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Microsoft Sellouts Join Microsoft's Racket Intellectual Ventures and Not OIN

"I'd put the Linux phenomenon really as threat No. 1."

--Steve Ballmer, 2001

Summary: Samsung signs a patent deal with the world's biggest patent troll, Intellectual Ventures (which serves Microsoft's agenda)

Earlier today we wrote about HTC feeding the vultures of Intellectual Ventures, which is somewhat of a Microsoft spinoff and also the world's biggest patent troll. It's rather mysterious and we suspect that HTC did not join voluntarily, so maybe it happened after threat of litigation, even by proxy (Intellectual Ventures always sues through one of its 1,000+ satellites). Both Microsoft and Intellectual Ventures use attack dogs to distance themselves from the negative publicity associated with lawsuits. Why did Microsoft and Gates want Intellectual Ventures created in the first place? The founder too came from Microsoft. Perhaps Microsoft can use such a proxy to repeatedly extort companies and elevate the price of its competition, which is gratis under conditions where software patents are not valid.

According to this new report, Samsung decides to "Partner Up With Intellectual Ventures":

In a move to help steer clear of any more legal trouble, HTC and Samsung have entered into a partnership with Intellectual Ventures to use over 30,000 software patents in their phones, and in Samsung’s case, a myriad of other devices. This is especially handy for HTC who’s faced nothing but legal trouble since they spearheaded the Android movement back in 2008.

HTC sold out to Microsoft some months ago and then signed an Intellectual Ventures deal; Samsung too follows this path, having surrendered to Microsoft without even a fight (in 2007), deciding to pay Microsoft for Linux. Samsung could possibly join the OIN instead of joining the Microsoft racket, but Microsoft and Samsung have resemblances and a long history together (as partners). As shown in the very recent conversation below (full log to be published later), our contributor gnufreex has some ideas about the purpose of OIN and CPTN, which we will write about tomorrow.

gnufreex(by reading his comments on TR and drawing parallel with "Evangelism is War" document"Nov 27 19:41
gnufreexHe says things that are outrageous now.Nov 27 19:41
gnufreexBut serve his purposeNov 27 19:41
gnufreexThen when something happens, he pulls of spinNov 27 19:41
gnufreexTo say "I told you so"Nov 27 19:42
gnufreexAnd we know MS does things that help evangelismNov 27 19:42
gnufreexof MSFTNov 27 19:42
schestowitzpatents...Nov 27 19:43
gnufreexYeah. I am thinking. We know about Red Hat secret dealNov 27 19:43
gnufreexSo now MSFT has CPTNNov 27 19:43
gnufreexCPTN might sue Red HatNov 27 19:43
schestowitzWith what?Nov 27 19:44
schestowitzAnd why?Nov 27 19:44
gnufreexAnd then it goes:Nov 27 19:44
gnufreexThey already signed a dealNov 27 19:44
gnufreexonceNov 27 19:44
gnufreexunder NDANov 27 19:44
gnufreex"So they are already dirty"Nov 27 19:44
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[tekk/@tekk] hey, there are some users: !gettsajobs and !gettsascreenerjobs, if you don't feel like having them here feel free to flag like I didNov 27 19:44
gnufreexMaybe they wont do that yet...Nov 27 19:45
gnufreexBut FM's attacks on OIN show that MSFT is scared of OINNov 27 19:45
gnufreexSo they want it out of the way. If they use CPTN, they have OIN out of the way.Nov 27 19:45
gnufreexOIN can't sue CPTNNov 27 19:45
gnufreexAnd OIN can't sue MSFT for what CPTN do.Nov 27 19:46
schestowitzMicrosoft has IVNov 27 19:46
schestowitzPatent aggregatorsNov 27 19:46
gnufreexCPTN It is like Microsoft's OINNov 27 19:46
schestowitzNot sure...Nov 27 19:47
schestowitzBut wait, what about the other trollsNov 27 19:47
gnufreexExcept CPTN will be aggressive, of course.Nov 27 19:47
schestowitzCPTN has advantage over IV?Nov 27 19:47
schestowitzIV doesn't want to be seen as suing directlyNov 27 19:48
gnufreexYeah.Nov 27 19:48
gnufreexI don't know why, they are already seen as trollNov 27 19:48
schestowitzThey areNov 27 19:48
schestowitzIn some senseNov 27 19:49
schestowitzthey are connected to Microsoft onlyNov 27 19:49
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[robmyers/@robmyers] Err how did I get porn spam on Facebook? I don't recall opting in to that new feature...Nov 27 19:49
gnufreexIt is funny that Bill gates doesn't get mentioned on IV site.Nov 27 19:50
gnufreexOnly Nathan the troll.Nov 27 19:50
gnufreexBG is investor, i thinkNov 27 19:50
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[lxoliva/@lxoliva] â™» @coltem: kernel libre is a necessity for all free peopleNov 27 19:51
schestowitzHe's a BBF of NathanNov 27 19:52
schestowitzAnd Gates has his own patent shell tooNov 27 19:52
-TRIdentica/#techrights-[mrdenticator/@mrdenticator] Yesterday top #statustician is reality with 116 dents!Nov 27 19:52
schestowitzHe lets Nahan run the bigger racketNov 27 19:53
schestowitzAnd Gates Foundation markets Nathan's patentsNov 27 19:53

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