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schestowitzDRM is an assumption that you'll stop the bad guys and not interfere with the good guysMar 10 00:00
schestowitzIt's very much the opposite in practice.Mar 10 00:00
Balrog_very subjective post.Mar 10 00:01
Balrog_Though in Apple's case, their DRM hasn't interfered with the good guysMar 10 00:01
Balrog_(very well implemented)Mar 10 00:02
Balrog_Yes, there are strings attached (paperwork and $100 and rules if you want to write apps)Mar 10 00:02
Balrog_but to the end user, there's nearly zero hassleMar 10 00:03
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schestowitzThe rush to Ext4: What's the hurry? : "[I]t's typically best to stay with whatever packaged and preferred file system your distribution offers." 10 00:05
tessier_I agree unless ext4 has something you absolutely need.Mar 10 00:12
tessier_schestowitz: Yes, going nowhere in terms of passion.Mar 10 00:12
Balrog_remember all the use of reiserfs?Mar 10 00:13
Balrog_heh, "Apple laying off 50 sales staff due to economy, enterprise"Mar 10 00:13
Balrog_at least not engineersMar 10 00:13
Balrog_ 10 00:13
Balrog_well not yetMar 10 00:14
Balrog_we'll seeMar 10 00:14
Balrog_look at the comments thoughMar 10 00:14
Balrog_some say these are rumorsMar 10 00:14
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schestowitztessier: make sure you have a cushionMar 10 00:19
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schestowitzBalrog: expectedMar 10 00:20
schestowitzThe Apple fans came to BNMar 10 00:20
schestowitzTried to dismiss the rumours (twice in fact)Mar 10 00:20
Balrog_*everyone* is cutting backMar 10 00:21
Balrog_where they cut back, is a big questionMar 10 00:21
schestowitz "Novell is in trouble. As Novell CFO Dana Russell said during the recent earnings call, "Our Linux business is dependent on large deals, which may result in some fluctuations of our quarterly invoicing. This quarter, we did not sign any large deals, many of which have been historically fulfilled by Microsoft certificates.""Mar 10 00:21
schestowitzThat's from this afternoonMar 10 00:21
schestowitzBalrog: Novell is likely to axe 1000 based on my sourceMar 10 00:21
schestowitzIt's just delaying and delaying... already admitting it'll happenMar 10 00:22
Balrog_problem is that when they do that, the quality will sufferMar 10 00:22
schestowitzThe longer they wait (and pay wages), they harder the axe will fallMar 10 00:22
Balrog_they could do a lot more than they're doing nowMar 10 00:22
schestowitz25% layoffs likelyMar 10 00:22
Balrog_(meaning quality-wise)Mar 10 00:22
schestowitzNothing but good news for Linux todayMar 10 00:24
schestowitzI'll do the links shortly. If I get too tired, I'll do it in the morning.Mar 10 00:24
schestowitzI always watch videos while doing this, so it's quite enjoyable.Mar 10 00:25
Balrog_Layoffs are rarely good....many novell employees contribute directly to the kernelMar 10 00:25
MinceRgnMar 10 00:25
schestowitzBalrog: yes, I know.Mar 10 00:26
schestowitzThis was bad news since the deal had been signedMar 10 00:27
schestowitzCutting a foot with snow bites ain't easyMar 10 00:27
schestowitz*frostMar 10 00:27
Balrog_You may want to clarify some things...Mar 10 00:28
Balrog_some commenters feel that you like layoffsMar 10 00:28
schestowitzIn bad companiesMar 10 00:29
schestowitzCompanies are not peopleMar 10 00:29
schestowitzAlthough in the twisted 20th century they were made to be treated like people.Mar 10 00:30
schestowitzWhich was perverse from the very startsMar 10 00:30
schestowitz*startMar 10 00:30
schestowitzSee latest post about Tiemann and what he says about 'hero' companiesMar 10 00:30
schestowitzIn some countries, people socialise in the malls, i.e. with corporations.Mar 10 00:30
schestowitzBut the things they buy only keep them divided, staring at screens, glaring at televisions and so on.Mar 10 00:31
schestowitzWith More Than 35 Videos Submitted So Far This will be excellent. 35 new Linux ads. I'll embed them in BNMar 10 00:37
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oiaohmI have been thinking.  Patent system in the USA is used like trade secrets.  Even that Patents are public documents.  Basically we don't have to tell anyone about our patents.Mar 10 00:55
schestowitzit's something like thatMar 10 00:55
schestowitzPatents were created for a purposeMar 10 00:55
oiaohmSo There patents cannot be challaged.   Also cost of challage.Mar 10 00:55
schestowitzDefend inventorsMar 10 00:55
schestowitzBut it has gone out of controlsMar 10 00:55
oiaohmHere no so.Mar 10 00:55
schestowitzLawyers and monopolies took over the systemMar 10 00:55
schestowitzLike everything they touchMar 10 00:55
oiaohmYou have a patent you are required for your produces using to list it.Mar 10 00:56
schestowitz..(like government), it got exploited.Mar 10 00:56
schestowitzReexamination is hugely expensiveMar 10 00:56
oiaohmFar more likely to have your patent challaged.Mar 10 00:56
schestowitzDefence in general isMar 10 00:56
oiaohm180 dollars for reexamination here.Mar 10 00:56
oiaohmIts not that expesnive.Mar 10 00:56
schestowitzOnce a bad (broad) patent is granted, that's HUGE troublMar 10 00:56
schestowitz[unless you're a lawyer] ($$0Mar 10 00:56
oiaohmNote patent holder has to pay halfMar 10 00:57
schestowitzoiaohm: it's expensive when done in the courtMar 10 00:57
oiaohmAs well here or forfit the patent.Mar 10 00:57
schestowitzSo I've beeb readingMar 10 00:57
schestowitzIn many placesMar 10 00:57
schestowitzIt's really hard to doMar 10 00:57
oiaohmWe have almost none go to court.Mar 10 00:57
oiaohmAnd going to court over a patent here is asking for hell.Mar 10 00:57
schestowitzI know.Mar 10 00:57
schestowitzSame everywhere.Mar 10 00:57
oiaohmFor the patent holder.Mar 10 00:57
schestowitzIt's cheap to pay up than to stand up and defendMar 10 00:58
oiaohmIt likely the patent holder will be made pay costs even if they win.Mar 10 00:58
oiaohmSince there were are resolve systems.Mar 10 00:58
schestowitzoiaohm: many good reviews for Linux recently.Mar 10 00:58
schestowitzFedora 10 is great, Lenny alsoMar 10 00:58
oiaohmAustralian system works.Mar 10 00:58
schestowitzOpenSUSE fades a bitMar 10 00:58
oiaohmUSA system suxs.Mar 10 00:58
schestowitzSame in Japan, I tuinkMar 10 00:58
schestowitzThinkMar 10 00:58
schestowitzushimitsudoki1 might knowMar 10 00:58
ushimitsudoki1what's that?Mar 10 00:59
schestowitzThe patent system there very much allow sw patentsMar 10 00:59
schestowitzsw patents in JapanMar 10 00:59
oiaohmPatent system over there ushimitsudoki1Mar 10 00:59
schestowitzWe were just talking about AU and US patent systemMar 10 00:59
schestowitzSamba has roots in AUMar 10 00:59
ushimitsudoki1ah, i don't actually follow japan law too much - i just know to stay out of jail here :)Mar 10 01:00
schestowitz:-)Mar 10 01:00
zer0c00lwhy dont people send a letter to president obama to end software patents? he like software patents?Mar 10 01:01
oiaohmPatent system of the USA sux'sMar 10 01:02
oiaohmIts not just software patents.Mar 10 01:02
schestowitzzer0c00l: he doesn't decideMar 10 01:02
