan 24 13:28
schestowitzIt's a leeching tacticJan 24 13:28
schestowitzbenJIman: hundreds of millions of zombies?Jan 24 13:28
MinceRgeekingsJan 24 13:28
schestowitzSelf-replicating virus/zombie instances?Jan 24 13:28
schestowitzRPC..Jan 24 13:29
oiaohm2It has schestowitz.   Its a double sided effect. Number one MS pays Novell more than Novell has to pay them.   Number two when MS people are selling Suse Linux they sudendly made Linux as a whole a more trustable option.Jan 24 13:29
schestowitzMicrosoft doesn't pay NovellJan 24 13:29
schestowitzMicrosoft helps Novell sell SUSEJan 24 13:29
schestowitzWhy?Jan 24 13:29
schestowitzTo replace Free LinuxJan 24 13:29
schestowitzThey try to set a 'satndard' where Linux is not freeJan 24 13:29
schestowitzWhere Linux is a Microsoft cash cowJan 24 13:30
trmancoschestowitz, look like Asay is your fan nowJan 24 13:30
oiaohm2The agreement between Novell and Microsoft.  Required Microsoft to promote SUSE.Jan 24 13:30
trmancolooks*Jan 24 13:30
schestowitzAnnual Free Software Foundation Fundraiser   < >Jan 24 13:30
oiaohm2Novell does not have to premote MS products.Jan 24 13:30
schestowitzoiaohm2: I'd rather they didn't promote SUSEJan 24 13:30
schestowitzThey should promote Free software, not Micro-Novell-wareJan 24 13:30
oiaohm2How else could you get Linux in front of MS brain washed drones and have them try it.Jan 24 13:31
MinceRhow is m$-sold suse more trustable?Jan 24 13:31
MinceRhow is anything coming out of m$ trustable?Jan 24 13:31
MinceRhave you ever used their products?Jan 24 13:31
oiaohm2Yes I have used there products.  I know what MS IT drones are like.Jan 24 13:31
schestowitzThey could use UbuntuJan 24 13:32
oiaohm2If it has MS on it they trust it.Jan 24 13:32
schestowitzSUSE doesn't have a Microsoft logo on itJan 24 13:32
oiaohm2If it does not they will not touch it.Jan 24 13:32
schestowitzUbuntu or Red Hat are recognised namesJan 24 13:32
schestowitzThey don't need a Ballmer collage with a lizard to have them try SuSEJan 24 13:32
MinceRwell, the m$ IT drone i know won't use it anywayJan 24 13:32
oiaohm2By places with Linux personal Ubuntu and Redhat are recognised names.Jan 24 13:32
MinceRbecause he believes GPL is unholyJan 24 13:32
schestowitzHoly?Jan 24 13:33
schestowitzWhat is he religious?Jan 24 13:33
MinceRyes, of courseJan 24 13:33
MinceRall m$ cultists areJan 24 13:33
schestowitzThe Microsoftology ChurchJan 24 13:33
MinceRtheir religion is that m$ products are usable and reliableJan 24 13:33
benJImanschestowitz: If everyone were running linux then most likely.Jan 24 13:33
MinceRthey're like scientologists in their militant ignoranceJan 24 13:33
schestowitz 24 13:33
schestowitzMicrosoft -- the company where Jihad is a commonly used word (internally)... even by the charimanJan 24 13:34
MinceRgive them a source that disproves the bullshit they're spreading and they'll either ignore it (not even reading it) or will try to smear the sourceJan 24 13:34
schestowitz"Unholy" sources.Jan 24 13:35
schestowitzMust be IDG|MSNBC|Forbes|Motley Fools|..Jan 24 13:35
oiaohm2Novell actions have reduced the numbers of MS IT drones.  Of course not some of the die hards.Jan 24 13:35
oiaohm2Its really ill wind that brings no good.Jan 24 13:35
schestowitz"MS IT drones"?Jan 24 13:35
schestowitzMiguel?Jan 24 13:35
schestowitzOh, this reminds me to do a Mono postJan 24 13:36
oiaohm2Miguel annoying does what ever he to help Novell profits.Jan 24 13:36
oiaohm2For a long time he got away with it too.   It was always interesting in if there was a SUSE linux release about a week before a gnome release one of Miguel patches would break Gnome yet version in SUSE Linux would be fine.Jan 24 13:37
benJImanO_oJan 24 13:38
oiaohm2Novell trys to hold him up as a trustable open source respsentive.Jan 24 13:38
benJImanMiguel hasn't been working on GNOME directly while SUSE has been owned by Novell.Jan 24 13:38
oiaohm2Gnome developers woke up to what was going on before Novell took over Novell.Jan 24 13:39
oiaohm2OppaJan 24 13:39
oiaohm2SuseJan 24 13:39
benJImanMiguel was (is) nothing todo with suse.Jan 24 13:40
benJImanHe came from ximian...Jan 24 13:40
schestowitzSo?Jan 24 13:42
schestowitzThere is no Ximian anymoreJan 24 13:42
schestowitzNow he just Microsoftises NovellJan 24 13:42
benJImanSo oiaohm2's miguel-suse conspiracy is amusing.Jan 24 13:42
MinceRthey're in the same company nowJan 24 13:43
MinceReven legallyJan 24 13:43
