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schestowitzwispygalaxy: haha. I forgot that songApr 23 00:03
schestowitzHow old is it anyway.Apr 23 00:03
schestowitz?Apr 23 00:03
schestowitz 23 00:04
schestowitzDiana Ross re-renditions.Apr 23 00:04
schestowitzIn the UK you can access videos that are copyright if they are remakesApr 23 00:04
schestowitzWhich beats the purpose of copies/coppyrightsApr 23 00:04
schestowitzThink along the lines of being forbidden the listening to Britney cr*Apr 23 00:04
wispygalaxyroy, it came out in 2001 i thinkApr 23 00:04
wispygalaxyafroman, i meanApr 23 00:05
schestowitzThen you can listen to someone else singing her songsApr 23 00:05
schestowitzThat's why it's so stupidApr 23 00:05
schestowitzAnd the MAFIAA tried to gag little girls who singApr 23 00:05
schestowitz:-)Apr 23 00:05
wispygalaxycover bands are allowed, too?Apr 23 00:05
schestowitzSortApr 23 00:05
schestowitz*sortaApr 23 00:05
wispygalaxymafiaa is so mean!Apr 23 00:05
schestowitzThat's why it's called mafiaApr 23 00:05
schestowitzThey are like pirateApr 23 00:05
schestowitzWith ships and cannonballsApr 23 00:05
wispygalaxypirates vs ninjasApr 23 00:05
wispygalaxy:PApr 23 00:05
schestowitzBut they call YOU thatApr 23 00:05
wispygalaxyi don't listen to mainstream stuff anyway, it's all boring stuffApr 23 00:06
wispygalaxyi stopped listening to FM radio, tooApr 23 00:06
wispygalaxymy little sister only has an ipod and about 5 CDs, that's itApr 23 00:07
wispygalaxyshe has this little radio where you attach your ipod to itApr 23 00:07
MinceRgnApr 23 00:07
wispygalaxysee ya mincerApr 23 00:07
wispygalaxythere's no space to play a CD on that radioApr 23 00:07
wispygalaxyi still have CDs, but i mainly use them for backup nowApr 23 00:08
wispygalaxyi do a lot of listening to music on the computerApr 23 00:09
wispygalaxyhey, where's logger_bot?Apr 23 00:10
wispygalaxyhe's not here anymoreApr 23 00:10
wispygalaxyi want to say "hi" to himApr 23 00:10
schestowitzFM radio is centralised, so it will liveApr 23 00:15
schestowitzThere's an attack on all p2p commsApr 23 00:15
schestowitzUncluding usenetApr 23 00:15
schestowitzE-mail is already moinitoredApr 23 00:15
schestowitzAll p2p-esquie traffic can be daemonised because it's [terrorism|copyright violation|child pr0n|hateful|etc]Apr 23 00:16
wispygalaxyp2p is a powerful way to distribute files, why attack itApr 23 00:16
wispygalaxyif you can't beat em, join emApr 23 00:17
schestowitzIOW, we can communiate... so long as the 'responsible adults' are watchingApr 23 00:17
wispygalaxywe are adults, lolApr 23 00:17
schestowitzNot to them we're notApr 23 00:17
schestowitzThey call us 'bewildered herd'Apr 23 00:17
schestowitzYou should hear what US politicians say about 'the masses'Apr 23 00:17
wispygalaxyunwashed massesApr 23 00:17
schestowitzIt's unsealed by nowApr 23 00:17
schestowitzThe old stuffApr 23 00:17
wispygalaxysheepleApr 23 00:18
schestowitzThe US is liberal when it comes to revealing old documentsApr 23 00:18
schestowitzBush sorta changed thatApr 23 00:18
schestowitzThey also eliminate evidenbceApr 23 00:18
schestowitzNot just prevent futurte disclosureApr 23 00:18
schestowitzMaking it very hard for historian to investigate when it's no longer secureity-sensitiveApr 23 00:18
schestowitzBut in countries other than the US there may be no diclosure at allApr 23 00:18
schestowitzThe Cuban missle crisis was made public quite recentlyApr 23 00:18
wispygalaxyyes, there will be no artifacts left for the historians of the futureApr 23 00:19
schestowitzThere was almosta nuclear stikeApr 23 00:19
wispygalaxytherefore, we should build time capsules now hahaApr 23 00:19
schestowitzThere could be a massive nuclear holocaust in the nrthern hemisphereApr 23 00:19
wispygalaxyso something will be left for the future generationsApr 23 00:19
schestowitzIt was very, very closeApr 23 00:19
schestowitzThe guy was gonna press the buttonApr 23 00:19
schestowitzHe was mentalApr 23 00:19
wispygalaxythat's why you don't push shiny stuff, no matter how cool it looksApr 23 00:19