schestowitzHe's just a front manMar 10 01:02
oiaohmNo clean systems to resolve problems in the patent system out side the courts.Mar 10 01:02
schestowitzLetting the 'experts' like Irving whats-his-surname from IBM make decisions on patentsMar 10 01:03
zer0c00lwho has the authority to end software patents then?Mar 10 01:03
schestowitzIn Soviet Russia, patent reexamines investorMar 10 01:03
oiaohmFor here software patents are not a major theat.  Most because most companies with software patents are not obeying Australian law requirements.Mar 10 01:03
oiaohmIe patents cannot be used secretly and remain vaild here.Mar 10 01:04
zer0c00lhere there is no software patents ;)Mar 10 01:04
oiaohmEven that Australian patent system support software patents so far there is no one that passes the requirements to be vaild here.Mar 10 01:05
oiaohmReally I don't think MS and other software patent users want to list the patents they are using in there products.Mar 10 01:06
oiaohmBecause it gives something for companies to challage with.Mar 10 01:06
twitterJohn Dvorak becomes a GNU/Linux user,,2...Mar 10 01:09
twitterin November of 2007, he said he would have to do this if M$ did not scuttle Vista.Mar 10 01:10
twitter 10 01:10
twitterApparently, he is not impressed by Windows 7.Mar 10 01:10
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schestowitzoiaohm: used secretly?Mar 10 01:14
schestowitzAs in racketeering?Mar 10 01:14
schestowitztwitter: he didn't drink the Kool7-Aid?Mar 10 01:15
oiaohmBasically it is.  What reason is there not to include a list of knowly used patents with like Windows 7 schestowitzMar 10 01:15
oiaohmSo if anyone copies you product you can pull a patent out of no where and attack them.Mar 10 01:16
oiaohmThat does not work here.Mar 10 01:16
oiaohmThe complete patent system was ment to stop that kind of secret keeping.Mar 10 01:17
schestowitzSo threats can be voided then.Mar 10 01:17
oiaohmSomeone in the USA need to attack the patent system on those grounds.Mar 10 01:18
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oiaohmI would expect over 95 percent of all USA patents being voidable.Mar 10 01:18
schestowitzWhat about the other 5%?Mar 10 01:20
schestowitzRationalise the number.Mar 10 01:20
oiaohmMost of the 5 percent would be like chip designs in side calculators.Mar 10 01:21
schestowitzSo not sw patentsMar 10 01:21
schestowitzIn Re Bilski has already tossed many of the sw patents into the wastebasket. Microsoft can only rely on near-bankrupt companies paying without a fight to retaliate or defendMar 10 01:21
oiaohmName a software patent that has ever had its number and information published with a program using it.Mar 10 01:22
oiaohmThere is not one.Mar 10 01:22
oiaohmPatent system in the USA is being used for pure Racketeering when there is no legal need.Mar 10 01:23
schestowitzThere's a differnet thingMar 10 01:24
schestowitzMicrosoft released docsMar 10 01:24
schestowitzAPIs with corresponding patent #sMar 10 01:24
oiaohmDo the docs include the patent numbers.Mar 10 01:25
oiaohmThis is the problem Microsoft has here.Mar 10 01:25
oiaohmLot of what they do purely void the patent.Mar 10 01:25
schestowitzHold no.Mar 10 01:26
schestowitz*onMar 10 01:26
schestowitz 10 01:26
twitterShestowitz, nope, looks like he's a GNU user now.Mar 10 01:26
oiaohmNone of those docs list patents effected.Mar 10 01:27
oiaohmMS has legally shot themselve in foot by Australian law.Mar 10 01:28
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oiaohmYou are not allowed to randomally say we with hold patent rights here.   If you don't docs have patents listed and you are the patent you have basically voided your own patent.Mar 10 01:29
twitterstory found here 10 01:30
oiaohmYou cannot expect people here to do patent searches to find out if they are voiding patents.Mar 10 01:30
oiaohmBasically you must tell them what patents are in play or loss your patents.Mar 10 01:30
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twitterupdated my previous journal here 10 01:30
twitterupdated Vista Failure Log 10 01:30
oiaohmOther than using patents for Racketerring there is no reason not to list patents you have used.Mar 10 01:31
twittersubmitted my own story incorporating previous story. 10 01:31
twitteroiaohm, M$ advises programmers to never look at patents.Mar 10 01:32
twittereverMar 10 01:32
twitterShows their respect for "intellectual property"Mar 10 01:32
oiaohmIs not the USA usage of patents entrapment for anyone cloning you product schestowitz  Also something illegal in the USA todo.Mar 10 01:32
oiaohmBasically we a set of legal cases in the USA to shake the crap out of them.Mar 10 01:33
schestowitzoiaohm: same in GermanyMar 10 01:33
schestowitzIn Germany they can be finedMar 10 01:33
schestowitzFor thretaening without specificsMar 10 01:33
schestowitzSCO got fined for itMar 10 01:33
schestowitzI can get you the linksMar 10 01:33
oiaohmNeed to be harder.Mar 10 01:33
schestowitzMicrosoft breaks germany lawMar 10 01:33
oiaohmHere is patent voided.Mar 10 01:34
schestowitz*GermanMar 10 01:34
oiaohmYou basically can no longer use those patents against anyone here.Mar 10 01:34
schestowitztwitter: yes, Microsoft tells its people NOT to look at patentsMar 10 01:34
oiaohmStops companies here from doing it.Mar 10 01:34
schestowitzElse they can lose it or be in legal troubleMar 10 01:34
schestowitzSo does it expect rivals to do this?Mar 10 01:34
oiaohmProgrammers from any company should not do patent searches.Mar 10 01:35
oiaohmIts bad thing to do.Mar 10 01:35
schestowitz+1Mar 10 01:35
oiaohmPatent law allows independant development as well.Mar 10 01:35
*schestowitz looks at /. URLsMar 10 01:35
oiaohmSo if your programmer never saw the patent and produced something that works the same bad luck to patent holder.Mar 10 01:35
oiaohmNow if you are cloning a product and it listed the patents it was covered by you really would not have the grounds of bad luck.Mar 10 01:36
oiaohmBasically while Racketerring they are not protecting there patents either.Mar 10 01:37
oiaohmI am supprised shareholders are not up in arms about the IP of the company not being protected.Mar 10 01:37
schestowitzDvorak is said to have dumped Windows then, eh? < >. I missed Christian's post...Mar 10 01:40
oiaohmThere is a lot legally wrong in the usa systemMar 10 01:40
schestowitzThey have trolls.Mar 10 01:41
schestowitzI wonder when the IV troll will kick in and jump into the sceneMar 10 01:41
oiaohmAlso requirement to list on items under australian patent law is required to keep the patent valid.Mar 10 01:42
oiaohmYou cannot maintain a patent as valid here if its not in use.Mar 10 01:42
oiaohmCountries with good patent laws.  Patents are not major problems.Mar 10 01:43
oiaohmCountries with bad patent laws.   They are night mares.Mar 10 01:43
oiaohmThink about a lot of USA trolls with made up patents.  They don't live threw the first Australian test of present the product using it when challaged.Mar 10 01:45
schestowitzThey just buy them,Mar 10 01:45
schestowitzmany patents applications are now written by lawyersMar 10 01:45