benJImanAnd you're claiming miguel is submitting patches to GNOME that break it in non-suse distributions. Have you even checked what miguel has committed in the last 5 years?Jan 24 13:44
benJImanOf course actually doing any research instead of just inventing elaborate conspiracy theories would be too much effort.Jan 24 13:44
oiaohm2It was more of a delay benjiman than a break.Jan 24 13:44
benJImanoiaohm2: He's not even working on GNOME...Jan 24 13:45
oiaohm2And I did not say it was in the last 5 years either.Jan 24 13:45
benJImanoiaohm2: Before that he had nothing todo with suse.Jan 24 13:46
benJImanNot that he does now really.Jan 24 13:46
schestowitzbenJIman: SUSE is a priority at NovellJan 24 13:49
schestowitzSo it's likely that Novell's GNOME programmers will adopt a "SUSE first" policyJan 24 13:49
schestowitzANything else would be absurd, based on the very definition of a company's operationJan 24 13:50
schestowitzMoonlight is easier to install in *SUSE tooJan 24 13:50
schestowitzbenJIman: this is no "theory"Jan 24 13:50
schestowitzThe onlt "conspiracy" here is real. Novell and Microsoft conspired against many. By the conservative definition of the word "conspiracy"...Jan 24 13:51
benJImanYou are changing the subject.Jan 24 13:51
schestowitzHow so?Jan 24 13:51
schestowitzYou're tossing insultsJan 24 13:51
benJImanI was referring to oiaohm2's crazy hypothesis of miguel submitting patches to gnome to break it in non-suse distros.Jan 24 13:51
schestowitzYou sound like the mystic sharks from Novell who try to gag reportersJan 24 13:52
benJImanWhen miguel is working on mono rather than gnome, and before that had nothing todo with suse.Jan 24 13:52
schestowitzbenJIman: oh, that theory is not substantiated.Jan 24 13:52
oiaohm2I never said breaking non-suse distributions.   It caused delays in the release cycle.Jan 24 13:52
schestowitzThat seems plausible but needs proofJan 24 13:52
schestowitz 24 13:53
benJImanHow is it plausable? It's patently false.Jan 24 13:53
benJImanYou can go look at the commits for GNOME if you want.Jan 24 13:53
schestowitzProve it.Jan 24 13:53
schestowitzWhenever someone alleges something, the first question that come to mind is, "is this true?"Jan 24 13:53
benJImanYou want me to prove it false, I'm not the one making ludicrous accusations.Jan 24 13:53
schestowitzShow evidence... either side.Jan 24 13:53
schestowitzI asked oiaohm for proofJan 24 13:54
schestowitzIt seems more like an hypothesis than a factual situation.. so gathering of some evidence -- even circumstantial -- would help. I doubt he just made this up... maybe he overheard it somewhere, so let's find outJan 24 13:55
oiaohm2Note I said interesting.   This is important it was a effect that was happening but without large enough to lay a case against him fully.Jan 24 13:55
benJImanre that blog post, it's hardly mono's fault that your distro hasn't bothered to package moonlight ^_^Jan 24 13:55
oiaohm2Remember I was using Linux from 1994 on.Jan 24 13:56
oiaohm2Yes its a hell load of back logs to dig threw.Jan 24 13:56
MinceRdon't they keep saying that it's illegal to use moonlight anywhere but on suse?Jan 24 13:56
oiaohm2Not exactly MinceRJan 24 13:56
oiaohm2illegal to redistrubite it.Jan 24 13:57
oiaohm2So download it from Novell and use it fine.Jan 24 13:57
oiaohm2Bundle it in a distribution not fine.Jan 24 13:57
MinceRso that's why other distros don't package it.Jan 24 13:57
oiaohm2YepJan 24 13:57
MinceRnot that i'd want to install that crap anyway.Jan 24 13:57
MinceRif i want bloated, cpu-eating crap on my webpages, i have Adobe Trash for that.Jan 24 13:58
benJImanWhich is non-free.Jan 24 13:58
benJImanoiaohm2: That only applies to the version with microsoft's codecs included.Jan 24 13:58
benJImanThe ffmpeg one infringes other people's patents but not microsoft's.Jan 24 13:58
oiaohm2You try using it on sliverlight sites without MS codecsJan 24 13:59
schestowitzMinceR: yes, the SFLC says so in a wayJan 24 13:59
MinceRbenJIman: just like silverlie/moonlieJan 24 13:59
MinceRwhat a coincidence!Jan 24 13:59
MinceRexcept there's gnash for trash...Jan 24 14:00
benJImanMoonlight is free software.Jan 24 14:00
MinceR"non-redistributable" is not free.Jan 24 14:00
benJImanThere are no software patents here, and if there were then silverlight would be the least of my worries.Jan 24 14:00
MinceRsw patent encumbered isn't free, either.Jan 24 14:00
benJImanAs every single piece of software I use probably infringes several software patents.Jan 24 14:00
schestowitzNovell redefines freeJan 24 14:00
trmanco 24 14:00