wispygalaxyat my dad's power plant, one contractor pushed a button for no reason.  he was curious, and that caused about $2 million in damage.  his company got suedApr 23 00:20
schestowitzHuman errorApr 23 00:21
schestowitzCan't easily account for thatApr 23 00:21
schestowitzHumans run these thingsApr 23 00:21
schestowitzDeveloped monkeys :-)Apr 23 00:21
wispygalaxyhahaApr 23 00:22
wispygalaxysome coders are monkeys at typewrittersApr 23 00:22
wispygalaxycuriosity killed the power plant, i'd sayApr 23 00:22
schestowitzWatch this: 23 00:23
schestowitzTell me what you thinkApr 23 00:23
schestowitzI was thinking of Homer Simpson actually :_)Apr 23 00:23
wispygalaxythanks for the link, royApr 23 00:24
schestowitzLet me know your thoughtsApr 23 00:25
schestowitzI like this guy's thesisApr 23 00:26
amarsh04I have been in the international network operations centre for our inbumbent telco and I did *not* want to be responsible for any problemsApr 23 00:26
wispygalaxyyes, it sucks when you take the blame for incompetent fools.  you aren't supposed to be babysitting hahaApr 23 00:27
wispygalaxyi have done babysitting, and it's the most annoying to watch 5-9 year olds.  they are too hyper and keep asking you for stuffApr 23 00:28
_spc_so you was dealing stuff to 5-9 yo?Apr 23 00:28
wispygalaxyyes, when i was a teen i babysatApr 23 00:29
wispygalaxyneighborhood kidsApr 23 00:29
_spc_i wanted to make a joke... stuff = weed?Apr 23 00:29
wispygalaxyoh no, hahahApr 23 00:29
wispygalaxyi never did that :)Apr 23 00:29
wispygalaxyi have watched infants before, and it's not too bad.  at least the babies i have watched don't cry a lot or get too messy lolApr 23 00:30
_spc_yeah, nothing comes to their mindApr 23 00:30
wispygalaxybabies do have thoughts, actually.  and they can see in color.Apr 23 00:31
_spc_wowApr 23 00:31
_spc_i saw when i was bornApr 23 00:31
wispygalaxyi don't remember myself being born lolApr 23 00:32
wispygalaxythey say once you understand enough language, then you start to have memoriesApr 23 00:32
_spc_actually notApr 23 00:32
_spc_you always understandApr 23 00:32
_spc_babies understand even untold thingsApr 23 00:33
_spc_they just don't focus on themApr 23 00:33
wispygalaxybut once you understand language, then you can start to form memoriesApr 23 00:33
amarsh04grand-daughter has always had access to photos of herself from birth onwards, so she has kept an understanding of what she looked likeApr 23 00:33
_spc_wispygalaxy, some people remember everythingApr 23 00:34
wispygalaxythat's nice, my little sister takes a lot of photos.  she fills up her USB drive hahaApr 23 00:34
_spc_even what was before they were bornApr 23 00:34
wispygalaxyyes, i heard about a reporter who could remember everything and did not need to take notesApr 23 00:34
wispygalaxybefore they were born?Apr 23 00:34
_spc_yeahApr 23 00:35
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wispygalaxythrough photos?Apr 23 00:35
_spc_no?Apr 23 00:35
amarsh04grand-daughter took a photo of an echidna in the wild when she was 4Apr 23 00:35
wispygalaxyhow can you remember yourself as a fetus?Apr 23 00:35
_spc_you don't need physical body to rememberApr 23 00:35
wispygalaxythat's cool, amarshApr 23 00:35
wispygalaxydid you frame it for her?Apr 23 00:35
wispygalaxyhmm, that's interesting, _spc_Apr 23 00:36
amarsh04no, but I've kept all the digital photos and know which ones she tookApr 23 00:36
wispygalaxymy dad burns the photos onto a CD-RApr 23 00:37
amarsh04yes, I've done that also... should burn another dvd-r tooApr 23 00:37
wispygalaxyi was telling roy how my family's desktop was fried, but we thankfully saved the photos onto CD-RsApr 23 00:37
wispygalaxytechnically, we can get the info from the desktop back.  we never got around to it.  i don't even need the files on it (high school assignments)Apr 23 00:38
amarsh04I need to send off the registration for grand-daughter's camera (Canon IXUS 85IS Christmas last year) - paperwork was mislaidApr 23 00:39
amarsh04yes, it's funny to think of what computer files one really wants to keepApr 23 00:40