schestowitzI.e. not by the actual investorMar 10 01:46
oiaohmSame here.Mar 10 01:46
schestowitzAnd they are owned by a troll ater transferMar 10 01:46
schestowitzSo it's like a patent factoryMar 10 01:46
schestowitzMake patent like wheat, put on marketMar 10 01:46
oiaohmDifference here is the a real item connected.Mar 10 01:46
oiaohmUsa you can get a valid patent without having a produced item.Mar 10 01:46
oiaohmThere are a lot of USA patents that should be just void because they are pure ficturional  items.Mar 10 01:47
oiaohmTransfering patents are lot more complex here too.  Since real world item using it has to be kept existing.Mar 10 01:50
oiaohmThere are not many Trolls operating inside the Australian system its not Troll friendly.Mar 10 01:51
oiaohmBasically there is a patent bubble in the USA that has to bust.Mar 10 01:53
schestowitzNot just a patent bubble.Mar 10 01:53
schestowitzThat\s just a symptom of a problemMar 10 01:53
schestowitzAs Tom B Lee put itMar 10 01:53
oiaohm  << When trade secerts bite.Mar 10 01:55
schestowitzMaybe they'll have an accident and those who build apparatuses of death will dieMar 10 02:06
oiaohmHas to be one of the worst thing to miss place the trade secert with.Mar 10 02:07
oiaohmWhat to say they will not blow up on firing if it wrong.Mar 10 02:07
schestowitzYup.Mar 10 02:16
oiaohmIts also a big example where closed source can be a killer for even the closed source maker.Mar 10 02:23
oiaohm  Support of Linux is coming out the wood work everywhere.Mar 10 02:33
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schestowitzHas Obama been visiting Canada and Mexico recently? 10 02:46
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schestowitzI knows he's met  Gordon Brown recently.Mar 10 02:46
schestowitz skip to minute 7! very interesting.Mar 10 02:52
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oiaohmThat one is 100 percent correct schestowitzMar 10 03:05
oiaohmBig brother of Big brother.Mar 10 03:05
schestowitzThe video?Mar 10 03:05
oiaohmYepMar 10 03:06
oiaohmOnly one problem with rfid it wireless so it can be faked.Mar 10 03:06
schestowitzPart of it seem less credible, but the Rockefeller bit seems logical.Mar 10 03:06
oiaohmLook at your mobile phone.Mar 10 03:06
oiaohmUSA mobile  phones are require by law to have a GPS tracking unit.Mar 10 03:07
oiaohmSo even when its out of range of tower its movements can be tracked.Mar 10 03:07
oiaohmUSA is very quickly heading to a place of zero privacy.Mar 10 03:08
oiaohmRemember what I said about history repeating.   Just with different players the next time around.Mar 10 03:09
oiaohmTracking of people fall into that.Mar 10 03:09
schestowitzYes, I know.Mar 10 03:09
schestowitzRMS doesn't carry a mobile for this reasonMar 10 03:09
schestowitzSame with RFID enabled cards in the UKMar 10 03:09
schestowitzBut most people will use them carelessly.Mar 10 03:10
oiaohmRFID cards you can put them in side a small fairdays cage removing there means to be tracked.Mar 10 03:10
schestowitzThey view privacy as an issue of no inconvenience (long term)Mar 10 03:10
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schestowitzRevoking access to certain thingsMar 10 03:10
schestowitzLike doors, party, etc. based on profilingMar 10 03:11
oiaohmThat thing stops short RFID is one step short of where its going.Mar 10 03:11
oiaohmDNA and other born with features will be the final.Mar 10 03:11
oiaohmSomething you cannot have removed and changed or fake simply.Mar 10 03:11
oiaohmIf people accept embeded RFID chips it reduced resistance to DNA tracking.Mar 10 03:12
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oiaohmAs I said zero privacy.Mar 10 03:12
schestowitzJust location wiseMar 10 03:13
schestowitzBut CCTVs in every corner make it interestingMar 10 03:13
schestowitzEnhanced visual trackingMar 10 03:13
oiaohmCCTV visual tracking you don't really need RFID's.Mar 10 03:14
oiaohmDNA is far more evil think Nazi sorting based on DNA.Mar 10 03:14
*DontTaseMeBro (i=4859c2a5@gateway/web/ajax/ has joined #boycottnovellMar 10 03:15
oiaohmWe are not advanced enough to track people by there brain wave patterns either.   This is what I am getting at get advanced enough RFID's will not be needed.Mar 10 03:15
oiaohmIts nothing more than a short cut.Mar 10 03:15
schestowitzBased on actionsMar 10 03:16
schestowitzActions infer thought/intentMar 10 03:17
oiaohmBrain wave scanning to pick up some form of lieing by what sections of the brain is active.Mar 10 03:17
oiaohmFinal form world becomes hell no freedom at all.Mar 10 03:18
oiaohmJust think about if you could never say a lie without someone else knowing schestowitz.Mar 10 03:18
oiaohmHow hard that would make your life.Mar 10 03:18
oiaohmMost important privacy is the privacy of thought.Mar 10 03:19
schestowitzYeah.Mar 10 03:19
schestowitzBut I doubt this is an issue or priority nowMar 10 03:19
schestowitzUnless there is a need to identify backlashMar 10 03:19
schestowitzLike in Minority ReportMar 10 03:19
oiaohmEverything that is happening is softening up for that day.Mar 10 03:20
schestowitzDeficient Breathalyzers are early signs of problemMar 10 03:20
oiaohmWhen no form of privacy exists.Mar 10 03:20
oiaohmRFID's are basically defeated.Mar 10 03:21
oiaohmThey are nothing more than softing people up.Mar 10 03:21
oiaohmNot like RFID will work on people doing medievil reinactments with old style chainmail and helm on.Mar 10 03:22
oiaohmA waking fardays cage is that.Mar 10 03:22
oiaohmThere are other ways to make a walking fardays cage less displayed.Mar 10 03:23
oiaohmSo there is no reason why you could not have two RFID's implanted and a fake under makeup.Mar 10 03:23
oiaohmBasically  RFID tech would have to be replaced with something else.Mar 10 03:24
schestowitzHehe. Watch this one: 10 03:25
oiaohmThere are also things like metal shed that are man made fardays cages.Mar 10 03:25
oiaohmSo two people could walk in and swap ids.Mar 10 03:26
oiaohmRFID tracking is usless for so many reasons.Mar 10 03:26
schestowitz*LOL* 10 03:29
schestowitzoiaohm: I don't think they'll prioritise itMar 10 03:30
schestowitzUnless they wants crowd controlMar 10 03:30
schestowitzThey have marshall law for thatMar 10 03:30
schestowitzPATRIORMar 10 03:30
schestowitz*TMar 10 03:30
oiaohmAs well some stab matterials are also farday cages.Mar 10 03:37
oiaohmanti stab matterials.Mar 10 03:37
oiaohmCrowd tracking basiclaly cannot be done with RFID dependably.Mar 10 03:38
oiaohmEven taht a lot of people push that is for that reason.Mar 10 03:38
schestowitzBut it's proactiveMar 10 03:39
schestowitzFlagging/profilingMar 10 03:39
schestowitzNot that I think it's badly intended, either.Mar 10 03:39
oiaohmFlagging and profiling already existsMar 10 03:39
schestowitzAt the end of the day, it's means for controlMar 10 03:39
oiaohmWith bank cards.Mar 10 03:40
schestowitzNot by the people but the minority of the opulentMar 10 03:40
oiaohmLong term weak means of controlMar 10 03:40
oiaohmHow long before crimmals get skilled up on avoiding and stealling with it.Mar 10 03:40
oiaohmEvery thing is  like a tower of cards.Mar 10 03:41
