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Another George Bush Moment: Benoît Battistelli Says EPO Believes in “Fundamental Principles of Freedom, Equality and Justice”

"We have no desire to dominate, no ambitions of empire. Our aim is a democratic peace - a peace founded upon the dignity and rights of every man and woman." --George W. Bush

EPO and George Bush

Summary: Benoît Battistelli uses a disaster to make ludicrous claims and attempt to unify an office that's truly divided

THE EPO's official Twitter account capitalised on Friday's events, but it did not publicly mention its own (crushing unions and potentially jeopardising people's lives). The EPO is in a state of meltdown and we were told that even Directors went out to demonstrate against the management yesterday.

"Well, the EPO's President says he believes in “freedom” but operates his own Stasi-like unit. It illegally spies on staff, journalists, and so on."Benoît Battistelli's own response was even more hypocritical than the Twitter account's. Battistelli would have us believe -- to paraphrase Bush -- that he has "no desire to dominate, no ambitions of empire." To quote Battistelli himself: "As an international organisation the European Patent Office believes in an open and inclusive society based on fundamental principles of freedom, equality and justice."

This is a classic exploitation of a disaster, not for capital gain (so-called disaster capitalism) but for nationalist of pseudo-nationalist (e.g. office) gain.

Well, the EPO's President says he believes in “freedom” but operates his own Stasi-like unit. It illegally spies on staff, journalists, and so on. The EPO's President says he believes in “equality” but some businesses (large ones) are more equal than others, and they get preferential treatment. The EPO's President says he believes in “justice” but he ignores/disregards court orders against his office (for serious abuses against his staff).

Who was Battistelli kidding when he typed down these words?

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