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Attachmate Does Not Promote Novell Products


Summary: Following layoffs and a quiet period of transition there are no signs of Attachmate doing something substantial with Novell's products

Attachmate was seen mentioning some products recently. This is rare. It also spoke about jobs in Australia [1, 2, 3], but there is no indication that this has anything to do with Novell products. Attachmate laid off almost 1,000 Novell employees.

In general, Attachmate only seems to speak about releases of its own products, e.g.:

Attachmate Corporation offers the second release of its next-generation product for the X Server market. Attachmate Reflection Suite for X 2011 R2 lets Windows users securely access text- and graphics-based applications on Unix and Linux systems, as well as applications on IBM System z and System i. The software's inclusion of the latest X Server technologies, next-generation terminal emulation software, and a secure file transfer client in a single deployment package lets enterprises seamlessly meet their host access needs during a Windows 7 migration.

Windows, that's right. There is more about this sort of stuff here. What about Novell's products? As this new article explains: "Questions remain what Attachmate will do with the IDM products it acquired through Novell. That leaves IBM, Hitachi and CA as the major IDM players. Additionally, CA is now an authentication player in another sparsely populated segment. Since Symantec bought VeriSigns’ certificates business, the market has coalesced around RSA, Symantec and CA."

The words from Attachmate regarding Novell are hardly reassuring. To quote:

By returning its umbrella companies to their roots, the Attachmate Group hopes to reinvigorate its business strengths, according to the keynote addresses at the organisation’s Powerful Connection event in Sydney.

Very vague and no commitment expressed for Novell as a whole. There are some other talks from the company, but they hardly mention anything about Novell (the "N" word) [1, 2, 3]. To quote one article:

Speaking at Attachmate’s A Powerful Connection conference in Sydney, Gallo said more than 70 per cent of company fraud in Australia is committed by staff members.

When all the stuff from Attachmate is about its old staff and products (e.g. this announcement), then Novell is clearly doomed with the products it created. We provided more examples of this before. Not much has changed except some lip service at Brainshare.

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