oiaohmOne group trys to build the tower of cards up for control.Mar 10 03:41
oiaohmAnother group is working on bringing that tower down.Mar 10 03:41
oiaohmA never ending war.Mar 10 03:42
schestowitzYeah, I know.Mar 10 03:46
schestowitzAnyway. it's 4am now. Catch you in the evening.Mar 10 03:47
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tessierDid anyone see the article/blog post/whatever about Iceland and MS's MCP program that is on /. right now before it got slashdotted?Mar 10 04:22
quieteyesyesMar 10 04:23
quieteyesthere's a linky in the comments to the cached copyMar 10 04:23
quieteyes(sorry for the long link) 10 04:24
*quieteyes has quit ("Leaving.")Mar 10 04:31
tessier 10 05:12
tessierSomeone pasted it in the slashdot comments tooMar 10 05:12
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oiaohm  Its getting more warkedMar 10 05:47
oiaohmwarpedMar 10 05:47
zer0c00l:)Mar 10 06:00
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*zer0c00l thinks it time for boring theory classesMar 10 06:01
zer0c00lbyeMar 10 06:01
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MinceR 10 09:34
MinceRoh, i see someone has pasted it already :)Mar 10 09:34
oiaohm_Beat you to it this time MinceRMar 10 09:35
MinceR:)Mar 10 09:35
MinceRr4wrMar 10 09:47
schestowitzHeyMar 10 09:49
*Anarchisttt (i=53091302@gateway/web/ajax/ has joined #boycottnovellMar 10 09:53
oiaohm_Nice to see you back schestowitzMar 10 10:00
*Anarchisttt has quit (" ajax IRC Client")Mar 10 10:03
*schestowitz just changed mouse. The Logitech one long sensitivity in the scroller after less than one year of use.Mar 10 10:08
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schestowitzMicrosoft names Maria Klawe to board of directors 10 10:51
schestowitzBartz is selling out to help Microsoft hurt Google: 10 10:57
oiaohm_Yahoo missed google android move.Mar 10 11:01
schestowitzHow so?Mar 10 11:11
oiaohm_Does yahoo have there own OS in the market schestowitzMar 10 11:12
oiaohm_Google is getting around the issue of being dependant on other parties for all its market share.Mar 10 11:12
schestowitzTrue, good point.Mar 10 11:22
schestowitzYahoo! uses some GNU/Linux and BSDs, but it doesn't quite control theseMar 10 11:22
schestowitzAndroid is quite a disappointment sort of fork of Linux.Mar 10 11:22
oiaohm_Depends what you call a disappointmentMar 10 11:25
oiaohm_Android uses fairly much a standard Linux kernel with a different API system on it.Mar 10 11:25
oiaohm_At some point something had to be put onto of Linux that broke out of the posix model.Mar 10 11:26
oiaohm_  Another OS look like its on the way to the grave yard.Mar 10 11:27
schestowitzDo they patch upstreamMar 10 11:29
oiaohm_Google has sent androids patchs up stream for review with the hope of include.Mar 10 11:30
oiaohm_With Linux kernel nothing is a sure bet until it passes standards.Mar 10 11:30
oiaohm_Google move will show that there is very little difference between smart phone and desktop if OS is well designed.Mar 10 11:36
oiaohm_It could open up the way for like a Ubuntu and Redhat phone.Mar 10 11:36
schestowitzAh, okay. Robert Love works on this in the kernel, no?Mar 10 11:41
schestowitzI think he left NovellMar 10 11:41
schestowitzMicrosoft finally says the truth: 10 11:58
oiaohm_there are too many Roberts around the linux kernel.  I will not try guessing if anyone in there or not.Mar 10 12:02
schestowitz 10 12:10
schestowitz"This marks my 261st blog entry as a Novell employee. It shall also mark my last."Mar 10 12:10
*mib_o65dl1 (i=82580a8a@gateway/web/ajax/ has joined #boycottnovellMar 10 12:34
*mib_o65dl1 has quit (" ajax IRC Client")Mar 10 12:42
*kentma1 has quit ("Leaving.")Mar 10 12:55
*kentma ( has joined #boycottnovellMar 10 12:55
schestowitzI've come to the conclusion that Microsoft critique comes not only from its disregard for Freedom but also its aggression against /tools/ that enable Freedom.Mar 10 13:11
oiaohm_Microsoft point of view comes from having to stay live.Mar 10 13:12
oiaohm_Pure software company vs software that is under cutting them is never nice.Mar 10 13:13
schestowitzNo company works so hard to suppress merely the creation of Free software.Mar 10 13:13
oiaohm_schestowitz: lot of other companies that did are dead.Mar 10 13:13
schestowitzHad Microsoft just produced its own wares without harassing or creating laws against FOSS, that would be another story.Mar 10 13:13
oiaohm_Or have converted to Open SourceMar 10 13:14
schestowitzoiaohm_: yes, SCOMar 10 13:14
schestowitzSun realised it would be foolishMar 10 13:14
schestowitzSame with IBMMar 10 13:14
schestowitzGoogle actually grew out of FOSSMar 10 13:14
schestowitzIn the sense that all the technology came from GNU and such stuffMar 10 13:14
oiaohm_Cisco systemsMar 10 13:14
oiaohm_That is on that list too.Mar 10 13:14
schestowitzThe secret sauce was proprietaryMar 10 13:14
oiaohm_None of the remianing companies alive pure business is closed source software.Mar 10 13:15
oiaohm_Other than Microsoft.Mar 10 13:15
oiaohm_MS is basically between a rock and a hard place.Mar 10 13:15
oiaohm_Don't embrace open source loss market.   Embrace open source completely die.Mar 10 13:16
oiaohm_So far MS is doing a really bad job finding what they should be doing.Mar 10 13:16
MinceRstaying alive is actually quite possible without being a complete asshole.Mar 10 13:19
MinceRimo the best thing m$ could do is move on to FLOSS, move all their products to GPLv3, stop all evil activities completely and start selling servicesMar 10 13:21
MinceRthat way they could profit from the crap they still haveMar 10 13:21
oiaohm_Only one problem MS has shot themselves in the foot for doing that.Mar 10 13:21
MinceRwhile demonstrating that they aren't out to destroy everyone and everything else.Mar 10 13:21
MinceRit would be a loss of face, i don't see any other issue.Mar 10 13:22
oiaohm_Being closed source they off sold support to basically there partnersMar 10 13:22
MinceRof course, they might need to fire SweatyBeast to be able to do that.Mar 10 13:22
oiaohm_because they classed support as too expensive to maintain.Mar 10 13:22
MinceRi see your pointMar 10 13:22
MinceRperhaps they could buy their partners first but i'm not sure if they can afford to do that.Mar 10 13:23
oiaohm_IBM DELL HP I think not.Mar 10 13:23
MinceRoh, thoseMar 10 13:23
MinceRi thought partners like MCPs in icelandMar 10 13:23
oiaohm_Those are MS's biggest parters.Mar 10 13:23
oiaohm_Also the biggest providers of support on MS products.Mar 10 13:24
oiaohm_So yes to have a support market you would have to buy them out.Mar 10 13:24
MinceRwell, if staying alive is impossible, they should sell of everything they can and close the shopMar 10 13:24
MinceRs/of/off/Mar 10 13:24
MinceRand start something worthwhile with the moneyMar 10 13:24
MinceR(strictly leaving all their brand names behind, i think those would only be a liability at that point)Mar 10 13:25
oiaohm_MS is basically not being a asshole without cause.Mar 10 13:25
MinceRor perhaps they could gain goodwill by GPLv3-ing all their code and then invest into something they can sustain.Mar 10 13:25