benJImanMinceR: I doubt you use any software that doesn't infringe patents.Jan 24 14:01
schestowitzFree-but-patents-encumbered (patents "We acknowledge and pay protection for")Jan 24 14:01
MinceRbenJIman: the way those patent threats are used makes all the difference.Jan 24 14:01
schestowitzNovell's definitono of FOSS is a superset, a mixes set, poisonwareJan 24 14:01
schestowitz*miseJan 24 14:01
schestowitzd*mixedJan 24 14:01
schestowitzNovell's approach: we separate open and proprietary and SELL you "MIXED SOURCE"Jan 24 14:02
schestowitzThis renders GNU/Linux just a nicheJan 24 14:02
schestowitzNovell wants to attach to it a "complement" you must pay for... like Ubuntu RemixJan 24 14:02
MinceRwho must pay for ubuntu remix?Jan 24 14:03
schestowitzI'just just received an E-mail saying: "See what KDE developers tell about Freedesktop was abused as a means to politically push Ximian/Novell technologies. With Mono and the like it even gets more dangerous."Jan 24 14:04
schestowitzKind of like go-mono?Jan 24 14:04
MinceRworseJan 24 14:04 24 14:05
schestowitzGo-OOXMLJan 24 14:05
schestowitzWhats' the "go" for?Jan 24 14:05
MinceRwait, i've confused go-mono with go-ooJan 24 14:05
MinceRdunnoJan 24 14:05
MinceRprobably was already takenJan 24 14:05
MinceRso they've gone the lame workaround wayJan 24 14:06
schestowitzWhy go-oo?Jan 24 14:06
schestowitzWill there be go-linux?Jan 24 14:06
MinceRbecause they had go-mono alreadyJan 24 14:06
schestowitzgo-microsoft?Jan 24 14:06
schestowitzgo-miguel-go-so!Jan 24 14:06
oiaohm2Its not like Mono is playing by MS rules either.Jan 24 14:06
MinceRalso, OOo was already renamed to match the domain nameJan 24 14:06
oiaohm2Mono has AOT mode that basically in time will make .net like any other language that can be complied.Jan 24 14:07
MinceRnah, "go-linux" is called "suse" and "opensuse"Jan 24 14:07
MinceRor you mean forking the kernel?Jan 24 14:07
MinceRi doubt they have the resources needed to maintain a forkJan 24 14:07
MinceRand distro-specific patches tend to be kept as part of the distroJan 24 14:08
benJImanMost distros have some kernel patches. Ubuntu has a shedload. They're essentially forks.Jan 24 14:08
MinceRor putting mono in the kernel? i think that's unlikelyJan 24 14:08
oiaohm2Not exactly.Jan 24 14:08
MinceRbenJIman: i knowJan 24 14:08
benJImanAre you implying ht Novell is putting mono in the kenrel?Jan 24 14:09
MinceRbenJIman: i meant a fork that doesn't follow the mainline anymoreJan 24 14:09
oiaohm2Ubuntu kernel is a offical branch of the Linux kernel git system like most other distributions kernels.Jan 24 14:09
MinceRbenJIman: not implying, just toying with the ideaJan 24 14:09
schestowitzMinceR: Novell is shrinking. It can't fork anything well.Jan 24 14:09
MinceRlooking for explanations of what schestowitz meant by "go-linux" :)Jan 24 14:09
schestowitzOracle is more likely to fork, but what for?Jan 24 14:09
schestowitzOracle might fork RHEL, not Linux.Jan 24 14:09
benJImanA free OS like microsoft's singluarity would be sweet.Jan 24 14:10
benJIman* singularityJan 24 14:10
oiaohm2It already exists benJImanJan 24 14:10
benJImanThere's sharpos etc, not got very far.Jan 24 14:10
schestowitz*me sees benJIman getting a hardon for MS technologies.Jan 24 14:10
MinceRlolJan 24 14:10
MinceRit's mandatory for the flock, you seeJan 24 14:11
benJImanManaged code is good. Whether it's .net or another platform it doesn't matter too much.Jan 24 14:11
MinceRbuilding an os on managed code seems to be good only for one thing -- locking people into a platformJan 24 14:11
schestowitzCool: 24 14:11
MinceRa .net os can only run .net apps, a java os can run only java apps, ...Jan 24 14:11
oiaohm2MS need for a mangle code OS is to complete with Linxu.Jan 24 14:12
benJImanOf course safety, stability, and performance are not important eh MinceR ?Jan 24 14:12
oiaohm2Slightly wrongJan 24 14:12
benJImanMinceR: That's ont true.Jan 24 14:12
MinceRbenJIman: you don't need managed code for thoseJan 24 14:12
benJImana .net OS could run any apps.Jan 24 14:12
oiaohm2a java OS and .net OS cannot run the others though translated.Jan 24 14:12
MinceRthere's hardware support to ensure those alreadyJan 24 14:12
oiaohm2Singlarity cannot run other than .net benJImanJan 24 14:12
MinceRa managed os only means you're not taking advantage of themJan 24 14:12
benJImanMinceR: The majority of the types of vulnerabilities found in linux et al nowadays would not occur in managed code.Jan 24 14:12
benJImanoiaohm2: That doesn't mean the same applies to any managed OS.Jan 24 14:13
