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IBM (Red Hat) Lectured FSF That It Needed More Diversity, But Was It Looking at the Mirror? IBM and Red Hat Are Even Less Diverse.

2019 statement:

Open letter to the Free Software Foundation Board of Directors
Source: IBM (Red Hat) "Open letter to the Free Software Foundation Board of Directors"

Summary: Techrights examines Red Hat's (IBM's) hypocritical claims about the Free Software Foundation, founded by Richard Stallman back when IBM was the "big scary monopolist"; IBM employees were prominent among those pushing to oust Stallman from the GNU Project, which he founded, as well

The IBM Board of directors, where 3 out of 14 are female (that's 21.42%), would have us believe that it's OK to push out the founder of the FSF because of "diversity"; the problem is, at the FSF the staff and Board are 18 people in total, 4 out of whom female (22.22% of the whole) and Red Hat's Board had only one female in it before it added a second in 2008.

"Only the former CEO (Rometty) has been there in the Board for more than a year (since 2012). So that's one female in a room full of men."So what the heck are those charlatans on about?

We're not racist, so we won't start classifying people based on the superficial and shallow concept of "race"; having said that, racially the FSF is vastly more diverse than IBM's Board (a typical "white male" boardroom with suits and ties and an endless lust for money). Oh, hi...

IBM's white suits

Michelle Howard was only added last year. Martha E. Pollack was also added last year. Only the former CEO (Rometty) has been there in the Board for more than a year (since 2012). So that's one female in a room full of men.

"The present scandals reveal that little was learned from IBM's darker past."Yeah, so go ahead and lecture the FSF about "diversity"...

The present scandals reveal that little was learned from IBM's darker past. It cancels people. If not by "business machines" (for tabulation) then by "HEY HI" (AI)...

IBM recently published a dataset for facial recognition AI made up of images...

You know what that means. The police, which already has a closeted racism issue, will flag black people for more policing, reinforcing the assumption that dark people are more violent (and that dogma will in turn bias the statistics, e.g. number of arrests). Well done, IBM. Clap, clap, clap...

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