wispygalaxyit's good to register, there are benefits to itApr 23 00:40
wispygalaxyi actually saved a lot of my files before it burned out, i knew that hard drives can failApr 23 00:41
wispygalaxy*ping* schestowitzApr 23 00:41
wispygalaxyok everyone, i'm going for now.  see ya soon!Apr 23 00:49
wispygalaxytake care for now, roy!  xxApr 23 00:50
schestowitzheyApr 23 00:50
schestowitzOhApr 23 00:50
schestowitzGot distractdApr 23 00:50
schestowitzHold onApr 23 00:51
wispygalaxythats ok hahaApr 23 00:51
schestowitzOh, I see.Apr 23 00:51
schestowitzDid you watch the videos?Apr 23 00:51
wispygalaxythanks again for the videosApr 23 00:52
wispygalaxyit's something to think aboutApr 23 00:52
wispygalaxyi'll be around if you want to talk, ok?Apr 23 00:52
wispygalaxy:DApr 23 00:52
wispygalaxybye byeApr 23 00:53
schestowitzI'm still watching some stuffApr 23 00:53
schestowitz 23 00:53
schestowitzMostly history lessons TBHApr 23 00:53
wispygalaxyyes, it's a lot of good stuff.Apr 23 00:53
wispygalaxyok, i'll chat with you later, roy.  ;)Apr 23 00:53
amarsh04schestowitz, what did you think of rms' speaking style for the interpreter and the interpreter's handling, given you know both languages used?Apr 23 00:54
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schestowitzI owe YouTube so muchApr 23 00:56
schestowitzThey give all that educational stuff, mostly talksApr 23 00:56
schestowitzYou can do one thing while listening or staring at videosApr 23 00:56
schestowitzAnd Google is said to be losing 450 million dollar a year in YouTUbeApr 23 00:56
amarsh04Australian internet users have traditionally had low usage quotas and high usage charges, to the extent that for several years it was not possible to host much content locallyApr 23 00:59
amarsh04I think that .gb had it worse due to timed local telephone callsApr 23 01:01
amarsh04from the mid-90's onwards I was able to have untimed dial-up internet access for a flat rateApr 23 01:03
amarsh04the isp Bigpond run by the incumbent telco Telstra charges for uploads as well as downloadsApr 23 01:06
schestowitz 23 01:25
schestowitzInterestingf controversyApr 23 01:25
schestowitzNever heard of it before...Apr 23 01:25
amarsh04weren't you covering ACTA already schestowitz... I think that has been covering ACTAApr 23 01:31
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schestowitzamarsh04: I do all the timeApr 23 01:35
schestowitzI did over 20 posts about itApr 23 01:35
schestowitzPJ just mailed me moments ago a few timesApr 23 01:35
schestowitzI remember when Groklaw was doing 5 articles/day sometimesApr 23 01:35
schestowitzI've just posted daily links. That's it for todayApr 23 01:37
amarsh04I was reading so much I wasn't sure what sites I was getting it fromApr 23 01:39
schestowitzuse browser history...?Apr 23 01:41
schestowitzanyway, gnApr 23 01:41
amarsh04goodnight, don't burn yourself outApr 23 01:41
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twitterI finally got 2.6.26 to work with my thinkpad and accelerated video.  ACPI sucks but the newer kernel is a lot faster than 2.6.24Apr 23 02:56
twittercleaning up my xorg.conf fixed things.  It might work out of the box for Lenny by now.Apr 23 02:57
twitterit's sad to hear about Lenovo FUD for gnu/linuxApr 23 02:58
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twitterwow, oh wow, the whole damn Gates deposition. 23 04:13
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twitterspam protection is not working tonight.  1+9 = 10 where I come fromApr 23 04:54
twitterM$ is happy enough to "support" an eight year old piece of software that runs poorly - Windows XP.  Eight years, six of which were wasted on the Vista failure.  I would hope that most Mac based businesses have upgraded to Open Office.  Because Open Office is free software, it runs well on most modern processors, including the "ancient" Power PC, ARM,  MIPS and other more power efficient hardware.  Because Open Office is free softwarApr 23 04:54
twitterbelongs here 23 04:54