MinceRother vulnerabilities would occur instead.Jan 24 14:13
schestowitz 24 14:13
oiaohm2reason singlarity is ment to be cross cpu type.Jan 24 14:13
benJImanMinceR: Of course, that doesn't mean it's not a good idea to avoid the ones we can.Jan 24 14:13
oiaohm2Linux user space drivers can be writen in anything.Jan 24 14:14
oiaohm2Most warped so far is a robotic arm controller writen in python.Jan 24 14:14
MinceRwell, i guess it would be possible to run managed servers on a microkernel system...Jan 24 14:21
oiaohm2Main idea is AOT.Jan 24 14:22
oiaohm2So you still have a mono lithic kernel.Jan 24 14:23
oiaohm2Difference is that bytecode can be audited on built to the native code of the platform far more effectively than native cpu code.Jan 24 14:23
MinceRwhat's AOT?Jan 24 14:23
oiaohm2Ahead of time processing of bytecode.Jan 24 14:24
MinceRicJan 24 14:24
oiaohm2Yep basicaly bytecode to native code conversion.Jan 24 14:24
oiaohm2Gcj in gcc has it for java.Jan 24 14:24
MinceRi don't see why this has to be in the kernel, thoughJan 24 14:25
oiaohm2Mono is working on it for .net.   So yes in future a Linux driver written in C# sharp would be possiable.Jan 24 14:25
oiaohm2Just like a java driver in Linux kernel is possiable now.Jan 24 14:25
oiaohm2Yes major icJan 24 14:25
oiaohm2Only minorly less ic than ndiswrapper.Jan 24 14:26
oiaohm2Issue here is going mangled was though to be required for stablity.   Tools are starting to appear that can do all the auditing mangling offered but on native code.Jan 24 14:34
schestowitzWhat would Novell gain?/Jan 24 14:36
schestowitzOr its ally, Microsoft? How could they exploit it?Jan 24 14:36
schestowitzLinus has been hard core about C (he mocked C++), so I can see it being marketed to "them" as a 'better manages code".. as in, lets make Linus more 'modular' (in the object-oriented sense).. the offer Mono.Jan 24 14:37
schestowitz*then ; Linux; Jan 24 14:37
oiaohm2There are a lot of things that don't go main line.Jan 24 14:38
oiaohm2Question is how Linux gains from a mono with aot that can put drivers into Linux kernel.   Same way ndiswrapper gains linux with windows drivers now except for singlarity.Jan 24 14:39
oiaohm2Not all Novell actions are about the advantage of Microsoft.Jan 24 14:39
MinceRhow can you tell?Jan 24 14:41
oiaohm2Fairly simply.  Does this action help MS long term profit.   AoT really does not.   Since with AoT platforms can now run .net applications without having to licence an .net envorment.Jan 24 14:43
oiaohm2Reduces .net to nothing more than a development envorment.Jan 24 14:44
MinceRthat depends on what they can do with their patent threatsJan 24 14:44
oiaohm2You cannot patent attack the device maker instead would have to patent attack the developer of application.Jan 24 14:44
MinceRalso, isn't JIT better than AoT? :>Jan 24 14:44
oiaohm2JiT in some cases produces better performance than AoT but not many.Jan 24 14:45
benJImanJits can always be faster, have more optimisation options open to them.Jan 24 14:45
oiaohm2Depends on the optimisation engine benJImanJan 24 14:45
benJImanThat's why I said can.Jan 24 14:46
benJImanAoT has less information to base its optimisation on.Jan 24 14:46
oiaohm2Some of the AoT ones are getting able to do the jit  optimisations though code path prediction.Jan 24 14:46
schestowitzoiaohm2: a lot of Novell's revenue seems to come from Windows and MicrosoftJan 24 14:46
schestowitzNetware... SUSE vouchers, etc.Jan 24 14:46
benJImanFor short running things it makes little difference. For long running things like services JIT realy comes into its own.Jan 24 14:46
schestowitzIt makes Novell part of the MS ecosystem.Jan 24 14:46
benJImanoiaohm2: Profiling information is not available ahead of time. AoT compilers can't make "optimistic assumptions" about the programme and then alter the generated code if they turn out to be false.Jan 24 14:47
oiaohm2Depends what kind of AoT again.Jan 24 14:48
benJImanNope that information is just not available.Jan 24 14:48
oiaohm2Its the basic idea you have that polymorphic machine code and AoT cannot mix.Jan 24 14:50
oiaohm2It really does depend purely on the type of AoT used if or if not it can have more than one path on offer.Jan 24 14:50
benJImanThat's not the same thing at all.Jan 24 14:51
benJImanA JIT compiler generates different machine code at runtime. AoT is just generating different codepaths.Jan 24 14:51
oiaohm2Funny enough lot of what the JIT is doing is covered by multiable paths.Jan 24 14:52