oiaohm_Its all there own cause but still I cannot work out any way out.Mar 10 13:25
MinceRwell, the cause for being an asshole is that it's the only thing they've ever wanted to beMar 10 13:25
oiaohm_Yep not providing support directly was being an asshole.Mar 10 13:26
oiaohm_The old saying is true you do evil it does sooner or latter cause you problems.Mar 10 13:26
oiaohm_MS was hoping for way latter.Mar 10 13:27
oiaohm_Currently MS is trying to stand on the edge between the rock and hardplace.Mar 10 13:28
oiaohm_So they are looking like even bigger assholes than normal.  Nothing makes you look worse than being unable to make up your mind.Mar 10 13:28
oiaohm_MinceR would you like to take another shot of saying how MS can get out of the current mess.Mar 10 13:31
oiaohm_Sun microsystems had hardware and patents to fall back on when they got in a equal mess.  Patents on hardware that could not be challaged.Mar 10 13:31
MinceRif one's planning to get out of being an asshole (and the resultant world of hurt), patents are definitely not an answerMar 10 13:32
zoobab01have you seen the recent letters on Bilski?Mar 10 13:32
MinceRand i wouldn't put Sun as an example eitherMar 10 13:32
zoobab01Philips letter especiallyMar 10 13:32
MinceRthey've been becoming worse over time, as far as i can seeMar 10 13:32
MinceRas they're becoming more frustrated by the failure of solaris (and proprietary unix in general)Mar 10 13:33
schestowitzzoobab01: I'm writing about Bislki ATMMar 10 13:33
schestowitzIs it already in digitalmajority?Mar 10 13:33
oiaohm_Notice MS is going through the same trend as Sun MinceRMar 10 13:33
oiaohm_Sun old lead product is slowly lossing its worth.Mar 10 13:34
MinceRif 'becoming more evil' is the trend, i can see thatMar 10 13:34
oiaohm_So they act worse.Mar 10 13:34
MinceRicMar 10 13:34
oiaohm_Now Sun has stuff to fall back on.Mar 10 13:34
MinceRwhat stuff?Mar 10 13:34
oiaohm_MS does not.  So they are going to get desprate.Mar 10 13:34
oiaohm_Lot of tech used in motherboards and the like Sun designed.Mar 10 13:34
oiaohm_Very key patents Sun sits on.Mar 10 13:35
oiaohm_Even syncing tech used between multiable cores goes back to sun.Mar 10 13:35
zoobab01yes it isMar 10 13:36
zoobab01I am moving the swpat news to SSPMar 10 13:36
MinceRicMar 10 13:36
zoobab01 10 13:36
oiaohm_Sun is going nowhere any time soon.Mar 10 13:36
zoobab01<- patent "reform" hearing in 15 minsMar 10 13:36
MinceRare they suing people already or do they settle for making products?Mar 10 13:36
oiaohm_Sun never had to sue.Mar 10 13:37
oiaohm_From the get go they let all makers know of the existance of there patents.Mar 10 13:37
oiaohm_yep long term running income stream.Mar 10 13:37
oiaohm_Basically how patents are ment to work.  You spend money on R&D and everyone uses the tech and pays you back for developing it.Mar 10 13:38
schestowitzzoobab01: very goodMar 10 13:38
schestowitzIt fits it betterMar 10 13:38
schestowitzzoobab01: yeah :-) 'reform'Mar 10 13:39
schestowitzI've put this in scare quotes too since last weekMar 10 13:39
schestowitzI write about it right now in factMar 10 13:39
oiaohm_Hmm that web paged dont' work for me zoobab01Mar 10 13:39
schestowitzIt's a streamMar 10 13:39
schestowitzMotherShipPlayerMar 10 13:40
zoobab01So we have this giant conundrum of "we don't have the data, we don't understand the research, we don't understand the economic consequences of intellectual property"Mar 10 13:40
zoobab01 10 13:40
zoobab01the page should not give 404 in 15 minsMar 10 13:40 website sucks to this regardMar 10 13:41
oiaohm_I am one of the rare people who is not against patents.  I am just againt them being used in ways that they were never intented to be.Mar 10 13:42
oiaohm_Patents are about allowing products to be cloned.Mar 10 13:42
*Eruaran ( has joined #boycottnovellMar 10 13:44
EruaranhiMar 10 13:45
oiaohm_One problem with Banks forclosing on patent linked loans we could see patent trolls in the forms of banks we could never have dream possiable.Mar 10 13:46
Eruaranman... I'm loving thisMar 10 13:46
schestowitzHi, Eruaran Mar 10 13:46
Eruaranhi RoyMar 10 13:47
schestowitzLoving what?Mar 10 13:47
EruaranYou know what, for an alpha this is freaking greatMar 10 13:47
EruaranKubuntu 9.04Mar 10 13:48
schestowitzUbuntu?Mar 10 13:48
schestowitzOhMar 10 13:48
schestowitzBeat me to itMar 10 13:48
Eruarancurrent alphaMar 10 13:48
schestowitzI heard the same from othersMar 10 13:48
schestowitzIncluding BN people.Mar 10 13:48
schestowitz"it's polished for an alpha"Mar 10 13:48
EruaranyesMar 10 13:48
schestowitzzoobab01 uses Kubuntu alsoMar 10 13:48
EruaranI was thinking of switching to Mint but this is more up to date and very schweetMar 10 13:49
EruaranVery different from my experience with 8.10Mar 10 13:50
Eruaranmuch better...Mar 10 13:50
oiaohm_  << Ok this is off topic but is funny.Mar 10 13:51
*Eruaran clicksMar 10 13:51
zoobab01 10 13:51
Eruaranoh not goodMar 10 13:51
Eruaranthat is nastyMar 10 13:51
EruaranWhat was this $2 Airlines ?Mar 10 13:52
schestowitzzoobab01: I'll respost that old videoMar 10 13:52
zoobab01Connecting to server[]: 80...Mar 10 13:52
zoobab01Content-Type: [audio/x-pn-realaudio]Mar 10 13:52
zoobab01Content-Length: [32]Mar 10 13:52
zoobab01Core dumped ;)Mar 10 13:52
schestowitzVery timely now that the Dow is around 6700ptsMar 10 13:52
zoobab01vo: x11 uninit called but X11 not inited..Mar 10 13:52
schestowitzEruaran:yes, it might even landMar 10 13:53
zoobab01rtsp:// 10 13:53
EruaranhehMar 10 13:54
zoobab01can someone dump the stream with mplayer?Mar 10 13:55
oiaohm_Stream will not play with mplayer hereMar 10 13:58
oiaohm_Cannot even get to 100 percent cached.Mar 10 13:59
zoobab01mplayer -v -dumpstream -dumpfile judi.ram rtsp:// 10 13:59
oiaohm_I say she broke.Mar 10 13:59
zoobab01you don't have the codecsMar 10 13:59
zoobab01but it does not matter to dump the streamMar 10 13:59
oiaohm_I don't have anywhere to upload it to.Mar 10 14:00
oiaohm_And its also after midnight here.Mar 10 14:00
zoobab01I can give you an FTPMar 10 14:01
oiaohm_If its not working by the time I back on Line will help you out zoobab01Mar 10 14:03
oiaohm_Sleep has won.Mar 10 14:03
*oiaohm_ has quit (Remote closed the connection)Mar 10 14:04
schestowitzzoobab01: with the video, as oggMar 10 14:05
zoobab01I am dumping here: 10 14:05
zoobab01it is in RAMMar 10 14:05
zoobab01need OGG to breatherMar 10 14:05
zoobab01breatheMar 10 14:05
schestowitzThere are Web-based converters (with file size limits though)Mar 10 14:06
zoobab01adding win32 codecs to mplayer...Mar 10 14:07
zoobab01recompiling mplayer....Mar 10 14:10
Eruaranmplayer not in repos ?Mar 10 14:11
*PetoKraus has quit (Remote closed the connection)Mar 10 14:13
schestowitzWhen the patent system collapses too, then trolls like IV will turn out to just sit on a big pile of toilet paper. :-)Mar 10 14:13
*PetoKraus (n=pk@fsf/member/petokraus) has joined #boycottnovellMar 10 14:13
schestowitzBN had a lot of visitors yesterday. 50% more than usual.Mar 10 14:16
schestowitzSam compares the fate of SCO to that of Microsoft? 10 14:26
zoobab01HP is speaking on patent reformMar 10 14:30
