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Today's Linux Standing for the Opposite of What Linux Users Stand for

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Summary: The so-called 'Linux' Foundation or the "Corporate Linux Foundation" is alienating many of the original users of GNU/Linux and it still insults their intelligence; it's rewriting history, it still distorts the objectives, and before we know Linux will perish and lose momentum because all the excitement associated with the brand will fizzle away

THE Linux Foundation is not run by geeks. It's not run for geeks, either. It's just an openwashing apparatus of large corporations, many of which aren't even into Linux.

"Look who and where they hire from. Microsoft connected ‘analysts’…"As noted in this video, today's so-called 'Linux' Foundation isn't even promoting Linux. Along with its operatives, as recently as hours ago, it promoted a competitor of Linux. Earlier today Kristin O'Connell published this piece wherein the Linux Foundation's site says "celebrating 30 years of Open Source", which is rather funny because Open Source isn't even 23 years old. The mascot is also not the same as the kernel itself; it's younger. Revisionist history? That's the foundation of the marketing spiel; at the very core (or kernel) it is a lie.

At around the same time Jason Perlow from Microsoft (nowadays some sort of spokesperson for the 'Linux' Foundation) was doing puff pieces for this joke called "Linux Foundation Research". It's hardly research. It started as a mere questionnaire about branding and marketing. They redefine SPAM as "Research".

In this latest puff pieces it says: "So you are joining the Linux Foundation at a time when we have just gotten our research division off the ground. What are the kind of methodologies and practices that you would like to take from your years at firms like IDC and EMA and see applied to our new LF Research?"

Look who and where they hire from. Microsoft connected 'analysts'...

This kind of thing is dragging down the "Linux" brand. Quite a few people I speak to (and have known for years) stick to UNIX/GNU but are looking to abandon Linux as the kernel in their main systems (both servers and desktops). The so-called 'Linux' Foundation is one contributing factor because it stands against many of the basic things we value, including privacy, as we noted this morning.

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