oiaohm2Like if function is called with statics solve out so you don't have  to waste time there.Jan 24 14:53
oiaohm2It really comes down to the AoT.  Jit advantage is not in speed its size.Jan 24 14:53
benJImanNo its really not that sort of thing it does. Look at some of the papers on the optimisations that hotspot does.Jan 24 14:53
*benJIman -> pub.Jan 24 14:54
oiaohm2Read the papers on how portland group complier does things.Jan 24 14:54
oiaohm2You find hotspot and portland basically do the same things.Jan 24 14:54
oiaohm2And get the same speed results.Jan 24 14:55
oiaohm2One is aot one is jit.Jan 24 14:55
oiaohm2Different is portland executable is a lot larger to achive the same things.Jan 24 14:55
oiaohm2There is only a limited numbers of paths though an application.Jan 24 14:56
oiaohm2Funny enough AoT can beat JiT for a while because a lot of time was spent on profiling before the application was run with AoT,  So basically JiT is playing catch up.Jan 24 14:59
oiaohm2Idea is mostly a system that can use both perfectly.Jan 24 15:00
*Casperin has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))Jan 24 15:02
oiaohm2Lot of jit is faster is put head to head with gcc what is one of the worst optimising C compliers in existance.Jan 24 15:05
*oiaohm2 has quit (Remote closed the connection)Jan 24 15:06
*zer0c00l (n=zer0c00l@ has joined #boycottnovellJan 24 15:20
zer0c00lhi room, I have created and maintaining a blog,which apposes an university in india for using proprietary software in education, Can you people give me links on colleges/universities who uses free software to add up information in that blogJan 24 15:23
zer0c00l*opposesJan 24 15:23
zer0c00lMainly they are using M$'s productsJan 24 15:24
zer0c00lhere is the blog 24 15:24
schestowitzHeyJan 24 15:31
*schestowitz looksJan 24 15:32
schestowitzJust links relating to education?Jan 24 15:33
zer0c00lschools who use free softwareJan 24 15:33
zer0c00land their ratingsJan 24 15:33
zer0c00lhow quality of education improved when they used free softwareJan 24 15:34
zer0c00lsome popular schools who use free softwareJan 24 15:34
*Melio ( has joined #boycottnovellJan 24 15:38
MelioIf by stating "I don't like microsoft", does this also mean, I don't want to run opensuse, because of the patents?Jan 24 15:39
MelioI know this comes up alotJan 24 15:39
Meliothe relationship between opensuse and msJan 24 15:39
schestowitzopensuse is a more complicated subjectJan 24 15:44
schestowitzBut it makes SLE*Jan 24 15:44
schestowitzzer0c00l: in which country? Schools names?Jan 24 15:45
zer0c00lany country... if its india it will be niceJan 24 15:45
MelioI think i'll just stay away from opensuseJan 24 15:45
Meliothere's a ton of users in our lug that run it. but I'm a little aphrensiveJan 24 15:46
zer0c00lschestowitz: yeahJan 24 15:46
schestowitzI don't know names. But we definitely need such an indexJan 24 15:57
schestowitzFOSS friendliness in different schools.Jan 24 15:57
zer0c00lokJan 24 15:57
schestowitzMelio: try Mandriva.Jan 24 15:57
schestowitzIt had both GNOME and KDE.Jan 24 15:57
zer0c00li read some where in ... "if you your schools use free software,please report us, we will add them to our list"Jan 24 15:58
schestowitzYes, that makes sense.Jan 24 15:58
zer0c00lschestowitz: i will check it outJan 24 15:58
schestowitzI don't know if such a list exists.... never seen one.Jan 24 15:59
zer0c00lokJan 24 15:59
schestowitzthe FSF site can share rsults of research into it.Jan 24 15:59
zer0c00lokJan 24 15:59
zer0c00lbye see u again... thanksJan 24 16:00
*zer0c00l (n=zer0c00l@ has left #boycottnovell ("Leaving")Jan 24 16:00
schestowitzHehe! I'm listed here: 24 16:00
Meliothat's pretty coolJan 24 16:02
Melioyour a celebJan 24 16:02
Meliotime to sell t-shirtsJan 24 16:02
Meliodon't get too greedy or anonymous will hack your websiteJan 24 16:02
schestowitzcrack?Jan 24 16:03
Melioi said hackJan 24 16:03
Meliodon't get it confusedJan 24 16:03
Melio:PJan 24 16:03
schestowitzI know.Jan 24 16:03
schestowitzHow does one hack a site?Jan 24 16:03
Meliothey're latest is www.dontcuss.comJan 24 16:04
schestowitztossing in hundreds of DLL files that are empty?Jan 24 16:04
Meliothey claim the website is being used to generate income for the parentsJan 24 16:04
Melioit's on wikinews.comJan 24 16:05
Melio 24 16:05
Meliosorry. .orgJan 24 16:05
twittergood morning.Jan 24 16:40
twitternice boot sabotage write up.  I had no idea Vista was as hostile as it is.Jan 24 16:40