_airi'm learning trollingApr 23 04:57
twitterwho's teaching you?Apr 23 05:04
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_airoh, it's me mostlyApr 23 05:08
_airbut i learn from the people that try to troll meApr 23 05:09
_airtop trolling is when you can get most of the channel banned and you're still there without having to ban evade XDApr 23 05:10
twitterplease find something better to doApr 23 05:18
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schestowitzDamn. the math plugins is not working again?Apr 23 07:22
schestowitzIt's giving a hard time to some othersApr 23 07:22
schestowitzMaybe some bug :--(Apr 23 07:22
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schestowitzApple report sliding Mac salesApr 23 07:28
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schestowitzIntel to be fined for its many known crimes (or just a few of them), finally. 23 07:53
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schestowitzFreddie Mac CFO David Kellerman Found Dead in Apparent Suicide < >Apr 23 09:05
schestowitzFreddie Mac suicise: Just wait until they find out WHY he killed himself and what he had to hide.Apr 23 09:06
schestowitz "glad to hear it. :) now lets hope george bush does the same thing. "Apr 23 09:07
schestowitzDon't let Microsoft lock Linux out of the Internet (using TPM): 23 09:08
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MinceRj0Apr 23 09:12
mib_2kldw9 mib_afo822 mib_amdwi0 mib_b8vme0 mib_ey0o48 mib_gmyia5 mib_kjg6ts mib_m0o3sl MinceR Apr 23 09:15
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schestowitzMinceR: they are falling like fliesApr 23 09:15
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schestowitz"Adolf Merckle, one of the world’s richest men, committed suicide yesterday by throwing himself under a train, Bloomberg reports." 23 09:17
schestowitzWorld of crooks is hopefully passing by... by their OWN choiceApr 23 09:17
schestowitz"Using Dead People  [...]  That is how Christine Gregoire was elected as Governor of Washington State. It only makes sense that Microsoft in Redmond would follow suit." Really...? 23 09:19
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schestowitzNewspapers can't quite compete in the Web: (Online-Only Seattle P-I No Longer On Top 30 Newspaper Sites; Hearst Disputes Nielsen Numbers)Apr 23 09:29
schestowitzStocholm: [Fwd: Looking at . Is it really true that patent statements for ODF only covers full impl. but also partial impl. for OOXML?] The MS shills are busyApr 23 09:35
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schestowitz"A guy running for office in British Columbia, Canada, has dropped out of the election after images of him groping a woman's breast (that first appeared on his Facebook page) came to light." 23 09:39
schestowitzTom Bray is pessimistic about Oracle buying his employer (his wife got sacked from Sun) 23 09:46
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schestowitzMonty Widenius, MySQL Founder, Forecasts the MySQL Future 23 10:07
schestowitz"Sun's acquisition of MySQL did not go smoothly; most of the MySQL leaders (both commercial and project) have left Sun and the people who are left are sitting with their CV and ready to press send. Oracle, not having the best possible reputation in the open source space, will have a hard time keeping the remaining MySQL people in the company or even working on the MySQL project."Apr 23 10:09
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schestowitzIt's beginning to seem likely that Microsoft will announce more layoffs todayApr 23 10:22
schestowitzI'll do a post with evidenceApr 23 10:22
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benJImanWhy don't you just wait and see?Apr 23 10:23
schestowitzbenJIman: that'll be common knowledge if/when that happensApr 23 10:24
benJImanAnd what is served by idle speculation in the meantime?Apr 23 10:28
PetoKrausjournoApr 23 10:29
schestowitzMicrosoft does not deny that more layoffs will be announced today: 23 10:39
oiaohmAny signs of MS profits yet.Apr 23 10:39