schestowitzzoobab01: Thomas Friedman: Change or Die. < >Mar 10 14:30
zoobab01http:// 10 14:31
*schestowitz looksMar 10 14:31
schestowitzH-P rarely sues, right?Mar 10 14:32
schestowitzNot AFAIK.Mar 10 14:32
EruaranThey don't honour warranties either...Mar 10 14:33
EruaranDon't buy from HPMar 10 14:33
schestowitzI had a COmpaq laptopMar 10 14:35
zoobab01I am writing from an HP nc6000Mar 10 14:36
zoobab01crappy BIOSMar 10 14:37
EruaranWe've had too many bad expreiences with HPMar 10 14:37
zoobab01no support for their SD cards chipMar 10 14:37
EruaranHead office sent us a Compaq notebookMar 10 14:37
EruaranWe wont sell itMar 10 14:37
zoobab01other then that HP supports open source :-Mar 10 14:37
zoobab01other then that HP supports open source :-:Mar 10 14:37
schestowitzPanda: ID Theft Trojans Are on 1 in 100 PCs We Scan < >Mar 10 14:38
EruaranIt just sits there on display and when a customer asks about it I turn them toward BenQ, Asus and FujitsuMar 10 14:38
zoobab01LemleyMar 10 14:38
zoobab01nowMar 10 14:38
zoobab01he is hardcore pro swpatMar 10 14:38
zoobab01NPEsMar 10 14:39
zoobab01non practicing entitiesMar 10 14:39
zoobab01dubious patentsMar 10 14:39
zoobab01I wonder if they will even mention BilskiMar 10 14:39
zoobab01forum shoppingMar 10 14:40
EruaranSomeone just told me ctrl+alt+backspace is disabled permanently for Ubuntu 9.04Mar 10 14:40
EruaranwtfMar 10 14:40
zoobab01forum shopping won't be solved for softwareMar 10 14:40
zoobab01since you just need to be able to download or buy online from anywhereMar 10 14:40
EruaranSurely you can enable itMar 10 14:40
schestowitzWebkit4html5: Apple Shows off Safari's HTML 5 Support  < >Mar 10 14:41
EruaranSafari is Chrome with more blingMar 10 14:42
schestowitzLooking bad for Yahoo! 10 14:42
schestowitzEruaran: makes senseMar 10 14:42
schestowitzChrome is a program looking for a purposeMar 10 14:43
schestowitzThe whole JS speed hype is gone for good when FF3.5 is released and FF is cross platform too, with extensionsMar 10 14:44
EruaranI use Chrome quite a bit at workMar 10 14:47
Eruaranmainly cause it starts up faster than ffMar 10 14:50
schestowitzWhy close the browser?Mar 10 14:51
schestowitzI close it once in a few daysMar 10 14:51
schestowitzExcellent podcast on privacy risks of RFIDs < >Mar 10 14:51
EruaranIts Windows...Mar 10 14:51
Eruaran:PMar 10 14:51
PetoKrauswell i've got to close it quite oftenMar 10 14:51
PetoKrausnow that there's this annoying memleakMar 10 14:51
PetoKrausi'm trying to hunt downMar 10 14:51
schestowitzWorried About Cost and Emissions of Charging Plug-In Hybrids and Electric Cars? < >Mar 10 14:51
schestowitzPetoKraus: you said it was the graphics driverMar 10 14:52
PetoKrausyeahMar 10 14:53
PetoKrausit is SOMEWHERE in the xorg stackMar 10 14:53
PetoKrausi'm reverting packages one by oneMar 10 14:53
PetoKrausto the version where it didn't leakMar 10 14:53
PetoKrausand since it's not exactly fast happening thing.... and there are 3 more packages to go...Mar 10 14:54
schestowitzDoes anyone know a pager for KDE that's compatible with 3-D desktop?Mar 10 14:58
schestowitzI can't even use a "show in all desktops" option. It's not there.Mar 10 14:59
Eruaran3-D desktop ?Mar 10 15:01
schestowitzCompiz or equivalents.Mar 10 15:01
EruaranohMar 10 15:01
schestowitzKPager comes up with just one desktopMar 10 15:01
EruarandunnoMar 10 15:02
schestowitzSo I get no alta vista on the desktopMar 10 15:02
EruaranI'm not using compizMar 10 15:02
zoobab01someone should table amendments to the US patent reformMar 10 15:02
zoobab01with subject matter exclusionsMar 10 15:02
schestowitzThe panel's pager worksMar 10 15:03
PetoKrausthere's US patent reform?Mar 10 15:03
schestowitzBut not kpagerMar 10 15:03
EruaranI'm not sure I'm familiar with kpagerMar 10 15:03
schestowitzPetoKraus: 'reform'Mar 10 15:03
zoobab01replacing R&D by P&LMar 10 15:03
EruaranI only use the pager on the panelMar 10 15:03
zoobab01I can quote IBL nowMar 10 15:03
zoobab01IBMMar 10 15:03
zoobab01Compaq patent counselMar 10 15:05
EruaranI really hate some of these gnome devsMar 10 15:07
Eruaranthey seem to be out to ruin desktop linux for everyoneMar 10 15:07
Eruaranmaybe they work for novellMar 10 15:07
schestowitzThe codec patents trap bites Linux < >Mar 10 15:07
Eruarantheir backward mindset ruins everythingMar 10 15:07
schestowitzzoobab01: what does IBM say?Mar 10 15:08
schestowitzThe FFII still considers them a problem.Mar 10 15:08
schestowitzExcept they defend LinuxMar 10 15:08
Eruaranreading the archives on why ctrl+alt+backspace was disabled and I come across this comment:Mar 10 15:08
schestowitzAmbivalence.Mar 10 15:08
EruaranAnd if you need to kill a session that's b0rked, you can just hit theMar 10 15:08
Eruaran reset/power button..Mar 10 15:08
Eruaran Mar 10 15:08
zoobab01they areMar 10 15:08
Eruaranidiots like this will make linux more like winblowsMar 10 15:08
zoobab01So IBM should start the nuclear war with all companies trying to tax linux thenMar 10 15:09
zoobab01but they won'tMar 10 15:09
zoobab01and OIN does not work against trollsMar 10 15:09
schestowitzEruaran: why not go to tty1?Mar 10 15:09
schestowitzI admit i miss ctrl+alt+backspaceMar 10 15:09
schestowitzBut you can ctrl+alt+f1Mar 10 15:09
EruaranIm just commenting on their mindsetMar 10 15:09
zoobab01so at the end they do not care about freedom and free speech or even less free marketMar 10 15:09
Eruaran"simple" = remove featuresMar 10 15:09
zoobab01they just try to support linux because it is a good business for themMar 10 15:09
schestowitzPeople I know accidentally hit the backspace sequence. Not niceMar 10 15:09
schestowitzThree clicks away from blowing up a sessionMar 10 15:10
zoobab01please kick those large corps out of SenateMar 10 15:10
Eruaranschestowitz: I'm not against changing itMar 10 15:10
zoobab01they are too large to speakMar 10 15:10
EruaranI am against idiots who don't want to disable it completely and tell you to rebootMar 10 15:10
schestowitzzoobab01: of courseMar 10 15:10
Eruaranthat infuriates meMar 10 15:10
schestowitzThey ruin the EU tooMar 10 15:10
zoobab01sure they doMar 10 15:11
schestowitzSince the PR days of 1920sMar 10 15:11
schestowitzPR industry entering politicsMar 10 15:11
Eruaran*who want to disable itMar 10 15:11
schestowitzAnd then companies taking care of the 'law'Mar 10 15:11
schestowitz"Innovation Day"Mar 10 15:11
schestowitzBecause they care about EU innovationMar 10 15:11
zoobab01designing patent law for independents means scrapping the whole systemMar 10 15:11
schestowitzWas it Figel who said "those who are against it are against Europe?"Mar 10 15:12
schestowitzThat was last monthMar 10 15:12
schestowitzAndre mailed me the link to the videoMar 10 15:12
zoobab01Figel?Mar 10 15:12
zoobab01ahMar 10 15:12
zoobab01send meMar 10 15:12
schestowitzOKMar 10 15:12
PetoKraushe's slovakMar 10 15:14
schestowitzzoobab01: would take me too long to excavate it. I'm looking around 10 15:14
schestowitz"The concept of an ‘effective technical measure’ has been transposed by all the Member States except Slovakia and Sweden." 10 15:15
schestowitzOn Figel: 10 15:16
schestowitzOld: The Top 12 Myths About Linux < >Mar 10 15:19