twitterI'll have to update the vista failure log with that information.Jan 24 16:41
twitterone thing to note is that the hand written notes are all contained in brackets {like this}.Jan 24 16:43
twitterThe text does not deliver the full emphasis of Mr. Ballmer's all but animated notation, but most of the meaning is delivered.Jan 24 16:43
schestowitztwitter: thanks.Jan 24 16:43
schestowitzYou got lots of the text there.Jan 24 16:44
twitterthank you for collecting the vista boot stories and tying these things together.Jan 24 16:44
schestowitz 24 16:44
schestowitzI reckon BN did about 1 million hits yesterdayJan 24 16:45
twitterthe full picture is greater than the sum of it's parts.Jan 24 16:45
schestowitzI had caching enabled until this morning.Jan 24 16:45
twittercoolJan 24 16:45
schestowitzStatis don't mean much anymore when requests are send to coral distributed cacheJan 24 16:45
schestowitzBut it's important that people read it and get informedJan 24 16:46
**** BEGIN LOGGING AT Sat Jan 24 17:04:55 2009
*Now talking on #boycottnovellJan 24 17:04
*Topic for #boycottnovell is: "Exploring the reality behind exclusionary deals with Microsoft and their subtle (yet severe) implications" [publicly logged]Jan 24 17:04
*Topic for #boycottnovell set by schestowitz at Sun Oct 5 19:20:28 2008Jan 24 17:04
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*services. sets mode +e schestowitzJan 24 17:05
*ChanServ gives channel operator status to schestowitzJan 24 17:05
schestowitzI needed to restart KDE. Did I miss anything here?Jan 24 17:05
MinceRnopeJan 24 17:05
schestowitzThanks.Jan 24 17:06
MinceRnpJan 24 17:06
schestowitzI need to get logger_bot up again.Jan 24 17:06
schestowitztwitter: Someone sent this: "I know these are old, but it was what we were given at the time by the "Roadshow" people visiting our site. It has to do with the SSD's, " 24 17:40
schestowitzs_vista_poor_ssd_performanceJan 24 17:40
schestowitz (possibly useful to faiilurelog, probably the same with Vista7)Jan 24 17:40
schestowitzAnother reader says that "One conclusion about MS begging congress for relaxing the H1b rules is to "get better workers" is that anyone that knows any IT also knows what MS is about and doesn't want to work there."Jan 24 17:41
twitterhey, interesting stuff.Jan 24 17:45
schestowitzbblJan 24 17:46
twitterI think I got the SSD problems way back when.  SSD burnout is a natural extension of Vista's crazy indexing system and "ready boost" was cruel joke.Jan 24 17:46
twitterlater.  I'll digest this.Jan 24 17:46
twittermultiboot sabotage was submitted.Jan 24 17:46
twitter 24 17:46
twitterI wonder if it will be picked up or considered so much old news about old news.Jan 24 17:47
twittermaximum pc vendor blame article is gone 404Jan 24 17:48
twitter"Vista isn’t optimized for solid state disks" was big bullshit spin.Jan 24 17:49
twitterHere's the write up I did at the time. 24 17:51
twitterIt's good to keep this in mind when people talk about Vista and Vista7 on netbooks.  They can't use SSD unless they fundamentally alter Vista - not going to happen.Jan 24 17:53
twitterInstead, they will look for wasy sabotage SSDs for GNU/Linux, which already has special file systems and ram disk to wear level and reduce access.Jan 24 17:54
twitterUgh, I hate how they also tried to spin Vista as "full featured" and GNU/Linux as "Simple"Jan 24 17:56
macabe_Are SSD ideal for random access? Therefore, the need to defrag moot?Jan 24 17:58
PetoKrausumm today i actually feel good at workJan 24 18:06
PetoKrausthere was a woman, in her thirties i guessJan 24 18:06
PetoKrausshe was like "oh fuck it, i really want to learn how this work, but I can't/don't know how to"Jan 24 18:06
PetoKrausi told her to wait for a second, I wrote "" on a post it note, and told her, if she has old machine which is not used for much and can't possibly be screwed much more, then she should visit that page, download the ISO and burn it and play around with itJan 24 18:07
PetoKrausthat it's the best way to learnJan 24 18:08
PetoKrausfeels so much better now :DJan 24 18:08
PetoKrausyeah and at the end of the shift there was this linux newbie who tried to fix his corrupted Ubuntu Linux partition by vista recovery cdJan 24 18:09
PetoKrausoh well :DJan 24 18:09
twittermacabe:  SSDs are good for random access.  Special file systems avoid extra writes.  I've updated the disk thrash listing above and the Vista Failure Log to reflect boot sabotage. 24 18:29
twitterPeto, I'm sorry to hear that people reach for the problem to correct the solution.  I wonder what happened to their Ubuntu partition, SP1?Jan 24 18:31