oiaohmMost likely I will have to wait to friday to see the numbers.Apr 23 10:40
oiaohmLooks the the auto join system is under control schestowitz.Apr 23 10:43
schestowitzYesApr 23 10:43
oiaohmI check back on that one .net blog tommore.  I think he should have run out of wiggle room.  Pulling up the 70 useful with 30 percent waste code was a nice joke thinking that pgroup and msvc has added systems to avoid that.Apr 23 10:44
schestowitzThe BBC is up to propaganda again: "The BBC gave massive coverage to these innocent mens' arrest and Gordon Brown's and Jacqui Smith's lying statements about them. The real story is the concoction of huge terror scares by politicians for propaganda purposes. But you won't see it on the BBC." 23 10:47
schestowitzWhen Eric Balir worked for them he complained that they did propagandaApr 23 10:47
_airlolApr 23 10:48
_airschestowitz, isn't it kinda obvious?Apr 23 10:48
_airradio and tv ARE propagandaApr 23 10:48
oiaohmDepends on what tv and radio you watch _airApr 23 10:48
_airnot of free and open sourceApr 23 10:48
_airoiaohm, point me to sane radio and tv?Apr 23 10:49
_airi don't listen to radio and don't watch tv for a LONG TIME alreadyApr 23 10:49
oiaohmWe have a warped channel here that just displays sat feed of weather and plays classical music.Apr 23 10:50
_airlolApr 23 10:50
_airit sounds sane XDApr 23 10:50
schestowitzObama is working for Uncle Tom, not Sam, as Nader put it: Biden promises 'right person' as new U.S. copyright czar < >Apr 23 10:51
PetoKrausdepends who does the forecastApr 23 10:51
oiaohmNo forecast.Apr 23 10:51
oiaohmJust the raw sat picture.Apr 23 10:51
_airPetoKraus, isn't it always like that?Apr 23 10:51
_airi just prefer smth saneApr 23 10:51
schestowitz_air: agreed. I know about public broadcastApr 23 10:51
schestowitzRMS said wisely some years ago that people should just tune in to blogs their trustApr 23 10:52
oiaohmNo people need to learn to use there brains.Apr 23 10:52
_airlol... you can't trust anything nowadaysApr 23 10:52
oiaohmMost PR breaks logic.Apr 23 10:52
oiaohmAt some point.Apr 23 10:52
ushimitsudoki1 Jesus, Nader is a right racist bastard. I don't agree with Obama and Biden on this or all the RIAA appointments and other things, but leave the "Uncle Tom" out of it. That's straight up racism and degrades the conversation.Apr 23 10:52
_airdon't touch jesusApr 23 10:52
_airhe will return to judge peopleApr 23 10:53
schestowitzEPO are 'pigs': 23 10:53
_airuntil that time why do you mention him at all without reason?Apr 23 10:53
PetoKrausushimitsudoki1: where?Apr 23 10:53
schestowitzushimitsudoki1: who is Tom?Apr 23 10:53
schestowitzI never got the reference.Apr 23 10:53
ushimitsudoki1nader called obama an Uncle Tom before and it comes up again here. That's really poor taste, I think.Apr 23 10:54
schestowitzushimitsudoki1: who is Tom?Apr 23 10:54
schestowitzWhat does that mean?Apr 23 10:54
ushimitsudoki1Uncle Tom is a literary character, a "house slave". It indicates a black man that has sold out his own race, and is clear racism to Americans.Apr 23 10:54
schestowitzThe FOX crapola daemonised nader by taking it out of context as I understand itApr 23 10:54
schestowitzushimitsudoki1: OH!Apr 23 10:55
schestowitzNot good..Apr 23 10:55
ushimitsudoki1Uncle Tom's Cabin is the novel. It was in *very* poor taste for Nader to use it a reference. If not straight racism, it was incredibly insensitive on Nader's part.Apr 23 10:55
*mib_ey0o48 has quit (" ajax IRC Client")Apr 23 10:55
schestowitzushimitsudoki1: understood nowApr 23 10:55
schestowitzI though Tom was a reference to corporationsApr 23 10:55
*mib_ey0o48 (i=54c30a28@gateway/web/ajax/ has joined #boycottnovellApr 23 10:55
ushimitsudoki1Obama/Biden need strong criticism on a lot of these appointments - it's very disappointing (if not surprising), but the "uncle tom" thing won't helpApr 23 10:56
_airlolApr 23 10:57
ushimitsudoki1 ... first sentence in wiki pretty much covers the literary allusionApr 23 10:57
_airobama... he's just yet another dollApr 23 10:57
