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Summary: Incredulous observers, disbelieving in the message of organisations removed from their founder/s (e.g. Linux Foundation and 'Mother Jones'), need to better understand the underlying facts and who stands to benefit from shift of power

THE situation at the FSF and at the OSI was described here over the past 18 hours or so, albeit only in written form. The video examines the recent events and what they tell us about the direction taken by the forefront authorities in "Free software" and "Open Source", respectively. We look at some of the relevant Web pages and what they teach us about the strategy and motivation, e.g. awarding the person who worked to remove the FSF's founder from the FSF and mentioning that an OSI election had been compromised... only to be mentioned days after the election was over.

"The video examines the recent events and what they tell us about the direction taken by the forefront authorities in "Free software" and "Open Source", respectively."While we generally support "Free software" and "Open Source" (the latter has become more about openwashing and reputation laundering for monopolies in recent years) we need to understand what the bodies that govern those things are up to. The FSF lost some credibility when it mistreated its founder (Alex Oliva too decided to leave a few months back) and the OSI lost both co-founders; one of them was even banned from the mailing lists (of the organisation he had co-founded). Either it's just an incredible coincidence that all of this is happening (Linus Torvalds 2018, Richard Stallman 2019, both OSI co-founders 2020) or some forces work to engineer phony 'scandals' which in turn leave a leadership vacuum, soon to be exploited by non-engineers that are easy for corporate power (sometimes monopolies) to manipulate, usually disguised as politeness, mannerism, and tolerance (equating companies that bomb people with tolerance is quite an incredibly stretch/slant).

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