twitterI think Ubuntu makes a separate home partition by default, but it's a good practice to tell people.  That way they can fix their system by reinstall without wiping their files.Jan 24 18:32
twitterlunch time here, bblJan 24 18:32
*Melio ( has left #boycottnovellJan 24 18:35
*NeonF|oss has quit ("Going!")Jan 24 19:42
schestowitzTurns out I'm told that US unemployment might actually be 17% by old definitions that are comparable with the 1930sJan 24 20:18
PetoKrausalright guysJan 24 20:21
PetoKraustime for a whiskey for every ghostJan 24 20:21
PetoKraussee you laterJan 24 20:21
schestowitzMaybe Windows decided t bite the Ubuntu partition/ partitoon table.Jan 24 20:21
*r0ver (n=r0ver@ has joined #boycottnovellJan 24 20:22
schestowitzReader: "Let's keep finding nuggets to draw to the attention of the press. And tone down the personal remarks, stick to the facts and let others form an opinion as to the values of those who act like MS."Jan 24 21:14
schestowitzI need your help. All will be published, eventually. Let's sort and organise thing in the Wiki..Jan 24 21:15
trmanco"You can buy 2 x 1Tb hard drives and install Linux insteadJan 24 21:27
trmancoof buying the PISTA higher cost versions."Jan 24 21:27
schestowitzPista7?Jan 24 21:45
schestowitz"7" says "PISTA"Jan 24 21:45
trmancoyes it, he is the author of that quoteJan 24 21:53
trmancoforget "it"Jan 24 21:53
*DarkUranium ( has joined #boycottnovellJan 24 21:57
schestowitztrmanco: don't borrow "windummies" too :-)Jan 24 22:00
trmancoLOLJan 24 22:02
trmancoand microshaft :-PJan 24 22:02
*DarkUranium has quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))Jan 24 22:09
*DarkUranium ( has joined #boycottnovellJan 24 22:10
*DarkUranium has quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))Jan 24 22:10
*r0ver has quit ("Leaving.")Jan 24 22:22
schestowitz Atheistische Kampagnen weiten sich aus Atheistic campaigns are expanding < >Jan 24 22:32
trmancotypedef int number;Jan 24 22:36
trmancoclass microsoft : public corporation, public enemy<(number) 1> {Jan 24 22:36
trmancopublic:Jan 24 22:36
trmancomicrosoft()Jan 24 22:36
trmanco{Jan 24 22:36
twitterWhat personal remarks is your reader talking about?  Your summaries are usually correct and you back them with links to crimes.  Sounds like he's trying to get you to self censor.  Be yourself and you will do the best job you can.  Be someone else and you won't.Jan 24 22:36
trmancosanity = 200;Jan 24 22:36
trmancobill_gates = drop_out();Jan 24 22:36
trmancoceo = bill_gates;Jan 24 22:36
trmancowhile (sanity > 2) {Jan 24 22:36
trmancosleep(2);Jan 24 22:36
trmancosanity--;Jan 24 22:36
trmanco}Jan 24 22:36
trmancosteve_ballmer = new class doofus;Jan 24 22:36
trmanco}Jan 24 22:36
twitterI'm up for organization.Jan 24 22:36
trmanco 24 22:36
twitterComcast screwing competitors and clients through "traffic management"Jan 24 22:45
twitter 24 22:45
twitterSlashdot is getting it's groove back 24 22:48
twitterThey managed to combine several related stories.Jan 24 22:48
twitterand then they do this flamebait summary. 24 22:52
twitterThe article itself is interesting, 24 22:53
twitterthe summary makes you think, "what is that ass saying now?!!"Jan 24 22:53
twittervery interesting stuff about git and javaJan 24 22:55
schestowitzComcast us MS-fundedJan 24 23:01
schestowitzAnother cable company that's with Microsoft did this not so long agoJan 24 23:02
*Casperin ( has joined #boycottnovellJan 24 23:10
schestowitzIBM Confirms Layoffs < >Jan 24 23:19
*ushimitsudoki ( has joined #boycottnovellJan 24 23:53

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No, Your Site Likely Does Not Need WordPress
I was one of the first users of WordPress
GNU/Linux in Cameroon: Rising Steadily While Windows Falls From 99% to Just 6%
If one also counts mobile (mostly Android)
Monkey See, Monkey Share
on deprivation of users
From 0.17% to 10% or More (GNU/Linux in Dominica)
Dominica isn't well known, but it does seem to have embraced Chromebooks in recent years
Links 28/05/2024: Tensions in East Asia, UK Mandatory National Service
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Gemini Links 28/05/2024: NetCrawl and Living in Lagrange
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Guardian Digital, Inc ( Handed Over Its Web Site to Chatbots That Generate SEO Garbage
They need to be called out on it
statCounter Sees Microsoft Windows at Below 1% in American Samoa
Not even 1%!