_airhe just exclaims smth that someone else wantsApr 23 10:58
_airgo for that someone else?Apr 23 10:58
_airwhy are you always at the surfaceApr 23 10:59
schestowitzEwwwwwwww.. tasteless... European government with ALL FLASH SITE! 23 10:59
oiaohmCould be worse.Apr 23 10:59
oiaohmCould require IE.Apr 23 10:59
*schestowitz looks at the WikiApr 23 11:01
*_air has quit ("Leaving")Apr 23 11:01
schestowitzU.K. Man Sues Bank Over 'Phantom' Withdrawals from Chip-and-PIN Account < >Apr 23 11:01
schestowitzMac Users Prefer Linux Over Windows: Apr 23 11:02
oiaohmThat is kinda to be expected.Apr 23 11:06
oiaohmThinking some linux confernece the most common laptop at a mac.Apr 23 11:06
ushimitsudoki1Yeah, there are a few mac laptops at my LUGApr 23 11:10
schestowitzWhat on Earth is the Open Source World Map For? < > See Microsoft's Linux Heat Map 23 11:10
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schestowitzPetoKraus: Phorm Says ISP Trialists Not Looking To Defect < >  Virgin is on record as being on the fence. Despite being one of three ISPs to sign its initial interest, CEO Neil Berkett told a November investors’ conference in New York...Apr 23 11:18
oiaohm  Let the database war begin.Apr 23 11:23
PetoKrausschestowitz: niceApr 23 11:28
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oiaohmHmm Just having looking at ms dec fiances.Apr 23 11:31
oiaohmGoodwill12,490,000  as a asset.Apr 23 11:31
oiaohmNot a good thing.Apr 23 11:31
zer0c00lMicrosofts history of anti-competitive behaviour: 23 11:32
zer0c00l 23 11:32
zer0c00lschestowitz, seems like there are lot of evidence in that documentApr 23 11:33
zer0c00lWhat we are trying to do is use our server control to do new protocols and lockApr 23 11:35
zer0c00lout Sun and Oracle specifically”Apr 23 11:35
zer0c00l       -- Bill Gates, MicrosoftApr 23 11:35
oiaohmYepApr 23 11:35
oiaohmSun and Oracle have kinda blood vengance for MS.Apr 23 11:36
schestowitzzer0c00l: yes, Microsoft is a gangster operationApr 23 11:36
schestowitzAnd the ring leader gates is as guilty not as a puppyApr 23 11:36
zer0c00lToday i came to know that ms has threatened my educational head on licensing issueApr 23 11:37
zer0c00lmy head of the department told me personallyApr 23 11:37
schestowitzoiaohm: watch picture: 23 11:38
zer0c00lthey threatened of lock down the whole educational institutionApr 23 11:38
zer0c00lso they agreed and signed a MOU with msApr 23 11:38
schestowitzWow.Apr 23 11:38
schestowitzWhich educational headApr 23 11:38
schestowitzRegional?Apr 23 11:38
zer0c00lmy collegeApr 23 11:38
schestowitzHaApr 23 11:38
schestowitzDo you have written proof?Apr 23 11:39
schestowitzIt can be anonymisedApr 23 11:39
schestowitzAnd be pass to the European CommissionApr 23 11:39
schestowitzThey have fined to serve the criminals from Intel shortly.Apr 23 11:39
zer0c00lschestowitz, i dont have any written proofApr 23 11:39
zer0c00lwill try to get oneApr 23 11:39
zer0c00lbut he said in our valedictory  functionApr 23 11:40
schestowitzTry getting proofApr 23 11:40
zer0c00l"if you won't buy 200 license we will engage anti-piracy operations on your institution "Apr 23 11:40
zer0c00lokApr 23 11:40
zer0c00lsure i willApr 23 11:41
schestowitzWord of mouth is good, but it's better to show something.Apr 23 11:41
schestowitzzer0c00l: that is extortionApr 23 11:41
schestowitzIt's illegalApr 23 11:41
schestowitzAnd it's very typicalApr 23 11:41
schestowitzI heard it before.Apr 23 11:41
zer0c00lhmmApr 23 11:41
zer0c00lbad msApr 23 11:41
schestowitzAnything else you were told?Apr 23 11:42
zer0c00lnoApr 23 11:42
zer0c00li will try to collect for sureApr 23 11:42
zer0c00li raised a question regarding the software usage,Apr 23 11:42
zer0c00lso he replied back with these answersApr 23 11:43
zer0c00lhe said we were forcedApr 23 11:43
oiaohmIBM and Oracle are going to get into a little bit of a fight soon.Apr 23 11:43
schestowitzWas there illegal use/copies?Apr 23 11:43
zer0c00lnoApr 23 11:43
schestowitzI mean, typically there is.Apr 23 11:43
schestowitzIn certain nations it's commonApr 23 11:43
