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Mono Project Seems to be Dying (Development Virtually Halted) (Updated)

Update: As raised as a possible explanation by myself in the IRC channel (I was deceived by others), Mono just moved to Git. Nonetheless, news about Mono and Moonlight has been extremely scarce for months, so the project clearly lost a lot of momentum.

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Summary: Mono development is nearly non-existent over the past month or so

MONO AND MOONLIGHT begin to show early signs of death. Both Mono and Moonlight are hardly heard from anymore and lack of endorsement from the FSF (the FSF discourages use of C#) could not do much to help, could it? Based on SVN branches [1, 2], either the entire development team at Novell takes a massively long summer vacation or the project is radically de-emphasised. So the question is, what happens to those who depend on Mono in the long term? Novell is up for sale and Miguel de Icaza is busy cleaning their toilets instead of coding or even blogging. The Mono problem was discussed in IRC a short while ago (partial logs below).

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IRC: #techrights @ FreeNode: August 30th, 2010

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justin__hey, looks like you guys might be right about mono project being deadAug 30 20:34
justin__ 30 20:34
TechrightsBot-trTitle: [Mono] Index of /trunk .::. Size~: 54.05 KBAug 30 20:34
justin__notice the datesAug 30 20:34
justin__no activity on any module for weeksAug 30 20:34
gnufreexI thought Mono uses Git?Aug 30 20:35
justin__looks like svn to meAug 30 20:35
justin__ 30 20:35
TechrightsBot-trTitle: AnonSVN - Mono .::. Size~: 10.11 KBAug 30 20:36
gnufreexI see that there is no activity for years... maybe they switched to GitAug 30 20:36
gnufreexAhAug 30 20:36
gnufreexYesAug 30 20:36
justin__some are only a few weeks of inactivityAug 30 20:36
gnufreex You are rightAug 30 20:36
gnufreexLet's hope it is deadAug 30 20:36
gnufreexNovell is firing people to stay profitableAug 30 20:36
justin__might explain why there is so little newsAug 30 20:36
justin__about mono/moonlieAug 30 20:36
justin__yeaAug 30 20:37
justin__they are going to be the next scoAug 30 20:37
schestowitzWaitAug 30 20:37
gnufreexMono is just microsoft pet project, no outside contributors. Just Novell and MicrosoftAug 30 20:37
schestowitzI'm catching up here :-)Aug 30 20:37
schestowitzSo was there an svn/git confusion?Aug 30 20:37
gnufreexAnd Microsoft is angry on Novell because VMware partnershipAug 30 20:37
schestowitzOr verified freeze?Aug 30 20:37
-TRT/#techrights-[schestowitz] Comment in the #neckbeard troll "It would be better if you would make the wallpaper if you don’t like the default."Aug 30 20:37
TechrightsBot-trTitle: The joke that is Mavericks default wallpaper €« all wrongs reserved .::. Size~: 22.64 KBAug 30 20:37
justin__verifiedAug 30 20:37
schestowitzMaybe summer break?Aug 30 20:37
schestowitzSteadfast took some break iircAug 30 20:37
justin__ 30 20:37
TechrightsBot-trTitle: AnonSVN - Mono .::. Size~: 10.11 KBAug 30 20:37
schestowitzand the Microsoft MVP is having a babyAug 30 20:38
justin__are they the only 2 guys working on mono?Aug 30 20:38
gnufreexDe Icaza is one.Aug 30 20:38
schestowitzNo-NoAug 30 20:38
schestowitzNoAug 30 20:38
schestowitzHe's working on other parts of it, I thinkAug 30 20:38
gnufreexschestowitz: I was wrong, Mono uses SVNAug 30 20:38
schestowitzJoseph Hill or something leads in a newwAug 30 20:39
gnufreexno gitAug 30 20:39
schestowitzThen there are mono trollsAug 30 20:39
schestowitzLike Joseph Shields and some anonymous trolls who bully oppositionAug 30 20:39
justin__do they contribute tho?Aug 30 20:39
justin__or just trolls?Aug 30 20:39
schestowitzgnufreex: so it's dying?Aug 30 20:39
schestowitzI can recall something about git and monoAug 30 20:40
gnufreexschestowitz: I hopeAug 30 20:40
justin__seems soAug 30 20:40
schestowitzSee Microsoft's blog (tirania)Aug 30 20:40
gnufreexschestowitz: Mono people wanted to put write Git addons in MonoAug 30 20:40
gnufreexGit#Aug 30 20:40
-TRT/#techrights-[glynmoody] Diaspora Clarifies: Open Source On September 15, Consumer Alpha In October - good news #diaspora #socialnwsAug 30 20:40