*mib_12ysqa (i=8258be83@gateway/web/ajax/ has joined #boycottnovellMar 10 15:21
schestowitzI see our Netcraft rank keeps climbing. Soon in the top 2000 on the Web.Mar 10 15:21
*mib_12ysqa has quit (Client Quit)Mar 10 15:22
*PetoKraus has quit (Remote closed the connection)Mar 10 15:23
*PetoKraus (n=pk@fsf/member/petokraus) has joined #boycottnovellMar 10 15:23
zoobab01I have a nice quote from CompTIAMar 10 15:23
zoobab01who is now using the small guyMar 10 15:24
zoobab01waitMar 10 15:24
zoobab01 10 15:24
zoobab01The frequent litigation surround the “patent thicket” can chill economic investment (e.g., venture capital and other R&D spending) and destroy a start-up‟s attempt to enter the market and create jobs.Mar 10 15:24
zoobab01The high cost, uncertainty, stress and time associated with litigation essentially demands that small businesses settle before any formal court action commences.Mar 10 15:25
zoobab01Accordingly the delay of the “Patent Reform Act” results in the continued filing of hundreds of these suits against small ICT businesses and start-ups each month under the current flawed legal framework.Mar 10 15:25
schestowitz"Appeal of U.S. debt adds to pain of ailing nations Foreign countries are taking even more financial hits as American investors turn away from international ventures. BY PETER S. GOODMAN"Mar 10 15:26
schestowitzMy uncle: So does this mean world investors are confident the U.S. will emerge from the depression sooner than other nations, and get back on the road to prosperity quicker?  Alternatively, does it mean that here in the U.S. the downturn is just a little less critical than it is in the rest of the world?Mar 10 15:28
schestowitzThe patent system is hopefully as screwed as the economy, which may -- in turn -- actually lift the economy and ruin monopoliesMar 10 15:28
schestowitzOligarchy/monopoly state=communismMar 10 15:28
schestowitz"Private money invested in so-called emerging countries plunged from $928 billion in 2007 to $466 billion last year and is likely to fall to $165 billion this year, according to the Institute of International Finance."Mar 10 15:30
zoobab01any idea how to produce an OGG video file with mencoder?Mar 10 15:37
zoobab01I need to convert the video from the SenateMar 10 15:40
zoobab01this Real Media Codec is awfulMar 10 15:41
schestowitzI've not used mencoder for years.Simple screen grabbing thoughMar 10 15:41
schestowitzPass it the coords and play itMar 10 15:41
*harrytuttle (i=528c0ab2@gateway/web/ajax/ has joined #boycottnovellMar 10 15:46
tessier_PIFTS.exe heheheheMar 10 15:48
tessier_o/~ I'm lovin it o/~Mar 10 15:48
tessier_Where do you want our rootkit to take you today?Mar 10 15:48
schestowitzIs there a link?Mar 10 15:49
schestowitzWouldn't it be nice if you could download all your account data from sites like Digg or twitter in MBOX format?Mar 10 15:53
schestowitztessier: I see now.. "The company has apparently even resorted to banning further posts from anyone attempting to mention pifts.exe" 10 15:54
schestowitzEmail is dead < > "twaddle sites like Facebook and Myspace are now taking up more of our time than traditional email."Mar 10 15:55
Eruarannite allMar 10 15:56
Eruaransleep is callingMar 10 15:56
*Eruaran has quit (Remote closed the connection)Mar 10 15:57
schestowitzzoobab01: ( Hynix will pay Rambus royalties  )Mar 10 15:57
schestowitzT-Mobile exec praises Android, attacks Windows <,10000... >Mar 10 15:58
twitterBusiness in the developing world can be tough.Mar 10 15:59
twitterYesterday, a neighbor told me of a friend of his who had been making fishing equipment in Central America.  He moved there for cheap labor but much of the savings were eaten by corruption and bribes he had to pay everywhere.Mar 10 16:00
schestowitzIt's not supposed to be fairMar 10 16:01
schestowitzJust as systems in the west were never designed to be democraciesMar 10 16:01
twitterAnyway, he's pulling out after refusing to pay a bribe.Mar 10 16:01
schestowitzIn fact, since the beginning democracy was seen merely as a threat. It's what Dole called a polyarchyMar 10 16:01
twitterHis driver and favorite bartender were murdered.Mar 10 16:01
schestowitzSo for businesses in developing countries to thrive is impossible.Mar 10 16:01
schestowitzIt's merely an illusion of fairnessMar 10 16:02
schestowitzAnd the investments there will declineMar 10 16:02
PetoKrausguysMar 10 16:02
twitterhello PetoMar 10 16:02
PetoKrauscould you write an email to 10 16:02
schestowitzPet-OMar 10 16:02
PetoKrausthe creators of this: 10 16:02
schestowitzWhat's that about?Mar 10 16:03
schestowitzLike the "don't rape me" site?Mar 10 16:03
PetoKrausthat their enterprise-class end-to-end value-added website design solutionsMar 10 16:03
PetoKrausSUCK ASSMar 10 16:03
PetoKrausno, it's my rental companyMar 10 16:03
PetoKrauswellMar 10 16:03
PetoKrausthe company i'm renting flat fromMar 10 16:03
zoobab01what do you use to generate OGG files? FFMPEG?Mar 10 16:04
MinceRoggencMar 10 16:04
schestowitzzoobab01: yesMar 10 16:04
schestowitze.g. ffmpeg2theora -p preview –sync ./Desktop/get_video.flvMar 10 16:04
twitterFlash sucksMar 10 16:04
schestowitzPetoKraus: Real estate is in a tizzy right now. It'll collapse this year.Mar 10 16:04
schestowitztwitter: it's what YouTube (Google) has been promoting.Mar 10 16:05
zoobab01I need mencoder because it can decode RAM video filesMar 10 16:05
twitterzooab01 kino for making, ffmpeg2theora for conversion.Mar 10 16:06
twitteroggenc for audioMar 10 16:06
twitteror right click in konqueror to convertMar 10 16:06
schestowitz "Alas for the well-intentioned souls in Redmond, such snuggling up to the open source community is rather vitiated by this kind of stuff."Mar 10 16:06
PetoKrauskino?Mar 10 16:06
schestowitzAnti-Linux from MicrosoftMar 10 16:06
schestowitzBuying people off, still.Mar 10 16:06
twitterkino, the kde video editorMar 10 16:07
zoobab01ffmpeg2theora does not support the RAM video codecMar 10 16:07
schestowitzExplosives and anger on eve of 50th anniversary of Dalai Lama's exile < >Mar 10 16:07
zoobab01swScaler: Unknown format is not supported as input formatMar 10 16:09
*harrytuttle has quit (" ajax IRC Client")Mar 10 16:09
*kentma has quit ("Leaving.")Mar 10 16:10
schestowitzWe were wrong to film journalists covering protest, say Kent police < >. They got caught, so damage control begins.Mar 10 16:10
schestowitz "The UK government is fast turning into the digital villain of Europe as far as the Internet is concerned."Mar 10 16:13
PetoKraushmmMar 10 16:14
PetoKrausso i wrote this:Mar 10 16:14
PetoKraus 10 16:14
schestowitzHehe.Mar 10 16:16
schestowitzYou don't like them? :-)Mar 10 16:16
PetoKrauswellMar 10 16:16
PetoKrauslook at the page in questionMar 10 16:17
PetoKrauswithout flash that isMar 10 16:17
PetoKrauswhat you see is "incompetence and failure"Mar 10 16:17
*Guest69506 is now known as BalrogMar 10 16:17
PetoKraus(though they at least have non-flash version hidden there)Mar 10 16:17
schestowitzBlame these people: 10 16:18
PetoKrausyesMar 10 16:18
PetoKrausi sent it to themMar 10 16:18
PetoKrausobviouslyMar 10 16:18
