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Why We Can Cover Issues Like Microsoft and the Gates Foundation a Lot Less Often Than Before

Happy new year for 2011

Summary: Repetition of patterns in the news led to a serious rethink about concentration of attention in Techrights (starting 2011)

Techrights is here to stay for a good while to come and it has nearly 7,500 blog posts which are categorised as "Microsoft". It also contains a lot of material about the Gates Foundation, which works very similarly (and often serves Microsoft behind the scenes). Techrights covered both of these very heavily, especially between 2008 and 2010. There was a good reason for it, but having written all these posts, it very often seems like any bit of news is now a deja vu, which leads to a lot of cross-referencing and repetition of arguments. For people who read Techrights regularly this can become rather tiresome and boring, but for the rest it may provide a new lesson]. As the majority of our readers are RSS subscribers who read the items offline or online, we now view any items that repeat old observations (and merely provide new examples from the news) as unnecessary, or at least as a poorer use of time. We had a discussion about this subject in IRC last night. The point was clarified after someone had urged us to cover more reasons not to use Internet Explorer. We've been there and done that.

Regarding the Gates Foundation, the subject of its hijack of US public education came up as well. It went like this:

TechrightsBot-scTitle: Cathie Black and the privatisation of education | Daniel Denvir | Comment is free | .::. Size~: 131.44 KB01:26
qu1j0t3Quadrescence: ^^ that's worth reading,  a good summary of how Obama administration is implementing right wing extremist plans to destroy public education. Gates is a big part ofthis effort.01:29
schestowitz[01:29] <qu1j0t3> Quadrescence: ^^ that's worth reading,  a good summary of how Obama administration is implementing right wing extremist plans to destroy public education. Gates is a big part ofthis effort.07:09
schestowitzPart of the obscene view that if *Everything* is turned into business mode, then it improves07:09
qu1j0t3schestowitz: yes, it's related. but there seem to be a few much more sinister things behind this as well.13:22
qu1j0t3schestowitz: even if you look at that ideology ALONE, it13:23
oiaohmqu1j0t3: Just got in what topic.13:23
TechrightsBot-scTitle: Cathie Black and the privatisation of education | Daniel Denvir | Comment is free | .::. Size~: 155.52 KB13:23
qu1j0t3  schestowitz | Part of the obscene view that if *Everything* is turned into business mode, then it improves  13:24
qu1j0t3schestowitz: ...even if you look at that ideology ALONE, it is denied that the change is ideological13:25
qu1j0t3schestowitz: I think we are dealing with a different species entirely13:25
qu1j0t3schestowitz: of human. We have these countless examples of straight-face lunatics -- Rhee, H.Clinton, all the way thru Obama, Blair, Harper, and thousands of others13:26
qu1j0t3schestowitz: they act as if programmed ...13:27
qu1j0t3schestowitz: not 'born'.13:27
qu1j0t3schestowitz: maybe 'V' is actually a documentary....13:27
oiaohmqu1j0t3: Really lets be trueful most countrys don't most of the population with a good education13:30
oiaohmSince it would make idiot getting into goverment job harder.13:31
qu1j0t3of course. that's part of it.13:31
qu1j0t3it's also about creating a slave class13:31
qu1j0t3or perpetuating one, more accurately13:31
oiaohmUSA eductation system already fails students.13:32
oiaohmSo really cannot be made much worse.13:32
qu1j0t3oh, it can :)13:32
qu1j0t3wrecking it is an active project for the current administration.13:32
qu1j0t3Arne Duncan was hired to do this13:32
qu1j0t3Bill Gates is pushing the project along13:33
oiaohmAustralia has issues in its education systems.13:33
qu1j0t3same agenda is being applied in UK, Austradlia13:33
qu1j0t3Canada will be hit as well, though it's not much in the news yet13:33
oiaohmNot really qu1j0t313:33
qu1j0t3nobody escapes, oiaohm13:33
qu1j0t3did you miss the protests in the UK ?13:33
oiaohmAustralia kinda different.13:33
qu1j0t3oiaohm: it is?13:33
qu1j0t3i should visit some time.13:34
qu1j0t3must be amazing to have escaped this crap.13:34
qu1j0t3oiaohm: at least you guys stayed well out of the Iraq war. well done!13:34
oiaohmOur schools have required testing.   Any school who students are not passing as well as the rest can expect inspentions.13:34
qu1j0t3oiaohm: read the article.13:34
qu1j0t3oiaohm: that's part of the agenda...13:35
oiaohmFunny part private schools were doing better.   So they have lost funding here.   qu1j0t313:35
qu1j0t3to the extent that slave class is wanted, the agenda will be applied.13:37
qu1j0t3simple cause and effect13:37
qu1j0t3Howard is gone, he was the most effective agent13:37
qu1j0t3he'll be back, in some other guise13:37
oiaohmIraq war has been profitable to australia.  qu1j0t313:38
qu1j0t3that's great13:38
qu1j0t3i'm pretty thrilled about that13:38
qu1j0t3in fact i'm really annoyed Canada wasn't all over that. bunch of poofters.13:38

And on it goes. The main point is, this new article talks about the "privatisation of education" and Gates too is mentioned:

Cathleen Black, the multimillionaire publishing executive with absolutely no background in education, has resigned as New York City schools chancellor. Her departure is a rare setback for a corporate-funded education reform movement that lauds standardised tests, non-union teachers and private management as the solution to the problems of public education.

Mayor Bloomberg was shocked by the negative response to Black's appointment – just as he was shocked by the visceral public backlash against his elimination of term limits. Black was appointed precisely because of her lack of education experience, just as billionaires nationwide have campaigned for office as consummate non-politicians. All that our benign corporate overlords expect, of course, is the occasional "thank you".


The so-called school reform movement has gained ground over the past decade. Chancellors Joel Klein, Michelle Rhee and now secretary of education Arne Duncan have made their case as tough advocates for children boldly pushing back against a bankrupt status quo. Priorities are set and billions in funding provided by the cocksure leadership at the Gates, Broad and Walton foundations. The movement has led to more testing and more charter schools. It has not, however, led to poor students getting a demonstrably better education. And the minority of charters that do work have proven impossible to scale up.

We have covered it all before, in literally dozens of posts. We probably will resume this later this year. But until then, news which is not truly new will be treated as a low-priority activity. We have some exciting areas to research and cover instead.


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