gnufreexBut nobody liked thatAug 30 20:40
TechrightsBot-trTitle:   Diaspora Clarifies: Open Source On September 15, Consumer Alpha In October  .::. Size~: 40.36 KBAug 30 20:40
gnufreexThey didn't really use Git, they wanted to kill it.Aug 30 20:40
MinceRwell, we already have "git, only slower"Aug 30 20:41
justin__like they try to kill everything elseAug 30 20:41
MinceRit's called mercurialAug 30 20:41
MinceRso there's no demand for git#Aug 30 20:41
schestowitzjustin__: did you check inside dirs to see they don't code in another space?Aug 30 20:41
FurnaceBoythere's that guy who wrote git plugins for visual studioAug 30 20:41
justin__schestowitz: yeaAug 30 20:41
schestowitzjustin__: what URL to show it best?Aug 30 20:42
schestowitz does not provide compelling proofAug 30 20:42
TechrightsBot-trTitle: [Mono] Index of /trunk .::. Size~: 54.05 KBAug 30 20:42
schestowitzI need a quick URL to validate with readersAug 30 20:42
gnufreex 30 20:42
justin__hmmAug 30 20:42
TechrightsBot-trTitle: [Mono] Index of / .::. Size~: 4.58 KBAug 30 20:42
schestowitz 30 20:42
TechrightsBot-trTitle: [Mono] Index of /trunk .::. Size~: 57.3 KBAug 30 20:43
justin__yea, the toplevel is probably goodAug 30 20:43
justin__or could show 30 20:43
TechrightsBot-trTitle: [Mono] Index of /trunk/mono .::. Size~: 22.24 KBAug 30 20:43
gnufreexMicrosofties probably don't contribute anymore because Novell-VMware deal.Aug 30 20:43
gnufreexThere goes 60% of work forceAug 30 20:44
justin__there was a vmware deal?Aug 30 20:44
gnufreexVMware distirbutes SUSE with ESX nowAug 30 20:44
schestowitzYesAug 30 20:44
justin__oh, I missed thatAug 30 20:44
gnufreexMicrosoft is but hurtedAug 30 20:44
schestowitzMaybe vmware will buy novlAug 30 20:44
justin__maybe all the mono people got firedAug 30 20:45
justin__probably not de icaza thoAug 30 20:45
schestowitzNoAug 30 20:45
gnufreexschestowitz: I hope not.Aug 30 20:45
schestowitzBut de Icaza cleans bathrooms at Novell nowAug 30 20:45
gnufreexI would like Red Hat to buy them. And then Army Man to make De Icaza clean toilets.Aug 30 20:46
schestowitz 30 20:46
TechrightsBot-trTitle: Real American Heroes: Toilet Trouble €« Aaron Bockover .::. Size~: 32.54 KBAug 30 20:46
-TRT/#techrights-[slashdot] NIH Orders Halt To Embryonic Stem Cell Research 30 20:46
TechrightsBot-trTitle: Slashdot Science Story | NIH Orders Halt To Embryonic Stem Cell Research .::. Size~: 50.8 KBAug 30 20:46
gnufreexHehe.Aug 30 20:48
gnufreexWhat he does in toilet. It has noting to do with Microsoft... oh waitAug 30 20:49
gnufreexI just now got why Bill Gates named compney MicroSoftAug 30 20:49
gnufreexafter his weenieAug 30 20:49
justin__lol, de icaza got demoted to toilet cleanerAug 30 20:50
justin__hahaAug 30 20:50
gnufreexHe even look like Microsoftie now.Aug 30 20:52
gnufreexHe looked less Micrsofotish before.Aug 30 20:52
-TRT/#techrights-[linuxtoday] How to make a Cosmic Wallpaper in GIMP: Scott Photographics: "This tutorial will hopefully help inspire you to cre... 30 20:52
TechrightsBot-trTitle: Linux Today - How to make a Cosmic Wallpaper in GIMP .::. Size~: 76.63 KBAug 30 20:52
cubevectorMicrosoft Toilet PaperAug 30 20:53
cubevectorit could happenAug 30 20:53
ThistleWebI wouldnt be surprised if they had staff toilet rolls with logos of like google, or tux on itAug 30 20:54
ThistleWebon each sheetAug 30 20:54
-TRT/#techrights-[glynmoody] In Defense of Links, Part One: Nick Carr, hypertext and delinkification - debunking of Mr Carr's crypto-transclusionismAug 30 20:55
TechrightsBot-trTitle: In Defense of Links, Part One: Nick Carr, hypertext and delinkification — Scott Rosenberg's Wordyard .::. Size~: 45.07 KBAug 30 20:55
justin__mono guys are such losersAug 30 20:56
justin__they should have given up long agoAug 30 20:56
justin__and not even bothered to tryAug 30 20:56
justin__hopefully now canonical will give up on mono tooAug 30 20:57
gnufreexjustin__: I had no problem with them writting Mono. I am pissed at Mono because MonoDudes don't know their place. It is only so we can say every language can run on Linux. It is stupid to write software with it. It is stupid to try and make it default language for GNU / LinuxAug 30 20:59
gnufreexANd they are trying just that.Aug 30 20:59