schestowitzStupid flash just to open popups with forumsMar 10 16:18
*Balrog is now known as Guest40889Mar 10 16:18
schestowitzI doubt they can afford a redesign nowMar 10 16:19
schestowitzThey shot themselves in the footMar 10 16:19
*Guest40889 is now known as Balrog_Mar 10 16:19
PetoKrausi'll do the redesign for themMar 10 16:20
PetoKrausfor ummMar 10 16:20
PetoKraus€£200Mar 10 16:20
PetoKraus:PMar 10 16:20
PetoKrausor you knowMar 10 16:21
PetoKrausjust cancel the fee i'm supposed to pay themMar 10 16:21
schestowitzThis obstructs usabilityMar 10 16:21
PetoKrausit is done by obstructed brainMar 10 16:21
schestowitzIn cases where Flash is used sparingly just for some flying objects it's not the end of the worldMar 10 16:21
schestowitzThey could set up an HTML equiv. with the linksMar 10 16:22
PetoKraussadly, most of the distilleries have full flash pagesMar 10 16:22
PetoKrausone of the exceptions is 10 16:22
PetoKrauswhich is page of my classmateMar 10 16:22
PetoKrausgod, she received so much flak from me for having it in flashMar 10 16:22
schestowitzThre Flash infection is widespread in the UKMar 10 16:22
schestowitzNot sure about the US....Mar 10 16:22
schestowitzActiveX is common in KoreaMar 10 16:23
PetoKrausheehMar 10 16:23
schestowitzThere should be some form of regulationMar 10 16:23
schestowitzOr reward systemMar 10 16:23
schestowitzMaybe a campaign against obstruction by Flash.Mar 10 16:23
schestowitzIf you set up an anti-Flash siteMar 10 16:23
schestowitzThen put in a page for each villainMar 10 16:23
schestowitzHave people link to the anti-Flash siteMar 10 16:24
schestowitzThen the companies get bad PRMar 10 16:24
twitterFlash is less common than it used to be.Mar 10 16:24
schestowitzReally?Mar 10 16:24
twitterYesMar 10 16:24
schestowitzLate 90s?Mar 10 16:24
schestowitzThey say that Web video made a comeback for it.Mar 10 16:24
twitterI hardly ever run into flash for sites that matter anymoreMar 10 16:24
twitterM$ hates flash too.  I'm afraid their PR is effective.Mar 10 16:25
schestowitzrumour mill: Rumored Apple Device Probably Won't Be a Netbook < >Mar 10 16:25
twitterAnyone who tries to run flash is going to get an inbox full of complaints.Mar 10 16:26
PetoKrausi'm going to fight this stupidity from now onMar 10 16:26
PetoKrausand if it's not going to stop within a yearMar 10 16:26
PetoKrausi'll start sending lettersMar 10 16:26
schestowitzI asked Lessig to make oggsMar 10 16:26
schestowitzNo replyMar 10 16:26
schestowitzHe's supposed to be open mindedMar 10 16:27
schestowitzbut even his own talks require blobs and patents to watchMar 10 16:27
schestowitzPetoKraus: good letterMar 10 16:27
schestowitzScares the hell of out of them.Mar 10 16:27
twitterBoing boing had a problem with their host about ogg for their video.  I'm not sure they resolved it, but it's very odd that a host would care.Mar 10 16:27
schestowitzCNN is running out of material... or writers? 10 16:28
schestowitzSo now they replace article with MS lackey advice.Mar 10 16:28
schestowitzQ&A..Mar 10 16:28
schestowitz"As President Obama reversed the Bush administration's limits on embryonic stem-cell research, he said scientific decisions must be "based on facts, not ideology."" 10 16:29
twittermore bailouts for fat cats on the wayMar 10 16:29
twitter 10 16:29
twitterstock market goes bonkers, up 6%Mar 10 16:30
schestowitzSays a lawyer... "Obama entered Harvard Law School in late 1988. " 10 16:30
twitter"The central bank is not anticipating deflation, he said." That's a mistake, deflation has already set in.Mar 10 16:31
schestowitzIt's dead cat bouncingMar 10 16:31
schestowitzOr dead man on steroidsMar 10 16:31
schestowitzIssuing debt might elevate companies temporarily (markets), but people still lose their assets.Mar 10 16:32
twitter->   "It was the...collapse of banks and other institutions in late 1930 and early 1931 that made the Great Depression great," he said.Mar 10 16:32
schestowitzAt what cost will they save the banks?Mar 10 16:32
twitterclassic mistake.  Wall Street failed because the rest of the country did.Mar 10 16:32
schestowitzSelling out the very same people who have accounts there?Mar 10 16:33
twitterCost:  your freedom.Mar 10 16:33
schestowitzSo fat cats keep fraud going and people pay for itMar 10 16:33
schestowitzCNN gets to say "the brave cowboys from WA save the day"Mar 10 16:33
twitterThe average US taxpayer has already been saddled with $20k in bills from the last bailouts.Mar 10 16:33
twitterIf they don't bailout citizens, the economy will never recover.Mar 10 16:34
twitterPeople who lose their houses have trouble working and buying things.Mar 10 16:34
schestowitz" Mark-to-market requires banks to set their holdings at market prices. Critics argue that this is impossible when some markets dry up. In general, it is a good idea for banks to use mark-to-market, he said. However, in periods of crisis, this accounting treatment can be misleading, he said. "Mar 10 16:34
twitterOf course, people have trouble working anyway because everything is made in China.Mar 10 16:34
schestowitzAnd CHina buys the US debtMar 10 16:35
schestowitzChina seems to be recovering a bitMar 10 16:35
schestowitzThe last time I checked, they rehiredMar 10 16:35
schestowitz skip to minute 7Mar 10 16:35
schestowitzCNN strikes again with illusions: 10 16:36
twittersail away with your bossMar 10 16:37
schestowitzOh yeah... let the sea levels rise.. now why worry when we can get soil from.. err... never mind. This is like "Hollywood plot" making the news... and CNN realises that it'll lose readers if it says the truthMar 10 16:37
schestowitzSome radio channels that were honest depressed listeners and drive them away (lost them and went out of business)Mar 10 16:38
zoobab01ffmpeg2theora crashesMar 10 16:38
schestowitzDelusion wins in these circumstancesMar 10 16:38
twitter" ffmpeg2theora crashes"  never for me.Mar 10 16:39
twitterIt is amazing how much cheaper it is to build on land than it is at sea.Mar 10 16:40
twitterThe part about laws is a little more difficult.Mar 10 16:41
schestowitzHumans weren't evolved to live in seaMar 10 16:41
schestowitzOr to live underwater/in the sky/Mars/whateverMar 10 16:41
twitterI can only imagine what would happen to the amazing, dope smoking, copyright infringing city in the bay.Mar 10 16:41
schestowitzThere's just one planet and it's being ruined by over-populationMar 10 16:41
twitterIt would be like the Green Peace boat sinking all over again.Mar 10 16:42
schestowitzThe risk of extinction for some specieis is not far fetchedMar 10 16:42
schestowitzBoats require a lot of oilMar 10 16:42
twitterM$FT is up 7% on news of bank bailouts.Mar 10 16:42
schestowitzWhat was that film wit Kevin Costner? Sea World?Mar 10 16:43
schestowitzI watched it when I was about 13... the whole world covered with water and villages are on seas..Mar 10 16:43
MinceRWaterworldMar 10 16:43
twitterPeople pumping their money into M$ will be disappointed when 1) banks don't upgrade because they are failing anyway and 2) M$ does not pay because they never did anyway.Mar 10 16:44

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