Windows Down to 60% of Guam's Desktops/Laptops and Down to a Quarter Overall
No wonder Microsoft is panicking
Today in UEFI 'Secure' Boot Debates (the Frog is Already Boiling and Melting)
Over at LQ today
[Meme] A "Modern" Web's Message in a Bottle
So-called 'security'
Brittany Day: Still Chatbot Slinging, Producing Fake 'Articles' About "Linux"
random garbage produced (and censored) by Microsoft
Almost 4k Gemini Capsules, 5th Anniversary Only Weeks Away
The Web will continue to deteriorate
Microsoft: $1 Million a Day for Contempt of Court Orders (Justice Department)
Microsoft behaves as if it's 100% exempt from laws
Catbodia? In Cambodia, Microsoft's Windows Fell to All-Time Low of Less Than a Quarter.
Cambodia is leaving Microsoft behind
[Meme] Deadnaming
Guess who uses a name that was deprecated well over a decade ago?
[Meme] 'Secure' Boot in a Nutshell
Ask Microsoft if it is "safe" to boot Linux
New Press Report Explains Microsoft Severance and Quiet (Undisclosed) Layoffs
Some people will call this "loophole", whereas others will opine that it is outright illegal (but kept secret to circumvent scrutiny)
Global South is Android/Linux (Windows Era Has Come to an End Already)
I've decided to take a quick glance at South American trends for all operating systems
[Meme] Unified Patent Troll
Unified Patent Court remains illegal and unconstitutional
The European Patent Office is Sinking
Officials (or national delegates) at the European Patent Organisation have long been warned about this (by staff representatives from the European Patent Office), but they ignored the warnings
A 3-Year Campaign to Coerce/Intimidate Us Into Censorship: Targeting Guest Writers (Intimidation)
Some high-profile people have told me that the serial defamer is a "monster" (their word), so why would Neil Brown wish to help him?
Summer in the Air
We have a good pace going on owing to health, positivity, inertia and good software tools
GNU/Linux Activity in Belize
From an economic point of view, Microsoft needn't worry about Belize, but when it comes to preserving the Windows monopoly/monoculture Belize matters
Links 28/05/2024: Back to MP3, NVIDIA Sued by Authors
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Gemini Links 28/05/2024: Bad Beach and TLS
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Microsoft Windows Fell From 100% to Just 7.5% in Sierra Leone
Based on statCounter
In Benin, Microsoft's Windows Fell Below 10%, GNU/Linux Surged to 6% or Higher on Desktops/Laptops
That's nearly 7% - a lot higher than the average in Africa
Over at Tux Machines...
GNU/Linux news for the past day
IRC Proceedings: Monday, May 27, 2024
IRC logs for Monday, May 27, 2024
Delayed Series About Dr. Richard Stallman
A lot of the attacks on him boil down to petty things
[Meme] Elephant in the Asian Room
With ChromeOS included GNU/Linux is at 6% across Asia
GNU/Linux in Bangladesh Up From 0.5% to Over 4% (Windows Slid From 95% to 18%)
Bangladesh is one of the world's most densely-populated countries
A 3-Year Campaign to Coerce/Intimidate Us Into Censorship: Targeting Several Webhosts (in Collaboration and Conjunction With Mentally-Ill Flunkies)
Every attempt to nuke the current hosting failed, but it's still worth noting
Links 27/05/2024: One Month Left for ICQ, More Openwashing Highlighted
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Gemini Links 27/05/2024: Back to GNU/Linux, Librem 5 Assessed
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StatCounter (or statCounter) Has Mostly Recovered From a Day's Downtime (Malfunction)
Some of the material we've published based on the statCounter datasets truly annoys Microsofters
Google: We Don't Have Source Diversity, But We Have Chatbot Spew in Place of Sources (and It's Not Even Accurate)
Search engines and news search never looked this bad...
[Meme] Security is Not a Failure to Boot (or Illusion of Security Due to 'Unknown' System)
Red Hat is largely responsible for this mess
What is Secure Boot?
Security means the user feels safe and secure - i.e. confident that the machine would continue to work following a reboot or a system upgrade (or kernel upgrade)
StatCounter (or statCounter) Has Been Broken for Nearly 24 Hours. Who Benefits? Microsoft.
StatCounter is broken right now and has been broken for nearly 24 hours already
Links 27/05/2024: Chatbots Generate Hateful Output, TPM Performance Scrutinised
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David Heinemeier Hansson (DHH) Realises What He Should Have Decades Ago
seeing that DHH is moving away from Apple is kind of a big deal
Reinvigorating the Voice of GNU/Linux Users (Not Companies Whose Chiefs Don't Even Use GNU/Linux!)
Scott Ruecker has just announced his return
"Tech" in the Context of Even Bigger Issues
"Tech" (or technology) activism is important; but there's a bigger picture
A Decade of In-Depth Coverage of Corruption at the European Patent Office (EPO)
The world needs transparency and sunlight
Hopefully Not Sunset for StatCounter
We hope that StatCounter will be back soon.
Over at Tux Machines...
GNU/Linux news for the past day
IRC Proceedings: Sunday, May 26, 2024
IRC logs for Sunday, May 26, 2024
Links 27/05/2024: Self-Publishing, Patent Monopolies, and Armed Conflicts
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Gemini Links 27/05/2024: Tethering Connection and PFAs
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Imagine Canada Enabling Rapists to Harass Their (Rape) Victims
This analogy is applicable because abusers are empowered against the abused