gnufreexThey are doing Mono just despite FSF and to piss people they call "zealots"Aug 30 21:00
gnufreexAnd to advance Microsoft agenda, of course.Aug 30 21:00
gnufreexPlace of Mono is same as place for Wine. Out of default installAug 30 21:00
gnufreexAnd Wine is not used to write free software.Aug 30 21:01
justin__yea, they totally didn't know their placeAug 30 21:01
-TRT/#techrights-[ffii] Who would dare to speak of trolls? #swpatAug 30 21:01
-TRT/#techrights-[techdirt] Hulu: We Know That Hulu Plus Sucks, But It's Not Our Fault 30 21:01
TechrightsBot-trTitle: Paul Allen is no patent troll | ZDNet  .::. Size~: 144.61 KBAug 30 21:01
TechrightsBot-trTitle: Hulu: We Know That Hulu Plus Sucks, But It's Not Our Fault | Techdirt .::. Size~: 21.26 KBAug 30 21:01
justin__gnufreex imo, monodudes were never very intelligentAug 30 21:02
justin__probably got rejected from every other projectAug 30 21:02
gnufreexWell, I think they are inteligent. But they use their brains to help Microsoft. They are not friends of FOSS.Aug 30 21:03
gnufreexThey got rejected from other projects because they Microsfotish tendencies, They want to make GNU/Linux a cheap clone of Winodws.Aug 30 21:04
justin__yeaAug 30 21:04
gnufreexI am not saying all Mono advocates are like that. Just the main ones. And they set other on wrong track.Aug 30 21:04
gnufreex*othersAug 30 21:04
MinceRde icaza wrote at least one good programAug 30 21:05
MinceRbut apparently he's more interested in serving m$Aug 30 21:05
justin__mincer: what?Aug 30 21:05
MinceRgnumericAug 30 21:05
gnufreexHe wrote Gnumeric?Aug 30 21:05
justin__I get the feeling he didn't really even write thatAug 30 21:05
MinceRhe wrote the original version, apparentlyAug 30 21:05
justin__probably just took credit for itAug 30 21:05
gnufreexI think Stallman started writing that.Aug 30 21:05
MinceRdunnoAug 30 21:05
MinceRwikipedia says he's the original authorAug 30 21:06
gnufreexAnd then some of Emacs crew finishedAug 30 21:06
justin__mono trolls are on wikipedia thoughAug 30 21:06
justin__so you can't trust itAug 30 21:06
MinceRicAug 30 21:06
MinceRold versions of the changelog are gone from gnumeric.orgAug 30 21:07
gnufreexDe Icaza didn't start GNOME either. He only set himself on right place to get credits. If FSF didn't fund GNOME, it would be nothing.Aug 30 21:07
gnufreexOriginaly, GNU project tried twice to write LISP GUI. And both times they were distracted by some fork. First XEmacs, then EGGC. Then GNOME was third attempt when non-free KDE took off.Aug 30 21:09
justin__yepAug 30 21:09
justin__and miguel was just there to steal the creditsAug 30 21:09
gnufreex 30 21:10
MinceRfirst commits show no trace of de icazaAug 30 21:10
MinceR 30 21:10
TechrightsBot-trTitle: Not a web page! Aborting text/plain type .::. Size~: 0 KBAug 30 21:10
TechrightsBot-trTitle: gnumeric - The Gnome Office Spreadsheet - Free, Fast, Accurate: Pick any 3! .::. Size~: 17.61 KBAug 30 21:10
gnufreexHere is what Stallman said on XEmacsAug 30 21:10
MinceRwaitAug 30 21:10
schestowitz[20:50] <justin__> lol, de icaza got demoted to toilet cleanerAug 30 21:10
schestowitzMaybe Novell cut more staffAug 30 21:10
MinceRoh, rightAug 30 21:10
schestowitzIncluding wardens and cleanersAug 30 21:11
schestowitzSo they assigned a contigentAug 30 21:11
schestowitz"The guy who deals with all the ***t"Aug 30 21:11
gnufreexrofLAug 30 21:11
justin__lolAug 30 21:11
MinceRlike mono? :>Aug 30 21:12
justin__mono is a 4 letter wordAug 30 21:13
justin__is jono aka jono bacon?Aug 30 21:14
justin__just noticed him in the user listAug 30 21:15
justin__well, guys it's been fun but I need to get goingAug 30 21:16
justin__keep on fighting the good fight getting rid of trolls like de icaza and his friendsAug 30 21:17
justin__you guys make the world a better placeAug 30 21:17
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[diablod3/@diablod3] Christian Church lends building to Muslims while construction of Mosque continues; Jesus clearly approves of this 30 21:17
TechrightsBot-trTitle: Cordova Christians put out welcome mat for new mosque €» The Commercial Appeal .::. Size~: 176.45 KBAug 30 21:18
*justin__ has quit (Quit: Page closed)Aug 30 21:18

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