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Where to Get Accurate News About What's Really Going on at the European Patent Office

Summary: A quick take on where one can find information about EPO affairs rather than EPO fluff and marketing (basically "happy spin", usually paid-for lies)

THE European Patent Office (EPO) became an awkward beast that bribes the media, bribes academia, blackmails publishers and sometimes threatens to sue bloggers. For 8 years it was run by a high-profile criminal who belongs behind bars (Benoît Battistelli) and his friend António Campinos continues his "work"...

"Sadly, all 3 sites have barely been active in the past year."The way things are going, the future of the EPO is uncertain not for financial reasons; the problem is, awful and deeply corrupt management has driven away key workers (experienced examiners), it's looking to reduce the number of workers (potentially big layoffs), and it's stealing capital from workers and from the Office, sinking it into a gambling abyss shielded by one of Battistelli's men from corrupt INPI (the corruption traveled from INPI to EPO, in the same way EPO corruption has spread to EUIPO).

SUEPO in a browserThe media does not want to participate in informing the public; stakeholders of such media benefit from litigation, monopolies, and they fear criticising anything to do with the EU (which EUIPO and UPC are associated with).

Those who wish to know more about the EPO can, regardless, find some actual information in sites like R.I.P. Kat, EPO Staff 4 Rights, and SUEPO's main site. I've opened those three sites in a browser and recorded a quick video (without planning/script) detailing what each site is about and also some history. Sadly, all 3 sites have barely been active in the past year.

SUEPO's new site

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