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How Microsoft Derails Standards-and-Software-Freedom-Favouring Public Policy

Summary: The modus operandi of Microsoft whenever a public policy is made that may exclude Microsoft's standards-hostile, user-disrespecting, and overly-expensive software

Microsoft's business model depends on restrictive proprietary software coupled with non-interoperable formats to produce a vendor lock-in relationship with its customers. It is no wonder then why Microsoft is trying to sabotage policy that encourages Free software and open standards. Microsoft's main ammunition in this attack is lying. This translates into numerous, often dirty and immoral tactics. Statements along the lines of "'excluding proprietary' is 'removing choice'" (Microsoft has the BSA lobby with this lie in numerous instances) are fabricated and policies are removed altogether by implanting cronies who reverse predecessors' ideas (see Peter Quinn's story). In recent years, it is common for Microsoft to pretend that it too is open source (a familiar tactic in recent years), and fakers and even professors have been bribed to say that it is practical to use a mixture of both Free and proprietary. In the past, Microsoft only went for the full lobby of pushing proprietary only.

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