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Microsoft to Use State of Alabama to Indoctrinate Adults, Not Just School Children

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Summary: Another governor will help Microsoft distribute an 'addiction' to proprietary software, which will in turn make Microsoft richer

"AMERICAN EDGI" is a vicious trick that Microsoft has been using across the United States for the past year or so. We gave examples in posts such as:

A proper explanation of what Microsoft is doing here was provided many times before and today's news is the addition of a new victim, namely the state of Alabama.

Sadly, not a single news source (mostly local news [1, 2, 3, 4, 5], which is notorious for publishing PR over 50% of the time, based on a recent study) has bothered to actually study what Microsoft is doing here. Associated Press too says that Microsoft provides 'free' "tech. training" when it fact all that is offered here would be proprietary Microsoft software training, which makes Microsoft stronger with state assistance.

The state of Alabama and Microsoft will work together to provide free technology training to Alabama residents.

Microsoft's previous victim was Tennessee and here is newer coverage of this:

● Tennessee officials announced the state had joined forces with Microsoft in a public-private partnership to provide free technology training to Tennesseans. Through “Elevate America,” Microsoft will work with the Tennessee Department of Labor and Workforce Development to distribute 25,875 vouchers for free, online technology training and certification. Workers can take these free online courses from home, or at Tennessee Career Centers or Tennessee Technology Centers.

It is a shame that no report has explained what Microsoft is really doing it. Microsoft uses the state authorities just like it has been been using schools in order to indoctrinate those who are most vulnerable and least able to afford Microsoft's digital shackles. Watch how Microsoft is using kids to advertise such campaigns. There is a new press release titled "Microsoft and Boys & Girls Clubs of America Bring 21st Century Technology Skills to America's Youth"

As Richard Stallman states in his talks about Free software, Microsoft is a criminal company that was convicted 3 times and should therefore not be supported by governments, let alone be given the opportunity and aid to make more clients who could otherwise be taught about Free software and trained for the use of Free software that respects their freedoms and communities. Well, that's just what happens when corporations have enormous control over public officials and public office.

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