oiaohmMS is kinda going to find themselves in the middle.Apr 23 11:43
zer0c00lthey are now using some volume licensingApr 23 11:43
schestowitzAnd Microsoft has publicly endorses counterfeiting, so long as people move to another OSApr 23 11:43
schestowitzoiaohm: IBM has already manage a new migration route to DB2Apr 23 11:44
schestowitzSo they don't stand idly.Apr 23 11:44
oiaohmpostgresql vs MysqlApr 23 11:44
zer0c00lthey paying ms some 1 million yearlyApr 23 11:44
oiaohmdb2 vs orcale.Apr 23 11:44
oiaohmLet the war being. Last one standing.Apr 23 11:44
oiaohmBoth now make there own servers.Apr 23 11:45
oiaohmWe have not see a hardware maker face off in a long time.Apr 23 11:45
schestowitzzer0c00l: for how many licences/people?Apr 23 11:47
oiaohmThe fun part by the end of it.  Either IBM will aquire Orcale or Orcale will aquire IBM or a draw.Apr 23 11:47
zer0c00latleast there will be  some 800  computers in the collegeApr 23 11:48
schestowitzoiaohm: their market cap isn't far apartApr 23 11:48
zer0c00lthey have only 200 licensesApr 23 11:48
schestowitz1 million for 1000 PCs?Apr 23 11:48
zer0c00loffice, visual studioApr 23 11:48
zer0c00lit includesApr 23 11:48
schestowitzExtra addictives :-)Apr 23 11:49
schestowitzGet kids to program /for/ MicrosoftApr 23 11:49
zer0c00lschestowitz, yes thats the planApr 23 11:49
schestowitzAnd lock their data inside the OOXML capsule that only Microsoft Office can open when they grow upApr 23 11:49
oiaohmI have found ms will get quite cheep when you say in a school envorment MS has 2 options 1 software for nothing 2 Linux gets installed everywhere.Apr 23 11:49
schestowitzzer0c00l: nice company...Apr 23 11:49
zer0c00l:(Apr 23 11:49
zer0c00lschestowitz, but the professor has now poised to change the systemApr 23 11:50
oiaohmMost times MS chooses the cheap licences.Apr 23 11:50
oiaohmBe away of MS other licencing system.  Per student zer0c00lApr 23 11:50
zer0c00lhe asked me to install GNU/linux in each and every systemsApr 23 11:50
oiaohmawareApr 23 11:50
zer0c00li have installed 200 systems so farApr 23 11:50
zer0c00ljust dual booting itApr 23 11:50
oiaohmYep that normal MS threat.Apr 23 11:50
oiaohmSee we have linux here.Apr 23 11:51
schestowitzoiaohm: yesApr 23 11:51
zer0c00l:)Apr 23 11:51
schestowitzoiaohm: let me find refApr 23 11:51
schestowitzThat I found this morning.Apr 23 11:51
schestowitz"Linux club helps firms hide from Microsoft"Apr 23 11:51
schestowitz"Local authorities and companies who are interested in ditching their proprietary software in favour of open source are being encouraged to join a confidential scheme that aims to protect them from the attentions of firms such as Microsoft."Apr 23 11:51
schestowitz"The initiative, called The Incubator Club, is said to be a response to the tactics employed by some major software vendors against firms and organisations who consider using Linux."Apr 23 11:52
schestowitz"According to Eddie Bleasdale of Netproject, an IT consultancy firm that runs The Incubator Club, Microsoft has repeatedly tried to stop potential Linux migrations — sometimes with notable success."Apr 23 11:52
schestowitz"“Whenever we’ve gone public about a client moving to Linux, Microsoft has come in and offered remarkable incentives for them to stay as they are,” Bleasdale told the Open Source in Local Government conference in London on Tuesday. "Apr 23 11:52
oiaohmPer student licencing gets very stupid.Apr 23 11:52
schestowitzSource:,...Apr 23 11:52
schestowitzBut in this latest case it's extortionApr 23 11:52
schestowitz"Pay us for all machines or we sue you"Apr 23 11:52
schestowitzMicrosoft uses patents too nowApr 23 11:52
zer0c00lschestowitz, yesApr 23 11:52
schestowitzThe vague patent threatsApr 23 11:52
oiaohmSchool with Per student has to pay like 25 dollars per student and you can install as many copies of the software you like.Apr 23 11:52
oiaohmSo much for anti pirate.Apr 23 11:53
schestowitzSo even if you don't have any licensing issues (with Windows) they'll raise Linux-patents issuesApr 23 11:53
schestowitzSeen beforeApr 23 11:53
