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Release: Early Letters and Documents About Financial Hoax Disguised as EPO 'Study'

The EPO lacks money. But we didn't count its money. Heh heh! You fell for that old gag.Summary: It was over a year ago that staff representation at the EPO expressed concerns about what would later enrage workers -- seeing that based on unscientific fabrications the EPO would take away what had been promised to them

THE faux 'study' set forth by António Campinos was all along insulting to staff of the EPO because it showed that Campinos was a chronic liar no better than Benoît Battistelli. There was a breakdown of talks/dialogue about 1.5 years ago (Campinos had been just over a year at the Office) and condemnations became more routine at the time. Some of the earlier publications about the siege against staff's savings are outlined below:

"It's regrettable to see that Campinos continues to sink the ship which Battistelli cruised/steered right into an iceberg."Last week we published about a dozen more [1, 2], setting them apart from the rest because the general public probably cares a lot more about EPO scandals not related to staff compensation/pensions/other remunerations.

It's regrettable to see that Campinos continues to sink the ship which Battistelli cruised/steered right into an iceberg. These people don't really want the EPO to survive; they just want to squeeze as much money as possible out of it until its accelerated demise. New euphemisms like "adjustment" or "new normal" don't make up for what's really happening.

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