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Hallmark of Sociopaths: Bill Gates Trying to Grill the Person Who Grills Him for His Crimes

"He [Bill Gates] acted like a spoiled kid, which is what he was."

--Ed Roberts, Gates' employer at MITS in the 1970's (Atlanta Journal-Costitution, 04-27-97)

Summary: Today we start our reproduction of old deposition tapes, which are getting harder to find in an age of imperial overstretch by Bill Gates and co.

IN OUR sort of 'preface' or introduction we explained why we needed to reproduce a lot of old videos (several gigabytes of them). The Internet has 'short memory' and those standing to benefit from collective amnesia have very deep pockets.

"At this stage Gates is still relatively relaxed, not rocking back and forth like a madman or pausing in complete silence for almost a minute, refusing to answer very simple questions (lawyer's instincts)."Today we publish the first of a dozen parts. Bill Gates is being grilled, totally unaccustomed to it (having been born with a golden spoon in his mouth). It's about an hour long. At this stage Gates is still relatively relaxed, not rocking back and forth like a madman or pausing in complete silence for almost a minute, refusing to answer very simple questions (lawyer's instincts). We've decided to highlight this original page (while it lasts). And "don't forget to download the WordPerfect version of the transcript," Chaekyung noted. "That's another way history dies, people publish in WordPerfect format."

Bill Gates mugWe've produced a PDF version identical to the WordPerfect one (thankfully, even in 2020, LibreOffice still copes well with WordPerfect format). We may come back to this antitrust transcript file later on.

Notice how Bill Gates resorts to statements like "you could show it to me" (around 7:16) as if to put the burden on the interrogators. Quite revealing of the arrogance. Donald Trump comes to mind...

Mr. Gates does not seem to know how depositions work. He never did them before. He has not done them since (Microsoft and his dad protected him from that). He hired loads of lobbyists (more than any other company) and 'bought' himself a President, who scuttled the whole thing.

If interrogators don't scare Gates, what will? You don't get to grill the interrogators, but Gates isn't accustomed to being in positions like these, being a spoiled brat since childhood. So said people who knew him in person. He still refuses to talk about his ties to a child-trafficking sex ring. He just hides behind spokespeople and lawyers.

Without further ado, here's part one of a bully put on the 'hot seat':

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Quoting the monopolists themselves, the interrogator calls or describes Windows as "the one unique and valuable asset," (27:40) recognising that grossly misusing it to also monopolise the application layer was a priority. It was all about maintaining the platform monopoly, not doing what actual users wanted or needed. Nothing has really changed since. As an associate of ours put it this morning: "There is probably a lot of stuff relevant to what's going on nowadays."

"He [Bill Gates] is divisive. He is manipulative. He is a user. He has taken much from me and the industry."

--Gary Kildall

“Microsoft is, I think, fundamentally an evil company.”

--Former Netscape Chairman James H. Clark

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