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Computer Shop: Acer Tells Windows Sales Flat Despite Vista 7

Summary: "I have it from Acer that Windows 7 isn't doing much for sales," argues an informant of ours, who knows and works with people inside Acer.

We do not have a direct quote from Acer, but we have indirect words. Partial log below.

Oiaohm later adds: "I still have a feeling that MS sales this quarter will be a lot of existing charity licence conversions." This is partly how they inflated figures. It's a trick. He also writes: "You could cite a computer shop for me but kinda not far. We have seen a slow down after the release of Windows 7. Almost a dead stop in sales since."

EruaranhelloNov 07 11:55
schestowitzhey, EruaranNov 07 12:16
oiaohm  The presureNov 07 12:17
phIRCe-localTitle: Ditch Microsoft, Save €£269m Says Hungarian Open Source Group - News - .::. Size~: 25.81 KBNov 07 12:17
oiaohmLonger this down turn lasts the higher the presure on businesses and goverments will get.Nov 07 12:18
Eruaranhi schestowitzNov 07 12:30
EruaranI have it from Acer that Windows 7 isn't doing much for sales.Nov 07 12:34
oiaohmDo you have a link for it EruaranNov 07 12:38
schestowitzEruaran: I knowNov 07 12:45
schestowitzNPD started lyingNov 07 12:45
schestowitzBallmer admits it failsNov 07 12:45
schestowitzThey contradict one anotherNov 07 12:45
schestowitzoiaohm: agreed. Links would be goodNov 07 12:45
schestowitzEruaran: or if you have something in writingNov 07 12:45
oiaohm  Point 4 of google wanted features.Nov 07 12:46
phIRCe-localTitle: KS2009: How Google uses Linux [] .::. Size~: 58.86 KBNov 07 12:46
oiaohmNow that is a scary idea.Nov 07 12:46
*zer0c00l|away is now known as zer0c00lNov 07 12:50
EruaranI don't have anything in writing at the moment, this is word of mouth at the moment. But this is from contacts at Acer.Nov 07 12:58
EruaranI doubt you will hear any public statements about sales, the 'success' or failure of Windows 7 and the changing state of the industry until after Christmas.Nov 07 13:01
EruaranFrom Acer that is.Nov 07 13:01
schestowitzAcer complained about Vista tooNov 07 13:02
EruaranBut what they're telling me is that its flat.Nov 07 13:02
schestowitz!google acer ceo vista enitre indutry disappointedNov 07 13:02
phIRCe-local[1] - Microsoft may be bullish about Vista, but Acer CEO says it's been ... | 07 13:02
phIRCe-local[2] - GianfrancoLanci -- Engadget | 07 13:02
phIRCe-local[3] - Acer bets big on Linux | 07 13:02
phIRCe-local[4] - acer inc. and agence france-presse Resources | BNET | 07 13:02
schestowitzIt was the same with Vista......Nov 07 13:02
schestowitzEruaran: I'll write about it then :-)Nov 07 13:03
cubezzzdoes this mean I can buy an acer laptop?Nov 07 13:03
cubezzzwith Linux on it  :)Nov 07 13:03
schestowitzIt would be good if I had a name of Acer spokesman, but still...Nov 07 13:03
schestowitzThey are afraid of MicrosoftNov 07 13:03
schestowitzIf they say this to the press they lose the Windows discount and go out of businessNov 07 13:04
schestowitzcubezzz: you can.Depends which country though.Nov 07 13:04
EruaranIf Windows 7 remains fairly flat you can expect to see Acer quietly introducing Linux netbooks and notebooks.Nov 07 13:04
EruaranTheir public statements may remain somewhat diplomatic, even affirming on Windows 7, but don't be surprised if you see a small number of new offerings appear. Including Android devices.Nov 07 13:05
oiaohmBiggest thing missing is decent sized Linux laptops with arm or other highly battery effective things.Nov 07 13:06
oiaohmIe that you can touch type.  Battery live is important to someone on the move.  Same with the means to type stuff quickly.Nov 07 13:07
EruaranIt will happen.Nov 07 13:09
*Tallken ( has joined #boycottnovellNov 07 13:11
EruaranMicrosoft is trying to hold back the kind of change that is inevitable for a number of reasons. This change undermines their monopoly. They cannot stop it, only delay it for a time.Nov 07 13:12
oiaohmAlso the other thing that bugs touch typist is lack of sloped keyboard on laptops EruaranNov 07 13:13

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