schestowitzThey use it against large companiesApr 23 11:53
schestowitzHoracio spoke about it in 2007Apr 23 11:53
schestowitzThe companies don't want to identify themselvesApr 23 11:53
schestowitzThose that sell out, that is.Apr 23 11:53
oiaohmLot of large companies threaten back.Apr 23 11:53
oiaohmIts the smaller companies it works on.Apr 23 11:54
*mib_t0pudo (i=c910e07d@gateway/web/ajax/ has joined #boycottnovellApr 23 11:54
schestowitzoiaohm: maybe some companies won't bother fighting backApr 23 11:54
schestowitzThe idea is to make Linux "Scary"Apr 23 11:54
oiaohmMost large companies have large patents.Apr 23 11:54
schestowitzSo they won't want the trouble and just be swayed into LinuxApr 23 11:54
schestowitzThat's Allison's thesis (or was it gpl-violations') about TomTomApr 23 11:54
oiaohmReason why they hit back they take the point of view MS might anyhow.Apr 23 11:54
oiaohmFor invalid software installs.Apr 23 11:55
oiaohmSo they extract extra moment.Apr 23 11:55
schestowitzTry to scare device makers who use Linux and don't want to encouter difficultiesApr 23 11:55
oiaohmMS only try to scare weak looking device makers.Apr 23 11:56
oiaohmOnce that look to have good cash reserves they don't touch.Apr 23 11:56
schestowitzLayoffs mentioned in mini-msft now: 23 11:56
schestowitzoiaohm: yes, TomTom reported bad financial results days before MS sued over FATApr 23 11:56
schestowitzNo coincidence IMHOApr 23 11:56
schestowitzThey use a vulnerable and demoralised company at times when investors put pressureApr 23 11:57
schestowitzAnd OIN has not struck back like it promiseApr 23 11:57
schestowitzSo Microsoft is now going around secretly collecting protection money, saying that TomTom paid, therefore there is no mdeniabilityApr 23 11:57
schestowitz*deniabilityApr 23 11:57
oiaohmThere has been a lot of other things going on.Apr 23 11:58
oiaohmOIN has been sitting back and watching.   Lot of .net supporting companies having been jumping ship.Apr 23 11:59
schestowitzoiaohm: how is this related?Apr 23 11:59
*magentar has quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))Apr 23 11:59
oiaohmThe patent attack on TomTom proved MS patent promise is not worth spit.Apr 23 12:00
oiaohmSo particular .net companies are looking for other solutions like blender.Apr 23 12:00
oiaohmOIN winning against MS might slow that down.Apr 23 12:00
oiaohmYes sometimes it pays to sit back and do nothing and let nature happen.Apr 23 12:01
oiaohmI really would hate to be in the OIN chair right now trying to pick the best move.Apr 23 12:02
MinceRit happens too slowlyApr 23 12:02
MinceRm$ should be killed quickly.Apr 23 12:02
oiaohmPatent attacking MS now would not be sure to kill them quickly either.Apr 23 12:02
oiaohmThey have enough money still to draw it out.Apr 23 12:02
oiaohmYet there money reports say they are in a down wards spirle.Apr 23 12:03
oiaohmRule of business if a tactic has worked well copy it.Apr 23 12:03
schestowitzbrbApr 23 12:04
oiaohmMinceR: the hard thing is picking the right point to hit MS at its weakest.Apr 23 12:05
oiaohmGreat MS is delaying it must not be good.  After the close of trade they will release the 3Q.Apr 23 12:08
oiaohmIf its good you normally release it at the start of trade to make stock trade high.Apr 23 12:08
schestowitzoiaohm:  I don't agreeApr 23 12:09
schestowitzAlso, Ubuntu 9.04 has just been officially releaseApr 23 12:09
schestowitzMicrosoft will do more damage unless it's clipped nowApr 23 12:09
schestowitzEuropean Commission need to intervene tooApr 23 12:10
schestowitzFor all I can gather, Microsoft is now more aggressive then everApr 23 12:10
schestowitzSee how it poisoned the EU panel with its shull SuckApr 23 12:10
oiaohmWhy are they more aggressive.Apr 23 12:10
MinceRoiaohm: while we wait for that, why not keep hitting them?Apr 23 12:10
schestowitz*Shill Zuck, not Shull SuckApr 23 12:10
schestowitzI hit the wrong keysApr 23 12:10
MinceRShall Suck?Apr 23 12:10
schestowitzprobably :-)Apr 23 12:11

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